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Episode 44: Marie Durand- Righteous Resistance

Adam Ramdin
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Marie Durand spent 38 years in prison with her only crime being her Protestant faith. All she needed to do be to released was to say two words - ‘I recant’, something that she refused to do. Her righteous resistance is an example of an ordinary person standing resolutely in the face of injustice.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • November 15, 2017
    8:00 AM
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For it just take the French word for resist crashed into the rim of a refuse hole in the tower of constant tradition ascribed the etching of the slogan to Marie de wrong the most famous prison at the time that the slogan appeared Marie's brother was a Huguenot pastor and he held worship services in his home and for this reason she was snatched from her home as a recently married teenager and thrown into prison in the US seventeen thirty Marines brother Pierre was killed by gunshots soon after but her life would turn out very different. She was held behind a large door inscribed with the words All Hope Abandon you who enter here in a large circular stone prison there with a six foot circular hole in the ceiling that let in Precious little light and air as well as snow and rain depending on the season food came in via a similar hole in the floor cold wet humid and damp the woman suffered here for nearly forty years in misery infection and tears. Marie was only young when she was taken a prisoner of because of their education she became a leader and was able to act as an agent for the women for thirty eight years until seven hundred sixty eight she let them in singing and prayer through the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter Marie was always trying to better their condition tirelessly. Petitioning until she was finally able to get every woman granted the Book of Psalms. Unjustly imprisoned in a resort to make the best of her situation and that of the other woman she was sentenced to live with there was another woman whose story is perhaps sadder than the read a young girl at the age of eight in prison for fourteen years because a mother took her to a Protestant church for. Such cruel punishment on the not of God to take away someone's liberty because you disagree with their beliefs is not Christian or representative of Jesus one can only imagine the despair and hopelessness that these women suffered right here in this room as the year after year decade after decade they lived in such a pitiful condition with no hope of relief. The women were eventually released Marie was an old woman having spent her best years in prison her family home here in the mountains became a huge monument a testimony to religious steadfastness in the face of unjust ecclesiastical and boy oppression Marie was just an ordinary woman she did not write the thesis on theology nor did she preach any sermons she did not willingly seek out trouble nor does she stand for counsel to defend her faith as many others we have talked about that she was unjustly imprisoned yet remain steadfast preserving her faith in the face of terrible injustice and oppression. I find her story. Moving and inspiring We never know when in the course of the normal affairs of life we might be called upon to exercise a faith that we don't think we have and show courage to those around us the song says hold in the storms of life when the clouds unfold there winds of strife when the strong tides lift and the cable should drain and could drift off firm remain. In the chorus we have an anchor that keeps the soul steadfast in shore while the bellows roll of the rock which cannot move grounded firm and deep in the Saviour's love we are to sing this song when things in life are going so smoothly but if and when the waves come May our anchor whole. Group.


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