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2. Implementing True Education: Practical Principles

Eleida Feliciano


Eleida Feliciano

Principal for the Wildwood Adventist School



  • January 17, 2018
    3:00 PM
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So what I'm going to share with you now. Is the. True education model now whether you're teaching at home or at school these principles are the same right sometimes we think that because we're teaching our home we're now doing to the cation but you can bring the Worley system of the kitchen in the home and you still are falling out system over the case and there are there is a specific model and so we're just going to present some principles some basic principles and. Basically what I was asked was to shear. Practically how these principles can be done in a school setting and so are at the time a the same time I'm sure in the principles I'm going to share with you some of the things that we do our school like I told you before I don't know every Any everything about where the cation there's very little I know the little bit that I know we've been applying we're learning what we do we are required to have a teacher meeting every week and we spend an hour in the city meeting forty five minutes of our we are reading the Inspire writing and the last fifteen minutes we discuss issues of the school OK this is how we're doing our meetings because we realize that we cannot be doing their i system of education we're not constantly learning from one God has given us we read. We think we know we go on and then and we forget sometimes we start something and we forget why we were doing it and some great idea comes and it looks good it looks like a nice thing and has good purposes then and we adapt this idea without thinking through the principles again because we forgot and we we easily forget this is why there are people this frail hard to tell and retell the stories over and over and over to the children because they need to remember and so I believe we need to do the same thing with these councils and we need to read them and read them again and read him again and so we so reading the book of education when we finish we saw a reading fundamentals of question of the cation this year we read in councils to teachers parents and students and personally reading Child Guidance and when we read all that we're going to start again with a location but there's no time when you know it all so we have purpose to do this instead of reading all these professional books are there because they are they are created by people who are. Trained and taught in the system of the occasion of the world system of education I'm not saying that there's no place to read other books I'm just saying this is what we've chosen for our school so as we learn it we apply and sometimes I'm sitting there with my teachers and we're learning together I was reading these things and we're questioning how do we make this practical and so I'm going to share with is what we've done we're not where we need to be we're growing every year and as I look back my first year there was a lot of things I was doing that I'm not doing anymore and so you learn as you go but if you faithful to do what the Lord has given in faithful to learn not say why ready this is what I know that's what I'm going to do but to continue to seek for his light he will be faithful to bring the results even through our mistakes. Cain someone else over the quote we share in the last session but that it is very important because this is essential. In the right. Some of education in the book over the cation pay seven seventeen says every human being created a did in the image of God is without power a king to the to that of the Creator individuality power to think and to. The men in whom this power is of Elop are the men who bear responsibilities who are leaders and enterprises and who influence character it is the work of true education to develop this power. To train the used to be thinkers and not mere reflectors of others man's thought instead of confining their study to that which men have said or written let's sit ins be directed to the sources of truth to the vast fields open for research and nature and Revelation lead them contemplate the great facts of duty and this many in the end. And their mind will expand and strengthen instead of educated weakling since situations of learnings may send forth men strong to think and to act men who are masters and not place of circumstance and men who possess breadth of mind clearness the Fatah and the courage of their convictions. Now if you look at. The young people that are coming out of the school systems they are days that's not the kind of men and women that we see if there were only system over to cases not teaching them to think that this system is based on learning to spit out the information we've given you don't think just learn it memorize this. And and not only is this not going to help them to learn these things to the maximum father they could but it is hindering their ability to stand and accept spiritual concepts right it will affect their experience with God It's not just a system over the cation that it's. That doesn't work. It is destroying the ability for the children to be able to be true thinkers to think through that they may have their own convictions make their own decisions and not follow the crowd not follow what the governments will tell them at some point. They will be pressing law against our convictions if they don't think for themselves and know for themselves they will fall and so this is important for them and it is important for us and. In my time teaching I can tell you that we do a lot of different things and I were. One. Who love children and who are doing what they believe as best I mean they truly think all these things is what is best and I thought it too and we are doing all these wonderful things to help the children but distilled and the more that we're doing this things the less that they're able to be thinkers you ask them to do something that is outside of the little formula that they learn and they can't do it right and so. This is very important that we understand. This point of them to thing to be thinkers. In page two hundred thirty of the book of Education says that a case in that consists in the training of the memory tending to discourage independent thought has a moral bearing which is too little appreciated we don't understand how how much it affects as the student sacrifices the power to reason and for himself he becomes incapable of discriminating between truth and error and false and is the prey to deception he's easily led to follow tradition and customs right so if we do not teach him to think they will easily follow the traditions and the customs of this world OK so I'm going to start by teaching your principles this principle is one we don't think about but it's very important that principle of simplicity. Ministry of healing page three hundred eighty one the more quiet and simple the life of a child the more favorable it will be to both physical and mental development we tend to have this this idea you know we see children they do something they jump to something else and then jump to something else and we in our minds have created this idea that this is normal but God did not created the children to be that way. This is not supposed to be normal. Right. This obvious simulation encourages superficial thinking when and it comes because they have too many things too many toys too many activities even good activities going from from piano lessons to this. Going to the playground with the friends and this and whatever whatever we have all these good things in the schedule the children do not have time and the way that the mind of the children work they need time to process and think and not allow them to do this they. Become NEVER DONE TO SOMETHING TO thing and this is not this is not best God what if you have let a child be they can be for ever just looking at the end noises for hours and they won't get bored so why do we think that it is normal for children to get bored with something so easily moved to seem to think we created this problem God did not created them. This logo in the picture are enough you can sell this right here this is a little house that she made with sticks propping up the sleeve she spent the whole recess hour working with this and she was by herself and you mean she lost all track of time she says working with little sticks and little stones and it's just precious to be able to to observe and see this this is what God wanted for our children. He did not want our children running off and in there and it's a hard thing to do I have a hard time sometimes getting the parents understand that you know we take them out sometimes to field trips and their kids want to run from this to that to that list back let's cut they miss half of it because they're not even looking this look what do we learn from this what do we learn from this is not run from here to here to their kindness and the problem is we do the same in our lives running from here to here in God is trying to speak to us he's trying to teach us lessons in every thing in life the simpler our lives they're better it is for us to not just for the children so whether you're teaching at home or at the school you need to make sure to keep things simple you know I had the privilege to go all two hundred two years in a in a row in my summer break and help an elementary school there and one thing I told the teachers they are usually in these schools are in mission fields and they always feel under privileged because they can afford to have this and have that and have the other and I told them you have a privilege to be restricted this way because it keeps it simple in the States we are so bombarded with so many resources and so many things we think we have to have it and it's a constant temptation to make things complicated that don't need to be they can afford to have all this technology so they don't have it but if they could afford it they probably would right and so it is very hard for us to to non do something that we can't afford to do because we think you know we have the right to have and we have the resources must do all these things right and one of the things. That has become a huge distraction for children nowadays is technology. And I'm not going to go whole lot into this but here is a quote from the article and it says early brain development is the term by any environmental stimuli or lack thereof. Stimulation to a developing brain caused by overexposure to technologies has been shown to be associated with a second if functioning and attention deficit cognitively lays impair learning increase impulsive WITI that say Vittie and decrease ability to self regulate OK so here we see all this technology that we thought was helping the children to learn better this was causing all the problems they have years ago you didn't hear of this attention deficit disorder we when I say working teaching I didn't I couldn't understand how was it that this children can even fit in the chair they're like all of the place and I I was that I'd had no idea I had signed up for this and. This is not how children work and many of these children medicated to be able to come into the class and to have normal life to be able to pay attention to something what created all that and now technology is not the only problem some of it has to do with the diet and other lifestyle issues but technology has been a great part of in and actually. It has been discovered that all these even educational technology has not done the improvement that they expected it to to do and in some cases Now if you really look at the facts it does more hindrance than good but some cases actually will some research to actually let you know that it's it actually hunters them. But why do we still do it. It's a business they're making money out of it they're not interested in your child's salvation or even their success on this world they're trying to make money and so they portray that way and we buy into where the schools buy into the millions of doors the dollars are going into buying all kinds of technology in the public school system and instead of helping the children it's entering the education and so you don't need it right if you can't afford a player for it if you can and you are put in this and your children's life take it away. Females now I see I show you some pictures in of our school when I first started there we had four computers in each classroom and thus I learned about technology in the developing brain and how it affected we took the computers out of the primary school classroom and last I can see a learning we took him out of the other classroom too so now we only have one computer in each classroom and the teacher computer use for lesson plans and such there's really are maybe once in a semester when we might show up a little clip of something to the children from the computer but we don't use them so you might see some pictures that have computers in back around us from the early years all the pictures are from today from my five years working the Lemon Tree school and I said we have been growing and learning so some things we had to learn along the way but we have found that taking that out of the children have not missed out anything and now there's more space to do all the things when they get to high school they have plenty of time they can learn computer use like this the parents of first were like well how they're going to learn how to use a computer those kids can teach me how to use a computer they don't need some many years to learn it and by the time they get to the age when they have to use it is going to be a different kind of technology changes all the time later learned later they do not need to learn it now so there are plenty of time high school college to learn it we are trying to work on what is most important at this time which is the character development and you if you missed this window this is not something you can do later there's a lot of things you can do later in life and learn it just as well as in younger years or even better because now you have the knowledge you need to understand the fundamentals of that but their character development you will not ever learned like you can in their early years you know by God's grace he can change us but you know I I praise the Lord I had really good parents that taught me high moral standards my parents were not evidence are not Adventists I didn't go to Question of their creation or much less through other cation so I am messed up and I am having to struggle with a lot of things that my mind got used to see and understand because of that system it is a struggle and even when you learn the right way it's not the same so let's give our children the best opportunities now study of the Bible as the most important thing in a case and write in some one hundred nineteen one thirty says the entrance of by words give a light it give it understanding to the simple council so the church page two hundred two says the students are to be educated in practical Christianity and the Bible must be regarded as the highest the most important textbooks. Right this is the highest in the most important now here mentions live again practical knowledge of practical Christianity and we talked about missionary work as being part of that but another thing that we do in our school every week they have to memorize a verse of the Bible and my burden has been to teach them how to. Apply that verse to their lives because what good is that if they memorize all these things here and they don't know how to practically put it in their life so when I introduce the verse on Monday you sure introduce the verse and then there memorizing as through the week I we talk about how is this practical in our lives house a practical to you and I gave him some ideas but I always think urgent to pray that God will show them what aspect of their lives specifically and how specifically they need to apply it to their lives and through the week they have a notebook that their Bible journal every morning the first thing they need to do is to write down their bible verse and how they applied it the day before so they need to be reflecting on this verse and what do they do to apply it and this really interesting to see some of the things that they write in there I mean these are children so obviously they can't come up with this very thought through things but it's it's very practical how they are applying it and this one time I was talking about I was talking about judging others. In our. In our setting it's very common for the children to fall into the temptation of thinking we are good and children who don't behave like us are bad and we're going to look down on them and some constantly trying to help them get out of this idea and unfortunately sometimes we as adults are the ones that put this in their minds and so I so we sometimes have children who come from other backgrounds and Torah school and I saw how one of these children was being treated by by the kids let me tell you I have learned a lot about what God goes through. Watching these kids it pained me but they didn't see and they didn't recognize what they were doing so the worship son that we were talking about their memory verse and their worships we were talking about this idea and I was reading their arrival journals and one of the students wrote down. On his journal at the end of his response he wrote down please pray for me that I will not talk about others and that that child I saw a huge difference in the way that he was relating to the holes who he did nothing with this good as he was you know. What if it's just the sit in the sitting just asked me to pray for him that he would not talk about others OK now what was happening in these this shouldn was very good anywhere he goes you will recognize him as a very good sin and people praise him for that we need to be careful people praise him for that and his parents we're very proud of him and we should have a certain you know of knowledge mentor of the good behavior but his parents would talk about other children who are not as good as him in front of him and he got to this thinking that he was better than these other children and his fans as a matter of fact at one time were concerned that some of these children were at school and were influencing they were going to influences his child and I mean we. We do have to watch the influences of art that we expose our children to. And we are very careful that we do not bring influences that we are not able to control into the school because our school is not an our reach for outside our school is meant to provide a safe environment for the children of our workers to be in but they're not all in the same place learning and different places we have had to dismiss children at times because they have brought influences that we just cannot take in there but this was not influences of worldly things it was more you know of the child than have a whole lot of self-control and so he might be here and there and. But he was responding very well to our program his parents were very understanding and working with it so. To help this child all of the sand that it's very important that our children learn. To grow and to expect better of themselves but not to see themselves as better than others this will ruin them you really will rule in stone but it was really special for me to be able to see that and so it's important that they're memorizing versus It's important that they are learning the Bible but if they don't know how to practically apply it to their life what does that mean to you not to that person not to that person because we hear something and can apply it to everybody else very quickly but how do you apply it to you and that's what we try to do there to help them to see the Bible that way and the book councils of Education Page one eighteen this is the boggle is the only rule of faith and doctrine and there is nothing more calculated to energize the mind and strengthen the intellect then the study of the Word of God No other book is so potent to elevate the thoughts to give vigor to the faculties as the broad and Noble in truth of the Bible if God's word were studied as it should be men would have a breath of mind a number of character and a stability of purpose that is rarely seen in the time. Now my first year there was I was so excited I get to my first and I get to talk about devival and the schools and. I bought Bibles for all the students and we were going through the babble curriculum and I started by sharing the stories in the Bible curriculum and talking about what they were in some point I decided you know I'm going to take them to the Bible and teach them this story's from the Bible and I have four first graders so I thought we're going to do this and then I'll tell the story to the first graders because they're not going to understand how to do this they didn't know how to read they had this was their first year there. And their parents have followed the council not to start academics earlier so they didn't they were still learning the letters and the founts of the letters so we started with the Bible but they had their own Bible everybody had to look for the verses and they get so excited they wanted to read it. Those children we started reading with them their seven years old when they're starting in first grade in our school and they're so excited about being able to read the Bible they're icing their hand because they want to read the next verse and I'm like I don't think this can happen but. But I don't I don't want to discourage them so I let them read it and maybe they can just read the word though all through it and the rest I had to help them weather but eventually this kids I had one little girl by the second semester she was reading at a fourth grade level and she left her school went to California they test her she was reading by sixth grade level by then and they asked her mom how does she know how to read so well we asked her all these questions about stories and she didn't know anything about them or said talking about fairytales that she never heard anything else and she said to them you know her teacher taught her to read by reading the Bible and that they got through this crazy but as a testimony to what the Word of God can do I'm not saying teach your little kid to read the Bible but she picked up on it really quickly and the other children not everyone is able to to read it right away but they all have their Bibles and they're happy to open it in and be able to follow and read as much as they can and to scar learning to understand it now. The mind is like a garden. And so if you try to to to plant something in a garden that's full of Wein's if you've tried to do this you know you won't get very much success some plants my survive. But the majority of them will die so the same thing is with the mind. You can do all the good things but if you leave the weeds there you can plant them really nice plant there you can walk and you can give it all that but if the weeds are there these plants will not grow the same so sometimes we follow the wrong system over the kitchen and we might have some good successes and we say well we look back and say well it worked. And you leave all the weights and there are my work you might have some that survive but there's very few chances that there's big changes that the. Chances that they will not make it and when it comes to the salvation of our children we cannot take that risk so to be able to teach the Bible and the principles that they need to learn for them to be able to understand that we need to take some things out and there's a lot of things and as you learn more about the principles of education and more about the principles of heaven the Lord will show you all these things are going to share two things in my experience with Haitian are big issues that stand in the way from the children having the mind of Christ and being able to understand Bible principles be Mabel to. Be influenced by spiritual things and they can be very controversial some people but we need to we need to understand these things from the principles of heaven and judging them that way so one of the things is oh sorry I did have some pictures here about. The study of the Bible this is our pastor teaching the children about the century and this is another one of our we have three we have a church on campus and three churches in the area and this is one of the passes of the three churches he he loves nature so anytime he teaches the Bible to the children he always brings a nature object with it and so you can see the kids are really into it so his sharing with them than we have different people that come on Fridays Monday through Thursday I do the the Bible class and then on Friday we have guests person from our campus come in this gentleman who was teaching with was studying with on The Book of Revelation and when he first came and started studying the book of Revelation I thought you know. He didn't think this through very wry and I don't think this kids are going to get that but they were like really excited and they were looking forward to him coming the next week and one of the girls she was in third grade she saw a late in the Book of Revelation at home with her mom and her mom was like I've never even taken that much interest in Revelation in our study because she wants to study it because she studied in goal and so you know children sometimes we do not give them enough credit what they can understand if you take away the things that that will hinder their minds from understanding they will understand a lot more than we think and so they were they loved the study of revelation this is them praying we teach them to spend time praying for themselves who prayed together we have a moment in partners sometimes and they have to pray for each other. And so on. That's part of the spiritual experience now talking about the ways this is the first thing that. I have learned especially as I taught and on elementary school grades the reading of fiction it's it's a big thing I taught first grade for eight years in public schools and the majority of what we used to teach reading was fiction and I grew up with fiction and fairy tales and stories and I loved them and I thought this is the great the greatest thing in the world and I my favorite time of the day was telling children stories when I learned this principle from God Council it was hard for me but I decided I'm going to believe God And when you choose to believe God and follow his principles he will help your mind to understand but it may not be immediately at first you might have to go just by faith faith is believing what you cannot think right so if you see the principles in the Bible says and John fourteen six says Jesus says on to him I am the Way the Truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but by Me and John eight forty four he talking about the devil was a murderer from the beginning and a board not in the truth because there is no truth and then when he speaks with a lie he speak it of his own for he is a liar and the father of it so here is the principle established from the Word of God Truth comes from God Life comes from the devil fictions are not true it does not come from God And so they really can't afford to waste any time putting in front of their children and in our minds anything that's not true. These things only will create other Zion their minds for the for lies and we don't want them falling after the father of lies right so this is very important now in council so the church and your wife says those page one hundred seventy she says those whose imagination has not become perverted by the reading of fiction will find the Bible the most interesting of books right so if they have been feeding in these things they're going to have no desire for the Bible because their minds have now created a taste for something that's on real and the Word of God is truth. It's it goes against the principles in those things so this is something that it's hard sometimes but you have to be very careful not just in reading but in anything you do with the children that games there are things that they do for fun that you only put before them truth and principles of truth when I came to this principle I was teaching in public schools I was not in and through the case and studying but I decided I'm going to follow God's way all the books that I had to teach reading were fiction and I said Lord how do I do this our library the nonfiction books that were in our library were third grade level and up we had nothing for the first grade or even second grade and I was teaching first grade so I had no idea how I was going to do it but I decided I'm going to do it so I purchased a few books I had a few in my classroom nonfiction books and I purchased a few more and I was trying to figure out how in the world my going to do this. And so I began to take all these fairy tales and all these things out and to use the nonfiction books and that month later I found out that their library had gotten a grant that year and they decided that since the need that was in the library was for nonfiction books for the prime rigorous that they were going to spend their grant and purchasing books for a nun picking fiction books for the primary grades and all those and we have all these brand new nonfiction books the kids were so excited that now we have this I was bringing these books into the classroom and they're like super happy with this brand new box they never miss I mean I never mentioned obviously in that setting I can't tell them what Ellen do i first somewhat devival first just applying the principles and they were super excited never did they miss the other and at the end of the year when they did the reading test that year and then on I only taught another maybe three years after that. They always came ahead in their region they did much better especially reading comprehension because their nonfiction reading helps them to be thinkers they have to think storytelling only creates an idea for amusement for being entertained they don't have to think that is being entertained in their minds so they don't known to think and and a lot of these reading tests they have to read in competitions testing their their knowledge of what they just read their ability to actually. Evaluate their the reading that they just read and comprehend it in a practical way and so on they did much better now you will not always have these visible results and you still have to be faithful to go out ways. I'm saying that course was an experience I had but God doesn't always force so those of us the way in which things can dial but in heaven we will see that everything every time we we follow his voice and we pray results whether we get to see them here or not. OK the next their other thing that we have had to remove from our school is the spirit of competition. In Philippians two three says let nothing be time done through strife or vainglory but in lowliness of mind that each is them all other better than themselves if you think about competition and we usually the work competition usually is equated with sports and though that's probably one of the most powerful. Ways of competition is not the only one any time that children are taught to try to do better than others to where they have to. To roll them out so that they can get there that's the same spirit. And it's the principle of Christ the principle of the Bible as to have lowliness of mind to esteem others better than ourselves we want our children to do this but then we teach them games in which they are not trying to have a loneliness of mine or think better of others they're trying to think I'm better and I'm going to be too and. We play this game saying this is just the game but we're feeding a mindset we're feeding a spirit that is not of God If you look at the life of Christ never in anything that he did that have the fear that we cannot be saying that our children to have fun can be doing something that is feeding a spirit that goes totally against the spirit of Christ and dilations five verse nineteen. Through twenty one he says now the works of the flesh are manifest which are these adultery fornication on please Nyssa less service PNAS idolatry witchcraft hatred variance and you'll ations wrath strife seditions heresies and beings murderers drunkenness really rebellions and such like of the which I tell you before us I have also told you in the past that they which do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God now ever schools education is supposed to train the children to be able to be in heaven we cannot be having these kinds of things now any relations if you look at the word of human ation it means the act of attempting to be equal or excelling quality or actions. Right so this is what emulations this this is what competitions are trying to to be as good as somebody else or better than them. And then you have wrath which if you look at children working a competitor in playing a competitive game there will be a lot of anger. Expressed there and beings right that you're envying another person you want what they have you're not happy if you don't win the other one when you don't get happy for them use upset and you know when I. Was working in a school I will not mean and they were teaching. And they're the importance of. Eliminating competition from from their lives and so they did not have sports in this school but like I told you before children are youth in this case I mean there are some children they. They have a way to see right through things if you teach him a principle they want to see yet applied all throughout right so they were like well they make such a big deal about my game of soccer and about my game of basketball but they're over there praying to scrabble and because this is words it's OK to try to went to the other person it's OK to do this and at that time I was new to all this so I was with them on the side and then I heard the students complain and I thought well now makes a little bit of sense and I started studying for myself and realizing is the spirit itself a competition not the sports not the side to video that T.V. That's feared. It cannot be and so you can have the Spirit even when you're not playing a game you can be in the whole idea of grades it can be in having positions even at the church being in this position the position we know we can get into the spirit in so many ways and I truly believe this is one of the things that have kept us from being united as we should because we are trying to compete against each other instead of trying to help every everyone to make it to heaven so much like we're trying to compare each other and and be better than our brothers and sisters and give more of the. Praise and look better than. We cannot afford to do anything that will feed that spirit because it's already in our carnal nature we need to kill it we need to starve it and so we cannot afford to have these in these games and they're. You know it's not just don't use the time of school for this but we really should not have it in our lives in any way. Include anything that will be there because we can do all the right things and if we're feeding these idea of fiction competition there's many other principles that can be there these are the two that I found most. A hindrance in the schools because usually that the kids are expecting competition and you know the recess time is usually the time I have to be constantly guiding them because they can get very competitive sometimes and some of the games. And I have had to become very creative and I remember one time we played a game and we some of you might be familiar with musical chairs. Years a game you you have certain number two years one less than the number of students you have you play music when this music stops they all have to try to find a cheer and leave one person out and so that person now you take another tear and you're trying to eliminate people going around so I decided one day we're going to play a similar game but with the principles of heaven instead of trying to leave him out of the chair because you're trying to get there first that means you're trying to leave that person from not getting into it you don't care who's They stand the influence you stand sitting so I've got the school of who we had in the basement I took them out and I said I told them you know I remind them of a game they own the game and I said this what we're going to do I'm going to play the music I'm going to take the whole of hope out and all of us need to feed in the whole the hopes are there if anyone is out we're all in trouble so that means that you need to make sure that whoever south comes into your circle and at first is very easy but at the end there's someone who will help and a bunch of kids. And they were holding each other to be able to all be inside the circle and after the game I said Now I want you to think about this. If we're going to make it to heaven you might have to sacrifice your space. To groom people. We cannot be pushing people out not going to make it to heaven the Christ like spirit is we. Been bring people with us we will help each other we will hold each other to make it there and I think you're in the end times you may have prepared your parents may have prepared and they have their home and somebody didn't prepare what are you going to do well sorry you didn't prepare you stay out no that means you may not have you may have to share your bed with somebody else it means you may have to share your living room and now not have all the space sit around you have to have people we need to think of these things if you are preparing for for a country leaving you need to be prepared to receive people because there are some people are going to receive the lie and the end times if we have in the fear that I prepare for myself and I'm good sorry for you that's not the spirit of heaven everything that we Jews from the games to the vocal learning use to have the spirit of heaven it is not to look at our little verse to something or pray before the game you have to look at the principles behind everything you do what are you teaching is that a principle of God is that the Spirit of God is the spirit of Satan because we can we can tell the children all the time you need to be Christ like we need to be Christ like but if we are feeding the character they're going to be unconsciously right so we need to look at everything that we're putting before them and think what's period we bring in and so it takes a lot of thinking getting outside of your boxes but when you are willing to do I'm not a creative person which is rare for an elementary school teacher usually elementary school teachers are very creative. I had to do a lot of praying and God would give me this idea and I realize many this guy working because if I don't find it in a book I was like trying to find books that had games that were noncompetitive where you have find this and there's a few but some of the games were like Don't know about this you know but once you teach the principles and you go over we don't always play a game sometimes they're just in the words building forts if you know it's here they're just sliding down a hill with the lid of a trash can this is they always complain there are playgrounds and have a slight aside what are you talking about there's a slide right here. And the one before this is they made a four day he's actually in the hole in the ground and what it did but they made this four with all this the that they found around and they made a whole little village and each of them had their houses and they were helping each other build their houses because they can be doing this in a competitive way and this is why recess time cannot be a break for the teachers it's class you have to be there and guiding them because if they start being compressive sometimes and I don't usually go over there and say that's not right I'm just going to say. No let's think about them. And I try to make them think through what they're doing and then they themselves are like oh that's not what I should be doing this to this is that that's the best way when they're coming up with which you have to guide them you know and how can you guide them if you're not there I know never let them be where I cannot hear them. If I cannot hear them they've gone too far I need to be where I can hear the conversation so I can guide their their conversations. And so this is very important that we are guiding everything they do in the school OK now this is this not inspired writing but it's a quote from W E How written and every review and hero in in March twenty five of nine hundred twenty eight says there is another kind of thing the world calls play namely the game through though often used loosely a game proper is a contest this spirit of it is the spirit of competition of beating the others fellow either by surprising him an exploit or by attaining the ultimate of putting him out of action X. also the victor and humiliates the looser while natural play is an imitation of work. This artificial play re priests centered in the game is an imitation of fight an imitation of war the spirit of natural play is the spirit of work. This creative again is the spirit of war OK now this but not inspiring but it's probably a very good explanation of the difference between competitive spirit and the natural play that God intended for children to do. Children naturally if they're not exposed to all these things naturally the little girls will want to sweep the floor and play cooking because childhood is the time to learn to be told and so their plea is supposed to be helping them to grow up to be a list of those supposed to be playing mom and playing with frogs building so you don't run the plane things you don't want them to do when they grow up. Don't say oh it's just the game sometimes the kids they were playing rubber and cat. Cops one time cops and robbers and I said Oh we did minute best you did your daughter that's about to go over to the game and I said. But I think something that wanted to be known and then a from a player because what you play you will learn to do right so we want to play everything that we want to play needs to be something that is and principle is good. And I always constantly have to remind them of that because they have the mindset that if it's a game you can shoot you can kill you can do no because what the game the. Play was the way that God intended for children to learn to be adults naturally that's what they will do but also naturally they will copy you see the little girls will wear the mommy's shoes and if and and wear their dresses of mommy and they all long like this and they're dragging with it because they're watching and making you this is how God intended for children to or they don't learn by what you say. And it's not that they say I'm going to hear you. They're make their brains we're not wired that way their brains are wired to observe and copy of zero or and copy so as we think about character of element. Remember we have to show all the character that we want our children to have because they are watching right so if you're saying this is good this is good and then you haunting T.V. that shows evil you will get playing games that show that very things you tell not to do they don't want to stand up. And unknowingly they rebuild and think because their brains were not on men to hide conflicting sides. And because we're now truly sinners it's easier for them to go their way so they choose them and then we wonder why they leave the church. Right so we need to be very careful with all the principles behind what we did. This is our children playing when you don't have competition when you guide them they find big very fun ways to play not this is they have gone down the fly and. This little boy was stuck on the bottom and couldn't get up and he he thought has some developmental problems and so he doesn't have the same control of movement other children have and so he was struggling really struggling to get up so they all the fire to deal teen and bring him up and I was there watching and I thought wow this is amazing sometimes I don't always see but you want to guide them to do it but that day I didn't have to guide them they chose to do that and they they do a lot of things together this is another one of their houses and they weren't. And they did get me to go down the slide if. They could think oh no they love when when you teach them to be this when you spend time with them when you're playing with them they love to have their teachers right most children don't want to hand out those there because they're going to ruin their fun this kids are coming and the older ones too I had a printer the company I was going to miss was going to come to this with us missing to come to this center and I was like always afraid of things I'm going to break a leg I'm going to do this and they're like oh mother it's a Finally I decided OK OK I'm going to do it and then I like to actually fly it slid down a several times so. Anyways. OK the next one thirty of the name to turn. Now this is this is important. An important aspect of education because. Guidance page forty eight next to the Bible in nature is to be a great lesson this is got second book he's teaching us that also and he seating children through nature so we need to make sure that we teach them not to just go run around outside but to learn from God for his creative works the little children should come especially close to me right so we do so spend time we go with them on hikes and usually sometimes we give them something specific we want them to look forward to like we might go and say OK I want you to look for something that shows you the love of God or the power of God and sometimes I just tell them I wanted to look for spiritual lessons and let them come up with anything and some children come up with very things that you like oh I never thought of that and some of them might just say something simple but you see how the year understanding grows and the. Object lessons that they get from nature are deeper and deeper goals and so we do that we also have them sometimes that by themselves the hard thing for children and just contemplate and talk with God So I tell them if you start getting bored to start talking to God talk to God and so they're supposed to sit there I give him a little a little box of that they know that's their space they can just run around and they just need to contemplate and I. Send one this way around that way around that way so they're separate enough they can see each other but I can see them and then I give them a certain amount of time. Usually about ten minutes that's a huge long time for children to be quiet. But they get a lot of things from the time. This is us we have gone an object lesson walk this is the top of a mountain and so when we got to the top they got to share with each other the lessons they got that thing and this is Dr Phil striking if the professor of outdoor education a professor of education I think the director of it at the Southern Afghanistan of versity he loves nature and he has very creative ways of getting children interested in nature so we invited him one day and he spent a day. And with the children doing all kinds of activities now that days ended up raining and I wasn't sure how it was going to work out but he was very creative and still bringing our nature and we went out with umbrellas and search and still had a chance for the children to really look and and contemplate and discover and and look for opportunities. To hear God in nature and of course part of nature is I'm a culture. And this is a very important part of education right not just because we're in a culture conference that God is trying to teach us through the working of the soil and fundamentals of Christian of the cation page three seventy five for us that the natural and the spiritual are to be combined in the studies of our schools the operations of Agriculture illustrates the Bible lessons the loss of aid by the earth revealed the fact that it is under the mis masterly were power of an infinite God the same principles run through the spiritual and the natural world divorced God and His wisdom from the question of knowledge and you have a lame one sided education there had to all the saving qualities which give power to man so you can't divorce if you take one element of truth acacia now it already is not true indication just like the Ten Commandments if you break one you break all so you have to take the whole package you can't just take one and leave the rest so it's very important that we take the whole thing study in Iraq cultural lines should be there a B. and C. of the education given to our schools this is our children and the farm there they were with when I first came to the elementary school there was no garden at the school the children were not doing I knew culture at the time and all I knew is that sometime in the past used to have a good a garden plot close to school and apparently they didn't have someone to follow up with their guardian class or were finding a hard time to to do it whatever the case may be they stopped doing it so someone else taking over that part and we don't have very much space by the elementary school for a garden so I come there and I had learned of this quote before I start working there now I'm not a gardener. I don't know how to grow anything and I. Anything I try to go of died so here come now I know God's plan of education and as I done in the past I decide I'm going to trust God even though I don't see it because how could I grow anything I did not see and I had no one to help me. No idea how to even start right here we needed a garden so I went around and tried to get someone to help us to at least get some garden beds that was the only thing we could do in our front yard and. So they came and this is our front yard. They are the farm crew came in and Bill three boxes and here so we started our garden. And this is Let us from one of the boxes and you see the children very happy Lee growing their letters and it is very well we do have an issue that we have a lot of trees in our property and so we don't have very much some some not everything does well there but we do get some things from our little gardens. We plan to strawberries and one time and this was a project I did night I had to learn how to do when so I went to You took You Tube and watched and then I thought that at some learning to teach and I'm learning to teach and we I've you know I can't say I don't know how to do this if I can't find someone who knows how to do and to teach them I have to teach them and so the lore has been teaching me a lot of learned I think more than the children have and so we planted the stories and I saw I seen these things coming out I tell you I don't I didn't know very much well on some life what I do with all this I went back to you seven found out what to do with a little sugar so we this when we were planting them we put them in little pots and then we went in front of the country store and sold them and the children were the ones that took the people's money gave them their change they had to figure out the man and they when we came back they said this was the most fun math class we've ever had. And they were so excited that you know we were really set up this is our country song which is the health food store and on the campus and we had it set up right there but they were so excited they don't want to wait for people to come in so they start going out to the street and getting the cars of the people are passing by and not planning to come to the country store and of course you know who can say to a child no OK I'll buy for you and so we sold all of them and they were very happy doing that that we learned also that. The councils tells us we should beautified our surroundings with flour so it's not discarding for food and so we prepare this area right here on to plan some flowers and we went down the road was a lot of rocks so we went and got rocks and and side to put them around to make our little ant and then we had a little bed of flowers over here and the children were at that time we didn't have a hole so I went over there so they were taking the water that they love doing all these things they just really enjoy it they don't think it's work they think it's fun. Here we were building a compost bin with pallets. And I never done anything with tools in my life I grew up in a home where my dad to care of everything and when I was in my own home ice always lived close to my dad so something broke daddy and he came fix it you know I knew how to cook I knew how to clean house I knew how to do a woman's job but in our staying single longer than I should have and so I don't have my daddy anymore and I mean he's still alive but he's in Florida and I live in Georgia so I can't just call daddy anymore and. Main is the parm is very very very busy so I can't call on them and either I had to learn I had to learn and so I figured OK I had to teach this children practical skills and I have to learn them to teach them so I learned how to use a hammer and learn how to use a drill I learned how to use a secular saw. By the grace of God I haven't cut off an arm or anything by the way one of the things that people worry about putting tools and in kids' hands is that they're going to get hurt I've been working there five years and we've had four accidents where the children have got. Fairly seriously hurt like an arm was cut off but that they've actually had to go emergency room and none of them were doing practical skill all of them was plain in the playground they fell off the monkey bars they fell of the seesaw they were monkeying around and doing what they do that's how they got hurt now can they get hurt using tools yes they can they can it is a risk you take but the reality is not as dangerous as people painted to be if you teach children responsibility and you do have to take in consideration all the safety issues and be careful that you're not having everybody there you have to be observed you have to be guided but it can be done very safely. He and then because we can do a whole lot in our garden we want them to get more exposure we go to the farm every time we saw a farm we always start with worship and this was my favorite farm manager he was so spiritual He knew how to help children find spiritual lessons that everything that we do from beginning to end he was always talking about spiritual things but he's moved on to another man to do other ministry somewhere else and we miss them but the children have gotten the lesson from him and they still learn spiritual lessons and so this is them working in the farm working in the farm again they they really farm is their favorite thing and they love going out there they do all kinds of things you know shoveling dirt and carrying it to where in the city we are careful not they we don't feel up their buckets as we do a grown person because there's certain way they can carry but they can carry a bucket it's not like they are lame the you have to be careful that you know even more than one bodies can take but we don't need to learn just we were clean we can stay can two more than we're given credit for and they love machines especially the boys so they were so excited they got to write this thing. And the girls to love hard work and they like to be able to show they can work this is blueberries they were just pulling out with that they looked so happy and all they do is going around pulling that we thought of the park. This is harvesting is always a fun time. And we were preparing beds for. For planting and they had created this little thing here so it was a neat thing for the students to see and get to use and they were all excited they thought this was the best invention in the world is a simple tool. Enjoyable we were collecting potatoes and they got. They thought it was cute all the different shapes there. You're working in the field just preparing the bed. Pulling things into the green. There were transplanting strawberries and they were in mask as we were dealing with sifting dirt and a lot of dust was coming up. So they learned everything that has to do with the farm now so that you know how much they enjoy the farm there was a time when their work at the farm kind of slowed down a lot of us of the farm manager told me you know to give the kids a break will take a few weeks off and so I didn't want to tell him what to do because this you know he probably needed a break so I said OK so I told the children when we're going to go to the farm next week for a couple weeks and they were like. You know like you know so you guys can have a break want to break we don't want to bring. Say Well you know Army I don't get to make that decision you know the farm manager wanted to help you and he thought you needed a break no we want to make a protest let's make a protest and tell him that we don't want to so they like Royale if make a profit can we make some posters and go do a strike in front of the farmers there. OK sure so they made this this poster we want to go to the farm help plan so we went through on March the plant and then I mean to the far end there were yelling out we want to go to the farm we want to go to the far and so this was. Their protest and the farm manager could recess and said OK we'll see you next week and so we didn't have the break that we thought we would have done a half so we're going to stop here time is gone and it will pick up in the next session fish the more principles about what our children need to learn and the practical ways in which we have. Implemented them let's bring the a lot in Heavenly Father thank You that though we don't always see it your ways are always better. Help us to have faith that we would give our children the best and I'm so thankful that effect the privilege to be able to see through the case in action and I'm thankful for this service to be able to share what you have done in our little school with this. People here that they may soon be able to being heard that you have a way that is indecently in this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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