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Episode 43: The Waldenses- Massacre at Castelluzzo

Adam Ramdin
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Casteluzzo towers over the valley and town of Torre Pelice as a constant reminder of the persecution that the Waldenses have been through. The 17th century would see probably their worst episode with the massacre at Mount Casteluzzo particularly gruesome. They made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of truth.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • November 8, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Benzine stand as one of the most faithful groups of people throughout history in Europe faithful to the Word of God and faithful amidst much trial despite suffering repeated persecution over the course of almost a millennia in the seventeenth century they would go through one of the worst episodes of their history. In January of sixteen fifty five the Jews of Savoy give the world then in the lower valleys a choice either attend mass on leave the valleys rather than compromise some two thousand believers journeyed across snowy rivers and hills in the dead of winter to be welcomed by their fellow believers in the valleys but this was merely the calm before the storm in April of that year the jukes and into the valleys and on April the twenty fourth at eight AM Last Saturday the massacre started. Not content with simply killing them the soldiers and monks who accompanied them invented barbaric torture babies and children had their limbs porn from their bodies by Shia parents were forced to watch their children tortured and killed before they themselves were tortured and killed were made to wear the decapitated heads of their children as they were marched to death some Christians were literally into their own field played all burned alive. And many. Much worse buried bodies dead and alive covered the ground in order to escape this terrible massacre of hundreds of. Caves in the mountains. However found them and marched them to the top. They came to this spot right here and will hold over the edge to their death on the rocks below I believe that on the resurrection morning many faithful believers will rise to glory from the bottom of this mountain and in this valley this is the reference In Milton's famous song of the bloody Piedmontese. And down the rocks survivors of the massacre were few but they rallied together and wrote to Christians throughout Europe for help that included the heart rending words are tears of water they are all blood they do not merely obscure our sight but very heart when. England heard of the massacre he called for a national day of fasting and collected money to meet the physical needs. This was not. Persecution and it continued over three and a half decades from sixteen fifty five to six hundred eighty nine during that time. Driven from the valley in sixteen eighty nine Henry. Eight hundred warriors back to the border in the winter they resisted the attack from a much larger army in spring the people returned with twenty. This time to fight a much smaller one the import of four hundred men that they will once again defeated and not only that not one of the four hundred men was lost in this battle they returned to the valleys in what was called the glorious return reclaiming them once again as a place where they could live and worship. The wall Dendy and had a faith that reminds me of Joel they were a people who suffered attacks and persecution for several centuries close to a thousand years suffering immeasurably for many it did not weaken their faith but rather strengthen it sometimes in life we may be serving God dedicating a lives to him and we still go through hard times trials and suffering that many say we do not deserve May we have a faith like Joe who said he slay me yet will I trust him what ever we go through in life may we stay hold of God trusting that he has our best interests at heart.


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