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Joy Kauffman

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  • January 20, 2018
    9:00 AM


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So I used to be a homeschool mom myself and I've been really enjoying seeing all these homeschool families and I know some of the kids here I bet you were really missing school the last couple days right. So I was thinking maybe we should do a little bit of science because you kind of missed out on a little bit although many of the sessions had a lot of scientific topics so I wanted to talk about three experiments in abundant living and we know that Jesus is the author of One that life he says that he came that we might have life and have abundantly and so the three experiments I want to share one is Biblical one is personal and one my prayer is that it will be global and that you all will also participate in this big experiment so let's quick review our lessons of science right the experimental The scientific method we have questions observations we form a hypothesis we run the experiment we gather the results in the data and then we form our conclusions everybody's got that down right OK So the first experiment want to talk about is Daniel we find in Daniel Chapter one that these young men had been chosen for this amazing opportunity they were the creme de la creme although we have to come up with a vegan version of that right done Babylon they were ready for honor and pristine and they had everything laid out before him them all the king's delicacies but Daniel Paz and he said Should I go the king's way or God's way we all have that choice every day don't we so I conclude I believe that he made some observations from how he had been raised properly he knew the Word of God from a child so he knew that God had given us dietary guidelines in Genesis one twenty nine We know that we've been told to eat seeds and a plant based diet he also knew that Noah had been given permission to eat me but it was conditional permission only the coup. In animals and those without blood and fat. We also know that he was told to go back to farming the original occupation and sadly we know that one of his farming occupations led him to a vineyard which he misused right in that up drunk OK We also know that then God worked with his people he took them through a Sabbath experiment and he put them back on a plant based diet and yet the people of Israel when they were in the desert they missed the flesh pots they missed their me they missed being gluttonous with their full feeling of the full belly because they were just being provided their daily bread again a plant based diet the Bible says it's like coriander seed. So what happened the people you're And then you're in and you're in for meat and finally God said fine I'll send you quail we read in numbers eleven that while the meat was still between their teeth God's wrath poured out and they died and they were buried there because they had yielded to their craving So here's Daniel and his friends and they have all everything laid out before them are they going to yield to their craving or are they going to go God's way so we know what happens right the hypothesis was that Daniel would choose to live God's way because it would lead to an abundant life P. purposed in his heart not to defile himself and we know he set the timeframe for the experiment ten days the diet was poles and water and as a nutritionist I love the King James version they ate beans OK I think I don't know the Greek exactly but I believe they had been as I believe they had some source of protein in addition to their vegetables but we know as a plant based diet and water he had three subjects along with him that he recruited for the experiment hand and I am Michelle and Azariah we don't know those names as well but those were the God given names right not the ones that had the Falls apologist gods mixed in and we know the control group was the king. Descendants and the noble young men. So in this situation would we have the power. To say no to everything the king has to offer that's our choice each and every day we're assaulted with the same bounty that they were. And we know the results of the experiment after ten days their features appeared better and fatter and back then that was good right. And they were in wisdom and understanding ten times better than all the magicians all the astrologers all the educated people of the Babylonian time so the conclusion was that there was power of God and there was power in the House message. So now comes my personal experiment Welcome to my family we were in Chicago celebrating Martin Luther King on Monday but we live in a little tiny town of seven hundred people called to squat Illinois and I moved there it's my husband's hometown he was a man and I born and raised on the farm they've been there since eight hundred fifty three and when I moved to school I never imagined I'd start homeschooling but I did for many years and it was a blessing to me and I encourage all of you that are in that it's a blast but I like maybe many of you at one point just hit a wall we've had some major family changes we ended up moving to a big city we were living in an apartment I left my garden we had left Sabbath I had was an adamant has but I had become messianic for a while and our family had kept sabbath but that felt a little bit strange to my family after a while so we went back to our evangelical church and something was just not working inside me and I ended up with anxiety and depression and really in a pretty serious mess about four years ago I decided to try the admin to experiment I asked myself the question was God's way going to work for me would it lead me back to good so my abs. Of ations were clear I had known that and to this warehouse to healthier than others I had studied evidence actually as an undergrad studying nutrition I had never met an Adventist except for in the hospital where I was born but I didn't talk to them. I but I kept coming upon them in the clinical research even in the eighty's the research showed you guys were healthier and now we have tons of evidence to show that I was getting in just the regular pattern even though I had been raised with coffee or alcohol in my home and all I got in the pattern of having coffee in the morning a glass of wine in the evening it wasn't working for me I was living in a city with no garden and I was anxious the Bible says Be anxious for nothing and I was choosing anxiety and anxiousness but one thing I knew I had an S.T.A. friend and she love me no matter what we fought. We fought about Ellen why did she tell me something Ellen White said I'm like I don't hear that once Bibles that I had I was such a challenge such a tough nut to crack and yet she loved me no matter what. I also knew about these blue zones I'm sure you've heard of if you haven't YOU SHOULD WE are highlighted by National Geographic as the healthiest people in the world one of five people groups in the world and I was curious enough as a scientist to wonder what did those blue zones have and common and amazingly they have a lot of the same things that Atlantis do you know plant based diet constant activity eating legumes again those pulses which I have always been a big fan of as a nutritionist gardening you like that strong women I like that so they had a lot in common so I thought what are these I'm going to doing let me try this so I started the experiment in April two thousand and fourteen I purposed in my heart not to defile myself. And I started with the most important food the daily bread and I took the Sabbath school. Orderly And I said you know I'm going to wake up every morning and I'm going to start feeding on this first and then as a blessing I tell you if we take for granted I think some of you take for granted to have this common language how does common experience being studying the buy with other people and then you go around the world and you show up and they have the same Sabbath school quarterly all this and you're a brother and sister in a way that I've never experienced in my life and that's partly how I became and it is I'll share in a few moments but at the start I just was working on myself so I decided no caffeine amazingly God delivered me from the headache that you usually get when you go off caffeine not a minute of a headache I decided I was already a vegetarian since I was nine but I decided I would just dampen down even on dairy and those types of things not not to a totally extreme extent but you know get in there and I just decided what was going to happen I had actually gone on anxiety medicines and there's mental health issues in my family so people weren't surprised they just assumed I'd be on mental health medicine for the rest of my life and you know what God freed me of everything within a few months I was really like restored my spiritual health my physical health and my marriage and relationship has not been easy I'm the only honest in my family thus far. But even like my extended family healing and relationships with my mother that had been challenging for more than two decades beautiful beautiful things happened with this experiment and so now I'm excited and I mix wanting to come in these this experiment to others. One of the ways in which the experiment is still happening in my home is I got a text yesterday from my youngest daughter and she said mom will get my Friday cleaning I reset every Friday we try to shut everything down and that's hard for me because I'm very passionate about my work try to shut everything down and just start cleaning and preparing for the Sabbath and being ready to welcome it. And she's teaching me as the children so often do. So this global experiment you may be curious what is what is this global experiment what is farms do so the question that wrestled that made me wrestle was can the poor also have an abundant life we know as I'm going to have gained seven to ten years you know is this a yuppie thing or is this for everyone I contend that God's word is for everyone so there's seven hundred ninety five million hungry people in the world and most of them are right where you guys want to be out in a rural village farming. So there are people right. This map was something I was confronted with when I was sixteen years old and that changed my life. I saw that there was hungry children all over the world I grew up pretty yuppie myself and I'd never even thought about it yet these faces and you can see where the hunger is concentrated it's in that ten forty window and especially in subsaharan Africa. So these faces these people they've stayed with me is there a message of abundant life for these women who have no access to clean water for their families. Is there a message of abundant life for men for whom there are no jobs how about for these women who I met in the mound interest in the ward in Uganda that have nothing to feed their children in Zimbabwe to eat five fruits and vegetables a day it would cost fifty two percent of your income. Can you imagine So we go there as Adventists and we love them and we tell them new start. Right. But what about them they've just walked half a mile to go get water. Do they need more exercise fresh air sunshine we know this is Biblical truth and wisdom but is it the right context for them. How about that we have seven to ten years extra life so we're right at ninety years old if you look at this it's a bit complicated. But you can see the blue dots are Africa and the life expectancy. Is on the vertical access and the income is on the horizontal axis and you can see many countries in the two where firms is working the life expectancy is less than sixty years old you think God is amused by disparities like that where we as adults has get fifty percent more life out of the deal. What could these people our brothers and sisters do with thirty more years to evangelize and spread the good news on their continent so we need a health message for them. So I was blessed with the opportunity to go with us an ID a farmer to farmer program which I would invite any of you to apply for they paid my way to go to Africa and I said what I want to do is I want to go celebrate Sabbath this is before I'd even join the church I said I want to keep Sabbath I met my Ugandan brothers and sisters and sure enough these were my people we were studying Jeremiah at the time and they were two and they were talking about how they dealt with the poor can you imagine this was a church that was seventy years old do you know what they wanted to get a glass for their windows because when it rained the brain poured in seventy years with no glass. But they were talking about how God had bless them when they help the poor. So the hypothesis so we went to the Bible first I'm sorry all places where we need to go and the hypothesis that we we formed was that God has a way for the poor to thrive. So the experiment we've been running something called Farm stew we've been going for two years we have this focus which I'll use plain and we focus on also a diet a plant based whole foods diet and we've so far worked with church members in Uganda and Zimbabwe and the control group is all the rest of the people in the world. That we have not reached yet. So as I watch that I almost pinch myself like I think I'm going to wake up and it's a dream because I am so blessed by being part of this ministry and you know it's it's a ministry that you all can be part of to really. You guys are learning to grow fruits and vegetables in your land and we know that God solution is not aid but it's agriculture we have counsel from on white on this about that teaching people to prepare the soil and take care of the garden that they can provide for themselves and we also know that God's solution for a diet is a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and the leaves will be for the healing of the nations. We also know that there will be I'm sorry that with so many of the farmers in Africa the reason why they're poor is their productivity is one third of the other continents on the other continents have gone up this is from one thousand sixty one to two thousand and eleven they've gone up exponentially but for some reason Africa has lagged behind. And. We also know from councils are you know and that that when the right methods of cultivation are adopted there will be far less poverty than exists now we intend to give people the practical lessons upon the prove most of the land and thus induce them to cultivate their land now eyeing Idol if we accomplish this we will have done good missionary work my dream and my goal is that there will be training grounds much like is run by Uncle John and amp am for many many people to be trained and not just in agriculture but in tropical agriculture so we can reach the people in the ten forty window where this hunger is experienced so farms do it is a health message it's much like a new star in some ways but it's contextualize starting with the basis of farming choosing an attitude that's positive and a Godly way rest not just for our bodies but also for the soil with crop rotation and mulching we talk also about meals and the importance of not just the biochemical nutrition but the preparation from seed to table. Sanitation is so important so many people don't know about the basics of hand washing temperance also similar to what we do here but also we're finding that our lessons are impacting domesticity violence we're reducing the incident of women being hit in their own home just by giving them an empowering Bible based message. Into prize where there's no jobs we had sessions here even we need to be coming up with our own sources of income and that's even most important countries where the unemployment is over seventy percent and finally water getting safe access to clean water and also really encouraging people to drink it so many testimonies of less headaches and an eye of problems and kidney problems so many things just water it is really the healing. All of life so I didn't know Ellen White's writings when we started this and as I read it it's just confirmation of what we've been doing and I get so excited because some of this confirmation I learned about books like this one from welfare ministry I never heard of it but as them Bob When told me about it and this says form small companies. I would love to read the whole quote but I'm going to keep going here's our small companies our teams in Uganda and Zimbabwe in Uganda they now train twenty five thousand three hundred and nineteen peoples so far. And if we. We this is where we are in Uganda and Zimbabwe and my hope and prayer is that we will have teams all across the continent and even going into Latin America and and also Southeast Asia there's so much need it's unbelievable and my hope and prayer is that whenever one of us go out we can bring the message of farms to with us now these folks are already in the rural areas and they're already farming in very high numbers so we don't have to convince them to leave the cities we don't have to convince them to leave the grid behind they've never been on the grid. They have the opportunity to live the healthy is a most pure and godly lives possible but do you see their income can you feed a family on that it's really hard sending kids to school basic things like that that's where we need to come behind them so the Bible gives us counsel submit to Him and He will make our paths tree this is from a Zimbabwe and farming methodology and just making straight paths and not walking where the soil is cultivating walking in the roads that can make a huge difference for a farmer we also just start seedlings I assume that these subsistence farmers knew how to do vegetable gardens many of them don't it's been a lost art. We also really talk about added to the discipline of laboring and working six days it's important I don't this is the devil's workshop and you see it often driving along the roads men congregating around some silly game while the women are doing all the work we try to bring them together with meals we focus on the dark rich naturally occurring colors and we would love to show this video I'm not going to try to respect of time but please go to our website and check out our videos but the poor by and large are eating white food. It's making them weak. Some often when you're eating a high starch food you can end up having obesity and malnutrition in the same family because the they're not getting the nutrients they need they're just adding bulk so the like light hair on this child shows that there's a child stream only protein deficient one of the solutions and the only conversation I I mean I want to talk to the right about so many things but I don't think she knew about soaking beings she says the beans and not that well on her stomach so often when she talks about the diet she does an emphasis the importance of legal terms but when you go out into the developing world and people are leaving behind their meat or their eggs or their dairy they have to replace it with a protein source and you as farmers know that same protein source puts the nitrogen in the soil so it's so important. We make so I mouth so critical they love love love being able to give their children milk I can get my children to drink it but they love it they absolutely love it there's so much I want to share ways that God is showing us how we can spread the gospel with these simple messages of a seed being a representation of the Godhead God is so good. He makes a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and the different colors represent different micronutrients like the bright orange representing vitamin A That's the difference between life and death for a child between eyesight and blindness he also makes legumes in all different colors I don't find that a surprise. We get huge crowds everywhere we go and then it's amazing this is sort of scrambled eggs tofu. We talk also about the hand washing and won't want to do tells of our curriculum in the village we have all day but we also help girls have sanitation for their menstrual hygiene keeping them in school and we also work with people like Florence who's the wife of an elder in our church who started a soymilk and the story Monday industry and she's selling them at the market and sending her kids to school with the money she's making. And of course water promoting the importance of clean and fresh water is so important. So what are the results of our experiment we have all these groups we've trained we leave them with training packets so they can go train others we see a lot of change already people used to not give their kids soy beans now they're given to him in a much higher degree all of these people eighty three percent are giving their kids three beans every day that's the difference between life and death. The kids love it. We also work on having them have a compost pile in the trash pile that's separate so that they can. Benefit from the organic matter that they're producing. Is there women in Zimbabwe learning to make compost and finally most important result have you felt an improvement in your health since you started firms do. We have eighty three percent saying they've had a large improvement. And the rest saying a small improvement we are thrilled and then of course the highlight of it all there are baptisms in belonga a place where we brought paths where we did the training one hundred fifty six baptisms just in December alone. We praise God for this it's really in partnership with the church but how can we take it global This isn't Zimbabwe working in the orphanage we can take it everywhere and we're just that's what firms do that's what our goal is we have in the seven divisions where there's extreme hunger we have fourteen million members just think if they were each equipped in empowered with this message what could happen that's seventy seven percent of our total membership and I'm telling you they are ready these are church members here then train one day ready to go out and train the next day sharing this good news with others so we've been talking a lot about country living and how it's so good for the children I just want you to think of these children to to live in the country would be very fit in a fishbowl they live an outdoor life they have the possibility of having healthy minds and healthy bodies having amusement and enjoyment outside. But we want to really work with them. And we have counsel of how to do that Ellen White says the Isaiah fifty eight should be the chapter that defines our work she says that should be preached over and over again and that the whole chapter is of the highest importance how many of you are very familiar with it as if the eight. Praise God that is awesome I don't think that's very common so here's part of the experiment that the Bible sets up for us. The Bible says if you extend your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul then and I always look for if and then then your light shall dawn in the darkness and you darkness will be as the noonday when I think of that I think of the depression that I had and then dieted I had and I'm telling you my darkness is now as the noonday. The Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your soul in drought and strengthen your bones and you will be like a well watered garden like a spring of water whose waters do not fail. I encourage you to know this book a book by Alan White. Helping the poor help themselves the care of orphans specific funds for welfare work this is pure religion you can listen to it like I do on your smartphone you probably have one. Welfare Ministry It's beautiful we have so much Council. So I invite you all to be part of this global experiment and there's so many ministries I don't it doesn't have to be about farms to you but I love what we're doing through farms to equipping and empowering local people with local foods and it may not be giving much I didn't have much to start with and I could have just despaired at the poverty and malnutrition that I saw but if we each commit though our research. This is may not be sufficient to feed thousands they may suffice to feed one in the hand of Christ they may feed many like the disciples give what you have and Christ will multiply the gift he will reward honest simple reliance on him that which seemed but a meager supply will prove to be a rich feast that's what we want everyone to be invited to the banqueting table love in Jesus Christ thank you so much. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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