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Mustard Seeds

Doug Baker


Doug Baker

Principal, Heritage Academy




  • February 8, 2018
    4:45 PM


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How many of you heard Charles Sawyer do the. The history of. Self-supporting work OK so. I just want to make a reference to the sun. These pictures from Madison college. Ellen White in the middle and then Sutherland in person again and. I think Charles probably told you that she called them the boys. And that they. Had this unique experience that as they were at Battle Creek college they boarded in her home. And so they often had meals together with her and she shared with them. Really the vision of education that. You know. Started. In moving in Battle Creek to end. And then stepping out further and stop wishing Madison college. But. The idea was that she had this body of knowledge that was given to her as a vision for us establishing schools with finish the work and then they kind of hammered out in a practical experience that that kind of education at Madison and she was a partner with them she was on their board. But then a number of us. Can can connect the dots a little further for example Steve Dyckman. His his father. Went to school at Madison college and then went from Madison college to where they are now at Harvard. Hills to establish that school and so there's a connection from Steve to his father to size of London Percy McCann then to Ellen White and for me it's a different kind of connection my connection comes through little Very. Little creek academy came from Professor Straw who taught at Madison college then he went over to Knox Hill with Roger goods and they established little creek academy and then Bob's all injure they pretty much raised Bob's all and her there. And so. Professor straw. Took an earnest interest in Bob and taught him these things and then Bob went from there and you know was a war broke and he still is there. And then I came to war broke in one nine hundred ninety two. And Mr Bob began taking this earnest interest in me I worked with him almost every day and when he worked with me he would find time to share with me some wisdom or something about you know the vision of how education should go and from time to time he would speak to me and he he would say you know when you go off and you start a school you'll need to know this and you know he's saying these things to me and I'm thinking What have I done. I want to hear you know you don't understand Mr Bob I was called to be here and you know at the resurrection the second coming I'm going to be here. But he didn't understand that and apparently neither did the Lord because the Lord moved in my life and then brought me to her. Marriage were I've been for the last twenty years and over the course of those twenty years. There's there's been things that the Lord taught me in addition to the body of knowledge that came from them and so I put together a book that's in the hall and you have it on your thumb drive It's called education in the loud cry and the two parts of that book are this body of knowledge of how to run the school that develops the character of Christ and students and then the second part about how we get from where we are into eternity Now the other aspect of that that I want to share with you is this idea of mustard seed it's already been brought up that Jesus said When the Son of Man returns is he going to find any faith. And you know faith is it's the key issue. For us at the end of time that righteousness the righteousness of Christ comes to us by faith. There is a great deal of work to be accomplished but all that is not done of faith is sin. So. Here's a quote that Jesus. Jesus said it seems ridiculous. Why would he say that if. The Apostle seven to the Lord increase our faith now it seems very legitimate but not his response he says. If you had faith as a grain of a mustard seed you might say to this second Mind Tree be there plucked up by the roots and be planted in the sea and it will obey you. Who in their right mind is going to say to a second Mind Tree I'm done with you off to the sea Why would you say that. I think the reason Jesus chose such a really ridiculous sounding example. Yeah it OK but when we pray. We at least me I'm imagining you to have this idea that you know I don't really need to make the case to the Lord. Why he needs to do this. You know I got to justify myself here I Lord I need this because of this in this in this in this and that's why you should listen to me and answer my prayer. And. You can't justify that case. You know you cannot say it's an evil sick a Mind Tree we've got to get rid of it you know there's no way that you could say the Lord I got to get rid of this tree you know and his point is. You don't have to justify your case it's like that woman. Who took healing from Jesus Jesus didn't think about it. It was his knee jerk reaction for virtue to go out from him and heal her. And that's the point that of the mustard seed in the dimensions of that is that. Very little faith on our part. Moves mountains spiritually and that's whether it's pews with us personally with our heart with or we're trying to overcome sin or it's the literal challenges that we have in our institutions where we work you know I need to raise a million dollars not a mountain right there right how do you do that. We did it in twenty dollar terms. Which That's a lot of twenty dollars right. But my point is that the Lord. Is ready to move in ways that you don't anticipate and you don't understand. All you need to do is have that faith you know if you can just express to him that you've got the utmost confidence in him. You know his natural reaction to that is all right well you know be it according to your faith. So. I want to share with you some stories because Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word in other words when I share with you things that God has done for me or done for my students. It inspires it inspires. Confidence in God by hearing it. And I want to illustrate that to. This little passage inefficiencies to eight through ten. It needs it needs a little thought For by grace are you saved through faith and that is not of yourselves and. And that. Is the grace even faith itself is a gift to us right that's not of yourselves where do you get faith well faith from Spy hearing. You don't you don't just concentrate real hard and bear down and muster it up it's a gift from God. So faith. Grace by saying by grace are saved through faith that's not of yourselves it's a gift of God. But there's another gift too he goes on to say not of works lest any man should boast in other words when we have these enormous accomplishments there is no there is no way that we can boast and say Look what I have done you know built this grand building you know or graduated all these students or there's no way that we are to say yeah I did this right now B. can never had an issue with that very. Same thing with us we we don't we have to give credit to the Lord because it is all him everything. Is a gift from him every aspect of salvation in every aspect of his life and this next this next verse here because we're his workmanship and we're created in Jesus Christ and to good works so he creates us. To put these good works in our life right and notice the next thing it says about the good works God hath before or dame that we should walk in them in other words. God thought the whole thing through. And you just like walking into THE SITUATION. And then you connect to him with faith something wonderful happens right and he ordained that that should that should be just like. You know like clothing the. We wear you know it's like wow what a great experience we get to know Jesus personally and deeply and we have these wonderful kind of experiences and I want to bring out another aspect of it I don't like the experience and. Like when God wants to do something wonderful for me. He puts me in a situation that I do not like. Briefly when I came to Heritage. Got was clever I was full of seal and enthusiasm and I knew that the Lord was leading me. What I did not know was that there was a checking account for the school and there was some money in it. Sixty dollars. Second thing I did not know was that all the staff were quitting. And the third thing I didn't know was that there were only two students you know I got there with my truck you know and I said to lead Demick I'm OK I'm here he said good I'll send the students over done load your truck. He sent all both of them here. The Lord put me in a very challenging situation now if I had known any one of those three things it would have been clear to me no this is not where the Lord is leading me right so he hid all of that for me and then put me in a situation where I had to do some pretty right and so it it put me in a situation where I could see his greatness activated through faith. Same same thing with Lazarus and his two sisters you know I mean there was nothing in Big us about that you know Lord the one who you love. Really sick. And you know they're expected to when he heard that you know this is his best friend he would come you know so when he does come finally it's like Lord if you would come. He would never died in fact even before he went Jesus said to His disciples I'm inode lodgers is dead and I'm glad for it because if I was there he wouldn't have never died. But I'm going so that. God can be glorified. Right now. Those awful austere difficult circumstances that we find ourselves in. Have a higher purpose. And Jesus frankly presumes on our friendship from time to time right because John Chapter twelve you know right after this whole thing there's a party right. Well as there is a sitting right next to Jesus and Lazarus doesn't say anything like. I died. You realize I died you know what that was like. And he could have said that right but there is joy and happiness because the friendship between them was robust enough. The Lazarus doesn't hold that against Jesus that Lazarus has grace for Jesus. So anything that I'm saying here make. That we'll loud God the latitude to do things because sometimes when our lives are not going well you know we're like. That's it Lord I'm done I expected better from you. Right I thought you were supposed to be this really great wonderful Savior but I'm doing during all this and I'm struggling here and it's like you don't even care. That's that's the kind of language you know that we generate when we're in difficult circumstances. But what I'm saying is to see the glory of the Lord. We have to have grace for him. And not be so demanding and be willing to endure a little hardship they endured hardship and everybody this happened two miles from Jerusalem all those people in Jerusalem who didn't believe who personally were acquainted with Lazarus all those leaders of Israel knew him personally. There was no way they could gain saying this he was dead for three days and when they rolled back that stone it stank right through his no doubt you know they couldn't say Well he was just mostly dead you know they might have said that with a little girl. You know Jarrah says daughter there's no way they could say that to this this glorified Jesus so that sometimes are hard circumstances are for His glory so there is heritage Academy in that they already told you about the sixty and to sixty dollars to students. There is six dollars. Now this is the thing about that experience is that that drove. Us as a staff to the Spirit of Prophecy. Because very clear this school is going to close unless we figure out what it is that the Lord is expecting from us and so we hit the books and year after year after year we hit the books and you know it wasn't suddenly wonderful it was a lot of years that were difficult and trying but those books. Brought us to the point where we collected the spirit of prophecy and we organized it and we put it together you know chapter by chapter these are the elements of what it takes to make your school effective so that you don't have fifty percent of your students you know who don't even believe in leave the church but that they have a genuine experience with Christ with you in the school. Tell you about this really quick. This is another experience the Lord was. Maybe done with subtlety with me. Over the over the course of time that I've been teaching there have been things that I've written for my students for my for my Bible class and I was under a certain level of conviction that I need to get these books together and I need to publish them and share them with other people. Anyhow you know Thanksgiving you have your family over and it's it's fine and everything except for me on Sunday things were not going well I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. Just throwing up and I'm not a person who normally throws up. I mean normally my stomach is pretty strong so my wife began to notice that I'm not around a lot. And so later in the day she comes into the bathroom and I'm there and I have this into Justin and I've gone all through the medicine cabinet and look for everything and you know the bottle of Pepto biz mall is all dried up and there's there's nothing and I'm I know that if I can just get. Her to go to one of our neighbors and borrow a bottle of Pepto Bismo I will be fine you know I just I just had this gas you know a lot of gas pressure you know but when I burp it relieves the pressure a feel better right and so she asked me to describe my symptoms and oh I'm just so you know it hurts from my back you know and and she said to me I'm. Sorry get in the car. I'm like Why you I just need you to go and get better get in the car we're going to go to the hospital and I'm like you know it's not that bad it's just my stomach diskette in the car so I get in the car you know and on the way there she says you know what I think I think you. Having a heart attack and I'm like no no no you'll see when we get there I'm just fine all I need is Pepto this mall. So we get to the hospital and you know how it is when you go to the emergency room it doesn't seem like it's an emergency right you sit down and then you pick out a magazine in you know you've got plenty of time so you can read a lot so I pick up a magazine and I'm just about to start reading and somebody comes out and they're like and you come with me so I go with them was a surprise you know. They put me in a room you know they start hooking me up to stuff and then the guy says to me you're having a heart attack. Like no you know can't be right you know anyhow. This hospital wasn't didn't have a cardiac unit so they had to put me in an ambulance and send me to another hospital. And. There is this awkwardness because before you get sent off in the ambulance you know they they put me together with my wife in a room you know I'm on this gurney you know who to ship me off and and then she before they put me in there they kind of expressed that you know and said exactly this way but if you have any last words now for time to say I'm right and so still a shock you know and I'm thinking what am I going to say you know he's there and the only thing I can think of is I love you. And then there's this awful awful overwhelming conviction because I'm thinking and if I die the next thing I'll do is see Jesus and I'm picturing Jesus asking me a question in the question was. How come you never finish those books I gave it to you. And I'm just like overwhelmed like a home. Well what am I going to do so I'm thinkin OK. I got to give my wife my password to the computer you can tell her all these different things are stored on my computer and tell her what needs to be done in each one and I'm trying to communicate all that to ER and I'm kind of panicked as I say stuff and then she takes out her finger. Or have somebody take out their finger for you she takes out her finger and she sticks it right in my face and she says all know there is only one way these books are going to be published and that's by doing it. And that seemed rather stern You know but her point was if you want to get this done you're going to live. And so I was completely overwhelmed with conviction and so from that time. These two were published. The one with short time as a daily devotion about end time events through the second coming the third coming in than into eternity the other one the hope of glory it's about. Establishing a devotional wife. To develop the character of Christ. This one's unpublished mustard seeds which we're talking about now the one on the left is in the hall revelation in the remnant is a Bible study on Revelation and basically I don't give the answers I just ask the questions and I say compare this with this lots of charts. So that you can see how all the books of the Bible come together in Revelation and you know things that it's quoting a put what it's quoting there. Revelation study guide is is much longer and it's kind of exhaustive. Abomination and desolation Jesus said. Jesus said that's the one thing that we need to know not just study Daniel but you need to know about the abomination of desolation and so that's a study of the abomination of desolation as it appears through the history of Israel through the dark ages and its final manifestation in the end time events by gold is the message to the latest C.N.N.. Grace and glory is the eight hundred eighty eight message in eleven studies close to Jesus is is a book that I wrote because my kids it was clear that they didn't have a personal experience with Jesus and so this is the personal experience of people who were close to Jesus through the Bible in the spirit of prophecy and what I do in my classes that they have to write a personal testimony for one of those people. To prepare them to think about the aspects of having a personal testimony of themselves and it's really effective the lamp in the lamp stand is what I referred to earlier. Which is a literary study of the Gospel of Mark to show how peace relates with peace and how there is much greater depth there than than we really imagine the rest came up in my Bible class because I was being clever I divided it into two groups and I gave one group text about why we should worship on Sunday the argument of Sunday keepers and I gave the other group text on Sabbath and then you know kind of like court right all right you guys just fight it out you know and different people speak and. The Sunday keepers one and I'm like oh that's not good. They made a real clear to me you know what we need to go a little more into depth into the meaning of the Sabbath Revelation thirteen eight. Makes the point the Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world and so that's that's one of the keys to understanding the meaning of the Sabbath is seeing it in the relationship to the cross the great work is. Is what we have to do between now and the second coming to bring all that about. And that brings us to the killer dog Now I want to talk to you about the killer dog because the killer dog illustrates how faith in God is infectious that it goes from person to person to person now it also illustrates the the mustard seed cum concept because God took very little faith for me and found himself able to work with it. We do call. Ordering. And so I was taking students out in. In a place called Grimsley which is near where we live and this road is about a mile long and so I'm driving them in the van and I've dropped off different kids at different places the last two in the van and as I'm driving down the road I notice that this road is different than other roads there are houses evenly spaced along the sides country so they have big yards but every every house has a dog and every dog. Pretty much understands dog wall. Dog law is your job is to defend your property so when somebody comes by in a car you bark and run from one end of your property to the other and then you know maybe a few feet beyond and then you stop and so as I'm passing house after house dog after dog is running you know so you know it's like a relay various The next dog takes over and then the next dog in the next dog and all the way down the street dog after dog after dog and I have with me Justin and Amy Justin is robust Not only is he robust he's he knows martial arts so I'm thinking Justin is great you know he'll be able to handle himself but Amy is tiny she's sure she's the teeth you know like a princess you know and. And I'm thinking you know I don't want them to work opposite sides of the street because I don't want Amy on her own so I say. Justin go with Amy door to door you know in pairs and you know you watch over her and I kind of felt like when I said you know implied you know if there's a dog comes we'll do the right thing sacrifice your body and you'll save her you know had all that going on mind. So. I meet killer dog on my way back I drive him all the way down to the end of the street you know there's kind of a dead end and there's a house down a war on drugs where that's through woods you can't see the house from the end of the driveway so I turn around and driving back. And as I'm driving back it's the same routine you know the dogs are barking like park in the next one takes over until they get about halfway down the street which is about a mile long and there is killer dog and he's not like the other dogs he's not obeying dog law he is in the middle of the street and he is lined up like he's some sort of a football player you know this is ready for the snap of the ball he's going to come and tackle me and you know I'm heading down and he's you know staring me down suddenly he begins to run toward the van. And you know I'm just incredulous What is this dog thinking the next thing I know he's airborne and he hits the van and the slobber from his mouth splashes on the windshield. And I'm thinking this dog is crazy and and so you know he bounces off and he continues and as I'm driving it's just plug. But he's running along and smacking into the driver's door trying to get through that door to get me and then you know eventually the A thought occurs to me Justin and Amy are going to have to confront this dog this will never work so I realize the right thing to do is to go back and gather them and take them door to door so that they can be kept safe by me in the van. Is a bad idea. Because when I turn around and I go back killer dog follows me all the way down the street that he's not obeying dog law at all he should have. Stated this house he goes all the way down the street and as I'm getting near the end of the street I'm beginning to realize oh no I'm delivering killer dog to just to name me what am I going to do you know and I'm starting to slow down trying to rethink my plan and killer dog runs past the van down the driveway where they are and then I prayed this prayer. Help Lord I can't save them now you have to. That's a faithless prayer you know I mean it's almost it's almost nothing it is like a mustard seed in terms of its level of faith. So I follow down the driveway and when I you know there's a little parking lot that they have and when I get to the little parking lot killer dog is just ahead of me and killer dog does the same thing to Amy. Amy sees him and he comes running towards him just the same football player kind of thing he leaps into the air and I'm like oh no he's going to kill Amy right going right for the throat. Then he does a weird thing he's up in the air and then he rolls over one hundred on this you know with his belly up and he lands on his back and then Amy bends over him like no if you mean who is the killer and he starts Carette it is belly he thinks you know like a little puppy you know and kind thinking what in the world and I'm still discovering to pull it in and then all of a sudden it's like the demons seasons killer dog again and it springs to life and Justin's over at the door and he runs to the door you know where Justin is does the same thing up in the air and I think oh no he's going to kill Justin now right then does the same thing this you know Roland over landed on is bad. You know Justin's you know petting the little doggie and and I'm incredulous. And so they see me in the van and they're like. Mr Baker is there something wrong. And I have I have nothing to say I'm like dog I just wanted to make sure you're OK. So that was it I got myself out of there. So you know it seemed like the Lord answered my prayer so away I go so I'm doing my thing with the other kids you know picking them up dropping them off and I gave them instructions you know to meet me at the road and I would pick them up and so you know about the time I expected to there they were there just a name either standing at the main road and. Killer dog is with them. I'm like you think you guys don't know what you're doing that's a killer dog you know and so you know as they're getting in the van a me you know kneels down and these are not actual pictures you know they're in take pictures at the time but where is it any hugs killer dog. She gets in the van and and I'm like. You guys would not believe this and I told them my whole story. And they said Well. You would not believe this because as we worked this street this dog stayed with us everywhere and he stayed right by Amy side and every time we came to a house he drove the dogs away from the door so everywhere we went he was like our security dog. Has an amazing story. That and you know we shared that story. On Friday night and we did this on Friday then the Friday night we shared the story. With the students and. There were many dog stories as a result it inspired faith in the students I just want to share this one briefly it's a similar kind of story. That. Same area Grimsley there was construction going on there was a guy who was a construction worker and so we went to where they're building these houses and we talked to the construction worker and he said hey look I'm workin right now I don't have time for this come by at lunch time. So we continue to work in the area and then Wendy and Aaron I'm dropping them off in the driveway of the house and as I drop them off I notice there's a Rottweiler with a very heavy chain you know that's that's over near the front door and I prayed Oh a weird prayer. I said. Lord. Make the dog afraid of them and not them afraid of the dog and then I just got myself out of there. And so the story they told me later when I picked them up was at that house. You know Wendy Wendy sees the dog and so she's like you know reaching your hand dog and the dog is barking but the dog backs up and keeps backing up and you know as they get on to the front porch the dog is backing up he cowers in the corner like he's terrified and the guy answers the door the guy answers the door is the construction worker from earlier that day he's never seen his dog do that before. And. Anyhow you know tremendous Can conviction and the Lord answered that prayer in a real glorious way so we have a lot of dog stories. From the first dog story because that story inspired faith the gods really willing to take in almost nothing that we have and work with us. One more story that involves a dog is the dark house. And in this quote Likewise the spirit also helps our infirmities we know not what we should pray for as we ought but the spirit self make if intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered Now the reason that I'm saying that is because the prayer that I. The prayer that I offered here was. Beyond ineloquent it was. It was I don't know stupid. I'm this is in Crossville I'm dropping students off in this is that night we're Culp ordering to raise money for a mission trip and I drop these two girls off on the street and I expect them to meet me at the other end of the street and as I'm driving down the street I see this house that is so dark it's remarkable to me I mean it isn't just the darkness of night but the house itself was incredibly dark and it had a chain link fence all the way up at the street and then a dog and as I drive by this dog is attacking the fence biting the fence trying to tear through the fence so he can get to me in my prayer I am you've heard of prayer walking I do prayer driving when I call porter so I continuously I'm in prayer talking to the Lord about things and I just said. Wow Lord I wonder what's going to happen when the girls get here. That was my prayer is not really asserting anything or asking anything is a wow I wonder what's going to happen and so you know Romans eight twenty six The Lord takes these awkward stupid prayers and he makes something out of them you know and so he took that prayer and the girls told me when they got there they saw that vicious dog and they thought it best to just walk on by especially the fact that the house is completely dark there's not a light on there's probably nobody home and as they walked with each step as they passed that house a heavy sense of conviction weighed upon them and by the time they got to the sidewalk for the next house they were just overcome and they're like we can't do this we have to go back to that house so they go back to that house and they stand at that gate with that dog and they just pray that simple prayer he no lord if there's somebody here please make it possible so that you know we can see them and you know when they get done praying there's no. So they open the gate they walk up to the house they knock on the door they knock on the door and the light comes on a little old man comes out. And they sold him like three or four books you know and he was really grateful then when they're done with him they walk back to the gate they shut that gate suddenly this dog comes from the backyard and starts attacking the fence again. So my point here is that. God is so eager to work with us he's willing to deal with just about any kind of prairie dog. You know and. The holy sky. And the holy sky happen when we were in Mexico we were holding a series of the Vangelis to meetings. And we were doing literature evangelism so I had a group of students there. And. You know we break for lunch the weather's beautiful. But between twelve and twelve forty five the sky started gathering blackness and so it darkened it dark and further. And then you know I have this organizational meeting to assign people where they're going to go and. You know. My plan is to send them to these two towns to distribute literature to promote our meetings. And. People are saying to me. You can't send kids out in this kind of weather and I I said. Look they're not made out to sugar and I couldn't help well it was as if. I spoke to the weather in the weather responded to my words. We're in a we're in a in a building that has a tin roof and it's really hard rain's was very loud and you can barely hear when you're talking. It goes dead quiet. And I'm like here you see three seconds of that dead quiet suddenly we had golf ball size hail. And then I'm started to rethink things you know and I you know maybe I should be figuring out something and you know our chaplain who speaks Spanish. Said I perceive that this is a spirit he sayings in Spanish I perceive that this is a spiritual issue and we need to resolve in our hearts that we're going to go out even if the hail gets bigger and as soon as he's done speaking it's quiet again and I'm like OK so there and then we go to a much larger scale and he just grabs the kids and rushes them out into the van and so they head off into this blackness and they drive to town and. And when they so you know they're driving in the dark at noon day right and they get to town and. When they get there the students say well what are we going to do because it's still raining. And one of the students says I know we'll just pray that the Lord will stop the rain. You know those of us who have known you know more sense would say you can't ask the Lord that kind of prayer remember the second Mindtree right this seems ridiculous you know what kind of a case can I make for this you know the Lord you know this we're trying to pass this stuff out right maybe that will work. Another kid takes the handle of the door and slides it open as they slide that door open the rain stops and they all step out of the van and this. The picture hoops the picture. Doesn't really do it justice because it is not a picture from them but it kind of looks like what happened A hole opened in the clouds circular. And everybody looked up and they could see the sun shining through the hole. And they took their literature door to door throughout that town and when they were done they got back in the van and they closed the door and immediately it started raining again. They drove from there to the second town. When they got to that town they prayed the same prayer they opened the door the same way the rain stopped again they looked up and again there's a circular hole in the sky above them. I mean is incredible. Miriam Bailey is here she was in the van she can she can give you her personal perspective on this Anyhow my point is it's a mountain answer to a mustard seed level of prayer. Of Faith I talked about raising a million dollars That's a picture of our girls dorm and the engineers said it would cost one point two million dollars to build it. We raised money bit by bit but we got you know about. Two hundred three hundred thousand dollars and you know we're in the product process of building it and our money just dries up and things seem hopeless and. For morning devotion. I'm reading the text felt not you know you can't serve two masters you can't serve God and Mammon. Oak will have nothing to worry about with this tax right because. If you know how her kid is self-supporting school you know I'd go have problems with them. And then conviction came over me and said no. How do you make your decisions do you make your decisions based on what I want you to do or did you make them based on money. And then it came clear to me we're serving Mammon in this building because we're not working on it because we don't have money. So we. We talked about that well the same day the fire marshal shows up now we have like we've scaled everything back and we figured out how we can build this building we just wouldn't finish the portion where the assistant girls Dean would live right and we said that to our room. We said that to our Fire Marshall and he also had a finger. Get in our face and he said Oh no. You will finish this building by January and if it's not done there is a new fire code and you will have to remove every piece of electrical work that you've done and redo the entire building to comply with the new code. And we were just shocked. From that day our experience was like the experience of Elijah and the widow. We just said we're going to build with what we have we had materials will start building and from there on we're talking. About a dorm that costs just over five hundred thousand dollars that's what we actually spent on our one point two million dollar dorm which came in a little twenty dollar donations not not many major donations and I don't know who was given the money you know because I don't think we knew that many people. We finished that building we finished it by January and satisfied that building inspector. That's faith and works remember the first thing we're looking at in feet in a fusions the faith goes together with works and God has works planned for you and no it was hard work but that's what it takes and I'm sharing that with you because. In in this kind of work we are a challenge with big things like that and we're like you know where's the little guy like me going to get all that money right in the Lord answers marvelously this is this is an answer to prayer. There's a few people that we know in media ministry. And we were hearing from all of them the same things like. All the students are trained you know in our universities good jobs at A.B.C. C.B.S. you know these big these big operations and we can't get anybody who's going to work on a missionary stipend. And so we talked about it and we prayed about it and we said you know if we started video production in our school we could get them a set of skills that could make them useful in ministry. And so we. We got these grants. And they just came we got a grant from O.C.I. we got a grant from A.S.I. and we had a major donor give ten thousand dollars so we had sixty thousand dollars. Now I'd like in this to Joshua going through Jordan because. The Lord didn't dry up the Jordan here so just you send those guys in there after they're in they're all dried up. And I had everything that we needed to do video production except some body who could produce video. So I got a book. I read and I started teaching and we started video production. And then you know and through a couple people then one of our parents sent us a resume and when when we read his resume there was nothing in that resume to jumped out to us you know like. How are we going to use somebody like this and so it went in a drawer. And then the girl who was doing video production for us. Told me that she's going to go to Korea next year and teach there. Then you know my wife and I are talking about it and she says hey wait a minute. I have a resume in a drawer and we pulled it out and it was like you know there's a halo of light something you know it's like it's so clear this is the guy. So we called and this is a parent of one of our students and we said. Hey. We've been going over your resume How do you like to work at Heritage Academy Well the same day he had already gotten an offer to be the C.E.O. of the company where he worked. And. Been What amazing to see. And to have to make you know live you know. As a self-supporting worker or make real money doing big things right. And the Lord convicted him and sent him to heritage and above there is one of the videos of the. That we've done we do a series of videos. For teenagers which address teenage issues and this one's called Am I really worth something. We've got a bus. We've been through a series of buses when I first went there we had a bus from one thousand nine hundred sixty three. It was great. Had a lot of answered prayers because you know broke down all the time really learned how to pray with that bus. But then we got another bus. But that bus had a problem with the engine and it kind of burned up so then we got another bus which we have now. And that's a nine hundred eighty five Preval and it's been a pretty good bus but our mechanic started saying to us last year you know this bus is getting to the point where it's just cost of this all kinds of money to do repair we should be thinking about a new bus well to get that bus we had to raise twenty six thousand dollars which you know that's a lot of money to me. And so I'm thinking OK so then they started doing a little fundraiser and they raised about seven thousand dollars. So I'm thinking well we're nowhere near a bus. And then you got this call from our mechanic both of our mechanics each one of them called the separately and they said hey I'm looking at it this bus that's going up for auction in Knoxville and I think we can get it in there think in terms like maybe we can get it for seven. Thousand dollars and. So you know my wife says well OK go ahead and try they bid and we got we got this bus. For seven thousand dollars and then all the fees and everything I think came to like seventy eight hundred you know it was in an accident and one of the things that we do is we rebuild vehicles will buy vehicles that are totaled and you know will will do the work on them and you know we can sell them for. Way more than what we spent on them and that's one of the things we teach our students so you know we got this bus. And you know all we had to do is replace the windshield and part of the door and then you know put some nice artwork on the side and we had a bus and that's that's an illustration of faith and works again right because if we can't say you know that we can boast and say you know all the glory goes to us look at how skilled we are where the Lord brought us to the position where we could get that bus for seven thousand dollars because you wouldn't normally get a bus like that for seven thousand dollars. Again I want to I'm trying to share with you practical answers to prayer that you find that you need in your institution. Aviation we have an aviation program. And some of you know David Gates. Who has an aviation program and he spoke to me one time and said Have you ever thought of doing an aviation school. And I said no but you know if you feel like the Lord needs one you know we could do that so he and I got together we had prayer maybe we spent five minutes together. And I walked away from that prayer with conviction that we're going to have an aviation program you know. There was a parent who visited the school and you know we showed her boys around. They ended up not coming but she called her sister and told her sister all about the school and that year our history teacher passed away and so we had Debbie had mentioned in your prayer you know she has prayer with the people before they leave and so the last thing she mentions in her prayers and Lord give us a history teacher. And who knows why she said that. But the lady called her sister and told her all about the school and said Oh and they need a history teacher and her sister says what they need a history to teacher I got to go hangs up the phone she calls her husband her husband is a pilot. And he's been having these conversations with his wife and say. You know I don't see any meaning in my life I want to do something that really you know has meaning well what would you like to do I think I would like to teach history so they've been talking to us. And so anyhow they end up you know touring the campus and he has go no idea what's going on you know. But they end up being hired. And you know he he in his mind is done with aviation and now he's a history teacher so when I tell him about my prayer with David Gates and how the Lord wants us to have been in his like now you don't understand how difficult this stuff is right he just don't know and you know my wife had the same kind of response now there's just so much liability and there's so much risk there's no way we can do it and I'm like OK but you know I had prayer. Like hogwash you know. And so we go to and as I'm eating in our history. Teacher Who is the pilot goes with us to promote our panel and Wally Serry runs into people from A.W.A. Eidos world aviation and they're just talking in then one thing leads to another and they find out that he's a pilot and they're like you're a pilot and you're at Heritage academy so they started praying from that day that the Lord would establish an aviation program on our campus and so they're calling him month by month a year working on the aviation program has no interest in it and he's like Yeah yeah well you know I've been really busy month after month comes to December. And they call him up and they say hey great news somebody donated a plane to your school. He's like what. So they're out the war is really forcing his and my wife's hands and so we come to a board meeting and there's just sweating bullets and they're like What are we going to say to our board members you know they're going to think we're so irresponsible they're going to think we're just crazy and so he has a Power Point presentation all put together and he does his presentation and when he gets done with his presentation you know we're just fearing the worst you know and one of the board members was. One of the founding members of A.W.A. we didn't know that so he began talking about you know how great an idea this is and how excited he is and when he gets done talking another board members also associated with A.W.A. and he talks about it and then a third one and we're just watching this stuff happen like what. Again what did I do to make all this happen. Maybe five minutes of prayer. And then just a conviction that the Lord is going to make this happen. The Lord is so capable. If we just bring to him the smallest. Level of faith. And I just want to encourage you so that in your own life you can have a lot of dog stories you know so the things that you've heard will inspire you to dare. You know to to be willing to to trust God and say OK let's see what you can do because that's what it takes that's what it takes to get us from where we are today into the kingdom remember the point that I made earlier about Jarrod says daughter right through the statement about her death is sandwiched between statements of faith we overcome death by faith that's that's the essence of Christianity your faith in Jesus we have eternal life. And. It's faith that will take us from here through the kingdom so I want to encourage you. Just laid up before the Lord you know. Like this disciple said increase my faith. And give him a chance to lay out these works in your life which he has prepared ahead of time where you just show up. And it happens you know you I mean you're just like the way it's only. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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