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1. Prayer and Thriving Relationships

Jerry Page Janet Page



  • August 19, 2017
    2:30 PM
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God we don't understand why you want to so much but we sure are happy. Pursuing us for having your mission and save those of the lost in this time you know again I just want to be used by you get us out of the way one of the. How to commune with him to the group nation ships really. Practically have a living us or. We see in our hearts. We know you're wrong we think you know one. Well I am so thankful God gave me Janet Amen what up what a powerful person she is and I don't know all if she's going to share with you today but I know that along the way I was in a sensitive a husband busy in ministry and something successful of hers was growing and in the conference and a Congress President Obama blah and I was not very sensitive it was going on her life spiritually and God had to circus up changes so thankful for that and so I think she may share a little of it sometime what happened or why but when Janet had her made her change and the Holy Spirit touched her and brought her alive again. She was just so on fire and some ladies it was a lot of time walking down in Russia. And this lady's in North America maybe some of you know with the Jacobson and some others that were really into prayer asked Janet if she would go with them over to Russia and help teach the ladies over there specifically how to really know Jesus how to have a pearl life how to have a devotional life they've been living under communism I really didn't know many of these things very well and so she came to me and she said well what do you think and I said Oh I think you should go it would be great you know it'll help you growing to be a blessing to them on these wonderful this go well she said But you're it's three weeks and she said we have two boys we had two young boys at home and so what about the boys and I said oh that's no problem I'm Mr Mom I've got this you know I can do this problem was I didn't know what I didn't know. About being Mr Mom and Janet did an awful lot of things all through those years that I didn't realize she was doing wonderful wife and mother but anyway. She left us and food in the freezer and did her best to prepare and off she went and they were wife really well for about two weeks but. After about two weeks I was getting very grouchy you know Shias and I wanted moment to come home. I was tired of the goods and trying to be a president goes up to and of course Zack you see in the back here a very sweet little boy but he was at the table we were having supper he and Tyson we were eating spaghetti and at the supper table Tyson I mean Zack was playing airplane was forget it you know me. In ties and thought it was funny I didn't think was funny and I said Zach will you sit up to the table you want to spill spaghetti sauce on your pants leg or wash your clothes again sit up in the right place and that book Oh that is going off. Everything it rolls over then I decided to go heat up with tomato sauce and took the glass jar out to the kitchen put it in the microwave and heated it up took it out of the microwave didn't realize being a man in a preacher how hot it would really be. So I grabbed a glass jar for about a split second I went. Like that the glass smashed on the floor to get a sauce went all over the kitchen and I've never heard back and tie for the last hour my whole life. And I thought it was so funny who do these two loops. Paints the whole kitchen with spaghetti. I love that story because I love God and I've discovered that when I start to get on my high horse and I start getting critical of others and I start pointing my finger and telling them what they're doing wrong and acting. Holier than thou and everything God has his way and he knows his way to humble us this way to put a mirror in front of us and say hey you got this in problem buddy. And when I spend time with Jesus. Picks those relationships he is in the time to tell me what my problems are what's going on I like you know other Seabrooks he was a preacher like we heard this morning when I was going and as I just got word of that was coming out in droves you went back to take you know him you know we could purge. And I remember him saying that we can prayer one time I pray when I pray about humility that I'm very careful how I pray. That I don't pray. For you Millet I pray God humble me privately. So I won't have to be humiliated publicly. What is my to say the fair selves up. Or so down he the facade that is true in relationships I've discovered if we're trying to lift ourselves up we're trying to make ourselves look good if we're trying to draw anybody else down God has his way of. Helping us so that's a basic principle at the very beginning I really believe Millet the selflessness and a god. Are the real. Relationships as you know you've heard. As we begin this afternoon I'm going to take the first twenty minutes or so here and then John will take the last part so you're discouraged of me going to sleep with a wake up call her that if he were good but. I want you to think of something in your mind as we start would you picture the person in your mind that you have the most trouble getting along with or you don't you like the least the person that you'd rather not be around you know I mean you think about it oh look the holy of me I share you've got people like that somebody you just like less than others you'd rather not be around them or hurt you perhaps all of that. Precious Jesus when he came to this earth had a couple purposes one was to make the way home for us right three can reconcile us to the Father and take of the sin problem so we could go home and live forever with Him The other one know who he was to. Reconcile us with each other break down all the barriers of peace and systems to have no barrier between race or peoples or in our marriages the conflicts and all those kinds of things Jesus came so that we would be one with each other as well. You know I mean I'm here. Look at look at with me now Jesus you know I love lot of love to say about the shepherd thirteen to seventeen and John if you haven't read it lately have meditated on that do it Jesus is on his way to die in a few hours you're going to die in a few hours what would you do. Your days maybe years I call my family I give the most important structure of my life to them while you can everything that might help get the right he said these disciples are fighting over to be the greatest on the weight of the Upper Room and Judas has sold them already and so he gives them the instructions first on thirteen humble exhausting washes you see one last time Jose then he goes in the upper room and he gives all these instructions and you know without me you can do nothing that Abide With Me You can do everything all kinds of things about being so Holy Spirit powerful. But in John seventeen he now pours out his heart of the father Many call this the Lord's Prayer right it really was the uses where John seventeen twenty one look at it with me you you know this well he probably can hold it prays for his disciples he prays for for other things but. Verse twenty he comes downstairs praying for us he says I do not pray for these alone but also for all those that I share who believe in Me through their word that they all may be what one one as you Father are in me and I in you that they also may be one in us that the world may believe that you sent me Wow Jesus on his way to the cross is praying that we will be as unified as one with each other in our marriages in our churches you know in our teams of ministry as the trinity is what marriage should be. However many times not so and he goes on and why is that because the world looks over into the church and I see a sliding and look into our families we can't get along you think they're in a. No if they see that we have a different kind of a copy love they see we have something very unique then their interest it's their relationships is so key to the Gospel commission and to the mission so Satan works super hard to make sure that we have a lot of relationship problems. Right lots of division and fighting in the church that's his number one task because it blocks the mission and I can tell you around the world and I go around the world we have to talk about this because everywhere we go the church is fighting trying to climb over each other purposes or power or or whatever Parry each other down too much and a lot of fine people not everybody's doing but it's everywhere because we're human right so John's Jesus prayer John seventeen that we'd be one so that the world would believe that he really came and he goes on you know you know the text but I just want to take in a few minutes you to some several stories and some principles Janet and I. Over the years if you're around if there's two people you have conflict you OK So we've had ours in our marriage and family about that some but about you know in the church or anywhere else wherever there's people we have problems so we over the years we found seven ways seven principles if you will to answer Jesus' prayer that we would really be one as the Father Son and Spirit are one I want to share those principles quickly I've just read some of them of tell you stories but we're only had a few of them in the time that I have but if you have your hand out you can go with me to page thirty and I've got a lot of the material you can study and meditate on later we'll just buzz through some of these principles quickly but there's some stuff here I want you to have don't read too far ahead kind of stick with me if you will but I want we wanted to have his hand out so you could have something in her hand take it home use it in your own ministry use it in your own groups wherever you are OK So we're down now on the first page of page thirty there. D says it's not the opposition of the world the most endangered the Church of Jesus it's evil Church in the hearts of believers on the other hand the strongest witness got to send his Son into the world as the existence of harmony and union among men a very dispositions who promised church OK Seven Principles number one intercede in prayer for people instead of trying to change them or trying to do the Holy See. Here it's work yourself I'm an administrator a pastor a fixer a leader when I see a problem with people sometimes I would try to jump right in and fix it I used to see things in my worship time I'd read some of the Bible and on the be good for Jan of the boys to change what they're doing and I go tell them you found out that doesn't work too well to rush off and tell people what they're doing wrong as it were to well anyway so I got back from one trip with conference President and my staff member was doing it again and it really irritated me because I had talked to him before about it he love to gossip and he gossip and I share the summer you can have a brother that's a good. Or. No negative talk about him but you know he did anyway enough to gossip enough to get the latest little thing about people and go around in a back and tear them down I believe in the end of he was insecure trying to build himself up didn't work so well I would talk to him about it before us a brother you know we're Christians we work in the conference of us I mean we shouldn't be going around gossiping and saying negative things about you but you're back in the strip and he was doing it again with this couple that work with us on the team and he was saying things about this young couple that were not true and really upset me. Very gentle person right and I get it. Anyway I wrote down my sort of my little legal briefs the things he'd been doing my plan was to make a point with him I said I don't have time to talk you know them but next Tuesday I need to meet with you at this time OK so I made a little legal brief all he'd been doing my plan was to go down the list sharing that I knew what he been doing watching him squirm and feel guilty and then tell him now cut it out don't do the stuff anymore that was my behavior modification plan but I've learned of with relationships sometimes there's a better way OK And so anyway the day before I was to meet with him I did what's wise guys too when you get a spouse or a close friend God gave spouses for what could be our help me now you know it is a wonderful help me if I will run things by her she has great intuition she can see that relationship can I can help with all my relationships because she's very good at them. I told what I was going to do the next day she said well that's that's good but just spent a lot of time with Jesus. That I said Oh yeah sure no problem. Men know everything you know so the next morning I got up really early and I was spending my time with God But like we talked about on the other meeting my my devotional had really gotten very dry and boring and when I open the Bible it was like a whole text book and I was trying to drag something out of there you know some are blessed in my devotion I said God this is not what you said and if you look back for just a minute on the very first page of the handout. Some of my favorite statements about prayer and power ministries. First full page statement number eight I brought this the Lord my not it's one I have written in my life my Bible says the word of the Living God is not merely written but spoken the Bible is God's voice speaking to us just as surely as though we could hear it with our ears if we realize this with what Allah when he searches precess the reading and contemplation of the Scriptures or be regarded as an audience with the infinite one who found it that way yes sometimes but I've discovered if I say to God I did that morning I said God please it's been really dry and dead lately when you speak to me this morning I don't care what you have to say to me you know it's negative of a father but let me know when you're here let me know you're speaking to and I've been reading through proverbs and I guess was a mistake to say to him that that the morning put in you add it and I've been reading through proverbs you don't need to look this up but I can i was in Proverbs twenty and I don't know how well I'm sorry and I don't know how it gets me where I should be but that morning as I started reading I was not thinking about the staff member who had the gossip problem or the appointment I had with him but these text started to jump off the page to have him highlighted in yellow a fool shows annoyance that once. Reckless words pierced like a sword but the tongue of the wise feeling. And hearing you. Talking about this man and it goes on a prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself I was going to dump my whole load on the poor guy and then it went on a righteous man. And said OK Jesus I hear you you're telling me this morning thank you for. Your telling me that I'm right about the facts but I'm really wrong and spirit I'm going to go I'm a knife this guy on my carpet and leaving they're bleeding and think I'm a holy guy help me help me to be more or. You know there's a friend of mine who says he does his worsening when he's right. Here. We do that sometimes we know we're right I mean the reason I did again you know are you I know I feel I'm right and I get harshly Anyway I said OK God what do you want me to do with this guy and a text came to my mind look at it with me you can turn back now to page thirty on the sheet if you want but it's glacially six one and this text just came to my mind it's not one that I have memorized or thought about a lot but how God does it but he talks to me he talks to me lation six one brothers if a man is overtaken in any trespass you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness considering yourself lest you also be tempted bear one another's burdens and so fulfill a love Jesus anyone thinks he's something when he is nothing he sees himself let each one examine his own work then you'll have rejoicing in himself. In himself alone and not in another I said OK God I hear you I'm not sure he was I ask you how can I have no witness or what can I So he put it in my mind how to handle it I went to the meeting with this guy I sat down with him the first thing I said is Brother I have a problem not assume you want to pray for me I want to be more like Jesus I said sometimes I think about other people behind their back negatively. Anybody here can say you never did it and I say I want you to pray for me that I stop Jesus then I shared a little bit of what I knew he'd been doing you got the point. But we ended up on our knees arms around each other tears in our eyes praying for each other. That's a principle for relationships we go to Jesus where we go to the people we can not try to be the Holy Spirit only act with the Holy Spirit in the system we will see a lot more writing relationships and a lot more happiness So anyway that was a good ending that meeting I could tell you two hundred stories where I rushed in and my mouth was harsh and I shut off and I had to apologize later but I don't. Anyway but that night when I got home from my trip the pastor was on the phone to me really upset and he said here I'm so angry with my members he said they're going around behind my back their same things about me and they're not true and he said I'm going to sit my elders and I'm going to really straighten them out. You got me up that morning like Janet said Isaiah fifty verse four I spent time with him I said Speak to me and he told me how to handle a staff member but he also gave me a word in season for the pastor that night. So I said to the Pastor let me tell you the story about me today so I share my testimony but I've been through you got the point he slowed down much better has to. Do it if we will take the. Poor We rush off to fix somebody or problem in relationships that we really spend time with him this is about to girlfriend or boyfriend whatever your relationship will be much better if you give time God Time heals. OK So then. Let's move on quickly I just want to read some of these principles we won't have time to go along well by the way first John five sixteen of underneath Principle Number one is the text that I wanted to read on this. Gent mentioned it morning too if anyone sees his brother sinning a sin which is not lead to death it's in part it will soon he will ask and the Lord will give him life for those who commit the sin. Not leading to death there's that principle intercede first let the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit and only act when he tells you to act and how a. Good principle that now the second principle if you look on your sheet with me Page thirty second principle her answer in Jesus' prayer in John seventeen that would be one of the Trinity is one of the world to. Respect the diversity of temperaments and God created differences in people now there's other material under here you can study in your own feelings for the Body of Christ the course of the different parts the different spiritual gifts all of that but I love the statement by Ellen White and child guidance on the next page page thirty one let's read it says Mark Diversity's of disposition and character frequently exist in the same family who is in the order of God that person is a very temperament should associate together did you hear that God put you together with that spouse that person at work of the family members that are very different from your temperament personality if burdens different spiritual gifts when this is the case each member of the household should seeking to guard the feelings and respect the rights of others by this means mutual consideration of forbearance of the call of it prejudices soften and rock once a character smooth harmony secure and lending the very temperaments may be a benefit to these if we will learn to just. Take a breath when somebody upsets us the other person if we instead of getting angry right away and responding to quick we do hit the pause button Some say if we would just wait a while and think about the fact. That a blessing for me should I be complimented by that is it really wrong or or should I just forget it so that would save a lot of our complex number three assuming the best about other's motives and actions. Wow that's a hard one to do two I'd love to tell you a story on that but I want this moment but to try to see when somebody is doing something that irritates you when they're hurting you or the relationship going badly to think instead of thinking they're doing that this to hurt just being mean to me to think maybe they're doing it for a good reason and I don't understand maybe maybe there's a better motive than I'm applying to them I would love to talk more about OK Number four following Christ specific instructions not talking to others about problems. But Matthew eighteen at the five Jesus says if you've got somebody else sinning what you do I mean your family doing something really wrong. Help somebody else maybe tell your prayer partners pray about this stuff done that it's not good Jesus this thief it's selfless so big that if you tell somebody else and they hear you told somebody else and they get offended it gets worse and we can keep it really Stipe to go to them one on one sometimes it's difficult that's where the person hurt you views you're done something like that so there's the possibility too of taking a good other person respect an elder someone else to do with you Matthew five Jesus says even if somebody's got stuff of against you and there's this barrier between a relationship you don't know what it is. Great that bless them less of the person or to pray for those who misuse you and ask God if he can help you solve that situation number five using our rights and expectations to God when we preach wedding sermons. We usually tell the bridegroom Now listen you're going to have a copy unconditional love right you're not expecting anything from your spouse right is that the way we get married usually that the way we date. That is that too hard let me ask you do you you know anywhere where Jesus ever went around defending his rights. I want says he did not. Never defend his own rights everybody else but never himself our marriages are dating everything else is because you aren't treating me with the respect you should you're going to treat me the way you should have you didn't care for me enough you that if we actually go into our relationships laying those expectations down of the photographs if we leave them with Jesus and really do ask him to Phyllis and have the unconditional love then we can't be disappointed. You can't hurt somebody who's dead so. So that's a tough one all these are tough ones I'm going to get to the end and hopefully give you some hope how to do it because these are tough principles but they do work in terms of helping relationships I can tell you that you know Janet and I had been working really hard we had a week in New Zealand We then went to month Mongolia for a week we were really tired and our next stop was China for the first time we were sighted going to helping the leaders in China we got to our hotel room late at night dead tired and at the door of the hotel room Janet said something to me and I misunderstood it and it made me upset so I said something back to her that was very nice so that upset Hertha she said something back to me so that really upset me so I said something even not as nice to her back and then she said something that you know goes oh. So here we are ready to help the leaders in Beijing China tomorrow and we wish we had a second room we were really angry we didn't play nice together so what do you do relationships driving the next morning we wake up we're still both very angry but we did the thing we should he went to one side of the room. And with the other side of the room to have time of Jesus a little while he can because both of us. Politics to each other we were in our each other's arms we went off and. Most. ALL Oh. And all my fault in life. But the principle is most of our conflict in a relationship dating marriage sure church work wherever we are has to do with self really has to do with self love of self protection of self defending self being respected the way we want to be respected all of those things so. How do we do that how do we put self implies. Another principle that Janet uses a lot but I don't number six so I'm going so fast through this but I really want to do other things too so you can study you can make your own stories you can share the somewhere but first live it. Number six and Janet does this better than me she praises God Her source of irritation is the person who is really getting under your skin the person that irritates you to says things about you that's hurting you can you praise God for that person and you find something good about them and you dwell upon the good instead of the bad by beholding we become changed. When you do that and Jesus says again bless those who persecute you pray for those who mistreat you but praising has amazing power and when we do that Satan has to flee look on next page thirty two number see it says when things go crossways in your home strike up a song about the masses charms of the Son of God and I tell you when you touch the strain Satan will hear those things you don't really bad it's the dark and oppressive in your home there's argumentation praise music or maybe you just break out in a song right Satan can't stand it when we praise. Him. OK now we're going to move to some some hope but the last the last principle number seven this is. This vision given Ellen White a civically for the kinds of fights we see in our churches homes everywhere and I will take time to read quick says I saw the remnant page thirty two we're not prepared what's coming upon the earth stupidity like lethargy seem to hang upon the minds of the most of those who profess to believe we have the last message my company angel cried out with awful solemnity get ready get ready for the fear saying of the Lord is soon to come his wrath is to be poured out on mixed with mercy and you're not ready run the heart and not the government the great work must be done for the remnant many of them are dwelling upon Little Rock said the Angel legions of evil angels around you are trying to press in their awful darkness that you may be ensnared and taken you suffer your minds to be diverted to readily from the work of preparation the all important truths for these last days you dwell upon a little trial going to minute particulars of little difficulties to explain them to the satisfaction of this person. However sation has been protracted for hours and then between the parties concerned not only has their time and wasted but servants of God of the leaders in the church are called in to see my side and see my side the servants of God are held to listen to them when the hearts of both parties are on city by Grace here's the best relationship conflict management seminar in the sentence. If pride and self or service were laid aside five minutes. Marriage problems they brought them their problem wide selfishness and just been grieved God is pleased by the hours which have been spent in justifying self I saw that God will not bow down and listen to long justification he doesn't want to service to do so either and thus precious time be wasted should be spent and showing trance Christers the errors of their ways and pulling souls. Wow what a proper God gave us one hundred thousand pages lifetime woman of God we need now in closing I have we've talked about following God's commandments we've come a relationship to talk about laying self and pride aside we talked about suing the best of motives the laying down our rights I mean these things are also hard right how do we do it when it's they do it nothing good so this last reading contemporary Peter I found some years ago and I feel like a points us to the way this how can we do these things. This is a prayer between a woman and God and she starts out she says Lord you require more men than what I'm now doing Visine your work that I'm not certain it's what you have for me to do Lord what more can I do to serve you better nothing my child but Lord why do I feel this content of my service for you giving myself and my money unsparingly my church deacon a Sabbath school teacher I give much of my time to witnessing for you what more can I do for you nothing much lower there still remains a vacancy inside spite of my private public devotion What more can I do nothing listen this much I'll stop doing things for me what now let's be reasonable you blessed my work for you you exhorted me to labor in your brain your what do you mean what if I do stop doing things for you then I'll be able to do them through you Oh I think I see of course Lord my work for use in vain unless you do it through me make me a fit channel or do humble me now be a worthy vessel for you to use now what passed you want to me nine months out what you said you'd work through me what your tasks for me my daughter. Wait a minute Lord I've been a Christian for eleven years what do you mean love me I do love you now that's settled what's the next step there is no other step Loveman just love me you know I love you Lord what my whole life is taken up with service to you what do you mean your love for me is revealed in your love for your fellow man Oh hi I know that Lord I do love my filament you love your biology professor. But I don't hate the guy I just leave him alone he alone do you love your biology professor let me think about her biology you. Know Now look we just don't get along our personalities clash you can't solve that so I just avoid him Lord I dive for him. I know Lord you know how I'd like to see him say but understand that I just don't click with him you love your biology professor. We go. Oh I respect him and I think he respects me I recognise he's a fine fellow I'm sure he'd make a good Christian but I guess I do think of him as being well overconfident conceited even a bigot at times you know he's kind Lord one of us about him look at all these other people I love what I could you love your biology. He's the one person lord I guess I just can't stand it's pretty hard to take but I do love I guess everyone else and certainly God you know I love you you only love me. And that you love the person by. What I. Feel that you only love me to the extent that you love the person. But well then I really don't care about you then but I've been a Christian eleven years I said I love you Lord now I see Lord thank you for revealing this to me I will truly love you now. You said love me and when I said OK you I don't understand how can you love me. And I can't love anyone. You're only the channel through which I. Love this world through me Lord as will the broken man. You did love her death more. Yes I will fight that too strong and the only love God to the extent we love the person we like the least what did Jesus say in as much you have done it unto one a least of these my brother and you're done. And I'm thank God he doesn't leave us there Romans five five uses the love of God It should have brought in our hearts by the Holy Spirit which is given to us Romans five Ask and chose. Sorry if we come back to the same thing often but if we will allow the Holy Spirit about ISIS every day every moment we will have a gap in love relationships will thrive they will flourish that's not an overly simplistic thing that's the fact Without Jesus we can't love the so we can get over it we think about that one selfishly want to work. On Jesus and. His mind will be in US Mind of Christ and the vision the church. Urges they're going to split up some people will choose to have it all for whatever but relationships can be like that story of your this morning wife one her husband. Just kneeling in this time when you just think about anybody in your life but you're not in an upper room experience with where the walls are down where you really want to cord may not be a terrible thing you may not be hiding but you know you're not really want to. Talk to God about me. We're so thankful we never miss doing the one to love each other you don't demand things in your. Office to do stuff as a preacher was something one accord your. Brain so much more aware. Thank you God for. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon I believe the Visit W W W audio verse or.


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