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God's Perspective On the Three-Phased Judgement

Giancarlo De Miranda


  • January 27, 2018
    8:45 AM
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We are going to be studying I believe you can see here. In the projection God's perspective on the three phase judgment I like to. Analyze this scene we do this morning in trying to help you to understand how God interacts with his created beings. And our objective as to know God more. We are told that these is life eternal that we minute him the only true God in Jesus Christ who has sent to know him is to love him and by beholding we become changed and I believe this is our desire this morning to become more like Jesus more like our Heavenly Father and. We also want to implement some principles that we are going to learn in this Bible study we wanted to make a practical in our personal lives and I believe by the end of our study as we analyze the three phases of the judgment we can draw a very important principle of the government of God that we can apply in our everyday life. We are told in Scripture you don't need to turn there but in First Corinthians Chapter four verse nine that the world where will leave became a spectacle to the universe and other words the universe is watching these world for two main reasons one they are interested to see who will accept the Gospel and repent and have it everlasting life but second. They are interested to see how God deals with his people with his career his intelligent. Creation. They are watching to see how God deals with his Screecher like the principle of his government's we are told in first spirit or one twelve you don't need to turn there that the angels they desire to look into the plan of salvation. They are carefully observing what God is doing in order to see mankind. I like to share a cold from the spirit profs there with you which I believe it's a very important call to which will start a foundation for our study of this morning now notice with me what it says Year. But the plan of redemption has a yet broader and deeper purpose then the salvation of man. It was not for these alone that Christ came to Earth to the earth it was not merely that the habitants of this little world my regard to love God as it should be regarded so it was not only for that what was another reason it says year but it was to what is the next word there VEEN decayed the character of God before the planet Earth. Well. Does it say there before the universe before I continue to read this passage I like to emphasize here that God is actually providing answers for his created beings of the universe so the holy angels to the unfolding worlds God is interested to provide answers for his creatures he wants to vindicate his character because we know that Satan accuse God from the beginning several accusations such as that God's law cannot be perfectly cats that the angels could not keep God's law then he was cast out of heaven he came to deserves and then he proposed that man could not keep God's law and then out and Eve the felde Satan seem to be right in his accusation and then he accuses Christ that fallen man simple man cannot be forgiven then he says that if they are forgiven God is not just his only merciful but not just sever accusations were made against the government of God how he deals with his creatures now want to continue this statement the act of Christ in dying for to salvation of man in the cross of Calvary the greatest revelation of the character of Christ who would not only make have been accessible to man but before all the universe it was to justify God in His Son in their dealing with the rebellion of Satan can you imagine that the task of God is not only to save mankind but actually to save the whole universe even though many of his creatures did not we bail against him but yet they are in danger. And it is the work of cries the work of God to reach. View his character more fully to the whole universe you order to protect them from the seeds of rebellion that Satan has psalm in the universe. And then if finishes by seeing it would stop militia the perpetuity of the law of God and would reveal the nature and the resolves. So here is the foundation of our study of this morning in the cross of Calvary God's in cries reveal to the universe his character of law. However I like to suggest this morning that many of us and when I say many of us I'm referring to mankind we do not understand that what cries did for us and get Sam O'Neill's all in there in the cross many people don't even believe in Christ some do not even heard about Christ. Some has rejected cries because they don't fully understand his love for them. And in order for the for the character of God to continue to be vindicated in months to continue to be unfolded. And the way God sure to continue to unfold his character of love which he revealed in the cross in the cross of Calvary is through the three phases of the judgment. So notice what the Scripture says year we find in Chapter five in verse twenty four we find the least two different judgments year it says some man scenes are opened before hand going notice carefully here before two judgments and some man they follow after so these verse give us the understanding that God will judge mankind at least we know is three phases of the judgment but in these words we find at least two phases of the judgment some people there will be judged before and some people will be judged after and God will like to continue to unfold he scared of laws during these phases of the judgment now we find in first Peter for verse seventeen an idea of who is going to be judged first for the time is scum that judgment must begin where. At the house of God OK So God will judge mankind and also angels in three different stages but the very first stage is with the House of God the house of God is referring to duels who profess to believe in Christ those who has have professed to follow the true God they are going to be judged we find. An inspiration this statement. Which says I want to read for you that it says so in the Great day of the final What moment in the investigative judgment the only cases can see there are bills of the professed people of God So who are going to be judged in the investigative judge or in the very first phase of the judgment that says there it says clearly there those who have professed to be the people of God's the judgment of the we cared is a distinct and separate work just as we saw in first the motive chapter four five and takes place at a later periods we know is during the millennium the one thousand years. This court is in the great controversy paid for eighty. Now I would like to underlies more carefully the investigative judgment because that's what we are going to do this morning we are going to analyze the investigative judgment the millennium judgment and the judgment after the millennium in order to understand how God deals with his creatures how God provided answers to the universe including to mankind just and we cared and also the falling engines and as we analyze that again we want to understand more of gods and how we can apply that same principle of his government in our personal life. Now I want you to turn with me to Revelation Chapter fourteen let's go there to Revelation Chapter fourteen we see here in Revelation fourteen a message warning people to prepare for the judgments and though we clearly see here that the judgment at least this first phase of the judgment takes place before the second coming of Jesus we have this discussion. Among theologians about a pre Adventist judgments many scholars specially even jail because they don't believe in the pre Adventist judgment what we find here in the three angels message the pre Adventists judgment in verse six notice what it says there and they saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to do what with the ever less. The Gospel to preach to the whole world so we see here that the gospel is being preached in other words the AM did not come yet and the message that was preached we find in verse seven all the way to verse twelve saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of years so what is the next word judgement is come and worship him that may have been and the years in the sea in the fountains of waters then we find the second angels message in verse eight the third in just message from verse nine to verse twelve and then only then in verse fourteen we find the second coming of Jesus after the three angels message in verse fourteen and reads and I looped and behold a wide cloud and upon the cloud the one set likened to the Son of Man Jesus cries have you know he's had a golden crown any His hands are sharp sequel so Christ will only come in the clouds of heaven this is the second coming by the way after just three angels message is preached to all the world and in that three angels message we find a message of judgment fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment will come that's what it says there has come and other words the judgment takes place and while the three angels message is being preached to the world prior to the second coming of Jesus. Then you know let's go to Dana Chapter seven he take us into the court house of gods in the most holy place of the sanctuary and give us more information of what happened during the investigative judgment there prior to the second coming of Jesus in the heaven sanctuary Then in chapter seven verse nine and ten let's read and see what we find there I want you to see what it says beginning in verse. Nine The Bible reads and I be held to the thrones were cast down and the Ancient of Days did see this is God the Father by the way in verse then a fiery stream issue of the end came forth from before him thousand thousands minister unto Him and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the judgment was that and what is the next word there the books were opened so we can draw several things from this versus the first thing that we can understand is God the Father is there present during the judgment and we also find books during the judgment there are books available there we know it's the Book of Life The Book of Remembrance also the book of sin and death they are there exposed during the judgment in God the Father is there Jesus is coming in verse thirteen to the most holy place where the father is found the investigative judgement to participate in that judgement but we also find the inverse stand another group of people inside the judgment court of. God Who do we find there in verse then the language of verse stand it says year I want to show you by the way. More specifically and we we want to understand who is this other group of people who are present there in verse Janet says Hausen thousands did what minister unto Him and ten thousand times stand house and stood before him who are these beings year you don't seem to be very sure they are the angels that's right they are the angels I just want to show you just. Let's go really quick to The Book of Revelation and let's try to. Have the Bible interpret thing itself so you saw a very clear description there before the throne of God in the heavenly sanctuary and there WAS thousand thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand before him and we find here in Revelation Chapter five verse eleven I want you to see what it says there and by the way this is a description of the heaven sanctuary here in Revelation Chapter five it says and I beheld and I heard the voice of many what is the next word their angels round about the throne notice the throne of God there and the bees and the elders and the number of them was what does this say there ten thousand times ten thousand in thousands of howls and so who were present there in the Book of Daniel when the investigative judgment began and we already know began in eight hundred forty four who are there with God the Father. Not only the angels also all these four beasts and also the twenty four elders so we find of there in the most holy place doing the investigative judgments not only God the Father Jesus Christ in verse thirteen but also the heavenly angels the heavily beings present there. I would like to suggest that there are reasons why God Scholz to have books during that. Phase of the judgement. I want to ask you a few questions just for you to think. Why does God has books during the investigative judge as well as doing the milliner judgment and the judgment after the millennium the books are important is it for God to remember someone's life many years ago like someone that leaves two thousand years ago also God wants to make sure he doesn't forget anything in then he writes in the books is this the reason is it to help God to make decisions as he compares what is written there you will help God to make the right decision so help God to know who really accepted his grace and was transformed by His grace is that the reason he has records there. Now another question does God know who will be see and who will be lost before hand. Or yes no does this passage of a here are well known passage. It reads. It comes from. Isaiah Chapter forty six verse nine in ten notice the characteristics of God we find at least two characteristics year remember the former things of women of old so the reason God has books during the investigative judgment is not for him to remember anything to help him to remember because he doesn't forget unless he chooses to forget. Their source is going to do when he blots out the sins of the righteous. For I am God and there is no one else I am God and there is none like me and that's the second character characteristic of God What does it say there the Clary the and from when from the beginning so again there's got no who will be saved. Or yes. So why them to have boy works and why them to have a judgement in order to decide who will be saved in who will be lost if God already know the outcome. I like to suggest this morning that it is for the benefit of Bill's were present with the Father and with and with Jesus. The angels and all the other heavenly beings there were present there so the whole universe. Now it is important for the holy angels for the heavenly beings to understand in what bases Christ accept someone and crys reject someone is it is important for them to understand why God it's bringing someone to heaven and why some people are not accepted to have been it is important for God to provide answers to be transparent these is the main reason God. Has books for the three phases of the judgement to provide answers and to be transparent Now I notice Let's talk now about the millennial judgment. But before we talk about the milliner judgment I just want you to see that the holy angels they are deeply interested in what is happening with mankind OK they are there and investigative judgment and we find here you look at Chapter twelve versus eight and nine also I say unto you described seeing whosoever shall confess me before men him shall the Son of Man also come fast before who are the angels of God but he that the United me before man shall die in shall be denied before the angels of God So you see their cries providing answers to the holy angels. Of what he does of his decisions we also find in the great controversy in this statement here the deepest interest manifested IMO man in the decision of earthly tribunal's but faintly represents low What is the next word their interest evidence in the heavenly courts when the names and in the book of life you'll see deep interest and the courts above of the whole of the holy angels. And then it says all who have overcome through faith in his blood be forgiven will be forgiven their transgression while Jesus is pleading for the subjects of his grace Satan does what accuses them before God as transgressors Jesus does not excuse their sins but shows their penitence and faith and claiming for them forgiveness he lives his wonted hands before the Father and the holy angels again saying I know them by name so you see again Jesus providing answers to the holy angels to the heavily beings of his decisions. Even to forgive them even though he gave his life for them but yet he tells the father and the holy angels the reason he's forgiven their scenes because they have accepted and they have for soup their sins now let's talk about the millennial judgments Let's go to First Corinthians Chapter four let's go there first Corinthians Chapter four. And I again I begin asking you if you like to study the Bible I hope you do because we still have some verses to analyze First Corinthians Chapter four verse five we are we are going to talk about the millennial judgment and we will see that in the millennial judgments there are books also available there. Notice what it says in verse five therefore judge nothing before what the time so Paul was saying that there will be a time to do what the judge has just say make sure you don't judge before that time comes but there will be a time for you to judge what time is notice Let's continue the verse until the Lord come who both will bring to light the heating things of darkness and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts and then show every man have breeds of God So according to this verse the time to judge is when the Lord does what come the second coming of Jesus from that period is when it begins the judgment for God's people to engage. Now in chapter six of First Corinthians Let's go to chapter six of the same book First Corinthians Chapter six in verse two in verse three notice what we find there do we not know that the Saints shout judge what is the next word the world when it says the world he is referring to the people of the world is referring specifically the week it those who rejected God's grace those who did not succeed in the Vesta gate of judge and many of them did not even go to the investigative judgment because they completely rejected Christ and then in verse three. It says no we not that we show judge what is the next word their angels so God's people it will come a time for them that they would judge the world and even the angels. And this will be you when cries come during the one thousand years now let's go to the Book of Revelation really quick to chapter twenty that's the chapter where we find the millennial judgment Revelation chapter twenty and also what happens after the one thousand years the executive judgment. Revelation chapter twenty verse four and six. It says here and I saw thrones and they sat upon them and this is referring to the righteous during the one thousand years if you read the context they sat upon the throne and judgment was given unto who to the sands that's right to them referring to God's people. Judgment was given unto them now skip with me to verse six it says blessed and holy is he that has a part in the first resurrection when Jesus comes. And then on such the second that has no power but they shall be priests of God and God and of cries and shower reign with him for how long a thousand years that's right one thousand years is when judgment was given to the Saints beginning from the second coming of Jesus and I have and when he takes them to have been all the way to the third coming of Jesus after the one thousand years that's when the milliner judgment will take place and who will be involved in that judgment according to what we read here judgment was given to who. So the sayings in the investigative judgment the holy angels the heavenly beings were present there watching what Jesus was doing and the Father and Jesus was providing answers for them but here during the one thousand years the righteous are involved in the judgment and crisis providing answers for the righteous. Of the. Why he made certain decisions and then this skis why he did not see certain people. We know that there will be surprising haven't many people will not be there that we thought these should be there. But as we analyze the records the books again we understand that they actually had hidden sins in their hearts that they were not willing to for see. Now notice this statement here in THE UNION with Christ's this is referring to the sense of the righteous years in the union with cries the judge the week it come pairing their acts with the statue book the Bible and deciding every kid is according to the deeds done in the body then the portion which the weak it must suffer is mete out so they decide how much the weekend will suffer did you know that the writers will decide how much people will be punished sometimes we don't like to talk about that we we have this impression we talk about God's judgment or we are not really talking about his law of but I want to tell you that God's character of love is his mercy as well as he has justice he already extended mercy. During the probation time that we have here on these servers but they rejected now because of their choices God has to exercise justice and he uses the righteous to actually come up with that the solution so they can see. That God's decision not saving them was actually correct. God is providing answers again he is transparent in his dealings with his created beings Now let's continue to read this statement here and then the portion of which the we can must suffer his message out according to their works and it is recorded against their names in the book of death Satan also an evil angel Zz are judged by Christ and who and he's people the great controversy of P.-Six six and one. So we clearly see their Christ and His people doing them alone or judgment coming with the decisions together here we find in the great controversies some are destroyed. Made as in the moments while others for many days all were punished according to their to their deeds clean so that's what we find there during the millennia judgments God and His people and God providing answers for them now let's talk about at the last phase of the judgment the executive judgment we also find here in Revelation twenty I want you to see what it says in verse eleven and verse twelve Revelation twenty notice verse eleven Revelation twenty verse eleven and I saw a great white throne and him that sat on it from whose face do yours and the heaven fled away and there was found a no plea for them and by the way this is it specially talking about what will happen after the one thousand years the resurrection of the we kids. And eyes saw the dead small in the great stand before God And again what do we see there and the books were open and the we already know the books is not for God God already remembers everything he already knows why there are laws that God doesn't need those books but yet the books are there again. Even after the millennium God is to use in the books the books they were open which is the book of life and that there were judged out of those things which were written in the books according to their works. It is importance it is important for God to provide the answers also for the weak it can you imagine that God is providing answers to his own creatures he provides answers to the holy angels or the headline beings to the universe and then he comes to the writers that accepted his grace they were not writers they were made writers because they accepted the sacrifice of Christ and were transformed by the Holy Spirit and now Christ provided answers for them that should be enough so everyone understood that the weak it should be destroyed because they rejected God's grace the evil angel should be destroyed as well but yet he resurrects the we kids in order to give explanation for them he wants to explain them why they were lost and why that will be punished it was because of their choice and he must exercise the order for save them not to accuse him he must exercise mercy and justice in this case because they rejected mercy he is exercising justice and Satan cannot see anything. Because otherwise you would see why God forgives everyone and he doesn't forgive me it is very clearly because Satan did not accept God's grace as God pleaded with him in heaven so the same reason these people will receive God's judgment because God has pleaded with them but yet they refuse God's grace no room for accusations God is providing incentives. Even so the we kids evil in jewels. Now I want you to see the statement. Which I believe will help us to see this characteristic of God And so now as the books of record are open and by the way if you read the context years referring to what will take place after the one thousand years this description here the books open after the one thousand years and the eye of Jesus looks upon the whole. Though we kids notice what happened the books are open. Jesus looks upon the weekend they are color sions of how many sins every sin which they have ever committed. All appear as if written in letters of fire there in those books clearly. They cannot hide Ansel's they cannot justify themselves they recognize just by looking to the pure and holy face an eye of Jesus. Above the throne is revealed the cross borders carefully God providing answers now L.-I a panoramic view appeared the scenes of our instant Taishan and fall and this excessive steps in the great plan our redemption he reveals a plan a redemption all the way to the sacrifice of Christ everyone is able to contemplate the we kid the sacrifice of cries and even the writers who did not leave at that time who do not see that soon we will be able to count them played what Christ has done in order to exercise his mercy and righteousness. His providing answers to the universe and now before the sway multitude are revealed to the final scenes the patients suffer treading in the path of Calvary the prince of the have been hanging upon the cross so he's basically saying that's what I have done for you. And then it goes on to say the awful spectacle appears just as it wants we are watching the sacrifice of the Son of Man save him his angel his subjects have no power to turn from the picture of their own work it is clearly seen all the evil angel all that the evil angels and Satan did to crush the crucified the Son of God the whole we cared world stand that arraigned at the bar of God on the charge of a high treason against the government of Heaven they have none to plead their cause notice carefully now they are we doubt what is the next word excuse they even sell cannot provide excuse. They understood now OK now I understand if you remember what's going to take place after the millennium Satan do you see the week it again then they they gathered selves together to borrow against God to try to defeat God But at this point as God provided answers for them they say you know what we don't have any excuses God is right. All see that their exclusion from Haven't is what is next were there it is just everyone will be satisfied OK the holy angels are satisfied that I'm falling worlds are satisfied the righteous are sided slide but weak at our side it's wide is missing is someone to be cited five Who is that Satan himself Satan himself and God ones to give an answer explanation to him before he executes say that he wants to make sure I want to let you know I want to explain you why I'm going to destroy you it's not because I don't love you but because you have rejected my love by their lives they have declared we will not have this man Jesus to reign over us the great controversies from Page six sixty six to page six sixty eight. Now Satan needs also to recognize that God is just. I wanted to see these other statements also from the great counter verse. Controversy P.-Six seventy. His accusations referring to Satan's accusations against the mercy and justice of God are now what is the next word silenced the reproach which he has endeavored to cast apology whole verse rests wholly upon himself and I'll say to them those words again what does it say their bows down and come fesses the justice of his sentences so God explains so well the principles of his government and all he was the seizures that Satan himself said you know what God is just. Every question of truth and error is in the long standing controversy has now been made plain God's wisdom his justice and his goodness is stand fully you what is the last word there vindicated this is so beautiful I will read again God's wisdom on his Justice and hears goodness stand fully vindicated and we find this verse in the Bible very well known Philip in chapter two verse stand in eleven then add the name of Jesus how many needs every need should bow of things in cabin in things in nerves in things under the earth and that every tongue every time even the wicked and evil angel should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God and the father so we are told in inspiration that even though the we can recognize the love of Christ His justice saved in the end so recognized but they are not changed their hearts continue the same and that's why they receive the penalty of sin which is there have eternal and there now how do we apply what we learn here. And. Analyzing the three phases of the judgment how do we apply this truth. First of all. I like to suggest based on our studying that God hears accountable God is what. Accountable I want to give you the definition of accountable according to the dictionary. It says Year someone who is accountable is completely What is the next word responsible for what they do and must be able to give satisfactory reasons for it that's the definition of someone who is accountable he is responsible and also provides satisfactory reasons for his actions. Another definition required or expected to justify actions or decisions responsible did you know that you serve a God who is accountable Can you imagine. We ourselves you know because of our nature we don't like to be accountable. We don't like to be questioned we don't like when someone question our motives. And ask us to provide answers we easily get offended when we need to provide explanation of our actions but we serve a God that has never made a mistake in his entire existence from everlasting to everlasting he is perfect and then he creates intelligent beings His creation and now we see God here our perfect god providing explanations to his creatures. It's like the boy was providing explanation. So those under him to be accountable we must be humble we serve a humble God if he is accountable it is because he's humble we serve a transparent to God. And this principle of the government of God. Has affected nations churches ministries and personal lives in a positive ways when we respond. I know that man brings corruption in a form of government but a Democrat and democratic form of government. Is a form of government which provides answers to the people different of the monarchy Protestantism the form we run the church through a board meeting it's a way of being accountable providing answers to the church members and to other leaders of the church How about ministries nonprofit organizations. They should be run also in the same manner the same principle of the government of gods provide answers Spera see. How about in the family. The relationship of the husbands and wives we also should be accountable to one another and provide answers. I want to leave these with you. God is accountable he is humble he is transparent and he cares about his creature and he's willing to provide answers to all of us may God bless this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your purse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W. U or.


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