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Episode 46: John Wesley & George Whitfield

Adam Ramdin
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John Wesley and George Whitfield would have a huge impact on Christianity throughout the world. George Whitfield would be instrumental in the First Great Awakening in America and John Wesley would lead a revival in England that some say saved the country from a revolution.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • November 29, 2017
    8:00 AM
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George with Bill made a greater impact in his ministry in America than in England and in the eighteenth century apart from the monarchy he was perhaps the best known name on the whole of the East Coast virtually every man woman and child had heard the great I ten when preached at least once he preached over eighteen thousand sermons in the course of his life at the age of fifty five in seven hundred seventy he was still preaching regularly despite ill health he wants famously said I would rather wear out than rust out he died whilst on a trip to America in Massachusetts and is buried in the crypt of the old south Presbyterian Church near report Massachusetts. John Wesley on the other hand chose to stay here in England and through the course of his long ministry he would have a huge impact here after he settled in London John Wesley lived in this house here however he spent most of his time away from here traversing the country on horseback preaching and visiting the numerous small Bible study groups that he had set up to the course of his life it is estimated that he traveled over two hundred and forty thousand miles on horseback often reading as he rode so as not to waste time. He once said The world is my parish these words are engraved on his statue outside his home he explained this by saying that wherever he was in the world. It was his duty to witness and Minister their. Prayer was an integral part of John Wayne's these life and he wanted a special place to pray so we had an extension built on the back of his house you can see it today around the back porch trooping out the back you know sometimes the way those of us who own houses we sometimes will build a bigger kitchen ability a living area or a bigger garridge if we have some money and yet Wesley took the time and money that he had to build a special place dedicated for prayer this room is sometimes called the engine room of Methodism and you can visit it today and pray there where John Wesley used to pray every day. It is sometimes said that big things come in small packages John Wesley was only five foot three or a hundred and sixty one centimeters yet he was a giant of a man he never intended to start his own denomination and yet the movement that started as just the collective of small Bible study groups mushroom into its own denomination he died on the second of March seventeenth one thousand one and as he lay dying with his friends surrounded them he grasped their hands and said repeatedly farewell farewell then summoning up all his strength he said the best of all is God is with us in raising is one last time he said the best of all is God is with us. To where really it was granted to rouse the church in England from a state of stagnation and backsliding and yet he was faithful in this duty to things that stand out from his life and ministry the importance of the preaching of the word and the importance of small group Bible study these two methods I believe divine. Ordained it done today will cause the same or viable in our lives and ministry of the cause back then were ever you are whether it's preaching the word in your home church or in your home area or whether it's doing small group Bible study in your family or in your home or in your workplace or amongst your friends be faithful in doing these things or that we can have the same revival that Wesley had several hundred years ago and God can use those methods again today in our lives.


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