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The Last Deception

Taariq Patel


Taariq Patel has a incredible testimony. As a young child he spent time living in Saudi Arabia, India, and Great Britain. He was heavily trapped in the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction but found that redemptive power of Jesus Christ that restored both his body and mind, to overcome these addictions. Taariq is currently in college studying theology. 


  • July 29, 2015
    7:00 PM
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You have your Bible's term of me to Revelation Chapter twelve Revelation Chapter twelve. That's right I won praise the Lord. When you get there you know what to do. Amen All right we there Revelation Chapter twelve Luke with me at verse seventeen and the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make peace went to make friends. He went to make war with the remnant of her see which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ we talked about it briefly last night who is the dragon anybody remembers I can hear you say it again. Satan who is the woman the church so Satan he is angry enraged with the church and he went to make war with the remnant of her seat not just any church the Bible focuses on a particular church it says those that keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ so according to this verse Satan is that war and angry with God's Church in particular God's church that has two characteristics they keep all ten commandments and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ is that clear in men now the next question is what is the testimony of Jesus Christ the Bible tells us in Revelation Chapter nineteen this go there Revelation Chapter nineteen and verse ten are we there. Revelation one thousand verse ten and John is speaking he says I fell at his feet to worship him and he said unto me see that I'll do it not I am by fellow servant and of the brethren that have the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy So what is the testimony of Jesus seventy one the Spirit of Prophecy So now let's go back to Revelation twelve Satan is angry with the church and going to war with those that keep the Ten Commandments of God and have the Spirit of Prophecy Who is he talking about who is John talk about human rights this is pointing not to the Methodists not to the Presbyterians not to the piskun Paley and this is pointing directly to the Seventh Day Adventists church did you know that our church was a prophetic movement that in Revelation Chapter ten we are prophesied to come and from eight hundred forty four we were prophesied to come on the scene after the great disappointment our movement is a prophetic movement and we have been given the Spirit of Prophecy the understanding and interpretation of prophecy that no other church has received the Seventh Day Adventist Church has been given we were a prophetic movement prophesied to come started by prophecy and were still a prophetic movement and the Bible says that Satan is making war with us so get this U.C.L.A. Berkeley Washington State Miami University is the devil concerned about them according to this verse or is he concerned about Walla Walla P.C. Loma Linda and Jews or Southern according to this verse he's at war with Seventh Day Adventists the war is not with ISIS the war is not on terrorism the war is with the Seventh Day Adventist Church now this verse tells us that the war well escalate to Sunday law legislation like we talked about last night God's people will be persecuted but my question to you this evening. The Bible says we're at war do you see it are you aware of it the devil already got the pool hall he's not worried about the club he's not worried about the dancehall he is in our schools he is in our churches because according to this first the dragon is angry with the woman and he's making war with us if we wake up and we feel like we're not in a warfare we have to ask ourselves a question Lord shown along why to serve the Lord says this We have more to fear from within then we do from without last night's message we talked about without distractions from the world that want to pull us away from God's Word and in turn it to forms our mind raising us by wolves so we can be prepped up to receive the mark of the beast that's from without nuts pretty terrible but she says we have more to fear from within than without some with me to Jeremiah chapter five Jeremiah chapter five as we transition Germans have to five in verse thirty when you there let me know by saying amen All right all right Jeremiah chapter five in verse thirty the Bible says this a wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land the profits prophesied falsely and the priests bear rule by their own means and my people love to have it so and what will you do in the end there are join me in a word of prayer Heavenly Father we want to invite your presence to be with us I pray Lord that your spirit would be with me and all your people please forgive us for our sins and we ask in the name of Jesus that you will rebuke any demonic spirit in this place. That your angels will come against them mightily Lord your strongest same tools in this place and may your Holy Spirit and heavenly forces alone be welcome here because we ask it in Jesus' powerful name Amen name some of your favorite preachers somebody nice a nice of feedback here if you say it again run Sydney anybody else name some more of oh OK forget that guy somebody else has to Chris anybody else some Son anybody like to listen to when you go home maybe you too Paul washer somebody else Doug Batchelor said again Andy Stanley go ahead My Sister Sam Lenore OK one more in this is it Matthew Zacharias OK in our church we have a lot of Seventh Day Adventists ministers a lot of preachers a lot of gifted speakers right now I was talking to a friend of mine about a couple years ago and we were in this discussion over a certain church issue I was on one side he was on the other now he's my friend we're still friends and we were having a healthy discussion I was using scripture he was speaking his mind and he said something that caught me he said Well Pastor someone so believes it but the way he said it it gave me the impression that because Pastor someone so believes it that's why he believes it but what struck me so profoundly about that was that pastor so and so is a powerful charismatic amazing speaker matter of fact I had not heard one sermon from past the source on which my heart wasn't stirred I said a man but in this particular issue I didn't agree with PASSED THE so on so because from my conviction of the Bible I did receive what he was preaching but the first thing that came to my mind is to my friend is what has God told you about the issue. What has the Holy Spirit told you about the issue and it made me think are many of us going what we hear and over here because our favorite preacher is over here and over here but if we were to be asked about it can we show from the Bible what we believe in man check this out I heard this message right the pastor gifted pastor he started to preach he started to use the Bible was great great message and then he just hopped off and left the Bible behind and jumped off into conjecture but he is an excellent amazing speaker charismatic funny engaging and had everybody says oh how to lose you by the time the mess is result where he gave an appeal hundreds of people stood up I was at home watching and I said you know what I don't agree with these things that he's saying he was good in the beginning but then he lost me and then everybody came out of the sermon and I was asking these young people I said Man How was it is it all wow lujah praise God the Holy Spirit was there then I asked them how do you know that the Holy Spirit was there and they said well you know it a felt right it was good he was using the Bible he started to use the Bible but then he left it behind a friend of mine sent me this message she said Tara you got to check out this this thing on You Tube a civil sup bro he said Man this is the best preaching ever and so I typed it up the best preaching a sermon ever he said Check this out I'm watching the sermon online now get this I've never heard discussed speak before Louis Farah Khan I was like I don't want nothing to do this guy he's not even a Christian Louis Farah Khan went into a Christian church with NO NO stood behind the pulpit and preached about Jesus better than many passes I've heard preach about Jesus a matter of fact I was watching the You Tube video like finding myself going a man why Oh and I shook the video off and I asked the Lord I said Lord what just happened why was my heart so stirred at that speaker and you know what God showed me Isaiah Chapter eight Isaiah Chapter three Isaiah Chapter eight. Isaiah Chapter eight and look with me if you will of verse twenty Isaiah Chapter eight and verse twenty I'll be there amen the Bible says this to the long and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them when I listen back to that sermon I realized he had some points that were not in line with the script but he was a great speaker and he kind of lost me on those points because I got emotionally involved but the Bible says to the law and to the testimony if they don't speak according to the Bible there is no light in them it doesn't matter how you feel hollow Lou you're the Holy Spirit was there it doesn't matter if you stood up for the appeal the Bible says if it's not according to the word There's no light in question for you all how do you know that if tech Patel is preaching truth to you how do you know if it's like that I'm given if you're not familiar with the word yourself you should let no preacher preach to you not me or anybody else God uses laymen he uses preachers don't get me wrong but that is not your foundation how many times has the Lord Jesus Christ warned us that in the last days false prophets will come Paul said when I leave where are false prophets be where false prophets come to you in sheep's clothing you know what that means they're going to preach Christ they're going to preach the Gospel they're going to make appeals they're going to even to baptism you know there's a preacher he's an amazing preacher he was preaching before Ellen White was preaching matter of fact he was preaching before John the Baptist was preaching he was preaching before Isaiah and Jeremiah was preaching can I take you back a little further. He was preaching before A knock was preaching matter of fact before any human being opened up their mouth he was preaching and his sermons were so affective that he converted a third of perfection in perfection to join his church and guess what he's still preaching today matter of fact the devil preaches Jesus and has more people in his church than those preaching the real Jesus in their church he's making appeals that his in the Bible says He comes as a minister of light the servant of God says this many not a few many will stand in our pope it's not the Presbyterian not the Catholic not the Methodists Seventh Day Adventists pope ins with the torch of false prophecy in their hand kindled by the hellish torch of Satan we have more to fear from within then from without the dragon is wroth with the woman and went to make war the battle is for your mind do you know that in the time of Ahab Jessa Belden a lighter in the northern kingdom of Israel there was a rebellion in the southern kingdom of Israel was Joseph that there was reformation and they believed in God What was the difference because if you were living in northern Israel I asked myself I said man I could look out my window and said David won't this street Joshua was down here of course the people knew about God and knew about their history why was it that northern Israel were worshipping idols Why did they apostasy size and you know what hit me the leadership. The leadership of the North was different from the south just a bell had all her false prophets and teachers and it swayed millions listen to this on the way to the Promised Land when the children of Israel got out of Egypt and they were on the borders of Canaan you remember the story with the twelve spies most a sent out the twelve spies to go scout the land ten spies came back and gave a bad report all men are giants in the land we can't beat them we're like grasshoppers in their sight Joshua and Caleb said we could take it God is with us listen to this you guys ten people now these ten guys weren't cowards they were princes they were rulers they were chosen from amongst the people these guys had to survive forty days in enemy territory travelling over two hundred miles scouting and surviving off the land they were no cowards these ten guys came back and preached a different message these ten pastors I like to call them preached a sermon so powerful because of their influence just what happened millions of people died nobody in that generation that was complaining made it to the promised land you know who made it to the Promised Land only Joshua and Caleb guess what happened forty years later once again there at the borders of the Promised Land guess what happened pastor bail him came along bail him was a prophet of God but and he had a pasta size and became a false prophet and now it was bailiffs idea to throw this party invite God's people to this party and you know that many of God's people went to this party because they revered Baylen as a prophet of God Oh because Pastor Balan is there I'm going to go to the party and once again Israel had a past the size and twenty two thousand people died and many didn't make it what am I seen here we are on the borders of Canaan about to enter into the Promised Land and once again false prophets will arise do you see are you aware of it. It was the influence of the Pharisees and Sadducees I'm reading this quote from great controversy page five ninety six it was the influence of such teachers that led the Jewish nation to reject their Redeemer did everyone hear that because of the scribes and the Pharisees it was because of their influence why people rejected Christ so why isn't the same don't you think the same thing is happening today my family turn with me to German Chapter twenty Jeremiah Chapter twenty and Jeremiah Chapter twenty years when you have an enormous and I mean do you guys know within this very place P.C. in the seventy's there was a man named Desmond Ford has anybody heard of him in the seventy's Desmond Ford he came out with a teaching in the doctrine we believe that crisis in the most holy place in the sanctuary in the heavenly sanctuary his beliefs and teachings just dissin all that cancel that and when he came out with this teaching it shook the church many pastors left people left the church because of one man there was another man years ago named Harvey Kellogg Kellogg cereal he was a pioneer of this church a doctor it was said that Kellogg could run circles around people when you start talking about the Bible Kellogg had these new philosophies and new ideas that shook the church fractured the church you know what Sister White said about Kellogg this is what she said about him Listen to this you guys I tell you in the name of the Lord God of Israel that Satan is presenting his Sophos trees to ministers and medical workers and if our people listen to these soft astri's they will become impregnated with the same false ideas of popular religion that will cause them to develop into gods and there will be no place in their lives for God or for Christ get this just as long as men consent to listen to these office trees a subtle influence will we've the fine threads of these seductive theories into their minds and men who should turn away from the first sound of such teaching will learn to love it. As loyal subjects we must refuse to even listen to these soft astri's their influence is something like a deadly Viper poisoning the minds of all who listen it is a branch of hypnotism deadening the sense of Bill a tease of the soul this is what she said when you sit down and listen the Kellogg it is a branch of hypnotism it's that good it is that good deadening your sensibilities of the soul you know out of after that message I talked to you about that I disagreed with with the pastor that was preaching the young people came out of the Holy Spirit was there one of the young people approached me and said The God was there a friend of mine was shown him some scriptures that challenge him and then he became convicted that God was not there and then he listened to the sermon again and he said all the holy spirit was there and then we showed him scriptures once again and then he became convicted and he looked at me and he said Terence I'm kind of afraid I said what happened I didn't know the devil was that good and he listened to it again and then once again he was struggling and then he came to me and he said Terek I realized I had to delete it because each time I listen to it I was given we converted our branch of hypnotism deadening the sensibilities of the soul that's what Kellog did back in a long white Day Now here's what I'm going to say in Jeremiah Chapter twenty eight we're going to read this chapter right now here's the backdrop the last king of Judas on the throne Israel is already gone the kingdom of Assyria wiped them out God had put up with them enough and now the last king of Juda was on the throne Zedekiah was the king of Judah and he was up to bat the first two kings before that a car struck out. Johore Kim didn't obey never Knesset or never can as it was the big boss man in town and you had to obey never Knesset or every other king in the whole world was like his vassal his puppet king and you had to obey never Knesset joy of him king of Juda struck out didn't obey never Knesset next king of Juda Johore your kin or check Kanigher he struck out didn't obey never can as a king of Babylon and so the last kings that acquires up to bad what is he going to do the word of the Lord comes to prophet Jeremiah and he tells Jeremiah to wear this yoke of wood around your neck and when you're wearing this wooden yoke it's to symbolize to all the people submit to the yoke of Babylon God has given you into Babylon's hand and you know what God said if you do this it's going to be well with you you're going to be OK You're going to make it it shall be well with you so get this Jeremiah the prophet is walking around with the yoke like the ox is wearing cattle where he's walking around with this yoke all day now can you imagine somebody walking in this door with that on their neck How crazy would they look to us today and even back then so germ I didn't even have to open his mouth he was a walking billboard he was a walking talking sermon or not even talking sermon at times and so God told him to wear this to show all the nations and Israel and Judah EXCUSE ME WHAT TO DO look with me and share my twenty in. And it came to pass the same year in the beginning of the reign of the set of king of Juda in the fourth year and in the fifth month that hand and I are the son of a sword the prophet which was of Gibeon spake unto me in the house of the Lord in the presence of the priests and all the people saying thus speak of the LORD of hosts the God of Israel saying I have broken the yoke of the king of Babylon within two four years well I bring again into this place all the vessels of the Lord's house that never can as their king of Babylon took away from this place and carried them to Babylon and I will bring again to this place check an eye of the son of Jehovah Kim king of Juda with all the chapters of Judah that went into Babylon saith the Lord for I will break the yoke of the king of Babylon then the prophet Jeremiah said into the prophet hand and I are in the presence of the priests and in the presence of all the people that stood in the house of the Lord even the prophet Jeremiah said amen the Lord do so the Lord performed I words which thou hast prophesied to bring again the vessels of the Lord's house and all that is carried away captive from Babylon into this place nevertheless here that hour now this word that I speak in the ears and in the ears of all the people the prophets that have been before me and before you of old prophesied both against many countries and against great kingdoms of war evil and pestilence the profit which prophesied of peace when the word of the prophet shall come to pass then shall the Prophet be known that the Lord has truly sent him then hadn't I the prophet took the yoke from off the prophet Jeremiah his neck and broke it and had an eye and spoke in the presence of all the people saying the saith the Lord even so well I break the yoke of never can as a king of Babylon from the neck of all nations within the space of two full years and the prophet Jeremiah went to his way then the word of the Lord came on to Jeremiah the prophet after hand and I The prophet had broken the yoke from off his neck the prophet Jeremiah saying Go tell hand of NY and saying Thus saith the Lord that has broken the New Yorks of wood but that will shout make for them yokes of iron For thus saith the LORD of hosts the God of Israel I have put a yoke of iron upon the neck of all these nations that they may serve never can as a king of Babylon and they shall serve him and I have given him the beasts of the field also then said the prophet Jeremiah on to head and I the prophet here now had and I am the Lord has not sent you but you make this people to trust in a lie therefore thus saith the Lord behold I will cast the from off the face of the earth this year you will die because you have taught rebellion against the Lord so hand and I The Prophet died the same year in the seventh month. Wow germ eyes and church he got the yoke on all God's people are in God's house incomes hand and the profit and he comes in boldly saying thoughts say at the Lord does say if ya way now when you name God's name especially back in those places so sacred I've heard that it's been said that the guys who wrote the Bible before they write the Lord's name they will kneel down confess their sins before they even write God's name but here this prophet is saying verse say if ya wage a whole over within two years God is going to bring back all the captives on Babylon within two years God is going to return all the vessels that were taken from God's house and he's going to bring back the king within two years what a powerful message what a charismatic how delivery I mean there in God's house with the vessels have been taken the people are now the tail their sadness who there didn't want some of their family members to return I'm sure some of their brothers and sisters wives and husbands were captives and here had an eye is saying that they're going to come back within two years the King is going to come back you're going to receive your honor but what was Jeremiah is message he had the yoke on his neck hand and I says that God is going to break the yoke in two years Jeremiah has a yoke on his neck and his message was that God is not only not going to break the young you've got to submit to the yoke so he conscience of church preaching that a message in direct opposition of Jeremiah I'm not sure my is telling the people not only are the vessels not coming back but whatever's left in this church is going to and the captives are not coming back but if you don't repent all of us is going to go ahead and I preach this message it was so powerful that Jeremiah said a man. The Lord do so the Lord perform your words hand and I that you preach this day I mean you ripped it out I'm sure jam Armada had a cousin or family member that was captive of course he wanted him to come home germ I looked at him and said nevertheless brother the prophets that were before me and before you of old have prophesied of war evil and pestilence he was referring to Hosea how back in suffer Naya the Word of God says this brother but you come into church preach in peace and safety everything's going to be OK He says the prophet that prophesies of peace when his word comes to pass then we're going to know that God surely sent him Now keep in mind guys this is going on in church Jeremiah isn't church had an eye of bust in the door he's in church all God's people are watching the dual of the prophet. Jeremiah just said the word what I had and I do next he took the yoke from Jeremiah as neck and broke it can you imagine this going on in church now I know jam I didn't say it was here go ahead break the yoke I'm pretty sure he didn't kick German to the ground he just grab something aggressively smack him in the face or something to break it all we know is that he broke it and he says does say if the Lord God of this round just how I broke this you that's how God is going to break the yoke of bondage from the off your neck from off the king of Babylon I said wow what a powerful delivery this guy is probably beating people up in church breaking off yokes and standing there given his glorious message within two four years ya way has spoken and then I read I said OK Was term I going to do what has come back you know the Bible says and the prophet Jeremiah went away so you can be. Jeremiah just got punched in church in front of everybody then you just pick up the pieces of the broken your can just walk out question Did anybody listen the German I or did everybody listen the hand and eye and hand and eye and. Nobody listened to Jeremiah matter of fact everybody listened ahead and I introduced him and burned and the temple burned and more captives were taken question what was had a nice message you guys God loves you so much he loves you so much that he's going to return everything that the enemy has taken from you and you don't have to do a thing what was tears in my eyes message it's time to repent it's time to submit it's time to humble yourself head and I said God loves you so much you don't have to repent you don't have to do those things but he's going to restore what they can't get warm took from you there's no repent question if had and I had a church today and Jeremiah had a church today whose church will be packed and whose wouldn't I heard someone say all this pastor he came to the church had a small number and it just boosted that's not always a sign that the Holy Spirit is there because everybody went ahead and I was church now you got two different pastors in church one church preaching two different messages one is peace and safety the other one is time to repent one of them is telling that there's nothing going on there's no urgency Jeremiah is preaching that Babylon is coming it's time to get it right it's time to repent time admitted Jeremiah twenty three Jeremiah Chapter twenty three and I want to invite you guys to read this chapter when you get home this whole chapter deals with what Jeremiah is dealing with he's talking about the very first verse as well be on to the pastors this is all about false pastors and teachers but we're just going to read this sort verse in verse twenty eight. Verse twenty eight Germany twenty three The Bible says the prophet that hath a dream let him tell a dream and he that hath my word let him speak my word faithfully what is the chaff to the wheat say it the Lord is not my word like a fire saith the Lord and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces Therefore behold I am against the Prophet saith the Lord that steal my words everyone from his neighbor Behold I am against the Prophet saith the Lord that use their tongues and say he say if Behold I am against them that prophesies fall stream saith the Lord and do tell them and calls my people to error by their lives and by their lightness yet I sent them not nor commanded them therefore they shall not profit this people at all saith the Lord in verse thirty two there is a word in the King James that says lightness other versions says reckless or for volatile that word is used once and God is saying that these profits are prophesied lightly for volatile reckless they're acting like everything is cool is peace and safety there is no urgency in the times that we're living in my family what am I saying is Babylon coming right now is Babylon coming right now do you think we need to hear Jeremiah's message right now look what happened to the prophet had a nine although he had a beautiful sermon the Bible says that the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah after he walked out of church that day and God spoke to Germany and he said go tell prophet Hannah nine that I have been sent you you're making to people to trust in the line yeah you broke the yoke of wood but now you're going to create for the people because of your lightness because you're taking things lightly when Babylon is coming now you're going to make a yoke of iron for the people and he said had a nice I'm going to cast your body from off the face of the earth this year you're going to die now come on guys if a regular man told me I'm going to kill you that's one thing but if God says to a human being I'm going to throw your body from off the face of the earth this year you're going to die two months later he died in the seventh month this reveals to us how God views this message during this time it reveals to us the seriousness of the responsibility of being a shepherd and a pastor not only that the type of message that God wants to live in during this time I want to share something with you. Jesus Christ is in the most holy place when he comes out of there it's old. In ancient Israel when the high priest was in the most holy place you know what everybody else was doing they were praying they were fasting they were afflicting themselves they were humbling themselves it was in a time of lightness they were serious if they didn't hear the bells on the high priest Guard they thought he was dead he wasn't right it was a time of introspection it wasn't a time of recklessness you know what Jesus says in Revelation three to us you guys you know you have seven churches in Revelation but when he gets to Laodicea when he gets to our age he doesn't have one good thing to say about us Jesus says that we're wretched we're miserable we're pore we're blind and were naked the Church of fire tire that has just a bell he had something good to say about just a bubble when it comes to our church he doesn't have nothing good to say about us he says matter of fact that I will spew you out of my mouth because you guys are lukewarm all of us are lukewarm that's what Jesus says and this is the message imagine you guys are walking out on campus or school all day talking to your friends and loved ones and you get back into your car or your home and you look in the mirror and you've got something in your face man you got something sticking out your nose and then you think to yourself Oh how embarrassing is that how many people that I talked to today which one of my friends and then you start thinking how come none of my friends told me that my hair was messed up that I got to stick it out of my face before I leave the house my wife will tell me Terek you look at crazy you need to go change but these are my favorite jeans and I may not like it but she's not willing to let me go out looking crazy why because she loves Jesus says I'm willing to tell you exactly how you look because I love you and I'm not going to let you guys go out like that I want you to be rich I want you to be dressed in a white robe of righteousness I want you to have that I sow so you can see but in order for me to do that I have to be real with you you know the message that Jesus tells us in this then Ange he says by of me gold tried in the fire last time I checked gold was expensive last time I checked fire burn he said it's going to cost you everything and it's not going to feel good. But through that perfection you're going to realize that you need my righteousness so I can give you that role then you will be rich this is the count I want to transition into something now I want to transition something you know that it Kyra the king Jeremiah told him this for sake the walls go out and submit yourself to Babylon Now imagine you're the king of Juda and you have to leave the comfort of your fireplace your guards protection and leave the walls and walk out there and submit to Babylon How would you feel he's probably thinking oh man you know is somebody's got to bow now aimed at me right now what does that occur I have in that moment all he has is the Word of God in that moment Lord you said if I would do this that it will be well with me you said if I follow your word father that she would take care of me all he had is God's Word if you would have did that if how do you expect to experience God's grace in situations in your life if you're not willing to become vulnerable how do you expect to experience his perfect strength if you're not willing to become vulnerable how do you expect to experience that right to snus that divine nature if you're not willing to forsake and trust God at His word but here's one transition in unfolds here's what I'm transitioning there and this is what I'm getting Has anybody heard the word spiritualism before spiritualism the prophet of God says this that the Protestant denominations of this country United States will reach across the Gulf and grasp the hands of spiritualism of the Roman Catholic Church the beast will reach and grab the hands of spiritualism and that will be their foundation their bond above they're going to have Sunday sacredness because these Protestant churches still go to church on Sunday and that's going to be the bond a three fold Union she calls. And then United States will the four Sunday law legislation spiritual ism is the foundation now listen to this how does that affect the sended minister because what is spiritualism is the belief of the immortality of the soul you watch all these shows people back from the dead and all that but some of the biggest We don't believe that when you die you go to heaven or hell so that doesn't phase us right wrong this is what the servant of God says in the great controversy page five five eight please listen to this if you don't hear anything else it is true that Spiritualism is now changing its form and veiling some of its more objectionable features is assuming a christian guys while it formally denounce Christ and the Bible it now professes to accept both but the Bible is interpreted in a manner that is pleasing to the UN renewed heart while it solemn and vital troops are made of no effect love is dwelt upon as the chief attribute of God but it is the greater to a weak sentimental ism making little distinction between good and evil God's justice his denunciation of sin the requirements of his holy law are all kept out of sight and the White says that spiritual is a mischance in this form where love is told to pawn as the chief action beauty of God but it says this broken down to a weak sentimental isn't it's a message of peace and safety like Hannah nine God loves you so much he loves you so much but does no called there's no urgency there's no repentance there's no denunciation of sin there's no call in sin by its right name but this is peace and love message as she says this is the new form of spiritual isn't following. Christ triumphant page eighty one this goody goody religion that makes light of sin and that is forever dwelling upon the love of God to the sinner encourages the sinners to believe that God will save them while they continue in sin and know to be sin this is the way that many are doing who profess to believe present truth the truth is kept apart from their life and that is the reason it has no more power to convict and convert the solo there must be a straining get this of every nerve spirit muscle to leave the world its customs its practices and its fashions she calls it the goody goody religion when we're constantly speaking about and dwelling upon the love of God Love of God It has the tendency to make people relaxed that I don't have to do anything there's no urgency I don't have to letting go I don't have to let sin go out of my life because God loves me so much and she says the only that shoe has the power to convict and convert the soul she says there must be a straining of every spirit muscle and nerve to leave the world I don't know about you but that sounds like a battle that sounds like each of us are in a war if we have to strain our muscles nerve in spirit that sounds that like a fight fighting the good fight a fate that sounds like enduring to the end that sounds like what Jesus was saying straight as the Cape now is the way and few there be that find it that's what that sounds like that sounds like deny yourself take up your cross and follow me but when we do well upon one aspect of God so much it has a negative effect Listen to this you guys bear with me she is writing directly about the story of hand and I'm sure in mind this part those who seek to close in and make it appear less aggravated to the mind of the offender are doing the work of the false prophet and may expect the retribution of wrath of God to follow such a course the Lord will NEVER accommodate his ways to the wishes of corrupt men the false prophet condemned Jeremiah for afflict in the people would severe denunciations and he sought to reassure them by promising them prosperity thinking that the poor people should not be continually reminded of their sins and threatened with punishment this course strengthened the people to resist the true prophets Council and intensified their enmity toward him she says that hand and I had good intentions Jeremiah I'm tired to you preaching about sin this is wrong that is wrong I'm tired of you preaching about God's wrath and his punishment I want the people to hear good things and because he had good intentions but the servant of the Lord says that's not the word that he sent his prophets to speak and because hadn't I was preaching that message it made the people more resistant to Jeremiah's message. And that's why Jerusalem burned and a lot of CAPTUS Wood family the same thing is going on today is the same a soul because once again Babylon is coming once again we're at the borders of Canaan and all I'm asking you to do is study to show yourself approved don't let me preach so you don't and no one preach to you you have a direct contact with the Holy Spirit and God's word yourself and the spirit of prophecy God has given it to you personally for you to read it I want to say this. If you preach love love love love we understand but God doesn't want to preach truth truth truth truth either that's what the Farriss did the Bible says this all the ways of the Lord are mercy and show mercy and shrewd go before his face mercy and shoot are the foundation of his throne when Jesus said to that woman go in sin no more that was truth but neither do I condemn the that was Marcy when Jesus came he was filled with grace and truth we cannot just preach love love love and for seek the truth because we're not preaching God's character at Calvary card was love and truth God's love is holy God's love is holy and God is holy. Commandment was broken somebody had to die commandment was broken somebody had to die because of God's love he took our place this shows us that the commandment is holy and it also shows us that God is love David says that mercy and shoot have met together right tsismis and peace have kissed one another you know why the Ark of the covenant the angels are looking down at the mercy seat and true you know what the servant God says because they're amazed at the combination of mercy and shoes and how God blended the two and they're looking down with holy reverence my family the Bible says God is love but the Bible also said God is holding the Bible also says Our God is a consuming fire it's like definite articles going on here so get this God's love is holy God's love is a consuming fire god has a holy love that consumes get this if any one of us stood in the presence of God in his face guess what will happen right now will be consumed why because we're filthy why because God's love is holy His love has standards first Corinthian says this that God's love bearer thought things believe with all things and do it all things but I don't ever hear the rest of the verse that says God's Love rejoices in the truth it does not rejoice in the nicotine his love is pure it's holy sometimes we have the misconception I believe of God's love it's not human love it's not human philosophical love it's not Hollywood love it's not music video love it's God's love it's holy It's pure it believes it endures God is and he is just as holy as he is just filled with love and this is what I'm telling you folks in our church we are polarized and have polarized but God is asking you that all my ways I'm mercy. You know you can love someone all the way to hell because only that shews has the power to convict and convert you can love someone but if you don't share with them their condition in love because sin is a disease and we're living in a culture that if you call sinned by its right name you're judging your self righteous you're on your high horse No that is love Jesus says who I love I rebuke and I chase and I'm telling you this because I love you and if they rejected you did your job but our job is to let the truth cut but you don't do the cutting the problem is we have to learn how to present truth in. As if that a stranger or a church member is your own mother your own brother because they are I don't get along here but this is present truth family Babylon is coming and God is asking us to be ready I close out with this with this illustration not of the strangeness of personal testimony I got out of rehab in two thousand and eleven I was addicted to Oxy con pills are powerful and when I got out of rehab they gave me the suboxone pills kind of a milder opiate to help me through my withdrawals I met Jesus in rehab and I'm going to share my testimony with you guys the Sabbath and when I got out of rehab I had the suboxone pills I mean these trips to help me I have my pack in Newport shorts a smoke cigarettes almost fifteen years I went back home and you know I graduate I want to say graduated but I went from rap music to reggae music because I figured hey to talk about Dave in the Solomon I got Bible characters in there so I said OK that's cool so I'm over here listening to regen music in my home you know my apartment I still got my fantasy books my science fiction books that I used to read I paid a lot of money for those I still like to watch my H.B.O. you know series I was into this particular show the way Season two ended I couldn't wait for season three when I got out of rehab man I was hitting the streets I was with the team I was knocking door to door I was telling how God delivered me he saved my life you guys from drugs everything I shouldn't be here save my life I was I was on fire. But the more I kept going on the street and the more I kept going home smoking cigarettes talking about God deliver me smoking cigarettes watching these crazy souls sex drugs and violence crazy dark books I'm reading reggae music and then I was like you know what I didn't feel right I'm talking to people about deliverance and I felt like I was in bondage still but the more I kept going to Jesus Christ the more I became convicted to let it go and let me tell you it was a battle to drop season three I can laugh about it now but I was into that show but God convicted me that that is not purist not righteousness not know virtually nothing good in them they break in order Commandments and that and so I had to let it go and one by one I was letting go of these things the music my bad mouth the books even my diet I took the vegetarian diet and I was changing my life and I realized that each of these changes what I loved were my chains what I loved was my prison and I was feeling freer and freer and more open and clear but I was still smoking a cigarette still on the suboxone each of those things were hard I'm not going to lie too hard to give up finally I said Lord I had enough I quit I'm not giving up because I give up on the suboxone I'm going to go through withdrawals I'm going to shake I can't sleep it hurts I've broken bones but at the worst pain I've ever experienced as withdrawals and I said I can't do this Lord and I literally was on the bedside and tears were coming out of my eyes and as the tears were dropping on the Bible the drive to the scripture in Proverbs and it said if thou faint in the day of adversity that strength is small I remember reading a scripture and I wipe that tear I felt like God was punk in me in a way I felt like my older brother came in the room slapped me on the back of the head said could be in the whip your your strength to small and I left the Goddess and really God That's how you feel about it as it OK and I sucked it up and I pressed on hard it's one of those things I was crying and I was quoting scripture said God you said you are going to clean me up God you said you're the God of all flesh nothing too hard for you you said you called me and righteousness I would quote his word back to him and one by one he took it off finally cigarettes almost fifteen years I was at this ministry. And for the weekend I kept hearing these powerful messages and in the back of my mind I kept feeling God telling me it's time to let it go time to let it go and you know when you here's something you don't want to do and I was ignored like nine here and I'm not here now I'm going back to the cabin the guys are praying every night finally on Saturday night the messages were convicted me that it's time I kept getting the image of my grandfather my mother told me that when he became a Adventists He flushed a cigarette as last one down the toilet we were finally in the prayer circle the guys in the cabin at Leoni Meadows November two thousand and eleven and I had the packet Newport shorts in my pocket and I was fumbling in the prayer circle and before I began to pray I took out that pack of cigarettes out of my pocket and I threw it to the ground it was like slow motion I was like oh why did I do that everybody sees it now because throughout the meetings after the meeting I was going out smoking in the woods kind of hiding coming back but I threw it in the middle of the circle now said Guys I need help pray for me and I dropped to my knees tears coming on my eyes eight pairs of hands to strengthen my head and on my shoulders and those brothers started praying for me in that cabin Do you know what happened on the bottom of that prayer circle as they were praying for me I wasn't crying any more I was laughing I was because in my mind's eye Jesus was showing me something this is what I imagine in my mind's eye me in God and Jesus said tank and I said Yes Lord he said look back and I turned around and I saw a mountain up the mountain the mountain of Suboxone the mountain of my diet the mountain of those movies the mountain of that music and I said to God while we did all that together and he said yes tank now look ahead are you ready and I said yes and instead of looking at the mountain I looked at the hand of Jesus in my mind's eye and I realized that he was bigger than that mountain the cigarette and I took his hand and they prayed for me and that day I flushed the last cigarette down the toilet and I'm here to tell you that was the only miracle God did. So that the taste of nicotine out of my mouth since then and I've been clean. God. Challenge. He said tearing. Trust my word. For sake the walls of your company. Receive a child in the fire it's going to be uncomfortable it's going to seem impossible it's going to be hard you're going to be crying you're going to be gone through it but if you stand on my word I will bring you through. And now because God brought me through all of that I know he could bring me through whatever but God wants to give you one and it's an experience His word is not a bunch of bedtime stories His word isn't power power that you can have in your life. Testimony that you can have in your life. My family this is the message of. Christ. Thank you Lord for that. I just pray God that your people will continue to have the hunger and thirst for righteousness. Everything that was shared today that they would be willing to look for themselves thank you Lord we thank you for your Holy Spirit. And then. 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