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Passion For God

Eleida Feliciano


Eleida Feliciano

Principal for the Wildwood Adventist School



  • January 10, 2009
    10:00 AM
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you get annoyed me in Nevada is always a panelist today are gathered together worshiping the Lord and Holly Santa Fe might make you for the privilege of being able to be here fairly a coffin privilege and also a big responsibility for I think those of you then think very today believing in a three-part series called GPS would say first century we use the global doses of the scope of our commonly known as GPS to help us find our way when we are going through a important destination we make sure we get all the right direction this or that we may get there and that we make it there on time I don't even experience this I know that the addresses that have visited many times I'm trying to get around completely obsolete law annoying our math you have to be there and Danny stating exterior phone eliminates some of you have a good sense of direction get everywhere without any problem but I think it is that many times as Christians we have and much more important and exciting destinations in the and is getting lots will be more than frustrating it will be deathly that Postel baffled at Westlake Church has me thinking and praying about the content on this series for quite a while they've been thinking about what will be but CBS that will guide our church after let's grant and on seeking God they have come to the decision that this is the guiding principles are going to guidance at certain this year passive for God a passive for people passion for serving God people service GPS to add to favorites to talk about passive and related development point of the three for two recent without he cannot have the entity and if you have it there's no way you don't it will not have the other two another way if you have a passive forgot you will not have a passion for people and not a human I have a true passion for service and if you have a true passion for God is no way that you will not have you ever just out a letter to happen that a theory that there was an aggravated a big privilege am very excited about it but before I begin if you will join me pray dear Lord unhappily thought I pray that you spirit will be with us today to our hearts and our minds as we study such an awesome topic Lord to be passionate about you operate in order to help us understand what it is and how we can be passionate about you give us the desires going to be passionate about who you are in Jesus name we pray amen I think as I think about passive for God I remember a young man I'm that ten years ago he was invited to preach that it starts on for a news program and it was probably eighteen nineteen years old okay young man he was speaking of banners on a faith that is very bad human being cannot reach the most eloquent sermon but there was something very special unique and different he had passing for God he had a passion for God and I like that in a few want to increase I want to have that same passion he went when he opened the word of God in human speech is not talking about something that he just met above course if there is a kind of war that he that you know he had hurt preached at the church is something that he had experienced personally you can I see what you have met people like them you know this but with the passing of our head is evident they cannot hide it you can see the passion and I hear it in the way it is something that just around all that they are the guys may not be able to relate but out girl I am sooner had experience watching some of my friends when they have approximately and they had this view noting that they even if they don't admit it you know they might not tell you I even denied making hiding they just can't hide they talk about this guy all the time in the nineteen conclusion that in the invoicing you know they may be talking about manliness are talking about but the list is complete in light of the chief executive can hide what any very similar when you see a Christian pastor forgot except if they're saying that police look in the face I think the local kids what some Paula called Prince of peace that passes understanding and the person you have the passive forgot all films have to think when I employ he could hear it in they just want talk about God own they just want to talk about I don't think that some people in the Bible had a passion for God 's ability to Hebrews Chapter 11 it will be looking at verses twenty four to twenty six advice and Molson when he was conned two years refused to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter she seemed rather to suffer affliction with the people of God and to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season if the need and the reproach of cries and parades her mates is bandage dresses and Egypt for he had with the least back onto the recompense of the antiwar movement had caught passing for God will suspect he isn't here he esteemed the purpose of Christ and Greener make greater riches than that that the business or the treasures of Egypt he had a passion for God this many people in the Bible that hasn't forgot but that was share with you from my favorite and Daniel X I know the one behind a passive of God and non- elegiac and under life as a prophet thinking page eight four hundred and eighty two talking about Danielle and this is when Daniel had been offered the king 's food and he has chosen to refuse that if it but Daniel do not hesitate that will gobble up here and say handling and the favorite of the most powerful earthly potentate dearer than life itself he determined to stand firm anything into integrity that been resolved be what it might Daniel says absolutely adaptable God was feared to him that I eighth fell Daniel had a passion for God and Daniel six first then we began at different position now that the bill that wise men had convinced akin to passive bigotry comes like that of chapter six verse ten that anyone who pray to anyone except the King for thirty days on the failure to align itself anyway the thing was to thirty days of the video I can go without pay for thirty days or hide anything for thirty days ago in Houston for God it says now and first then now when Daniel knew that the writing was fine he went into his house and his window being open in his chamber towards digital surround he kneeled upon his knees three times a day and prayed and gave things out before his God he did a four-time three times a day now I sat at having trying to do that and any always think that I know I can do my morning devotional trying to stop in the middle of the vein and have that prayer time and and before I go to bed and do some hard to find when you have to pass it but I was not being you you have to struggle to do just hunger that Congress that he and Daniel it was such a hunger for him that he couldn't live without it for three days for thirty days when I train one day save and have been very day that they passed a decree he was there praying to God Daniel had a passion for God Paul one of my favorite in Philippians one twenty one we know that certainly Paul had a passion for God we just look at see verses that sofas that passing in Philippians one first twenty one if all fat for Cindy to land is five and to die is gain to live is Christ and to die is gain in chapter three of the absolute the answer is a he said yet that Lance and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and do count them but Don that I may be cried Paul had a pass for the know one more person I want to share with you and that's energy wind and sound but everything early writings page twelve dear area Wyatt had been apprised that she needed to pray in public to know something that verify her saving those you have received that precious should she she ignored and a key became such a burden that she has stopped even praying is gone into depression she went to her mom seeking for some guidance among center to someone else who gave her some encouraging words after that she says I return home and again when before the Lord and promised that I would do and suffer anything if I could have miles of the this miles in the same book on page seventy six he and she had been given that this is exactly below our first baby Methodist and the limited people it was hard for me to declare them and I often sucked and then down and made them after mile of possible for fear of grieving son it was a great trial to decrypt the messages that the Lord gave them to me I did not realize that I was still unfaithful and did not see the sin and danger of such quart until inhibition owls they can into the presence of Jesus he looked upon me with a frown and turned his face from me it is not possible to describe the terror in agony I think I fell upon my face before him but had no power to utter a word here is a woman had a passion for justice they set her taxes will bring a frowned upon Jesus brought her to be she is not to do anything not not not just that she can have some of life is not the message and being habits to see and that while he that could have a passion for the knowledge we seated people who have a passive the God we can't help but wonder how can I have the screen has to not have the same as that but even locate to the life of this the people and the Bible is the one that I'd met in person this theory means that have seen in people 's lives and to share those with you the first one this prayer is versus the loan is chapter five verse seventeen versus the longest chapter five verse seventeen here we have a verse is very short and very powerful it says Frannie we now these pray without ceasing I could understand for the longest time why does God require of thee when he said pray without ceasing I mean anything that is not stopping meal just couldn't understand I placed the more I understand better what that meant and non- debug step surprise page ninety nine if that praying in that said there is no time or place in which it is appropriate to offer off a petition to God there is nothing that can prevent off from the thing off our heart and the spirit of our earnest prayer in the crowd the streets and in this the business engagement we may spend up a petition to God and Queen were divine guidance as big-name buyout when he made his request before King are consistent I close the clock clock clock set up Communion may be found wherever we are not here as well found the key to pray without ceasing we soon have the door of the high open continually an invitation glory that Jesus Lee and five at the heavily dead imbecile even though she sent a note anywhere we can pray we cannot constantly be talking to the event nearly destitute when I think ultimately it has to do so I was not an okay song company they are not always the mighty thumbprint of the events feel have to stop trains like a think about what I'm doing so why do I pray without ceasing when I met this I understand please should happen to world heart open continually and invitations going out that Jesus may come in abide of the heavenly gift missile R open that convenient communication with bodybuilding and prayer is communication with God notches off talking to God that he talking so that you understand there's a lot of things I need to change my mind about the half open communication with God continually so I have to look at all the things I was doing and how were they affecting friends to some friends I need I had to stay away from because I would like then my communication with God was not often influenced by them in a negative way so I had to stop I feel talk with them I still have a friendship with them but I don't they would envelope your time because I I like my connection with God of the eye had to think about the kind of music that was looking to access music elevating my mind to go anything except keeping communication open is not able to speak to me for this music time when I became aware that until listening to more than you think and I have a fun day in a Sabbath elicits Christian music the rest of the league 's is the very thing it will fail but I understand that that did not speak to me that we think of the White House listening to music I wasn't trained thousands because any digital communication what he wants on TV is that he wants me in I began that was met and impressed that I thought was completely harmless and start recognizing that my connection with God was interrupted during a time that a lot of things that I deployed anything you were wrong that now I realize hey if if they are not allowing me to be that is not pray without ceasing position that I must let go there are a lot of things that you a lot of things that you environment the eye not conducive to that in a something that we personally each of us has to seek for business there's there's people in our lives this means their lives that only got to show us in a half we seek to have that that that group e-mail communication with God he will show a the thing that needs to go because Littlefield and eventually have possible that the desire to have a passive about me will you we will be seeking continually to know what the will of my fifth to let go that we can have a communication coworkers page two hundred fifty seven she says I will think fresh and if you want to list a lack of continual prayer of being Christian I lately have a lot of Christians lamented that but I landing fashion is why Glenn Bolin a lack of continual prayer of continual prayer for a long time of the dead Christian and I'm still striving to be living likelihood and I pray the Lord that you know he's giving the light along the way the also teach and preach the most effectively I told Wade calmly upon God and watched hungrily for his guidance and his grades wants gray work this is the Christian watchword the lack of a true Christian is not live of carbon prayer nothing off the workers page two hundred and fifty not unknown thing that's important for us to have a passion for God is the study of this word is the second sympathy chapter two verse fifteen if that but it is so nice of approved on the God I work near that needed not to be a C rightly dividing the word of truth study to son of Philip study doesn't say read it doesn't make is that in the church and listen to the word be preached this study we have to we have to really take time to study the word of God that we may be a workman that needed not to be ashamed now I will buy you but I have found myself in a lot of shameful situation because like I bitten out on able to to the game on reason for the faith that I have are able to show people from the word of God because I'm not ready it for myself I made many mistakes and sometimes that you don't thought people the wrong things because I did not study for a very shameful situations that year without women were meant that needed not to be seen rightly dividing the word of truth it is important especially this time this could be so much then then then was that he working on in so many ways to be seen as such as identity within our church everywhere there here for often inviting Western and whatnot we must be in the study of the word and a day conveniently study the word of God John five thirty nine John five thirty nine five in the thirds missteps centers for end that you think you have eternal life and they cried a reply of me Jesus speaking that they are they which testify the search search now I have found that habit of collecting too many things and then when I need something I can find my how differently things I didn't know where they are I've had moments when I have been searching for something business a lot of things I have to knows and does a lot of you I spent a lot of time in that law energy goes into it I went to come I think that they were searching the Word of God we need to be removing some things we need to be spending some time we need to be big enough we can't just look at the second have to search these that they which testify of him if we want to have a passion for God we need to know Godhead in regionally known that at least spend time in his word this is where he revealed himself himself to us and he reveals his whale for our life that we need to spend time in the word of God the third thing that I had gone being in the lives of people who have a passion for God is that they are part of the work of God that is different aspects of the work of God destined minister to other theories don't that we are going to grow in our passion for God does not see chapter one verse twenty seven if that verse twenty seven twenty one percent of NPR religion and on the file before God and the father is this too visiting the land and widows in their affliction and to keep himself was spotted from the world here's not he is prescribing sheer religion asked ministry to those in the film we cannot say I'll expect to have a pastor for God if we are just praying and studying but not ministering to people not listening to be the less look at Matthew chapter twenty five in the end times when the Lord leads for the some of us will be surprised Chapter twenty five first thirty four a new Jesus speaking said then shall the King fans and then on his right hand comment in the blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world of these other ones that have made it now let's see how he described his people he says for I wasn't hunger in need he needs me I was thirsty and he gave me drink I was a stranger they need to compete in naked and you clothed me I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and he came on to me and I see FSA complex about father although you were sitting in the church every Saturday or paid in five he decided he had people who received my why instead without nothing is said when we receive such a wonderful press and messes up with given to in the Bible and the writing of Allen's in the dollars Sarah we are being with many this was given to us that we need set intermediate share and not it it will not always be encouraging if this here when I was hungry and you gave me the art that by the Lord and see what he does for us we will share that with others the bread of life in the physical brighter so we need to be part of God 's work part of the work that for at least the athletes think about people are passive for God in leave this size the passing that the guy we need to be looking at the three areas how is my hair line how is my study of the word of God how am I spending time ministering to others by reaching out to people these things need to be in our minds so why did I know making toward search I I with the Lord led me to visit the church where she was a member I believe that young man and it was due after I met him that I realized why he has such a passion for the then young men then our study were he then hours in prayer and he held a Bible study in the house three times a week three times a week I couldn't believe it I found out about it I went they are in that place was packed with young people at editing three times a week this MP4 working or going to school still they found time to go over your thumb around with him and by their own passion for God is withdrawn by the past and basil in they went here in the end it was a and the environment of heaven he can feel it there when you are around people rather passive of God they carry the environment in his sole and the for this young man was studying his word he was praying and he was sharing not only enough I'm afraid that they are the Cedar testimonies all the time about how he was staring at work school with others about as I think about the people in my life now and I yard passing about God I think of three things before and I I feel myself and thinking to have a passing come not be again but I understand that it had that bit that passion is growing in my life I have grown in my prayer life has grown in the study of the word growth in ministry to this past few months I was working with the discoveries await at the bottom worker and I went into people 's homes it is there's just no way you can not in a temple of growing in a passive about when you see what it does in other people 's life and you see them now I hear people say you have miracles in the church anymore you agree where ever I allow teams to cry and will amplify happening in the race below miracle of people being healed bill happening between Outlook part I was able to see it when you going to present my house in the open the word of God before them and they know nothing about in the news to CNET in the speech and I and so I am understanding what it needs to go and when you go all week after leading the team differently when you seen unaware of God working in the lifetime into the past imagine for that welcome around when you think of these are very important parts of life and I urge each of us to search a non- thing Lord what what part of my life do I need to change that I think will end up passing from dummy half past night the one that knows the guy may have a passion that night the one that Daniel had a positive boost and even laws that were willing to be relational our Lord will deliver that even if you sent it to go in there a passion like Paul and biology why we need to plead for them in a completely different than what was so and he will be lifted besides seeking work pressure he will give the decides to stick it where the study of the word and he gave to the side to become more to others if we ask him he was still says stairway and when he will give us opportunity that they are which is the lithium if we pray the Lord will soon be guided by my likely to you today and to myself as well that come with me to have that passing so that they have a pacifist I the one that pops into blogging for money they does not have it in three years I thought people with a passive moment how come I haven't how come I don't have it I was energized for years about eight years old until I was twenty I was and the church and I was in every part of of the ministry of the church and I knew about God in the public law and that's why you must search but I have a passion for God I didn't have a personal experience with it when I saw people that did I gain some simple you don't have any did not begin until I started studying for my father says spending time with the Lord at home than spending insurance is important the work of evidence it is important that without the other two was not going to do it without delay I began to have a victorious life in Christ when I began to know the person that you and then you have a desire to grow a new passion for God please bear with me as we pray the Lord and heavily fatherly thank you for that many testimonies of you people that had a passion for you and work thank you Lord for the encouragement that you give us a new word for the direction that you gave us in our line I thank you Lord that you will give us on passing for you that you will help us see what we have to do in our life that we will grow in that passion day after they many will be so great that everyone around us will see it and they will be drawn to you because I prayed to Jesus that as we walk out of this place we will not be the way became the W Holy Spirit will go and are high in other words from your Bible lawyer from the writings of the wine will compete in our hearts to minister to us and to helplessly see the passion that you desire to keep each of us today in Jesus name the person in an antiaircraft clothing so we have to fill him you may have a good him him him to have an


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