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What's Your Motivation?

Dee Casper
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Is the fear or hell, or the reward of heaven really what should motivate us as Christians? What truly motivates you in your experience? And is that what God wants for you?


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program and Brand Evangelist for ARtv



  • January 19, 2018
    7:00 PM
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The seedings topic is again what's your motivation what is it that motivates you in your Christian experience and I wanted to start with a couple. Google searches that I had when you see signs that see this warning Jesus Christ will return are you born again or everyone gets a ride sooner or later it's a hearse and it says everyone gets a ride sooner or later the question is Where are you going when you die global warning you see what they did their sort of global warming global warning Jesus will return are you ready now what emotions are generally being awakened when you see signs like this what emotion comes to mind fear. Using fear to get people to make a decision here's another one Clean up your house and get an order this little guy says because Jesus is coming warning six six six is coming and then this one of the bottom right corner few will be taken Does that give you hope oh so fear is fear or something that should be motivating us in our religious experience is that what we should be working with is that we should be using to reach folks think we know these are Adventists publications by the way I've seen this on a semi truck a few times I drive a lot on the interstate just for travels and I see this picture and it just really frustrated me there's this angry looking man pointing his finger at you and it says Did you pray today again using this sense of like fear and intimidation is this what should motivate us as Christians what about this one or two choices right it's your choice you can take the escalator going up to a bright light or an escalator going down with flames there's this fork in the road there's bad stuff on the right good stuff on the left Heaven or Hell the choice is yours fear. What about reward What if our motivation is just that we get something good at the end right there's this beautiful Celestial City there's angels there's rainbows there's children writing briefcases with wings on them I don't really know what that is but there's hot air balloons and that looks like fun next to rainbows and then there's this beautiful new thing green poster and I'm not saying that heaven isn't a beautiful place this isn't my point I'm going to make a very good point I hope through the course of the seeding but the question is what is it that's motivating us in our Christian experience is that the fear of hell is that the hope of the reward of heaven is that what it is that drives us and is it OK if that's what drives us that's the question so what's wrong with that what's wrong with these things being the motivation what I'd like to do is unpack with you something that has been very very helpful for me I stumbled across an article. They had this like nerdy theological publication called the The Journal for the Adventist Theological Society not an i Pad but I have an article from there there was actually written in one thousand ninety one now how many people in this room were actually alive in one thousand nine hundred one. Not not a lot of you write but this article is absolutely amazing and I'm going to get to that in a moment but I need to begin with a word of prayer and then we'll into our study what's your motivation I'm going to Neil's one of Vice you to bow your heads with me. God in heaven I think you for this privilege to have this time with these young people and I just pray that you would bless us not only with your presence but Lord that you would open our eyes to what it is that motivates us and I pray that we would have the right motives in our Christian experience. And we ask for the Spirit's guidance now in Jesus name Amen so the articles called the role of the law and salvation if you just google this in Google anyway if you search for this in Google the role of the law in salvation by Louis R. Walton he's an Adventist attorney who I believe is still practicing out in California I need to call him but I didn't get a chance to do that today anyway in this article he cut the lays out he starts his article it's basically a sermon I think is what it is and I was going to borrow I'm not going to do all of it but I will cover some really really good things and here he makes the point that we as the seventh they have this movements are of the mind that God has given us a very precious message a very important message to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ we believe that right. Holy cow do we believe that OK let's make instrument the right room I could have walked in the wrong building so we believe that that's actually the case and that this message should radically turn the world upside down for Jesus Christ in one thousand nine hundred one when he was looking at the landscape we still have a lot of work to do right and he makes this point that in other words we seem to have we've not fully lived up to the potential of our faith and the article that he quotes from is what he's talking about but then he says this guy's observation is illustrated dramatically in the statistics of our own youth Now this is twenty seven years ago but this is already a troubling statistic then he says it is now clear that by the time they reach eighteen years of age well over half of our young people functionally sever their church connections Roger Dudley has reported some unflattering remarks by Avernus youth about the message that we believe will change the world at the end of time right this is what the young people in the Abbott movement are saying about the movement that's supposed to prepare the world to stand for Jesus. No fun on Saturdays until the sun is down it's just a bunch of doom and don'ts it's Dole in it gets in the way this is what some people were saying in the study young people he says I personally remember a young relative brought up in an impeccably Adventists home romping gleefully through the house late one seven hundred room while saying oh boy oh boy only ten more minutes till sundown. I'm going to ask you to raise your hands if you've ever been in that situation throughout such remarks one finds a common theme they relate negatively to the law the same law that we believe is going to judge the world a reversed but equally illuminating view of this problem can be found in remarks by having this youth who decided not to leave the church according to Dudley even faithful young Adventist said the following I have a lot of work to do if I want to be saved I wish I could be completely good but it's not always easy I don't know if all be able to stand up for it when the time of trouble comes and again I want to ask you to raise your hands if you're in that category either Once again my memories corroborate this I will recall the words of an academy classmate reflecting the uncertainty we all shared his friend said I wish I knew if I'm going to be saved because if not I sure want to have fun. If all church members had the gift of frankness so you need to use many advantages of mature years might express similar sentiments Indeed some have in a phenomenal we called new theology perhaps we've reached a point where it takes time to ask a question that we've not asked a most conservative they have the circles granted the laws a vital part of our theology have we nevertheless made a basic mistake in our relationship to it unintentionally programming ourselves and our youth for failure does it have your attention I could I fell in this book on the shelf some people were just giving books away and I thought oh OK I'll take that and when I started to read this article I couldn't believe what I was hearing I thought whatever this guy has to say Sign me up I'm interested here's where he goes with this as one listens to the remarks of evidence using three predominant factor stand out a desire for heaven a dread of hell and a haunting fear that they might try and fail to reach heaven thus losing this earth pleasures as well ever wrestled with that put all these ingredients in a blender mix well in a single substance emerges and he says egocentricity self centeredness basically religious interest or lack there of comes to depend upon what religion can do for me at any given movement moment implicit in such an outlook is the real danger that when confronted by a self-centered temptation one's religious motivations crumble we might be tempted to dismiss religious egocentricity as a frailty particularly young people but it's not young people have after all learned their religion largely from us and he's speaking to us older folk. They've learned their religious experience from us they have heard his Tell mission stories in the wash to spend our money they've heard a spray and then they've heard us argue they've heard us plan for the time of trouble with heavy emphasis on our own survival and all too little genuine concern for a world full of Souls to be judged by our own theology when one examines the basic motives that seem to have driven our youth at disquieting truth emerges these same motives have often driven adults as well this isn't actually a YOUNG PEOPLE problem it's a people problem something that the motivation level so there's two things here our motives deserve examination first a desire for heaven scarcely a Sabbath passes in any avenue without per for requests for the soon coming of Jesus to the we can go home to heaven there's nothing inherently wrong with this any rational being naturally wants to be there but upon examination the motive is basically self-centered we have we won Heaven's freedom from pain and worry reunification with departed family members and freedom from temptation rarely do we dwell on Heaven's other attributes a role where supreme joy is found in Selfless service angels who longed to be in the King's entourage but who lingered instead on Stony all of it with a few bewildered and lonely disciples infinite deity imprisoning himself forever within human tissue for a sacrifice that only a handful would even recognize let alone except a desire for heaven based only on selfish benefits not only distorts heaven but contains a defect that predisposes us to failure if our only motive for religion is a selfish desire for reward Satan can overwhelm us with temptations that appeal to the very same motive and he has the advantage of proximity because his rewards can appear to be immediate So if my religious experience is just causing me to want to do something because I get something yeah but that something is quite a while from now that's until I die in the resurrection or until Jesus comes Yeah but Satan content me right now with those stained types of motivations that I want something or understanding and we're going to go for the thing that we can get now we're going to give up what we want most for what we want now this fascinating I suggest that we have too often given our young people this motive thus programming them to fail on Sabbath morning they hear about the rewards of far off heaven in their own way they want to be there and on Saturday night the devil presents them a self-centered temptation with a more immediate reward and then giving them a basically selfish reason for religion we have not equipped them to face temptations that appeal to selfishness. The second fear of hell until the desire for reward unlike the desire for reward fear of hell is negative rather than positive there's nothing inherently wrong with it no one wants to face the terrors of eternal destruction but in the same way that the reward motive is self centered this one to sometimes powerfully so fear will often drive the meekest citizens to acts under other circumstances that would be murder a struggling swimmer would stand on the lifeguards head if given a chance to avoid the terrors of drowning and the crowd will readily trample fellow human beings to escape fire in a crowded theater no offense is intended but those doing the trampling simply want to survive if yr is not intrinsically evil motive neither is it a good one like the desire for reward it's essentially selfish and it's certainly not stable if we're driven by fear we're likely to succumb to whatever threat is the most immediate the fear of present ridicule for example rather than the more distant threat of hell and motive motivated by that we may superficially appear to keep the law until a more immediate and intense fear challenges us with a conflicting demand either thought of hell that's later but I also had the rejection of my friends if I don't do what they're doing right now you with me for the Abas rooted in fear motivation I submit that the end of time will be perilous because it will be a time of fear there will be a loss of vital services collapse of constitutional guarantees and finally a death decree by using fear as a religious motivator are we unconsciously programming ourselves to fail in the very test that we so proudly plan to pass the mark of the beast is it possible that this is why so many Seventh Day Adventist young people fail to stand successfully against peer pressure if this is so that we may unwittingly have been trying to keep a holy law in the holy Sabbath for reasons that are basically selfish and white states bluntly that selfishness is the root of all evil if we have brought the root of all evil to our quest for obedience it is not unreasonable to assume that other self-centered behavior may surface in our religious life judge mentalism for example harshness in applying the standards of the law to other people and even internal dissension among those who claim to believe the same obedience oriented ethic come to the wall with the rotten motive and it logically follows that the resulting quote unquote obedience will smell. Interesting with these things in mind he then asked Well let's look at this like a case study in Scripture to see how this works and the first goes to Mount Sinai and that Mount Sinai it's this massive pyrotechnic display right fire lightning thunder the voice of God The people are absolutely horrified. And then God gives them a law that sounds a lot like a bunch of don'ts if you're not careful if you don't understand who is speaking and why. And then you contrast that with the experience of Alija who also was at Mount Sinai when he had his encounter with God Now the fire and all that stuff happened earlier on Mt Carmel but that revival didn't last long for Alija heated up running from Jess ability to remember the story and so he finds himself in standing at Mount Sinai and God uses a different approach with him what is the use you might remember a still small voice. Pyrotechnics for the Israelites of the base of Mount Sinai and you have a still small voice for Alija at Mount Sinai Why what's the difference he says I said Psmith I submit that there was just one difference the religious maturity of those present their experiences were vastly different for the unconverted they need something stronger to get their attention right you look at the message of John the Baptist's it wasn't full of daisies and flowers was it right it was a strong message because it was intended to awaken the nation that wasn't ready so God had to use a different approach to the Israelites because they were largely unconverted four hundred years in a appeasement based religion they've forgotten the name of God let alone how to worship him appropriately and this is the means God use but it wasn't the ideal situation a wider was far more. What we're due to use one word is he use far more mature than the Israelites were who had come out of the right he had a different experience and God could reason with the man with the still small voice for the very fascinating how he does this least as these motivations may be equally useless in dealing with a phenomenon known as little dizzy an Adventist and though the idea of like a fear or fear of hell or the desire for reward those things they're not really hopeful for Laodicean Adventism in the news he quotes this case study where they put these mice in this box and they drop food in there and so the mice leave their little their little bedroom and they go and they eat the food in front of the dish and then they go back and do their thing they keep training them to do this so when the mice seafood dropped in they know what to do with me putting this electric wire and so when the food drops down and the male schools over and tries to bite the food to get zapped and it freaks the mouse out but he was the foods we goes again in to get zapped again and things are I don't like this but man I really want the food and he goes you get zapped again and what eventually happens is when food drops down the later times for this mouse he leaves his bedroom but he won't go to the dish he just frozen in the middle. Because he wants the reward but he's afraid of the punishment and so it just stuck in the middle. Not really getting what he wanted but afraid to go back to his room too because he really wants what he wants this is what Laodicean Adventism basically looks like right you're not hot or cold you just kind of hanging out in the middle right and the fear of hell in the reward of heaven don't really get us out of that we need something stronger than this is something better than this this is the point he makes and he says few people with any come to God. He has like well why is it then that God uses promises of blessings and curses Why is it that God uses both of these and he says I says this is his thought he says I submit that the answer is pragmatic that the Bible like the laws Sinai is designed to reach even the unconverted mind this is where we have both approaches throughout Scripture but he says few people if any come to God for unselfish reasons their motivations typically are centered in their own personal needs a splitting hangover a failing marriage a since of emptiness in the soul like Israel in the desert motives of most of us look to the cross first because we know that we're dying and we want to live and it's a marvel of God's nature they did not only accept as the US but he seeks us with all of our objectionable traits still in place Paul says the Romans five eight and ten that while we were still sinners we were reconciled to God this is good news for us that even if we do have silly motives and why we come he just glad that we came in fact he comes looking for us this is the story of redemption but he continues and he asked us profound thought are the egocentric motivations that lead us to the cross sufficient to keep us there do you get there are these self-centered motivations that lead us to the cross sufficient to keep us at the cross that's the question now. I'm going to skip ahead with some of this just for time seek but I will say this he says like babies most of us come to the Lord for selfish reasons and in his mercy he accept us as we are but we cannot live on milk forever so where we must learn that there are better reasons for the second coming than escape from arthritis and property taxes what about heaven what about the what about the pain felt there every day as long as sin goes on on occasion television news gives us a view of other people's agony the starving child in East Africa the little boy blinded by an explosive device left over from the Iran Iraq war and well we've seen all this that we can stand we have the option of turning off the television I just I don't want to think about that anymore but then he says it's amazing line he says heaven does not have that option Heaven has to watch God can't turn his eyes away from the madness happening in this world of suffering children people being abused gross injustice he can't turn that off and we seem to have lost sight of his perspective his motivations in the process and then he quotes what all White says in the book education. She says those who think of hastening or hitting the Gospel think of it in relation to themselves and to the world but few think of its relation to God if you give thought to the suffering that sin has caused our creator all heaven suffered in Christ agony but that suffering did not begin or end with this manifestation in humanity the cross is a revelation to our dull senses of the pain that from its very inception sin has brought to the heart of God If you were to have some meter symmetric of what how much pain is possible for God to feel and then you imagine the cross where do you think that meter goes maxes out yeah that's like the a pivot me of suffering that you would think for God She says that God has been feeling that pain not just two thousand years ago God began feeling that pain when Lucifer fell when Adam fill and God has continued to suffer with this level of pain from that day forward didn't just start at the cross every departure from the right every deed of cruelty every failure of humanity to reach his ideal brings grief to the heart of God Just think about that. Every time that we don't live up to the full potential that we could for the benefit of the Gospel Jesus Christ it breaks God's heart we're told brings grief to him not this disappointment and anger at you but this frustration that you wouldn't choose what he has available for you you'd rather choose something else brings grief to him but then listen to what she says when there came upon Israel the calamities that word the show result of separation from God You would think his pride is going to wipe his hands and say they deserve it right let him go have the time now to listen to what she says when the Israel eyes when through this subjugation by their enemies cruelty and death it is said that his soul was grief that misread his real his heart broke for them when they were punished and that it says in all their affliction he was afflicted and that he bear them in carry them all the days of old even when God's people hurt for the stupid decisions they make it still breaks his heart and he suffers with them and he still bears them even in the midst of their rejection I think that's amazing. Few of us think about God's perspective in the middle of this his motivations and this is where he picks up he says language could not be plainer heaven is hurting now and so is Jesus and there are far better reasons for hastening is coming when our selfish needs we should long for the Second Advent in order to ease his pain as well as ours and therefore the mature Christians that we claim to be with the message that will send the world to judgment we ought to see this more clearly than any people group in the world he's saying we of all people should know better and yet in our own movement we find ourselves in that same two track option fear of hell reward of heaven and both of them are basically centered around me not him. We don't think about him but if we did think about him I bet you our motivations would change he continues perhaps we do get it but the evidence suggests otherwise are generally lackluster spirituality and are used to complain of no fun and Saturdays until the sun goes down and who openly worry about following the time of trouble and the bickering that goes on even among believers who consider themselves conservative are still dooms that disturbingly remind us of Israel somehow the words of the heavenly witness seem to fit the No it's not that they were naked are wretched miserable poor blind in naked we got it all together we may think we do but we still have some growing to do we still need to recognise our need of a savior and this is where he goes in his article. He says there's a remedy here it's built within our framework he says on the day of atonement the Israelites were to search their own hearts they were to search their own motives right whenever the priest was doing his work on their behalf of the Day of Atonement they were to be thinking What is it that drives me and my right with God am I doing as I ought right what really is it that motivates me in my experience and that was meant to do that and that the law itself can even probe the motives of the human heart but it continues. The very law we preach and try to keep searches our hearts and reveals a reservoir of selfishness that we ourselves do not understand and until we find a room and for that deep seated egocentricity we may linger forever on the approach avoidance gradient that that thing between fear of hell no word of heaven dreaming of victories that we never see and there could not be a more eloquent proof of our need of a C.V. or and then he starts going into this beautiful gospel solution were for the law was our schoolmaster to bring us up to Christ Paul said that we might be justified by faith the purpose of the law is not just to scare us into submission it's to drive us to Jesus the entire point of the law was to show you that you need Jesus and that Jesus has the answers for your weaknesses it's not just go do this stuff and then and then you have to worry about the fear of hell and you going to be excited about the reward of heaven that wasn't the point the law was meant to bring us to Jesus that income our Commandments and the white assures us our ten promises if this is so then the law keeping is a result of our conversion and not the cause and the evidence suggests that many of us have unintentionally inverted the truths when the wind with the wind blows the curtain shake it does not therefore follow that if I shake the curtains the wind is blowing yet I think we've often made just that mistake most Seventh Day Adventists agree that before the end of time there will be a visitation by the Holy Spirit called the latter rain it will bring majestic results great personal victories in large numbers of baptisms and a clear vindication of truth and we long for the latter rain because we know that until it falls we will not see the Lord so we want that. I suggest perhaps unconsciously he says we've tried to create the Latter Rain by synthesizing its results it will bring many people to the church so we devise programs to bring people into the church assuming that therefore the latter rain has begun because it will bring great personal victories we strive to keep the law in reasoning that if the effective scene the cars must also be present and I fear that we have deluded ourselves for every thousand souls we baptize Each day hundreds of thousands are born who do not hear the abbot message and until we come to grips with their own wrong motivations our efforts to quote unquote keep the law will probably continue to confuse our young people whose acute minds are quick to detect a gap between profession in reality we may be shaking the curtains but I've yet to since the wind of Pentecost has not pulled any punches easy it is worth noting to the disciples did nothing to force Pentecost Instead they engaged in deep repentance they reconcile their differences and they talked about the Lord that they loved in the lingering afterglow of Calvary's great explosion they saw themselves and their motives hot tempers and sing to fight ambition and egotism they could turn to cowardice they saw themselves and then they looked again at the cross and they were converted they saw their selfishness they saw they were on the wrong track their motives were wrong and they needed Jesus beautiful beautiful beautiful promise and they were converted ten days of this he says is all that heaven could endure without a response the upper room was filled with the Holy Spirit Ruach the mighty wind out of the morning of creation and the same force that helped to form a world now energize human life so powerfully that they took the gospel to the world in a single generation I suggest that we do not attempt to manipulate power such as that what we must do is get self out of the way and let it happen in Adventism today there is a regrettable trimmed toward downgrading the importance of the law of God It is neither biblical nor sensible for removes the moral standard that defines godliness but to a greater degree than we realize this may be a reaction to another mistake that of claiming to quote unquote keep the law with unsanctified motives forgetting that the law is the proof of conversion and not the cause are you with me until we recognize this fact he says I fear that we're going to hear our own failure described in the blunt but descriptive words of our use so when you're confuse people something about this just doesn't quite seem right maybe that's what it is. Maybe we've been thinking about this from the wrong perspective maybe what we should really be doing is just searching our own hearts and recognizing that God didn't give me a laws to do list to make him happy to hope I'm good enough to get out of the bad thing again to the good thing what is the purpose of the law was to show me that I have need of a Savior that I can't save myself that I am broken dupré ved and desperately wicked and that I need Jesus and the very Jesus that I need desires me he's pursuing me any wants me to pursue him with better motives than I have to. Say that makes since that's that's desirable that's attainable it when you come to Jesus with those motives and confess that I can't keep your law I need you to do for me what I can do for myself you know isn't this a I'm so glad you asked and then he brings us into this beautiful experience of the New Covenant We'll talk about that tomorrow evening so I want to close with this interesting quote I was reading through it's called Life sketches is basically Ella White telling her life story and what happened in the foundation the Evan movement and when they were first coming to find the truth her parents and her it was causing tension with other believers in the community and they were starting to disbelieve the idea of eternal torment but then the church members say no no you can't get rid of that because sinners are not going to come to church and they're not going to follow Jesus without an eternally burning hell we need that and this is what Ella White's mother actually said this is not a prophet saying anything this is the mother of Illinois in this which is this if this is sound Bible truth what they were coming to learn instead of preventing the salvation of sinners it will be the means of winning them to Christ if the love of God will not induce the rebel to yield the terrors of an eternal hell will not drive him to repentance but Sides it does not seem a proper way to win souls to Jesus by appealing to one of the lowest attributes of the mind abject fear the love of Jesus a tracks and it will subdue the hardest heart a min. We don't need to scare people into the kingdom because it actually doesn't work first of all they don't stay there right he asked remember earlier are the motivations the egotistical motivations the egocentric motivations that lead us to the cross are they going to be enough to keep us there and I think we know the answer is no when stuff gets hot I'm going to do what my selfishness feels is best for me so if the if the federal government and the military speak louder than the present truth preachers of my parents you know what I'm going to do on a balcony if I don't understand the appropriate motives so what motivates you young people that's the question in John Chapter seventeen Jesus prayed a prayer and he was actually praying about you did you know that Jesus prayed for you. In this prayer he asked the father he said Father I desire that they may be with me where I am now I have a question for you did Jesus prayers get answered yes or no yes one person says well take it Jesus prayers we do for you are going to be answered Jesus prayed that you would be in heaven he wants this for you but there's a variable in this equation and it's us is the decisions we make it's the affections that drive him to lead us but Jesus wants you there and he didn't just talk a big game and say Man I really would like for you to be here maybe been a situation where I've had the situation with people or family or others like hey we really want you to come see us like hey I don't have the money to do that I'm sorry like no no but we really want you to be here but they don't give any money to get you there they just want you to be there right they talk a big game but they don't enable you to do what they like to see happen the beautiful thing about Jesus is not only does he want all to be saved he does what it takes for all to be see it he put his money where his mouth is right Jesus lives up to his expectations and his desires so yes Jesus wants you in heaven and he desires you to be in heaven for unselfish reasons because he loves you. My closing thought and question to you the seeding young people is do you want to be with him for unselfish reasons because you love him now because you want freedom from hardship not because you don't want to go to the Red place you want to go to the glorious place is there something about Jesus himself that drives you that makes you want to be there and if there is I bet you're going to be in good shape sure story with you in closing there was a time in my Christian experience used to laugh at me for showing you this and you're going to you're going to complain so I'm actually gonna go back to slide because I don't want to hear your crusty comments right now. Trying to make an appeal so. It was it is true but it is for your good by the way whether you recognize that or not is actually for your good anyway so there was a time of my Christian experience when I first came to know God and when I say I came to know God I came to know my need of God didn't fully know him yet you know what I mean right you recognize your need of Jesus but you don't fully know know him yet in an intimate sense so this was my experience initially and I remember when I would have thoughts of being in heaven I would actually have fear come into my heart and if you've ever been there I was literally fully honest with you young people I was afraid of heaven and you know why because I just felt like that's such a long time what am I going to do they're like because I have all the stuff in the world that inner taining that's engaging that is delightful to me and desirable to me what am I going to do there what am I going to do to pass the time for that long I mean that I didn't think was going to be some fat naked baby playing a harp on a cloud but I just I did not really appreciate what was available to me at all because I didn't understand what was available to me at all and I literally young people was afraid of heaven. I'm ashamed to admit it but I was it no any better something changed that was I fell head over heels in love with a man named Jesus and everything changed I no longer was afraid of heaven it was the only thing I desired and I'll be really really honest with you. It frustrates me when I'm sitting in Sabbath school and these long winded discourses go on about what heaven is going to look like I think I'm going to have this and I think I'm going to have that when we really don't know and I think Heaven is going to be beyond gorgeous and far beyond what you could ever imagine right and I get frustrated whenever we just go on these long tangents about the stuff but not the one who's responsible for this stuff and I get equally frustrated whenever people lose their lunch over with my dog be there will I be married there I do those are questions that I'm not going into that that's not the point to where I'm going right now but here's my point whatever it is I assure you you're not going to be disappointed there will be no face Paul moment when you get to heaven I assure you right no ask him ages you're going to be more than content it's far better than you ever would have asked I guarantee you that all but everything I own right now on that fact but here's my point those types of things just kind of frustrate me because there's only one thing that really fascinates me about heaven everything else is just gravy right like mashed potatoes are good big review makes me even better right like for some of us maybe maybe you don't feel that way that's fine but my point is there's part of it that's good right whatever for me those are just secondary and tertiary enjoyments what makes heaven heaven to me is that I can bow down and weep at the feet of Jesus I can wrap my arms around his legs and I never have to go. That's what makes heaven a heaven to me I don't have to be separated from Jesus I don't ever have to wonder whether I'm good enough for Jesus I can just be is I can be in his presence and enjoy him forever that's what heaven is meant to be people it's Jesus in the thing else is great it will be it'll make it nice I promise you you not to be disappointed but if what makes heaven heaven to you isn't Jesus it's not going to be heaven to you you're with me what is it that motivates you what is it that drives you is it this this desire in this hunger for communion with Christ or is it just I don't want to be tortured until I ceased existing or I really want gold streets the tree of life and something else that's not what heaven is a bell that's what's going to be in heaven with us now in heaven is about you with me what is it that motivates you and I assure you if you look upon the man upon Calvary if you read Matthew chapter twenty seven I think it's verses twenty four to fifty four if you read the Calvary section of scripture and you just embrace it if you immerse yourself in it and just dive into the glory of Calvary you will find yourself falling in love with a man named Jesus you're recognized what he he he did that for me by just me if I was the only one Jesus things that highly of me I don't even like me why would he do that what why would Jesus do that for me because he sees something in you that you don't see in you and he was willing to risk all for you. When we come to recognize this we get out of this Laodicean state of just that analysis paralysis those mice had right of not want to get zapped but want the food there's something better for us and it's available to you this evening a man what motivates young people that's the question tomorrow morning we're going to share something they are really excited about and the topic is don't forget where you came from. And. It's based upon some of the best advice I've ever received in ministry tomorrow evening we're going to cover a topic that I'm even more excited about like it's hot fire y'all I'm so excited about this I can't even tell you. And it's called How To Lose the kingdom don't freak out teachers up it'll be fine. If you want to be a last follow these seven steps and Yuletide that's not the point of the message at all I sure you so please give me some time. But I think that I think you're going to receive a blessing I do and it's a topic that I think is under addressed in Adventism in just in Christianity in general so is this made since this evening Yeah it is can you take some nuggets home from what you've heard the ceiling maybe some thoughts OK let's pray to God in heaven I just thank you for these precious young people I think you that you desire them to be in heaven more than they do Lord even the most selfish person in this room which is most likely me if my motivations were only about wanting to escape hardship and being in heaven and it was very strong your desire for me to be in heaven is far stronger than that and that's not selfish Lord I pray that your desire for us to be saved would awaken a desire within us to want to join you for the right reasons Lord May we better understand and appreciate Calvary and how relevant is to us individually bless these young people open their eyes of that precious truth I pray and I ask this now Christ Jesus. 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