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1. Origin, Purpose and Destiny of Adventism in Revelation

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • March 18, 2018
    7:00 PM
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You know one if you have I will please open to Revelation. I like the subject of identity theft or identity in general I think understanding where we come from is an important question that we often get asked in life if you have a complicated background answering that question you always have to think twice and always have to try and second guess what the person asking the question is really asking when they ask you the question Who are you or where do you come from growing up here in this country even though I was born and raised in neither of my parents were born or raised in England so when I was asked where do I come from or who am I What are you asking me the town I live in. The street I live on are you asking me what passport I hold are you asking me where my parents come from are you asking me the question because I think I look different to you and all these questions flow through your mind in a split second when you kind of get asked Who are you or where do you come from growing up as a child the first generation immigrants some of you would fit into that category. It was always drilled into us that we came from where our parents came from and we didn't come from here now it was explicitly drilled into our head and to say anything different would be to deny our birthright so to speak. You would say you come from this country even though you've never been that many identity people struggle with it has to answer that question as to who we are. But the theme this week is identity what this. That's more his for a word of prayer as we start Father in heaven we pray that you would speak to our hearts I pray Lord that you would speak through me at this time. I pray Lord that your word may be clear and I pray Lord that your Holy Spirit would. Pierce through and touch our hearts we pray in Christ's name Amen. Now if you were to steal something from somebody hypothetically I would think. There are certain people from whom it's easier to steal from. Than others. Now let me give you an example on the screen there behind me you can see a picture of a guitar it's a guitar that my wife owns and sometimes plays really. Her uncle gave her the guitar it's well it's kind of squashed a little bit on the screen there it's a many good sides not a full guitar but it's not a small of the ukulele it's not as big as a good size kind of like some in the middle her uncle gave her the guitar and said you know here you are if you want to learn to play play this now if you were to steal this guitar from our house let's say I invite you around you come to our house and enjoy some for shipment as you're leaving or as you're packing the car you packed my my wife's guitar in your car as you go we would notice pretty quickly that you had stolen our guitar the reason being there's only one in our house. Now my wife's uncle who gave her the Gets ha I don't know how many guitars he has and he plays a les he plays are then if you say professionally plays all the time me he converted his basement into a sixty seat up basement and they have guitar concerts where if you call it he probably has thirty or forty guitars a lying around his house of all shapes and sizes if you want to steal one of his. He may not notice straight away he may not notice straight away. Now. If you would come to my house and look on one of these bookshelves and say there's a book I like think I'll take. I don't have that many books but I know all the books on my shelf and I've got them made them a little bit was the word O.C.D. got them by section he's in the books on the Sabbath these are my books and done you Revelation century Reformation history and frontiers history if you were to pick one off and take it with you. I would know. Because I know what's there. But let's say you went to the Manchester University law every and you slipped one of their books off and took the tag out and put it in bag it would probably be a lot longer before someone notice because there's that many more there my point is it's easier to steal. From someone who has more than from someone who has little identity theft we're talking about us as Adventists we're talking about us as Christians we're talking about us living in this world today and how our identity might be taken or away from us do we have a lot or do we have a little as Christian Seventh Day Adventist in this world today. I would argue to you that we have a lot. That we have a lot in fact the Bible even says that we have a lot there's a famous words we hear it quoted often times in Adventist Church is from week to week well from month to month often quarter to quarter Revelation three and verse seventeen where the Bible says because thou sayest I am not rich a lot increased with goods and have need of the Bible describes this after a rich people that have many goods and we don't feel a lack of any think could it be that we're so rich that by we're losing things around our identity and it doesn't even bother us because we just feel we have so much We're not bothered that some group or somebody doesn't believe in the twenty six fundamental doesn't really matter that because we've got twenty seven more. Doesn't really matter that this prophecy is not get any attention other summer so it was completely NASA currying that belief in the Bible doesn't matter because we got all of this other stuff as well and we have such a wealth of information a wealth of knowledge that it seems we just kind of get in chipped away at unfortunate you can only have your identity taken away what you can only. To have your identity taken away Kates that a some point you had to know your identity in the first place you have to know it. For it to be taken away. If you don't know it is just kind of maybe taken away but you're on your own unaware that it's going away where in the Bible do we find the passage is that deal with our identity today what is our identity today turn to Revelation we're going to get three chapters briefly in the short time that we have three chapters briefly in the short time that we have because each one covers a different aspect of our identity you know they say the three big questions in life what are the three big questions and that's a big one not the one I'm looking for though where do we come from. Before we ask where we go Where do we come from why are we here. And where we go here. Those are the real big questions that no matter what your religious or faith background is those are the questions that you could say trouble mankind where do I come from why am I here and where am I all where are we going. Those three questions we found answered in three chapters of Revelation three chapters that are very important to our identity and three chapters that I believe we should just know the reference to but we should actually be able to know them and be able to unpack them because it forms who we are. Understanding our background gives us a greater sense of surety in this world today Revelation ten is the first chapter I like to take you to Revelation Chapter ten. And in Revelation Chapter ten. Is probably one of the most under rated chapters of Revelation that I think we we have we know about Revelation fourteen we know about Revelation twelve we know about Revelation twenty the millennium and the Seven Churches chapters two and chapters three Revelation seven you've got this is the one hundred forty four thousand revelation Tendo I believe is a crucial crucial chapter where understanding what our identity is a Seventh Day Adventist Revelation ten describes in some ways the historical experience or you could also say not just the historical experience but you are I want to add to that and say the theological roots of the Adventist church you find in Revelation ten Revelation ten. Will also look at twelve and fourteen were not right now Revelation Chapter ten is just eleven versus is not a long chapter and if we were to do it over view of Revelation Chapter ten there would be a few things that would cover Revelation Chapter ten how many angels are there in that chapter. We got an angel that comes down from heaven to earth in verse one then we have a little book that is open in his hand verse two then we have him one foot on the sea and one foot on the earth then we have him crying with a loud voice as when one ally and rolls and seven thunders arts' it then we have him swearing by him that lives forever that there should be time no longer then we have been given John a book to eat then we have John eating the book and then we have the bits of experience after the bitter experience John is told to prophesied again now we're going to go through all of these points in detail tonight we don't have time and that's not the purpose of our presentation this evening this is just an overview of the chapter of Revelation Chapter ten now in Revelation Chapter ten and verse two when the Bible says he had in his hand a little book and put in and he sets it his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the earth and he cried with a loud voice question for you what is the little book open in his hand Revelation ten. He gives them a book and he says the book is one. Scribe the book first of all he says it's little and second of all he says that the book is How does it describe it he says it's a little book. He says open. Before we get to the sweet and bitter stuff he says there's a little book that is open now when a little book is open some of you already know the answer to the question I just want you to think it through as well and for those that don't know the answer would just go in thinking it through if the book is open what's the implication books don't you don't buy a book like that you buy a book like. Like that you buy a book close if the book is open the implication is the book has previously been closed. This is very basic but it's very integral to understanding the bible passage so when when in Revelation He says there was an angel he had a little book in his hand and the book was opened. In order to find out what this book is we have to find and we have to find some way in the Bible where we find a book that is closed that makes sense make sense so what is the little book that is in the angels and there is nowhere in the Bible apart from one passage where you can find indication of a book that's closed now some people say well what's that book that book that's open in the Angels hand well some people say well it could be that the seven seals in Revelation. Is just have to ten you got the seven seals in chapter six five and seven. Not really. Not really there's only one place and it's in Revelation Chapter twelve so you know revelation I was going to make that when I say this can yield chapter twelve and if you go to down your top two of you are not quite sure to find Daniel just fine Matthew and go back a few pages Daniel Chapter twelve and then down your chapter twelve and verse four we have Daniel. Doing the opposite Daniel Chapter twelve and verse four and the Bible says it in Daniel twelve and verse four it says but that oh Daniel shut up the what words and C.E.O. of the book even still went. To the time of the end and then he says many will walk. To and fro and knowledge be increased. OK. So here we have Daniel shutting up the book until a specific time he shuts up the book until the time of the what. Now when is the time of the end the verse doesn't tell us it's at the end almost quite. Diverse doesn't tell us it says seal the book to the what. Time of the end when orders from the time of the end this read verse five six and seven now tell us exactly when the time of the end this verse five it is then I Daniel looked and behold there stood another two. The one on the one side of the bank basically that verse doesn't really mean anything to the question were asked asking right now the six and Wong said to the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river Here's the question How long shall What it be to the end of these wonders so verse four says the book obviously held until the what time of the end verse five for the purpose of answering this question we just ignore it then verse six is the end of the question is this How long will it be to the end of so they basically asking the question verse seven is then the answer verse seven says and I heard the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river and he held up his right hand and swear by him that lives forever and ever. That it shall be here is the answer that it shall be for I what time times and what time do in verse four when he says the book will be sealed till the time of the end six he asked the question when is that going to be verse seven he answers the question and says it will be seen what time times and half a time. Now we don't have. Time. And the dividing of times. This phrase comes up about ten times in Scripture. A time means a year a times means minimum of two years and half a time means half a year out that up you get three and a half years some passages call it three and a half years some say Time times and half a time some say Time times and dividing of time and other passages will say one thousand two hundred and sixty days. Which is the prophetic time period that we believe started in five thirty eight and ended in seven hundred ninety eight this was the time period when the Roman church ruled as a joint geo political power. Religio political power. Five thirty eight to seventy in ninety eight there is a connection between Daniel Chapter twelve and Revelation Chapter ten and it's integral to our identity as Seventh Day Adventists it's unfortunate that more Adventists understand the link between Daniel seven the little horn and Revelation thirteen the beast now know the connection between these two chapters there's more Adventists that can do a Bible study on how the Little Horn is the same as the beast the Revelation thirteen now can connect the Book of Daniel Chapter twelve with the Book of Revelation Chapter ten. We should be well versed in this connection. Because it forms an integral part of our identity we still haven't quite got to yet but these two chapters are linked one is a sealed book one is a book opened you've got the one man on the sea one foot on the earth one on the sea you've got the links between these two chapters that go throughout. But it's not the whole book of Daniel that sealed it's only a particular part of Daniel that was sealed because most of Daniel was understood prior to seventeen ninety eight. For example when Alexander the Great was conquering the world he came to Jerusalem and as he came to Jerusalem. The Hebrews came out to meet him. And they say Please don't destroy our city you can find this written in Josephus book I'm just summarize in this it please don't destroy a city come inside they took him into the temple they took him to a scroll they opened the scroll to the Book of Daniel Chapter eight it was no chapters and with a bound up as we would read it today and they read to Alexander the Great in Daniel chapter re where it says the day he'd go out would destroy the Rand then they read to Alexander the Great how it says and the RA. Is the king of media and Persia then they read in verse twenty one where a says and the he goat is the king of Greece and the launch on between his eyes is the first king they read this to Alexander the great interest in him when he was conquering the world and Alexander the Great Josephus writes it this way he said he perceived it spoke of himself and he was very pleased and he marched on his way and Jerusalem remained undestroyed the simple point I'm trying to make is prior to seven hundred ninety eight people understood certain aspects of the prophecies of Daniel and even some aspects of Daniel Chapter eight is only one part done your that was sealed in is Daniel eight verse twenty six where it says and the vision of the evenings in the morning which was told is true where four shut up the vision for it shall be for what. This is the end of the new chapter eight now is incorrect based on what I just shared with you to say that the whole of down your chapter eight was sealed why because Alexander the Great in a sense saved Drew Sloan because of an understanding of a prophecy down your chapter eight it's only one aspect of that prophecy that was sealed. The part that dealt with the two thousand three hundred days that was the part that was shut down your chapter a verse fourteen and he said to me up to two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary be what we cleansed this verse of Scripture would begin to be understood after what date in history seventeen ninety eight it was sealed until the time of the end. After seventy nine CA people began to understand then they started studying in the Bible and in particular this verse. William Miller was one of them though there were other men around the world started to study this verse and realize as they understood that they believed Jesus was coming in about twenty years time. And the birth of the Adventist Church was in its very infancy. In order to understand our identity today it's important to understand historical experience. Was rooted in the unpacking of this verse this century message is in many ways unique to us as Seventh Day Adventist the end of the chapter Daniel story Revelation Chapter ten is those verses that we're slightly more familiar with where the angel tells Daniel are just summarise he says take the book and eat it it will be in your mouth sweet but in your belly it will be what it is that he says I took the book and ate it it was in my belly but before that it was sweet in my mouth that's an analogy he was describing the experience of God's people that when they took the book the prophecy as they understood it as they preached it it would be a sweet experience they were preaching the soon return of Jesus and it was a very very sweet experience in some ways that would have been a very amazing time to be alive as a Christian. Fervently believing based on the evidence you understood that Jesus was coming in just three or ten or five or however many years you want to put it's time and people who lived and acted accordingly. They lived and acted accordingly the eating was the understanding proclamation of the word the little book with them and you were dealing with eight hundred forty four it was sweet because it was a joy to understand but it was bitter right afterwards. It was bitter right afterwards the sweet experience wasn't just limited to North America there's other people around the world in England you had. Germany South America there were other people around the world who were enjoying this experience and it was a sweet experience for many many people is obsolete in Jesus' return to day giving us such to such a sweet experience. Or is it just there. Are thoughts of pensions and retirements and second homes and whatever else people were actually paying people back money. Taking adverts in newspapers if there's anything I've done if I owe anyone any money let me know because Jesus is coming and I need to sort out these things before I go they waited all day and Jesus didn't come. And then it turned bitter. And myself and I went on and I Can we had the privilege last year to go to William Millets farm and lo Hampton and there we stood on what's called Ascension rock where the early Adventists William Miller and the people in those areas stood looking for Jesus' return as they stood there all day and waited and watched Hiram Edison writes our fondest hopes and expectations were blasted and such a spirit week became orders that we have never experienced before we wept and wept until the day dawned this guy waited all day Tuesday and then he still waited on Wednesday just in case Jesus was keeping time in Australia I don't know but like just just waited. Waited and as he lay prostrate for two days without any pain sick with disappointment people lived. And acted. Their faith out we went to a few places as well where farmers left their potatoes in the field because they said why harvest them. Jesus is coming. And there's two instances we from the lineage episode on it I'll give you guys a sneak preview. There's two instances where two farmers left if they're if they're there but say is in the field one of them left this but they is in the field until until the beginning of November and then went and dug them. And miraculously all the potatoes in the area caught the disease that year the ones that were dug on time because he left his in the ground about two months longer he was the only farmer in the area with any potatoes and he made a pretty penny. There was another farmer who left his protégé is in the field until March because snow came. And he told his wife I'm going to go dig the potatoes she said Husband No please she is the neighbors have a laugh about enough if they see you digging the field in March will be the laughing stock of this community again he said no I'm going to dig the potatoes. He went up there put his spade in the ground and dug up Chris fresh potatoes that sat in the ground for six months extra had enough potatoes to sell enough potatoes to clear his mortgage. And have plenty left over afterwards. That is two instances of how God look after his people. And does not all the stories have a happy ending not all of them too but what happened after eighteen forty four bible historians refer to as the scattering because after eight hundred forty four what happened is old Most people over the course of the next year gave up their hope in Jesus' return it was eventually just a small group that stayed faithful and believe that Jesus was going to come then about a year later God started to gather His believers together again. They were scattered over a misconception of the sanctuary and the second coming. Those who stayed faithful came to a correct understanding of the sanctuary but it wasn't the sanctuary doctrine that God would use to gather His believers back together again to solidify them for them to rally around it would be a different teaching and a different doctrine was doctrine was. It would be the Sabbath. Around eighteen forty eight. The Sabbath began to be understood. Maybe you learned in your power find a class A lady called Rachel Preston Oaks who saw Frederick Wheeler preaching on Sunday and rebuked him after the service name and she was tactful and then he became the first Sabbath keeping minister and then another guy called prebuttal this is fascinating wrote a tract that J. and Andrew's writ then your I assume it no Joseph Bates read this same track that pre-boil wrote then beit drove a track L. A white red and she was convicted on the Sabbath the sad part is that preamble left to leave us three years later. The God did use him. And just got converted Alawite got converted and then slowly this belief of the Sabbath car pulled with the sanctuary. Would form the defining uniqueness of this new Seventh Day Adventist movement this is the early stages do we have a health message yes or no. No health message or do we have tithing as a system yet. There is no tithing ministers work for free the belief on the state of the Dead wasn't wasn't settled yet but we had the Sabbath in the century and then surely beliefs would get added as time went along Revelation twelve talks about the historical experience of the Adventist Church in many ways it answers the question where do we come from Revelation twelve talks about the characteristics of God's Church Revelation twelve and there's a couple of character if you can Revelation Chapter twelve that are interesting and that are unique. And to me when I look at these characteristic it gives me greater confidence in knowing that I believe the Seventh Day Adventist Church is the remnant church of Bible prophecy we're not just another church that happens to go to church on a different day of the week and eat with food. But we are a unique movement specify aid in the Bible not just by our experience but also by our characteristics Revelation twelve fourteen the Bible says but the woman a woman in Bible prophecy represents a church was given to wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness where she is not for how long for a time times and what. For time from the presence of the serpent Now what does this text tell us about the woman or the church what does it tell us it tells us that Joran that time period of a time times and half a time Where's the woman what she doing she's hiding now let's put two and two together and it's good for. If the woman or the church is hiding joining this prophetic time period. That would mean that any church that comes into existence Jory in that time cannot be this woman makes sense because the woman hiding so if a church comes into existence during that time it's not that woman. Because that woman what's she doing. She's hiding. Now this time times and half a time I just put on the screen again same time period time as one year times two years. On the one thousand two hundred and sixty days and when we take the Bible Prophecy that one day represents a year we added up and we come to one thousand two hundred sixty years and that's from five to seventeen ninety eight five this is when the Roman Church got their religious political power seven hundred ninety eight when the Polian took it away. Stripped the Pope of this civil power and left him as a strictly religious entity the Church of England came to power or came into existence what year roughly roughly I don't even know the answer myself I just thought it was a roughly. Fifteen hundred it's around the fifteenth thirties. When Henry the Eighth got tired of his first wife. Around the fifteen thirties they can't be that church Amen. Methodist Church went to the Methodist church come into existence the late seventeen hundreds. And late seventeen hundreds they also cannot be that that woman. Because the woman is what. The Baptist when did they come into existence. Sixteen seventeen hundreds. I think. Somewhere around there they cannot be that woman moments when they come into existence when they come into existence church eighteen thirties forties. They could be based on this one identifying job as witness when they come around. Eight hundred. Seventy Adventists when they come around the sixteen says this but the earth helped the woman who's the earth in Bible prophecy and Revelation twelve and thirteen Revelation thirteen versus eleven the beast comes up out of the earth. The earth was a sparsely populated area opposed to the sea which was a populated area the earth to summarize a whole long Bible study represents the United States of America. This woman. Would arise after the seven hundred ninety eight and would arise in the country of the United States of America. Where did the seventy Adventist Church arise USA where did the Mormon Church arise. Where the Jehovah's Witness church arise. But then you come to verse seventeen and that sorts the men from the boys so to speak. By was the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the what. Remnant or the rest of us ring who keep the what commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus there is more characteristics. The characteristics of God's last day remnant just a few of them would be that it would arise after seven hundred ninety eight there were riots on the continent or the country of the United States of America that they would keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. The Seventh Day Adventist Church meets all four of those qualifying marks. Where do we come from Revelation ten historical experience what are our characteristics who are we today Revelation twelve then we have Revelation fourteen what is revelation for Revelation fourteen cover I believe it covers our message and our mission answering the question not just of why we're here but where are we going. If you to summarize the message or Revelation fourteen versus six through twelve there are some key parts of the message a Revelation fourteen one of them fear God and do what give glory to him one of them is the hour of his judgment what is come worship Him who may that's kind of a reference to the Fourth Commandment the Sabbath worship Him who made the heavens the earth the sea and all that in the myths verse eight Babylon is fall and this message would also point out false worship and call it as fall in the Mark of the beast message is there revelation for the in verse nine verse ten verse eleven and then verse twelve says here is the patience of the saints here are they that have the very keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus you may have heard me say this before the Adventist Church does not have a list of doctrinal beliefs and only got twenty eight fundamentals. But we do not have a list of doctrinal beliefs the Adventist Church is unlike other churches if you go to the Baptist church I go to list if you go to a Methodist church they got a list and while we may have a list I would argue it's not a list but it is a system what do I mean by a system every belief supports another belief and none of the beliefs contradict another belief meaning what we believe in the state of the dead does not contradict our second coming belief which does not contradict belief which goes in line with our hellfire belief in all is consistent but you could also argue that there's another belief or teaching that's in rap there in Revelation fourteen verse twelve that keeps them all together as well Ellen White has a quarter ocean where she said the three angels message something like yes I forget the exact quotation but something like the three angels message is the message of righteousness by and she uses the word in verity I forget what it was in my mind right now I believe that message of righteousness by faith that message of practical Christian living that message of Christ in you what the hope of glory the message if you would phrase it another way of Christ at the center of everything we do and everything we what believe is the glue that takes this from being a list to a system. You may know the twenty eight beliefs now. But if we are not living and abiding in Christ and understanding how crisis at the center everything we do. There's still a disconnect between us and where our identity needs to be. We may know where we come from ten we may know who we are twelve we may even know the my new show of the message but without that kind of stamp that draws it all together. Of Christ. In us and through us with our identity in him it just is a lifeless list of details that doesn't really have any cohesion or power anyone see in these four boys before four men one of them is call William. One of them is called Wilbur one of them is called Call us and one of them is called Jorge it's a fascinating story fascinating for a member blessed to have children. Some of you may have heard me say this before maybe not from the pulpit but I've always said I'd love to have. A set of twins my wife not so convinced but I just I'm fascinated by twins it's amazing. Here on the screen you got to set the twins two sets of identical twins they were born. In Colombia. In Nineteen eighty eight something happened they were born in two different parts of the country they both had to go to the hospital for some I think the babies were sick or something they went to a hospital and as they were there in the hospital two sets of identical twins one of the nurses made a mistake switched one mother's took them home believing they had as they grew up and you can really tell when the kids exactly but I think kids grow up they grew up. Believing they had twins but believing that they weren't identical twins but there were fraternal twins one grew up in northern Colombia. Poor home. Was unable to go to school either of them had to work from a young age all the way up the other one grew up in the city. Went to school university and as they got older they got jobs as engineers and whatever else I think it exactly that the jobs were. The ones who were born in the country moved to the city and got a job in a butcher shop. When educated they're working in the butcher shop. And the stories long it's long but a chance encounter with someone who worked in the office building with Jorge you know with Carlos. Worked in the office building with Jorge she's in the butcher's shop and she saw William and William I mean a whole day and William just. Doesn't know but she seen him because she works with him in the office block anyway. Fascinating series of events one of them taking the picture and then she showed it to the one in the office Mark and he saw the pictures and that's me and then he went on his Facebook profile and he went on his Facebook profile and looked at the pictures on of his real twins Facebook profile he then saw a picture with his real twin and his believe twin and when he saw the real twin with the twin. He thought that's my twin it's confusing it. Is Like that's my brother. Anyway it's a fascinating story. They eventually got together and how their reunion was just about three years ago or so but the interesting thing is the one of them is part of it it's quite a sad story in some ways I mean that they're all friends and eccentric that are they all live together. POV it's quite sad I think it's William. William would have grown up in the city he would have grown up in a more well to do home he grew up in the country. Couldn't go to school. But he always wanted to go to school and he says the only time I got angry at my mother was when I was about sixteen or seventeen and I got angry and I shouted at my mum which wasn't as mum but I thought it was mum so I shouted at my mom. And I told her she should have made me go to school she should have let me go to school he'll have five hours walk from a school they would have had to had him walk to school and pay to stay with someone and the family just couldn't afford it and he was like you should have found a way for me to go to school. And when he first found out about his twin in the butcher shop. He sat down and just cried his eyes out because he always felt that there was there was something different between me and my family not only did I look different but my personality in everything was different and when they got together is fascinating and it's a whole argument of nature nurture etc etc and I found even growing up in completely opposite homes. They had the same characteristics but he always felt something was missing and the other one was in college because grew up in the city. He grew up in the nice a life so to speak but he always felt the odd one out with his family even though he was a twin He didn't look like his twin he didn't like his brothers and sisters he didn't like his parents and his personality was different to all of them and he always felt wronged up there was something not quite right friends. When we grow up and live our lives without. Our identity in Jesus Christ. There will always be a feeling of we missing something there will always be a feeling that we're out of place. There will always be that feeling that this is not where is my family. There will always be that feeling that there's something else we should have. Our identity needs to be. In Jesus Christ. In his family. For That's where the feel of. 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