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Your Call From God

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald



  • March 28, 2008
    7:00 PM
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good evening amazing technology they won't buzz me at the pleasure to be here in Florida and when I flew in and I saw palm trees process like a dream cry come from in Canada I still lessened snow back in my driveway and you guys don't know how blessed you are I would invite you to comment spent a few days to shovel my driveway and come back and see you how blessed you are to just walk out and in and in heaven as you know it's really wonderful this evening I want to talk about your call from God your call from God maybe we can have brief prayer as we go into is some Bible study father in heaven let me invite your presence once again in our midst and I pray for energy no little tired but give me energy and I pray that you take away all selfishness from my heart or anything that may keep you from being shown today please Lord speak to our hearts and help us to have a more clear picture of what you would have us to do this we pray in Jesus name your call from God to have a Bible teacher and with me to Genesis chapter three Genesis chapter three and were looking at verse eight Genesis chapter three is a very sad chapter probably one of the saddest chapters in the Bible because we go from heaven basically everything is perfect to the beginning of sorrow and pain of what we are facing today and in Genesis chapter three men sin Adam and Eve and their running from God and we see a picture of God and you would think that after God has invested so much in their happiness and big mess everything up that he would be running through the garden looking for them with the belt to be able to you know chastising the vessel the picture of God that we see here in Genesis three we see that God is walking so he is first one is not running the go unpunished and that he's walking an inverse eight and they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden and the Lord called unto Adam and said unto him what where Art thou did God know where he was what he thinks he asked that question sometimes got asked questions more for us than for him you know for us to stop interfering him and I don't like you remember in the Bible when Jesus when Judas comes to be trained Jesus in the garden Gethsemane Jesus asking why you come out Jesus knew exactly why Judas came and Judas knew that Jesus knew why he came that makes sense but he shall ask to try to help and the stop and is tracking to think what am I doing but I guess it didn't work God 's call here we see the first example of God coming aftermath and calling them and I believe that even though we are many thousands of years afterwards but God is still calling us God is still calling us and tonight I want to look at three specific calls three specific calls from the Bible from God to us you know when I was younger my father is the for many years he was a minister or pastor at this church and one thing that I have to say that he was very faithful in his worship time in the morning you know it if we had to miss our bus for school and we would have to miss our bus and author but we could not miss all worship and when we got a little bit older as teenagers you know we don't sometimes when you want to live the life of the world you don't think that those kinds of things you know you would rather sleep than wake up and worship right but every morning faithfully every single day his call to worship is that he would go in the living room and he would open his hymnbook he would start singing and that was it to that worship is starting to get old when we were in our teenage years at that point she didn't force us to come you know it was for our own desire and I'll be honest with you when you stay up late as a teenager watching TV or whatever on the phone till midnight one or two you do not feel like waking up at six in the morning you know to worship God and I remember every morning when I was here the deep beneath his voice singing I would roll back in my bed and tried to put a pillow over my ear and says no I don't want to go but a soft voice and go in shingle and every morning and I would throw my sheet bacchanal glove there and once I start singing again into the spirit of worship and you know I believe that that did more than anything to safeguard my owns so for nineteen years you know when you're a teenager it's a matter of sometimes this one choice where you say no I'm not doing my friends and no matter what and you lose the respect of your parents and this is a gradual hill but you have to make a decision one day but I never got to that point always that worship song every day to come back come back come back kept planting a seed in my heart and I believe God calls God 's call is exactly like that it is not loud it is not strong most of the time it is very quiet in a still small voice messages to young people aged ministry of healing page five one nine it says Christ is ever sending messages to those who listen for his choice you'll sometimes see me wandering is God calling is God speaking to me was says for those who are listening God is ever sending messages to sometimes the promise that we cannot hear maybe we are not listening the first called this morning is found in Luke chapter Jen is in chapter five he can turn with me there is chapter five 's looking at verse thirty two the Bible says Jesus speaking I came not to call the righteous but the move but the centers throughout to repentance the first call this evening is a call to repentance a call to repentance repentance according to Spencer Christ this includes sorrow for sin and turning away from it we shall not resent renounce sin unless we see in sinfulness until we turn away from it in heart there will be no real change in the life as of the first cause a call for repentance repentance meaning that you're sorry for your sin and you turn away from the sin also in Romans chapter two of you can turn with me there we have another aspect of repentance Romans chapter two Paul speaking Romans chapter two verse four or despises thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance speaking of the riches and goodness of God and long-suffering not knowing that the goodness of God needed me to what to repentance so we see that the first call Jesus comes to earth they said I do not come to call the righteous or those that don't think that they need anything I think the call those that realize of your sinners and I came to call them to what repentance in Romans chapter two we find out that repentance is not something that you muster up is not something that you try to get within yourself but repentance comes as you behold the goodness of who of God the goodness of God is what leads you to repentance as we behold God 's word something starts happening in our hearts every page every story every verse reveals us something about the goodness of God and that is what leads you to repentance for sin I say that is what needs you to deepen your repentance Satan knows that Satan knows that the more of the goodness of God that we behold in his work the more sorry we are four cents and the more decidedly we are in turning away from it is an important diesel saying doesn't care if you sent and asked forgiveness and sin and forgiveness and sent and asked forgiveness and sent and asked forgiveness as a matter fact that actually plays a newspaper because you don't you keep sending us forgiveness and sin and forgiveness and sent an afternoon at the comes a point where your heart becomes hard meaning you said and he asked forgiveness without experiencing short repentance without experiencing actual sorrow for sin and a turning away from it then becomes simply like a transaction like taking money from a bank or from Mike's musings something that simple that I sent and tonight I just ask forgiveness and I live on my life trying to ease my conscience Satan wants that why he wants you to send and ask forgiveness without experiencing repentance in the way that he doesn't is by keeping you from spending time the bottom you know I have realize in my life that if I spent time in God 's work even if sometimes I don't understand what I'm reading I'll be honest with you sometimes I don't understand what I'm reading sometimes when I read God 's word I do not find it always relevant sometimes I read and I I don't understand what I'm reading I feel even sure I see on some parts of the Bible I find more boring than others but I still read I read it because when I read and I keep reading and I keep searching something starts happening number one I start to understand it number two is first to become relevant and number three something start happening in your life that you start loving and respecting God even more and it has this is the holding of God need to guarantee very presence so here we have beholding Christ and his word and the beholding Christ in his word allows us to see his goodness and when we see his goodness as we behold Christ and his word the Holy Spirit is doing something in our lives that we start experiencing true repentance and so we behold Christ alone at Moran 's work and so we see more of his goodness and so our sorrow for sin is deeper and so we behold more and we see more is goodness and are sought and yet is that it's like a cycle in that you actually start feeling sorry for this is that you use to commit over and over and over again there was no more feelings anymore it was just I guess I just than Blewett and God forgive me Lord one more time but now as you are beholding Christ and as you're seeing his goodness all the son and the Holy Spirit start pressing your heart and what used to be a hard heart becomes an you start actually feeling sorry and your stand against sin starts becoming stronger and stronger if we start by beholding Christ where it is where I remember him a few years ago I was giving Bible studies took coupled and I like to share this experience because it shows how there is power in the word of God there is power in the word of God to experience repentance I I was getting studies with Bible studies with a couple that the woman isn't a woman and a man and his wife and the men seemed a little bit more quick but the woman just didn't seem to catch it and every day she just couldn't get to the point where she surrender her life to God that was the bottom line support for six months literally six-month every week I would get back into that home and we would start at John three sixteen for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and I guess one of her problem is that she was sexually abused when she was younger and that was a big issue for her that she somehow saw God as a tyrant and and it was a whole emotional thing tidings with that she could not see herself surrendering her life to God and she does thought God would punish or whatever I guess she felt guilty for what had happened and time of the time I kept coming back with the word of God and we would just open the work open the work and trying to see the goodness of God through the work couldn't see couldn't see and I remember distinctly one day I drove up to the house and I parked my car and I say Lord am I wasting my time I've been here for six months and by now we should be studying by now they should be baptized to be honest but every month every week I come back and we're going to the same thing Lord honestly I think I can do something better with my time with your time with their time as I remember I put the car in reverse and I was ready to go back home and a voice spoke to me and says John the one North and I remember I just a split second it was a decision of this going for staying in anything no I will stand I parked the car turned off and I went in and we started John three sixteen for God 's love the world that he gave his only begotten son support of the world was it Jesus or not it was God God the father yes God the father so God the father put your name in there and went to everything I could think up the helpless woman understand that God the father God the son God the Holy Spirit everyone loves her and that she can trust them to give her life over to him in the middle of the conversation I don't know why she looked at me and she says Jonathan know my husband is not the same since he started in husband 's right there and I see what you mean is as you know my husband used to beat me swear costs and losing but he doesn't beginning to think causing he treats me like a queen my husband is not the same in husband 's right there and I feel very uncomfortable because I don't eat dinner news is that Christianity at that point enough but I love that the husband and the husband looked at me and turned red like and be in the pet her and he looked at me I thought he was slapped or something and he and his hand on the table and says no I'm not that is not true she says yes it's true you know the same you change it has no I didn't change I didn't change when he started crying he says Jesus King pages we can I left that home address and there is power in the word of God as we behold Christ in his word something starts happening we see the goodness of God and when we see the goodness of God a heart that you would think is not his irrepressible something that cannot be moved and for your own experience you may think that I struggle with a certain sin or three prongs for four years and there's not you can be done I is no hope for me and that's case you'd be amazed I was spending time beholding Christ and his work will do is restart manifest seeing the goodness of God to experience a deeper sorrow for sin and a stronger turning away from the first call a call for repentance the second call to the discount is Isaiah chapter six you can turn with Isaiah chapter six this is the story of Isaiah that sees the glory of God he sees that but the beauty of God and an and his glory and his goodness and and and he just feels that he uses it basically and in Isaiah chapter six we can pick up inverse verse five Isaiah 's reaction when he sees the goodness that the glory the power of God he says there is that I won't lose me for I am undone because I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips for mine eyes have seen the King the Lord of hosts and so Searcy sees he starts experiencing a sorrow for sins our realization of it is sorrow for sin first expense of one of the servants unto me having a live coal in his hand which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar and he laid it upon my mouth and said hello this has passed I miss and ninety make Woody is taken away and die soon is what purged also I heard the voice of the Lord saying a whole shall I send and who will go for us that said I want here are my son send me as a second call this evening is a call to service those calls always going hand-in-hand when God calls you to repentance and your experiences sorrow for sin and a turning away from it a cleansing from your sin right away right away there is a call to service as a call to service in messages young people page two nineteen it says not more surely is the place prepared for us in the heavenly mansions then is the special place designated on earth where we are to work for so God has a mansion with your name and heaven but what he's saying is that I have a mention for you in heaven with your name on it inscribed in gold the whatever it is but I also have a specific place where your artwork for God here on earth God is calling us for service in Mark chapter five he can turn with me there in March after five Jesus had just healed a man possessed with Mrs. legions of demons and you know that that the demons going to the pigs in the villages common and they're all angry and he wants used to be while Jesus says okay he's going to go and in verse eighteen March five eighteen is says and when he Jesus was come into the ship seemed to have been possessed with the devil prayed him that he might be with him didn't just say look and I just hopping with you and spend a day or two the guys on his knees and cleaning leaves Jesus need come with you howbeit verse nineteen Jesus suffered him not but sit on to him go home to thy friends and tell them how great things the Lord has done for the and have had come Russian on the second call is a call to service a call to service our not talking about an academic or professional career I believe that that is different from a calling from God you God may call you to use your just your talents for your education in his field for his service but he may decide not to use it and I think that is where we are personally I believe that's where we care a lot as young Christians we are not the ones to tell God where we are to work in God 's field god is the one that is to tell us what we are supposed to do the majority of seventy avenues young people in our day and age that are Christians meaning they are good seventy administration they will decide what they will study they will decide what data do and then made a mistake God please I'm good at this I like to do this I seems at times and if so this is what I'm good at Duke and Lord I ask you please bless but I believe that we need a different brand of young people older people too I believe we need people that will say God I like to do this I'm good at doing this I have talents in this and having education in this but God what you and Lord if you're willing to throw in my diploma and it becomes useless and if you want me to give up these talents that I believe I can only used in this section of the work I'm willing Lord what would you I believe that when we start as a young person from that perspective with the possibility that God just might call us to do what we are not wanting to do a lot we don't really even have ever thought that we want to do then power can start flowing through us because there's no channel digital there's no no obstruction in a challenge anymore there's no preconceived ideas or plans that we arty have its fully God and God alone there's a belief in our church that says Bauer called to what you're good at what you enjoy what is fun and what is easy but I believe that that is false the Bible tells us that if any man will come after me let him deny him cross his self take up his cross daily and follow me and then hear the story was on his knees pleading thing Jesus I want to go with you I believe Jesus that is the way I guess what I've only met you for a few minutes how might anyone talk about I need training and education I need and you said no what I want you to do is I want you to go unsure was hard for that magical but he was want anyway and if we read a little bit later in the Bible amazing what happened is that he wanted he published everywhere when Jesus came back the next time so many people believe as a result of this missionary the perfect example is Jesus Christ I don't believe it was fun for Christ to be ridiculed I don't believe it was easy for him to be tempted I believe you I don't believe that he went to school to learn how to hang on a cross but he still did it because that's what he was called to do not want to put a balance to this I believe that whatever God has called you to do he will equip you I believe that whatever God is calling to do he will give your love for it that he will give you some enjoy it but it may not necessarily be so in the beginning he may call you to something that you don't like to do at the beginning something that you don't see yourself do but because he wants you to fulfill a specific needs you know I'm a literature evangelist and unless you know much about mistreatment is about what we do is that we go from door to door and we knock on doors and we sell Christian books the people and we need people that otherwise would never know about God most people in a communal number counter church so you have to both of them is the bottom line you can imagine that is not easy work because he goes an adoring and often adoring you get people to slam the door and flesh out at you and people like us that you and people and people are nice to hear to the edge when you're at the door you are a nobody I mean I don't care how much diploma you that you have a when you come to the door your salesperson until the uncle you are in the extreme majlis and ambassador from the King of Kings they think your yours is the past and even got here is a winning open the door verifies how do I get rid of is not an easy work that I've seen too many people 's lives change I personally the one young passing many people get baptized as a result of this ministry and I know that is still God 's word however I had done the street evangelism I taught high school and even college paid my way through school for an eye had different offers to do other things and is honestly I'll be honest with you was the last thing I wanted to do because I said I think I have done my time is made never done this and I've serve the Lord faithfully in this ministry but to be rejected of men for the rest of my life that is not something that I really find attractive in my thoughts right you know this pays more and in this is all ministry that I'm talking about these are not robbing a bank and you know this is all ministry that options and I thought surely the Lord want me to have something more stable something you know where my income is well you know calculated and somewhere in I can be more respected and so forth I remember it was this trouble because I sense that this is what God wanted me to do in my mind is like the one I go to college this is what you want me to I cannot know before in our member one night I walked out I just walked and walked I didn't know where I was walking and walking and walks it is force and I'm making this clear is a big clearing the trees all around it was night and I could see the stars and I could see the moon and to start talking with God and just hiding or strawberry trying to find every reason why I should not do this why is not a good idea to do this but even after hours of praying and pleading and crying I said Lord I don't see the way I don't see how I can do this but father this is what you want me to do for the rest of my life I had us who has a sense that she spent on myself I can explain it the only time I experienced that before was when I first gave my heart and I tell you the reason it was such as trouble for me is because some of you have a more maybe outgoing personality but my personality was and still a little bit every shot I used to be extremely shy when LSU as of this work was like the most difficult thing you could ever ask me to do I remember when I first started have we not only wait for everybody else in the team to go to sleep and I would cry myself to sleep since gone except do this thing but I tell you when God calls you key enables you as slowly as I began to do what God asked me to do he started to give me courage I could never set up your speaking like I'm right now never but God gave me the ability to speak to have courage to be able to love people and perfect love cast out fear I'm the perfect example that God does not always call you to what you're good at to what you like to do what you enjoy to what you learn our went to school for the God calls you where the need is the greatest and he also calls you where he saved and I believe that if it wasn't for this ministry this ministry that keeps me on my knee knees the binding I don't know where I really don't know where the first call is a call to repentance God calls us to behold him in his work and the more that we behold him get his work something starts happening we start coming face to face more and more with the goodness of God the more that we behold the goodness of God the Holy Spirit starts doing something in our lives cause us to experience repentance repentance is a deeper and deeper and deeper our sorrow for sin because more genuine are trying away from sin because more decided and experienced repentance something else causes of call maybe saw her in a little louder and a little louder and call the surface and I tell you if you do not have a call to service I may be wrong but my sink yes it is me you need to go back on your knees and the Bible and truly experienced repentance I'm telling you because when you experience repentance the call always comes always and so repentance deeper repentance coffer service comes in a third call the third call the third call is found in Matthew twenty four Matthew twenty four I don't have this little child should I say I did not take the time to biblically all discovered this this theory of mine but I have a theory and so you can trash it if it's not good I is in the theory that God calls us to repentance that part is not theory and after emergency calls us to what service and I believe that after God calls us to service he tests us and he tries us before he can bless after he calls us the service almost always there's challenges trials and tests that come to see if you can trust you with the blessings that he has in mind for in Matthew twenty four verse thirteen the Bible says after speaking about all the things are happening I believe in the last these in things that will happen is that he that shall endure unto the end the same shall be what shall we say the same shall be seen the last call is a call to endurance or call endurance I believe that many Hatfield in their Christian walk in this point because they have experienced in seeing the goodness of God and it's amazing to me the new Christian a new creation and on fire for God I know some of these new Christians I started out their walk when I was when I strangled her to God some of them are not walking in the light to what happened and I believe this is the point where the field the field because they did not personally they did not endear many reasons why people don't persevere maybe one reason is just bitches got tired tired of of of of the trials tires of the test chart and maybe they got tired because they started doing everything in their own powers that are relying upon God some people will persevere because they get hurt along the way some people will persevere because they are deceived to think that small things don't matter and you know what it is something that you know soon that Noah to do good but it would signal to committees actually it could be something so small could be something souls likely because something is something that you are convicted that you should not even with the heat but everybody around your needs it elder whenever but you have a conviction that you know you should stay away from this I have seen in my life I don't know what others that one I have violated my conscience on this one small thing small thing building up others for my standard and not listening to the Spirit of God slowly but surely my spiritual life starts going because now it's not I'm not doing everything on wants me to do I'm doing this business business but Lauren on this basketball is not a small thing nest where Satan comes in and when he comes in the revenge and click some mile the last call is a call for them he that shall endure unto the end the same shall be saved in on my work I remember meeting out a mother that had a believe it was five or six children and when you're doing this work especially in Canada where there's a lot of atheists it's so refreshing to be a Christian it is just like like cheap sugar Korea I can explain it is like a wonderful and to meet a Christian that's on fire for God again she loved the Lord and she wanted to raise her children to love and to fear and soul she did issue but the Bible stories and Shabbat on the books from like eight hundred dollars worth of books and I was planning from year to airmen of that that place is you have the money all at once if you give me posted checks as a money clear over the next few months I would bring her books when the check came to clear the balance inside a set of books hadn't have money and so I decided to go and see her and when I came to the house where she was the house was clean swept completely gone and strange as I tried all the numbers couldn't reach I try maybe some people that reach she referred me to put and find anyone that knew where she was with her children and you know I I kept doing my work and a year later somehow I felt somebody that knew about it sizzling so I decided I got my car and I drove over there I rang the bell and it should open up there's a lady the lady I met one year later was a completely different meeting before you know we started talking and she says you know John I'll believe in God anymore she says you know my husband left me for younger women I lost my job haven't been able to pay rank unit indicate beyond and about a week or two eighty says John I get up in the morning and I open the lunchboxes of my children and angles are covered in the fridge to find something to put in and I cannot find anything to put for my little kid is a guy like that you can keep you know what do you say to someone like that old lady you just need to believe that's what you need to do what you say you know what the setting that was on my hardest objections I've ever faced I can't believe in a God like that and I said Lady I don't know why your husband left you I don't know what you left your job I don't know I don't know but I do know that if you put your trust in God twenty he's never failed me and I know he'll come through for you I encourage you the you must endear onto the piano Bible to suggest somewhere just can you find that although it is just you send somebody to find social similarity is to go look for about ten fifteen minutes later the kid comes back with a viable alternative messed up how the under clothes or something for the next three hours I didn't know what I was going but I want from one promise in the Bible another promise in the Bible to another promising God 's word is powerful I didn't have any words I didn't know what to say but I view that if we could spend time in the word maybe just maybe she would start seeing the goodness of God maybe she would be encouraged to enter there's how in the word of God I Charlotte for my own experience my own testimony of how God changed my life when I started to spend more time in his or in a book called these are pages and I encouraged her to endear and to persevere until the end the next day I pass by and I left her desire of ages and I told her this along with the Bible reading you may not find it relevant you may find it boring at times you may find you me fall asleep as you read it but keep reading because as you keep reading if you start seeing the goodness of God when you start seeing the goodness of God that will leave you go out repentance and when you start experiencing repentance God will call you when he calls your severe you know I lived very far we had moved by that time is a month later when I came back to replace I rang the doorbell gone nobody answered excusable seven years ago every time I drive a four oh one which is the main highway until I see where her townhouse used to be Alex Grey Lord be with Eleanor she is one which is the Lord please help her to enter help reduce you the call this spend time in your you know a few months ago I was in a church in Toronto and doing some promotion for the straight eyes listen now is walking down the aisle aside I'll the church and I heard my name said John and I turned this was at my church I do know anybody there was puns of people there I just kept walking I heard my name again John turned those that need Jonathan you remember me I say me and he would share your the one that you keep your door and she ran towards me on me and Hunter and with tears in her eyes he doesn't start speaking is amazing the joy that filled my heart to see she says you know I'm here I'm baptizing this church and all my children are here with me and she says you know you are right Mister reading it was boring as you always understand and many times was around she says you know I started seeing the goodness of God as I started to see Christ in the desire of ages in the Bible something started happening that can explain but change you know when I left that place you could have given a million dollars I still would not have been the joy that feels your heart when you see that someone has answered the call all the call to repentance the call to service and is answering the call to endurance I believe that is what won the Bible says when extreme but the Angels rejoice and that they are experienced a little case of what heaven is currently and I thank God for that you know many times I don't see the worker the results of the work friends the appeal that is very simple it's a call God is calling you got is the first call is a call to repentance that may be you are struggling with certain sins may be your focus is wrong you're so tied up with anxieties and cares of this life and you'll have time I mean you believe in God on fire for God it seems that but maybe you're not spending enough time in his word and so the first call me before you the call is a call to spend more time with us the bottom as you spend more time in his work something will start happening you will start seeing the goodness of God and then that will lead you to a sorrow for sin and a turning away from it and the more you do that the more you see goodness the more and you just keep doing that and so what you have to do is maybe at the wake up earlier maybe you just have to skip breakfast I don't know what you have to do but I have realized was the statistics and my friends in my own life and I've worked with the last ten years on the young people and I realize we just don't read our Bible is the bottom line will meet every other book about the Bible but we won't need the ball will be one or two chapters all I know this already only maybe I will study may be one but really to spend time in the word even among present two seven the administrator since you spend quality time in God 's word and I believe that is why there is no power in your life and power and church the first cause a call to repentance maybe your problem is that you have experienced because you're not responding to the call for service God has a specific place for you friends don't even kid yourself that God somehow overlooked to in the process he loves you he's called you to repentance there's a place for you to serve in this field the last call is a call for endurance friends when you serve God this trials there's a lot of trials there's a lot of temptation I don't have to tell you you know but first please enter enter until the end and when you get into heaven you can realize the heaven which if that is your desire to respond to these calls from please send with me and let us pray that God will help us to experience these calls in our lives our father in heaven Lord we have heard you calling us tonight calling our name as it were to experience truly repentant sinner I hear calling us the truth service and ministry your calling us to engineer even unto the father when I look even in my own life I have seen where have failed you in all of these calls the father I believe that there's still hope for us you see us who are standing here today desiring to answer these calls the specific calls designed to stand design these aren't actually spent time until we can see your goodness and your goodness may manifest the change in our lives by the power of your Holy Spirit using the desires of those understandings that are designed to Lord for you to use them to call them to show them what is that more aware is a specific place or ministry near to labor for you and father you see those are standing because he just needs trying to into her father please do not pass us by I know there are many people pray to you but see us who are weak yes sinful but Lauren who are willing and designed to serve have mercy upon us unless us in accordance to our need and may we seal this decision not only in our hearts but in the books of and Jesus precious thing


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