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A Grand Opportunity

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries & Co-Director of Tekoa Missions



  • December 16, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Loving Father we are grateful we thank you again for the privilege to come together as a family to study your words of truth we commit ourselves into your hands we pray that you please take our lives and let it be consecrated Lord to the. We ask Father that you would do something special give us a glimpse of what your heart's desire is for each and every one of us as gospel medical missionary of vengeance I pray that you might make your words plain to us and they administer to our hearts and open our eyes and help us behold wondrous things out of your law and we ask these blessings in Jesus' name. Amen. We were studying earlier. About the importance of. Looking at. What Christ is really waiting for. What did we learn that Jesus is waiting for that he might come he is waiting for fruit he's waiting to see the fruit and he doesn't just want to see the fruity want to see how Daniel he was to see it right you understand that he wants to see right through to we understood that that fruit represented what what Africa represent the very way it was a very character of Christ himself in a stand that the purpose of that fruit is so that it could provide seed to the sower. And also it can benefit those who eat from the branch. And so it is that God wants us to reflect the image of Jesus and again there are many ways that we can talk about the reflection of the image of Jesus we're going to do that in just a moment in fact but we looked at a very important way to reflect the image of Christ we saw that if there is ever a need for a demonstration of the character of Christ it is especially and not how we deal with our friends but how we deal with our what our enemies and we saw the risk that heaven was willing to take. To minister to God's enemies with the hope that they would become his friends. And so it is that God tells us that when we enter into this work it's going to require a risk as well we have the want to make ourselves vulnerable and the first place that we demonstrate this vulnerability this love and joy and peace with the first place we are to represent that it's in the home and then from the home what comes next the neighbors and then at the neighbors comes the church and from the church we go to the world go into all the world. Give that wonderful gospel message both by precept and example. I have a question for you when you begin to bear fruit when you begin to bear fruit. What you think God wants from you after that. You begin to bear fruit. What do you think God wants from you after that you're bearing fruit no praise of our congratulations. What do you think he wants from you after you start doing for sharing the fruit that's one answer and the other answers. Say again help others their fruit that's true anything else. Abiding in Him Ok give me one more say out loud. Go to John the fifteenth chapter please in John the fifteenth chapter I'm going to show you what God wants when you begin to bear fruit this is going to be a very important study and it's going to give some perspective to all of us John the fifteenth chapter and when you get there just let me know by saying amen. I heard it being said from the back even though his soft voice was probably not projecting as much as I wanted him to. But let's look at John fifteen. And notice what it says in verse one. I am the true what Vine my father is the husbandman every branch in me that bears not fruit he take it away and stop right there who is the vine. Jesus who is the husband then the father who's the branch us every branch in me that does not bear fruit What does God do with it he gets rid of it now look at what it says next now after every branch that does not bear fruit he gets rid of it and then says. And every branch how many branches every branch that bears fruit What does God do. He urges it and why does he purge it. So when you begin bearing fruit What does God want he wants more fruit. You understand that. When we begin bearing fruit the answer was correct when we begin to bear fruit what God wants is he wants more fruit. But what's the process. That he gets more fruit. He has to purge it he has to purge it. What does it mean to purge talk to me was I mean to purge purify the thing else to prune or cut away or cut at to prune obviously if we're gardener then you know I mean I would imagine that if you're a gardener farmer whichever one you call yourself then obviously when you think about purging you think about pruning and you kind of hitting on the graft of that tree or whatever it is or whatever it may be and the whole goal is to get it to be a more fruit Now this is true but the word purge is better explained in verse three so in verse three it says now you are clean through the Word which I have spoken to you the word purge means cleanse. That's one word purge means the work to purge something is to cleanse something you understand that so that means that every branch. That bears fruit what's God going to do. Is going to cleanse it now why would God cleanse a branch that's already bearing fruit What is the only thing that we know that Christ wants to cleanse us from sin yes and that it's kind of like this when we begin bearing the fruit of Christ character when we begin to bear the fruit that God has called us to their. God as police but God also sees more than what we see. And God is not satisfied and to a fully right. And so what he's going to allow is he's going to allow some things to happen. That's designed to show us our need for cleansing now was the cleansing agent according to verse three is the worst of the word is going to cleanse us OK so what we're looking at here is that God says When your life is bearing fruit he says I'm going to go ahead and allow some things to happen that's going to help you see your need for cleansing and the agent I'm going to use to clean you is my word. The only thing that God cleanses is sin it's kind of like I say go to the book of Isaiah Chapter six watch watch how God did this. When you go to Isaiah six you'll notice that in Isaiah chapters one two five eight times. Isaiah says the word woe. Eight times from Isaiah chapter one to Isaiah Chapter five you will find that Isaiah will say whoa whoa to the people. It was not well to himself but it was well to the people he called out their sins and show them their wrong doings and so on and Isaiah did his job very well you would imagine but when I say a six kicks in let's look at this look at how the verse starts it says in the year that King as I had died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up and his train filled where so he's beholding God of the same jury. And as he is beholding the Grue Henri of God in the same to Mary it has an impact on it so it says in verse two above it stood the surface each one had six wings with twenty covered his feet which when he covered his feet and with twenty did fly and one cried on to another and said Holy holy holy is a lot of holes the whole earth is full of His glory and the post of the door moved at the voice of him that cried and the house was filled with smoke and then said I what. Is Me Now what made I see. Say whoa is me he saw his unrighteousness OK Anything else. He saw the holiness of God. And the holiness of God will very quickly help us discern and see how and godly we are in a stand that OK so he sees the holiness of God as a result of seeing the holiness of God he sees the deficiencies in himself this is why it's so important for us not to compare ourselves among ourselves as long as we keep doing that we'll always have have a reason to call ourselves holy will always have a reason to call ourselves great and so on because we're always doing better than somebody and that can become an occasion for us to think a bit more of ourselves than we should. God says fiction eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of your faith because Jesus will always give you a faithful assessment of yourself you understand that all right so Isaiah is now beholding God so nice as well as me and look at what it says here woe is me because I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of the people of unclean lips for mine eyes have seen the king the LORD of hosts so he's no longer just looking at Israel as unclean he sees now himself unclean but it came as a result of beholding God You understand that simple enough now. Verses six and seven could be a bit troubling. In verses six and seven it says then now you know then means after this. That means before this whatever then it is that we are about to read it didn't happen yes and that So now after these things happen then let's find out what happened then flew one of the Sarah phones on to me having a live coal in his hand which he had taken with the tongues from off the altar and he laid it upon my mouth and said Lo this has touched by lips and how does a personage. And dine. Equity is taken away and I see this. I saying. If you read chapters especially as a five as a a five then I say it was going on I says it won't tell you who call evil good and good evil well to you who call life or darkness and light and darkness for light I mean Isaiah knew how to wo people out. And I say. I would imagine of here like a very fruitful branch to me and if you study Isaiah one and you take that thing down the word of the Lord comes to the mouth of Isaiah and I say I go through the people and he says look at you look at you and he begins to talk about their terrible spiritual condition your whole head a sick and your whole heart is things I say was bearing fruit. He was bearing fruit. But while I was there was doing the work of the master Isaiah didn't even see that there were sins that was still dominant in his life God said Isaiah needs a vision and so it is that as Isaiah was bearing fruit God got his attention. And helped him see his glory and through seeing that Isaiah had a clear discernment of his own deficiencies and weaknesses. And when he saw it and said whoa is me because I'm a man undone and I'm in the midst of a people that are undone now it's not that you guys are messed up it's we messed up and when I say yes is this. Now Isaiah is prepared to have his sins purged. God was able to cleanse them and so the Lord says in verse eight also I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I say. Who will go for us. Then said I hear him i send me you know as the Isaiah sure did bear some more for you God wants you and I don't understand that you do good works as an organization wild would you doing but God says I want more fruit he's not just saying it toward what he's saying it to meet ministry he's saying it to U.T. prions he's saying it's a living waters he's saying that to every organization that is representing his name he's saying to each and every one of these institutions to those who are running it and governing it and working for it and cetera he's saying you're doing a good job but I want more fruit. He's saying to each and every one of us missionaries I he says listen you have done well you came you sacrifice you sold your house and you got rid of your jobs and you've done all sorts of steps you came off of the instructions of your mother and you didn't even know you were going God says I love you God says you don't understand how much I love you as well been. Doing good bearing fruit. But God says but I'm not satisfied that's as I want more and so when God wants more fruit you have to understand every branch that there's fruit he's going to need to purchase. And there are times where God is going to allow things and allow circumstances to come up in your life that for the moment it will appear very very grim but God says if you hang in there. All I'm doing is I'm bringing you out so that you can bear even more fruit. And we need it you know brothers and sisters when I was getting ready to go to their surgery I'm telling I was scared I was scared. I asked all sorts of quick and it's amazing how negative the mind can get. And I remember asking the doctor I said what's the percentage of people that make it through these type of open heart surgeries. Ninety five percent of people make it through just fine five percent that don't. He said But you he said because your lifestyle he said will probably bump that up to ninety eight percent so is that wouldn't what he said he said you know based on your lifestyle with Lippmann doctor here you did angiogram and he ran that wire through my arm and I'm feeling the thing go up my shoulder and the next thing you know I feel my heart fluttering and I'm like What is that and he's like oh that's just me tickling your heart. That's what he said people scream in the surgical room and I'm watching my heart and all of this stuff and he's you know I put that stuff inside of me so they can see all my arteries. Then he sees all my arteries and that a few minutes he's done he's like you should you know take the wire out and I feel like going down my arm coming back out Dr Healy It says men he said doing you have arteries like a twenty year old athlete really he said yup you're going to skate through this that's what he said. And I remember there was a whole day ninety eight percent chance but you know what I heard I heard two percent chance you might die. So I heard that. If you are negative the mind can go I mean if you were to do an investment and somebody says a ninety percent chance you can to double your money you know a lot of us got men money if that's a good investment I'm going to go for that. Here is that brother said ninety I was like two percent chance I might die and that's all my focus was on the two percent but the lessons that I have learned priceless lessons that I've learned I have and I mean so many people called and lemon. This one's not on to death kind of something I want to show you that man I told you about earlier Thomas Jackson he said Son he said. God. Is allowing you to go through a setback. So he can set you up for a comeback and it was very hard for me to believe that at the time because. My mind to go negative This is why that chapter Mind Cure ministry healing very important chapter very important chapter nine tenths of diseases have the foundation in the mind. As institutes we need to put forth a larger effort in dealing with the mind before we get all into the body and treatments and all the other stuff because depending on where your head is that will determine how well those treatments work and I think God that I had also in testimony that you know Wildwood has given a very strong focus. Dealing with the mind and I praise the Lord for that that's a blessing God has got me to a place that now I can say Thank the Lord Jesus Christ. For my open heart surgery. I can really thank him for it because what I have learned I know has brought me to. From death until God will allow many of us to go through different things. I don't know exactly what it is that he will let you go through and I certainly pray it's not what I had to go through. But when you go through your trial. Always remember that trials don't change people you do understand that. In men trials do not change people. Trials simply reveal what's in us that's what trials do you can write it down if you're taking those messages to young people Page one seventeen it says the trials of life are God's workman. Showing on to us the roughness and impurity of our own characters. As a trials do they show they show us who we really are OK This was trials of life do but when the trial comes. What do you think God wants you to go these specific where does God want you to go you read it he wants you to go to the word very good when you've got a trial in your home you need to go to the word and go back to what does it mean to be a Godly husband. What does it mean to be a godly man what does it mean to be a godly wife what does it mean to be a godly woman. The reason why is because these trials are existing to show us something they designed to help us see the defect. But you can't see the defect unless you're using the proper lens. So you've got to go to the word and let the Word of God show you and I who we really are but more importantly show us the solution. To who we really are if a person gets sick of the word. Let the word of God guide you and if you find OK I am sick right now first thing I'm going to do is search the word and I'm going to look to the word to see where have I potentially violated the Word of God If I have violated the Word of God then the Bible says you need to repent and you need to go back to your first works and do what's right and if you and I repent go back to our first works and do what's right and we begin to keep those laws of health and we begin to do the things God has called us to do you will find. That many times disease can be reversed I said this a thousand times and I'm a keep saying until we get it how many of you would like you know my brother said. Raising three thousand seven hundred twelve dollars Want to get that money would you like to have that money right now. Would you like to have that money or would you like five thousand dollars a good while but right now for those missions OK that check will be written I don't see who write it but that check will be written if you could do one thing. Through from the Bible through from the spirit of prophecy that the laws of health are eight. Four thousand dollar check right now. If you could just show where in the Bible where in the spirit of prophecy the laws are held. When you get that from now don't get me wrong I understand the accommodation of acronyms. To start. S.T.A.R.T. so therefore the New START is letter so therefore we say laws help I get that I understand God's plan G.O.D.'s P.-L. then again eight letters eight laws help that's fine and dandy but that's all human show me from divinity the Bible. Show me from divinity the spirit of prophecy that God limits his laws of health to eight you get a four thousand dollars check for the sun since you know our brother had to do is research in order to make such an offering now I said I said this everywhere I said this at the Amen conference month or so ago with all those wonderful medical practitioners of all sorts and they brought this fisherman in to talk to all these medical people and I said I set out to look him up he was to the left I said Brother that's our right to check right now you guys just say what you need for him and to give you the next Do your next clinic and in Phoenix I said I'll contribute that money if you can show me where eight I said right there Dr Neil medley in the whole group you know new start is a is a we are baby you know that as a we mark things so I say we mark guys I say show me anywhere eight I say you don't need no money but you know give it to any now why do I make this point. When you limit something to eight you might neglect the rest that could impact somebody is ability to be restored I normally would put this on the sly there's another reason why I don't like having my computer stuff in the back of my computer next to me I could go in there right now to do and I'll put it right on the screen because you know the set up but I want you to write this down write down ministry healing one twenty seven and then I want you to write down counsels on health page three twenty three OK ministry having one twenty seven. Counsels on health page three twenty three OK I want you to write those two down now what's going to happen is when you research it you're going to find super lightning fast quick there's more than eight laws. All right ministry healing one twenty seven. Councils on health three twenty three there is something called cleanliness It's called The Laws of hell it's called it's called a law of health cleanliness cleanliness deals with your person. There's another law of Health called clean sweet premises that deals with your property did you know that even dress is a law of health. How you dress and you're not going to find the eight. So here's the problem. And all of this connection I'm talking about with purging. If we teach people hey you know you need to be mindful of violating God's laws of health diseases an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health therefore in case of sickness the cause should be ascertained unhealthful conditions should be changed wrong habits corrected then then nature is to be assisted in her efforts to do things to expel impurities and reestablish right conditions in the system now watch this if we use that beautiful inspired definition for Disease. Then that means that we have to draw people to God's laws help now if we only show them eight and they are in harmony with the ape but maybe they don't practice proper dress. We will miss that when that could have been a potential solution. To this sickness and disease if we don't show them clean sweet premises and they live in a dirty house again that could be a problem there's even a lot of Health called purity of life that's different from trust in God What I'm saying to you is that when somebody gets sick they should go to the word that they can let the word show them where they're going off or where they're going wrong and then that word can counsel them and guide them so they can get back on the right track that's how Christ cleanses us that's how he purges us. But if we limit ourselves to only looking for eight when God said no there's a whole lot more we can be scratching our heads not understanding fully what's wrong. When God says I laid out my blueprint seriously I'm all for acronyms Don't get me wrong nobody is a sinner if they use the term new start I'm not saying that that's fine you want to use new start use it nobody's a sinner if you want to use God's plan there's no sin in that either but my thing is don't make that law please don't do that. We've been saying it doctors for decades. I'm just trying to let you know there's more doctors and they're ready for service and we need to teach people the full gamut so that when they could understand all of these doctors are right there in the Bible and then they are magnified in the spirit of prophecy so the key is is that if I'm sick then God says are I doing you fell sick now we need to go to the purging process so what I want you to do is I want you to go to my word and I want you to look in my word to see where things off. Wherever you find yourself off repent and then I'm going to empower you to be brought back on track that's how God can say now you are clean through the word that I've spoken and started purging process words. So God will allow trials allow crisis allow all sorts of things to reveal what's in the heart and then when we see what's in the heart we go to the word in that the World Council us and guide us that we might be cleansed from that filthiness so please do not charge God with folly like I did when you go through a really tough trial please don't make the mistake of charging God with folly even through our trials rightly received. It can work out for God's glory and for our best now as God does this he's going to manifest more fruit to the point that it will become just like the very character of Jesus let me show you some things about Christ go to the Book of Acts chapter ten. Skoda acts the tenth chapter. Going to do a lot of scriptural comparison here X. the tenth chapter I want you to watch what the Bible says Acts chapter two in. Let's consider verse thirty eight X. the tenth chapter of the thirty first let's go and see what the Bible says and when you get there just let me know by saying amen All right next chapter ten in verse thirty eight The Bible says how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with what else power who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for God was with him so notice when Jesus was on this earth he was anointed with the Holy Ghost therefore he had what power and as a result of having power he was able to go about doing good and healing all manner of sickness and all these things of those who were oppressed of the devil and then well let's now go ahead and consider Matthew Chapter ten in Matthew Chapter ten in like manner Christ raised up the disciples to do the same Matthew we're looking at Chapter ten now and I want you to notice what the Bible says and Matthew ten and we're going to consider verse one Matthew we're looking at Chapter ten and now we're going to consider verse one and when you get there let me know by saying amen. All right so now in Matthew Chapter ten and what does it say and when he had called unto him his twelve disciples What did he give them he gave them power notice that he gave them power against unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease so notice the very same things. The very same things that Christ gave to the disciples was the very same things that he himself had when he walked on this earth Jesus was annoyed with the Holy Spirit he had power he was able to do good to heal all matters of suffering and those who are oppressed of the devil when he raised up the disciples He gave them the same power he availed that power to them but watch this. Go to Matthew seventy the disciples have power. To give them power Jerry did Matthew seventy it's always a terrible thing to preach at the people finish. But watch what the Bible says. Stick with me you're in a great controversy your brain needs blood to focus but to believe needs blood to digest your food so you've got a great controversy going on in your body and literally the belly typically wins in the sign of it is when you have started going like this. Start falling asleep do the best we can to get through the controversy. Aright Matthew seventeen that is what the Bible says the Bible says in Matthew seventeen. Starting at verse fourteen well yeah verse fourteen it says and when they were come to the multitude they came to him a certain man kneeling down to him and saying Lord have mercy on my son for he's a lunatic and sore of Exed while some time he's fallen into the fire and often to the water and I brought him to that disciples and they could not cure him. Well make any sense. Did not Jesus give them power. To cure people who are oppressed of the devil then give it to them all right so watch this because this is important lesson did they have power they had it the Bible says God gave it and they had it so now the disciples couldn't cure him so let's find out why he says in verse seventeen then Jesus answered and said Oh faithless and perverse generation How long shall I be with you how long should I suffer you bring him to me and Jesus rebuked the devil and he departed out of him and the child was cured from that very hour now like the disciples because at least they inquired of their failure they go back to Jesus in verse nineteen Then came the disciples to Jesus apart and said Why could not we cast him out and what was the answer. Jesus says you did not believe. So just because we've been given power is it possible that we can cancel out that power yes this is why you cannot afford to live off of yesterday's blessings you cannot afford to live off of that exciting exhilarating devotion you had two weeks ago that excitement and that exhilarating exhilarating experience that you had that day was God giving you power for that day but you need that same experience the next day and the next day and the next day I am serious family please do not live off of yesterday's blessings. A lot of Christians make that mistake they can remember when they used to be on fire for God when they used to always study study study when they used to pray hard you cannot live off of yesterday's religion family you got of a new all of the graces of God daily daily. We have the power he gave you two weeks ago that power is gone. You need to renew it daily they did not do that so as a result of that when Jesus was there and they came in a president this or they believed Jesus gave them power they were able to do great things but my brothers and sisters by time they go a little further in the story. Now here it is they run into a situation and they don't believe therefore they had no power you understand that it's very important in this work that's why when I showed you when Jesus would go out in nature and commune with God that was serious family Jesus understood if I sin once. Everything is ruined. So Christ had no time for laxness you know often we say you know I said I would need any sugar but since it's Thanksgiving we will make an excuse to do things that we have already been convinced we should not do that's not the mind of Christ. The Mind of Christ says once I know that it's wrong and once I make a covenant there's no holiday that's going to make me change Jesus and I'm sticking to my covenant so all I'm saying is whatever covenant you make with God whatever they are I don't know what it is but whatever covenant you make with God All I'm saying is the stick to the covenant do not allow yourself to take vacations from your covenants. Because have you noticed that once you take a vacation it's hard to get off the occasion you haven't noticed that once you take that vacation it's hard to get off the occasion and get back to work. So it becomes a problem and so God is trying to help us understand sticky covenant so they were not believing and it literally wanted their ability. To heal. When healing was needed. You getting ready to go into the field. You're getting ready to go into battle if you read ministry healing very carefully especially if you start a page one thirty five and then read one thirty five read one thirty six and onward you see at least three times that God makes it clear that it is the highest calling that God can place on a man I was called and I got a place on a person because when you're when you're a medical missionary you have to understand the medical missionaries also are we Kelso to train to books. Or we can sort of train through books teachings write things in books and provided to the people sure we are. We are how do you have Kellogg's first book in physiology how do you have all these various books by Dr Kellogg who is absolutely phenomenal medical missionary in the days of our pioneers. He was able to take the gift of God he was able to jot it down so that it could become an educational tool to others. The medical missionary in the truest sense has canvassing experience but the medical missionary in the truest sense also has gospel worker experience you understand that go to look not look at how God spells it out he is very beautiful it goes hand in hand look at Luke the one chap to watch how God spells it out in Luke the ninth chapter notice what the Bible says as we consider verses one and two look at it carefully. Nine versus one and two the Bible says then he called his twelve disciples together and gave them what power and authority over most devils all devils and to do what else cure diseases and he sent them to do what else preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick so notice that the true medical missionary understands the importance of the book work and they will produce books as well the true medical missionary also needs to understand the gospel and they need to know how to get the gospel effectively and the true medical missionary also knows how to deal with the mental and physical demands of the human system. So who do you think merits the greatest attacks from Satan and his kingdom. Gospel medical missionary inventiveness because the Lord is using this some people who do canvassing and that's all they do there's some people who do preaching and teaching and that's all they do but the medical missionary needs to understand the Word of God They need to also know how to get the books that have truth that can help people to understand how to take care of the physical frame and they have to understand disease its causes ways to prevent it and ways to cure it it's a high calling. And as a result of this incredibly high calling it merits the greatest wrath from Satan so if there's anybody that I would say please do not drop your guard it is the medical missionary I used to study martial arts I was determined to be the best martial artist that this world has ever seen since Bruce Lee I was really determined I was I was focused I was very focused I studied three disciplines I studied taekwondo Korean I studied shuttle can Japanese and I studied Keppel Ueda Brazilian and when I studied all of these different forms of martial arts I said I'm a blend these things because that's what that's what Bruce Lee's style was DE Cwindows it was it was the blending of several martial arts to create a discipline and I want to do the same thing and I remember that I would discipline myself so hard I went to lots of tournaments lots of tournaments first place trophies all the time. All the time. I got a slim frame but we learned all your energy is in your midsection once you learn how to move your hips a certain way you can punch through a brick. And so I began to study that thing Study study study and I remember I got to a point that I condition myself so strong that my teacher told me one day he said doing. He said Would you lie to me he made an offer to me and some of my fellow students he said Who ever wants to learn some of my secrets. Come early in the more I want to see six am in front of a building at that time in life in my age you know we partied all night. And I'm not an advantage by the way hope you get there you know so I means I'm flat out full blown worldly but nevertheless he said whoever shows up and I want to six o'clock so when you party all night the last thing you want to do is get up at six o'clock in the morning to be somewhere so six o'clock in the morning my teacher comes to open up the school building and there's about five of us that are right there waiting for. He says good I'll show you my secrets. He taught me something that he said doing he says I can show you people moving before they move I said What do you mean he says that no matter how fast a man threw a punch or kick it or look like slow motion to you I said really you could teach me that he said yup I said I teach me he taught me. And I will go to twenty one at a tournament no matter how fast that guy would do that point to the kick to me it looked like he was moving in slow motion. And as soon as his body would just go like that I blab and just be all over this be all over and done come home mom got first place again first place first place where here's what happened. When I began doing this. I remember I became so conditioned. I became so in tune with the observance of one's body. That if your eyes were looking at me and all you did was just go down like that just for a second to look back up when you went down and looked back up you saw my heel already coming through. And it will hit your head God educates me in the truth of his words and he begins to show me that martial arts is not something that the children of the remnant should be a part of I begin to study out martial arts from the perspective of the Bible in disputed prophecy and this is how God began to deliver me from this practice and these disciplines but there was a lesson that God also gave God said doing now you're a human. You're a human and you develop the ability that if a person took their eyes off of you just for a few seconds. You knew how to literally knock them out. Your human God says there are demonic angels that excel in string and they are far superior to humans. And all and Angel needs is for the child of God. To take their eyes off of Jesus just for a moment. You see there was always a practical lesson of Mary Joseph and Jesus they took their eyes off of Jesus for a moment and it took three days for them to find it we were supposed to learn from that. When you take your eyes off of Jesus to entertain and to indulge in the practices of sin. Lawlessness and godliness on righteousness I'm talking about the R. rated P.G. thirteen sometimes even the P.G. sometimes even the G.'s are loaded with spiritual ism I'm talking about watching the sitcoms the nakedness the video games and talking about the things that are very typical to distract Oh especially Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and the rest it is so easy. To see something. That the voice of God will say you should not be looking at and will say Just give me a minute. We will scroll and we will scroll we will entertain and eyes off of Jesus if we don't understand that but for the grace of God Satan could have thrown his hook kick and taken a lot of us down as gospel medical missionary evangelists. Being put in the position that we can do the most incredible work for the glory of God We cannot take our eyes off of Jesus for a moment you must become fixed on his glory. Again you will see people that you admire that are not strict you will see people that you admire that are not disciplined you see people that you admire that will literally behave in ways that are actually quite questionable when compared to scripture that's why God says take your eyes off of men because in the church it is very militant We are all seeking to let Christ perfect his character in us but it takes time and every man and every woman's walk is their own walk but you can't let that impact you. The Apostle Paul said it best follow me. Only as I follow Christ. I know what I'm talking about. Sometimes when you meet people in present truth and and you are so dazzled and mesmerized by their mazing department and preaching teaching abilities and and their apparent consecration and we get so floored by that but then one day we get to sit with them in the living room in a kitchen or we see them in the evening and we begin to see them do little creeping compromises like eating late. It could be something that simple. In class you need to stop eating several hours before bedtime because you need to go to bed on an empty stomach did you know that inquest Ellen that inquest So here it is you heard that in class you like I know that's the truth so we need to make sure that we end this planet by time as bed time now what time is bed time times probably what eight thirty nine o'clock. OK So I say it's not a clock if bed time is not a cut that means that if I had a full meal I need to be done with that meal by four o'clock at the very latest so I can let those five hours go by that by the time nine o'clock comes stomach's empty and I go to bed what happens sometimes the very people teaching I'm not saying that has happened here what I'm saying is this happens in this work. The very same people that taught those lessons and impressed upon your heart the necessity of keeping the laws of health sometimes those are the very same people that you will see yeah you know. And then chewing in a crack in smack in and doing all sorts of stuff and you're just like what's going on here you're reading late and you don't understand. The Bible teaches a very important principle go to sixteen Don't forget this principle this principle has imperatives look sixteen all my brothers and sisters do not forget this principle Please look sixteen God is get rid of the demonstrate some power watch this Luke looking at chapter what All right Luke sixteen was for the Bible says look sixteen right there verse ten what is the Bible say Lou sixteen ten it says He that is faithful in that which is what lease What is that what is the predicting future of that individual. They shall be faithful in much but then it says but he who is unjust in the UP is unjust in much little. Flames start. Forest fires you've heard that phrase it's those little flames that can start a farce for a forest fire. It's the little compromises that prepares us for the larger compromises. And a White used a term like this involving five of the testimonies page eighty one she said The time is not far distant. When the test will come to every soul she says the mark of the beast will be urged upon us now watch this next point and those who have step by step yielded to worldly demands and have conformed to worldly customs were not find it a hard matter to you to the powers that be. Rather than suffered Arisan. Threatened imprisonment and death. Yes I would have just said. The step by step decisions we're making now even in the little things is either preparing us for the seal of God or the mark of the beast so God says I want you to be faithful in that which is least. Be faithful when everybody else compromises and does crazy stuff you be faithful. You don't have to go around start rebuking and turn in tables over you hypocrites you know no you don't have to do that gotta take care of a lot of those things and maybe he will call you one day to address things on a more public forum but at first everybody else compromises you just all right as for me in my house. I'm going to do with the Lord says so my son Come on man it's just a little bit of food or whatever Listen he was faithful. That which is least will be faithful also in much but if one just in the least was destined to be unjust also in the larger things just want to be faithful in the little things you will find that God will bless your faithfulness and again people will be able to eat from that fruit. Amen now you have an incredibly high calling. God wants you to be they are much fruit Yes there are times we will go through trial tribulation will suffer losses will go through a lot but in the end of it God says if you hang in there and I promise you family I am preaching this year as much as I'm preaching this to me it's like we have to hang in there there are times we get discouraged you don't understand every time I inhale How would you check your pulse right now if I needed you to check your pulse what would you do. Or do to check your pulse right now would you do you would go ahead and check your pulse here nag behind the air or if you really technologically savvy you'll just say Oh apple watch you check your heart be right or right now here's my point. You know how I check my heart rate. I go like this and I can literally feel one four five six I could feel my heart beat just it's a residual from my open heart surgery. When they cut open your parrot Cardium. Often they leave the parrot Cardium open. The parrot Cardium is like a buffer so that when your heart is beating and all those things you know that it's a buffer it kind of holds in and cushions all that but when it's open like that just inhaling you can just you can literally feel your heart do you know how annoying that is and it's absolutely annoying and you know what it used to be for me very concerning because I wasn't used to that summit man is my heart OK. You know and I started having all these thoughts and I had a survey that very annoying and I started thinking about I said well you know maybe the laws allow this little residual to just be that reminder to me like God allowed some residual would Paul's eyesight just a way to remind him of the experiences he went through and just leave it there often remind you to keep coming to me never stop coming to me don't get lax. I don't know what residual you need in your life to remind you of where God brought you from. But what I'm telling you is that God wants to prepare you and I to demonstrate some serious power he's getting us ready. To go through that time of trouble and he's getting us ready to help a lot of people go through it as well I want to show you something in Christian history that I want to ask you a question and let's go ahead let's take a look. What you watch some of these slides and put some of the slides of Real quick we went through this last night we talked about the revelation that revealing We have to reveal the man of sin we have to reveal you know the righteousness of God incased in the gospel and I want you to take a look at this here. Yes. Some of the benefits of medical missionary work much of the what prejudice that prevents the truth of very dangerous message from reaching the hearts of the people might be removed if more attention were given to health reform when people become interested in this subject the way has often prepared for the entrance of the truth if they see that we are intelligent with regard to health they will be more ready to believe that we are sound and Bible doctrine OK that's one of the great reasons we do health reform a lot of prejudice right now again if we stand for certain truths there are times when people are going to hate us not going to like us we are neither Republican or Democrat Amen you don't choose any of these are the political parties part of the party of Heaven I go by its government. I'm not a rebel here on earth I will obey the laws of land as long as they are in harmony with the laws of God Romans thirteen teaches us that that's not an issue for me. But we have to understand that when people ask you demi Democrat Republican or if they see L G P D or nine L.G.B. T. or if they say hey what do you think about sports and so on and we constantly are just like no no no no don't do that nope no. So you guys are weird you're very different what's wrong with you and they'll have problems with our biblical beliefs but a lot of that prejudice will be crushed when we help the children get well all that stuff will be done remain in Wilson he told me a story about how he went to a Muslim house and he came he came to a Muslim house and they said listen because of the sect of Islam that we're in we cannot allow you as Christians to come into our home. They are there to help take care of their son. But they said we can't let you stay in our house to help our son so we prepared a barn for you and your wife. Horses will be under you and we made a little area for you to sleep in the barn above now you know as some of us would do in our humanity. So you call me to come help you. Your son is sick my son is not sick. I'm here to help you and you don't put me in a barn. Because of your religious dogmas. How about you help get your son fixed up by yourself there's some people that might have such an attitude I pray that that would not exist here. Well Brother Wilson says all right I'm not going to do that so he goes and he stays in the barn his wife works on that son works on the son I mean I watched the video works on his son works on the son gets all that impaction that was in his colon get it out eventually doesn't cheat on the young man the young man is healed these well. You know why I say OK your son is better now we're going to go ahead retire for the night and we'll be taking off in the morning to head back home they start walking back towards the barn and they hear a voice saying wait wait it's the father they go back to the Father Yes what's wrong the father said listen you have done for us. We know what the doctor would have done. You have brought our son back and given us our son. They said you will not be sleeping in the barn tonight. You will be sleeping in our house not only will you sleep in our house you will be sleeping in our bed. The walls of prejudice were broken because they were the agents in God's hand to bring healing to their son this is what God says we have the privilege of being participants with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continuing Christ example must be followed by those who claim to be his children relieve the physical necessities of your fellow men and their gratitude will break down the barriers and able you to reach their hearts consider this matter earnestly we are told I wish to tell you that soon there will be no were done in ministerial lines but medical mission if God has made it clear to me the last word is going to be the means to an end it's how the everlasting Gospel in its final phase of it being given will be given to others. And so this is an incredible work that we have embraced and now I want you to go to the Book of Acts chapter three and I want you to watch this let's talk about that early rain power. And I want you to watch this let's talk about this early rain power and watch it carefully the Bible says in a book of Acts chapter three I want you to go ahead and consider verses six to eight. Acts Chapter three verses six to eight. And I want to ask you see if I can do this can we get this part of that all right and we do that right I'm going to ask some of the students if you don't mind reading some of these passages for us is that OK All right so I'm just taking my hand out somebody take it. OK Very good so let's look at this X. three six to eight let's go ahead to the big X. three sixty eight Then Peter said silver and gold have I none but such as I have I have give such as such as I have give I.V. in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk and he took him by the right hand and lifted him up and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength and he leaping up leaping up stood and walked and entered with them into the temple walking and leaping and freezing God. So eight that was it's eight now next reader twelve and thirteen same book same chapter you can have it to your neighbor verses twelve and thirteen. It says and when Peter saw it he answered on to the people you man of Israel why Marvel you at this or Why lookee so earnestly on us as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk the God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jake up the God of our fathers had Laura fight his son Jesus whom you delivered up and the night him in the presence of pilot when he was determined to let him go Daniel verse nineteen to repay me therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out well right very good don't forget this story go to X. nine zero zero ask your question after a couple of readings ask your question X. nine. Thirty three and thirty four. Next reader anywhere in the group acts nine thirty three and thirty four and there he found a certain man named Anna nighest and he which had N.A.S. there which had kept his bed eight years and the sick of the policy and Peter sent to him and they asked Jesus Christ make us the whole arise and take the bed and heroes immediately Amen very good acts five twelve to sixteen our last verse on this X. five twelve to sixteen and by the hands of the Apostles were many signs and wonders among the people and they were all with one accord in Solomon's porch and the rest are just no mention of stop to them but the people magnify them and believers and believe is worth the more added to the Lord multitude support of men and women and so much that they brought forth the sick into the street and laid them on beds and couches that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by my overshadow some of them now tell me some things you observe in these different accounts you have the story of the man at the gate beautiful you have this other gentleman and I asked and then of course you have a ton of people being healed in Acts five twelve to sixteen what are some things that leaves out to you when you read these verses talk to me what is it that leaves out what is it a speaks to your gospel medical missionary ventures you getting ready to be deployed into the field what are some things that speaks to you are. From these readings so again. It's about the healing. So some of the things are very evident so obviously there was a lot of healing being done people were healed they weren't really treated they were healed go ahead OK Very good observation people were healed as a result of the healing other people were drawn to hear the Gospel OK that's beautiful too do you believe that that's going to happen today do you believe that people are going to be healed today OK Do you believe that people are going to be drawn as a result of a healing that would take place today OK Did this happen under early reign power or laddering power so this was earlier in our we in the time of early reign. We're not in the time of the early right. Are we in a time where God is pouring out his early rain but we're also in a time where God is preparing to pour out his laddering But are we in a time where God is pouring out his early rain can you get latter rain without early rain All right so under the early rain we saw that people were being healed so is the early rain available to us today so should we expect to see people healed alright as a result of the people being healed did many others come to hear and receive the Gospel as a result of the healing was that under the early rain good anything else that you observed I'll tell you something I deserved It's not often caught this beautiful because there's a glorious or shall I say a grand opportunity that is set before us. Anything else that you observed in those stories even the shadow they were all full of the Holy Spirit is true this is true this is true. Anything else. They were definitely in one accord give me two more suggestions Nobody hit what I saw yet but you hear in very good things so again. It was done miraculously Ah so some things may not be done just merely via following A.B.C. laws health we know that that's going to be done for sure but we also see that miraculous healing can still be done amen All right anything else so again the people who are hungering for the truth fantastic very good answers. Did all of this happened under early reign are we now time receiving early right now so should we be able to see these things happening now now. That's something that I saw this is going to be interesting it caught me good and it made me dig deeper Did you notice that in Acts three and Acts nine and Acts five there is something in each of these healing works that was done that we don't often see in medical missionary work today. Often see you know to us in which one of these accounts Did they pray and ask if it be god's will that these people would be restored. In Acts three and Acts nine and an X. five. In any of those accounts under the early ring where do we see an example that they prayed. Before they did their healing work and they were praying and asking God if it would be his will that these people would you see that he were in those in those accounts OK. The reason why I asked this is because there was a statement that I was reading in desire of Ages six sixty eight. It says all true obedience comes from the heart it was heart work with Christ and if we consent here's the part that got my attention and if we consent he Christ will so identify himself with our thoughts and aims he will so blend our hearts and minds into conformity to his will that when obeying Him we shall be but carrying out our own impulses. Simply meaning the heart can become so united with God that when we're living out and acting out his will it is as if we were living out and acting out our own impulses. That's how close we can get to it how did Peter you see was I come to Wildwood you to Times meet ministry in many other organizations we all stay in Father if it be your will were asking that you would restore John Bob Mary or so on back to health but if not. Then give them grace to be sustained. In their sufferings is that a bad prayer no we are specifically Council to do that in the chapter prayer for the sick and ministry healing. But there are times. There are times. After the Sunday law it's not early rain. It's latter rain. I'm with you I thought the same thoughts as all of that is Post Sunday law laddering But wait a minute this is early rain so all I'm saying is that we're not being Biblically accurate if we say everything else that the early rain demonstrate it can be done but when it comes to this that can only be done after the Sunday we have to substantiate that say again OK. We need a verse for that. That's all I'm saying because what we're being shown is that these things happen under early rain and that's why I specifically said this happened in early rain Yes Can that happen now yes this happened in early rain Yes Can that happen now yes this happened in early rain Yes Can that happen now no. OK we need we need somehow to let the Word of God guide us on that OK Well again right now that's man's word. What we need is we need God's word God's Word is what we fear man's word we don't so all I'm saying is until we get God's word there's nothing to fear All right so give us the word and then we can go ahead and stand corrected so watch this the point is. The disciples were so united with God. That there were times now did the Apostle Paul under early reign pray. And then God would heal Yes Did Peter when he went to visit Dorcas under the early rain to Peter pray first yes then Dorcas was healed yes and that So we see prayer according to God's Will healed but there were times they didn't pray they literally said in the name of Jesus rise up and start walking here knew God wanted to heal. That man at the gate beautiful. What I'm trying to make clear to us is that when you and I get that communion with God that we talked about earlier. When our minds and our hearts unite with Christ we can be so unified with him that while the majority of our times Lord if it be a will. That this will let that happen to the other but there are times that desire to just six sixty eight says God will speak his mysteries to us personally and God will let you know this is the message I want you to give to this soul your sickness is not into death that happens under early reign that is not just reserved for lettering and there's no bible spirit or prophecy proof that says otherwise. There's no spirit prophecy prove that says it otherwise a Bible verse saying my brother now in seven Corinthians ten five Kassam down imaginations every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God Yes sir but that doesn't say what would being said right now while talk afterwards is that all right what I'm saying is is that God has reserved even early reign power. That you and I can be so united with him that he will make known his will to us on special occasions or special cases that we can communicate to others this is not him to death God is going to restore you this is why emphasize. Our union with Christ we cannot live off of yesterday's blessings we have to have a daily communion with our master we must have a union between his mind and our mind because God is prepared to do great things in us and through us for His glory Earlier today I made it known to you for God to do these type of works. We must have that power from heaven which is of course the Holy Spirit. But I want you to listen carefully to this quote to this quote in order to be purified and to remain pure. Seventh Day Adventists must have the Holy Spirit where. And the Lord has given me the light. That when the Israel of today humble themselves before him and cleanse the soul temple from all defilement he will hear their prayers in behalf of the sick and will bless in the use of his remedies for disease when in faith the human agent does all he can become that disease using the simple methods of treatment that God has provided his efforts will be blessed of God. Spirit of God in our hearts Spirit of God in our homes is essential in the healing work and this is why I bring us back to this one closing point. If we are truly going to be used of God. We must make sure that our hearts and our homes are places that angels will love to do and. At the Spirit of God can have his way in us and through us for His glory. We will go down the path of the use of of course various simple agencies God has not negated that that has its work. But as we see recorded in scripture there are special times special cases that God is going to communicate to the mind this is my Will this is what I want. Go ahead and express my will even to those who are. In my brothers and sisters. For us to receive such an endowment of God's Spirit. How could this come except it be by thorough deep consistent communion with God. My encouragement to each and every one of you is Felice put forth the effort to remember. Every morning. Go out and get your manna. Get your jacket on put your leggings on get your boots out do what you got to do. But you make sure that you find yourself a place in nature have your commune begin to learn of him begin to study his words you pray and you speak to him she speaks back to you through his words of inspiration you will find that your heart will be more devoted to him time shall come just like somebody said and to me how a lot of people call me and. Lord to be a will. For the lemon makes it rather Lemon doesn't have you willis. That's not a bad prayer but there was somebody who had a bit of a sweet evident communion with God and he said something where they said. This is not and said The law is going to help more fruit come out of it and so how did you know that he said well you know. Desiring to sixty eight tells us that the Lord can even speak His mysteries to us person. Do you believe that twelve months later twelve months later so I really want to thank God. For what he's seeking to do with each and my hope and my prayer. Is that we will be in the place that we can hear him speak and learn how to hush the voice of men we see the words of our Living God as gospel medical missionary evangelists May the Lord use you mightily for his name's honor and glory. If it's your heart's desire to make sure that God that you can be in the place where the Lord. Will be able to pour out His Spirit upon you. First through early then through latter. We indeed. Would be recipients of his power to not only preach the word. But also to cure all diseases. By having the Spirit of God in our hearts. But also in our homes if you're willing to cooperate with God in this fashion and vice should stand. And I want to thank the Lord. Each and every one of you. That has God speaks to your heart and as you get ready to be deployed into the work of the Lord will show you wondrous things out of his law that is all prayed together give the Lord things for what he has said to each in our loving Father we thank you standing Lord because you need people to stand for you in your truth in these very last moments of Earth's history. Father I pray that you will bless each and every one of my brothers and my sisters not only simply under the sound of my voice but especially those who have completed their courses and now preparing to go upon higher ground some of them in deeper education others going directly into the fields pray that you might endowed them with your spirit that you might help them that they might give you glory and all that they see and all that they do. Lord I ask that of cooperation between humanity and divinity would take place in each of our hearts in such and adulterated manner. By your grace. You'll be able to speak to us like you spoke to those disciples of all even under the time of the early re. Thank you father that though this may seem impossible with me we're grateful all things are possible with God. Keep us Lord we pray. Be with my dear brother father. Or when it's time we were present together for unity easy it is for the devil to have his way. Lisa help us even now to be men of peace rather than men of war and I thank you that you have heard this. Trust also that you have and. Ask you all Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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