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Darren Greenfield


Darren Greenfield

Weimar Farm Manager



  • January 20, 2018
    6:00 PM


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To Father in heaven. I just need your help to be able to speak now. You know my limitations and. You know what we need to hear I pray that you will enable it to be communicated and I pray that everyone will go home just excited to work with you excited to unite and and to carry out the work that you've asked us to do. And as we see the results in our gardens as we see the results and their families as we see the results and people around us may others catch the vision to. Inspire us I pray in Jesus' name amen. It's a pretty big task isn't it to take the three angels messages to the whole world I don't know how it's going to be done we get a glimpse of it in Revelation eighteen when the Fourth Angel. And lightens the whole world with its glory. The message calling people out of Babylon calling people to worship God to fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come. And we're longing for the day when the Holy Spirit will be poured out and let a rain power so that this can really be wrapped up and we can go home it can't be far away I mean the world is really deteriorating fast isn't it and the disasters that are happening it's going to get hotter before the Lord comes and it's going to be challenging for us but I believe that what we've learned here the something better will help finish God's work can you say I mean I really believe that to be true. But to a lot of aid been us this movement to move to the country and have this lifestyle is seen as as actually a hindrance to doing the work we do the majority of people live they live in cities and it's getting more and more and more as we look at the statistics. So does this really hinder the work from being finished I don't believe that's true I believe there are people who are called to work the cities God calls them and when they respond God equips them protects them and enables them to do that work but if we think as administrate we can live in cities and not be involved in God's work not be focused and just raise our families there we're going to be very disappointed and the Bible records the story of Lot as an example of why we really need to get out of the wicked cities. I found a very interesting in this. Section of the Ellen G. White encyclopedia. That talks about the little book called Country Living I'm sure many of you have seen this book and read it it says there that the Council's brought together in this booklet and by the way does anyone know who compiled that book. Is the one here. We have a book here called counsels on agriculture that deicing a compiled but you'll be interested to know that this book was compiled by E.-I Sutherland and so this little book has had a pretty big impact but they say here that the councils brought together in this booklet were largely responsible for Adventism Trinsic fear of the cities which is still strong today and may have contributed to the years of slow progress of its work and urban seem to is unfortunately who are equally strong and numerous calls to evangelize the cities did not receive such wide circulation as did the contrast in councils compiled in country living the two sets of councils may be reconciled by the observation that those to Rickly involved in evangelizing the cities may be cold to live in them is that true it is true isn't it but that those who choose to live in the cities without any strong conviction of evangelist vocation may be sacrificing eternal values for temporal ones I'd like to take that even a little bit further. I'm sorry I should have been picking this. I forgot that I need to click. There we go. I would take this a little bit further to to say that even the call to move to the country if we move to the country without focus on God's commission that he's given us to reach the world with the three engines messages that we could also have disappointing results we could also. See to no values for temporal ones. One of the many reasons that family should move out of the cities and want seed she said the serious times are before us and there is a great need for families to get out of the cities into the country she talks about how the work of character development if you raise your kids in the city and this is back in her day would be times. Then if they are raised in the country. She says that one of the reasons is that the truth may be carried into the by ways as well as the highways of the Earth much to pains upon laying out plains according to the word of the Lord and with perseverance if it carrying them out more depends upon consecrated activity and perseverance than upon genius and book learning and there are so many so many statements where we are told that even those who stay in the cities when the final judgments of God fall upon them will not expect them if they have not listened to the counsel that God has given in this respect in this regard and so it's a pretty serious coal and yet she also gives caution that family shouldn't rush hastily and go to the country without counseling without carefully weighing the cost and moving under the providence of God So it's very easy for us to make a rash you know passionate decision and then all of a sudden get in a predicament that we don't know how to get out of and there have been people that all of us. They think this isn't working and they run back to the cities to the protection that they think they have in the cities so we don't want that to happen the key is that we need to be led by God God will lead us in every step of the way but when we focus on the work that God has given us not just of growing food but of giving the Gospel caught cooperates with our efforts and reveals Himself to us and ways that just really for me it just blows me away. I saw a thirty to twenty season place today you do so besides awards so the countryside has to be reached as well as a city is that true in fact I don't want encourages us to move to dock areas where there aren't administers and there are plenty of rural areas with people need to hear the Gospel farming is. The or the Greer and lifestyle I don't want to just merit to farming but the agrarian lifestyle is one of those. Experiences as we've been learning as John has been sharing with us one of the conditions we call equips us to be better able to do the work that he's given us and Noah is in the Bible as one of the examples and in Genesis five twenty eight and twenty nine lame Achatz is lived one hundred eighty two years and had a son and he called his name know us saying This one will comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands because of the ground which the Lord has cursed so Noah grew up in a farming family and this was the can the conditions that God ordained for him to be equipped to do the greatest work of his time to warn the world of the impending judgment and he was busy building in Iraq just like when we have busy farming you think Where am I going to find time to do this kind of work I mean farming takes up all my time I don't know how I'm going to do it. But somehow the Lord calls people who are used to being active and busy remember that quote we just read before let me see if we go back to it sorry I haven't been clicking through. Then we go back to this one. Maybe I need to go forward to it. OK Go back one so I notice it says here more depends upon what consecrated activity and perseverance and let me tell you if you want to learn perseverance How do you learn perseverance. Trying to grow crops when you having struggles in the heat and all the things that make it a difficult perseverance is learned in consecrated activity is we do our part and work with God to bring those crops to fruition and so more to pains on that. Then on a genius and book learning. It is quicker working to get through to the I'm sorry it seems to be slow as we do this work of the agricultural work of growing crops I love this promise and it has been so dear to me I've claimed it from them from the very beginning when I was called into farming I didn't know how to fight and. I had read this before and so I claimed it and I pray this when I'm growing I pray for I claim this is a promise every day Lord please teach me wisdom because I don't have wisdom and you've promised to instruct and God really does he really does we might have some failures but through the five years God teaches us and I guess I'll read through it really quickly because I don't want to take a lot of time we want to wrap up but it says here this is really precious Gotta Give me air and hear my voice this is God speaking listen and hear my speech does the ploughman keep plowing all day to so does he keep turning this soil and breaking the clouds when he is leveled at surface does he not so the black come in and scared of the common plant the wheat in rows the body in the pointed place and the spelt in its place for he that is God instructs him in right judgment would you like God to instruct you in right judgment he's promised to do it his God teaches him for the black common is not thresh with a threshing slave nor a cop will rolled over the common but the black common is beaten out with a stick in the common with a rod bread flour must be ground there for he does not for Eva break it with his cot we low crush it with his horsemen this also comes from the LORD of hosts who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance this is a powerful promise and I hope that you will claim it every day as you work with him and I found it to be so true. I won't tell the stories for the sake of time but many many a time has God flashed into my mind almost a picture and I'm not a one of those I don't have an imagination that has pictures but sometimes he flashes a picture of what should be and and and it helps me solve problems and. As we you know do this work I would say that the first probably four years that I was farming Often times I was not. Cheerful the doing the work I was working long getting tired getting grumpy and sometimes getting discouraged but this passage here really rebuked me and it says here are six following the testimonies of one seventy eight if the land is called evaded it will with the blessing of God the blessing of God we must pray for the blessing of God You know we can't you know we have scientists that are studying plants the soil and all these things and coming up with all these ways of growing and they get results in fact look what science is giving us hydroponics. That's not really what we want but that's the sum of the solutions that are coming up with to feed the world. But with the blessing of God we have God has promised that he will supply our necessities. We are not to be discouraged about temporal things because of apparent failures nor should we be disheartened by delay we should work the soil how cheerfully hopefully gratefully believing that the earth holds a new bosom rich staus for the faithful worker to Ghana stores richer than called or silver So you know the ground was cursed for whose sake for our sake God has a purpose in the toil in the difficulty of trying to grow. Crops and through it if we know if we recognize that we need the blessing of God and we expect the blessing of God and we we cheerfully hopefully gratefully believe that he's going to give that blessing it does something to us and that is what God is wanting to effect that's what he's wanting to do he's wanting to grow us we want to grow our plants he wants to grow us and it's it's it's really amazing that if we will focus on what he wants to do for us there in he can actually do it. So I love this passage here. It's one of the promises that I claim from God and I've been praying for it it says sixty five nine through eleven you visit the earth and water it you greatly enrich it the River of God is full of water you provide the grain for so you have prepared it you water its ridges abundantly you settle as far as you make it soft with showers you what does God do you bless its growth you crown the year with your goodness and your paths drip with abundance now to a to a Connal mind we might think money right that is we are going to have an abundance of money but there is an abundance more than what money can buy that God gives us through the experience of growing he might give us an abundant harvest of food it might not equate money we might not be out to sell it but he gives us an abundance and so it shows us that he will bless as he has promised and I prayed for this almost on a daily basis the next one that I've been claiming as well isn't some sixty seven versus one to five through seven and as we have this cheerful grateful attitude and praise God he promises that he will do something it's easy god. Be merciful to us and bless us does he need to be merciful to us he doesn't mean not just because of who we are and how may stop in the things we've done but he needs to be merciful on us and supplying our needs and causes face to shine upon us why that your way or God's way may be known on Earth yourself among all the nations so when God is merciful to us and blesses us the effect of that is that his way can be known on the earth I really was touched by the testimony of the young Brazilian girl talking about how people came out to the fire and how they this young lady that didn't believe in God how she saw. The something better and she started giving her heart to the Lord that was so touching this is God's purpose is to affect people to see the something better but the last part of the verse where this passage says let the people's praise you oh God let all the peoples praise you then what will happen. Then the earth shall yield increase do you believe that to be true or is this just some sort of fanciful spiritual nice feeling thing to read in and that Sir do you think that if we will praise God that He will cause the Earth to Europe's increase. Do you have faith that he will do their He will God our own God shall bless us God shall bless us and all the ends of the earth shall fear him. So when we have that great full cheerful attitude when we're and hopeful as we are working with God growing these crops. And we praise him for what he's going to do and what he does do more than just. In our gardens and well. He's doing in our lives and what he's promised to complete and the home that he's prepared for us God says that the earth will yield her and her increase and as a result of that the blessing of God all the ends of the earth shall feed him what's the first angel's message what does it start out with fear God give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come so what is going to lead the earth to fear him. When the earth when the people of this world see God's people praising grateful and working with them and the earth feeling it increase it will be loud there is a God in heaven Wow Now I want to share this this passes this one really impacted me more than anything else in this past year. This is to praise God in fullness and sincerity of heart is as much as is prayer is that important to pray. It's just as important to praise God and fullness and sincerity of heart we had to show to the world to all the heavenly intelligences that we appreciate the wonderful love of God for fallen humanity and that we are expecting larger and yet larger What blessings from his infinite fullness far more than we do we need to speak of the precious chapters in air experience after a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit joy in the Lord an hour a fish unseen a service would be greatly increased by recounting his goodness and his wonderful works in behalf of his children these exercises drive back the power of Satan do you know what the power of Satan is going to work strong to stop you achieving the something better in your life he's going to do everything he can to try to hinder it. But if we will still praise God in all the trials and difficulties the power of Satan will be driven back notice what else will happen. If they lead is the exercise of praising God expel the spirit of murmuring and complaint and the team loses what ground I want to lose ground and I'm grateful that this is one of the keys to him losing ground they cultivate those attributes of character which will fit the do well as on Earth for the heavenly mansions do we need to be fitted up for heaven. This is what we are told will help cultivate those attributes of character it's not the hard work and the sweat that's going to fit us for heaven it's the cheerful grateful hopeful. Attitude is we do it trusting in God that he will do what he's promised because it's a work of cooperation and that's what God wants to teach us is if we will cooperate with him he will do what he's promised and we will see amazing things and then the earth will will get the message and notice what else such a testimony will have influence upon others no more effective means can be employed for winning souls to Christ so what's the most effective means to win souls to Christ how can we finish this work that God has given us to do of warning the world of the judgment to come. Sharing the praises of God with others and they will be drawn to him. OK Sorry I've gone. So I want to share with you something that just blew me away this last year we are told in the spirit of prophecy and in the Bible that what God has said about wristing the land that we should do it even today it's not just an Old Testament ceremonial law that was for Israel but it was actually given for us today as well and its season in Leviticus twenty five three three seven six years you shall so your field and six years you shall prune your vineyard and gather its fruit but in the seventh year they shall be a Sabbath of solemn raced for the land a Sabbath to the Lord you shall need the so your field will prune your vineyard what grows over its own accord of your harvest you shall not reap nor gather the grapes of your untainted vine for it is a year of rest for the land and the Sabbath produce of the land Shelby food for who for you so you can still eat what grows there for you your male and female servants your hired man the stranger who dwells with you for your livestock and the beasts that are in your lane and all its produce Shelby food for you. So you shall observe my statutes This is twenty five eighteen through twenty and keep my judgments and befall them and you will dwell in the land and safety in the land will yield its fruit and you will eat your fill and well the inside a fifty and if you say what shall we eat in the seventh year since we shall not so nor gather in our produce then I will do what come Mond my blessing on you in the sixth year and it will bring forth produce enough for three years and you shall so in the eighth year and eat all produce in the ninth year until its produce comes and you shall eat of the old harvest. So coming on to conviction from reading this and then the endorsement of Ellen White saying we should still do this today I kind of. I guess an almost fearful way committed to doing this but almost in an excited way to see what God would do I decided that I was going to risk the land we don't have a lot of land to grow on it we merits on the side of a hill and there's not much that we can effectively till without it eroding down the hillside and so I made this decision that that's what we're going to do committed to it and I was absolutely blown away how God fulfilled his promise and I want to share that with you just very briefly as I close is an encouragement to you to seek after the blessing of God follow his instructions and he will do exactly what he promised. So as we set out in the season what happened was we were harvesting our crops we even got a light stuff so I thought we were going to be as well off as the previous year. But as we started harvesting our crops in delivering all of a sudden the sale started going up by about fifty percent on the previous year and then not only did our sales go up and so on we had so much produce left are in fact people said to me over and over again why aren't you harvesting all the. Produce we were we was we were selling we were way up and we hadn't planted a a much larger area than the year before. And so I was thinking in my carnal mind where can I sell the extra And then the Lord spoke to me and said When the disciples. When when Jesus fed the five thousand and get and then they gathered up twelve baskets of fragments What did they do with those skits. And I thought about that and I thought they did exactly what we're told to do to care for the needy for the poor and for those who couldn't have made it to that meeting that they had there and I'm sure they took those extras and took care of the needy and so impressed me you need to give this away so I called we had given some away the year before to a food bank some of the seconds so I called the food bank and said we're ready to give you more food and this guy comes out and he picks it up and and he starts taking it and then that food bank was full and couldn't take anymore so he went to the Salvation Army and then he went to another food bank and he filled them all up with all this food and we still had plenty left over didn't know what to do with that and it just really blew me away and then. What actually happened was this guy who came from the food bank his name was Tom going to picture him here. He. He would come and he would grab a cucumber and he would just bite into it and go oh this is so good or a tomato and he bite into it these are so good and he every time he did the exactly the same and he would exclaim and so I started saying to Tom I said Taste and see that the Lord is good and he didn't say anything and every time he came we do the same thing and exclaim I gave him stuff to take home to eat at home and he was very grateful for that he told me that when he took the produce to the food bank that all the workers would would run for it and grab them. Start eating as well and they weren't used to getting good organic nutrient dense food fed with C ninety but anyway he kept coming day after day well when I stayed after day he was started doing three times a week deliveries his pickup was loaded the back of the pickup couldn't take more and. So I keep telling him taste and see that the Lord is good and then he he started saying to me you know what I'm a recovering Catholic he was kind of telling me you know I'm not really into this religion stuff. And time went on and he kid he said to me you know you've got a lot more projects this year than last year and I said yeah it's the blessing of the Lord and I told him we would keep going to keep the sabbath rest of the land and he and Lord promised in his word that he would bless the six year and he just listened and. Then time went on and he said to me he said you know I need to talk to you and he started to tell me of some of the troubles and and some challenges he was facing in life some pretty difficult things and I said to Tom let's pray and he said OK And so we prayed and and then I actually said to him as as the situation they was going through was was developing and he had more details with me I see them What do you want to see happen here Tom Any told me gave me a list of things I'd like this to happen and this and this and this and I said why don't we pray about an awesome Lord so we prayed and we asked specifically for the very things that he was hoping would happen and do you know what the Lord answered every single one of those prayers and everything happened and he was blown away and he while and even see it wow God is good. And then. He started doing he said I like this place very well and there are some circumstances that he he actually came and did some work for US volunteer and didn't cost us anything and one of those. Things I gave him to do was to go and work in the orchard and harvest sugar plums and I said to Tom I said you know in the orchard is a special place ice is my favorite place on the farm when I go there I feel the presence of God and I just really love it there I wish I could work anymore and he said OK So you went out there he worked there for hours during that day and he came back with all the crates of. Sugar plums that he'd harvested and he said to me you know what I felt the presence of God there too and he said I even talk to him. Really so then time goes on and. I. One day he says to me he says you know I'm I'm trying to give up cursing I said really and he said yeah and he said I'm doing pretty good I'm not the yet but I'm making progress I'm trying to keep up cursing I said Good on you Tom and. I shared with him Philippians for thirty. Four thirteen I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and he said you know I. Would like to get a Bible I said. Yeah you should get a Bible and read it he says I'm going to get myself one for Christmas I said that's too far away you need to get one now I'll get you one so I got him a Bible and I gave it to him he took their Bible and he set down started reading it right away he didn't even white and he started reading Philippians and he really liked the book of Philippians then. Another few you know week or so later he was back of his toy to. Pick up we were leaning on the back of it and talking and I was looking you know yet as tools and he had various things in the back of his truck and. He probably saw me looking and I see this plastic bag full of some big canes and I didn't you know I knew he drunkard smelled it on him occasionally and I knew he smoked it smelt it on him and I hadn't said a word to him and you know he said you know what. I've decided that I'm going to stop drinking alcohol I say Really he said Yeah in fact I've even started tipping some of it out at home and said well praise God that's great Tom and then he said you know what I'm going to give up smoking too I must stop I haven't said a word nobody has it anything to him except the Holy Spirit was speaking to him and. You know all he had been exposed to about God was just praising God for His goodness and that he had given the increase and that he had blessed as he had promised to do and he was attracted to God it was just really blew me away to see that and then I read this Psalms thirty six nine. And it says in your light we see light in your light we see light you know it's not our work to go out and tell people stop smoking and stop drinking and keep the Sabbath and and do all these doctrinal things that we believe our work is to show people the glory of God to show God that is who he says he is and that he will bless us when we cooperate with them he will pour out those blessings that he has said if we do what he has said and meet the conditions and so I'm grateful to tell you today that Tom has had we've been having bible studies together and every time we open the Bible he's excited to learn about this god and when after I think it was the first or second Bible study I had with him I was ready to lead him to a decision to invite Jesus and accept him as a savior and we read the verse and Revelation three twenty about him knocking at the door and I didn't even get to to say you know to make the appeal to him he said yes let's do it before I even say that he slipped let me I want to invite Jesus into my life and he grabbed my hand and and I was expecting you know that I would pray and then he would pray because he's not used to praying and that sort of thing but he started praying right away and he asked Jesus into his life and I was just blown away by that. I really believe that what we're doing in our work with God cooperating with God praising God is going to have such a powerful influence and I believe that God is going to to this message that we have learned about something better here when people see your family your kids your you know your happiness is going to be attractive and God is going to give you opportunities to share about him as he pulls out his blessings they're not going to see you wealthy they're not going to see you with big bank accounts and fancy cars and things like that no they're not going to be attracted to you because of worldly success going to be attracted because called is placing it how many of you want to say Lord I want to enter into that experience and even though it's going to be hard it's going to be humble it's going to be difficult yet I recognize it's beta I want to enter into this experience and I'm going to praise you I'm going to make it a practice to praise you all through this experience how many you want to say Lord that's me price God I'll just close with a word of prayer and then we will continue with our closing exercises loving Father in heaven we are so grateful that you long to pour out your rich placings on us and we are to expect even more than what we have already received and so father keep us constant in pre-A claiming the promises of what you've said you will do and Lord. Will you bring people into our lives that can be affected by this. Will you show them your glory somehow through our gardens and through off. Will you please Lord. Help us finish the work so that we can go home and be with you thank you father I know you long to do it you're waiting for us to work with you and cooperate with you and I praise you for what will be done and how this work. We finished in a short time thank you in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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