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Episode 47: Mary Jones & World Mission

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • December 6, 2017
    8:00 AM
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In the year eighteen hundred a sixteen year old Welsh girl who longed to own her own Bible she'd been saving up for pennies from the age of ten and finally she had enough to buy her own Bible Mary was from a poor family and there were many other things she could have spent the money on such as a pair of shoes where she really wanted a Bible in her own language the problem was though the nearest one was twenty eight miles away and undeterred by the distance and her lack of shoes she sets off from a home right here and walks through the valleys to the town of Bala. Arriving here in the town of Balakot she went to the home of Reverend Thomas Charles today his home stands on the high street and has now been converted into a bank he was so inspired by her story that he sold her three Bibles for the price of one one of those today is in the National Library in Wales and another one is that Cambridge University's library. The story of Mary Jones inspired many others Reverend Joseph Hughes asked the daring question of church leaders soon after if for Wales for the kingdom and for the kingdom why not for the world that question posed at a meeting of the Religious Tract Society on the seventh of December eighteenth would reverberate around Wales and ultimately the world. Captured by the vision. Of the Bible being readily available in the language of the people William Wilberforce and other members of the class from say wind into action they made this vision part of their campaign to make goodness fashionable in the hope that people would fall in love with the Bible and a biblically inspired way of life and a meeting on the seventh of March eighteen or four of around three hundred people in the London tavern which used to stand near here on Bishopsgate William Wilberforce and the campaigning groups he was a part of formed the British and foreign Bible Society now known as the Bible Society in the last two hundred years they have gone into over two hundred different countries with God's word soon after this society was formed in eight hundred sixteen The American Bible Society was formed in New York City. Later in the nineteenth century inspired by a sense they were in the China Inland Mission seven students at Cambridge University and known as the Cambridge Seven gave a promising careers and sailed to China to be missionaries their influence inspired many others causing the number of missionaries in China to swell from one hundred sixty five in eight hundred eighty five to eight hundred just fifteen years later approximately one third of the Protestant missionary force. Because we're convention also had a profound impact on mission service inspiring many people to devote their lives to the service of God in faraway lands. At the Dark Ages came to a close and the light of God's word was beginning to shine down. Twelve verse form was being fulfilled the twelve hundred sixty year prophecy which came to a close in seventy ninety eight coinciding with the words of Daniel who said that many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase this referred to knowledge of the Bible which would only increase as people have access to it of course the countless missionaries devoted their lives to. Today mission service may not be as cutting edge as it was back then or the Bible as new but the need for both is still vital the great commission still applies today there are countless people who have never heard of the Bible and who have no idea what Christianity is maybe God is calling you to be a missionary to leave your home your place of comfort and fly away to a different land and be a missionary for what people have not been yet may we treasure God's word as did Mary Jones and may we go where ever gone calls us.


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