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  • February 10, 2018
    11:15 AM
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Our Father in heaven we thank you that Providence dictated we be here together this morning we are not here. For some on important thing this gathering this week has been about the most important subject. Preparing young people for eternity and so the Smalling Lord please that whatever is spoken your spirit will take it and connected with our hearts in a way that will be helpful for your glory guiding us now and I pray please have special nursy on the faulty human instrument that. Are. Sharing your would today we thank you for blessing us now we trust that you will pray you give us minds to heal you in Jesus name a maiden about one hundred twenty miles from the coastal city of Mum Kenya is a little town a little settlement called Sabo Now the name is known for the little settlement and more for the national parks Sabo. And the equally creatively named Sabo. Combine them together they are the largest national park in Kenya globally speaking pretty big even when you compare it to some of the other very big parks it's about the size of New Jersey and being in Kenya you would expect rightly. Then the Shaba national park she will find elephant and. How to be. And rhinoceroses rhinoceros I don't know leopards Capen Buffalo. All sorts of wonderful creatures including pen there are Leo the lion in fifty years before these pox were established those Savol lions a couple of then it became a very real problem I tell you why not far from where the Sava River joins the AFI river and they create to get the Golan a river there is a railway line it is the Kenya Uganda railway it has not always been there. It was constructed by the British. Who then ruled of course great parts of Africa including Kenya. And in eight hundred ninety eight. They came to an especially important and probably a little bit challenging part of the building project if you look at the map right now if you if you Google that area you'll find Sabo in Kenya you'll see that I'm right it's about two hundred kilometers or so from Mombasa and you'll notice right by there just pops up on the map there's not a lot of detail but you'll see something called Man can't man eaters camp it's a resort between you and me if I was going to Kenya I would be leery of staying in a place that is named main. CAMP I would probably stay across the road at the much more sensibly named very safe place to stay camp that's where I would be wanting to be. But there's a place called many to scare and my expectation is if you are thinking person one of your first questions would be why would anybody nane a resort manages camp Tis a good question he has why. When work was being carried out on the railway line an eight hundred ninety eight couple of lines for reasons nobody could really explain began picking off construction workers that were building that bridge I think I mentioned a moment ago the challenging part of the project lions began attacking and killing and eating well look at this it got so bad that the project stopped because the work is flat out refused to be there it was dangerous so they tried to get rid of the lines and counter the attack of the lines they lit bonfires they sounded noises they bilberry is they built fences and barriers out of Acacia they were prickly and Forney sorts of things you know but the Lions jumped over the barriers or wriggle their way through those prickly barriers and attacked the man anyway why didn't they do something better Didn't I hear that lions are allergic to lead it will yes you did hear that and they on the British man in charge of the building project had a gun and started using it wasn't that easy to kill a line as a matter of fact when he shot one of them it skulked away and then came back attacked more man and stalked the hunter this was a very persistent lie and eventually it was killed twenty days later the second line was killed and it took I think eleven bullets to finish off the second lion you can see them both today if you visit the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago Illinois you see both the line to be reconstructed skins were used by the man who shot them for twenty five years as for rugs so when they were purchased for five thousand dollars years ago the equivalent of seventy thousand dollars today the Skins went in very good shape they had the skulls of the line so they reconstructed the lines and. It's a little more agricultural and I'm really interested in. But there they are in Chicago now relentless were these lines determined unusually so and. To kill lions I remember walking with my son at what was called a zoo in North Carolina but really it's just a lion sanctuary I did not know this but here's what happens in the United States people purchase lions there are still places in this country where you can own your own private line and I know you have said it before when I get to heaven I want to have a lot more to play with the Lions understand it sure and they're great as cubs and I think reasonably good pets but they had this annoying habit they grow and when they get a little bigger and they're a little rambunctious or they not quite so easy to corral and they don't sit on come on and play dead as they might do when Little People would what do we do with these There's a guy in North Carolina who takes them they'll fix these grown up lines in North Carolina and now they're at a little zoo which is wonderful you know I don't know how they run that place because from time to time in the community they've had to go out to cats and monkeys and various things that got out we were at the zoo my boy and I and we walked past a cage and this isn't one of these zoos that every line has its own personal five acre ranch this is a zoo where the lines are in cages and as we walk by that lion got interested in us frankly I think in my son bite sized He was only about two years old at the time and the lion put his nose down and his paws and his rump up in the air and don't go along kind of slide ing forward with his eyes on us I had never in mind Ty like being so thankful for that. If it wasn't for the Saints one or the other of us all both of us would have been cat food. Lion. That's what they do not. You know they're not like pit bulls. Most of us are somewhere between wary and terrified of pit bulls but they'll be somebody and hit today on parenting who would stand up there from the the pit bull and the different nations. And tell you that there's no such thing as a bad pit bull just a bad own pit bulls are misunderstood and maybe you're right I'm sure there's some truth to that but no one ever says the Lions poor misunderstood creatures they are hunters they are afraid of no one they. Kill or. First PETA five and HA's be sober be vigilant because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may want tell me. Satan is referred to as a lion not just any old mind a roaring lion No of course Jesus is referred to as a lion as well and you want it don't you say why would Jesus be a lion and the devil be aligned because the devil is the lion post fall Jesus is the Jesus is what a line ought to be Jesus is like the lines Adam and Eve used to hang out with in the Garden of Eden Satan is power and majesty and beauty gone spit back you lovely wrong and you know what lions do they typically pick off the weak and the younger now they can take down an elephant particularly a small one but it takes a whole swarm of lions to take down an elephant they can bring down a giraffe but they've got to be kind of desperate to go after a drop because a drop can hit a lion from this world into the will to come over for the line and the Lions know that that would be very very careful but they like to go after the weak. And the sick. And the young they seek whom they may devour they size up their prey a victim and they say they are the masters of doing a cost benefit analysis and when they believe this is the right one and they've minimized as far as possible risk to themselves they go after it they don't always succeed but lions are on a mission they live to kill and they kill to live an apt metaphor for the enemy of soul. We live in a world that has breed. Let's try that again we live in a world that is teetering on the brink of eternity we're not sitting day but there's not one of us here who really believes in her or his heart that this planet has a long time left and even if we are wrong we are right to think the way we think because it was Jesus who said he he also ready be ready remain ready one day soon the eastern sky was. Wide open and Jesus will come back it will be like the games of hide and seek you played as a child Jesus will say Ready or not here I come what we want is to be ready. And it's not so hot. What I mean by that is our readiness for Heaven is simply a matter of our telling God that we want to be ready that we cannot make out selves already that we need to make us ready and that he must do so yes I understand the battle against shelf is the hottest battle a person will ever have to fight but Jesus never lost a battle he chose to enter into and Jesus tells us again and again and again in the Bible that he will fight for us and that means he will fight for our children and he will fight for our institutions and he will fight for our students and with Jesus on your side this is the formula for victory can you say then and so let's look at our passage for this morning as we do we will see that the light has been picking off for the week and the sick with devastating effect Remember we who are parents we have young at least they were young once maybe our young have young depends how it goes and in our institutions we have young and they are vulnerable its not a roaring porcupine that is seeking to devour our young people Lions fear nothing I hadn't experienced. A year and a half ago we were in Zimbabwe and we were filming a television program and we had this idea that we would film at a. It's not a national park it's a game reserve a privately owned game reserve. And this is not the only part of the world you can do this I meet a fellow who did this somewhere else just recently and and by appointment you can walk with the lines they'll bring the lines out to you and you get two to walk they have their hand. And you can walk with the lines just walk around. You can take them by the tail the walk along with I had to lie and tails one in each head the most amazing thing in the world walk up aside when scratched them and pat them on the rump and rub it back now you have to be careful they're not tame they just handle that's all on one of these line walks not long before we got there one of the lines bolted in fact that both the two of them they were a little younger than two years old off they went through like lightning and brought down a zebra I'm glad I was not wearing my black and white stripes outfit that day anything's possible and I recall saying yes I'm happy to do this I'm willing bring on the line TACAN this would be fantastic. And then when I look across the clearing and I guess I'm thinking I first saw them when they were little further than that the whole width of this building maybe a little further away and I looked across the clearing and I thought to myself Oh my goodness. They were lions not on a leash I don't remember anyone having a gun. I don't think so and the Lions. Walking towards me these were not I don't think they were quite fully grown but they were big boys and you see them and you see their paws and their hunched just like you know like. And they lay down and you get across and you walk with me and you think if he turns around and has a go at me on John there's nothing you can do while I was there I heard a story of a man I think in South Africa was doing something and when they found him they found his shoes with his feet in them and nothing else but his baseball cap you don't stand a chance not even part of a chance how awful our kids are being hunted by a lion or a dog there are some tough dogs our dog. Not a leopard that would be bad enough but a lot of. Them being the hunted listen it's not it's not don't go near the Lion's Den It's not that the devil. Whom he may devour he comes to you he makes house calls he finds our children and close to our children and you cannot build any fans or bury or barricade around your kid that will keep them away entirely from Satan he knows how to get there and shall we look at this today you will and Chapter two The Bible tells us that Hannah has given birth to a son Samuel and after being given this one risk it from God she gives us some amazing lesson. What does she do God gives her this child and she turns right around and gives the child back to God she says in the final verse of the preceding chapter for as long as a son lives he is lent or given or dedicated to God we could talk about that together couldn't we the most precious thing that she had this is yours given to God do we do that or do we do that with our minds and with our hearts and without money and without positions do we do that without talents and our opportunities this is yours it is all yours we do that the child good child the first born she was childless and the moment she is with child she says I'm so happy to finally have a baby I'm going to give it away to God God this is your child imagine how Homs would be changed imagine how lives would be changed if magine how the world would be changed if the first thing we did without children in our families or in our schools the first thing was turn around and say God This child is yours imagine our schools I don't say this as an accusation I say this as an exhortation God This child is your. We have our children all the children of our institutions on loan from God That's all in trash from God They're not ours and we'll do the very best we can for this child lord because this child is not mine but yours I know it's easy to lose focus and that focus Life comes at you from all directions but these children about us in our homes and in our schools they are God's side every child is limitless potential the capacity and the capability to change the whole if not the entire world in someone's world. Children position that what Hanna was bringing Samuel to the temple the sanctuary and at that place they were a couple of scoundrels. In fact first Samuel two in verse twelve describes them with some more gusto than the. Sons of believe they are cool they knew not the law the Bible says the Irish appreciate as they had no regard for the load imagine imagine spending your life in the sanctuary imagine being fully engaged in the service of God and having no room in your heart for God or do we see that in our churches in our home in our schools I want to appeal to myself today and while I'm appealing to myself here today I don't mind if you listen we have to help our children see that knowing God is the best thing they can do it's the best thing about being alive on this. That's why we don't help our kids when we spoil our kids and we make them worldly because as Paul told the Romans the Connell mind is and many with God We're going to teach our kids to love God much more than they love the world we've got to know enough about how young minds work to know that simply enforcing rules on a child is not tantamount to making that child a Christian it was talking a day or two ago with a friend who told me about a man he knows I mentioned the man's family one you would say or know that family and as a young man as a boy he was driven away from the choose. His well meaning parents believed that if they just inforced the rules rigorously that would keep this on out of trouble his school. Had the same attitude and of course it worked temporarily what it did in the long term was a hot in the boy's hot and drove him towards trouble assume he was old and as he was old enough to make decisions for himself. It tended a school that had standards wonderful standards the very highest standards but just didn't seem to have the love of God At least he didn't see it he didn't experience it he didn't recognize it the stand it's a great we want that we want them but we want our children to understand the reason for things such as standards and to know that in there is a demonstration of the love of a God who is love these boys raised in the church raised in a minister's home where sons of belief when people came down to the sanctuary to offer sacrifices they would take as much of that meat sacrifice as they cared to take and if somebody remonstrated with them over that terrible disregard for propriety they would say give me what I want or I will take it by force. It was bad so bad these young men were gaged immoral practices with women at the sanctuary we learn something about the sons of. We learn something about Eli the high priest it was sons of the highest ranking minister in the land a man of God who knew all about his sons we could know. This is when you wish parents would get involved in the lives of their children where you wish a father would talk to his son and appeal to his son here's what we know we know that there are tons of parents who have done it right they prayed with their kids they invested the time in their children they have provided a happy home they read from the books the blue books the uncle of his books and they read through the Bible and they read devotional material and they took them to church and they took them to Sabbath school and there are times those kids still go off the rails it just happens. One thing about children they have a mind of their own I would tell any parent grieving and I told many grieving. That their children are out of the church you would not take the credit if they were in that you if they were doing well spiritually so don't take the credit if they are doing poorly spiritually Unless of course you shoot children have minds of their own we want them to use them to their advantage there are times that they do not but this was not one of those cases Eli may have meant well but his parenting was awful he didn't do well the man of God who came to see him even told him as much I recall hearing ads on the radio before I had children public service ads drugs talk to your children about drugs and I remember thinking years ago how do you do that when you just don't you just because if you don't you know. He's failing what have you talked about alcohol or you just do you just do but we are churchy people and we even work for the church and we we hang out in church circles I don't think that changes everything hopefully it changes something hopefully it change the law but remember what the devil does he goes looking he goes looking he he will wriggle through hinges and Barry is made from Grambling has shoot him and he'll come back atcha perhaps with renewed vigor. And show you do you engage you talk you reason you you model you point to examples you appeal to them what do you do you lift up Jesus you lift up Jesus before them talk to them and you pray with them and you pray for them and you make time. Parents got to know you do things with your kids that you don't even want to my son decided he was a fisherman he decided this is about the age and. If you're into fishing God bless you that's fine with me I just think it's a waste of time what would you just particular as I don't eat fish What would you do you just stand there with. No effects you again that's fine with me it's good if it's healthy I guess clean. Nature want to waste their time her. When the boy said he wants to fish from Yash fishing that's what we want to do and we caught little bash and we caught little bluegills and we let him go. And we hung out together and we it wasn't the fishing it was the time. I'd rather starve rather go to the rush I cling Santa with my son then do anything else in the world without my son it's time and God knows we only have them for about this long. Line we've got to invest in our children but he's Eli He's not pouring himself into his children and he's turning a blind eye to the clear fact that they are morally and spiritually bankrupt he cares about him but some reason he drops the ball these boys were raised to think only of themselves and Eli honored the boys more than he on the God but in the midst of all of this in the midst of this cone loss will fail here that the leading light in the church his two boys were raised with every advantage but they squandered their opportunities and showed their father in the midst of all of this there was a bright light Remember remember Hannah had brought her boy to the sanctuary she dedicated him to the Lord she visited him and she brought with her on those visits tokens of her love she made him a new robe every year and he would wear that caring close to his heart the evidence that his mother loved him he was raised to love God with a sense of the value of God's love and God's law and I want you to notice something Samuel too in those eighteen says Samuel ministered before the Lord. Now there's a key there no no it didn't work with Huff nine Phineas there were other factors at play ten year old was raised to serve God. Was Raised involved in ministry if we have another conference in our church dealing with the how to keep our children in the church I'll go out of my mind. Save the money. Don't bring the conference centers and don't buy the plane ticket we know what it takes this isn't rocket science I'm not saying it's not profound it's far more profound than rocket science but we know what it takes we know I never have met a young person who was having meaningful personal devotions with God on a daily basis who left the church it doesn't happen no child says I'm feeding on the would have gotten in touch with God We're praying we're talking I'm seeing the world it speaking of my heart I think I'm gone I'm out of here it doesn't happen because when God gets the kids hot and the kid gets. Hot there's something powerful there it's a connection you try and learn you've done that you there's a knot and you've got to spend half a day trying to get the knot on Don you're not up fishing wire and I don't know how I would know about this but you not fishing wire up and there are times you said you never get it and not just cut it if you can get a child's life and dog's life all balland up together they become inseparable virtually separable our primary responsibility is to encourage the children within our sphere of influence in the home and in the church because this thing takes a partnership to know God in the home and in the school to know God to be close to God to spend time with God We know what it. Time in the Word of God time and prayer and notice this key point. You will what you're involved in ministry Pathfinders is going to keep your kid in a church adventure the good things adventurous is going to keep you can a church Shabbat school and he church Friday night gatherings Sabbath up to noon activities Hyundai potties that's not going to keep you can a church I mean wait might keep your child hanging out in the congregation but won't keep your child an extremely bound up with God Those things are good they're good but sometimes we see the means to an end as being the end in and of itself if we really want to see our children get connected with God we want to get them involved in ministry get them involved in sharing their faith get them involved in serving others you will minister did there's plenty of places for every child in our sphere of influence to God Plenty we are not even raising our kids until we are raising them to serve others get them involved on mission trips get involved sharing in church then if you are in a congregation that somehow doesn't involve the kids raise a big enough noise that things will change for they must strengthen to resist evil is banished again by aggressive. Get out kids plug didn't get them done to stand that the world is bigger than themselves and we access a key component in growing children for the Kingdom of Heaven Samuel did not go down the same road as Hawkwind Phineas So think about what went into sending some of this I've mentioned some of this up not shame you had a mother who loved him and he knew that and by the way if your child goes off the fairway and ends up in the rough life that child had better know that he or she is loved the prodigal came back because he knew he could and that his father would run amok Have you ever wondered how the prodigal son felt he's walking up the street he looks up and it's all man is running towards him he must of there are one of. Our dads come to run me off I don't know it's not recorded I think I may have felt that way. But he came back because he felt like his dad would accept to accept him he ran up the road to meet him and he launched himself out as a boy and he said let's party let's celebrate because the boys you see the boys faith in His Father's Love was well founded not disappointed for a moment you drive your children away from your heart they will never come back children are the easiest things in the world to send show it's easy you can set them straight just like that and all too often what you're doing is you're sitting up straight out of the church. Of these kids and showed then of course that makes us vulnerable it tells us that we have to be at the top of our game parents and teachers and ministers have to be. Patient patient I learned long ago I don't pray for patients that stuff I'm fine like I am if you want to do something about it you're free to I'm not asking you to that's that's on you we need gone living and working in us without God manifest the love of anything to do with God then our children will know that they are loved like Samuel knew that he was. Samuel was dedicated to God by his parents this child is your. Parents teachers must pray that. This child is your child you think you want to see your children or your students say God wants that much more than you which means that when you're working for children for students you are working with God working for the redemption of our children that when we are where God wants us to be you know something I believe there's not a single child at any institution represented here who was at that institution by accident not a single child who's not meant to be there now you might say oh no this. Wasn't meant to be this was that's why she was there that's why he was there. You might have moved that kid out after a day and a half but I would contend with you that that child was meant to be there for that day and not oh maybe they don't get past the admissions office there were meant to be they. At the admissions office you know why right you think back over your lifetime the people that did you the experiences that affect you you don't when you think back over you or your time in high school you don't always say I remember those four years you tend to say I remember gym class I remember Mr Brown the math teacher I remember the student who had a pain in the neck we remember in counters and moment because they are powerful it might only be a moment it might be some child who came out of the campus and night but breathe the air and experience the environment and witnessed what he or she witnessed and it can have a profound influence God brings these children to us because he wants them say and the and counter that your students had with you where you are is part of that process it may only be a small step it may be an enormous step child may wonder a little bit child might be baptized it doesn't matter in the big picture God brings students to where you are because that's where he wants them for their salvation. Or was engaged in ministry for me young age that matters get kids involved because they're not kept in church by program kept in church and when I say in church you might say that's not what's most important in Christ is what's most important same thing in my mind for this book. Kept by a meaningful relationship with Jesus. Schools how those must let children know that God loves it must point out the difference between right and wrong I did not do that forcibly must involve children in ministry Samuel was taught to recognize the voice of God Now notice this Samuel was shouted would you say yes or no he was he was down to the sanctuary he wouldn't raise the Grand Central Station he was he wasn't you know I have a friend as when he was a little baby you know his mother would work in a bar and she'd take the boy to the bar and. Spend nights mornings we kids and you know Bob that wasn't Samuel. However we had knowledge that Samuel was not so sheltered that he was completely cut off from corrupting influences. Sons when he had by and their influence was bad and it was non And people took to keep in mind they were involved in some pretty rough stuff and it takes at least two to tango so therefore there were a number of people in that environment who were engaged in sin it wasn't just these two but others besides Samuel would not have been unaware of this. Like Jesus who was raised in such a bad town that when someone found out where it was from expressed doubt that any good thing could come from there Samuel had been late had however before he was isolated parents cannot be expecting the school to do it all we parents have no right to expect that any school is a heaven on earth and I might just challenge you a little bit I wonder if there aren't times that we might succumb to the temptation to try to force our institutions to be a little more like heaven than they need to be I just wonder just one you know if you take a person from ground level and take that person up to the top of a high mountain that person can get out to. Areas then if you gradually introduce it. To an environment they can adapt as they go I'm just trying this out as a as a as a thought I wonder sometimes if we might be tempted to make our places a little more like heaven than they need to be. The strongest trees are the ones that face the breeze you see these one day they might be in are all the little bit they may be bent a little bit but they if they can stand on a straw in a gale. Pine tree when the wind gets up. If you take all of the bone. Out of the sea creature you've got a jelly and A on any fun to be around I don't want you to take this too far. Samuel wasn't raised in heaven he wasn't raised in Hell either but he was raised with some understanding of life around him and what happened with Senator well known story and I like it three in the small the Lord called Samuel and he answered Here am I he presents himself to you call no young man I did not call go back to sleep verse six the first Samuel chapter three and the law called yet again Samuel and Samuel arose and went to Eli and said Here I am for that did scold me until I called Not My son lie down again those eight and the Lord called Samuel again the third time Anyroad and went to Eli and said Here I am for you did call me and Eli perceived that the law had called the child therefore I said understand you'll go lie down and it shall be if he called the You shall say again Speak Lord for your Servant Here Samuel went and laid down in his place God called all and sham you will hear it was a boy who was taught to recognize the sound of God's voice and to respond when he heard it by contrast hotline Phineas were raised in the church and raised sensually by the same men he lived and they refused to listen to God school what you had with Samuel was a situation where the family and the school worked together to bend him gently in the direction of Heaven he was a child who was prayed for he was wanted it was never any question in his mind that he was valued greatly by those who were nearest to him he was raised in a supportive environment his mother dedicated him to God. As far as she was concerned the best that could happen in this child's life was that he would grow up to love God we get our priorities wrong sometimes I understand what I want to challenge it is what it must be for an institution when a child is raised all wrong and the parents expect you to make it all right that's a challenge parents get their priorities so wrong drive a hundreds of mine. And put in thousands of hours giving a child the chance to swim on a swim team or play on a Boston Bowl team they good money to send a kid to band camp or science can spend a ton of money on music lessons and musical instruments spend a fortune getting your child into the best schools getting your child access to the best teachers and. You'll make sure your child has hot and cold running everything for what just so you'll kid can play his violin Oh shoot her boss could ball as good as anybody else you can grab your friends how good your little Jose is doing at that fancy exclusive school just so little Jose can earn in the Lake of Fire let's take some of that time and some of that energy and channel it where it matters most did it driving your child to another state to play lacrosse or to run across country take twenty minutes a day to have family worship with your child stead of sending your child to band camp take your kid to visit some old folks who can come to church anymore mission trips cost much less than exclusive schools Listen I don't think it's a matter of either or it can be both and you want your child to have the best science teaches in the county to learn how to play the clarinet that's all good if you want your child to be physically fit as well as mentally fit I just find that balance we're not against that I'm thrilled if you a little Johnny speaks four languages when you're prime but your primary responsibility is to introduce Johnny to Jesus. If your child speaks English and Spanish in Mandarin and Esperanto but doesn't speak to Jesus you are raising the HOF Nyunt Phineas and you're not raising Samuel families will commit to raising their children for God's glory if our schools will reinforce those values if our schools will reinforce those values we will really have something going to head if parents and schools pray for our kids like have prayed for Samuel If parents and schools will let children know that they are loved and that they have a great purpose in God's eyes if we will dedicate our institutions to God if we share that the important thing is that our kids node Jesus and know the Bible and know church history and know why the church exists if they know they have a place in God's plan to reach the world now if we will kindly warn our children about the danger of sin if we will kindly warn Allen children about the danger of sin if we will kindly warn our children about the dangers of shit if we will model faith in God if we will model faith in God and point value young people to Jesus. I'm not telling it will win them all I'm promising you we will lose a whole lot less HOF nine Phineas perished when the filler Stein's invaded they died last two young men who live in precisely the same neighborhood as Daniel but they will loss Wow Samuel was a. Prophecy of the Old Testament Micah sorry the last prophecy of the Old Testament Malakai for starting in the spine tells us Behold I will send you a lie to the prophet before the coming of the great and great full day of the Lord the Alija message he rebuked. Elijah he said to people who do you are choosy this day whom you will serve. John the Baptist had the Alija miss she squared off for that we could hear it man what you doing is wrong what you're doing is wrong hared what you're doing is wrong testimony we're good they're straight testimony we're going to preach the straight testimony but preach it straight to preach it so straight. Kids go straight to hell they hear it and they know it because we read verse five without reading verse six. What's the Alija message for what's the straight testimony for he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers lest I come and smite the earth with the Sea This is our message how message is not a message unless we are obsessed. With the idea of turning parents to children and children to their parents. Clearly I was not familiar with any of this sonata where his son is turning the hot. Wind God shade through the prophet then that on to me I will on oh we know that. He was speaking to Eli who had not seen or sorry he was speaking to Eli who had been in the words of the Prophet honoring his sons about God It's a message straight from God Just a few verses later God says through the prophet to Eli and I will raise me up a faithful priest that showed you according to that which is in my heart in my mind and I will build him a sure house and he shall walk before mine anointed for ever that Samuel First Samuel thirty five a faithful priest actually taught is looking for faithful kids faithful young men and women faithful adults faithful parents faithful teachers in administrative faith schools train them for Harvard and they don't get to heaven and we've missed it. Train them to me surgeons and engineers and we don't train them to be in the Lord's work we've missed it our children are valuable in every Sheil this potential the ability to change the world for someone it is written we have a program called I for India we provide cataract sugary for very poor people in India India has and massive problem with with a blindness and vision problems millions of blind in India the challenges of course many many people who just couldn't afford the medical care even if their actions two and shouting goes to places little places way up in Kashmir and go to Hindu temples and temples and work with everybody would call them out where the people vision problems let ourselves fantastic progress and the man who leads it Dr Jake it is a brilliant brilliant man I accompanied him to his home village right by the Bay of Bengal all the Indian Ocean and I went to his little elementary school where he was taught as a kid you know what happened people from the church school came to his mum and dad and they said we want your son we want to take him and educated in the school now he was the youngest of I think nine children eight sisters and then Jacob we want your son I don't know why I didn't want the I didn't want the others I don't understand any of that but we want your son no you cannot have we will not let him go that was that they didn't take no for an answer and they went back and they appealed and pleaded and so for finally they let him go and he went through which a school that was and then got another sponsor and went through high school and then didn't have money for college and showed me how God worked at miracle and he went to university and my goodness this young man is brilliant and he went to medical school and now he's an off the lodges and I've met some of the Mahler just but I've never met a dumb one never by the time you had to be pretty smart to get through medical school to get to medical school once you should question lies in something like off the moment you know I'm not trying to puff you up if you have to be off the politest But what I'm saying is you've got to have it together so this man is a brilliant man and I shipped him in his home village as we walked around and we witnessed what was going on what would you be doing today if you were not taken to that school and given that opportunity he said. More than likely I'd be hurting Buffalo or maybe we looking in a coconut plantation what would you be earning. Countermeasure we would. I can't imagine it would be more than three or four dollars a week not like he's doing a king's ransom now so I could go to that village you look around and see that man hating buffaloes with in him was the potential to be and. He'd be just another Buffalo you know what that means he would have two or three buffalo two or three and he would just take them to a place where there's grass and sit around waiting for the movie then he'd move on to another place with Ross wrench and repeat that would be as life. Now he's taking blind people and causing them to see and in the process introducing them to Jesus Christ potential that shots and now kids God wants to bring it out of them and push the world and there's something outside our children God wants to put into them it's the Holy Spirit the power of God to change your life. Wants to do that for everyone about you if we are going to have institutions and all they exist with a singular focus to prepare our children for eternity I mention this last time we were together I'm the parent of a high school attending an institution I want my son to do well academically I want that I want him to mix up with good friends I want him to have good extracurricular activities I'm thrilled he's going all Lando tomorrow to take part in the training down there I'm happy about that to get this class work done but he knows that I want him to prepare himself for a meaningful future for the future to make a difference in this world to reach his potential but but but next to that none of that means anything in comparison with my desire to see my shiny have and that's what matters most. And if he gets the best education and makes the best friends and moves in I believe. And he's not in the heaven. I think we know this but I will say because it would be therapeutic for me our institutions don't exist for the primary purpose of giving out you're going to get education are you kidding me you know how much it costs to see a kid. Like. Him off to a conference boarding academy my goodness that's a lot of money are you going to tell me that that is the best way to get my son a good education my daughter public schools have a wonderful education wonderful and they cheat why do our schools exist we want to give our children the best education we can you know I'm not speaking against them you know I'm not but they exist because we believe they give our children the best opportunity to save the best opportunity to know caught the best opportunity of God the best opportunity to win. The mission of the church I believe in our schools I want to talk to parents who could send their kids to our schools but instead show up to some other schools and I want to say what are you thinking maybe you have some great like that I don't have what are you thinking every situation is different I don't say that from a judge mental point of view let's be honest from a slightly judge mental point of view but acknowledging that I don't know another person's situation they may have great reasons sometimes it's necessary because schools on banning it every every every every energy into giving our children the best possible opportunity you know Jesus in when missing. In the late seventy's early eighty's in Atlanta children started disappearing two fourteen year old boys disappeared at four days of. In September of one nine hundred seventy nine a fourteen year old boy was on an errand for his mother out riding a yellow ten speed bike the bike was found not long after the boy was found two months later did nine year old boy a twelve year old girl a ten year old boy and so it went by the time Wayne Williams was apprehended for the crime the Atlanta child murders had seen six young adults killed in addition to twenty four or so children one was seventeen one was sixteen the rest were aged between fifteen and seven public service announcements on television were asking the question Do you know where your children are let me ask you that question do you know where your children do you know where our children. Do you know those in your family those in your school you know with. Those in your church do you know where they are you know where they are with God you know where their hearts do you know do you care I think you do that's why you hear God is looking for a faithful priest today he's looking for he's looking to us to raise them to educate faithful priests children who if there is time will become adults and will live lives of surrender before God Revelation Chapter eighteen talks about the end again for God's church. Revelation one thousand and one I saw another angel come down from heaven and the earth was alight in with his glory What is that that's God's people filled up with Christ to the extent that the character of Jesus is seen in them that's what it when it is an end for us on planet earth right there in Revelation one thousand one just before the second coming with the character of Jesus. In. If you educate a Nobel Prize winner at your institution kudos to you suggest you take a large photograph. Or take a photograph and blow it up they can frame it and put on the Mary Smith Nobel Prize winner educated here I would tell the world well done a fantastic students go on to serve at the highest levels of government tell the world get out that yearbook photo blow it up big and you say this is. A Gonzales he was at our school these years and he's now a big shot in the US government he's the mayor of a town She's the mayor of a big city telep that's big deal it's no it's good. I would say if your child one of the children your institutions went to an Ivy League school and that I send the e-mail out right right up to seven men to tell you how a student was just accepted to BROWN Yeah. That's what we do here a man I tell him I'd be proud those are real genuine outstanding achievements but a child who achieves Ivy League but doesn't reach gates of. A child who becomes secretary general of the United Nations but never walks on streets of gold not only is that not success but that is failure OK just so precious that Jesus came to the soup and died for everyone. He allowed wicked men to nail him to a cross knowing that that was the way that you my kids your kids your students. Young people here know that was the way for them to get out of this world and. He said it's worth it that's how much they will and the good news is he did not set us up to fail in fact there is no failure I don't think I sound like a contradiction but I shall explain by saying Jesus in the education and the raising about children called us to lean on him relentlessly. To appeal to him constantly to trust him implicitly Jesus is coming back soon and he's working now to reach the hearts of every last one children so that they all can stand on the circle of the earth one day and say this is our God we have waited for him and he will say us God's looking for that faithful priest he calls us today to be in go every energy raising that boy that go to know Jesus and reflect Him before the world he's going to make it happen we heard those quoted just before the service began he that has begun a good work in you is faithful could perform it until the day of Jesus Christ we work with Jesus in this way if we are faithful we will see him do even greater thing that we've than we have seen and until now I shall say that again if we are faithful We shall see him do even greater things than we've seen him do to this point let's pray together and expect big things as we pray our Father in heaven as I begin to pray I think of that story in the Bible where a fellow was asked to strike the ground and so he did three times in the prophet of God was not happy he said you should have kept on pounding the ground you would have then completely. Being delivered from your enemies he was told he should have asked for or demanded more Father we want to pray a big Priya say that you use our educational institutions like never before I don't know what that means a look looks like but in a great a way than ever to show our children Jesus to connect them to Jesus to encourage them in a life of one with Jesus I know we can't do it all but I believe you are calling us to do all we can and then to trust in you. To do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask a thing or Lord bless every institution represented here and everyone I pray that your spirit will ride with us and through and that these places which those charged with the important task of administering these institutions and funding. Bring to us the children you know must be in each varied institution as they set foot on our campuses or deal with us maybe remotely in some cases pray that what they would do is be given the best opportunity possible to know Jesus as their personal Lord and say We trust you today we know that you are working work with us and through us. We could present before you send me a life. A faithful priest. Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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