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  • January 27, 2018
    6:45 PM
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Very thankful for the privilege to study and once again I want to pick up where we left off when we were looking at practical instructions living the life of Jesus is an absolute imperative and you will find that the Bible you know one of the things I learned about God is that God is not prodigal Does anybody know what I mean when I say prodigal very good whoever said that very good was that you met OK I love that waste for that's what the word prodigal means you always hear about the Prodigal Son the word prodigal means wasteful that that young man was wasting away the goods of his father one of the things about God is that God is not prodigal he's not wasteful meaning when ever the Lord puts an instruction in the word whenever Jesus leads by example Jesus expects us to pay attention to those instructions he's not wasting time he's not wasting even ink and so when we understand that I want you to think about this you see when earlier today we were studying you remember that we were looking at different examples of the way in which Christ lived Jesus lived by the word he encouraged us to live by the word and to exercise faith and we learn that faith is fully trusting the word of God to do what the Word of God said it's going to do and to depend fully on the Word of God to do what it said it was going to do with out any other evidence Jesus expects us to understand the importance of praise. He expects us to understand that we need to live lives that demonstrate that God is indeed good and that all things work together for good true story Ellen White was getting ready for an evangelist and campaign I actually have a reference for this it's in my notes I can give it to you after the meeting and when Ellen White and the in the brethren were getting ready to do an evangelist meeting they went to a building a place that was used for all sorts of different events and sister why is it that she went to the people they talked about it they negotiated they said OK On this date we're going to go ahead and do A.B.C. evangelism meeting the person said Sure no problem the date finally arrives the data rise and people are coming from north east south and west ready to hear the president truth and when the people arrive to hear the meeting systemwide in the Brethren go in there some of our pioneers like a Stephen Haskell of course James White and as they went in the they said OK we're ready to use the facility the people will be here shortly and we're going to go ahead and give the message the gentleman said I am so sorry that room is not available to you anymore she began to reason wait we talked about this we agreed on this and you know the person said the person we did talk about it we did agree about it but you never signed a contract and as a result of not signing a contract someone else came behind you and signed a contract and therefore we had to give the room to them you know this is the way the pioneers had to go back and tell those people we're very sorry there will be no meeting and those people had to go away you know this is a wise conclusion was she said well we have to count this under Romans eight verse twenty eight all things work together for good to them that love the Lord what do you think was the good that she learned from it next time you go to do a meeting sign a contract in other words tell you these things are practical lessons what God is trying to teach us is that just because we believe the truth as it is in Jesus does not mean that we should do sloppy business. We should be astute we should before we should have forethought we should think about the things that we negotiate and that we do so that we can make sure that all of our eyes are dotted and all of our Ts are crossed in all things we can praise God. And we can learn lessons from them that make us smarter stronger wiser and better to give excellent service to the master and so it is that as we look at these things I want to show you one more thing that I thought was worthy for us to consider obviously again preparing the way the Lord make straight of the desert highway for our God this is our text that we've been focusing on throughout our weekend and when we look at this I want you to think about that isn't that beautiful That's a nice scenery isn't it. And here it is that you know you've got the rocks the mountains and the waters and the trees and all these things beautiful scenes of nature and there was a practical lesson about Jesus that I want to see in this notice this in Mark one of verse thirty five the Bible says and in the morning rising up a great while before day he went out and departed into a solitary place and there did what he prayed Now notice Jesus when it was time for him to pray it was a great while before a day before the business of life when he went to commune with God because remember we learned earlier that the Communion life of Jesus was his secret for Life of power we need more power we got tremendous talk but unfortunately we don't have enough power and so if we want more power God has already made the secret aware of US Now notice this he went into a solitary place a private place a place without distraction and he went and he prayed Now when I started to think about this a little bit more I then looked at this principle in Luke six and it came to pass in those days that he went out into a mountain that was a kind of solitary place a mountain to pray and continue all night in prayer to God So notice that the solitary place that Christ was looking to go to that he could have time with God was not necessarily a private place in a house or in the house it was a private place in nature you will remember that the quote that we read in ministry healing page fifty one that it talked about communion with God and with nature remember that quote. Jesus made it a practice that as long as it was two things practical and possible he would not spend time indoors having communion with God This in my words very carefully Jesus left a lesson for us that when ever it's those two words who remember the two words if it's what practical and possible we do not have communion with God in doors we should look to have our private communion time with outdoors God left that on the map on purpose notice this desire of ages to ninety one paragraph one by communion with God in nature the mind is up lifted and the heart finds rest there is something about being out in nature with God You know one of the things I thought was very interesting I go to a lot of places I was just a mom I was just kind of marveling over it over the past six months in six months I have been at meat ministry helping in strengthening different brethren over there I then was at usually pines helping and strengthening brethren over there and then I was at Wildwood helping and strengthening brethren over there and now I'm at Heartland helping and strengthening the brethren here and it's interesting because I said you know all four locations are in the country but everybody often will have their communion with God indoors and I said why don't you pay attention to the example of Jesus why do we think that he's prodigal Why do we think that it was put in Scripture in the spirit of prophecy just so we could just talk about it God did not put it in inspiration just to talk about it God put it in inspiration because it was something special and first John to go to the book of first John and notice what it says in Chapter Two notice it was not just put there because God just wanted ink to be wasted it was not just put there so that you and I could just say oh that's cute. God put that thing there because Jesus was saying Hey I'm trying to give you an example that you can learn from it the Bible says in the book of first John we're looking at what chapter very good we're looking at first John we're looking at chapter two and notice what the Bible says as we consider first John two and verse six the Bible says He that see if he abideth in him all himself all souls so to walk even as he walked the you see that now when the Bible says that we are to walk as we walk in and say that as Jesus did right foot and then right foot and then left foot and then left that's not the kind of walking that the bible was talking about is the same kind of walking that did we've got enough walked with God and he was not he was translated because before his translation he had this testimony that he please God That's the kind of walking it's about living as he lived worshipping as he worshiped studying as he studied praying as he prayed in Jesus made it a priority that every time it is practically impossible you see if there is a blizzard outside let me give an example I live in the mountains in Massachusetts right now in the mountains in Massachusetts where I live just about two and a half weeks ago two weeks ago or so it was negative thirty one outside that's why I don't want to hear nothing from you Southern people we all start talking about how cold it is I might give me a break you're not going to get any sympathy from me. I just have to be his I might lessen negative thirty one it was not practical or possible to have communion outside in the woods you understand that now let's speak to the self a tornado comes. Some areas in the south especially out in Tennessee where meat ministry was when we were living there sometimes tornadoes will rip through an area now if you use clearly see lightning bolts flashing all over the place it is not practical and is not possible for you to go outside to have a good communion with God when you've got one eye closed praying another hole open looking at the lightning bolts in the air around you get distracted you understand that so that's what I'm saying when I talk about practical possible but as long as it's practical as long as it's possible we are to say it is time to talk to the master I'm going out and I'm going to spend some time in nature and I'm going to commune with my Savior I would like to submit unto you do it it was an example that Jesus gave us a tour to a whole bunch of missionaries as they were getting ready to go out to the canvassing group and when we finished all of them were getting ready to do it and they were obedient and one of them praise God was my son my son Jared would get up everybody said Dad I don't know what it is he says all of us all of the students all of us because they were all doing a camp canvassing campaign and all of them were getting up in the morning early in the morning while it was still dark and that because they were out there in the in the woods and in the mountains they were going places and they were finding opportunities to talk with the master and they said you know what there is something special about doing this now I'm going to let you in even on a double secret I mean we're going to walk in the footsteps of our master I want you to watch this go to look at eleven watch this one had this one is a bonus I don't even have this one prepared for you but I'm going to give I'll go ahead give you this one watch this one in Luke the eleventh chapter must show you another example about Jesus Now you remember you've been hearing me talk about careful study is that right when we talk about that really paying attention to the verse I'm going to give you an opportunity to see if you get it and you know it's so says sometimes people give right answers for wrong reasons you're going to look at eleven I remember one time I was teaching I was doing a training and I was training missionaries and as I was training the missionaries I asked a tough question and when I asked the tough question I said what's the answer. Lot of people didn't give the answer and this young lady very timid she she raised her hand she said I know the answer brother them and I said Really tell me the answer the sister gave the right answer I said Praise God as a sister stand up I had to stand up before the rest of the class and I said Look at your fellow classmates and I said please tell them how you discovered the answer I also proud of her because I mean I was really thankful for what she was able to pass it all men she knows the answer she has been studying and then that sister I said go into the class and then she put her head down. Put it doesn't again I want to answer Go ahead tell the class she said I learned it from listening to one of your messages. That was the right answer but the wrong way it was discovered you understand that we want to be able to say I got the answer because I looked and I studied for myself you understand that that's the best answer OK Levon bonus watch this example of Jesus live and the Bible says in verse one and it came to pass that as he was doing what praying in a certain place when he seized one of His disciples said unto him Lord teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples All right what are the people one of the disciples want to learn they want to learn how to pray what was Jesus doing. And before the disciples asked the question what did Jesus what would happen when Jesus in his prayer is stopped so clearly was Jesus OK let me not ask that question just yet verse to Jesus is now going to answer their question they want to learn how to pray verse to. And he said unto them when you pray say Our Father which art in heaven how would be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done as in heaven saw in earth stop right there question was the first lesson that Jesus taught about how to pray was the first lesson Jesus taught say again that you were at great prayed to the father prayed to the father very good my sister got it sister. He prayed out loud notice in the verse it did not say Wendy pray think it's not he said it he didn't say that he did not say when he prayed meditate he said when you pray say Jesus was teaching us when you pray pray audibly pray audibly Now you can Couple this with steps to Christ page ninety three when you get a chance to read it in your spare time steps across Page ninety three and you will learn that what God actually teaches us is that when we pray pray aloud some I says all men I don't know should I do that with the devil will hear me who cares if he hears us he can't do anything about it. So as I think about that we're fanatical country living people is a oh you know I'm not going to say the name but years ago I asked a brother who's living in the country helping people learn how to live in the country I said Can you give me a call left a voice message he called me back I notice that there was a nice sentiment email can you give me a call got a blocked caller ID number they called me and I answered the phone it was that guy and I said hey brother can I call you back because we had a bad time Well brother I don't give out my phone number really I said why you know you have to phone them I mean we're brethren he said well you know Son the Lord tells us that time going to come we're going to turn against referee. You know I read wish I was joking because that's a pathetic thing for a man to say that claims the present truth. But extremists are very much attracted to the present truth. To mess it up all the time and this brother brother you know is brother going to turn against us so what I'll do is I'll call you back that is so extreme but these were the same people at a time that used to say Get a pill box address when you get to Country Place Don't let nobody know where you live and I'm like you know people always knew where to find Jesus you read Mark one verse thirty six they knew where to find him they knew to find amusing have to hide you see here's my here's a way I think about it if you show up at my house and you trying to mess with me and my family God If you are God's enemy that means you my enemy God will blind your eyes like he did with those people right at last door. Do you understand that I don't have to be worried about folks in out all ways brought people to his country home we all need to hurt and so it is we don't need to only pray quietly there's nothing in inspiration that says there's a danger when we pray openly how do I know that because Jesus just did it he was praying allowed and then he stopped and the disciples knew it and then they asked the question so if Jesus prayed aloud he didn't worry about it why are you worried about it even if the devil hears you he can't do anything about it you understand that Psalm sixty five in verse seventeen evening morning and at noon will I pray and cry how the Bible teaches us pray aloud You know one of the blessings of praying about God becomes more real to you I mean think about it you go outside in nature you out there breathe in that crisp air maybe you're in an area where you hear the water flowing you hear the sounds of nature the birds chirping because they're being blessed by God and here it is that you're surrounded by all of that and then here it is that you are playing your knees and you are lifting up your heart to heaven and you begin to say Father. And you start to talk out loud brothers sisters your own mind becomes convinced that God is real you see when you and I pray silently we do the silent thing one minute oh lord next minute what time is it. On there to go to grocery shopping then I got to do that the is it not almost very easy for our minds to wonder when we silently pray Jesus was teaching us he knows you become more convinced that I'm real the more that you talk to me I want you to have something to say to me and so I'm encouraging you that when you have your communion time with God As long as it's practical and possible go outside now for those of us who are coming from the city obviously we are challenged only now if you're in the city but in the suburbs you at least probably have a backyard or something like that that you can go ahead and do it or praise the lord going to backyard and do it then work with what you've got until you can get more if you're living in an apartment building structure and there's cars passing all the time and it's noisy outside well then obviously you can't put this into practice yet so you might have to just simply go in your closet and say Father I'm doing the best that I can until I get more but the ideal of God is try to find yourself a quiet place in nature and commune with the Master is that simple enough Amen now looking at some more instructions some more examples from Jesus you remember an accent in verse thirty eight how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power and what was he doing. He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for God was with him this is our work family there's no way we're going to prepare you the way of the Lord while we're constantly thinking about ourselves working for ourselves and doing for ourselves we must understand that Jesus was anointed with the Holy Ghost and with power and he went about doing good if we are going to prepare you the way of the Lord we have to sit down and we got to think how can I be more intentional about going about and doing good to others what has God given me that can be a blessing to others even to the homeschooling parents many of you are in this room read Welfare Ministry page one twenty when you read Welfare Ministry page one twenty it tells us that even that homeschooling mother that she is to train her children to be helpers to her as she does evangelism So there is no excuse to just say well my flock right here is my ministry Well that's true this is not supposed to be your only ministry is supposed to have a focus that when I train my children I am training them to be a helper to me as we win souls for the master and prepare the way see how simple that is so we must sit down and really think about it how can I go about doing good what do I have that's good that you gave me Lord that I can give to somebody else some of us have a knowledge on health some of us have a knowledge on cooking some of us have a knowledge on various practical skills carpentry cleaning etc Some of us are very knowledgeable on budgeting and financing which a lot of people me what is it that you have that's good take it pray about it and go do that good thing for somebody else that's near you that's around you you must be intentional here be good family there's always going to be a reason to say I'll do it tomorrow procrastination is one of the devil's next Rusty is tools when you think about discouragement that's probably his number one tool is discouragement but procrastination is real close to it we often know what to do we often have skill sets abilities and all sorts of gifts but we waste a lot of time thinking about it rather than putting it into action Jesus went about doing good healing all manner of healing those who were oppressed of the devil and God was with him now notice this that was Jesus Luke nine What did Jesus do for the disciples then he called his twelve and disciples together and gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases and he sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick the same power that was available to Jesus is the same power that has been made available to us and God says I want you to use that power and you can. I've you know I believe this family and you know in truth is really nothing to boast about but you know the man that stands before you has as it relates to education a general equivalency diploma a GED according to the world standard I'm a very dumb ignorant man according to the world's standards and so I always Dean myself an underdog literally I did that I had people that called me names that people even in our church that told me not to learn anything are going to stand anything etc I came into the church twenty Well twenty six years ago and you know when I came in I don't even understand where Genesis was I mean you know I'm saying it's like I did not understand these things and so it is that what I have to do I started to study I had to apply myself people told me about local You need to go to Oakwood you go to Oak Wood something I believe is the Holy Spirit kept me from go and I said. It was and it was a good God wanted to send me and brother was oh man you need to learn this you need to learn this and I had to read I had to pray I had to study I had to think had to get all those cobwebs off my brain from smoking on weed and sip in some foolish substance and making my body sick and all these things started learning a health message that one of people right here to help me learn is the Hamilton started learning the health message health reform and all these things started learning these things and here it is the Lord gave a ministry a worldwide ministry still have a GED. All I'm saying I'm not saying that impression I'm trying and I'm saying that to impress upon you the you don't need a lot of stuff that the world tells you you need to understand the Word of God to be able to let it have it sanctifying effect upon your heart and actually be used as an instrument by God to be a blessing to somebody else according to the world standard I'm a very very ignorant fisherman but God has used this ignorant fisherman to teach a lot of people a lot of things that has absolutely worked out for their salvation and for that I'm eternally grateful and what I'm telling you is that do not look to your deficiencies do not consult your weaknesses. There is no mind to dull that God cannot make brilliant. You have to start believing that you gotta think that stop talking that foolishness of I can't lord how can I just switch the switch the language is not I can't do that look the question is not OK how can I do this you want to do that how can I do that father if you want to do that then I'm going to need this and God says I love it do you know that desire of eighty six sixty eight tells us that God loves it when we go to him and make demands to say Lord in order for me to accomplish this I need this you promise this and therefore I'm coming to you and I'm asking I'm not talking about Pentecostal demands I command you know be me Lord I'm not talking about that. I'm not talking about that extremism Babylonian foolishness I'm talking about reverently coming to God and saying Father you said in your word that he is like that he you promised and therefore I come to you fully expecting you to fulfill your promise God says I like it when my children do that hold me accountable to my promise God will make your mind brilliant God will teach you what you need to know God will literally like the children of Israel coming out of Egypt filled with paganism and God will give you some kill to not even build a sanctuary God will do that all he needs is willing hearts and so we can go about doing good just like Jesus did all we got to do is say Lord show me how I am here send me use me now let's talk about being used the completeness of Christian character is attained when the impulse to help and bless other springs constantly from within what springs constantly from within your heart if helping yourself out springs constantly from within your heart then you need to cry out to God is the Lord help me I'm a selfish man I'm a selfish woman I'm self-centered Lord help me that I can get to a place that when I see people my heart naturally leaps to say how can I be a blessing for help them. You know sometimes with these country location especially schools these young people get caught up into these little bubbles and they don't know how to even act out in real society and that's why I believe any school no matter what it is every school should be able to engage are used to go out into cities and in all the slums and wicked places of the world and go out there and meet the real needs of people and come in contact with all of those various battles and challenges and learn how to walk through them through some god the examples in the context of teachers and professors and leaders we need then because sometimes we get locked in these bubbles same thing with homeschooling children they home school all their lives don't always get in touch with society once they come out of touch with society they lose their minds they lose their minds I mean Meet me in my buddies back in the days we used to always say when I was in the world we said look if you want to have a good time go find one of them than Christian girls that's always been locked up in their home this is what we used to say as worldly wicked men we used to say then go find them Christian girls that's been locked up in their homes because once they get out of a home they can't wait to just test and see what the waters are like and they do some of those vile and sinful things part of that comes because of the way that some of us are governing argues you understand that we need to know how to wisely intemperately be able to help them see the realities of what's happening outside of this precious little holy home that we have so that when they come back home they'll appreciate their home more son and daughter we're going to go to A.B.C. you know ghetto we're going to go to the hood we're going to go to places where people are struggling and we're going to go and we're going to minister to those souls and when they go in there and see the room is crawling across the floor where they going stay and smell those foul smells when they go in there they look at that person's refrigerator and they see that that person is eating bonafide garbage when they see those individuals who are struggling and you're teaching the Word of God and they're this struggling to even think through a simple text that normally the child takes for granted when that child sees all of that bring him back home and see what you think about what you saw today you can hear a lot of those children say I didn't realize how blessed we are so here you are. Because you know what a lot of children are saying right now they're so blessed those folks in the world are so blue that was why we want to be like them so a lot of our young people are saying right now they don't understand the gifts that they have they don't understand what it's like to have a mother. And a father who loves Jesus and who actually says it's time for morning worship it's time for midday prayer is time for evening devotion it's time to eat our breakfast and everything is Whole Food and C.D.F. approved you know C.D.F. approved stands for councils on dyes and foods approved. Everything date is see the ever prove that I've any and that's when those children say you know what thank you for making those whole grain pancakes. I don't want to know what I have has but when they get locked up in that bubble they they think well and they start losing their minds so the key is that God says this and I want my people to develop a burden and we can go to Jesus with this we can say Lord give me a burden for souls you can pray you can observe carefully but God makes it clear I want my character to be reflected in you and the completeness of Christian character in the painting when the impulse to help and bless others Springs constantly from within that's what God wants and it's also a nice little sign when you get to a place that you start thinking so much about people you start thinking so little about yourself that you start downsizing start selling stuff start taking those nice shoes and suits and sometimes you say you know what I want to go bless somebody with this it's nice when God gives your heart to that place it's a blessing and so as we think about this I want to walk us through something here you see this is what God wants if we're going to truly preparing either way we must start thinking how can I go about and do good. So now what happens is everything is a means to an end my study time my devotion time is equaling me that I can meet other people and clearly and powerfully articulate the loving words of Jesus to them my communion time with God in the morning is to give me where with all that I know how to deal with the various battles of life that might come from husband wife children and certainly those outside of my home and I will know how to speak of good word as meat in due season becomes a means to an end even our devotional time is not just for us to just simply say Praise the Lord I had a great devotion today even our devotional time is to build us up that we can better know how to minister to others the early Seventh Day Adventist Church grew with such Rapid City that to date it has not been repeated to date when you study our church right from about the eight hundred seventy S. to about nineteen or five thousand nine hundred eighty the Seventh Day Adventist Church grew approximately four hundred percent. Four hundred percent and we were not growing like the way some churches grow today is not like just making numbers no no we were making disciples back then back in those days of seven and then it was one to be feared you don't mess with a Seven Day Adventists unless you know what you're talking about it was understood if you come in contact with even a common member of the seventy having a church that when you start asking all your questions those seventy have been as members were able to say Thus if the Lord knows what the Bible says right here and they will walk you through Scripture we were a teaching church we were teaching church we've never seen that kind of growth ever even all here now in two thousand and eighteen never seen it and so it is that what was it that caused such rapid growth now watch this in the Bible I'm going to give you some examples what was it that caused such rapid growth in our movement back then well let me go ahead and share some things with you number one the Bible says in the book of Acts fourteen in verse twenty three and when they had ordained them elders and how many churches every church and had prayed with fasting they commended them to the Lord on whom they believed so what was established in the early church there were these elders Now watch this. And from Miletus he sent to F.S.S. and called the Who elders of the church now watch this the elders it says Take heed therefore unto yourselves and to all the flock over the which the Holy Ghost have made you would all overseers to feed the Church of God which he have purchased with his own blood according to the Bible who were the overseers of the church it was elders it was well that's why in the New Testament you only find the word pastor come up once a pastor by the way in the Greek under Shepherd an elder by the way in the Greek under Shipard pastors and elders were very much synonymous in Scripture it was a it was an interchange ing of terms but they all meant the same thing literally when you look at the word overseer in the Greek it means Bishop it was an undershirt someone who was looking over the flock so in truth elders are like pastors you understand that you see today we live in a whole different system so what happens if you call somebody pastor or correcting us all a sign up as an elder and act. But in today's society where there's a lot of accolade and all this other stuff connected to these terms you know people get mad and you know whatever I hear what you call me I mean at the end of the day my sister Vanessa's just call me where Jesus calls me my name is doing and I'm your brother that's it and then forgot they call me with Jesus calls like their god is simply trying to say to us that when the early church started it was the elders who were running the church wasn't pastors pastors were not locating themselves and hovering over the churches that's not what was happening you know the people who function like the pastors were the people like the Pauls they were like the Barnabas they were like the Silas these are the individuals who sooner function in the capacity that if we were to call them a term we would say they were pastors now what was Paul doing he was traveling and going about and starting other churches what was Barnabas doing he was traveling and going about and starting other churches was Paul keeping in touch with the other churches Shari was he write letters today we got e-mail. Write a letter How's everything going to rise doing alright sometimes policy Hey I heard that this was happening in the church of current let me go ahead and send the word of admonishment but Paul trusted those elders take care that flock you are the over see is a lot now this was what we call the biblical model Elvis run the church pastors go as missionaries. You want to know why we grew up four hundred percent I'm answering the question it was understood elders run the church pastors go out as missionaries now the seven day Baptists interviewed the Seventh Day Adventists the seventy Baptists interview the seventy Adventists because they wanted to understand why you growing so fast we were growing so fast we got the attention of other denominations other denominations were calling us reaching out to us and saying please help us understand why you growing so fast obviously because they wanted to learn how could they do the same thing here was the answer all Seventh Day Adventists clergymen are what missionaries not what located pastors and are busy doing what preaching teaching and organizing churches the world over that's what our pastors were doing in the days of our pioneers they were busy preaching teaching and organizing churches the world over that's what our pastors were doing continuing there was a secular news article I mean this is sweet I love this history this is sweet secular news article the secular news article in our secular media started saying hey seventy seven as you all grow so fast we want to know why so we weren't just getting the attention of the religious world we were getting attention of the secular world. In the Plain Dealer a news article newspaper here's what they've This is the article some facts and figures gathered from eldest star he was a regional conference President says some facts and figures gathered from the star how they've grown in forty years and what they believe question by what means have you carry forward your work so rapidly well in the first place replied the other we have what Noel settled pastors our churches are taught largely to do what take care of themselves and while nearly all of our ministers work as evangelists in new fields it was understood because it was the biblical model is a no brainer this was the biblical model elders run the church pastors go as missionaries and preach and teach and organize churches it was understood continuing the Kalamazoo Telegraph I mean I'm showing you this on purpose I want you to see this is real stuff is real history Kalamazoo Telegraph another secular article secular news can write your to D.M. can write haven't you forgive me for that small text I try to make all my text big but nevertheless did can write phenomenal evangelists but he turned away from the church but listen to this it says in the quotation taken from the Kalamazoo Telegraph we find this statement at the time he dissolved his connection with them in other words the end Kenwright dissolved his connection with the seventy have been his church it says when he did that it says he had the charge of eighteen churches in Michigan one pastor overseeing eighteen churches it says right here eighteen churches in Michigan the fact in this case are these Seventh Day Adventists churches maintain their regular worship with out the assistance of any located pastors leaving our entire ministry free to act as evangelists in new fields George Butler conference President In other words all I'm simply showing them to show you article after article after article they were making it plain this was something that was understood now if we want to see this type of fire come back in the movement then we need to come back to the philosophies that govern the movement during that time now this is. And you go past that Ellen White they all said the same thing well I said the same thing our ministers are not to hover over the churches regarding the churches in some particular place as their special care and our churches should not feel jealous and neglected if they do not receive ministerial labor they should themselves take up the burden and labor most earnestly for souls believe us not to have root in themselves striking firm root in Christ that they may bear fruit to his glory now I do need to show you this eighty Daniel's he also was a conference President little eighty Daniel said I have to show the city he literally spoke of the same context what we're talking about but look what he said we have not settled our ministers over churches as pastors to any large extent in some of the very large churches we have elected pastors but as a rule we have held ourselves ready for field service evangelistic work and our brethren and sisters have held themselves ready to maintain their church services and carry forward their church work without several pastors Now here's what he said as a conference President and I hope this will never cease to be the order of affairs in this the nomination for when we seize our forward movement when we seize our forward movement work and begin to settle over our churches to stay by them and do their thinking and they are praying and their work that is to be done then our churches will begin to weaken and to lose their life and spirit and become paralyzed and fossilized and our work will be on a retreat he said this what will happen if we start having ministers that are just hovering over the churches So point number one this would be something to the ministers in the room or to some of you theology students that if you were to go into pastoral ministry ministry I would say to you as students in theology that you make sure that if you do lead a church that you lead it the way God said it should be led Now what were the church members doing since they were taken care themselves notice. This is one of the first place replied the elder we have no set of pastors our churches are taught largely to take care of themselves while nearly all of our ministers work as evangelists the new fields in the winter they go into the churches halls or schoolhouse and raise up believers so notice the three locations that they would go into churches halls come like theaters different places that you can rent out and by the way they were always nice if you carefully study our history we never rented out junk we rent out broke paste places and was trying to wrote down places and trying to spend the littlest amount know the Brethren put money into getting a nice facility making sure that the people who come were comfortable the room was well lit etc Then it says they would go to churches halls or school houses and raise up believe it is in the summer we use tents some of us don't even know what a tent meeting is anymore it says they would use tents pitching them in the series and villages where we teach the people these doctrines this year will have about one hundred tents they were not playing oh it is deeper than that was this look at this one right here this is Besides these we sent out large numbers of Cole Porter's the conference was sending a large number the call porters some conferences have dissolved the publishing department but this is what they were doing we sent out a large numbers of call porters with our tracks and books so notice the cope or just took tracks and books then it says who visit the families and teach them the Bible last year we employ a like that word they employed see the Brethren invested in the workers in the church they said we employed about one hundred twenty five called porters in this manner Bible readings or Bible studies Bible readings is another class of work the workers go from house to house holding bible readings with from one to twenty individuals so that really the members of the church were going house to house doing Bible studies this is what you and I are supposed to be doing I'm trying to give you a practical beautiful picture of this is how we were growing at a rapid pace is that in our history. It is last year they gave ten thousand of such bible readings at the same time we had employed three hundred canvassers was the difference between the canvasser and the Cole Porter notice we employed three hundred canvassers constantly canvassing the country and selling our larger works so the Cole Porter's would do the tracks in the book the little things but the canvases were trained specifically how to get the larger materials out it was very organized very organized and we need to understand that the way and I would imagine that you do this here at Hartland I would imagine you're doing that that the number one way to support the school according to inspiration was to go out and sell the book Christ object lessons and all the funds that would come from Christ object lessons were supposed to help support the school we have a sanitarium on this campus don't we what was the number one book we were supposed to sell to support the sanitarium ministry of healing you see God will bless when we do what he says he'll bless when we do what he says ministry hearing sales come from it supports the sanitarium Quest object lessons the sales that come from it will support the school and you'd be amazed we don't have to do a lot of gimmicks and stuff where we start getting ourselves in trouble compromising principles and standards God says just do what I told you to do so these are things that they were doing look at this in addition to this every church has a missionary society now I could really go into this one how many of you have ever heard of a Y.-S. you have heard of a Y. S. and Ventus youth society a lot of times it is merely edutainment a lot of times that's what that's what an average A Y S is is just edutainment we're educating ourselves with entertainment but before a Y. S. there was something called envy missionary volunteer those young people were trained to go into the fields and to have their friends and associates come back and they would teach an instructor word and individuals were winning souls M.V. was a soul winning effort in comparison to what typically held as a why is OK. Now understanding these things look at this every one of these members does more or less missionary work such as selling books loaning or giving away tracts obtaining subscriptions to our periodicals visiting families and looking after the poor and aiding the sick the bottom line I'm trying to say is that the members of our church were very very busy pastor hovering over them to tell them what to do it was a systematic understanding now in order for this to be done my brothers and sisters we have to remember whatsoever you do do it how hard to do with the whole heart as unto the Lord you see when you work for Jesus you don't give in the sloppy were you understand that I'm very sorry we talk about excellence Jesus makes it clear Whatsoever you do do it heartily as to the Lord and not into men there's a lot of things that when we make promises to people we will break it and sometimes we don't even care what we promised I don't care I do what I gotta do Jesus says do not treat me like you treat other men Jesus says whatever you do I want you to do with your whole heart and if you're doing it for me as if you're doing it for me five more minutes I want you to want to know with our one I want to respect the time but it's just challenging So here's the deal number one study of the word to go forward with excellence we must start studying our Bibles What do I mean by this I want you to think about this OK with excellence the Bible says study to show their self or prove them to God OK study to show their self don't be sloppy police study to show by self approved under God workman that need not be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of Truth study family what does it involve in studying was right in the verse rightly divide the word of truth how do you rightly divide the word of truth very simple notice this the study of the Bible demands our most diligent effort and perseverance thought no notice that what should get our most diligent effort and perseverance thought the Bible you know some of us do that with money sometimes when we do money and budgeting we are on those books but I hate it with a penny go I want to out one of the every penny when some of us give perseverant thought to how we manage our money but when we study the Bible sometimes we're sloppy we're not giving careful thought. And so inspiration says very clearly the study the Bible demands our most diligent effort and perseverance thought as the miner digs for the golden treasure in the earth so earnestly persistently must we seek for the treasure of God's word now how do I do that in daily study the verse by verse method is often most helpful let's stop right there when you study the Bible if I could leave you with one Jim there are many beautiful principles of study in the Bible but if I could leave you with this one Jim when you study the Bible I'm encouraging you to go verse by verse and what I'm encouraging to do is do exactly what this quote says Notice what the quotes is it says Let the student take one verse how many verses one verse take one verse and concentrate the mind on ascertaining the thought that God has put into that verse for him this is I mean this is very practical instruction take one verse concentrate the mind Now notice this take one verse concentrate the man asked him the thought that God has put to the verse for him and then do well upon the thought until it becomes your own in other words don't move from the verse until you understand it too often we read a ton of verses where we like clueless clueless clueless clueless clueless understand that one clueless clueless that's how a lot of us read the verses we are clueless we like I don't know what that verse is saying I don't know what that verses thing and I don't know what that verse is saying but I know that one verse is same right there and then we got another tell people yeah study study the whole chapter God says no when you study the verse take one verse look at the verse think about the verse Lord what is what are you saying in that verse that is not only the truth but is also the truth that is a political to me in my life in my circumstance study it and don't move from it until you grab it then it says one passage the study until its significance is clear is of more value than the perusal of many chapters with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction gained so what God is simply saying is that when you study your Bible you got to look at it prayerfully and carefully don't run past the verse it makes no sense to rush to Bible study it is illogical. It makes more sense to say I'm a study this verse and I'm not moving from the verse until I understand what the verse is talking about if it means I've got to go through five historic history books so that I can say I know exactly what that verse is talking about because let me tell you something when you study a book when you study a chapter or even when you study a passage of scripture when you understand what it's saying you walk different you literally think different you handle yourself differently because you literally skin say I know what the Word of God says on that subject you have no idea how many people are being tossed to and fro by every one of doctrine right now because they don't know the Texas they don't know what the verses are saying God is trying to help us understand that you don't have to be moved like that now some people on movable in ignorance that's nothing to boast about some people like I'll bow in seventy AD then as I'm a die seven there then is but then you say what is a seventy seven a day like I don't know but I'm born to seventy have been is I'm a die a seventy year we are Seven Day Adventists Roman Catholics. You understand that some of us are just just as the a Roman Catholic bought I don't know what I believe I cannot substantiate where I stand the prophet of God says it very simply in Volume five page seventy seven she says there are many who profess to have a knowledge of present truth but they really don't know what they believe because they don't understand the evidence is. Of their faith I ask you what do you believe you give me an answer I say where's your evidence and some of us don't know where to go but I'm born to seventy have been on a diet you understand that just not on Gus's listen don't is nothing boastful about being unmovable in ignorance God says I want you to know what you believe because when you know what you believe is a comfort is a peace there is a wherewith all in the character I am serious when I say that it makes you walk different you were ever seen a person walk in they look like they got confidence the Bible says this is the confidence that we have in him that if we have anything if we have how does it go in this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to His will sometimes you gotta sing the script a song to get it back. But that's the key is that God is saying that he says I want you to be confident. Because it'll affect your whole lifestyle you understand now in this study we have to understand some principles John five in verse thirty nine I want to show you something of why it's so important for us to study properly so go to John the fifth chapter we're going to consider the thirty ninth verse of my Bible that's the right here John five and verse thirty nine what does Jesus say in John five and verse thirty nine he says Search the scriptures for in them he think you have eternal life and they are they which do it testify of me when you study the Bible look for Jesus don't just look at what Daniel said don't just look at what Jeremiah said don't just look at what anybody said somewhere in those verses look for where did I learn something about the the character of Christ you will find that that's one of the formulas for victory over sin did you know that the design of it is Page six hundred sixty eight says when we know God as it is our privilege to know Him Our lives will be a life of continual obedience and through an appreciation of the character of Christ and through Communion with God Sin will become hateful to us literally the more I understand God's character sin becomes hateful to me you understand that and I can relate because back in the days when I used to dance and when I used to party and club and all that other stuff I was what the world calls a player one of those guys who was unfaithful could not be with one person and it would go ahead and move around from person to person one day I met that wonderful woman Alexandra and here it is that when I met Alexander we fell in love Jesus's love was in our hearts and we got married May twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred ninety seven when I married that wonderful lady my love deepened deepened and deepened and deepened and what I had with her is similar to the experience of conversion. You know what Jesus said He said the wind blows where it listeth you don't know when it came or when it goes but you know that it was there and he says so it is with everyone who is born of the spirit my brothers and sisters I never paid it I never sat down and said I must not cheat on my wife I must not cheat on my wife I must not cheat on my wife I never said anything like that it was the love that I had for my wife and the love that I had for my God that kept me from doing anything minute close to that and it was something that was a natural byproduct of being in love with my precious bride from my side and what God is saying is this is what is with us when we walk with Him we will get to that place that if we're studying scripture with the deliberate intent where am I learning about God's character what am I learning about God's character in these verses that I'm reading this is how you will begin falling in love with him because Jesus is all over the text you understand that all over the text So that's point number two when you study the Bible study verse by verse don't move from the verse until you understand the verse Point number two whatever verses you study in the Bible look for Jesus look for his character what am I learning about the character of Christ through this this is how you move from being a typical S.D.A. and this is how you also move from doing typical S.D.A. evangelism Sometimes all we want to do is show people the State of the dead but God says there's a lot more that I want to show to that doctrine I want to reveal my character through that doctrine so don't just do text book evangelism where we just prove the Sabbath is the seventh day or whatever show God's character calling us into His rest when we study the Sabbath show God's character when you're warning the people about the dangers of spiritual ism and the State of the Dead show God's character the ology mage's that's what God wants you to do show my character through the doctrine not merely the doctrine your teachings will have so much more power so much more power when you study like this and so this is what God wants now let's go ahead and go a step deeper in this Jesus told us to search the scriptures you want to know why Jesus told us to search the Scriptures search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life watch this. Every position of truth taken by our people will bear the criticism of the greatest minds the highest of the world's great men will be brought in contact with truth and therefore every position we take should be critically examined and tested by the Scriptures now we seem to be on notice but this will not always be we are getting ready to come in contact with the world's greatest mind we're getting rid of the come in contact with the world's greatest men and there are two ways that you can come in contact with the world's greatest minds in the world's greatest men let me show you go to Proverbs eighteen in Proverbs eighteen notice what the Bible says Proverbs eighteen how are we going to come in contact with the world's greatest minds and the world's greatest men Proverbs eighteen notice what the Bible says proverbs we're going to the eighteenth chapter and I want you to consider what the verse says in verse sixteen Proverbs eighteen and verse sixteen watch the text the Bible says in prophecy to and I'll be there the Bible says and Proverbs eighteen in verse sixteen it says a man's gift will do what it makes room for him and will put him before what kind of people and it will put him before great men one of the ways that we're going to come in contact with the world's greatest minds in the world's greatest men is through the gifts God has given you you see again our study this evening is on excellence we don't do what we do as if we are working for men we do what we do as if we're doing it for Christ himself and as a result of that whatever we do we do it with excellence when we function with excellence if you are a farmer you should function with excellence if you are to bring that soil I've seen some pretty horrible looking gardens I mean it does look like somebody's got vision problems I mean it's just cricket is just all over the place and just messed up it's bushy it got we need all over here and weeds all over here it's got is that that is not the way I've instructed my work is the work weeds are synonymous to sinners and sin and God says I don't want that in the midst of my garden. And so it is that we need to know when I do a garden it needs to be lined up right it needs to be weed free it needs to be able to have fruit that's growing from those trees or whatever the product is and it should be growing with high level nutrition excellence it does not matter what you're doing if you're a mathematician if you're a teacher if you are truck driver if you are an accountant it does not matter what you do excellence is what God expects from every single one of us and so it is that he says when it comes to my teachings or my work he says I want you to understand that sooner or later as you function in excellent those gifts I gave you are going to make room for you and is going to put you before great men so you can be my witnesses Daniel Daniel ended up before a great man his parents were faithful parents that's another thing we need to keep in mind another reason why we don't want to half step on our education with our children is because we don't understand who our children if the Lord should so Terry they may end up before others and we want them to be an excellent example before those that they come in contact with some of you are doing very well as writers as teachers as organizers whatever it is that you do and you're going to be brought before great people that make powerful decisions and God says when those opportunities come I expect you to know how to give a word that is meat in due season that's one way you come before great men was the other way you come before great men go to Matthew ten in Matthew the tenth chapter another way that we will come before great men notice what the Bible says Matthew we're looking at the tenth chapter what is another way that the Bible shows that we will come before great men the Bible says in Matthew the tenth chapter and when you get there let me know by saying amen verses seem. In Matthew ten in verse sixteen was another way that will be brought before great men behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves be there for wise as serpents and harmless as the but beware of men for they will deliver you up to the councils and they will scourge you in their synagogues and he shall be brought before who governors and who else Kings are those great men you better believe it is and he shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake for a testimony against them and the Gentiles another way that will be brought before great men is through persecution persecution some of us are going to be brought before great men because of our gifts and our favorable excellent way of exercising those gifts some of us are going to be brought before great men as a result of being faithful to God and suffering persecution I think about a man who wrote a wonderful book how many of you are familiar with a book called I will die free how many of you familiar with that book that man noble Alexander you know I met him I met him and shook his hands and you gotta understand it was a privilege to shake his hands because if you read the book you remember that he ended up going into prison what was he doing he was being faithful he was preaching the gospel in Cuba he was preaching the gospel it was not allow he did it anyhow on his way home cops stopped him changed his life forever he ended up going to prison but through that whole experience he was able to minister to so many people that in any other case he would have never come in contact with the reason it was a privilege to shake his hand is because in the story it says that one time they came to kill some of the prisoners and when they came in to kill the prisoners they came in with guns and began to shoot at the prison prisoners and he lifted up his hands and when he lifted up his hands the gun hit his hands the bullets in his hand and shot his fingers off he saw his fingers on the blood on the ground with blood picked up his fingers and said in the name of Jesus and put each of his fingers back on his hand. So when that man came to my church in New York City I said Can I please see your hand and he gladly said he gave me his and one of his fingers was like cricket I mean it's just amazing thank God I could even shake the hand of where a miracle took place he was such a humble nice man. God says listen sometimes you'll be brought before great men because of persecution this is why again we can praise God even when we go through these vicious trials because we know he's already waited he's already calculated and he has already seen the good that will come out of it as I remain faith inspiration says Search the scriptures the reason I need to search the Scriptures is because you going to come in contact with the world's greatest minds in the world greatest men and I wonder what these people are going to do when we come in contact with notice it says movements are at work to bring us to the front now watch this and if our theories of truth can be picked to pieces by his story it's all the world's greatest men it will be done we must how individually no for ourselves what is truth and be prepared to give a reason of the hope that we have with meekness and fear not in a proud boasting self-sufficiency but with the spirit of Christ we are nearing the time when we shall stand how individually alone to answer for our believe this is why you gotta push yourself when you study the Bible you've got to push yourself you've got to say I'm not moving from the text man this is getting my mind tired of the same verse for like two days that's all right you take as many days as you need don't move from the text until you understand the text you might have to pull out various history history history books you might have to pull out the Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic lexicon you may have to pull out whatever you got to pull out but pull it out and don't move until you understand that verse and when you understand that verse then you can move to the next verse and the reason you're doing it is because number one you can understand it number two I can better teach it and share it with others because one day I'm going to come in contact with some people that if possible they're going to try to pick to pieces what I believe and why it made the same point again in Volume five seven zero seven she said there are many people who are confused they have confused ideas of what constitutes truth and she says and when we stand single and alone she says we will be surprised. How much we don't understand this is why I'm saying to each and every one of you I'm telling you and I put people through this exercise all the time I'm like OK explain this by over and I'll give a simple Bible verse that I would think in my mind I'm like you should be able to understand this with no problem you believe in righteousness by faith if you believe in this OK Let me give you this verse when we do missionary training literally we get those missionaries in our right here take this verse was ever seen and you literally hold on to it tell me what the verse is saying Well I think don't think great controversy five ninety five tells us we have a chart that points out every way mark on the heavenward journey and we are not guess at anything don't guess tell me what the verse is saying Think through the text I am saying this to us because some of us have been in the faith for years and we are very very casual lazy and laid back in our study time we don't study hard and as a result of that we really don't know what we believe we have found the easy way out because that's just the typical western mindset find an easy way to get it done and what we do is we just simply go to the writings one of them I see on it and then we go to a white OK I answered it for me but you still have no idea how to stand before that Baptists that Pentecostal the atheist who says Where in your bible does it make those points I want to hear from your so-called prophet I want to hear from your bible where does your Bible say that some of us don't know where to go God says I want to change that because we're called to prepare the way and we don't prepare the way just for as the aides we prepare the way for everybody now watch this did you know that you could kill two birds with one stone if I may use that phrase true story I was in Bermuda we did in advance of the stick series we did evangelists experience and I said Father show me the uniqueness of each of these doctrines and I began to teach it outside of the typical textbook way that we teach all these doctrines started doing it I had three bible workers when I taught those subjects night after night how many of you want to give your heart to Jesus. And receive this truth in your heart people raise their hands but one night we gave certain truth and we started going into it and the Lord the presence of God was so thick in the room and we started going through the text and go to the text and at the end of it I said how many of us not one Ellen White quote I said how many of us want to give our hearts to Jesus and receive this truth and the people raise their hands but there was somebody else who raised their hands that I thought was strange it was the Bible workers the Bible workers like I want to receive this truth and I'm like What are you doing you know who are you know whatever. But nevertheless I say all right everybody come for WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE BIBLE workers are coming forward I mean they forgot their job. Come fall and they just lie you know they're looking at what to do next and God says see the Lord taught me so god city when we study the Bible carefully and when we seek to win souls we can teach our truth through the power of the Holy Spirit so profoundly that it wins both None Seventh Day Adventists and Seventh Day Adventists at the same time so often we have all these S.D.A. meetings and we vomit a thousand Spirit of Prophecy quotes and think where to find the Saints were not edifying the saints like that you've got to teach them the word and so of God is saying is this time is for real this is coming my brothers sisters you can ignore it you can do it but it would be to your own detriment I believe with all of my heart I must study in such a way especially now and now I'm a public figure so I really got to do it because I don't know who's watching me I mean so my friends sit in the Vatican like one day we got a lemon button right there I mean is there I don't know is there is to that point now the influence is very large I understand I don't even get how large the influence that God has given to me and I got to understand to whom much is given much is seriously required is like I got to be like Father keep me close to your heart because now if I fall a lot of people are going to fall with me and what I'm saying is is I know that sooner or later I'm going to come in contact with this i've already have in different ways but thus far the Lord to see me through I'm simply saying your day shall come your day is coming where we're going to be brought to the front and so God says study to show their self approved excellence in Bible study now understanding this I'm going to go past that for a second. That's interesting OK Sean and then they're all right this is when it comes to studying the Word of God but we are to do more than preach and teach is that right go to Matthew nine look at Matthew now we're going to do more than just preach and teach if we're going to prepare you the way of the Lord we're going to be doing more than just preaching and teaching so now I want you to see Matthew nine look at Matthew nine and verse thirty five Matthew nine and verse thirty five the Bible says that Jesus went about all the villages and he was doing three things what are the three things that Jesus was doing in the verse teaching preaching and what else. Healing if we are going to do the full work of Christ and represent the full character of Christ we're not just going to teach we're not just going to preach but we're also going to do it we're also going to be doing healing so therefore God says that we all are called to be medical missionaries Amen All right now understanding this what was the focus of Jesus in his medical missionary work notice Matthew one twenty one and she shall bring forth a son and out shall call his name what Jesus for he shall do would save his people from their sins John twelve in verse forty seven and if any man hear my words and believe not I judge him not for I came not to judge the world but to save the world again Matthew nine verse six but that you may know that the Son of Man have power on earth to forgive sins then said he to the sick of the palsy arise take up that bed and go into the house finally Luke nine hundred ten For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost what was Jesus's focus in his medical missionary work to save the last that's why if we're going to be medical missionaries we need to understand the work of the true medical missionary is a largely a spiritual work and because of the fact that medical missionary work is largely a spiritual work we must largely be a spiritual people yes and that. You have to understand salvation if you're going to do effective medical missionary work let me repeat that if you're going to do effective medical missionary work you must clearly understand the plan of salvation do you understand that now exercise. Talk my exercise I'm talking about I'm about to give you an exercise go to this chapter two exercise Galatians chapter two in Galatians the second chapter I want you to see what the Bible says when Galatians chapter two when you get there please say amen All right now in Galatians chapter two notice what it says right there in verse sixteen you believe in just how many how many in here do not believe in Justification by Faith I mean if you don't believe in Justification by Faith All right so I mean everybody believes it is right OK collisions to sixteen knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by the faith of Jesus Christ even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we might be justified by the faith of Christ and not by the works of the law for by the works of the law shall How much foolish no flesh be justified question how we justified we justified by faith right what are we not justified by works of what the law so do you agree that there is no work of the law that I can do that will make me justified before God Do you believe or are you sure are you positive Why do you keep getting more quiet. Intimidated by my hands. I know men that imitate you men of flesh little man scare you you need to know what you believe I told you when you know it you believe you talk different you see I was talking. When I said this is a yes so that you sure yes. You know and even you have not convinced me you understand that question are we justified by the works of the law are you sure OK you got some volume All right go to Romans to appreciate that value that's all right not bad Romans two in Romans the second chapter I got a question Romans two. If you there police in men. Verse thirteen for not the heroes of the law are just before God but the do worse of the law was next to words is that a future tense statement that means you got to do the previous In order for the other part to happen right but the doers of the law shall be what. QUESTION How much justified is it by faith without works of the law or is it by doing the works of the law then I'm justified. You are so tempting me. To call my wife and say honey I'm not coming home I've got to stay here for another week with the Saints. And we need to have class. Because there is confusion in the camp medical missionaries need to understand how we're saved and Galatians to say is no works of the law is how we save by faith. But Romans two says you got to do the law and then you shall be saved then you're justified what I'm saying is you gotta make these two verses Jelf or they are inspired by the same Holy Spirit and lead by the same author Paul and I already hear the answers which I did the I did not do this at Wildwood I did this at U.T. parlance I did this and meet and I did a lot of places and when I get it right and if you don't know how to lead me to Jesus that I could be saved now here how many herbs and poultices you know how to make you not a medical missionary in God's eyes the understand that in God's eyes he says I'm not calling anybody a medical missionary unless they understand how people are saved and you're not saved by guessing you've got a no do I need to keep the law and then I'm justified or before I even keep the Law God by faith in Christ my righteousness I'm already justified before I even keep the law. How many of you say before I keep the law I am justified by faith how many you say there. So when Paul says the doers of the law shall be justified what is forcing. Faith without works is not written in Romans two. Is the evidence of your face so I gotta show evidence of my faith before I'm justified. So why it's only about the evidence of my faith. You can't do the work it's what do I have to do the work in order to be justified. But I'm asking how am I justified. What Paul says I gotta do the law and then I'm justified. OK. You're saying. Oh yeah. Yeah. OK So then the question is when Paul says do the law and then I'm justified. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. So Paul doesn't mean what he's saying and Romas to thirteen. But the question is how do we come to that conclusion. Who me really OK guy what am I saying scuse me well no. That's what shall be means. Right. All right. So am I doing the law first and then I'm justified but that's what the verse says Do it was shall be it's like me saying If you come to my house you shall be recognized as a king when are you going to be recognized as a king when you come out you got to come to my house first right back and then you'll be recognized as the do is of the law shall be justified. There with me yes. OK Oh. OK. So. By the way. No problem I'm fine with that but. No problem so what I'm saying is when am I justified before doing the law or after doing the law even if I do the law by the faith of Jesus when am I justified before doing the law after doing the law. So before doing the law. OK. OK Respectfully what I'm saying is it's not answer my question what I'm doing is I'm putting on the secularist or or the Baptist or somebody else's shoes and what I'm saying is that the verse clearly says doers of the law shall be whatever comes after the word be cannot happen until I do the law first so what I'm saying is I want to know how to be justified I'm a wretched sinner I want to be saved and one of the twenty ISIS So somebody says but Paul says in other words there's a group of people out there that say the Bible contradicts itself. Thus far our answers are not helping that group and you are violating this this why this exercise of beautiful Do you know we're violating the very principle we just read not a little while ago nobody has told me what Romans two twelve says what Romans two elevenses were Romans two tenses what nobody told more Romans two fourteen says Romans two fifteen we're going over to James to faith without works is that we've gone over to all these other places but we're not sticking with the verse that's in question so the first step I want to encourage you family whenever somebody throws a Bible verse at you that they you know have a question on or whatever the case may be don't move from the verse Stay right there in the verse. All the way it's that thing should be so natural that it's like me not even looking but I know exactly where all these steps are I mean it is just so natural that I'm like I got this what I'm saying to you and I is that it should be so natural that when somebody asks you a question on a verse that you immediately say let's look at the verses before let's look at the verses after that should be your first initial step don't jump to James will faith without works is dead and that I don't jump there yet because all you can do is go make me Jemma say OK well what about what Genesis says so if you want to jump let's jump you don't want to encourage jumping what I would encourage you to do is go verses before verses after so you can explain the verse in question OK that is the best way to study the best way to study verses before verses after to explain the verse in question OK best way to study my point in this phase of our study is simply to say it is possible even as medical missionaries we soon know how to get rid of diabetes the know how to help somebody get rid of sin it's not good has a lot of medical missionaries like that a lot they know how to show people how to get rid of hypertension diabetes and various forms of arthritis but we don't know how to show them how to get rid of sin out of their life if you get somebody who sits down with you there says OK OK I said everything you say oh. Oh you're the I would imagine you probably like those kind of people but what about the ones I see holder which you get that from those are the people I want I want to give me the people that say hello when you get that from server No actually the verses this notice what the verses write I want you to challenge me make me think and what I'm saying to you and I very simply is that it is possible that the very fundamentals of salvation maybe we don't have as clear an understanding on it as we think you see always remember this little wise word right here remember this with this wise for every man and every woman is a genius as long as they are the ones talking. There's a lot of truth to what I just told you every man and every woman is a genius as long as they are the ones talking when they stop talking and when somebody else starts talking and says where to get that from how do you figure well what do you say about this and they throw something back at us now we're going to find out how much of a genius we may or may not be now we're going to find out how much we may or may not know this is what happens in Bible study all the time is long as you're teaching and nobody's asked any questions and you're fantastic everybody does but it's when those people say you get that from how do you figure that how did you come to that conclusion my friend Eugene Pruitt said very very beautifully One day he said it is not so much that we even arrive at the right conclusion but the real question is how did you get there let me repeat it's a beautiful one when he said that I said Eugene I love that he said it's not so much that you even come up with the right conclusion but the question is how did you get to that conclusion you want to give you the answer oh man that would hurt you. And think about it. And we think about it all I'm simply saying is that you know what I want to do quite honestly I want to just debunk this thing the way people call themselves medical missionaries because they know how to use activated charcoal or they know how to you know make some plant based food or because they know how to put a poultice on somebody's breast loaded with tumors and they know how to pull those tumors out and you know they say I'm a medical missionary and when you say to them OK Explain to me how to save their life I'm not too sure about that but I'm a medical missionary and what I'm saying is that often that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the eyes of God God is hurt when we don't know how to tell people how to go from sin to write Is this because God says you suppose you know what you believe you're supposed to know how someone is made right with God and I have is by faith always by works but it's definitely not by both and I gave you a simple text. Then all you got to do is just go verse by verse when you study verse one that therefore they are inexcusable and then when you start judging your other brother so there is a whole chapter starts with judging each other they are brethren who are judging each other and while they are judging each other there is one person who is actually saying to another person that they are messed up but really God is saying to them but you don't realize that you might be just as messed up as the person that you're calling this stuff is they're not well versed want to tell us and then in verse two it just keeps going yes. Talk to me so in truth I'm given the In short in truth you can't start from verse one you would have to go back to chapter one where Paul talks about a very serious crisis he explains what the Gospel power is but then he also explains what how people are forfeiting that God's will power because they're busy worshipping the creation of the creation rather than the creator and they become reprobate and fall into some very gross and wicked sins and literally the last verse was a verse thirty two that the last verse of verse one chapter one Yeah and you know he literally just talks about their condition the fact that they're getting caught up into all these debates and gross sins and so on and God condemns them and those who find enjoyment in those sins and then happy says that he says therefore you're inexcusable So literally I mean just walking them through until you can read the bible like a story book you got to just follow the path follow the lead follow the story line and that's how you'll start getting it the whole issue of Romans two is Brother judging brother while at the same time being guilty of the very things that you're accusing the other person of being guilty of what Paul does by time you actually does it by verse two in verse two Paul contrasts their judgment with God's righteous judgment. And literally from Verse two onward all the way up to verse twelve all Paul talks about is God's judgment God's way of judging YOU KNOW WHO suppose understand Romans two better than anybody else Seventh Day Adventists because the Chapter two is about judgment and eventually it moves man's foul judgments out of the way and it focuses from verse five and onward it really focuses on God's righteous judgment the way God judges so everything is about judgment everything God's judgment so by time you get to verse thirteen for not the here is the law just before God in the judgment but only those who have been doing the law are the ones that God would declare justified in the judgment God does not declare anybody justified by profession in the judgement you see go back to Romans one sixteen and seventeen Think about it for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believe it to the Jew first and also to the Greek verse seventeen very powerful it says For there in in the Gospel is this is the righteousness of God that next word is very important was that next word revealed anyone who truly has received God's righteousness it will not stay hidden under a cloak if we truly have received God's righteousness it will be what reveals by way of an obedient life that's why we can go to people who break God's Commandments and say you are not experiencing God's righteousness no matter what you say if you know that you should be doing this and you still choose to overlook it if you really made right by God it's going to be what it reveals and it's going to be revealed in the judgment and God will get the final say to say these are my justified ones. They were justified by faith and they are revealing their justification by faith in their works this is what God would declare in the judgment the whole chapter was dealing with judgment contextual reading will always help us with this nobody brought up judgment we talk about judgment we were just busy same faith that works is dead in that regard and I understand we're busy saying no no we say by faith but I know but he says that the do as of the last shall be justified what we didn't understand is the do as of the last shall be declared justified that's the Greek on the word literally look at the Greek on it the doors of the law shall be declared in the judgment as God's justified ones this is literally what the verse was bringing out but we didn't talk about judgment we kind of left that out the picture my point is very simple true medical missionaries must understand salvation you gotta know how to explain it you gotta know how to walk people through it you just gotta know how to do it if we're truly doing medical missionary work because it's more about salvation than anything else notice this those who labor as Christ the great medical missionary labored must be spiritual minded but not all who are doing medical missionary work are exulting God and His truth God and His truth not all doing medical missionary work are exulting God and His truth not all are submitting to the guidance of the Holy Spirit this is the issue is some of us understand better how to get rid of diabetes than how to get rid of sin out of people's lives and that a problem is one thing to be a medical worker it's a whole different ballgame to be a medical missionary you understand that our health work medical missionaries understand this principle disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health in case of sickness for things should be done what are the four things written because should be ascertain what else. Unhealthful conditions should be changed what else wrong have it should be corrected was less. Now was the word before nature is to be assisted then now my brother says Have you ever met somebody this sick and we immediately say here here's the remedy you need to take a drink or here's this poll to see is this cream. Does that and they call themselves medical mission you know I've had people do that is I'm a medical missionary and then I ask him a question I say OK if your medical missionary has my question very simple. I have migraine headaches what should I do or what you should do is take this T. if I want you to do this that I might and failed failed was the first step cause I should be ascertain because if you help me get rid of my migraine headache The problem is you didn't show me my calls or my migraine headache so what's going to happen is you relieved me tonight. But I'm of the sick and messed up tomorrow night because you never showed me what I was doing wrong you understand that this is inspired the cause should be ascertained and then was I find out because if it's an unhelpful condition I got to change that if it's a wrong habit I need to change that and then I go to the remedy now now I'm going to the hydrotherapy now I'm going to do this into that now you go into the remedy and then when you go to the remedy the remedy is supposed to do two things that's going to guide the remedy that you use what are the two things the remedy is supposed to do assist nature in her efforts to expel impurities and reestablish right conditions in the system that means that if you're going to be a good medical missionary you really need to know what you are prescribing you've got to really know what you're giving to the people. You have to intelligently tell people you know the big thing that right now a lot of people are telling everybody is quick human you need to take your human to human for everything because it gets rid of all this information which is foundational to cancers all timers that are that well I love that I think that's fantastic That's a wonderful Herb Kirk human OK Kirk human comes from to marry all right to marriage that wonderful little thing that we used to curry our dishes OK fine but if we're going to tell somebody to take acumen a what have you I hope you also tell them that they need to eat something because it's called a fat soluble vitamins so that means you've got to have something that has some fats in it so that where you can take it you want to show them how unless you're going to use pepper or something else to make sure that it gets absolved it's just being a little bit more intelligent sometimes we just tell people take stuff but we don't really understand we tell people take vitamin D. But you don't if you take too much vitamin D. it can cause arterial plaque too much vitamin D. causes arterial play so you better tell people who are going to take vitamin D. how much vitamin D. they should be taking if you go tell them I take vitamin A Absolutely necessary too much vitamin A produces toxicity in your system all I'm simply saying is that we need to understand if we're going to do this OK laws hell do we need to understand how many familiar with the eight Laws of health how many of you like a thousand dollars tonight before you go home. YOU WANT TO thousand dollars tonight before you go home show me from the Bible show me from the Spirit of Prophecy eight Laws of health I'll write you a check four thousand dollars tonight and I don't even have my checkbook. Yes. There is nowhere in the Bible there's nowhere in the spirit of prophecy that says you see if I was pretty nice if we got a lot to keep the nine commandments the nine commandments is what God called us to keep to break the nine commandments is sand you would look at me like this is something wrong with this brother he keeps saying nine ten I say Where did you get that from you said the Bible revealed that OK fine that's why we stick to that number ten because the Bible says in Deuteronomy ten and Deuteronomy nine it says Ten Commandments OK Fantastic where in the Bible does it say eighty. Where in the Spirit of Prophecy does it say eight you're not going to find it and you not get one thousand dollars from me because. This is more than eight. Oh do tell. Right. You want to get a rubber check for that one. Worth over you do. There's more than a family noticed notice the evidence is the evidence I'm a man of evidence notice everything involved please counter with me pure air what notes count would be one to pure air water cleanliness proper diet purity of life firm trust in God That's six six are remedies for the want of which thousands are dying yet these remedies are going out today because they skillfully used requires work that the people do not appreciate fresh air no it's not seven cuz it's not bold it was already mentioned here get that what number do we land at six now is this exercise pure water already said that here clean sweet premise is. Awesome I says was that I like questions like that what's that time for education cleanliness deals with your person clean sweet premise is deals with your property it deals with your property in a stand that your house where you live your property my premises you understand that how many we got up eight Now watch this are within the reach of all with but little expense but drugs are expensive both in the outlay of means in effect produced upon the system now watch ministry healing one twenty seven these the things in bold were not mentioned in councils are healthy twenty three now where do we land a council to help three twenty three what number eight now watch this pure air sunlight. Abstemiousness that temperance. Ten room temperature is not in here at all rest exercise proper diet the use of water trust in divine power all of the measure how many did we get up to eleven eleven and they all remedies The only difference is this is called true remedies this one is just plainly called remedies and there's a reason for that the one encounters on health was simply teaching the various laws of health that God has given to humanity but in ministry healing one twenty seven page one twenty six was actually talking about the use of drugs and how people use drugs as a remedy and so what she does is by time she gets to page one twenty seven she's contrast thing saying these are the true remedies so there's no difference between these two that's eleven laws of health but we're stuck on E. Now if we go even deeper now lives must be gained in regard on how to eat and and so as to preserve health sickness is the result of violating nature's law our first duty one which we owe to God to ourselves and to our fellow men is to obey the laws of God These include the laws of health what is inclusive of the laws of health in the quote that was not mentioned in the previous quotes dress that's twelve so what God is showing us is that there is absolutely you know weight loss health comes from accommodation of acronyms that's where it came from accommodation of acronyms it's not it's not bona fide inspiration it was just a comedy of the acronym you are the acronym Neustar God's plan these are acronyms that we use but it's not inspired there's no reason why you can't some people make sanctuary some people dancing to it was my point my point is very simple if you stick to aid you might neglect something that could literally save somebody's life. Sometimes we're telling people to drink water get rest and do this and do that but we're not addressing cleanliness we're not addressing their premises we're not addressing how they dress you understand that that's the danger of sticking to eight is it sin to say eight Laws of Health is not a sin is just not correct it's just there's more than eight Laws of health that's all I'm saying there's more than eight laws to help and we need to be OK with that it is not a sin to say laws hell you will never hear me say Trinity you're not going to say Trinity why not because I'm an anti Trinitarian I believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead I have no problem with that but it's got him Godhead is in the Bible I'm not going to use Trinity because it causes a lot of confusion with people so I choose not to use that term and I'm not an apostate because I don't use that term it's not a bible and it's not just be a prophecy so how the world can you call me a past thing you understand that I'm not going to get caught up into a term I'm just going to say God did I choose to say God I believe the teaching but my words are going to say God Same principle it's like there's nothing in inspiration that says eight laws help and you're not abandoning the truth you're not abandoning God's word because you no longer ascribe to laws or health I simply say the laws of health I don't say the twelve Laws of hell because I might find out something next year you know something I just simply say the laws help what the laws of health are is this this this this and this if we're doing true Gospel medical missionary evangelism Please do not lock yourself into merely an acronym you see what again excellence we're talking about excellence if I'm going to help somebody go from sickness to wholeness I want to approach the mind and the body and the person with excellence because I want to help them final thing that I'll cover this evening do you know one of the major issues that a lot of us on the globe things sadly when it comes to medical missionary work three versus. Value will keep him in perfect peace whose word mind a state of funding and be not conformed to this world would be transformed by the renewing of your my son give me the line heart in the word heart means God wants our minds now notice that the Bible is replete with the idea that God wants our mind first Peter one thirteen says good up the lines of your mind that's what we get the term God Well the avenues of your soul protect your mind OK God is big on the mind why because Satan is to notice this Satan is the originator of disease sickness of the mind prevails everywhere now watch the next sentence nine tenths of the diseases from which men suffer have their foundation here in the mine. Do some math with me family nine tenths What is that ninety percent of diseases have their foundation in the mind depending on the sanitarium that is one of the last things that we cover it is the one thing we cover least many of us I don't I have no idea what you do here at Hartland But what I'm saying is that in a lot of places a lot of sanitariums are discovering we are neglecting dealing with the mind we are not dealing with people's minds and you know that a remedy will work but so much depending on the state of the person's mind you give hydro you can give a bunch of stuff depending on their state of mind those remedies may not may not work at all or they would be limited in their ability to work depending on the state of the mind and so what I'm saying to each and every one of us is that we need to understand that if I'm going to be a true faithful gospel medical missionary I need to understand the human mind like never before I leave you with this close here. Yes we need to learn hydrotherapy sure we need to understand massage absolutely need to understand herbal treatments and we should understand healthy food prep all of those things are absolutely essential modelling that's not an issue for us but the thing that I want to remember is this L M Y N drug medication I'm not going to cover that there's a message I did at the Amen conference Can you imagine they had a they had me speak to all these doctors a. And we talked about a lot of this stuff drug medication is that the other look for the most look for twenty the Nov twenty seventeen messages that I did on audio verse look for it with the Amen conference and I have a whole section I did on drug medication in Illinois counsels and all of that you can listen to that to learn about what I said in the passage but Ellen White actually at times recommended drug medication I showed the slide at the meeting and so on because you know you've got some medical missionaries that are like no drugs under no circumstances that is not with the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy teaches but nevertheless I want to give you this mechanics lawyers merchants men of all trades and professions educate themselves that they may become masters of their business the prophet says Should the followers of Christ be less intelligent and while professedly and gays in his service be ignorant of the ways and means to be employed I so appreciate this I have read this over fifteen years ago the prophet of God says the same way that mechanics lawyers merchantman the same way that the excellent in their trades their masters of their business she said the father was of question the masters of their business they should be masters of their work they should be excellent look at what she says the entire the enterprise of gaining everlasting life is above every earthly consideration in order now pay attention to the words in order the best way that this is done in order to lead souls to Jesus there must Is there any room for not doing it there must be a now allege of human nature and a study of the human mind much careful thought and fervent prayer are required to know how to approach men and women upon the great subject of truth. My brothers and sisters what I'm leaving you with is that in our gospel medical missionary evangelism God has called us to work with excellence and we need to seize and desist in giving god half service God says I want more from you God says Consider how you do your job for those of you who are successful is some of us who do even our jobs very sloppily But for those of us who have businesses and jobs and you're doing well consider the effort the energy the excellence that you do your work God says should not I get double in my work and this is what I'm saying to each and every one of us may God help us that we will be genuine that we will be sincere that we will assess our hearts this evening and say Lord number one how can I work for you what is it that you've given me my family or all of us what can we do to lift up the name of Jesus in our community in our home in our church in wherever I have a sphere of influence Lord help me that whatever I do for you I will do with my whole heart as if I'm doing it for you when I go visit somebody I'm doing it as if I'm visiting you because that's what Jesus says in Matthew twenty five doesn't it he says some of you are going to treat like sheep some of you I'm going to treat like goats and Jesus says to the goats he says you Depart from Me go into everlasting fire why he says because I was thirsty I was hungry I was in prison I was naked and you didn't help me we're going to say to the others enter into the joys of salvation why because I was thirsty naked hungry and said etc and he said you help me there will be no stars crowns in heaven family forget about it it's not going to happen God calls us to work for the master. And when we work remember perform your work under the guidance of God Spirit with excellence question how many of us understood the study to really understand it how many of you are going to make a covenant with God even to step it up step it up step up that study life begin to step it up and say Lord is time to do what you called me to do with excellence because I'm prepared to meet some great men I'm prepared to meet some of the world's greatest Minds and by your grace you will help me and he will help you he will help you he is your source of strength he is your not only your friend he's your best friend he's a friend that sticks closer than a brother and I'm so thankful that he's willing to help me and he's willing to help you let's go ahead let's close with a word of prayer Father we are so grateful for the time that we were able to spend one with another we thank you Lord for the way your spirit is truly spoken to our Lord I pray in the name of Jesus help us that what ever it is that we do it will be choosey as if we are doing it even for Jesus himself teach us lord how to perform our work with excellence for Jesus left a perfect example whether it was in the home or in the field he worked with. Help us learn to accept nothing less and to strive for daily under the power of the. We ask in Jesus. Name this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit W.W.W.. Or.


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