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Education and Redemption Are One

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator




  • February 9, 2018
    7:00 PM
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It's a good to be here with you on the Sabbath Day Happy seven. And I trust that like you you had a visit like me you've had a busy week and there's just something. Special every week about the Sabbath doesn't go it doesn't grow old it doesn't get out of style Sabbath is every week such a refreshing and such a blessing and tonight I'm very honored to be able to spend this time with you can you hear me OK All right. To me it sounds like we're in an echo chamber a little bit but as long as you can understand what I'm saying that's that's good those acoustic service very well when we're singing Our him. It took me back all the way to I felt like I was a washed up hills of the whole bunch of young people lustily singing hymns again well I feel tonight like I'm speaking to the choir a bit I know that you come from I think mostly from supporting ministries from self-supporting schools schools that we weep would presume are seeking striving for that higher ground A and educationally that higher ground along the lines of the Madison order of education we might say it's not in Madison order really it's I think I like to think of it more of an admin is good because I think that the only thing that happened differently it at Madison and Avondale and other places where schools were founded with the benefit of Ellen White's Council on Education was that was that they had those ideas right there before them as we look at histories look at the history of Abbott's education we find that not every administers educator was as fortunate as McGann and subtle and were. Not every advantage of Peter had the advantage of hundreds even thousands of pages of inspired counsel on the topic of education if we go all the way back to eight hundred fifty two we find that there were people among the administers little flock who did not believe that education was important at all really not on any level in fact they said they argued that the the second coming was still so new year that they didn't need to worry about schools and schooling for their kids it was this group of people that James White took to task and he wrote a number of articles and in his periodicals in his in his literature that he was sending out to this scattered group of believers and he he rebuked them for this concept and his his burden for the training of young people was in tension up intense enough that he began what we know was as the youth instructors magazine this was for young people to help them understand their role in Adventism in this movement that was afoot in perhaps in partial in response to James White's writing on the subject a number of schools began in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and eight hundred fifty four mostly in New York the best known was one in Bucks Bridge New York taught by the one thousand year old Martha Byington and most of the schools however died out within a couple of years it was it was it was the experience that these young people had had had had a hard time in Advent and public schools and they tried for a few years to run these small schools and while nine hundred fifty five the whites moved from Battle Creek. Or to Battle Creek from Rochester and the fledgling administers who moved with them began a church school that was operated for about six years in the late one nine hundred fifty S. it was discontinued However when nearby where the admin establishment was a brand new well equipped public school was open. And the advantage. Was closed now at that time most of the admin is young people were actually not going through any type of higher learning they would typically go through eight degrees and the administration people in Battle Creek the white boys among them when they finished their eight grades of schooling at little public school there they would generally get a job working at the press and they would be put into the service of the mission of the church and so it was in the summer of eight hundred sixty eight that Edson white noticed a stranger splitting wood for the boiler that ran the press after work he and one of his friends George States along with some others stopped by to get acquainted with this new person they didn't recognize they learned his name was good Lobell and he had one time been a student at a at a pioneering school known as Oberlin College in the early teen hundreds and after finishing college he had worked as a teacher in various places but had lost his health through overwork can I hear a name in from one of the teachers. So. After this discussion with good Lobell some of the boys the. Its in white and George States and some others began to urge him to actually teach them they had finished their primary school they had gone to work but they had a hunger for more learning so in the summer of eight hundred sixty eight Goodloe bell began to teach in the long warm evenings about twelve admin as boys and it was quite an auspicious group of young people looking back at the two white boys William and son were among them and also two of J.P. Kellogg sons will Keith and John Harvey and these of course individuals would go on to make their mark not only on the church but also on the world as well in the fall more boys asked to enroll and so the old dilapidated press building that J.P. Kellogg had had Furley or given or built for the press was pressed again into service bell and his family moved into the downstairs after they patched it up a bit and upstairs long low ceilinged room was used as a church school well it wasn't a church school because it wasn't really official yet. It wouldn't be for another four years that it would become an official school eight hundred seventy two the General Conference Committee was so impressed by good low bills work that they voted to officially make it the first AD going to school and according to. Dr Maxwell Mervyn Maxwell There was also a lot of interaction happening between Ellen White and good Nobel during this time she really appreciated his discipline that he worked with the students with but we have to remember one thing this is surprising to many advantages and even many advocates educators Ellen White up to this time had actually not written anything regarding education. Eight hundred seventy two she writes her first message that is specifically designed to address advantage said occasion and we might assume and some do assume that administration was founded it was birth at the at the behest of the the writings of Ellen White the Spirit of Prophecy but not so in Battle Creek in Battle Creek they had already had a number of years of experience in starting the school and operating the school when Ellen White writes her first council it's in testimony twenty two of eight hundred seventy two and it starts like this this is the way she starts her message it is the nicest work of are assumed by men and women to deal with youthful minds you probably read that and you know that the definition of nicest and eight hundred seventy two varies somewhat from our understanding of the word today the nicest work nice work was like a watchmaker did a nice way to work was somewhat tedious it had a lot of details it required meticulous choice tactical handling careful consideration precise or scrupulous conduct that's what nice meant an eight hundred seventy two and one White says it is the nicest work ever seen by men and women to deal with youthful mind she goes on the greatest care should be taken in education of youth to vary the manner of instruction so as to call forth the high and noble powers of the mind well you can understand that with with Ellen whites council there was there were changes to be made because really well good little bell had the experience of Oberlin Oberlin if you're not familiar with it overland had been sort of a pioneering school of its own in its own right in the early one thousand nine hundred six was the first he top there but later he was he was the president of the school Charles Finney was sort of the the Billy Graham of the early one thousand nine hundred C. was the Presbyterian revivalist a pietist really. In nature but he was the revivalist and he was attached very intimately with Oberlin College it was a college that put students to work they built their own cottages and lived in them instead of large dormitories there was a it was also the first coed institution and so this was a a pioneering area as well but it was very practical minded In fact when good Lobell was sick he was not a madness by the way when it's in white and George States were talking to him on that day in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight he had heard about Battle Creek and had heard about the administers and he thought they reminded him a lot of the sort of spirit and modalities of Oberlin when he was a student there and he had been attracted to come and to to get his his health resort at the Western and suit of of health reform and so this was this was something that he was somewhat reform minded but as they began to make this an official school they realised or they desired somebody with more letters behind their name they found a man a young man by the name of Sidney Brown's burger and this is after Ellen White has been writing some messages about what kind of a school should be established in Battle Creek in fact they had they had they had found a piece of property well sort of another story and. I have to be careful because I love history I'm historian and so I might get a little bit off the topic sometimes but. Basically Ellen White was guiding them as they were looking at a number of pieces of property one was an old fairgrounds outside of town another was a large farm and they were looking at these two pieces of property and why basically said you know either one of these would do quite well and satisfied that whatever choice was made it would be all right she left on the train and went to California that was a long ways away and eight hundred seventy two and however after she left another piece of property came available it was neither the farm or the fairgrounds it was right in the middle of Battle Creek and it was twelve acres. It was it was a great deal and so the brother and decided to buy the twelve acres and they thought we could never use this much land for a school so they promptly sold off and I'd have my memory's not always precise it was either five acres or seven acres they sold but either five or seven remaining and this would of course come back to haunt the church later as as history would would record Oh and White is said when she heard the news over in California she went she had just started writing these messages about education or God was showing her that administers rules needed to be different than the others. Around. This was something that was hard for people to understand so any Brownsburg or had just graduated will in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine three years earlier four years earlier he had graduated from the University of Michigan with a master's degree and he was qualified to lead this new school and as the message came she came back actually an eight hundred seventy two she was back in eighty twenty four as they began the school at the new building was under Bill under way being built and Sidney was the new principal headmaster and she shared with them some of their counts her counsel about a Bible based manual training school and the board who listened they turned to Sidney Mr Brown's Berger and they asked him So what do you think we can do about this council that Sister White has just given and you have to credit the man for his on esteem so he Brownsburg or truthfully admitted I do not know anything about conduct the conducting of such a school it was completely for anything that he had experienced some historians argue that the board decided to go ahead with Brown's burger with the understanding that they really couldn't put into place exactly what Ellen White was writing in and if you study the history of Battle Creek and maybe even in Madison got beautiful farm the story of a Southern him again it battlecry you'll know some of that that went on right some of the things that happened in Battle Creek that Ellen White labored with and labored with Malcolm Boland and Keith Lockhart in their book seeking a sanctuary a pine that advocates of really never fully been able to catch up with the Council on Education that Ellen White. We sometimes think of it as having been there already in that schools were built on that model that was true of Abigail's true. While the walls true of a number of other schools that were built by people who were listening very closely telling white Madison of course being the only school she said on the board of. But not most of the schools they were trying to reform as they learned new things from Ellen White and sometimes those things were not very popular at all and so you have a tug of war that has taken place in my view at least in the history of administration and it's not just a tug of war between admin acidification and world the education or the world's education it's even a tug of war between Agnes did you cation and the model for education that the Spirit of Prophecy lays out it began there in Battle Creek because the the the the principals teachers were having to play catch up there's traditional education that's classroom intensive there's sports and games as physical training classical languages and and literature and popular degrees on the other hand her council about education reform practical training manual labor and by manual labor I'm not talking about necessarily digging ditches or bucking logs I'm talking about working with the hands as a as a means of training mission minded whole person education with conversion as a priority this tug of war continues down to our time and as we look at education and redemption the seeming I want to sort of see in the major arenas of education how this tug of war between what we naturally do and what we're accustomed to doing in the model that we've we've been around in the world around us it creates is tug of war between what we naturally understand and the ideal that that the Spirit of Prophecy does lay out of course now we are also fascinated to realise that we must interpret what she wrote in the light of the world we live in today but let's just notice what she said about the Madison school and in education in general the Madison school the pamphlet page twenty eight God has revealed to me that we're in positive danger of bringing into our educational work the customs and fashions that prevail in the schools of the world that's that tug of war. Right that I'm talking about the teachers are not guarded in their work they will place on the necks of their students worldly yokes instead of the yoke of Christ the plan of the schools we shall establish in these closing years of the work is to be of an entirely different order from those we have instituted in the past now you catch what she's saying there she is saying that we as a people have to come up higher right that even the schools that we have established in the past we need a different order an entirely different order of schools in the future she continues and she says and Page thirty two of the same pamphlet The Lord does not require that the educational work at Madison shall be changed all about before it can receive the hearty support of our people the work that has been done there is a proof of God and he for bid for this line of work shall be broken up and I include this this paragraph here for a very important reason I realize that as self-supporting educators you circulate in in some of the more conservative circles in the administrators and I realize that within some of these circles there are voices calling for an education that is radically different than Madison that. I'm not going to go any further I am just going to say that Ellen White's Council was the Madison school in the way it was operated they did have classrooms they did have teachers they did have tests they were required to be tested on their knowledge we could go down the list of things that you may be familiar with some ideas out there that are sort of contrary to this model of education was the Madison school was it was that it completely out of line what got one. Here we find very clearly that it was not in fact it it does not the law does not require that the educational work at Madison should be changed all about the work has been done that has been done there is a proof of God The Lord will continue to bill bless and sustain the workers so long as they follow his counsel just a word word to the wise in the light of some of the things that I have heard floating around in Adventism today we believe in an educational system that is inspired by God and that on numerous occasions particularly as Ellen White was president of the founding of Avondale present with the founding of Madison and her accounts it was written in real time to them we can see a model of education doesn't Mistry doesn't need to be some hands all invention of our own it's actually very clear if we are only willing to study history now to truly understand Agnes his education I believe that we need to look back at the beginning of the creation of man and I have put most of my Bible passages on the slide here this evening slides because I want to cover quite a bit of ground I would encourage you to open your Bibles if you like we'll be looking at some verses as well but I want to just highlight and I you know as I as a as a shared to see evening I just want you to know that that I struggled a little bit to know how to approach the subject with this group of people what can I share with you that will be a blessing and I pray that as we open God's word together this will speak to your heart they'll be something here that you can take back and it will improve your own walk with Jesus and your schools ability to lead young people to walk with him as well as we look at the beginning Genesis Chapter one Verse twenty six God said Let Us make man in Our image according to our likeness let them have dominion over the fish of the sea of the birds of the air and over cattle over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth so God create. Man in His own image verse twenty seven says in the image of God He created him male and female he created them now you ask the question the seeding What does it mean to be made in the image of God Now there are some who believe as just this Dominion part that follows immediately afterward and is often in the context of being made in the image of God but I believe it's more than that I believe that God made us a multi-faceted being like he is when he made us in His image and we're going to look at some of those facets and some of those things here tonight first of all we believe that God made man in the beginning with a physical body now we don't know the image of the father exactly we don't know we know coursed crisis human now and of course we're pretty much told not to speculate about any type of the visage or. Being of the Holy Spirit but this is nonetheless what God did when he made man in His image the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being one of the reasons I suppose I suppose that the Bible records God meticulously handcrafting mankind is that there can be no belief that even before the fall there were some sort of spirit beings or no man had a body right a physical body we are physically created God formed man of the dust of the ground and breeds interest brought nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being is not only physical these all too also has mental and emotional capabilities in the image of his creator out of the ground chapter two verse nineteen out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field every file of the air and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them and whatever Adam called each living creature that was its name what we see here is we noticed the very first actions of our first father Adam is naming the creatures Now this took a bit of knowledge and intellect and even Creagh to the team to be able to give him all names and even more so it took some intellect to remember all of those names right of course we understand that he had a perfect memory as I hope to have one day it will be and the new earth. But Adam has the capacity to to to to name these animals different names fitting names perhaps and whatever Adam called each living creature that was its name not only did he create man physically and mentally and emotionally God also created man in His image in that he created him to be a social being God said the Lord God said it is not good that man should be alone I will make him a helper comparable to him Genesis chapter two and verse eighteen I believe the God made us in the beginning he made us in His image with the not just the capacity but the need for peer to peer relationships for relationships of like individuals someone like us someone who can be comparable to him as he says of Adam's need we are made for a relationship with a peer Now this is both this is a double double edged sword isn't it because in the fall relationships become a source of friction many of the many of the very qualities that define us as being made in the image of God are the qualities that are turned on their head by the end to try to cause disruption to God's plan whether it's the creativity whether it's the intellect whether it's emotions all of those things are gifts of God in the uses them. Not only are we made physically mentally emotionally socially we are also spiritual beings evidently from Genesis chapter three in verse eight we know that man in the beginning had a habit or God had a habit of meeting with man on a regular basis face to face communication that is to say not only did God make us in His image with the need and the capacity for relationships with peers God made us in the beginning with the need and the capacity for relationship with him and that is our spiritual dimension God created us for he made us for relationship with God He made us for communion with God and this is the way God made us in the beginning now we could talk about the eat in school and that perfect environment perfect beings and perfect emotions and mental capacities and perfect relationships what an opportunity for learning there would have been can you imagine those of you who are in schools can you imagine how much teaching you could do how much learning could happen if you didn't have to deal with people well I mean. People Problems don't I'm saying. In the beginning they didn't have people problems right because they were in the garden that perfect places perfect beings but after sin something happened to each of these characteristics something happened in the physical realm we see what happened in Genesis chapter three verse nineteen in the sweat of your face you show you bread to you return to the ground for out of it you were taken dust you are and to dust you shall return dying you shall die Jesus said Right God told Adam and Eve they began the process of dying after the fall after sin also in the mental and emotional area we see the immediate changes and brought I heard your voice in the garden I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself how long did it take after the fall for negative emotions to become a part of a myth of the human experience it was practically instantaneous wasn't it from what we can tell as the same day they began to experience fear and they began to experience something that was less than intellectually very compelling the idea they could hide from God You see what's happening here I mean God made Adam intelligent he named all the creatures I will venture to guess how many there were but that's just that's just a sampling of the intellect right and here we find a few hours after sin after they realize they're naked they make their fig leaf garments they're trying to hide from God I would suggest to you that besides sin and a few other things maybe of the thickly garments was the brightest idea this was pretty stupid this was not intelligent sin acted the intellect the emotions not only the I.Q. but the hue what about socially same day same situation verse twelve then the man said the woman whom you gave to me to be with me she gave me of the tree. First day first marriage dispute not taking responsibility for actions blaming each. God physically they began to die intellectually they began to have non sequiturs socially they're fighting among themselves and spiritually when when the when when it's time for them to meet God they run and. They're trying to order a personal relationship and I would propose to you that the rest of the bible however many would say these are three chapters the rest of the Bible is really the record of man trying to run from God and God trying to get through to the rest of the Bible is about God trying through the plan of redemption and through the prophets and messages that communicated the plan God trying to reach toward the image of God That is the last. Sin and through the fall. God is trying to restore the image of God and I believe that image can be restored and as I've been as we sometimes think of ourselves as a multi-faceted being like this you know we realize we have a spiritual sphere of of our lives and and God needs to be of course in our lives and for some people it even in the average church I hate to say this but I'm a pastor and I see it and I It hurts me I realize a some people even their spiritual life in a very external manner. They see it as going to church and paying their tie is doing the right things sort of checklist type of experience and they don't understand it it's it's meant to be a personal relationship with the King of Kings Lord of Lords with our Creator our redeemer our soon coming King with Jesus. It's a personal walk with him but as Aben is of course we understand very clearly we understand very clearly that we are not just spiritual beings but we're made in the image of God right so we are also what kind of beings were also physical beings and so as Adventists we have been blessed with a wonderful message we call the health message right it's even referred to as the right arm of the Gospel right and so we understand that well besides going to church and paying our tithe and doing our turkey things our religious things maybe even what we consider our spiritual things when your stand that we don't eat some things and we eat other things that we're supposed to exercise in fact new start if we were to just use the Ackermann right nutrition exercise and water and sunshine and temperance and air rest and trust and divine power all those things that we're supposed to be doing and we have a message to take the world and we even as educators understand that we have a third part of our being and that is our mental or emotional being and as educators at least during the period of life when we're in school we understand Adventism has something to say in this realm of our life as well. Are you with me on this that's where we as Adventists see it often for many Christians however especially after they finish school and if they're not a teacher it if they see the spiritual That's great if they they add the physical their administers probably they do but their mental and their emotional health is not something that really comes up on our radar a lot as Christians or even is that unless you're an educator or student. In fact I would propose to you this sometimes we have we have really failed to have a holistic approach to the area of mental and emotional we have a lot of counsel to whole volumes of mind character and personality lot of material but sometimes even in self-supporting work what we do in the other two realms sort of covers for the deficiencies that we have in this realm and what I'm trying to get at it I'm not trying to I don't want to nettle here OK I'm preaching not meddling right and so I'm going to share with you some examples that aren't from that aren't from educational work it's actually a book I read recently called the emotional health the church there in the church but I think as you see some of the examples you might realize that even with an educational work God's work church work and even self-supporting work some of these examples show a lack of understanding of emotional health that we need to have you see educational work is not immune from the polar that's caused by Christianity's ignoring of emotional health we have assumed for too long that simply growing spiritually listening carefully we've assumed that simply growing spiritually would give people automatically the tools to grow emotionally but we all have we bring to the table whether it's our board meeting our church order school order of the classroom we bring our past with some of us we all have baggage we need to address how to deal with our emotional health sometimes it's a matter forgiveness sometimes it's a matter of communication skills we must find ways to address what we bring the ways of relating communicating that we've often excused with is just the way I am this is my family does the way I do things I'm German I'm this whatever. Christians have for too long pretended that they're leading from a position of strength and as I studied the Apostle Paul I've realized the Apostle Paul does not lead from a position of strength he leads from a position of weakness he is open about his broken us his vulnerabilities and he is strong in Christ string not his own strength and he is he's a model of an emotionally healthy person let me give you an example as you'll you'll probably relate to maybe maybe can relate to some of these things the board member who never says I was wrong or I'm sorry I had a phone call not too many weeks ago from a head elder of another church just one of them some advice what do I do with this elder the tells people very strong things and people keep leaving our church nobody wants to address this is where we need an understanding of helping people. In Motion What about the children church leader who constantly criticizes others the high control small group leader who cannot tolerate different points of view the thirty five year old husband busily serving in the church unaware of his wife's loneliness at home what about the worship leader interprets any suggestion as a personal attack on a personal rejection or perhaps a Sunday school teacher struggling with feelings of bitterness and resentment towards the Pastor I want you to understand prince I think this is possible even with an educational circles not just churches it's something as a pastor I've learned we have to we have to look at we have to help people why because God made us in His image with emotions mentally and emotionally we are created in His image but that image has been distorted by sin and the the work of the gospel is to help us restore that image turns when your Bibles if he's in chapter four. If he's in chapter four speaks of the importance of this work the importance of this work when we look at what the responsibility as members of the Body of Christ if he's in chapter four and verse thirty gives us some context as Dallas central this work is vision chapter four in verse thirty says This grieved not the soul the spirit of God whereby you are sealed unto the day of redemption would you agree with me these talking about something important here. He says he goes on he says Let all bitterness and Raph and anger and clamor and evil speaking be put away from you with all malice and be one to another tender hearted forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you you see I believe friends that God is calling today for Adventists an admin is a caters to recognise that you cannot compartmentalize your lives into different realms you cannot you cannot just pretend that you're OK spiritually but without being willing to grow emotionally and I think the same is true physically I believe that we are one person we are well we'll get to that in just a minute but if I am not willing to grow in my health I will be limited in how much I can grow spiritually if I am not willing to grow emotionally and how we relate to others and how I have relationships with others how I communicate with others how I forgive others how I love others I will be limited as to how much I can grow spiritually The reality is that you can be a dynamic gifted speaker for God in public and be an unloving spouse and parent at home you can function as a school administrator or teacher and be unteachable and secure and defensive you can memorize entire books of the Bible and yet be unaware of depression and anger hurting other people you can past and pray a half a day half a day a week for years and constantly be critical of others justifying it as spiritual discernment you can see shortcomings in others and rebuke them in a hurtful manner believing it to be the straight testimony or on the other hand you can see the same shortcomings and others and not be willing to lovingly confront them believing yourself to be patient either ditch the devil would have us be in because if we are going to be stored the image of God we have to be restored as a whole person. And we too often have not been very. Focused on helping our organizations our institutions and most of all our precious young people learn how they can become emotionally. Seventh-Day Adventists Christian leaders. The way we begin is by beginning ourselves when we begin is by modeling the type of self sacrificing love and discipline and emotional health that we need you see when we look at our beanie in this way we can see that they overlap and honestly that's the way most of my life I viewed the way I was made in the image of God There is an effect on one another right when my mind is affected my body is affected my body is affected my mind is affected my spiritual affected my is it affects my my physical and so forth and so on we understand that we understand that and that's the way I looked at that unfortunately in reality this is too often the way it is in our lives we compartmentalize our lives we focus on growing spiritually or maybe flowing spiritual and physically. We have very little emphasis on growing emotionally and mentally in our health but God made us in His image as a whole being and I think that the better illustration for how he made us and how we are is something more like this we are a spiritual mental emotional physical person made in the image of God and in order to grow we have to grow harmoniously we have to grow balance we have to grow as a whole person we have to grow spiritually Yes mental and emotional yes physically yes it is our it is our work as admin a set of caters to help restore the image of God in our young people and it starts with us this I believe is the understanding of the gospel that is embraced by Adventism Adventism is not a message designed or intended by God to help us spiritually it is not a movement designed to help us physically it is a movement designed by God to help us in every aspect of our being spiritual mental and physical the health Matt message by the way is not a peripheral matter just one of those things over there that sort of overlaps a little bit it is the right arm of the what the Gospel you cannot separate it from spiritual things it is the right arm of the gospel is the work of admin is it occasion is not solely for the purpose of keeping Adventist youth within our own culture or within the church it is for the purpose of teaching them to live as men and women being restructured into the image of God mentally physically spiritually emotionally and socially it is not calculated to produce facades of Christians who regurgitate our favorite platitudes of idealism true Christian education administers education is like the Gospel intended to foster a generation with self-awareness of their brokenness and a refreshing honest transparent vulnerability a generation who strive for the higher than the highest ideals in history you see the Bible tells us in first person is Chapter five verse twenty three Now may the God of peace and self sanctify you completely how. Completely and may your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ there you have it there is the gospels intention to sanctify us to change our lives and all the areas of our being we're made in the image of God in this mental physical spiritual being and the Gospel is intended to sanctify is completely our whole spirit our whole soul our whole body being preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ what a wonderful thing this message of the gospel is that which was taken from us at Eden it will not be completely restored I'm sure until we come to the New Eden but the work of the gospel is to restore the image of God into man even now into humanity but all of us the Philips translation of second Corinthians three eighteen a familiar verse says this but all of us who are Christians have no veils on our faces but reflect like mirrors the glory of the Lord we are transfigured by the spirit of the Lord in ever increasing splendor into what his own images images that God the Lord Christ yes right we we lost some of the image of God that we were created in sin has done damage to our the image of God in our soul but the gospel the good news of the gospel is that as we be whole Jesus Christ as we spend time following the pattern as we spend time at the cross of Calvary as we send time spend time realizing that with the cross is the great equalizer that we none of us are superior or inferior to one another that we are all sinners saved by the Jesus Christ as we spend time with the Gospel we are changed and it's not just it's not just into any things being changed into the image of God The gospel is all about restoration Romans chapter eight in verse twenty nine following that better known verse verse twenty eight all things work together for good to them who love the Lord they were called according to His purpose for whom he for no he also predestined to be conformed to the what is that good news friends the good news friends I do believe in predestination I'm not a Calvinist but I do believe in predestination I believe that God has already chosen it is His Will His choice for the image of Jesus to be resort in your heart and life. I believe that is God's choice for you the gospel is about restoration kolache in chapter three verses nine and ten do not lie to one another since you have put off the old man with his deeds and a put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him how are we how are we being renewed according to the image of Him who created him that's the purpose of the Gospel that's the work of the Gospel the work of the gospel is to undo the damage of sin in our souls the work of the gospel is to restore the image of God in our hearts and lives now in councils of parents teachers and students Ellen White echoes these these teachings of the scripture love the basis of creation and of redemption is the basis of true education to love him the infinite the omniscient one with the whole strength and mind and heart means the highest development of every power it means that the whole being the body the mind as well as the soul the image of God is to be restored in the whole being the body the mind as well as the soul the image of God is to be restored that's the work of the Gospel and that's all of the work which is a say of education the work of the Gospel in the work of the education child guides page two hundred thirty nine says this tragic Asian means more than taking a certain course of study it is brought it includes the harmonious development of all the physical powers and the mental faculties It teaches the love and fear of God and as a preparation for the faithful discharge of life's duties if I had time I would share with you what I think is so fundamental when we read the Bible that I remember my parents gave me a Bible and I was just a little kid I guess about five years older so they gave me this new English Bibles a big old modern language no English Bible and I could read it all though I wasn't a great reader I don't suppose that age but I remember reading it and there's a bunch of things that fascinated me I'm just honest I don't know why but I really like the book numbers. You'd think I would have gone into mathematics maybe but in my margin I added up all the different tribes you know and tried to do the math and it was really messed up I saw it later but another thing that really impressed me at a very young age I don't know how old I was but I remember reading the book of Proverbs and over and over the fear of the Lord is. The fear or now is a mystery to me that is just a mystery. I mean not so much the fear of Lord my parents taught me you know it's not to be afraid of him support but I never really understood why it was so important until much later as I studied the first angels message of Revelation Chapter fourteen in that first two word injunction fear God and I began to realize that it's it's really being contrast with the fear man the fear of God is nothing more than stopping to care so much about what man things and being most concerned about what God says that's when conversion happens and that's when you he had the experience of character development it's the fear of God It teaches the love and fear God Those are not in a good turn. And the preparation for the faithful discharge of life Judy proper education includes not only mental discipline but that training which will secure sound morals and correct Portman and other words if we are training intentionally young men and young women who are successful careers we do well but if that's all we do we are not administrators we are not addressing the whole purse and I sometimes tell young people and I have nothing against the great institutions of our world and and. I have friends that are students at Yale and others to schools of renown and I have nothing against them but after studying administration cation and the ideal frabjous Kate education what true education is and that's not my term that's as good a prophecy term through education I sometimes tell some my colleagues if you're going to Yale just remember one thing you're just getting at most a third of an education and it's going to be on you it's going to be on you to get the other two thirds if all they're doing is addressing the academics they're only addressing a third. That most of what true education is all about proper education includes not only mental discipline but that training which will secure sound morals and correct equipment that work study training that ability to work with the hands and it will come to that in just a minute the spiritual There is nothing more important than the spiritual component of our educational message nothing and if we're failing there dare I say we're failing regardless of the successful careers or Students me. There's nothing more important than the spiritual. Or tree and it's also in some ways I may be getting ahead of myself a little bit but in some ways it's also the most difficult because this as a teacher I found out I couldn't teach you not be new news on my students. Back there. What I mean is it's incumbent upon students to learn so when you talk about teaching it's really sort of a mysterious terms. Because are you teaching if they're not learning didn't seem like it but but you can't make them learn it or like you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink right and so I discovered that teaching is nothing more a good teacher is someone who has learned to to recognize and even create what we call teachable moments where the students want to learn and then you can teach them but the teaching doesn't really happen until they decide to learn and that's what felt like to me at least as a teacher as with Will and nothing nowhere is this more true than this because you cannot make a person you cannot have if you have the most perfect school setting it does not mean your students going to grow spiritually that is still incumbent upon the student to make a decision because spiritual learning happens spiritual growth happens when the fear of God is placed in their heart it's a miracle of conversion it's a miracle that happens it is like the wind blowing the trees we can't completely explain it it's the spirit that does it but it's something that the most perfect environment or school cannot create however the wrong environment will quite handily prove. You have a say. The right environment cannot guarantee spiritual growth in the mind of the student because it's their free choice God respects our freedom but the wrong environment. Will make it hard. Possible for students to lose and that's my concern when I tell a person you're only going to get a third of your education you're going to have to work very very hard might not even be the best thing for every person I don't hear I don't personally recommend just anybody or everybody to go to Yale or Harvard on these places because I think that environment is actually house. To a person who is not already well established in their spiritual and so. Proper education includes mental discipline but I would propose to you that the spiritual is all the more even more important when we look at this tug of war we talked about between the traditional and even that which had been acidic Asian had in the beginning if you want if you want to read some interesting number of years ago and I'm not here to open a can of worms or politicize anything but a number of years ago an article was written in the ministry magazine regarding shall we have sports in our schools there's a very interesting history that's the. That is shared there believed was back in the hope my it's been many years ago in one thousand ninety's or think late ninety's. But that would create college they had a sports program early on really early on and on why do you always open a straw it was writing things like why are you spending money on uniforms like there are people in the know the message and you read and yet you go through the Battle Creek newspaper you can read the scores Yep you're sometimes said listen for a year or two and then they go right back to college explain the academy or this is playing that this. This tug of war has been real in evidence education not just in this area but in every year. Between a mostly academic with with with learning where where where our schools are focused on the degrees where the classroom instruction P.E. is is only that it is that which is only physically profitable I mean there's some benefit to be had from running on a treadmill or exercise in gymnasium I understand that there's even some benefit perhaps team building to playing games and and there are some aspects of character that can happen in a sports Vironment But there's also many aspects of character that don't happen in sports aren't you just have to be around sports environment for a while to realize that on the other hand we have Ellen White's counsel that there was actually supposed to be a balanced exercise of body and mind tough as educators. I would imagine if you've struggled with that is as I have through the years useful manual labor of learning trade skills character forming work instead of character deforming work recreation should be recreating and ideally should be recreating the image of God in us right our schools are to be in a rural environment to give more of that physical nurture that we could have or should have and this is what Ellen I just can share one passage on each of these subjects here the use should be led to see the true dignity of what Labor if any generation needed this message is today's interation the only thing they know how to exercise today I'm being hyperbolically are they only not actually the thumbs like that's this generation and we need we need to schools who will teach the true dignity of live show them that God is a constant worker as a rule the exercise most beneficial to the youth we found useful employment by the way the conduct of this full disclosure is she talks about gains for little kids but as they grow older they need to outgrow some of those games and the most beneficial exercise is useful employment as you gain strength and intelligence the best recreationally found in some line of effort that is useful that was trained to handle helpfulness and teaches the young to bear their share of ice burdens is most effective in promoting the growth of mind and character I am preaching to the choir I realize again here what about mental emotional health we understand that if we only have people studying books and all my writes extensively about this and this is scientifically plausible or provable that that actually our mind becomes weaker as it is the organ that is most exercised and sort of using spirit prophecy language here but you understand what I'm saying that without the harmonious we find that today many schools not just. I mean it's just the world we live in they learn for the test of the great and not for comprehension not for really being able to apply it in the real world in their real life they're using textbooks and they're using memorization and they're not learning that that balanced mind and body learning for application learning for understanding real world problems that when you have a work study program hopefully ideally that's what we're looking for it's what we're aiming for and why says this in regard to this and this is one of my favorite passages on this subject edge and education derived chiefly from books leads to superficial thinking I believe that because I believe it's part of prophecy growing up but some years ago I was listening NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO It's not every day that it find confirmation of the Spirit prophecy on National Public Radio but on this program. It was a it was a breath of fresh air I don't think it was on fresh air but it was one of the programs. They were interviewing an author of a book I wish I could find the book I've looked I had I can't find it I can't but I they were interviewing off the book and as I recall the name of the book was called hand manual training that impact on American culture something like that there in this fellow was intrigued was was was reciting sightings of very very interesting studies about learning to work with the hands and its effect on the on the mind and this is one of the things he told this was on N.P.R. He said recently one of the largest employers of Engineers He was one of the aerospace giants is like Lockheed Martin or Boeing or one of those they hire hundreds of engineers every year right out of school they're there they're their habit of hiring was just to go to the best engineering schools and hire top students and it worked for them they had good results. They were growing their engineers were successful they were productive and so forth they're competitive in the market place everything else at a certain point that process stopped working. And since they were bending lots of money on human resources they said we have to figure out what makes a difference because now they were hiring the best students from the best schools top of their classes some of them simply could not perform they could not take a project from beginning to completion they had to be hand held every step of the way tell them what to do and they could do it but they couldn't figure it out for themselves and this is on in P.R. The author shares how they this this company did a long term study of several years they went back into the their hiring past and thousands of engineers and their current hires some of them were doing well some of them weren't what they found was that after a certain time the engineers that did well for them were engineers who in high school had maintained their own vehicle that was it and as I'm sitting there listening on N.P.R. to how this major U.S. corporation has started hiring engineers that don't just have the degree and the best school and everything else but who learned at some point to work with their. I'm thinking of this passage from the book education and education derive chiefly from books leads to superficial thinking practical work encourages close observation and independent thought rightly performed it tends to develop that practical wisdom which we call common sense it develops ability to plan and execute strengthens courage and perseverance and calls for the exercise of tact and skill brothers and sisters friends of mine to see me I want you to know that we don't have a work study program so that when our students get older they can work as carpenters or they may. But we believe that God has given us a work study model of education because it helps them develop their mind. And I think I'm sure that I could share this from ever any single one of the institutions being represented here but since I had it from Washington Hills I'm going to share this there are some who argue. That spending so much time and manual training or and work study program must hurt the students academically I don't know what it is but I think since it washed the hills the students only take classes in the mornings before noon and since one of those classes is a Bible class and one of the five days a week I think is still the same way you have a vocational class all morning so you really only if you're studying physics or world history or whatever else you're really only studying it for mornings a week right and it's much less time I'm going to guess academically students at Washington's Academy probably spend sixty or seventy percent or less classroom time than what would be expected at a public school and yet this graphic illustrates from the standardized testing this illustrates how badly damaged academically those kids are being. This is Readiness for College the light blue is washed the hills Academy the light blue is Arkansas the state and the dark dark blue the darker the national and you have to also remember that our a.c.t students every single one of the seniors in washed Hills takes their A C. T. and S. e T. whatever their college interest tests are in the state of Arkansas most of the high school students only take it if they're planning to go to college so that's a self altering statistic isn't it. Your best students and state are taking the college interest and that you look at look at how badly hurt they are by spending all that time learning to work with their hands I believe friends that God's plan works better you can't out thank god. You can't say well they don't have enough classroom time enough see time you use simply our last if you follow his plan what about the spiritual realm in some ways ad this is the model that some people have a bad in a said cage will have a Bible class will have chapel and worship. Who have good church services where the students are spectators will have a really good and I get off on a little hobby horse of mine. Have to be really careful. I think that at our ad finished institutions of learning we ought to try very hard to make our college students or university students whatever levels do as they are our top priority to help spiritual OK but I think sometimes we do them a disservice this is just Chester Clarke's musing here so take it for what it's worth maybe take with a grain of salt it seems to me that we do so much at our college centers or university our administrators to year our programs towards our wonderful precious college students that when they leave and they go to small town in south Georgia where there's fifteen people in the church the average age is sixty five they find no wait. They haven't been used to doing anything they've you've been used to a program that's catered to them I'll tell you story in one nine hundred thirty nine evangelist experience was held in a little town called Dalton Georgia evangelists of the born over here in Cleveland see who Baptists family long story oh the details they held the badges of series in the theater and Dalton that wink theater the owner of the theater Well the other churches in Dalton actually threatened the owner of the theater they said if you if you rent to these administers like you've agreed to rent to them we're going to tell our members to boycott the theater probably should kill them already right but anyway. The theater owner was not very happy about strong arm tactics being used to try to tell him how to run his business so he cut the rent with the series down from twenty dollars to fifty cents or something like that and rented it anyway twelve people became the founding members of the church adult and by the way Dalton is just twenty miles away from here or church's. Pastor there now now a twelve member church of mostly new people couple transferred from Rome Georgia a couple transferred from the Church in Orlando I think the new members how are they going to survive in a little town meeting in a house in Dalton Georgia there was a student at Southern missionary college. By the name of Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson was an unusual student because he had an automobile this was like one thousand nine hundred thirty nine one thousand forty and every Sabbath morning Woodrow Wilson would load up his automobile with other students and they would make the drive from College Hill Tennessee all the way down to Dalton Georgia their worst there was no Interstate seventy five at that time if they took the back roads it would have been dirt roads probably fourteen creeks if they took Highway forty one they had all way to Chattanooga and then down I was forty one but it had to have been at least an hour's drive in one nine hundred thirty nine hundred forty they would drive to Dalton Georgia and the students from Southern missionary college would play the piano for this little church that was barely starting off the ground they would tell the mission stories they would sometimes teach Sabbath school they would preach the sermon. And I rather think I rather think that while seventy five seventy eight nine years later the Dalton church is blessed to have had them here I rather think that they were blessed as college students to be doing that kind of work I rather think that instead of trying to have as a college center that focuses on a good program the students are spectators in we need to put young people administering people to work. We could put them to work in the type of churches they're going to be moving to once they leave school they will be much more likely to stay in those churches and to contribute to those churches and to remain lifelong advocates and I will get off my soapbox but that's something that I have such a burden for and I am an adjunct teacher at Southern and I I tell my students you can make a difference in a small church around here if you're bored going to church and as some of my students tell me only about forty percent students attend church if you're bored going to church go find someplace they need you go to work and when I read the story of Avondale particularly Avondale those young people they found churches that needed to be built small churches they went in they built them they found and news as a result of this hands on work of the Gospel Ellen White wrote that same year she said it is reported that every single one of our students professes to be a Christian all of them were growing in their spiritual walk with Jesus it wasn't because they had such a great fantastic program because Jews to keep them entertained is because they were putting them to work and I would propose to you that advocacy education is is. Is responsible to not only conduct not only create an environment on campus that is conducive to spiritual growth but that puts young people to work for the Gospel. The first great lesson child guides page three two thirty nine that first great lesson in all occasion is to know and understand the will of God We should bring every into every day of life the effort to gain this knowledge to learn science through human interpretation alone is to obtain a false education but to learn of God in Christ is to learn the science of heaven the confusion in education has come because the wisdom and knowledge of God has not been exalted the true object of education is to reste or the image of God in the soul in the beginning God created him God created man in his own likeness he endowed in with a noble with noble qualities his mind was well balanced and all the powers of his being were harmonious but the fall and its effects have perverted these gifts Satan has marred and well nigh obliterated the image of God in man it was to respond or this that the plan of salvation was devised and a life of probation was granted to man and let me just take the first sentence of that paragraph and the last past part of the passage and put them together so you can see them at once the true object of education is to respect toward the image of God in the soul it was to restore this but the plan of salvation was devised and that a little and a life of probation was granted to man you see the work of education and the work of the plan of salvation are the same words education and redemption in the highest sense the work of education in the work of redemption are one for an education as in redemption other foundation can no man lay than that is Lee which is Jesus Christ. I want to end with this passage again from the Scriptures because I love this if you're an ad instigator and I suppose. Whether you're an. Institutional educator or self-supporting educator there are challenges you all are familiar with some of them it's not easy but the work of education and the work of redemption are mine and this is a promise now May the God of peace and self sanctify you completely and may your whole spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ I would propose to you the see that for this generation to experience this had missed it. Needs to be a success it didn't have to be in a school environment S. it was Agnes education unless it's a whole lot a whole being. Japanese education. For this to be experience that at the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ there is a group of people that God can look at and say Here is the patience of the Saints Here they are they keep the commandments of Jesus commands of God have the faith of Jesus for there to be that and that a whole person restoration of God's Image advantage said occasion needs to be success and the next verse tells us it will be he who calls you is faithful who also will do it we are privileged friends we're privileged to have a front row seat to what God is doing in the hearts and lives he is preparing a group this in this generation as He has another generations he is using us to prepare a group of people. Who are experiencing what it means have an image of God be stored as educators It begins with us begins with us having that experience so that we can pass it on to others this is not our own project this is not our own work this is not something that we are responsible for the success of faithful is he who calls you who also will do it father in heaven I just want to pray as night we've reviewed I'm sure for many of us many things about the work of education and the work of redemption being one more this tug of war going on this world is a great controversy our heart is not immune to that to war even though we may be teachers pastors administrators those responsible for the instruction of others we ourselves have a need for your divine grace we need to be restored mentally physically spiritually emotionally we need your grace we need to we need to somehow model to our students what a Christian looks like who is experiencing growth in all of those areas where we want that them to have that experience as well or we want them not just to be successful in this life we want them to be successful throughout all of eternity because they've come to love Jesus and they're ready for his return thank you for calling us to the nice work of are committed to mortals and thank you for not leaving. To figure out how to do it before giving us your word and giving us the guidance of the Spirit of Prophecy and Father thank you for not leaving us responsible for the outcomes because you've already promised that you will do is help us simply be faithful as we seek to follow Jesus his word his counsel. That in our lives the image of God can be reproduced and through our work through our schools Lord through our churches through Adventists and little at large the world can she says and many can be. Thank you for a promise. To have. We think just. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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