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Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries & Co-Director of Tekoa Missions



  • December 16, 2017
    3:30 PM
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Let everyone see men again. It has been faithful to us and I have learned. Is an investor I didn't say investigator. Even though he does that to a God believes in investments and he has invested a lot to humanity. And anyone who knows anything about investments you do not invest in anything without expecting a return on investment. And so it is that as God has been faithful to us. What do you think he wants in return. He wants us to be faithful to him and we're living in a time. Where our faith is being tried more and still more and the furnace will get hotter. Before we will finally cool down and be as nice comfortable place. There is a very deep a very real experience that God wants us to have. We are told and we are called to strive to be part of that group. That will ultimately be translated and to see Jesus burst through those clouds and I would imagine that many of us are striving for that and the truth of the matter is that if we are striving for such a precious experience. Then we have to understand what is necessary. In your experience and in mine for that to be accomplished. We're going to talk a little bit about that today because God truly wants to prepare a people to meet him in peace. This year has been an eventful year. Records are consistently being broken in the financial world. In the atmosphere of calamities that we consistently see we've seen so many fires this year especially conflagrations we've seen a lot of hurricanes and storms it has impacted our economy where once again we're spending money that we don't really have. America truly believes in monopoly and we're using a lot of play money right now and while we see things happening in the atmosphere world things happening in various countries crime is that of course an incredible high especially when you look at our world we obviously are breaking records last year you know two thousand and sixteen that was the largest massacre that took place in America by one single gunman that's when that shootout took place at pulse in Florida where those of the L G B T community came together and someone possessed by a devil came in and decided that they would play God and start to take down people's lives and choose whose probation should close. But then here it is and divided this year that record is now broken. Right here in two thousand and seventeen the largest massacre to ever take place by a single shooter. In America breaking records all the time we have a president. That requires our prayers Amen and our world our country is going in a direction that is something drastic does not change we will destroy ourselves but when we take our eyes off of the world we begin to look at the church we see compromise on the left hand and on the right ministers have decided to close the Bibles and to present intellectual philosophy to the masses to give more of a message of what I think rather than Thus saith the Lord you know I don't have any problem with a rainbow or rainbows in the Bible these Amen to that rainbows in the Bible and I have a problem if somebody says well you know let's go ahead and put a rainbow in front of our church to tell people about the covenant that God is me that's not what I was seeing a lot of rainbows in front of churches today we are seeing that people will go as far as to manipulate the Word of God. To accommodate a class of people. That have made a decision that our days of being persecuted are over and the days of us persecuting. Has a right and so it is that today we see ministers churches that are closing their Bibles with the clearest testimonies. You know one thing I always thought about as I said you know all this scientific talk and I know people and I appreciate many individuals from the L G B T community I really do some of the sweetest people I've met are from this very community and I have no doubt that God has love for every single one of them no doubt is that there's no question in my mind but I've learned we've got to love people enough to tell them the truth of what God's word says. And you know I was having a discussion with an individual and we were talking about it and going through all the scientific back and forwards and I said Listen to me this is very clear Kirk Cameron Are you familiar the name Kirk Cameron. He was in London and he was asked the question about what do you feel about the lifestyle and what would you say if your son said he was gay and cetera and Kirk Cameron would say well I would let him know that it's not natural but you know God has a way to work with us etc. Boy Was there an uproar I mean it was an uproar people just got men and of course they began to persecute pretty hard. And I thought to myself why would anyone from the community be upset when somebody says this lifestyle is not natural if you think about it scientifically you know it's a lot of science right now in X. chromosomes and Y. chromosomes and all these other things but I thought to myself here's the simplicity of the science if God made people again then that means that gay people should be able to fulfill the words of Genesis chapter one when God says Be fruitful. And multiply and replenish the earth and the reality is that if I choose to live a homosexual lifestyle I cannot fulfill that word I need a heterosexual. To enable me to continue my generations of whatever lifestyle I have you need the sperm and you need the egg they have to come together to produce the child and if that cannot be done by female to female or male to male then we have every biblical right to say this is not a natural way that God has made humanity. It's not to try to insult but the Word of God cannot be changed but even not just in the political realm but in the spiritual realm we are finding that people on the nipple late in the Word of God old Jonathan loved David more than a woman so therefore that means God says it's all right and this is a very sad thing now we have gay pastors. Gail Devers. Not just merely in all the other churches. But we see some of these things are creeping in God's very beloved remnant in these very last moments in earth's history we are fussing and fighting and creating divisions amongst ourselves over things like whether a woman should be ordained or not we've got conservatives against liberals we've got present truth against precious truth then we've got high class present truth against low class present truth we are divided people and it seems like almost in every direction from the left to the right from the front to the back there is confusion of faces. That's why the Bible says looking unto Jesus. If we could just take our eyes off of man. If we could just recognize that as long as we put our trust in men we are under a curse. That's the simplicity of Jeremiah seventeen five Thus saith the Lord curse it be the man that puts his trust in man have you learned to take your eyes off of men yet. Have you learned that you must fix your eyes on Jesus like never before. Because there will be more confusion on the list there will be more confusion on the right there will be more confusion in the front and there will be more confusion in the back not just in the world but in the church and we know this prosthetic lead because you cannot read a chapter and not see that is it makes it very clear more and still more abominations. Are going to take place before this thing wraps up. And this is why I like never before we must cultivate our minds. To look up on to the hills from whence comes our help knowing that our help comes from the Lord years been in the event full year people that I knew personally died not just merely members of the church but even gospel workers and I admit I did not agree with everything. That these gospel workers taught and said I don't agree with everything but I knew how to respect the areas where they were actually doing something that was good for the of for the betterment of their fellow man and their effort to seek to honor and glorify God. I think of the gentleman that a lot of us know probably a familiar with a name and Wilson his wife there Rhonda she died this year. You know I knew it personally over twenty years she passed away and then there's a guy and a husband a wife who wrote a book a book that has influenced so many institutions and churches and places when I talk about the subject that a lot of people don't like talking about dress reform a little black book called by nakedness Lord what shall I wear that that book is in so many of our libraries Wildwood you can probably find it there you can go to probably find the book they're going to several A.B.C.'s advantage books and it's and you'll find that book right there than nakedness Lord what shall I wear a whole book on the subject of dress reform. Written by a lovely couple Rick and Gwen shorter. This year brother Rick. Went to sleep in just. There was a time years ago that people would go to college. And they would go to Oakwood College and there was confusion at the college was a man who had a burden on his heart he said you know I'm a do all that I can to try to have every student that comes through these grounds to know God's truth for this time and I'll do the best that I can of what I know. He was a tall gentleman Moses Mayes there are so many ministers and so many ministries today that have been benefited by many things that the Mason preached and taught. Some people will say publicly. Some of us are still politically correct but there are some of us who knows there are many things that God used that man to say that has impacted our lives and here it is on Thanksgiving Day Our brother goes down a couple of days later he dies now. We are praying that another brother will by God's grace even make it through the remaining days of this year another man who's impacted the work in a very large way especially when it comes to health reform again you know like I said you know M H I'm mentioning names that some of us we don't agree with everything they said nine to stand that and agree with everything they say. But I still can respect for the areas that God did use them now here we are with that we need to pray for what appears to be the closing scenes. Of the life of another brother in the faith. Danny fear for the Danny earlier this year you know when you think of Danny you think in one of the most incredibly looking sixty plus year olds you ever seen in your life. So and so physically fit always up there drinking some raw juice or eating some raw food and just you know Mr alkaline he's helped so many people to appreciate and to understand you know eating a healthy diet looking well and he lived this message I mean he looked fantastic but unfortunately earlier this year put out a video he has cancer. Of all cancers melanoma. A lot of us I'm sure thought of he's going to be did. His son puts out a notice just a few days ago about a week or so ago. It is now officially stage four it has metastasized and has gotten into his bones several organs and his brain it's bar a miracle. That we are soon to get another report. Of a soldier who has gone down and so when I say that two thousand and seventeen has been an eventful year from the world's perspective from the church from every class in the church. One of the things that just keeps reminding me and God is just reminding me is Son remember the time. Is almost finished and Ellen White asked. Very important question after she was inspired to make that statement in the book early writings she said time is almost finished and then here was the next statement do you reflect the lovely image of Jesus as you should she said said my attending an angel on to me Get ready get ready get ready you will have to die a greater death to the world then you have ever yet died I believe this is a room of people dying. We're dying daily to the world aren't we we should be but God says we will have to die a greater death to the world. Than we've ever yet died and so as we prepare our hearts for in my mind a very simple study. I believe we still need the Spirit of God to help us have ears to hear what he is saying to the church so I'm going to invite you as much of you as are able to let's Neil together let's pray and let's ask God to prepare our hearts for what he desires to share with us at such a time as this. Father in heaven we thank you for the privilege. To kneel to hear heaven speak as all the earth remains silent father we ask that you please forgiveness of sins. We pray that you would remove anything that hinders us from being able to hear your voice during this very sacred Time Lord we want to lift up the Wilson household that you will give continued comfort to their son husband of sister to Rhonda who has passed prayed for. The household. Of the masons the shortest that you comfort your grace and your love will be with sister Gwen for the market system Maggie. Father we pray for our brother Danny Vieira who is fighting for his life. Lord we know that even in the very last moment you have broken through on the behalf of those who are sick you have revived them Lord if it be for your glory and for Brother Danny's best we pray please even now perform a miracle and Grant healing and if it is not I pray that all will be recorded as well between himself and his savior. Before his probation would plz. Help us Lord to cherish the moments that we have. To take every advantage to love our wives as Christ loved the church that wise will reference their husbands as the church is the reference price that as parents we will not provoke our children to wrath but we will teach them and train them in the fear and admonition of them. Teach us how pleasant and sweet it is to come to the house of prayer and to dwell together in brotherhood in unity show us their god that this is not a day of war amongst your people yes we are the Church Militant and there are those who will choose to fight but we don't have to be part of that. We don't have to choose to fight one another teach us how to press together teach us. How even when we run across those whom we disagree that we would deal with it as Jesus do. We pray for the outpouring of your Holy Spirit. Give us ice else that we may see. And I ask this prayer and not only on behalf of my brothers and sisters I pray this prayer for myself. Truly life is fragile hope is they're going to cherish every moment that you give it to us and that we will use it to glorify our Lord and our Savior Jesus to help our fellow man. This is our prayer that we do ask in Jesus name. Like to invite you to turn your Bibles with me to the book of Mark chapter for. Mark the fourth chapter you know with the Internet the Internet has been an incredible tool for the devil. You can pretty much be educated on any phase of evil you choose. But the Internet also can be used for the glory of God. And there are many of us who are doing so the fact that Wildwood has the cameras and all the things to load this up on You Tube and load all the past messages the past trainings and that is good that's being put on the Internet and we think God for that. We thank God for three again we thank God for every satellite network every internet website everywhere where somehow we're using it for the glory of God to get the gospel out and when I begin to think about this I ask myself the question Father what exactly are you waiting for we have the Internet now I remember preaching at a church in Maryland. And when I was there all the cameras were running and when I made the appeal at the end of the message it was the people who gave their hearts to Jesus at the meeting when it was done as a primarily Indian church and I remember that when the meeting was done a brother came to me said Brother Lemon praise the Lord and I said oh yes praise God God is good he blessed us this evening he said no you don't understand he said we had twenty five individuals in India heavily concentrated Muslim territory that was watching the message on the Internet and they sent us a message that twenty five individuals accepted Jesus and a third angels message as all powerful the end of it can get to a lot of places physically we may not get there. And so the Gospel is going out is spreading all over and the question is is Lord what are you waiting for are you just waiting for us to you know get into more territories and just continue to spread the message is that the simplicity of it is that we just travel more we cover every area and then we can kind of go back and say alright Lord we did it we cover the area we preach the Gospel we give the message they understand three angels now come take us home I wish it was that simple but the Word of God puts out a truth that we all would do well to consider and it's found in March up to for now if you there let me know by saying amen it says in Mark for starting at verse twenty eight picking up in the midst of the story with Jesus is given the parable of the sore and as Jesus continues in this. He says in verse twenty eight for the earth bring it forth fruit of herself what is the earth bring forth fruit now it says for the earth bring it forth fruit of ourself first the blade then the air after that the what kind of corn the full horn in the ear verse twenty nine but when the fruit is brought forth now if you have a middle margin in your Bible you will see a word for that word brought and if I see it what is the saying that made a margin write so when the fruit is right this is very important when the fruit is right. What is that next what is it brought forth was the next word the mediately he put it in the sickle because the harvest has come. And Jesus again is using parabolic language to teach very very heavenly eternal truths now according to the text what is it that Christ is waiting for. So that he could just take out that sickle and go ahead and bring in all the seas What What's he waiting for according to the text. He's waiting for the fruit to be right OK full grown completely ready that's why I love the way the verse was going because this is the Christian journey. In verse twenty eight it's the Christian journey first the blade then the ear then the full court see that is God's plan in the plan of salvation in the plan of redemption. There is also a plan of restoration. And in that restoration work that Christ wants to accomplish it's going to be a first a blade and then and here but the savior cannot come until there's full corn there has to be a fruit that is completely right it is ready to be harvested you and I I would imagine if you ever have you ever eaten fruit that was not ripe you wish you didn't it's bitter. It does not have the nutrient components in it to actually benefit the body that it was designed to do. We have no benefit plucking the fruit when it's not right. We have to wait until it's ready Christ is saying I'm not merely waiting for the proclamation of the gospel to go forward Jesus says that's not exactly what I'm waiting for in the fullest sense yes it is true Matthew twenty four fourteen and fifteen the Bible's clear and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness that's the part we keep getting sometimes it didn't just say in this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached. And then this is No four witness that means that the people should be seeing fruit. That's what they're witnessing. They should be able to see something going on in your life going on in my life I remember a brother he said one time in a sermon preached the gospel and only use words if necessary It's a powerful statement. You and I are supposed to be living a pistol's known and read of all men when people see us as I said last night they should be able to say you have been with Jesus there's something about your mannerisms. There's something about your character. There's something even about the way you dress. That tells me you have a higher principle governing your life you know there's a lot of students that come to Wildwood and put on skirts. But when they leave they shouldn't take them off conformity is different from conversion. God wants you to understand that when he gives you a dress reform principle it is not just to conform to a standard or rule for the organization that you are currently under. It's any turtle principle that God is trying to bring to you and I that even when we graduate we're supposed to carry that thing on word because now we are going to let our light so shine. That is in every way I want to. Show forth the fruit of my love my grace my power of course we think about this fruit we cannot help but to think about this chapter five let's talk about their fruit for a little bit let's go to Galatians five now when we go to glaciers five again fundamental text I would imagine a lot of us have gone through this before but if there's even one person in this room who hasn't I would like to go ahead and edify even that one person so the Bible says in the book of Galatians chapter five when we think of fruit we need to understand that the reason why we're going over this is because again the real goal what Christ is looking for what he's waiting for is he says I'm waiting for the fruit to be ripe that's what I'm waiting for I'm not just waiting for a message to be preached God says I can use birds to do that God says I want fruit and so when we think about the fruit we need to understand what God wants when we're in relations five twenty two and twenty three The Bible says but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness they'd meekness and temperance again such. A law against this. Jesus says you can manifest as much as you choose. Much love much joy much peace much longsuffering and what Christ wants is to see this fruit manifested in our lives first starting in the home. And then from the home goes out to our neighbors. And then from our neighbors it comes into the church and from the church it goes to the world. This is what Christ wants it's an order it's Gospel order now why do I say that you have a better husband who's nice to a lot of other women but he's not as nice to his own wife. Can't let a guy you know when when he tells his wife Honey Now don't forget don't forget I asked you to do this dear and the wife says don't worry honey I won't forget then the husband comes home and he says Honey you remember the wife calls. The guy. And the husband just face his countenance changes. And you look sort of like how could you forget. I ask you did not tell you earlier please don't forget why is it that you forgot. And I said Look I'm sorry as well I mean really we've been talking about this a lot so I says All right I deserve that would be fine so one day that husband comes to church and that husband told a sister last week don't forget sister to bring such and such from your right. And the next you know the husband goes to church with his wife sees a sister sister did you remember to bring that thing I asked about this is. I forgot and then the husband goes something like this. It's OK These things happen. Next time just try to remember OK bring for me next we can you promise next week yeah we're going to be OK and that husband turns around and he's looking at his wife like that wife as I hold up when I forgot. The beast power in you came out but when she forgot the lamb in you came out so I really mean what I'm saying when I say that when we study this precious fruit we must understand that that fruit must first be manifested in the home and then the neighbors and then the church and then the world that's gospel order now we are back at my quote from last night you didn't ask me last night I gave you a quotation it was from Volume five of the testimony to the church page two hundred thirteen where it talks about the Seal of God. And he said there are many who even keep the Sabbath to keep the Sabbath that will not receive the seal it said there are many that even teach the truth that will not receive the seal of God in their forehead it says they had the light of truth they know their masters will they understood every point of their faith but what was the problem who remembers. They had not corresponding works now here's the other part of the sentence. Though no use who are such students of prophecy should have lived their faith they should have commanded their households after the Lord can you imagine that some people will not receive the seed of God because they do not have corresponding Gospel works manifested in their homes God is paying more attention to our homes than we understand. God is looking for wives who really love their husbands husbands who really love their wives. Parents who really love their children children who really love their parents we are living in the anti typical day of atonement my brothers and sisters we need to understand that God believes in first things first and so when we look at that wonderful fruit love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith meekness temperance first to be manifested in the home. And then from the home where the next neighbors. From the neighbors where the next church from the church where is next the world this is how God will bless your gospel medical missionary evangelistic God will bless your work you'll see this afternoon I'm going to show you a connection between the home and healing. They're going to show you that. If we are not children of God in our home it will literally frustrate the healing work. You can see the connection this afternoon and so what God is showing us is that we need. This wonderful fruit to be manifested in our lives and when Jesus sees it he will come now watch this I was studying Jesus. And as I was studying Jesus I tell you some of the most enjoyable things sometimes as putting together messages for God's people because the Lord will bring things to your mind and God teaches me I can't speak about how he teaches the rest of you but God teaches me through questions. God will literally our read a verse and I lie to you not when I turn from that verse you literally hear a voice say in my mind to go back to the verse look at it again. And then I go back to the verse and others are right and I go back to the verse and look at it again now I know it's not the devil because the last thing the devil wants to do is to uplift the Word of God and have a study it prayerfully and carefully. The late great controversy page five nineteen says Satan well knows that those who he can get to neglect prayer and the searching of the scriptures will be overcome by his attack so the devil is not going to walk you through verse by verse to make sure you have prayerful careful understanding of the word that it might be applied in your heart and in your home Satan will never do that work so I knew this is God leading the So he says go back to the verse I go back to the verse and gotta say what do you see when I look at the verse in the light. I'll learn something about my savior truly that John five thirty nine text is so true search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and they are they which testify of the it's like amazing when you study the Bible and you are going there and you are looking at it and God says what do you see what you see is a man who walked these grounds that taught me how to study like that he sleeps. Or does his works in his words live on all the W.T. frizzy he taught these principles and I'm thankful that I was one of his students even and I'm learning this and I'm watching God talk to me through His Word. So I began to study it out because we're talking about the fruit of God Spirit as I looked at it I realize. And the angel answered and said unto her the holy ghost shall come upon be and the power of the highest shall overshadow the therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of the shall be called the Son of God The Spirit of God was present in the life of Jesus. Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and therefore when I look at the life of Jesus should we not see the fruit of the spirit. And so here it is when I started to look I said Look at that Jesus himself is love Jesus himself demonstrated love John thirteen one is a beautiful verse the verse says that Jesus loved them til the end his love never stopped Jesus has never ending an ending love for you for me then I started to look at it again then he says watch this now Jesus had joy Luke ten verse twenty one and John fifteen eleven you remember he said My joy is what I give unto you and I want to make sure that my joy remains in You Jesus himself had joy then also Jesus had peace remember what he said John fourteen twenty seven he said my peace I give unto you not as the world gives give I unto you let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid Jesus was a long suffering can the church say amen to that. When he was reviled he reviled not. When he was put down he did not put that down. Jesus was so incredibly long suffering. Then Jesus was gentle. Matthew eleven in verse twenty nine when the Bible when Jesus makes it clear he says for I am meek and lowly in heart literally when you look at the word meek in the Greek it literally means gentle. She says I'm gentle gently with this I say Thank You Lord for that. Then Jesus was good. The Bible makes a clear John five thirty nine that all the scripture reveals Christ Psalms eighty six five it says The Lord is Christ is good and all that he does then Jesus is our source of faith that's why the Bible says he was twelve to that he is the author. Of the finisher of our faith and then Jesus was meek again Matthew eleven twenty nine that same where when he said I am meek It didn't just mean gentle It also meant humble Christ was a humble servant of man as well as to God temperance How could you not read Matthew twenty six verse forty two not my will he live the whole life of not my will but I will be done I came not to do my own will but the will of Him that sent me one day they came to him in their soldiers get ready to take them and Jesus has put away your sword he says Don't you know if I wanted to I mean Jesus had serious temperance. Jesus said If I wanted to and call the Legion angels right now and take all these people out but Jesus said but how shall the Scripture be fulfilled He chose not to exercise what he could have done for the sake of glorifying his father and strengthening you and I so when I think about the fruit. That God wants us to show that fruit is none other then Christ like Miss that is the first whenever you think about it what is Christ waiting for he's waiting for that fruit he's waiting for a manifestation of himself because as long as Jesus has possession of our heart he has no problem letting us in his house. The father can't let us in the house right now because we don't have hearts like his son and we might do a lucifer part too and so God says I can't have that oh no no. I says I want to have people that are just like my son and so when the Bible says first the blade then the ear then the full Colon the rightness he's talking about I want to see the character of my son right in my people why because the object of the Christian life is fruit bearing. The reproduction of Christ character in the believer that it may be produced in others that's the whole purpose of our life every day God wakes you up God says I woke you up so you can bear some more fruit. What's the fruit he wants I want to see the character of my son and he doesn't just want to see it in the public square he wants to see it in the home dealing with husband and wife dealing with children even when we're by ourselves I says I want to see myself and. I want to see my character in you this is what Jesus is looking for and inside duty as long as we name the name of Christ as long as we call ourselves seven day and Ventress Christians. Jesus is that I want to see the fruit of my character and he wants to see the fullness of it. So this is the goal of God This is what constitutes our gospel medical missionary evangelistic work how can I be an instrument of God that I can help others first and foremost see the fruit of Christ character in me and then I can help then. Also manifest that fruit How can I show them in other words what really at the end of the day is the purpose of the fruit What's the purpose of fruit bearing was the purpose of it so again to reflect God's character give me more anything else is there anything else. The harvest so that the harvest can come through that anything else is more. Say again. To bear seeds All right good Isaiah fifty five look at what the Bible says let's think about what really is the great purpose of why God wants to see all this fruit in US Isaiah fifty five notice what the Bible says when I say at the fifty fifth chapter. And I want you to watch with the Texas Isaiah fifty five is a very powerful We're going to start at verse six but will close it at verse ten Isaiah fifty five will start at verse six and then we will close it at verse ten the Bible says and Isaiah fifty five starting in verse six if we there then Bible says and Isaiah fifty five or six E.Q. the Lord while He may be found call you upon him while he is near Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him return to the Lord and He will have mercy upon him and to our God for He will abundantly pardon for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are you always my way see the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts and your thoughts now watch verse ten when entertaining the question What is the purpose of the fruit bearing it says in verse ten for as the rain cometh down. And the snow from the heaven and return it's not there. But water thier So what does the rain of the snow do. It waters the earth but wonder if the earth and make if it bring forth and Bud did that it may do what gives seed to the solar and bread to the eater question what is the purpose of us bearing fruit to give seed to the SO and I who the SO are that's God himself you understand that so one of the reasons God wants us to bear fruit is because it gives seed to the soil let's think agricultural for a minute when the seed comes to the so what does the SO do with those seeds he plants more you understand that he plants more seats so he can get more of a harvest so one of the first reasons God wants us to bear fruit is so that he as a so we can have more seats so that he can go ahead and produce more of a harvest Now what do we do that in practical terms do you know that this is a court of the as a fifty five ten this is the only reason why God allows martyrdom Do you understand do you understand that that's the only reason have you ever thought about it I mean I know Christians go through this at some point or another don't we ask the question why you let a people get cut down like that very few years ago when we when our Christian Ethiopian brothers were caught by a group called ISIS and they and they beheaded all of them by the water by the by the Sea Why would God let that happen. John Hirst burned at a state. Why didn't God just would just miraculously save him what it why did God let that happen because God understood. When my children are faithful unto death it is like sowing a seed that when the next generation comes up they too will be faithful and to death you understand that God says that when you are faithful It's like giving the seed that I can go ahead and spread about more so that another generation can be just as faithful as you just as faithful. So one of the reasons God needs us and wants us to bear fruit is so that he has a soul or could have more seed and he can say look at what my son did he stay faithful I'm calling you to stay faith. God can produce another harvest and another heart and another heart and another heart and another heart but I'm so glad that we're told that wonderful chapter God's people delivered in great controversy that a time shall come that once Jesus says Let him who is filthy be filthy still let him who is Holy be holy still who ever is on God's side that is alive at that time will there be people who will try to kill them yes will those people be killed know why because there is no more work in the sanctuary for the salvation of others it's over there's no more need for his people to be killed because there's not another generation that needs to rise up to be faithful into this only reason why God allows people to go through martyrdom that's the only reason why so that the next generation will say they held on to the end praise God Father give me strength that I might hold on to the end God says amen that fruit gave me see that now I can put it in the life of them but it's not only that is it what else to diversity it's not only see for the solar but then it also says what I read to the eater you see people should be able to benefit of our growth in Christ when Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit the Bible says in X. ten in verse thirty eight that he went about doing could make people's lives better. He blessed people he would take parents who had children who are hurting and he would help those children not hurt any more. He would go ahead and the people who are hungry he go ahead and feed them. You see when the character of Christ is reproduced in you when it's reproduced in me it now becomes fruit that others can eat from it they can literally say Have you ever had anybody in your life that it seems like almost no one else can inspire them but when they talk to you they're inspired. You have anybody that you've touched like that. Hopes so. There are times that we know that people literally feed off of our energy you know the same book Christ object lessons do you know this is a time comes when we must give people our faith our hope our strength. I had to do that true story my wife and I were in the room my wife and I prayed Lord please father we believe that you led us thus far to Dr Wong in California we had to pay cash for our open heart for my open heart surgery we had to pay cash leap of faith because had I got it done in New Hampshire all meant it was going to go ahead just replace it with a mechanical valve I've been on coumadin for the rest of my life. And because other complicate it would have been a very serious problem God led me to doctor one doctor said there's a handful of surgeons in America that know how to repaired very diseased valves I said Dr Wong Are you one of them he said Yes I said that's why God led me to. So a series of events happened my wife and I go on some time we got to learn how to give people our faith our hope our strength. When I went to Loma Linda they did the T.-E. the transit sof ago echocardiogram they put that thing down my throat and Dr Ben so he looked at it and he saw my valves and doctors and so put on that he put on that paper valve irrepairable. He's a mother I was in bad shape. He said to my wife this is lemon your husband's valve is regurgitating so bad he can't even walk up a flight of stairs without being winded. What he didn't know is that I was literally doing brisk walking for two miles in less than twenty eight minutes and I wasn't winded. It was I got I don't know if you read those calls were God says He supervises every heartbeat every nerve everything literally God is watching doings are like. Oh no we're not going to happen yet. God is holding down with here it is that I remember going to see Dr Wong I said Dr Long Dr Venter says my valve cannot be repaired. What do you say about that Dr Wang says I get the final see as the surgeon. Said all right my son I remember he put his arms around my wife and I we prayed the night before I had to go see Dr one. My sense of father you brought us here for repair in the name of Jesus we claim that repair because you gave us the evidence my son at that moment had more faith than I do. So I remember us in right we go there and my wife and I said look they say that they got to do mechanical valve we might as well go back up to New Hampshire because it doesn't make sense to pay cash to get a repair when we can use our insurance and just get a mechanical valve and live with all the issues with that so we go see Dr Wong You know he says brain look at your report you'll only have a regurgitating mitral valve he says you also have a disease aortic valve he said doing we cannot do repair I mean if only you could understand the silence in the room for that moment. I remember looking at my wife because my wife went through a lot with this process. And I'm thinking to myself like. What do you want us to do you just said it now what. God immediately brings to my mind tell them tell them what. God brought it to my mind tell them no. I said Dr Wong. There was a man who went to London he went to preach he went to bed on a Friday night we went to bed on the Friday night he planned on getting up so he could go ahead and preach on Sabbath morning when he went to bed his heart stopped. He did not get oxygen to his brain for over thirty minutes I said Dr Wong what's the prognosis. That brother is dead and if he lives he's going to be I said I agree. That man will be here on Monday for my surgery and sound mind and sound body. His name is Thomas Jackson I then said Dr Wang God did a miracle for Thomas Jackson I said Dr Wang Do you believe that God can do a miracle with your hands and repair what is being titled The unrepairable Dr Weil looked on the ground looked at my heart on the screen and he said. I think we can do it. I said Dr Wong I know you can do it because Jesus will be in the surgery room guiding your hands at one time he said I don't have your faith my wife is telling me she was right they heard him say it I don't have your faith I said That's OK lean on mine you got to learn. The other purpose of. So that other people can. You're going to run into a lot of people who are weak a lot of people who are suffering a lot of people who are challenge to the core. And as much as you're going to encourage them have faith have faith have faith for some reason in their minds they can't receive what you're saying. And so we have to in a in a very symbolic way we have to see some of my faith take a bite of my feet take a bite of my courage what does that mean practically that means practically for a few days I'm going to call you I'm going to pray with you I'm going to go ahead in a very myself on another level than I normally of myself to help others I'm going to do what I can to involve myself so much in your life that every step of the way we are going to have courage we are going to demonstrate strength we are going to trust God and eventually I'm going to be able to let go your hand and you'll be able to fly on your own with your own strength your own courage is needed a medical missionary work. Require that but this is the great purpose of fruit. Fruit is to give seed to the sun for that fruit is to bless others who eat from us but the one thing that fruit is not for. Is for the branch. You've never seen a branch benefit from the fruit that grows off of it isn't that something. So in other words God does not give us all these wonderful things so we can bless ourselves. He gives it to us purely that we might bless God and bless our fellow man as a life of serious self abnegation. Self sacrifice none of me none of you all of Christ can you imagine that this is literally what God is saying. So as I begin to look at this. Jesus wants us to understand I want to see my character. Jesus wants us to understand I want you to be true because that's what I'm waiting for and when I see that in its fullness Jesus says I can come because you read it and mark for it says immediately immediately the Sickles put to it so the reason crisis not coming it is not because when I preach enough the reason crisis not coming yet is because we're not allowing his spirit to have his way in our hearts from the home to the community to the church to the world and when God can see this taken. By Jesus ministered You do understand it's going to involve something that. I know I. Use a very important word. When she said it I said. We've got to build off of that god providentially allowed her to say that she said. And I said amen. Was because it's dangerous to our carnal minds so love people as Christ loved because sometimes it makes us vulnerable that we might get hurt. Somebody might say something mean to us somebody might do something unkind to us somebody might treat us in a way that is not reciprocating the love that we're showing to them this is one of the reasons you know why husbands or wives have a lot of issues that husband or that wife sometimes they like I do not want to make myself vulnerable because he will hurt me again I do not want to make myself vulnerable because she will hurt me again so sometimes we put up these manmade guards. I love you just this much but there's a certain aspect of love I'm going to withhold because you hurt me and every time I release this love to you you keep hurting me. So I'm not going to show that level of love to you because if I do it you going to hurt me and I'm going to get mad I'm going to get hurt and when we go down this path so can you imagine there actually husbands and wives I would imagine not in this room. Can you imagine the husbands and wives that actually have been married for decades. And there is an aspect of their heart that they literally with hold love from one another. There's a certain level where they're like I'm not going to that again are you hurt me she hurt me. And I thought to myself is that the way God loved us you see you remember our opening verse John three sixteen. For God so loved the world sometimes we got to understand this. Gospel of the world what he did he gave what his only begotten son the only one that was like him now watch this he gave his only begotten son was there some risk in God giving his son what was a risk. How could he lose them how could he lose Iesus if you fail what I want you to consider is this contemplating God's love is so sweet I hope you spend time doing it. God so loved this week it planted. Your wicked heart and my wicked heart it was while we were enemies Romans five cents that God gave His Son for us OK now I'm thinking about this I'm trying to digest this what was the level of risk that was involved with Isaiah thirty in Isaiah thirteen. You'll remember that Jesus lived on this earth one hundred percent man is that right is one hundred percent man he was one hundred percent God at the same time but he suppressed his gotten is he said I refuse to do anything in the name of my God Miss I'm going to live on this earth one hundred percent like a man lives on this earth. So Jesus is human now. As a human he could be tempted tempted to sin. What would have happened if Jesus would have sinned Isaiah thirteen the Bible says and Isaiah thirteen verse ix it says how you eat for the day of the Lord is at hand it shall come as a destruction from who from the Almighty it says therefore shall all hands be faint in every man's heart shall melt and they shall be afraid paying Xin sorrow shall take hold of them they shall be in pain as a woman that's within a they shall be amaze one at another their faces shall be as flames behold the day of the Lord cometh cruel both with wrath and fierce anger to lay the land Besler it and he shall do what destroy the sinners there are out of it to become a sinner you need to sin. Had Christ sinned he would immediately have become a sinner what happens to the sinners. They are destroyed literally the Father and the son covenanted we love these people who hate us. Who can't stand us who we can profitably see will spit not face they'll kill our servants. They were profess our name and practice the most violent girl sins literally in the same day. God says these people we love them so much the father says I'm willing to give the son says I'm willing to go but they understood son you do understand that if you sin which you are wholly susceptible to doing if you sin the father was saying to the Son If you sin I will have to destroy you do you understand that the Almighty destroys the sinners this is the risk of risks this is vulnerability on the highest level. God so loved wicked people that he said I will take the risk of putting my son right in the midst of them on the let him live with them among them for thirty three and a half years and Son I love you but even if you sin just once I will have to destroy that the risks. That have been to my brothers and sisters I now understand when inspiration says we will spend eternity seeking to understand God's love because that makes no sense to my natural Condamine. You would be willing to do that for waking people. God says I love him that much I'm willing to make myself that vulnerable I'm willing to take that level of risk we said right here is right here Satan in Heaven had hated price for his position in the courts of God He hated him the more when he himself was dethroned he hated him who pledged himself to redeem a race of sinners yet into the world where Satan claimed all minion God permitted his son to come helpless be subject to the weaknesses of humanity he permitted him to meet life's peril in common with every human soul to fight the battle as every child of humanity must fight it at the risk of failure and what kind of loss. God understood I'll have to destroy you. And the son said I will submit to your destruction if I sin even once you've got to understand the gamble. You gotta think about it you've got to sit down and then when you get a close look at your heart it burst from a heart why would you do that for me. Why would you do that I would never do that and crisis and you can come into my kingdom and you will go to first John Chapter three notice what the Bible says that's not my words that's Jesus' words verse John Chapter three The Bible says in the book of first John Chapter three watch the text Family First John the third chapter with the Bible since. I love studying John's writings. I'm serious the Gospel of John first second third you gotta study it I mean and you would do well to study that before studying revelation because once you study Revelation it's the same writer so you know he's speaking on the same thing because some of us get caught up into Beast marks dates and charts and we forget about the revelation of the Son of God. When we read Revelation so now we forget it we just holistically forget it we get caught up into all the other points but we neglect the very key point I'm supposed to see Christ in the midst of all the prophet of God rings now watch this first John three The Bible says in verse sixty hereby perceive we the love of God because he did what. He laid down His life for us and how does he conclude and we ought to do what lay down our lives for the brethren Christ says the way I love you I'm holding you to love them and when I was willing to love you I made myself wholly vulnerable God says Therefore I'm calling you to love others and I want you to understand there will be risk you must make yourself a holy vulnerable. That you're going to get hurt. That you're going to be disappointed. That you are going to perhaps live with a knife in your back crisis you will bear nothing that I have not borne first and I have not borne. How in the world can we get love like this. How can love my wife like this. How can I love how can a woman love her husband like this. How can parents love their children like this how can children of their parents like this I mean this is love that has nothing to do with the human carnal heart this kind of love that's foreign. But God says that's the only love that I find acceptable that is the Love You see I believe my brothers and sisters right now under some serious testing times and Adventism you know why because a lot more we can This is rising up but you know what's happening God is paying closer attention than ever before to see what are you going to do about it there are some people right now when they see wickedness in the church. There's no evidence that this fasting praying and pleading with these souls to turn away from that we're going to come to Jesus when some people mess up in the church there are some websites it's top news on their ministries. They're telling everybody look at how so and so has taught error look at how so and so has failed look at how so and so has committed sin. We're living in the time. Where it's almost cool to a blow up our brothers and sisters on the world wide networks and show the sins that are happening in people's hearts and in God's church this is this is becoming the thing this is the new thing I'm thinking what Jesus would do with me what a Jesus would do that with those preachers that are doing it as if they're sinless as if their wives are sinless it's funny if their wives sin which I'm sure their wives did I don't see the point of any top news look at my wife to. Look at my wife just since yesterday in the kitchen. Then I put up any messages but they want to keep taking God's Wife is a little god why did for some reason that's OK but they will put their wives up who they know they've seen since. As a proxy. What I'm saying family is that God is testing us he's trying us he's saying listen the manifestation of true god like love will not be revealed when everybody is nice to you. The manifestation of true Godly love to Christ like love that manifestation is going to be revealed when people are on godly towards you. The question is how do you do that are you going to be a man and a woman of vengeance. Are you going to do it Jesus DID YOU KNOW Jesus did go to first Peter chapter one watch this we're going to our close go to first Peter chapter one what did Jesus do Chapter two sorry first Peter chapter two what did Jesus do when they did all these things to him. What did Jesus do when they did all these things to him. He is our pattern man is in the Bible says and first Peter chapter two watch this. First Peter two starting at verse twenty one talking about Jesus it says for even here on to where you called because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow his steps now watch this verse twenty two in the midst of the suffering verse twenty two says who did no sin. Neither was guile found in his mouth now watch verse twenty three who when he was reviled What does he say. He reviled not again when he suffered he did what he threatened not. When he suffered a threat not but what did he do he committed himself to him that judges righteous you and I cannot be men and women of vengeance God says when people revile you. When people do wrong things to you he says that is your moment I want you to commit yourself to him that judges righteously and remember that he said Vengeance is mine there is no get back like God's get back when God gets somebody back it's perfect timing and his righteous judgment whatever it is. And God wants us to understand. That we must manifest this precious part of Jesus this is the fruit that he wants to see because we're getting ready to go into the time of trouble my brother said You gotta understand we're getting ready to go into the time of trouble we're getting ready to enter into that time with great persecution is going to take place amongst the faithful and when that happens as I said last night when you get squeezed whatever in you is going to come out of you it is imperative that we have Christ in us the hope of glory because when you get squeezed and somebody slaps you in your face somebody violates your wife somebody does something evil to your children you have to understand we need to respond like they did in the dark ages. Because that's all the time and trouble is it's a dark ages part two. That's all that is once the papacy gets the control it wants through the superpower United States of America once the papacy gets that back it's going to show a face that this world has not seen in a long time it has not changed the past a protest it is a protest in tism has changed and become a past a protest in his papacy has not changed. Anybody who studies Jesuits Oh please everything that the Jesuits do is being done right now and it's all to do two things eliminate protest in tism and reestablish people supremacy that's all these efforts are going forward so once that comes you and I got to understand what it means to endure. When that time of trouble comes you and I cannot get a last minute Christ like characters it's not going to work. You can get a last minute education on some things you can get last minute intellectual knowledge but you cannot develop last minute Christ like character it has to be the blade then the ear then the focus on growing process. Where God is saying is today if you hear my voice go hard your heart God says listen I am looking for this fruit Now how can we get it right here. I will leave you with this point if we're going to manifest Christ like this in its fullness and I would imagine we need to make sure that we learn to do what he did on a daily basis Ministry telling page fifty one to says the Savior is life on earth was a life of communion with nature and with God It says in this communion he revealed for us the secret of a life of power I have seen in my own experience. I can study and I can study hard. I can travel and I can preach and teach and so on. But what I found was weak in my own life and I believe we can A lot of God's people's lives I certainly can see all cause I don't know you like that. The more that I talk with God's people I find that our communion time with the Lord is very weak. It's very weak it's very shallow. It is not intentional you see the purpose of a devotion is that at the end of the experience I'm more committed to God I'm more in love with him devotion has in that word devote when you devote twenty years ago. I devoted my life to Alexandra Duraid who is now Alexandra limit. I devoted myself to her I said I am yours you are mine we will be one. And then we grow in that Love twenty years later I'll tell you I love her even more God wants us to understand. That the purpose of a devotion is not just to go through a mechanical reading it's not just to flip open an i Phone and just look at a quick devotional I'll do reflect in Christ Christ this morning I'll do Maranatha tomorrow OK now do in heavenly places and we just jump all over the place and we figure that as long as I got a word in I'm having devotion every month that says no. You can't fall in love with me like that you fall in love with your spouse like that you spent time. I remember my wife and I would get on the phone we would play with each other that the two hours of talking here it is I already got to go all right got to go OK hang up no you hang up first all right you are my hang up right now OK go ahead hang up why you didn't hang up the you hang up first. I was just silly. Absolutely silly but that's how that's how much we loved it it was like I just I love hearing her voice you know saying if I could just can just you would hear a voice. That's what love does. God says which I could have that with my people I mean God wants to spend quality time with us Christ spent quality time with the father but he did it in nature. He surrounded himself by the scenes of nature there's a science in this you need to study this there's something about going in nature and what are you as a parent I mean the one morning my wife and I were in bed about five o'clock in the morning my oldest son Jared he comes in the room he dad was like yes he said listen if you're looking for me I'll be outside I said What are you going outside for. Some get my communion with God I said go on. Live on a nice property out there in the mountains and and it's a blessing and there's some really good places that you can just find your spot you remember Mark one thirty five this is Jesus went to a solitary place and he there prayed you need to find your spot some of you who said I'll be at Wildwood for another year find your spot. Pick your spot and I'll tell me about Cole because I don't want to hear it because I'm from Massachusetts. Talking about CO Shame on you. You are in Tennessee telling on no code is not co. You come up where I'll show you co-host bundle up find your spot talk to him let him talk to reflect the image of your master. Jesus got up Jesus found his place and in that place Jesus would go and he would talk to them and the father would speak back to him from that they had communion that's what gave Jesus that energy that when Peter came in Mark one in verse thirty six he said Master the whole village is looking for you Jesus didn't say. Jesus said I've got energy the schools are the people Jesus with that energy the father charged him up Jesus is ready to go. And he was ready to give his strength. Hope it's courage to them. It's what God wants to do it every single one of us with God has to do it all these precious graduates please understand don't fall into the trap of the rhythm a rude the Doing Business as usual all the workers at Wildwood let those young people see let those adults see that those students see from President down let them see you go into your special place so you leave Jesus lead. That's how Jesus already said I'm leading by example I'm going to go and when they walk out on the grounds that it was a present right there goes that the teacher will be what their gold is there was a god these bodies people really are communing with God maybe I should be doing that too. They're eating from you you understand but when they see you hustlin drawn out drag out another problem and we're just complaining then and just wore it out people start to see that we have something called talent of influence. We can love like Chrysler. Is what I believe I'm a show you some things about power this afternoon. Because I want it it's my life's work I will not rest and I will not be at peace until I have it because I see what God wants to give me my brothers and sisters. I leave you with this little story. It's a very simple story and it's a story that happened on Facebook I really don't like Facebook because it's an incredible distracting to. It's a lot of decent well for us was a lot of we could miss but then there's a lot of even decent things but sometimes it's amazing I said I'm just going to check my message and then fifteen minutes later twenty minutes later Oh really what happened that happened to all and we get drug in and before you know it you can look back at a week it's and then I put about almost an hour of my time into Facebook reading posts and all this other stuff what I'm saying is is if you're going to get going to Facebook and if Facebook keeps your face out of this book we've got a problem. You got to make time to keep your face in this book but nevertheless I was on Facebook there was a wonderful picture I have learned to appreciate this in the simple things there's a god has God has shrunk back you talk to a guy who grew up in the world I did so much in the world that it's pathetic I am truly a reformed worldling I mean like for real I did a lot of bad stuff and my pleasure centers became very big when a child comes into this world their pleasure centers a very small that's why you could buy a toy for a child and literally when you give the child the toy they will play with the box that the toy came in more than the toy. Children have very small pleasure centers it's very easy to please a child. As we grow up we begin getting caught up into false forms of entertainment and all these other things and what happens is our pleasure centers get very big. So now it takes a lot for us to be pleased. Now we need real stimulating stuff to keep us going. So that was me you know in the world used in parts video games movies all this President is huge it's what God has been doing on my mind now as he's been shrinking my pleasure centers and so what I'm finding is that men I was in my wife and I we did a meeting in Livingston New York and it was a nice hot day and I had worship outside nice nature all around and I was outside and literally I mean I like tonight I was on the on the ground there and after I finished having worship I saw an ant and say hey Solomon study the ants so I started looking at the end and I'm just having a blast I mean I'm looking at the end he'll come up and look at me you see the tentacles and then he goes back down and I'm just like that and then he'll come back up again and I'm just like look at this is cool I'm glad I'm enjoying this I really enjoy it I'm forty five years old and I'm enjoying it. How much does a pencil and I actually know another friend comes up and all these little hits they're just doing their thing and I'm just like pleasure centers. God can shrink your pleasure centers he can get you back to that place where you can appreciate simple little things of. So on Facebook it was a simple picture it was a picture of Jesus and a little girl. And a picture of Jesus and the little girl Jesus is leaning over with his hand out to the little girl suggesting give me what's in your hand the little girl has a teddy bear in her hand and the little girl is in a posture of resistance so she's kind of like this and they put a little bubbles. And the little girl is saying but I love my teddy. But what she didn't realize is that while Jesus had one hand out like this he had a gigantic teddy bear ten times the size of that one and he's like if you give me that. He's ready to go ahead and give you this incredible surprise. And that simple picture to me just said you know. It's a blessing. We serve such a Savior that he says you think the things that I'm calling you to surrender I'm trying to do it to hurt you. He says What I'm trying to do is introduce you to a happiness that nothing on this earth can steal. You see when you read John fifteen eleven the Bible makes it very clear that Jesus said I give you my joy he said the purpose of me give you my joy if you do everything I tell you to do he said I do this so that my joy might remain in you and your joy will be full crisis that's what I'm trying to give my people I'm trying to show you what a joyful life it is you know some of us we put joy for heaven we make Earth sound like it's just very drab and terrible but the joys will come in heaven and Jesus says Well I tell you what there is an aspect of joy that you only realize in heaven and that's why he he does that on purpose he doesn't want to get so happy on this earth that we don't want to go to heaven anymore so he keeps that there but he says Don't you know you can have a little heaven on earth now where where did god designate for us to have a little heaven on earth in the home that's why we keep talking about the home. Where every other place looks like hell God says you should be able to come home and say Here goes my heaven and the question is this how many of you when you come home can say my home lichens question family and if you can't answer in the firm it is when I am in my house my home reminds me of. You know your first words Jesus wants his joy to come upon you and he wants that joy to be full and he wants the rest of those precious fruit from the love and the peace in the long suffering in the gentle as he says I want all of it to manifest in you because then you will have the fullness of my love my joy my peace and now I have see. Other people can be blessed yet you communion find your spot in do it just like Jesus did it do not look to the left hand to the right let no man be your criteria look to Jesus follow his example spend that time and you will find that the more you spend time with God all my brothers and sisters something special happens you know what happens when you spend more time with God and show you this last point will cause him to go past all this here as some other things to share with you but we're going to another time pass that. I want to see this is so beautiful. Prayer structure to talk about that a little bit. As the student of the Bible I want to know what this is what should happen in your communion time it says as the student of the Bible be holds the Redeemer there is what awakened in the soul it what kind of power mysterious power of faith adoration and love upon the vision of Christ the gaze is fixed. And the behold a grows into the likeness of that which he do so. That's what's going to happen in your community you start having sweet precious communion with God. As a student of the Bible beholding your body there will be awakened in the soul the mysterious power faith hope adoration and love. On the vision of Christ our gaze must be fixed family that will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the upon the vision of Christ the gaze is fixed. And he got to stop looking at everybody else what are they doing how they responding Who cares that is not your business let them walk with got you make sure your gaze is fixed. The vision of Christ the gaze is fixed and the behold a grows into the likeness of that which you do is God promises it will happen you'll be amazed if you have asked us that we have studied Jesus's character and you say Lord how are you going to get me to reflect this. I know I have several times Lord I am so unlike him are used Sure you can do this in my heart God says Give me a chance I'm the master and God will awaken in. Serious power suddenly faith. Her. Love for Jesus birth in your heart and now once these things take place we are better prepared to go into those mission fields we meet those people who are very much unlike God. We will not render evil for evil we will not revile when we've been reviled. But will commit ourselves into the hands of one who judges righteous and people say I don't like what they preach people say I don't like what they do. But I must admit. They do reflect the stories that I read in the Bible about that man Jesus God will have a living testimony in your heart and in mine and the question is how many of you are willing to cooperate with God. That he truly manifest his fruit in you if your response is yes Lord I'm willing and I invite you to stand to you you will find that as you. Are taking your stand. Christ will do a miracle. I wonder if there's someone in this room that you have never even surrendered your heart to Jesus. Maybe you have never ever made a decision to say. My life is no longer mine. I surrender everything to you some people has really never made that decision before perhaps. And if you've never made that decision this is a grand opportunity to make such a decision because this is where it begins we cannot expect God to do all these incredible works in our heart and in our lives if we have not first accepted Him as Lord and Savior of our life Lord and Savior not just Savior everybody wants a savior but they hate having a lord because the Lord tells you what to do and you can no longer do your own will so a lot of us come to church and we come to church regularly but we do not let God have His way in our hearts we have not surrendered. Therefore there's even one person in this room this is you know what that's me I I'm religious I come to church I'm spiritual all of that I've I've been around my S.D.A. friends or other friends but I've never made a personal decision. To follow Jesus to let him now be both Lord and Savior of my life. If there's even one person in this room whether you're in the back room with you upstairs or whether you're anyplace else in this building if you're hearing my voice and you know I have not surrendered and listen I'm talking to elders I'm talking to beacons I'm talking to a pastor I'm talking to anybody who has ears to hear because pro Fessenden means nothing. Profession is nothing talking about real religion the kind that is undefiled. The kind that heaven approves. A true Christian is a soul whose life is surrendered to Jesus Christ which means you don't rule it anymore now you are letting God rule that you don't have to know everything it's a decision. And then God helps you along the journey and that decision is there even one in this room who says preacher you're talking to me. I want to surrender my heart to him and I want you to pray for me if there's even one person in this room that says that's me I'm going to ask you to please slip your hand up in the ear if that's you praise God I see your hand and then I see your hands any others is a very serious appeal family we want all these blessings from God but we have not done our first steps the life must be surrendered it's no longer my will it is God's will now that is going to be done. You're not putting any guarantees to God The Bible is very clear when we surrender to Him if we sin we have an Advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous. God makes it clear what I want right now is I want your heart I want it fully submitted to me. God says I will change for those who raise their hands I'm going to ask you to do something that I'm going do to I'm going to ask you to step forward as I step down I want to pray with you and so if you're raising your hands if you know you didn't raise your hand but God has spoken to your heart and you know I've never really surrendered my life to Jesus I haven't been kind of playing the game of religion doing my own thing kind of took my plans and told God bless it. I never really submitted and said Lord I'm going to submit my plan and if you want to change it then change it that's submission. Here imagine you've been in a career for twenty years. And then God says I want to change you say Lord Thy will be done that's submission you're giving God a blank sheet and you're letting him rewrite the story of your life no longer your will his will now shall be done that's why you're coming. I know that God will bless you well beyond your expectations great joy great blessings are coming your way in fact it's already here it's time for us now to take hold of it. Think about the words of Jesus Peace I leave with you my peace give I am to you not as the world give and give I am to you and then he says Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid now think about that that means that Christ left the blessing. So what do you think he wants you to do. Take it. Just take it by faith Lord I accept I take this blessing that you have left. Now let it have its sanctifying effect on my heart. That's going to be our prayer that all right. First Family this is a wonderful day. It's a beautiful day. All heaven is rejoicing if we let our ears be attentive and you can hear the angels sing because many precious have made a true story of Jesus Christ let us pray together if we can go on our knees together for this prayer of consecrating that is for. All Father in heaven. We truly praise you. For what you have accomplished to do. This such an a great work to be done and the time in which it is to get done. And so we praise you and thank you thank your spirit is testifying that Jesus still. For these precious souls who have come forward have recognized that religiosity is not the answer it is about a life that is surrendered to Christ a life of not my will my will be done. Thank you. Thank you for this beautiful home. I pray that you are blessed My brothers and my sisters in a very marked manner that mean by the will to the whole of what Jesus the Son has left for us is peace here is love is joy. We ask for more and still more of a spirit give us strength to love as you love give us strength to have a peace that passes all understanding give us strength that we might be tempted in all things. Are the right three. Help us that we might be counted amongst those. Whom you will see your fruits of your son's character ripen within us help us to remember that living the Christian life involves risk. It involves making ourselves vulnerable. But we will do no more than our precious Savior has done for us. And if you sustain him through it all you will sustain us through no. Bide with each and every one of us who made our decisions you know the battles that are going on in our hearts and I pray that you will turn our homes into a little heaven on earth. Pray to God that you would see just to reach our neighbors Lord I pray that you will help us to be more faithful disciples in your church oh God I pray that you might bless us as we go to touch and reach a dying. And I am grateful that though this might seem impossible with me. All things are possible with. Continue to keep us faithful we pray. For we ask it all and. Yeezus the. Name of. 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