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Choosing Revolution

Eric Walsh


In an age of endless movements and social causes the Christian must be careful not to choose Revolution over Christ.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • September 8, 2017
    7:00 PM
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This message was presented at the end human missions twenty seventeen Bible conference shaken but not for saken in Cape Town South Africa for more resources like this this is a if you don't you tell you don't mean dash missions don't see it don't sit in it and read message to every nation. Matthew Chapter twenty seven we're going to start a verse fifteen Matthew chapter twenty seven starting at verse fifteen this weekend is going to be a week and we actually are a lot of my testimony. And not just the testimony I give to Mark Sabbath school and I'm going to expound on in the breakout session tomorrow but I'll be given a lot of testimony about myself. As a way to prayerfully introduce you to Christ if not for the first time again Matthew twenty seven verse fifteen says now at the feast the governor was want to release under the people a prisoner whom they would and they had then a notable prisoner called the rabbits therefore when they gathered when they were gathered together pilot said unto them who will you that I released on to you. Barabus or Jesus which is called Christ Who do you want me to release to you Do you want Jesus who is called Christ or do you want barabus our message. Tonight is entitled choosing revolution. Choosing revolution let's pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study your word. I ask once again Father God that you make me just the nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord but upon that nail there God I ask that you have a portrait of Jesus Christ like. Was not be seen or heard for he is no one and he is nothing instead Father God let us hear word from the throne room of grace is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name of the church say amen. So we're going to become Matthew to the twenty seventh chapter again going back to verse eleven. The Bible says and Jesus stood before the governor. Jesus stood before the governor. Jesus had gone through a terrible ordeal if you're a Christian this ordeal is should be the theme of your study and. Jesus goes to the garden of got so many and asks Is the cycles to pray with him and the Scripture tells us that is exhausted the disciples fall asleep there in the garden Christ is so under the weight of sin and stress that this that the Son of God the Living Son of God begins to sweat and when he sweats blood begins to come from his brow. As he is there in the darkness of night in the garden of get so many on his knees on his face agonizing with the father as what has become of him and what is to become of him Jesus lays there calling on the name of God. As he does the soldiers are heard coming from the distance the rattle of their spears their swords and their shields as they come down the path into the garden looking for the one who is called Christ. I can imagine that when they find Jesus he is laying there praying while the others are laying there sleeping and they have to figure out who's who as Jesus and disciples jump to their feet and and turn and begin to deal with the high priest and the army that he has brought to bear on Christ as Jesus has to deal with that one of his own. Steps Forward Judas Iscariot is his name and he plants a kiss on the cheek of Christ. And with that kiss he be trains our Lord. An interesting part of the story before we get into where we're going to night is that as this happens the High Priest servant is standing there and Peter wanting to be brave big and bad willing to violently Don't miss this violently defend our Lord jaws his sword and swims from outer says and instead of cutting him like he's opposed to it he misses and chops off his ear it's part of the air is called the piano it is it is main. Out of out of out of cartilage and so it's soft and that sharp blade of a sword takes the air off and you can watch almost in slow motion as that pin a drop and he hits the ground. Servant of the high priest probably grabs his side of his head and pulls away his hand and sees blood shock comes as he is now looking at having a part of his body taken from him and in the middle of his capture. Jesus is so compassionate. That is stops the whole process of his abduction hold on fellas I've got one more miracle in me before I go to the girls hold on and Jesus reaches down and grabs the piece of the ear and he performs at a surgery that does not require instruments come on church and Jesus a re attach is the end of the servant of the high priest the man who is coming together. To remind the people who are capturing him that he is not a god of violence or revolution come on church in fact Instead he is a healer of nations. I don't believe that high priest servant is ever the same but they take Jesus rough him up slap him upside the back of his head shackle him and drag him off to a kangaroo court and they'd stake him there and they find him guilty of all kinds of of misconstrued made up lies of infractions against the Jewish people and against the Jewish law and against the Jewish God and and Jesus is now in a in a position where he is found worthy to die by the Jewish authority the problem is the Passover is come in PA suck in Hebrew is coming and it is coming a time of a high sabbath they can't be involved in the murder of a man right before they try and deal with their own citizens. The hypocrisy of course swells in the story as they now take him and hope that the secular authority that the Roman oppressive regime will now deal with their Jesus problem for them. And to pilot into the story. Is whole job Caesar as part Caesar has piled on the scene for one reason he is to quelch and slow down stop and prevent revolution his whole job. He is in Jerusalem because these Jews are a testy bunch of folk and going back to the Maccabees they are quick to jump up and fight and it's because they have this book that tells them that God fights with them. And so they are quick to fight because they keep thinking that miracle is going to happen the problem is Don't miss this they have lost their prophetic heritage. And because they stopped understanding prophecy they are looking for a messiah that looks more like Mike Tyson than like the gentle Jesus who visits them. They were looking for a warrior when I healer was coming and so he's taken brought to stand before pilot the governor. The governor in verse eleven ask him Are you the king of the Jews Jesus response is the house a list and when is accused of the chief priests and elders he answered nothing so you've got a man and he's standing there but around. Probably by now bruised and beat up a little bit pilot like everyone else in Jerusalem has heard the stories of this man. And I know and he was himself a pilot is interested in who this guy is he's heard it all Jesus head is in a position of humility. His gaze is the gaze of affection and care he does not carry the spirit of prophecy tells us on his face any sign of a man who would cause any problem pilot is sizing him up. Over the shoulder of Jesus behind him like a bunch of of of children in a playground they're jumping up and down he did it he did it he did this he did that and they're stretching and running their mouth on Jesus Jesus says nothing but Alice says to him verse thirteen Don't you hear how many things they witness against you can't you hear all the things this same about you Jesus of Nazareth. Have you no defense for yourself. But the Bible says in verse fourteen something profound it says and he answered him to never a word with this on the problem some of us I would talk about this in my testimony in the morning the problem some of us have is we're too quick to defend ourselves. And the Bible says it in so much that the governor pilot marveled greatly pilot was a man who dealt with criminals all the time and he knew what a criminal looked like Jesus was something completely different but it is standing there like who all is innocent and stands there and isn't yelling and screaming I'm innocent. I was the medical director for the jails for Orange County California the county just south of Los Angeles and we had five jails that I was over and it is a One thing I learned about people in jail a body guilty. We say. In the hood Herb audience and. Everybody is going to sit in so you can imagine pilot is like students say something pilot is marveling So pilot looks at it and he realizes that he remembers that the feast is coming and there's an opportunity to get himself out of his bind he's caught between a rock and a hard place he it really doesn't want innocent blood on his hands in fact his wife has a dream and warns him not to mess with Jesus of Nazareth so he who he's been divinely warned. That what he's stepping into is not a normal exchange between the Jews Jewish authority and a criminal he is warned that he's stepping into something supernatural and everlasting. So in verse fifteen the feast of the governor was want to release under the people a prisoner whom they would and they had then a notable prisoner called barabus said therefore when their when they were gathered together pilot said unto them who will you that I release until you barabus or Jesus which is called Christ it gets interesting it gets interesting you see this revolutionary spirit started at about the time when Jesus and barabus were born. It's an interesting thing around that time about somewhere between two B.C. and four A.D. a root a new wave of revolution and revolutionary thinking began to rise up in Israel and they were trying to look at how they could so Jesus and barabus are raised at a time when many are thinking it's time for a revolution I would believe that the reason that's happening is because say in the understand that God is about to do something incredible he tried Marine and member and this Christmas story he tries to kill all of the boys trying to massacre the Messiah that can you imagine how angry people are because of that that is probably one of those children probably feeds this revolutionary attitude. And sort of Jesus and barabus are raised at a time when revolution is the norm it is the thinking in fact if you read carefully the gospels you realize many of the cycles were actually revolutionaries. Don't miss this thing that's why they wanted to crown Jesus can't remember they wanted to force him to be king because they were thinking wait a minute we can't lose a war with this dude on our team. Somebody get cut up we do hear them we run out of food you start breaking fashion bread we have a we can't lose a war with this dude on our team can that. There's a reason these people are so upset and unless you understand this you don't understand. Human nature and how history flows and and why the church has to be very careful you see the reality is the revolutionaries had a point Don't miss this follow me the truth is if you study it is a reason and Daniel chapter two that the Roman Empire is represented as the strongest muscles in the body the thighs of the legs and the calves of the legs those are the strongest the prophecies that carries out the analogy carries all the way out there's a reason it's iron because iron legs the power of my legs do what they can crush when the Romans came on the scene it was a lesion they weren't sophisticated like the Babylonians who would take Daniel shatter going to bed captive and feed him some right food and play them write music and give him some other names and send him back to rule their own no kill them all they rose up the Romans were going to take you off the set that was wrong so there were people who were living under intense and terrible oppression massacres slaughters the equivalent of their police would stop them and beat them and harass them and even kill them for no good reason at all I saw Jesus as the words when they slap you turn the other cheek that's what he says if they ask for your coat give them your shawl also if they tell you to walk with them a mile walk with them two miles that was. That was anti revolutionary speech by Christ. He was saying if you're going to win on this earth your modus operandi the way you function to change the world can be the way the world tries to change the world. But if you don't get that it was oppressive that people were angry people have a right to want to fight there's a reason Jesus there's a reason Jesus spent time in the houses of the least respected people in society it was because Jesus wanted to have a connection with those folk so that he knew all those folk you have a problem with some of us when we go to the ministry we try to minister folk we've never even sat with that is not the Christ model if you want to a minister to someone let me let you know secret and I know some of this is going to be heresy but play a game of basketball will kick a ball around with him a little bit run around with him a little bit eat with them a little bit let me tell you what happens you can build a relationship and if you follow Jesus you notice when Jesus had children he wasn't scolding them. The Bible said Look bring the children to me why he was building a relationship with the community from its base level and he was also what the people in society everyone said was horrible despicable and detestable if you're going to do ministry you better interact with the folk everyone else has marginalized because if you try and have a selective ministry it will not be productive and so I was glad today. When I was taken to where would we go. And over Park. And we went into the flat you know that's not an angle that's not American or the flats. And Tracy and her husband brought us there and and I my host went with us and let me tell you some we went in there and we minister to the gangsters former gangsters went into it was a joy farm joy and went into one of the flats and traded a family and let me tell you something. I got more from the family than I think I could give them. Are missing this thing you know I interact with folk because if all you do is watch them from a distance or you see added the facts. In order to see people's good side something I have got to get kind of close to home. Might that be all that attractive from a distance to get up close is that why you know actually them cheekbones ain't so bad after all. And I mean to some the woman of the house. Holding down the fort for three generations when she began to give the testimony of who she was and how she did what she did how she brought prayer into the house how she held up a Spiritual a spiritual model for our children I was going to I was like you should be praying for me that I should be praying for you let me tell you that if the church in South Africa is really going to move forward like the church in America you have to go into the space that is not comfortable you're not going to get allow society to tell you who you belong with or where supposed to eat or who you supposed to sit with because of society tells you that the devil controls how you minister they had a right to be upset based on what was going on in society at the time Roman slavery was some of the most brutal slavery in recorded history and even modern days we still have oppression. So watch this there are still people who have a right to be angry. That the right to be angry. In my country police brutality is a major problem I've had multiple friends that we bury because the police killed them. And I was before all of the hoopla you see on the Internet now. The poverty seems to always tilt in one direction of travel the world it seems always to hilt in the direction of the darkest people it's quick to offer folks second class citizenship and accepted. The church can't do that. And of course there's all the other things that go along with I won't get into that but I'll show you the slide that oppression often breeds revolution and the problem with that. Is that then you get movements that rise up and some of the movements of the day because they feel they're justified in rebelling are disconnecting a generation from the church let me tell you something the American Civil Rights Movement was a movement out of the church the current movement a movement that decidedly was the church to have nothing to do with them. And you know why that's allowable because the church was silent when injustice was being done so in order to get the story right you've got to get out of that because once you understand all of that you understand barabus. Parabens was a revolutionary. Jewish rebellion idiology that started around the time of the birth of Christ his name Barr Abas means son of the Father and in many are some ancient texts it actually says his first name was yes sure one his name was Joshua Barr Abas Jesus son of the father that was his name can you imagine when barabus is starts his red rebellion his name sounds like a messianic name yes sure means that God will deliver it goes back to the story of Joshua in the Old Testament can you imagine as he begins his rebellion. There focus say that's the Messiah. He's it. The Bible describes Him The Bible describes him and John eighteen it says Robert was a robber he used crime to try and make his point Matthew twenty seven sixteen says and they had then a notable prisoner his name was grabbers he wasn't just a robber he was a famous robber like Billy the Kid in the United States and all the outlaws of the West he was famous people I don't live him in his criminality or you are missing this thing. Like how some of us now idolize these fog want to be rappers they idolized him. And in Luke. Twenty three and verse nineteen it says the barabus who for a certain sedition made in the city and for murder was cast into prison. Sedition he was a rebel rouser he was the one going around making all the noise and sign everybody else to want to fight and in the process people were killed blood was on barabus his hands. Mark fifteen seven says and there was one name barabus which lay bound with them that had made insurrection with him who had committed murder in the insurrection now pilot is thinking. There is no way when these guys know my job they know my whole purpose in Jerusalem is to keep the peace there's no way else all of Fame is I do these guys the devil asked me to let go rob a solution who is completely against why I'm in Jerusalem and this Jesus guy has never killed anybody in fact for part of his herd he's actually bringing folk back from the dead he's an anti murderer. And a murderer a reverse murderer I don't know. He had the puck so it's part of this thing that OK I don't like this guy but they couldn't dare be asking me to let loose a revolutionary when I know my whole job is the stop revolutions. That's why his confidence going into this parabolas had a powerful charisma. And here's the problem sometimes what you can justify is still not justifiable sometimes the fact that you've been done wrong and you can justify retaliation the Christian ethics and rules say you still have no right to go back at the person the way they came at you. Christianity now you see because I. Was barabus I was brothers. I was raised in a country where racial tensions have been high remember one of my first memories of of racial prejudice I was probably about twelve years old I lived in the north what is much less racial prejudice so if you go to the New England area New York Pennsylvania the northerners in America gave up slavery earlier and got kind of got along better you want to California they got along even better they were too busy in Reno live and being hippies Oh you know they kind of were more peaceful I hope that doesn't make the tape. But I didn't grow up in a racially tense place and were in existed but we got along my friends were why they were we call them wasps actually white anglo saxon protestants there's a name for everybody Puerto Ricans Jews a talian Polish people there were West Indian blacks American blacks and we all played together lived together traded comic books everything but when I would go in the summer time to visit my my relatives in the south in Florida I saw a whole nother world one night we were coming back from a from a party I was twelve so don't judge me too hard and I went with my cousin and we were running back from the party because people down South they like to just run for no good reason so we were running back is what makes it good athletes and we were runnin back and as we were running past the seven eleven a black family pulls in in a big Chevy Impala actually never knew where the name Impala came from till I came to Africa and saw him so don't judge me. And so they pull up in a Chevy Impala looks like a boat literally my mother had one and there's a family of four five kids a husband a wife the guy gets out of the car black man goes out the car to go into the store to get some while the mother stays in the car with the kids just then a pickup truck full of rednecks we call them probably don't have a term here. Racists pull up and they have what we call a mile a toff cocktail you probably call them petrol bombs and they look like the guy comes out of the truck lights it as the woman and the children are in a car as my cousin and I are watching likes it and throws it under the car and. I was so afraid I was running after that I ran all the way back home I didn't even breathe I just was running. And I remember seeing the man come out of the store screaming and yelling and trying to chase the truck down and realizing he had to go back and make sure the car didn't explode when we moved to Miami finally and I was bussed from a predominately West Indian part of town next to one of the black American neighbors in bust up to one of the best schools in the United States that is day one the top fifty high schools the high school I went to in Florida went to top fifty in the whole country. And what I would get when I went to school the first day I went into class when I looked up on the wall in the bathroom over the sink there was a picture of an ape and there was a noose around its neck which is a symbol of lynching which is a strong American heritage in the Deep South and during slavery and after slavery and it said any words go back to Africa. That was my introduction to the school they call me the N. word so much that I'm telling you every time I did I said I put five dollars in a savings account I'd be rich now. It was horrible that's in class and they tell me how. Inferior black people inherently are. The teachers the students and I was the only black kid in the class. I became barabus. I was so angry body end of it all I so tired of being called names so tired of my people being talk bad about I was so angry at what they can continually did I was sick and tired of it. The amount of time I left to go to college I went to open university and the All Black admin a school in the States used to be all black now were more mixed things are getting better I wanted our school and people did is they don't know my name to this day they call me Malcolm X. They don't even know my name. I don't want to back them up I would rather say oh X. was. Angry. My roommate and I was from New York we actually brought in the first minister from the Nation of Islam which is Louis Farrakhan's group into Huntsville Alabama and the mosque that was started there was started because we brought the minister in we were so angry so mad at the admin is school wouldn't support us in our rebellious ways stated God worked on me while I was at Oakwood men like even a great sermon about the civil rights movement and the need to understand of nonviolent protest and why Christianity was so important to the movement it helped but I continued to hang on just a little too much when I went to medical school one Sabbath the Professor of Minister Louis Farrakhan was some of you may know who he is the leader of the Nation of Islam was. Speaking at a Miami arena and I decided after church after lunch to drive down to Miami to a couple more friends two young ladies who were in there both in law school at the time and I was going to go sit with them I was in medical school and we were going to sit and hear Farah Khan speak at one time I was on his National Committee to stop the violence and I'd get special seating when I went to Nashville and heard him in Atlanta and heard him so I was very comfortable I hadn't been doing that for a while and I was in medical school but I went and he started to speak and he's an amazing orator I don't know the people who hate people often are great orators I don't know why that is. And when I sat in there he said something profound He says the black man is the original man. And everybody starts clapping and I said OK he says and I can prove it he says sixty six trillion years ago. I said six this. Trail you want to take. Me even evolution is stop at a billion Rob trillion. Sixty six trillion years ago he says the black man. Also the earth with dynamite. Dyna what the Chinese invented dynamite like three thousand years ago what are you talking about. And if that I can prove it and people are jumping up clap and people get all excited over this I'm the devil out of pushing but he will push the car of your racial ethnic pride in order to get a demonic response but how folk a jumping up clap when I'm sitting there be confused be fuddled is the word and then he says I can prove it he says because when an astronaut's went to the moon they could still smell the dynamite. What in the while. All you need is a fifth grade education and you know the only thing the astronaut smelled on the moon they brought with them from Houston Texas. OK breathe air man you'll be. Out of Space. Right there on the spot I repented. Right there on the spot God removed the scales from my eyes completely this time and I saw all of a sudden that the most dangerous thing you can do if you're white black or colored I don't know if there's any other classifications down here so if I missed you I'm sorry. The worst thing you can do is to begin to believe that somehow inherently the pigment of your skin makes you better than someone else and once you begin to believe that you have opened up a way for say Tammet forces to begin to indoctrinate you in such a way that you will lose sight of who Jesus is if you would all get the understanding that the Bible says man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart let me ask yourself when you see people do you try to see their heart. But you simply judge them based on what you can see I repented. And I began to realize that I had fallen into dark deceit because I was trying to justify pride. And all of a sudden it became clear all of the summit began to be obvious. That what God calls us to do is to reach people for Jesus Christ race and racism as painful as you may have experienced it racism or reverse racism. Exists by the devil to separate the people of God and I repented so I was barabus pilot now verse thirteen. Called the chief reason the rule is in a people together and said unto them you have brought this man on to me as one that perverted the people and behold I have examined him before you have found no fault in this man touching those things were accuse him in order for when. God's character is looked at as a big part of a great controversies judging of God's character one thing that the enemy will not be able to say that detractors of the of Jesus cannot say is that he had a fair trial because neutral third party in pilot says Jesus was innocent he doesn't just say it once either in fact he says Herod who was his enemy you know Herod and pilot became friends because they were both met Jesus or you are missing this thing they became cool again because both of them met Jesus if pilot inherit can be cool because they met Jesus I think we should be who after we meet Jesus he says if I sent you to him and lo nothing worthy of death is done to him I will therefore chastise him he didn't deserve to be beaten and chastised and release him from a necessity he must release one to them at the feast so he wasn't even going to ask them who they want released. Here they begin to cry aloud at one saying away with this man and release on to us bar Abas who for certain sedition made in the city and for murder was cast in the prison part of their For willing to release Jesus spoke again and to them. He said listen the guys are innocent you gotta let this man go but they cried saying crucify him crucify him and he said unto them the third time three times why what evil has he done I find no cause of death in him I will therefore chastise him and do what let him go pilot wanted to release Jesus but he had to convince them that Jesus was innocent. But something changes in the story right here in verse twenty three and they were instant with loud voices requiring that he must might be crucified the Bible says that their instant a loud voice of the Spirit probably tells us that at some juncture the demons begin to chant with them through the problems of the Satan was there and. That at a point the demons begin to scream with them I believe that one is as they were instant in voice that something supernatural began to happen. And the voices of them and the chief priests prevailed and Pilar gave sentence that it should be as they required any released under them him that for sedition and murder was cast into prison whom they had desired but he delivered Jesus to their will. Let me tell you something any time. You decide not to deliver your will to Jesus but deliver Jesus to your will catastrophe is going to happen your will must be delivered to Christ because a lot of us what we do is we take Jesus and we deliver him to our will so we can do what we want the Spirit of Prophecy says it like this pilot then took his place on the judgment seat and again presented Jesus to the people saying We hold your king again the mad cry was her away with him crucify him in a voice that was heard far and near pilot as shot I crucify your king but from pro fame blasphemous lips went forth the words we have no. Blood Caesar. She says. Thus by choosing a heathen ruler. The Jewish nation had withdrawn from the theocracy they had rejected God as their king henceforth they had no deliverer they had no king but Caesar to this the priests and teachers had led the people watch this for this with the fearful result that followed they were responsible ha a mation sin and a nation's ruin were due to the religious leaders. There's so much I can say about that. As we go into the last times I want to talk about talk about is in my testimony a bit tomorrow you have to be anchored in Jesus Christ. But if you're anchored in people you've created admin to celebrities for yourself and this preacher and that preacher and you you are so you know swoon and feign when you see these people and if they fail if they fall your shake your faith or shake it. Nations will be destroyed. Because the people who are given the task of leading the nation morally and in a direction towards Christ fail their charge this whole story is a symbol for the last days as well she says This way the scene in the judgment hall in Jerusalem is a symbol of what will take place in the closing scenes of Earth's history the world accept Christ the truth or they will accept say in the first great rebel a robber apostate and murderer they will either reject the message of mercy in regard to the commandments of God and faith of Jesus or they will accept the truth as it is in Jesus. If they accept Satan and his false hoods they identify themselves with the chief of all liars and was all who are disloyal while they turn from no less a personage than the son of the infant night God. Church you have only two choices either you choose Christ or you choose revolution the spirit of revolution that's sweeping across the world. It's not of God. The violent protests all over the United States and even here is not of God that is Satan's way of sweeping the world into chaos and anarchy because he knows the Bible says in Revelation Chapter twelve it says beware unto you and habitants of the earth and the Sea Why do you need to be aware why do you need to be careful because Satan has been cast out on Monday and he knows he has what a short time it's deep the devil is functioning like he has a little bit of time and we function as if we had all the time in the world. Let me give you three perspectives and we're done. The prefers perspective in a story that I like to put you in a story is that you are in the crowd. You're in the crowd is Jesus as pilot or pilots are his Jesus and robbers in front of you. A week earlier you were crying and singing Hosanna Hosanna today you're crying crucify him crucify him watch this some of us go to church on Sabbath and sing Hosanna and on Monday by our behavior we're crying crucify him crucify him you're in the audience you're in the crowd you have an opportunity to cry for Jesus to be set free or you can live your life as if you live under the banner of barabus That's the first perspective the second perspective is your next the pilot standing next to pilot you are barabus why because you are guilty and Christ is innocent. So guess what I did sin I have sinned I am deserving of the cross I don't miss this thing My life has made me worthy of death the wages of sin is death I have lived so that I can die so that I should die but Jesus is willing her he has already taken my place he took the punishment I deserved so that I could have the life he deserves it's what a graceful greatest flipflops in the you history of the universe. You get what he deserves if you follow him but the other part of this is if you follow Christ you're going to be treated as Christ was treated. Talk more about it and in the testimony tomorrow but the spread of promises Christ will be represented in the Person of those who accept the truth and identify their interest with that of their lord the world will be enraged at them in the same way that they were enraged at Christ and the Disciples of Christ will know that they are to be treated no better than was their Lord. But Christ was surely identify his interest with those with that of those who accept him as their personal savior every insult every reproach every false accusation made against them by those who have turned their ears away from the truth and are turned on to fables will be charged upon the guilty ones as done to Christ in the person of His Saints. When they persecute you it is going to be as if they were persecuting Christ there's one more perspective you pilot. You're standing between the truth. And the liar. You're standing there you are pilot. And your job is to convince the world that Jesus deserves to be set free in their lives. That the devil is the one who should be bound and cast out our job is what pilots of a pilot failed at his job in fact he died a miserable death because he didn't heed his wife's warning your job like pilot is to make the world know that Jesus is the innocent healer he is the king of the Jews he has the Messiah that has come it is not Yahshua son of a rabbit of a bar I bust son of the Father it is Jesus the Christ you notice one pilot says it he says Who do you want me to let loose for you Yahshua Barabas or Jesus which is called Christ are you telling other folk that they need to let Jesus loose in their lives that he needs to be active in living in their daily lives are like pilot are you failing your charge when it probably says like this when the world is at last brought up for trial before the Great White Throne to account for its rejection of Jesus Christ God's own messenger to our world what a sad solemn scene it will be what a reckoning will have to be made for nailing to the cross one who came to our world as a living apostle of the Law God will ask each one the question what have you done with my only big gotten son. What have you done with my son everybody the face of the judge will have to answer that question. She says What will those answer who have refused to accept the truth they will be all Bligh to say we hated Jesus and cast him out we cried crucify him crucify Him we chose barabus in his stead if those to whom the light of heaven is presented reject it they reject Christ you only have two options you can choose revolution. Choosing revolution doesn't mean that we don't do good in this world that we don't have ministries that reach the poor that we don't have ministry that feed the poor it doesn't mean that we aren't socially active agents that are improving the quality of people's lives that is the example Christ gave us. We are not the ones tearing down governments burning up stuff kicking over stuff shooting up stuff we have agents in the representatives of a whole different kingdom and yes right now your nationality might be from South Africa and mine might be from the United States of America but guess what your passport is transparent. It's flimsy it's temporary. You see written in my heart is a covenant and a promise from God and that passport is the passport that will one day allow chariots of fire to come and get me. And guess what it is to the VAT passport I am most loyal not to any earthly nation or kingdom but my favorite sermon stories of the storm story of the Armenian earthquake I read about earthquake eight point two Richter scale earthquake today in Mexico and we ought to be praying for those folks pray for my family my extended families in Miami pray for them as this hurricane barrels down upon them these natural disasters are going to become more common. The sign of Jesus to return the people of God and I get panicked when I know what's coming upon us men's hearts will fail them for fear ours hard our hearts should not. But in this story a little boy named Armaan as he's getting ready for school that morning says that rushing to get out of the house and decides he wants his father to take him to school. The little boy runs up runs beside his dad as that is about to leave the house and daddy. Will take me to school today the father says Son I'm busy I don't hurry up I need to get ready to go the little boy please Daddy please please please drop me off the school files are hurry up it is stuff let's go father walks a mile a minute the boy runs up behind him so proud his dad is taking them to school and they get to the school building the father's in a rush was about to run off and leave the boiler was a way that he way I want to hold on daddy that I want you to promise me. That you're going to come back and get me of Alice's son I've got a busy day time is that right there was a plea that promised me a father in order to expedite the time says look I promise I'll be back to get you but I gotta go now. Father runs off to his job to get to the factory where he works at a building where he works and as a father is there a massive earthquake hits Armenia building begins to shake light fixtures begin to fall people begin to panic and scream they run out of the building into the street the father runs out behind them into the street and as he looks around the city is beginning to crumble buildings are beginning to fall glass is broken and he realizes that this is a very serious earthquake and he has left his son at school. And he's going to go back and get them father runs back across town people are screaming bleeding problems everywhere but he gets to the building where his the left is on that morning and it is a pile of rubble. Of the parents of already gathered around the building and they're crying they're weeping the loss of their children the father trying to find landmarks difficult to find he's looking around to find landmarks and he finds when he climbs up on the side of the building on the side where he believes his son's classroom is he gets to the top of the pile of rubble picks up the first piece of concrete and he throws it to the side. Five minutes ten minutes he's there doing as somebody other parents after a little while say sir you should get down from there they're all dead here the father. Doesn't pay them any money keeps picking up the concrete the glass the street the twisted steel and throwing it to the side. Two or three hours later the police. Emergency services shows up and he's still up there and I say sir you should come down from there you're going to hurt yourself wait until the professionals are here to do this if you had someone in that building are probably already dead. Go home to whoever else you have a father ignores them and keeps picking up the concrete and throwing it to the side. After another little while a fire rescue people come and realize how bad the building is and prioritize of the buildings over it shout to the father you know you ought to really be careful get down from there you can be hurt. Father picks up another brick and tosses it to the side six hours later. Ten hours later twelve hours later hands bleeding him bloody from the glass in the steel by now is blood sugar his low he's a little bit woozy because he hasn't eaten. Yet he's still there picking up the concrete and tossing it aside twenty hours later thirty hours later. Thirty six hours later he's still there. Tired a little confused dehydrated he picks up a brick and and he throws it to the side and he sees a dark opening in the ground in the rubble and he steps back any he yells out our mother. Our mother a little tiny voice from inside the blackness cries out yes daddy The father says Armaan Are you OK I need to get you out of there. Little boy says daddy it's OK we're all alive in here. Some of us probably have some broken bones daddy and and we're all very hungry daddy but but I told my friends we had nothing to worry about because my daddy promised me that he was coming back to get me. Some church I know this world seems terrible I don't how frustrating this world is and how in just unjust the world is how traumatic the world is how the sky sting at times this world is it is an emotion all earthquake. Scarring folk and battering folk and and you look around and you can lose all hope. Like him all the way to Cal from California to tell you. That our daddy is coming to get us. He promised us in his word when he dropped us off on his planet that he would come back to get us your job is to tell all the other children down here in the darkness. That he made a promise you don't have to worry because it will be too long and when he gets here is going to take us home. This message was presented to him in missions twenty seventeen by the content. But not by saying in Cape Town South Africa a man mission disappointments to the Seventh Day Adventist Church is that you need. To despise young people to be bible based initiatives trying to. Anus to since to take. Jesus Christ to the world this generation starting in South Africa to know me so it's like don't you find a town to support this with this is a new thing. That's missing here today Amen. To every nation this recording was produced by the preparation ministry.


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