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Seed Independence is Food Independence

Brian Dunne


Learn how to save and even develop your own seed varieties. Learn what heirloom and open pollinated seed is and just why it will be vital in the end times. Discover why heirlooms are rising in popularity and value today.


Brian believes that agriculture is indeed the ABC of true education. This conviction has been developed and solidified by his long experience as a home gardener, by his seven years as a photographer at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and by his recent work of farming at one of our academies. 



  • January 19, 2018
    4:00 PM


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Precious father Lord. What a privilege it is to be alive especially in these last days and what a wonderful revelation that everything around that's created is created to communicate your love and assurance to us that you care about us that you have a better plan that redemption is already in progress as we see in spring and the resurrection of the plants every year that these are all pictures of the fact that you have a a redemption in place despite the damage that we have caused and as we look into it today into the subject of of your creation especially looking at the seed and the physical seed and how the laws that make it up are so important to success in the physical realm of creating food our producing food help us also to realize that these are primarily as lessons to teach us how we need our spiritual food from you that you are the bread of life we pray that Jesus will be here through the Holy Spirit today to help guide our minds and help me to be clear in what I present not confused but but to speak your word and to give your word the place it needs in Jesus name Amen. I will try to have a question and answer period now I'm not you know a lot of the speakers here are highly qualified I'm not I'm just a preacher really that's I mean a tenor and preacher that's what I call myself and God called me into this message and and I live to to share Christ but the Lord led me into agriculture without my really realizing it and showed me its importance. You know in several ways and not only agriculture but in in physical recreation physical redemption you know all the things that God has left in our lives Cursed is the ground for the I seek right Curt In other words God is saying is I've made I've made some difficulty for your benefit that's what it means because you know now need a certain amount of difficulty to discover me because you've pushed pushed me further away I want to come closer to you so to avoid you me drifting further from you I put some things in the way to make it easier for you to stay close to me and that's what we're facing in a fallen world and that's why gardening is not always the favorite thing of young people to do. Because many young people haven't figured out yet that ease is often their enemy now they do figure it out in time most of us when we can parents we forget about right but but you know that toil is actually our friend in the way that God designed it when properly understood so keep that in mind when we talk about the whole subject of heirloom seeds because one of the things you're going to hear even from presenters here are well heirloom seeds are good but they're awfully difficult to do they're really difficult and one thing I would talk about what even an heirloom is but a heirloom is the way that farming happened to heirloom or open pollinated would be probably more scientific term through natural seed production is how the world survived up until the one nine hundred S. That was about all they knew and you're here right you are you can pinch yourself and you hear you know why you're here because they didn't go extinct in other words it can't be that difficult if they see succeeded to grow natural seed methods for thousands of years and here we all are because of that and now we're saying oh but you can't do it it doesn't make sense what I've come to the conclusion of is that what we mean by it's very difficult is it's not convenient to say our vocabulary is changed we are creatures in this production culture and this culture of consumerism that Bob talked about the first night amount of you heard that message by. The consumer society and it's not our fault we've been sucked into it would be born into it but in a consumer society righteousness is the term and as easy as righteousness in the world's view is is mechanization it's getting rid of toil you know and that's the world's view of what's right and what's good. And what we're going to discover through God's plan is that that's not actually so that what's easiest is not always what's best and it's not a way of determining what's right at all in God's view. Jesus said. Straight is the gate and narrow the way that leads to eternal life and few there be find it and what about the other road it's wot Brod and what else. Easy you know there's a great quote on that I just found in the spirit of prophecy I don't have the reference offhand but I can tell you what it said and it said do not represent the way of Christ as difficult the meaning of straight and narrow means it's selective It does not allow sin to be carried through the passage it's too narrow for sin but it's not too narrow for us it lets us through but it doesn't lead us to what our sin and that's why it's straight and narrow and she said actually the way of the transgressor is hard and it's a scripture called The Way of the transgressor is hard so at the beginning it seems difficult because it restricts something but we can go on through without any problem if we let those things go if are willing to let them go RIGHT and so that's the spiritual lesson that's also true in agriculture there are ways to do things that are really easy you can go to the store buy your miracle grow you know get your your plants from the store and you can buy all this expensive equipment to grow your one or two tomatoes or whatever you know in your room and and it's fun it's a hobby but it's not really practical and it's also very expensive and it seems easy but in the long run it doesn't really do very well in fact if you if you only use miracle grow in your soil you end up killing a lot of the natural mechanisms that God has in the soil for for sustainability for long term you know it's a common phrase today sustainability and it has to do with the idea of something being able to be perpetual it's not a broken system right and everybody is looking for sustainability but the only real sustainability is in the kingdom of God right and in his methods and in his laws is not correct sustainability true sustainability is only in God's ways so anyway let me move on now to the Power Point and we'll start with our devotion as I was saying we're going to start with the spiritual lesson of the seed so one of the name of the power point is who seed is in itself. And a testimony that I would like you to remember is six testimonies one forty just write that down six testimonies one forty Prograf one and it talks about the fact that obedience to all that God has said is the only method of true success OK and I'm premising that behind this presentation but God said of the herb of the field and of the plants that he created that the seed was in itself another was the sin the plant the building of the plant to reproduce is is fixed in there by God to produce itself right there is a spiritual law there. How many of you ever read any of the writings of Jones and Wagner in great messages from the eight hundred ninety S. of the Sr White says the Lord sent these messengers and we know they went astray but he says in the time when they were speaking for God Those messages are still from the Lord today they're still to be read and they're still to be studied but Wagner wrote this incredible book on the Gospel in creation and he goes through the days of creation and I fight you to look that up in the Ellen White collections that you can get on your phone app or whatever or in your library if you can find them and the Gospel in creation is beautiful it just shows the love of God illustrated all through His creation but who seed is in a cell there's a spiritual law here but we're going to discover what that is so let's read this in Genesis one eleven and I'm going to have to move fast and God said Let the earth bring forth grass the herb yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind who seed is in itself upon the earth and it was sold so on the Word of God said it it was so not correct that's why the Word of God has the power to create only the only power to create no demon no human has that power we can only procreate which is a cooperation with creation but we cannot create we are we say we create but we really procreate we cooperate with creation that only God has. And even in the reproduction of children it's not really something we're creating it's something that's already been in there and contained in Eve that God put there from the very beginning right all that information began with the and what God put in their soul and Adam of course as well Genesis two one says something interesting after God creates this beautiful system and we see it in a microscope for you in the seed because the plant and the seed it's all complete in itself Genesis two one says thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the hosts of them that's King James version which is probably my favorite translation and one of the most you know accurate I think translations but I do occasionally look at other translations when when I see certain words and I actually looked at the Hebrew here and. Is the word used for finished but if you look it up it also means complete and complete means more than finished doesn't it I can be finished. A task but it doesn't mean the task is complete right I may not finish it properly but complete want to communicate that it's been done completely it's been it's been struggling for words here. Don't write that's a good American English thank you or in British English which I learned was done correctly but done right I like that it's simple and straightforward All right and Genesis two one in the whatever that is and the heaven and the earth and all things in them where complete this carries a little fuller meaning than just finished and I want you to think about that seed was in itself and the creation was complete complete gives you the sense that nothing can really be added to it it was all sufficient and I think that's the real meaning that we're getting to here I'm not saying that that's what the Hebrew means because Hebrew is just like English and Greek is just like English it's the writer who gives it its meaning and the writer who is God is giving the meaning here OK Hebrew English Greek there are all the same there are languages and there are imperfect but the context is shown in the Sabbath so right after that we have the giving of the Sabbath and worse mostly seven the advent of if you're not you're welcome you know there might be other Christians here but but a Seven Day Adventists we really gravitate towards the Sabbath message but I don't think we always understand why and you're probably thinking what does this have to do an heirloom seeds hold on is common the Sabbath is added as a testimony that God's work is complete. He said God had done his work and he rested because it was complete and when we keep the Sabbath what we're saying is we believe whether we know it or not what it means to say is that we believe that God and His work is all complete the creature cannot add anything to it it's enough his work is enough OK and it wasn't like God said well I've taken a break and I'll finish it later no it's complete and we believe in God sufficiency Now Adam and Eve had something to do a creation today and this is where the the opportunity of Satan is taken it at this juncture Adam and Eve were to develop it but only by cooperation with the laws of God I guess I should put this on play along a second here this is not very efficient first page sorry the so be better for you. They were to develop it but only by cooperation with the laws of God old unfolding from creation that which God had placed within it of his own design so we're realizing we're working as gardeners with the seed and with the plant we need to be looking for the laws of God which which to cooperate and not override them now modern agriculture consistently overrides the laws of God in the short span it seems to work but in the long space as many who are not Christians they are starting to realize it's not what they call sustainable why because soil scientists are looking at the soil and what's happening to the soil and modern agriculture is it's being wasted they're literally having to move their plots and farm different areas and there is massive tracts of land on the earth that have been rendered unproductive by modern farming and they don't care because it's not going to affect them probably in their lifetime you know but it will affect our children and our children's children and of course those who worship nature and worship the Earth are very concerned about it we don't worship nature we don't worship the air but we do respect the laws that God has placed in it that's the difference and God does say I will destroy those of the shore of the earth you know so at the same time while we don't have the same world view as many of the New Age or or the hippie culture we can relate to some of their concerns of the detriment of modern agriculture because it's very selfish and shortsighted and this does relate to the seed OK I'll tell you a story I attend a huge heirloom exposition heirloom seed exposition every year and we're dealing here with natural Sea production when I say heirloom and I'll get into the details of what that means soon but I was standing at a table as a photographer for the expo and I was photographing different things and we had this you all to go there sometime if you're ever in Santa Rosa in September is an Adventist young man started a business in natural seeds and he he does this huge. Heirloom exposition every year and there's literally I don't know thousands and thousands of varieties of everything you can think of a plant how many people know what a plant or if you're from Europe from more different names for about eggplant you know you wouldn't believe the variations of color and shape and size and beauty interest and clams you know and so we had this table laid out with all these beautiful eggplants and and most of our most of our people that come to the Expo to support it are not Christians they're usually from New Age or hippie culture or just rationalistic secular culture especially in California is very big there and so they come there and they are just like it's like a big camp meeting for it's like a big spiritual retreat you know because they really worship these things and he came up to me and he said he looked at that as a clans and he said it's our ancestors. It's our ancestors. Well what he meant was is that it's a remnant of what our ancestors have done and in a sense yeah because they relate in a Buddhist sense you know they relate that we are all part of the cosmos and so really we're the same as it and it's the same as us and we're all God is everything it's pantheism very definitely pantheism Buddhism they'd be culture and new ages all wrapped up in and time pantheism which is the great deception of the end of time but anyway saying it's our ancestors I couldn't help myself I do have a big mouth and I try to keep it quiet most of time but this time I couldn't help myself and I said I said No I said that's God's word and he says What do you mean it's our ancestors he said No I said what you're seeing in that expression is all in the eggplant from the beginning as it were not making anything new your ancestors did not invent those plant I said that the beauty that they manifest and express is all contained in the original eggplant that God designed I said that's God's work no that's our ancestors and I could tell this wasn't going anywhere. And you know but I felt like I have to say I have to defend God in my case because really are we just the stewards were the cooperators and yes God has given us dignity he's given us a wonderful creative part in being stewards of his creation but the credit who does it go to can you can you really make a see Germany. In fact this seed can't even really make itself germinate I'll show you a quote later on where it says without the power of God Even the life in the sea can do nothing there's a life in the sea but without the power of God a lesson in the Gospel right there so so I'm trying to get across to this pantheist modern idea that really what we're looking at in creation is evidence not to credit us but that there is someone greater than us that loves us anough to give us a part in this beauty that he has you know he wants us he wants us to be the ones who get the joy of on wrapping those presents and seeing these new expressions you know that's amazing isn't it it's like you know a parent with a presence you know and the child wants on rap and that's what God has done for us in nature it's full of presence if you garden you'll know that's true right and so genetic expressions are not new creations Now this totally bunks. Evolutionary theory by the way because evolutionary theory is that is through a series of accidents or through some mystical process within the creature itself or the created thing itself through some mystical process new things are being made and being added to and things are increasing and adding and getting better is another theory of evolution but actually what's happening in new expressions is simply unpacking what is in the seed in itself what was there no no new expressions are the result of far as I understand it of new genetic information what they are turning on and off of genes I know Brother VI fits into this because he was into evolution one time and he talks about how you know even the thorn is is is an adapted part of the original plant like a leaf cuticle or a leaf or we have a lot of things like that but because of the fall of become negatives that we're actually positives they were initially positives. And so God allowed the mark of Satan to be shown in nature to remind man of the degradation that sin causes and that. Lack of cooperation with God's laws causes it makes it a Glee picture but yet the roses are still there to remind us that there is a salvation there is something which will overcome it right so the mutation you know the idea of evolution is that mutation is the agent of design and that's actually faults when they look at mutations they don't really result in evolution they usually result in degradation what actually happens with new expressions is simply God with his beautiful game of having all this stuff wrapped up inside and turning things turn on and off and more there's more there's more like the word of God There's always more and it's just saying God is amazing that's what it's saying you know God is thoughtful God is a lover of beauty God is a creator of beauty and he also is like that light his children with pariah and he loves variety in us OK we have different skin colors here that's part of the same expression we are all the Bible says we are all of one blood we all come from one parent our parents and we're really all the same but God likes variety so he gives all these different expressions of what he calls humanity and we should appreciate one another as brothers and sisters because we're all from that one blood right and so racism is a terrible distortion of that really involves out of it comes out of evolution in a sense when you look at the racist thing that happened in in the eighteen hundreds you know ideas that some were inferior and others were more advanced than you know that's all wrong because the original that God created that's all we are results of the original OK. The law of God The seed is in itself the plant is preloaded with abundance of fission information to provide money expressions in itself this will relate to the heirloom and the open pollinated thing and why it's important to keep them alive and I'm not against hybrids by the way many of you might not even know the difference in a hybrid and an heirloom or an open pollinated and don't become concerned I'm a grown hybrids is that wrong I don't think hybrids are wrong but I will explain to you why it's very important to preserve the naturally rendered seeds the seeds that are not hybrids why they're so important even for the health of hybrids will get into G.M.O. and that's a whole different subject and hybrids don't confuse the two if I have time how my doing all right I think will make it. So God is invested in his creation plan something complete not something for man to improve upon by adding his work but which man was to aid expression of by cooperation with the laws of the Creator the Sabbath actually testifies that man cannot add to God's work but rather cooperate with it to experience God's wonders OK that's really the Sabbath on the gospel a very closely linked and I think of this in terms of righteousness by faith right in the real writers of my fav message we had come in the eight hundred ninety S. What was one quote that that summed up right is this by faith and when White says it laid the glory of man in the dust. OK And that was not to put man down it was to put man in his proper place where God could advantage him because we did start from the dust and we it's OK to be late in the dust because then we realize that God is able to make something of the dust All right so I think now in terms of this who seed was in itself and look at it in terms of spiritual truths it says Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works in you too willing to do HIS good pleasure so who works in us God and then they God says of Israel in the rebellious state they shall not enter my rest till the works for a finish from the foundation of the world what was finished from the foundation of the world the rest the completeness in God it was finished from the foundation it's always been in God Christ brought it back to us he brought that completion back because he became complete again and humanity brought completion back to humanity by what he did by uniting divine nature with human nature and perfecting that expression in humanity Lamb slain from the foundation of the world so there we have a same idea of the seed in itself in others two seeds in the Bible in the spiritual realm of skip that one because it talks about the fact that only God can make can bring perfection out in us we cannot make ourselves perfect we only step into God's perfection by letting him work in us OK and that's in Christ through the blood to the Atonement now because of the fall. I better move along here talk about evolution but I've already touched on that this lectures about seed of the laws governing the physical seed also govern the spiritual seeds what we learn in the physical seed will mirror the spiritual truth of where rights are since an evil come from now there are only two spiritual seeds in Scripture Genesis three fifteen I will put MT between the in the woman between die seed which is Satan's expression in humanity and her seed which is Christ's expression in humanity now how do I know that quickly. Sixteen now to Abraham and his seed where the promises made but look what Paul says and he said which is God God said not and two seeds plural which we would think of as well the money children of the no to the one seed which is Christ so there's only two expressions people say oh it's a human nature to do wrong you know it's not exactly accurate Christ took human nature and did no wrong in it. Because when it is yoked with divine nature the proper expression takes place even when it's fallen because we're told he took following nature likeness of sinful flesh so so the beauty of it is the divine nature is all sufficient and the beauty of it is that in this illustration of the seed we see there's only two seeds of the seed of the yoking with evil and the seed of yoking with good that's Christ Christ is the creator and create new life in us and we're going to see this in the garden like I said you cannot make a seed germinate you just know that God has sort of preloaded to do that but at the same time you're still dependent on God to even help that seed not die when it does germinate Jesus said I'm the true vine and in verse three says you are already clean but the word clean is a little bit of a mis translation in King James it actually means clean pruned or pruned clean it relates to verse two where he says every branch of that bears fruit he prunes and in verse three says you are order already proved clean proper translation I am the vine so remember that. There is a quote there is life in the sea there is power in the soil but unless infinite power is exercised day and night the seed will yield no return the showers of rain must refresh the thirsty fields the sun must impart warmth it goes on to say and so basically what we're seeing here is a spiritual principle which relates to the heirloom seed in the natural seed is unless we respect the laws of God we're not going to see the full benefit OK there is a law God in the operation of seeds and how they're used and we're going to touch on that now. So we got through the devotional part is a little longer than the regular proper I think that's OK right because it gives it gives the real purpose for what what this is about I'm not making excuses for the Gospel of Christ it is the power of God on the salvation so we live in a world infatuated with the creature contribution what the creature can do. And I won't get into that running out of time how does this relate to the seed Let's see. We enter into the study of the seed in the industrialized world it hides the truth behind human achievements and alterations hides God's God's truth behind cumin achievement and in modern agriculture the same thing happens the two targets of evolutionary pantheism are education and agriculture the two right you'll notice that they're very closely related so the questions we want to answer then on the practical level is what is an heirloom seed what is an open pollinated see what is a hybrid seed what is G M O C. And keep in mind I'm not condemning hybrid seeds. For G.M.O. seeds but I'll explain then the essential need to grow and preserve her loom and open pollinators seeds because if we only save hybrid seeds we would run into an extinction eventually of seed believe it or not and extinction of most of the of I call the biodiversity that God placed in the seed. OK and how that links to last day events and seed independence so in Wicca Pedia you can go there and you can look up heirloom plant variety and basically what you're talking about her looms it's a little bit debated exactly what an heirloom is but usually it's a plant that was grown in a certain area or in an ethnic culture. And it develops certain traits over time God gave natural seed the ability to adapt to its surroundings and that's not evolution that is love that is God's. Steps to Christ talks about the wonderful plan of adaptation of God in His mercy has placed in the animals in the plants so that they don't go extinct right so it's already pretty far of before the fall and that's the amazing thing about God and so the heirloom plant they were grown in ethnic areas they open pollinated which means basically in some cases plants self pollinate right so so there are several plants of the same variety they may Paul each other one plant they pollinate itself tomatoes are self pollinators if you go in a greenhouse you can take a little brush and you can just or feather and touch them or even use your fingers and shake the the the flowers and the male pollen falls on the female part and all that and you get tomatoes but if there's no wind in a greenhouse you're your little flowers all fall off because they just don't get to pollinate and they don't use productivity so the heirloom plant is the reason your heirloom. So there was something handed down and basically generation of the drone generation will grow something in an area will adapt to that area it becomes especially good for growing in that area that's what people don't realize with their new plants are so difficult Well if you grew it for long enough it would adapt to your area and if you developed it and you can there is wisdom God can give us and how to help it adapt OK. Before the industrialization of Agriculture a much wider variety of plant foods were grown for human consumption during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the diversity was huge old nursery categories were filled with plums peaches pears apples numerous Fridays and vegetables as well in modern agriculture in the industrialized world most food crops are now grown in large monocultural plots in order to maximize consistency if you varieties varieties of each crop are grown these a variety as are often selected for their productivity Now listen their ability to withstand mechanical picking and cross country shipping and their tolerance to drought for Aust and being dumped on with lots of pesticides Now does that have your interest in view there I mean is it about your health now it's about the market I was Bob was saying it's about productivity money and it's not it's very shortsighted it's not service oriented caring for humanity it's basically market oriented it's making money right and it's it's basically selfish so a lot of the plants that are selected from hybrid breeding know what you do with a hybrid as opposed to a natural is that you take. Two parents and you continually breed those parents in breed them breed them with themselves. Or with similar you know similar characteristics to to Limon ate a lot of other things and just get this one trait to develop so it actually involves inbreeding which as you know inbreeding is not according to God's plan in long term situations of small amounts of it Nature can withstand it but long term in braiding what's the problem with long term inbreeding in plants and and animate creatures anybody know. Ah mutation another problem is the loss of gene pool loss of biodiversity you're not going down the genetic information because most of time when things change they're losing information again it's because of loss of other dominant genetics that new expressions take place in a lot of cases recessive genes are things like that and so so they when they were doing hybrids if they over hybridise they actually losing a lot of the information that could be beneficial for adopted and other things in the short run it looks great because you're selecting out certain traits that are desirable and then you put the you do it in two parents and then you put them together and you can combine them and you can get a hybrid which to the first generation which has those two traits so let's say I want drought tolerance and I want a certain color or I want shipping Dura billet and so I put these two plants together and I might get both of them to express it as a science to it it's not that easy. And so like in the fields of corn the go to the types of corn to break all the male tassels off one so that it only gets the pollen from the other and things like that long term and we competed MIT's this long term it's still a Tyrian means it's not helpful to the gene pool it actually doesn't lead to health of the plants short term it might increase production because it might give us desirable traits by throwing out also to traits you don't even know what they do it just simplifies it dumbs it down all right so I birds are not bad enough themselves but but consistent hybridization and only hybridizing has caused the loss of lots of early room varieties they met estimated to go on quickly here that in Britain alone since the nineteenth seventy's about two thousand varieties of of heirlooms were lost or of open palm needed seeds were lost now there's another troubling thing I have a friend who is I was talking to was actually a former student and I'd had it Southern when I taught there I taught our to education there and he was an education major and he's a fine. Blue Mountain is here are we not yeah OK can you tell us Well I'll tell it as the recording mentioned to me that they do grow some heirlooms and most you know most farmers are going to go some hybrids because of the consistency and some some heirlooms and heirlooms are becoming more popular now because of their higher nutritional content but the the animals he said will tend to take a bite out of the heirlooms and avoid the hybrids they've done the same experiment with G.M.O. and they put like corn cobs and squirrel the squirrel would come in there's a corn cob that's a natural corn cob and a genetically modified by human means not by natural means hybrids are by natural means to a certain extent Jim or was not and that the squirrel wouldn't eat the G.M.O. corn animals seem to be equipped by their Creator with a sense somehow they sense nutrients in the food and they will tend to favor certain foods even when they're sick and I think it's Huxley wasn't it discovered that with cancer treatment or whatever that the horse that was sick ate a certain type of clover and certain types of herbs more than the other horses and healed itself and some of this is a mystery to us and maybe derived directed by the Holy Spirit we don't know with his mercy with animals and creatures but but we know that there's healing properties in the plants but the more we meddle with the plants the more we tend to lose you know a lot of it comes from the evolutionary worldview that we're making things better by intervening heavily with nature when in fact because of what we don't know when we intervene heavily with nature and this this respect the laws that God might have placed there we're actually destroying a lot of things we don't even see you know and long term we find out right like with our cancer rate now we're seeing a lot of rising rates of cancer and child sickness with we believe it's related to to the inferior interference in the food with the pesticides and the the GMO and different things like that there's there's a whole. Whole bonds full of animals are being fed on G.M.O. food and just like being sickly and then they I know one expert Jeffrey Smith he said he went in he said Look try feeding your animals on grains that are not G.M.O. generated guess what the minute he started feeding them on the normal grains the animals perked up they started to have a life there and energy they weren't sickly anymore they were you know more prolific and so the problem isn't that huge corporations are blocking this it's detriment to them it's like you know it's really serious because now they've invested all this time and money and it's a huge corporation involved in all this it's a huge industry the politicians are tied up in it and there's funding going back and forth and all of a sudden groups the evolutionary view of meddling with nature and making you want what we want out of it is showing that it's wrong it's showing that it's violating laws that a creator has set in place so you know. And Jim Oh by the way is where they actually go in unnaturally and splice into the gene system and they put in genes of sometimes are not even from plants you know and so they're really messing with the D.N.A. in gym on a hybridization is not that it is actually using natural methods of pollination but it's just being much more selective than is naturally occurring you know and selection isn't necessarily bad it's just that when you only do selection selection selection and you only use plants hybrids that are in transition phase they haven't stabilised you are you aware that if you buy a hybrid seed and you plant it. The next year you where that it doesn't produce the consistency that you've already seen the first year it has something it's not consistent anymore so what's the other big problem with hybrids then that you might see in an end time scenario. Sorry I can hear that was it yeah you if you do save seed you don't know what you're getting and that's very detrimental to income isn't it if you know you want to good income from your farming The other problem is somebody else have something to say there's other problems too with with only using hybrids and that is if the well let me show you this quote and that'll explain it better how we doing on time better wrap up here pretty quickly because I want to allow for some time of question but listen to this statement by the servant of the Lord again and again The Lord has instructed that our people are to take their families away from the cities into the country now this is written in one thousand nine hundred four and these masses developed over time OK where they can raise their own provisions for in the future the problem of buying and selling will be very serious a very serious one now how many people here have produced their own F one hybrids every year and a body has anybody produced an F one hybrid Oh nobody you know why. It's much easier to produce an heirloom seed than an F. one hybrid and people tell me about it's fairly hard to grow hybrids Well if you take into account that you know real growing involves saving your own seed and growing it out it's actually easier to grow I breads in the long term because F one hybrids are produced where a lot of times are produced in highly technological areas where you have to have a big corporation and by the way you know you have to skip a year so you know it's it's pretty pretty tricky and so weird that we're dependent on corporate supply for our seeds and how does that relate to this quote we become consumer gardeners and consumer farmers rather than self-sufficient gardeners and self-sufficient farmers so I'm not against hybrids but if you only grow hybrids you're really it's not showing faith in what the servant of the Lord has said that the time will come when you will not be able to buy or sell not only food but your seed unless you comply with the system you're not allowed to have seed and what are you going to do well if you have your own seed which God has placed in the plant itself you abided by God's wisdom and you've been given that independence a seed independence this is happening all over the world. Small farmers who have no money but but subsist by agriculture. Have lost their livelihood by buying into corporate agriculture and now they don't have the money that's exacted from them to be able to buy the seed or buy the chemicals or whatever so it's a brilliant way of eliminating small farmers and selecting out because they don't want a lot of farmers they want a few farmers that are producer farmers their consumer farmers sorry that are dependent on the system. And then of course politicians realize this is centralization it gives politicians more power it gives government more power and you know in their worldview you can understand it's more successful it helps you control a country so our food is really closely linked to our independence you see that and so heirlooms and open pollinated What's the difference between heirloom an open pollinated basically an heirloom is generally open pollinated what that means is that. They they don't have to use special selective means they're using two different parents but basically the plant needs a certain amount isolation but it can reproduce itself from its own pollen or from a plant of a like type. And and so early a special type of open pollinated open pollinators what I'm talking about there an heirloom as are those that have been handed down and usually they say you know certain amount of time certain amount of stability shown some open pollinator still in development so if you take a hybrid an F. one hybrid and you continue to grow it out you can eventually stabilize it and allow it to retain some of the genetic information and become an heirloom or become an open pollinated the problem is we only generally plant F one hybrid that means the first year it's in transition it's not stable and so it's not really useful beyond that first year OK so so whether relates to is do we really believe that God wants us to be independent Do we really believe the warning messages that not only are to grow our own food but we need to know how to be able to have the seed for our own food right and that wasn't an issue in our why stay because they only really used heirloom seeds at least the majority right and so so it's become a problem in our time that we need to be able to adapt to be able to figure out OK any questions at this point we have a few minutes for questions. Well I would say in that case you would need to look at the food you need to survive. That you can produce enough to survive all you know and if you're looking out of film and time scenario and and you know it's possible that we'll be able to share seeds in the end time so it's not like everybody has to grow everything themselves but you just want to be come totally dependent on an outside source but that would depend on what grows in your area what successfully grows it like in Ireland potatoes grow really well and their vegetative heirlooms you can reproduce them from themselves from the tubers and sort of a natural preservation there and fruit trees there so there are heirloom fruit trees but they're not by seed they're by cult of our by cuttings and reproducing so you'd have to look at what was really important to your survival and save those ones so each farmer and each part of that would be different depending on what area they're in now I didn't talk about seed saving because I didn't really feel like I have time to get into that but there is a book called SEED to seed you can buy it over there by design Ashworth we actually grew one of her gourds my brother here I meant to include him in the talk. Kent works at Oakham Academy we farm there and he took over we were growing some era looms and they're developing new open pollinated seeds stabilised varieties all the time and he actually harvested some and this man did a great job the sea company said while the farmer did a great job he cleaned Was that really really difficult to clean all the seed. And it was terribly hard to grow right because it's an heirloom it was an heirloom it was actually a purple oak or it was very easy to grow but you do have to figure out what heirlooms work in your area. Right and not to get off the subject but I just. Call Yeah Oklahoma. For seed you know seeds are tiny so me as a question here yes. Save your potatoes mainly store them when you when you dig them up store them in you know basements are good but you don't want them to too moist I guess right we serve. Yeah seller. Yeah and I can I can't really get into all the details of how to save every different type of there is a book called C to seed and there's lots of resources online but what I'm trying to tell you is it is it is more work but God's way is always more work than the world's way in the short run and less work in the long run in the long run we're going to have a lot more work if we don't know how to propagate food and we have to go begging for or we have to find some other way to get it so what seems more work in the beginning is not always the worst thing we need actually we need to toil in trying to think of anything else I haven't touched on and the other questions yes. So the question is you know how long are most seeds viable for and is there a way to extend that and the other questions I think we delegate your question once again the lady back here yes story potatoes and like I said I can't really get in we don't have enough time to get into all this but there I'm telling you there's a great resources if you W.W.W.. Seeds dot com Go there and they will answer your questions on seed storage because it's different for different plants and the period of time is different for different varieties in different plants and the methods differ also but in most cases a dry cool and Vironment with a sealed packet is the way that you do that some will last you know ten years some will last only two years depending on. The way God has designed them and usually they're the sort of seeds you want to grow all the time if they only last a short time and there are other seeds that you know you can store for a long time and we found a melon in a cave that's an ancient watermelon that has a it's a gourd shape melon and I did a video on that for Baker Creek and we don't know how well that thing is it might be eighty years ago but it was stored in a cave in dry conditions definitely it was in an ancient on the Sozzi style pot and there there are speculators eight hundred years old but you know I mean if you're a Native American back in the early one nine hundred and you didn't have a lot of plastic where you would hold on to parts from generation to generation so we could have been actually much more recent and the other questions yes. Sure that's my wife by the way she always knows better than me. And by the way you're in your new tree and so my wife was saying a double ziploc and freezer your nutrient value your nutrient value in the heirlooms because of the greater biodiversity is usually higher and there's a market now especially in the cities from those who are educated on the subway they want the heirlooms because they're learning this and the varieties of colors that also come into our lives who are trying to sell okra and in Oklahoma first they wouldn't buy it because it wasn't green We had a purple okra and a purple oak or is that slimy in the green and as soon as they discover that the traditions start to fall away we try to sell tomatoes of different colors they would only buy red tomatoes you know and so a process of education has to take place now if I went to California and I was at Santa Rosa they love because they're used to they're educated on that you know and that's where this sort of a food movement is happening is OK So humidity plus temperature must equal one hundred that's a law would saving seeds they can hear you on here so I'm repeating Yeah. So if you're a market gardener you may want to grow some hybrids because you know that's just the way the market is but do keep some heirlooms alive and also introduce them to people and I think that's a good balance Yeah and I don't work there anymore but I do contract work for them but yes they keep in a big big freezers Yes and they dry them in a special way. Yeah so shrink wrapping. Monica shrink wrapping I think that would be good wouldn't it because it's. Yeah yeah we are over time so if you need to leave or attend something else feel free it's now I will not be offended at all I mean we're not we're supposed to and but if anybody has any other questions we can go on yeah those Manny of them all around the world now there's a movement as a movement against the corporate takeover of seed which is trying to limit seed to corporations and also eliminate variety because for the market system that we have they don't like too much for ID it's competition for their system but it's a terrible thing in the long run to get rid of variety so yes or seed banks in the Netherlands there are seed banks in Sweden the seed banks in everywhere and still we're losing heirlooms every day we're losing open pollinated varieties. Because they're not in the major market system. Yeah yeah and I think that as we survive in the end times it will need to be a community thing because not everybody can save everything so we need to be able to share the B. barter going on for a period of time I think in a time of trouble you know that we will have so. Yes Any other questions or comments or yes. Or yeah if you see one or two running get him out of there you should check on them before hand and not let them get to far yeah yeah there's poisonous gases and methane is probably one but yeah OK And I'm I'm here if anybody else has questions they want to ask afterwards I'll hang around for a little bit. Of. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about overs if you would like to listen to more sermons that is it W W W. Dot org.


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