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How to Lose the Kingdom

Dee Casper
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This message contrasts the lives of David and Saul and gives us some pretty heavy things to think about in how we do Christianity and how we desperately need to learn to take responsibility. 


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program and Brand Evangelist for ARtv



  • January 20, 2018
    4:30 PM
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God in heaven I think you for this privilege to come into your presence in prayer Lord I think you've been with us last night and this morning and I'm trusting that you have brought us this far will continue with this so we just pray for your presence for your blessing and that we would not soon forget the blessing we receive just now since your spirit to do what I cannot I pray and I ask this now in Jesus name Amen so how to lose the kingdom and similar mind be I need to make an announcement at the end of this message so if I don't make the announcement it's your fault and not mine OK great moving on so what I'd like to do is cover a contrast between the life of King Saul and David because there's a we got one big fan in the room right and I. I think it's very fascinating I think there's some profound lessons on righteousness by faith for one but to you just look at the two lives of these guys and if you compare the sins of David and compare the sins of Saul David's life is an absolute dumpster fire in comparison to Saul and yet Saul INS up Lost How does this happen what is it that led to this tragic result in the life of Saul and I think we're going to learn a lot from it and so let's begin with King Saul so in First Samuel Chapter ten if you turn with me there we're going to a Bible study this evening I hope you're OK with that if you're not too bad that's where we're going first SAME of chapter tin. It's lawful to do good on the Sabbath I hear Bible study sounds pretty good first same chapter ten and we're going to walk through the experience of solves our connection with some dots First Samuel ten beginning in verse six says the Spirit so whenever Saul is chosen and same as communicating with him he says then the spirit of the Lord will come upon you and you will prophesied within the be turned into another man then let it be that when these guys come to you that you do is the occasion demands for God is with you they go down a verse nine so it was that when he had turned his back to go from say mule that God gave him a nother What's another heart and he literally has an encounter with the new covenant Now what is this new covenant will in the faith that live by one eleven something I mean my juniors memorized but I don't have juniors here anymore because I left. But something you should know the faith I live by I want to leaven it is a great definition she says what is justification by faith it is the work of God willing the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself and when men see their nothingness then they're prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ so righteousness by faith is God doing for you which you can't do for yourself but you need to confess your nothingness your inability to do for yourself what you can't do right so that's the first in his ego Chapter thirty six God makes this extravagant promise to the Israelites he says I'm to bring you into your own land I'm going to sprinkle clean water on you and you'll be clean all clingier from all your filthiness and from all your idols and then he says I'll remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh and then I'll put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them Jeremiah thirty one thirty one and thirty four looses something very similar He says I want to put right my law in your heart and in your mind and he says your sins and your lawless deeds I will remember no more this is a beautiful problems of God in the New Covenant for believers right when we come to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ what we see the experience of Solace somewhat similar He's given a new heart and the Spirit of God comes into his life and it literally gives them this holy boldness as we're going to see it actually happen the first table Levon that some people are doing some stuff towards Israelites and souls like what does this nonsense and he says let's go get busy and take care work and they do and they in the beat the bad guys or whatever but this holy boldness comes upon him when he encounters the Spirit of God is given a new heart in first chapter thirteen first chapter thirteen. It starts to get ugly and beginning of verse eight says he was going to war Samael told them all be there in seven days the problem is it looks scary and no one showing up and he's getting kind of freaked the people are starting to leave and so he's feeling like he needs to do for the people. And for himself what Samuel promise to do on behalf of got all right so he tries to make himself and the people right with God by making his own sacrifice Samuel said Wait here for seven days I'll take care of it you have it same as it coming in so all just do it right instead of following the clear call of God all do for me and all do for the people what God said that he would do and it doesn't turn out well it was a direct violation of God's counsel and then he tries to justify himself when confronted this is where he gets this is literally one of my funniest moments I think in Scripture he says if you waited seven days according to the time set by Samael but Samal did not come to Gil gal and the people were scattered from him so Saul said Bring a burnt offering and a peace offering here to me and he offered the burnt offering and now it happened as soon as he had finished presenting the burnt offering that same came and so went out to meet him that he might greet him and say Will said What have you done X. It's not this one it's another occasion that's the funny one but in doing so said when I saw that the people were scattered for me and that you did not come within the days appointed and that the Philistines gathered together and make mash then I said the Philistines will now come down on me and Gil gal and I have not made supplication to the Lord therefore I felt compelled and offered a burnt offering verse thirteen and Samal said to Saul you have done what food is surely you have not kept the commandment of the Lord your God which he commanded you for now the Lord would have the stablished the kingdom your kingdom over Israel forever but now your kingdom shall not continue the Lord has sought for himself a man after his own heart and the Lord has commanded him to be commander over his people because you have not kept what the Lord commanded you it's of great importance young people that when God asks things of us we do them now because God says do it or else and because I said so he only asks us to do things how do I phrase this there's like this really awesome thing the only things that God asked of us to do are the things that we ourselves would choose to do if we knew what he knew the only things that God asked us to do or what we ourselves would choose to do if we knew what he knew that it was not legalism is not control he is just doing what we would have wanted him to do if we knew that I had a time now in first chapter fifteen and it's even more important for leaders specifically people mess up stuff happens confess your sins come back to God But when the leaders defy the command of God It has a far more dramatic impact upon the people right with Moses the situation of saying hitting the rock twice instead of once and saying this we bring water for you out of this rock claiming a purgative of God because Was Moses capable of bringing water out of Iraq no but he was claiming something that God was meant to do for the people now on first name a chapter fifteen beginning in verse eight he's told this is the one where it gets a little humorous. He's told whenever you go and fight the king of a gag you need to wipe everything out everything the whole place is grossed it's filled with potential for evil it needs to be stopped and soon verses eight and nine it says he also took a gag king of the ant Malakai to live so he didn't kill any other we destroyed all the people at the edge of the sword but Saul the people spared a gag in the best of the sheep the oxen the fat leads the Lambs and all that was good and were unwilling to destroy overly destroy them but everything despising the worthless that the early destroy So did they follow the command of God then no they didn't do all the asked so then we get to verse to him now the word of the Lord came to Samael saying I greatly regret that I have set up Saul as King ouch for he has turned back from following me and is not before my commandments and it grieves Samuel and he cried out to the Lord how long all night so and same a rose early in the morning to meet Saul it was told Samael saying Saul went to Carmel and indeed he set up a monument for himself and has gone around passed by and gone down to Gilgo then simul went to Saul and soul said to him bless it are you of the Lord I have performed the commandment of the Lord did he. Kids worse. He says but say most dead really well what then is this bleeding of the sheep in my ears and the lowing of the oxen which I hear I think it's hilarious I did everything God said Oh really what's with this barnyard of foolishness I'm hearing over here because they're not supposed to be here. And so all said they have brought them from the a malaka it's for the people spared the best of the sheep in the oxen to sacrifice to the Lord your God and the rest we've only destroyed in short I know that God said we should do this but look we're just going to do things our own way but we're still going to worship God with it right so we're going to redefine God's terms and conditions and just do it our way and try to get away with him it didn't work too well and then Samuel said be quiet and I will tell you what the Lord said to me last night and he said to him speak on so Samuel said when you were little in your own eyes were you not the head of the tribes of Israel when Saul was first selected he was shoulders above anybody else right whenever Saul stood everyone else only came to his shoulder but when he's called by God in their going through the process of casting last to find out where they are they can't find Saul because he was small in his own eyes he hid in a corner he didn't feel worthy to lead the people of God But now that he gets power he now thinks that he can do whatever he wants and God would just go along with him he forgot where he came from you have big time he says when you were small in your little we were little in your own eyes re not the head of the tribes of Israel it is not the Lord anoint you king over Israel now the Lord sit you want to Mission and said Go and utterly destroyed the sinners the M L A kites and fight against them until they are consumed Why then did you not obey the voice of the Lord why did you swoop down on the spoil and do evil on the side of the Lord and say milk then Sol keeps justifying himself he says but I have obeyed the voice of the Lord and gone to the mission which the Lord sent me and I brought back a gagging of Amolak and I've really destroyed the Amalekites but the people took the plunge are right I did what I should have done and then he confesses that he didn't do it he should have done by keeping it alive and it was the people's fault that they brought all the stuff right all these animals. The best of the things they should offer them to the Lord simul says Has the Lord has great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord behold to obey is better than sacrifice and to heed better than that of the fat of rams we need to understand this warning young people that just doing stuff that we think we ought to do you know in our own way we'll just try this way that's not what God is looking for what God is looking for is your complete heart. Right not on our terms and conditions and most of the way or whatever God just wants you and all of you and don't think that you can as you know do some other deed to try to appease God while doing your own thing that's not what he wants it was never about the stuff it was about you right that's what God has always wanted it's you and it's all of you and he said for readability and is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry because you've rejected the word of the Lord He also has rejected you from being king then Sol said the same I have sinned that's what we've been looking for all along for I have transgressed the commander of the Lord in your words because I fear the people in or be their voice not a good trait of a leader now therefore please pardon my sin and return with me that I may work to the Lord and he says no I'm not going with you. And it continues he says I'm not going with you. For you have rejected the word the Lord of the world has rejected you from being king over Israel and we're about to find out that this was not a genuine repentance from sin from Saul unfortunately and the same will turn around to go away Saul sees the edge of his room that's actually what this light is here he seizes the edge of his robe and it tears so Samuel said to him The Lord has torn the Kingdom of Israel from you today and has given it to a neighbor of yours who's better than you and also Yeah that's a good way to get it somewhere his pride and it's even worse for never can as are a kingdom inferior to yours is coming next but anyway he says and also the strength of Israel will not widen Rylance for he is not a man that he should really and then he said I have sinned yet honor me now please before the elders of my people before Israel in return with me that I may worship the LORD your God So the same will turn back after Saul and Saul works of the Lord he's literally saying no no I don't want these people to think bad of me right now I don't want them to see me getting in trouble just make it look OK So do you think it's his repentance a couple sentences ago was really like legitimate then no he just wants to get out of trouble right he just wants to get out of a woman he's not really contrite and they go to verses thirty four and thirty five then Samia went to Rome on and Saul went up to his house and give Saul and Samuel went no more to see Sol to the day of his death nevertheless Samuel mourned for Saul and the Lord regretted that he had made Saul king over Israel not a pretty story is it this guy that was favored in the land of Israel who was given a new heart the spirit of God has placed within them but he wanted to do things his way and he wouldn't take responsibility whenever he messed up was too proud to take responsibility. This is what's referred to in second print is Chapter seven in verse ten as worldly sorrow he says that godly sorrow produces repentance and a repentance that doesn't need to be repented of but worldly sorrow produces death worldly sorrow is I don't want to get a whoop and I'm sorry let's just not talk about this any more godly sorrow is a genuine recognition that you have wronged that you've wronged people that you've wronged God and you want to change of course you know Stan the difference soul Raef used to take responsibility he refused to follow the leading of God and he wanted to do things his way and I thank you God for leading us this far but I'll take over I know what I'm doing I'll take over from here so if you want to lose the kingdom young people that's a good place to start in first chapter sixteen God does move on to someone else it's a story of David being anointed king. We're going to leave it at that point but in verse seven God doesn't work the way that we work because NEVER same A gets there he thinks off this guy's tall and good looking it's him right he says no not that one what about this and that one Know All right what about the least of this group of guys I see here and not them either hate Jessie do you have any other kids I mean yeah I've got my son out there taking care of sheep that's him that's the one I'm looking for I want that one he's a man after my own hearts God's ways are not like ours he looks at the heart man looks at the outward appearance God looks at the heart and it's a good principle for us in choosing leadership and spouses not the God going to give you somebody not attracted to you Don't worry about that I assure you he will but just if all we're looking at is hey he's good looking I hope he spiritual and if not maybe he will be because all read the Bible and stuff right now we need to look at the heart we need to know what the trajectory this person's heart is and again don't freak out young people I promise you God will bring you so when you're attracted to promise you all right first chapter sixteen verse thirteen it says this then SEMO took the horn of oil and anointed David in the midst of his brothers and the spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward so similar rose and went to Ramallah same situation as Saul isn't it the Spirit of God comes upon them it gives the man a new heart he again has this new covenant experience just like soul did but his is a little more it sticks for him now the significance of him having the spirit his life continues and we see this that even in David's prayer of repentance and Psalm fifty one I believe it's in verse and I'm going to guess what is on his and your cheek back. He says in verse eleven Do not cast me away from your presence and do not take your holy spirit away from me David realized how desperately dependent he was upon the Spirit of God to do anything right right remember when men see their nothingness then they're prepared to receive the righteousness of Christ right and so so never understood his dependence upon the Spirit of God he thought it was based upon what he did that's why he thought I can keep all these things and just obey God and I'll just do some deeds of religion and God will be OK with me he under he misunderstood how the kingdom operates and he was even faithful in that let's just be honest Saul picked and choose how he would obey God that got him in trouble now in verse fourteen it's very interesting because in verse thirteen is the spirit interest DAVID But look what it says in verse fourteen but the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul. That's loud. So verse fourteen but the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and a distressing Spirit came upon him and troubled him now it's very interesting to me because when this spirit of distress comes upon of the Spirit of Darkness and spiritual oppression right when dark spirits are oppressing Saul who is it that ends up coming to help him in the midst of his oppression David when David through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit plays music for him it brings relief to Saul who's being oppressed right and I find it very interesting that the spirit that interest David is the one that ministers to Saul and I almost wonder if it was just this this continual reminder to Saul that if you would confess your sins you could have this you could come back and soul never understood that even though it was right in his midst he never understood it instead he was jealous of David instead of recognizing that David has what he lost. Interesting the difference he lost a blessing in there now in chapter sixteen of verse eighteen says that one of the servants answered and said look I've seen the son of Jesse the Bethel who might who is skillful in playing is of mine a man of valor a man of war proven in speech and a handsome person and the Lord is with him it was known that the Lord was with David even as a young man now in verse in chapter seventeen it's a story of David and Goliath and that same spirit of boldness that was in solid First Samuel leaven I believe yet in verses four to seven is found in David and he says you gotta be kidding me you guys are afraid of this one guy doesn't the battle belong to the Lord look I'll go fight him just imagine the stripling here is going to go fight this big gnarly guy now and thinks you're on your mind man but has to go. And around and around in around and around and around right eventually comes tumbling down. Goliath I didn't learn it growing up because I was baptized at twenty five but I've seen my friends with kids do it and I kind of liked it anyway they say it at church like two weeks ago and I actually knew all the words like Wow it's amazing so new and first name a chapter eighteen a verse twelve souls afraid of David because the spirit left him and was in David they're going to first chapter twenty three this is this is terrifying axiom system arises for time's sake too but Saul has fallen so far from God that when he's pursuing David to kill him right to try to pin him to the wall the dinner table that isn't happen at your house and it happens twice he's running from them David's running from Saul once David gets help for one of the priests and Saul finds out about this he's fallen so far from God a man who encountered the new covenant right God gave him a new heart but the Spirit of God within them that same guide now goes and kills priests of God in his pursuit of David he's fallen from grace dramatically and devastatingly in chapter twenty four and in chapter twenty six he gives a false short live repentance when encountering the goodness of David right David he's in a cave so goes into the cave to relieve himself and David goes up and cuts a corner. And whenever Saul goes out of the cave and goes a far distance away David comes out and says What are you doing man what have I done to you that you're pursuing me like this I've done nothing to you in the halls of the corners room and then Sol repentance says you're a better man than I am I'm sorry you can come back now I'm not going to pursue you any more it doesn't last. And it happens again this time David comes from the mountain top down into the camp Saul sleeping all of his men are sleeping and they take a spear in a water jug and David's mighty man one of that's with them says Look just give me one good just to give me one jab with this thing and he's not going to rise again just let me take care of this guy get rid of him says no you will not lift your hand against the annoyance of the Lord he goes up to the mountain and then he starts yelling at one of souls armor bearers and says you deserve to die because men were in the camp and you didn't protect the king and then Saul says is that you my son David my son is that you my son David says I'm sorry I'm not going to pursue you anymore David knows better but the point is he has two forms of repentance of taking responsibility but it doesn't really matter when you don't mean it when you don't really want to take responsibility it doesn't do any good the lip service as it was looked for and Romans chapter two in verse four it says that the goodness of God leads to repentance and that's kind of what was happening with him but it wasn't a genuine repentance the goodness of David led him to try to take responsibility didn't really go over it's a worldly sorrow that leads to death as Paul said in second printing and seven and first him a twenty eight solace seeking an answer from God The Philistines are coming out to them he's horrified he's seeking answer of God but God will answer him because he has rejected God he won't do it God is asking he won't listen to him and he doesn't even want the answer that God would give them if he did answer which is why God can't write if you're not going to do what he wants he can answer you and if you're going to listen to him and heat him and go where he's leading doesn't no good and he ends up running to spiritualism of all things the very thing that he told people they would die if they did in his nation according to the laws of Moses he runs to spiritualism to meet his need and it doesn't get much better from there he eventually dies here's the point in people when Saul was confronted with his sins he refused to take responsibility he made excuses he justified himself and when he would repent many times it was just to get out of trouble that is not taking responsibility he lost sight of his nothingness and his need of the Savior in the spirit and it cost him the kingdom but this is not just a message for young people this is a message for all of us because it's very easy when you're in a position of responsibility either as a parent as a teacher as a mentor as an administrator as a department head or whatever you may be it's very easy for us when confronted with something that we do wrong to just move on as if nothing happened and try to do better instead of taking responsibility and what we lose sight of is that there's a blessing in taking responsibility and when you go into that now and second SAME a chapter eleven the whole incident with the Happens which by the way nothing in the text implies that that was a two parties both wanting this to happen incident fact what is his name. He's written the love song for the Sabbath Dr. No one knows is it Andrew's really smart guy Davidson I think Dr Richard Davidson has written article on this that's pretty fascinating making it clear that this was not a consensual thing it all actually was a power play by David and she just had to go along. The point is when David is in the situation he forgets where he came from right he's walking on the rooftops he's not with the men in the battle of the other B. and he ends up doing something absolutely horrible in this situation and what is it happening in chapter twelve is that Nathan tells a parable to him and he says there was this guy there's this sheep he has a little lamb is like his own child and then there's this other guy has all kinds of stuff and whenever he has a guest come in he goes and takes the little lamb from this guy and he indeed he kills it does it for this other guy and David is live it he says that absolutely not that man must die and he must die now and what does Nathan say you're the man he's not saying you're the man David you're right I'm the man that's not what he's saying right you are the man you're the one who's done this and listen to what happens here Second same you'll Chapter twelve look at how David responds the second SAME a chapter twelve and verse seven he says you are the man thus says the Lord God of Israel I anointed you king over Israel I delivered you from the hand of Saul I gave you your master's house in your master's wise in your keeping and I gave you the house of Israel and Judah and if it had been too little I also would have given you much more why have you despise the commandment of the Lord to do evil in his sight you have killed your why the Hittite with the sword you taken his wife to be your wife and you killed him with a sort of the people of Ammon Now therefore the sword shall never depart from your house because you despise me and have taken the wife of your why the Hittite to be your wife the says the Lord behold I will raise of adversity against you from your own house and I will take your wise before your eyes and give them to your neighbor and he shall lie with your wives on the side of the Son for you did it secretly but I will do this thing before all Israel before the sun and listen to how David responds in verse thirteen I have sinned against the Lord the big difference here people is that David actually sees what he did he takes responsibility when he messes up and that changes everything God is willing to take us back he's wanting to take us back but if we don't take responsibility right this isn't first no one none that if we confess our sins God is faithful and he is just to forgive us our sins and the Clintons from all unrighteousness he's more than willing to do that but if we are too proud and stubborn to acknowledge our sins God can't do his part here with me. Causes a lot of problems but he says I've sinned and listen to how David Nathan responds immediately he says The Lord also has put away your sin and you shall not die you can be forgiven there's going to be consequences there are always consequences for sin always but you will be saved right there's good news for us in the story of this because he took responsibility he confessed his sin didn't run from it didn't make excuses didn't try to justify himself he owned it like a man now in first chapter twenty five Abigail David and his men are out and doing their thing and Mabel has min and sheep and flocks and David's minute like a wall of protection around all these folks they have needs and so he says hey would you give us some food and they will says who's the son of Jesse that I should care or I don't want to do with this guy and he's just a drone can use a dead beat his wife says as much and what ends up happening is she gets word that David and his men are about to come to their house and just get busy right they've got swords are going to go to town and Dave is not acting wisely here he's not acting judiciously here but in the Papen is the Spirit of God comes upon Abigail and she comes out and she brings all these offerings right figs and all kinds of stuff she brings food for the men and does what her husband would not she's having to take responsibility for her husband because he's a scallywag right and so she comes out she takes responsibility she appeases David and listen to how David responds never he's confronted this is second Same First same twenty five Something tells me that we're going to be circulated around campus in new ways already has our right then that's old hat. We're well past that one all right so then David said to Abigail after she she gives in this kind of like veiled rebuke that you don't want to have this blood in your hands and you're acting unwisely she literally tells of this and David takes it doesn't get chippy doesn't get proud Listen he says in verse thirty two he says Bless is the Lord God of Israel who sent you this day to meet me and bless it is your advice and blessed are you because you kept me this day from coming to bloodshed and from avenging myself on my own hand for indeed as the Lord God of Israel lives who had kept me back from hurting you and lest you and hurting come to meet me surely by morning light no males would have been left unable So David to receive from her hand what she had brought to him and said to her Go in peace to your house see I have heeded your voice and respected your person and then if you go to verse twenty thirty nine David when he heard the neighborhood drop dead he says that blessed to be the Lord has pleaded the cause of reproach from the hand unable and has kept his servant from evil David literally acknowledges and confessed as what I was going to do was evil and God in His mercy spared me from that and he praises God for it again he acknowledges and confesses how he had messed up and God bless him for this now I'd like to look at the hall of shame I'd like to look at civil lame responses in Scripture of people who when confronted with their sins did not take responsibility Adam and Eve Adam says no no it's your fault because you gave her to me hates Is it true that you hated this fruit this woman who you gave me she gave it to me when he asked the woman she says this snake that you made he started talking and doing as smooth stuff than I'd ask but again they're not really taking responsibility they're blaming each other they're casting the blame elsewhere they're not acknowledging you're not confessing right Aaron this is this is rather hilarious really most this comes down after he sees the madness The happens he breaks the tablets and when he gets to the base of the mountain and mosts goes to end he says What do you thinking man and Aaron's response is literally Well I I took all this gold and I third in the fire and this calf came out really. I don't think so it doesn't get much better than that. The story of bail I'm right bail in is writing this donkey and then he starts cursing at the at the Donkey and arguing with an animal right the very donkey that came to visit us today at lunch just imagine his started talking to you would be like whole whale wow that's that's pretty amazing he doesn't think that at all he just gets mad at the Donkey and then says why are you abusing me have I ever done anything like this to you Have I ever not done what you needed me to do in the past. That's true. Right. Mabel again who's the son of Jesse that I should care and then his wife ends up taking responsibility for him because he's a scallywag exactly sorry staff Jonah. Jonah whenever he's reviewed by God he's really frustrated because you know the I wanted this place to burn like you said that your I don't want to come here because I know that you're good and I'm going to look stupid when I tell these people the place is going to burn because I know that you're good you're probably to love them. And so whatever God this vine grows and it shields him from the heat and when the vine withers away he says What right have you to be a very I have every right to be angry just because right doesn't take responsibility I even use the MODIS for this one because this is my favorite I have obeyed the Lord fully I've done everything the Lord has asked and same a basically says can really. What's this bleeding of sheep I hear this right a refusal to take responsibility David when hearing Nathan story has a little better but it is kind of funny to some degree that man must die yeah so. About that that's actually you right David did better I disliked his response. We did. The Ferris sees Jesus starts writing on the ground right and he's writing the sins of the people who are there in front of them he says whoever is without sin among you let him cast the first stone and as Jesus starts writing these things the response of the fear is he says basically OK bye and then they just walk away right they don't they don't want to deal with that they don't want to take responsibility they just leave right this is not a good way to do life this is not at all the way to do life of refusing to confess refusing to take responsibility now the Hall of Fame when it comes to taking responsibility David in Second Samuel eleven and some fifty one with the best she was situation he owns it completely he says against you you only have I sinned he says cast me not away from your presence a lord take not your spirit from me right this is a story we see and then the first twenty five with Avigail we've already covered these. Next Peter whenever he sees the merciful look of Jesus across the courtyard he weeps bitterly and repents just imagine guys Jesus you tell Jesus under every going to fall a nobody gonna fall and I mean that these guys are going to blow it but made no never and Jesus says before this evening closes before the rooster crows two times you're going to deny me knowledge never leave you and then he does it and in that very moment where he crashes and burns the third time he hears the rooster crow and as he looks across the courtyard guys he literally makes eye contact with Jesus and you know what he sees not condemnation he sees mercy he sees compassion in the eyes of Jesus and it wrecks him absolutely wrecks him and he repents and he's a new man Paul confessing who he was now he hurt the church in his radical conversion there's three separate occasions where Paul put his dirty laundry out there first in the book of Acts and someone else tells it but he tells a story two more times in the book of Acts and he just lays it all out there he talks about a lot he's a pistol's First Timothy one thirteen Philippians three six X. twenty nine to eleven. First Corinthians not four in three and half fifteen nine zero fix that typo right in front of you because I want to preach this a little and in a few weeks and say it again if I'm not careful that was easy OK we'll All right first Corinthians fifteen nine Galatians one thirteen etc OK And then the can as are in Daniel form a and you know you're really taking responsibility when you write a letter and send it to the entire kingdom and tell them how much you messed up right that's a good one and the ultimate example of the Hall of Fame and taking responsibility is none other than Jesus Christ Himself Jesus committed how many sins in his lifetime and yet he pays the price for how many sins in the history of Earth all Jesus is the ultimate example that he takes responsibility for things that he didn't do the least we can do young people and staff and visitors and adults and parents and whoever else is in this room the least we can do is take responsibility for what we did do you with me we can't be too proud to not take responsibility when we mess up. Here's why this matters the entire sanctuary service was one big act of taking responsibility it trained the believer to martyr their pride and take responsibility whenever you messed up there we can't the people camped in the north the south east in the West when you messed up you had to take an animal from your tent and you walk the walk of shame right all around the city square you went down to the Tabernacle and just imagine when you see somebody walking with your animal your meat thought is Bob sinned. Mary sinned. So and so sinned and they're on their way to the Tabernacle but the beautiful thing was what people thought of you didn't really matter in your eyes once you knew that you were right with God What was more important to you than anything the sanctuary economy was that I need to be right with God That's what atonement means to bring two parties it all adds back together and when they stick confess their sin over that animal confession is part of this at the entrance of the gate and they themselves had to kill the animal they had to see that their sin cost something it costs someone when they did this they could go home with peace of mind that they were right with God The beautiful thing is you today can go home and have peace with God even you can confess the sins that you're cherishing you can confess to your children if not treated them right you can confess to your wife that you've not been nice you can invest your husband you've not been nice you can own it you can be right with God You can be right with your fellow man we can do that we can be right with God today in the century services meant to teach us that the investigative judgment is meant to remind us of the very same thing God can not cleanse and remove the sins that we don't confess the only sin that God can't forgive is the sin that you refuse to confess but remember first John one says If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and the cleanse us of all unrighteousness So it just makes sense that on the day of atonement the people of God are meant to be searching their own heart am I right with God Am I right with my fellow man have I done what I need to do to ensure I'm right with them and David says in Psalm fifty one a verse for something very interesting some fifty one a verse four in the original language it reads differently then the Book of Psalms does but Paul picks up on this. And some to do one of verse four it says against you you only have I sin and in this evil in your sight that you may be found just when you split when you speak and blameless when you judge and we think you know that because I sinned God will be blameless when he judges because I messed up the problem is that's not the way the original language reads at all if you read in Romans chapter three in verse four Paul actually gives this what it actually says is just a translator error it's not that the original text is faulty but the Romans chapter three in verse four in our English versions when Paul is quoting this he gets it right in Romans chapter three in verse four he quotes from Psalm fifty one of verse four in A says that you may be justified by your words and that you may overcome when you are judged and he's speaking to God David to realize that his sin did not just hurt him it's hurting God in the investigative judgment because we're told in a fusion is that God is making known his wisdom to the all looking universe in the info and worlds through the church what do you do whenever the church doesn't look like Jesus in a stand God himself as being judging the investigative judgment and what he's seeking to do is to purify the people to make them look like him to vindicate that his plan was right all along I can change for their lives I can change them he says in this is why you allude to this in verse four in Romans three in verse four he says that you may be found just when you are judged this is why David says that you made that I have sinned against you and you will be right David was not just trying to get out of trouble right he wasn't just looking for ways to get out of trouble David realized that his sin had hurt God and that's what gave him that tenacity and that earnestness in his repentance you understand the difference he realized that his sin hurt God not just him that's how we know his repentance was legit so our sin needs to be in the sanctuary for it to be covered that's of the Deva Tom It was meant to be and we're currently living in the day of atonement if there are things that we realize that you know I know that are wrong so and so by this I just don't want to own it you have no idea how liberating it is to just confess to just take responsibility it's powerful young people there are few things you can do in your personal relationships as a parent as a child as a teacher just as a human being than owning it it's amazing how quickly that gap can close in a lot of ways and how more quickly healing can come when we just don't and it will cover more about that in a moment in steps a Christ chapter page thirty eight Alawite talks about true confession I want to read just two paragraphs from this because I don't have a lot of time. She says true confession is always of a specific character and acknowledges particular since there may be of such a nature as to be Iraq before God only and there may be wrong as it should be confessed to individuals who suffered injury through them or they may be of a public character and should be as publicly confessed but all confessions should be definite and to the point acknowledging the very sins of which we are guilty notice justifying ourselves is not listed there making excuses is not listed there ovoid in the topic altogether and hoping to get it right in the future is not listed there you face it head on in the days of Samuel the Israelites wandered from God They were suffering the consequences of sin for they had lost their faith in God They lost their discernment of his power and wisdom to rule the nation and they lost their confidence in his ability to defend and vindicate his cause they turn from the great ruler of the universe and desired to be governed as were the nations around them and before they found peace they made this definite confession we have added on to all our sins this evil to ask us a king the very sin of which they were convicted had to be confessed and their ingratitude oppressed their souls and severed them from God. And she covers more that chapter it's an amazing chapter now if there are things that you don't know we talked about this last time was here if there are things that you don't know that you've done it's kind of hard to confess those and God actually made provision for this in the sink she wary in the economy in the sanctuary there was a morning and an evening sacrifice that covered the unknown sins of the people that sacrifice still happen on the Day of Atonement still happen on the Day of Atonement which means that those things are covered still get freaked out but if you know that there's something that's just not right why run from it what benefit do you gain by running from taking responsibility you gave none it just causes difficulty it causes shame and guilt are personalizing relationships we've got to do that guys and Matthew chapter five Jesus says if you if you're bringing your sacrifice to the altar and realize that someone has something against you go make it right in Matthew Chapter eighteen Jesus says if something's not going on that says it needs to be you need to go talk to that person one on one you need to take responsibility if they won't listen if they won't take responsibility bring somebody else with you right and then bring it before the church but there is this principle of of having reconciliation one with another built within what God wanted for the people of God He doesn't want this tension between us literally one of the best ways that you can find reconciliation and overcome conflict is to man up and take responsibility get over your pride and just do it I'm telling you I've seen such a dramatic difference in relationships when I just took the first step to take responsibility and it wasn't easy but you'll never believe it when you muster the guts to do it the first time any A Don't die it's actually just a little bit easier to do it the next time and when you don't die it's a little bit easier to do it the next time. And before you know what God transform use transforms you into the type of person who genuinely takes responsibility when they realize they messed up they want to make it right it changes the way you live and it's so liberating I cannot tell you how liberating it is if you is great it's hard to get over it because we're a stubborn prideful people but God in His great love for us is not going to give up so if you mess up individually own it individually if you mess up publicly own it publicly martyr your pride and own it take responsibility confess your sin now I'm not going to go in-depth on this for a number of reasons but there is this amazing video on You Tube right now that a TED talk that Joshua Harris has and it's called strong enough to be wrong and you may agree or disagree with the conclusions that Joshua Harris is coming to in his life right now that's not my point if you just listen to the principles this guy covers in his video it's absolutely amazing there's a lot of lessons this man has learned haven't come face to face with difficulties that have come from decisions he made and it's taught him a lot really really helpful now taking responsibility is not only the right thing to do it's the only pathway to freedom are you hearing me it's the only pathway to freedom we've got to confess we've got to own it we've got to take responsibility the only sin that God cannot forgive young people is the sin we don't confess and he's safe he's shown us this continue throughout Scripture he loves you he has no desire for you to die or to be lost you can come to him if there is anybody on your on in the universe that you can confess to safely and not be ashamed or afraid it's Jesus he's proven that you can come to Jesus today we're missing out when we don't do this and when we take responsibility it's actually a reversal of the fall of Adam and Eve they refuse to take responsibility it's a great way to reverse the fall and you can have peace with God today and you can have peace with the people that you've heard you can do it so how to lose the kingdom. Well you brief personal testimony when I was starting to come I didn't go looking for God God came looking for me but when I started to realize the love that God had for me and I was starting to respond one of the most impactful moments of my life that radically change the trajectory of how I did Life happened in the summer of two thousand and five I had just finished my first season of drum and bugle corps as a professional musician and I came home and my dad sits me down in his bedroom he sits me down on the you know what I sat on I think on his dresser or something and my dad sits on the edge of his bed and I KID YOU NOT IN TEARS the hero of my life the man who saved Jesus saved my soul but the man who converted to be my dad looked me in the eyes and in tears he confessed to me that he had failed me as a father spiritually and he asked me to forgive him and I remember thinking to myself why is my dad crying he's been the best dad I ever could have hoped for why why is he crying it was because he realized once he found Jesus that he had failed me he had not given me what I needed as a young man spiritually and he saw the fruit born in my life of not having spiritual leadership and when my dad saw how he stood with God in his responsibility he owned it with God and you know my dad could have done he could have just chosen to do better going forward and I never would have known but he didn't he owned it like a man he looked me in the eyes and in tears he told me D.M. sorry I failed you as a dad spiritually Will you forgive me and is there anything I've done to hurt you he wanted to know my dad wanted to be right with me and I wanted to bury a very big lesson that day that's what a man looks like men don't run from what they've done they take responsibility and young ladies on promising you if you look at that man you want to man that's going to take responsibility because you want to be like Abigail where you're married to a scallywag and you have to clean up his mess every day you don't want that so man looks at the outward appearance God looks at the heart one of the things you need to be looking for is someone who takes responsibility when they miss who realizes you know I didn't do right I want to make it right young men you are not a man and to you take responsibility. Fathers you are not a man if you're not taking responsibility with your children and with your wives taking responsibility is not just for men by the way but the best thing you can do as a person of influence is not be too proud to own it own it and you'll be amazed at the respect you're going to receive from your children from your spouse from the people in your church whoever it is you will be amazed I assure you my mistake here I came to Heritage academy in the fall of two thousand and twelve fully convinced of the fact that I knew what life is about I got it figured out and I was very troubled when I came to this place having come out of the world and having scars in my experience from all the stupid stuff I did before I found Jesus and I saw a young people who had ambitions that were similar to what God called me out of and my immediate reaction was to slap people and tell them their inhibitions were foolish and I didn't hit anybody just don't misunderstand me but I did not understand how to handle the things I was seeing and the frustration that I had I didn't know how to handle discipline right I called Catch out publicly in the middle of a worship because catch was clowning around during worship or that this is inappropriate you can't do that and I called him out publicly somehow I forget how I did it and he hated me for at least a year and a half for sure and to some degree for good reasons because I did not handle that well at all you don't call people out publicly it's not it's not the way to do it it just isn't right you can address topics publically We don't call out some person and shame them in front of everybody God doesn't use shame Satan uses shame God doesn't and I didn't know that I didn't know any better I did what my dad did with me the problem is dad to do that with me individually right if something wasn't right it's a body this isn't this isn't OK but I had to do things differently I had lessons to learn you never believe this I didn't have everything figured out I wasn't near was awesome as I thought I was and that a lot of growing to do and I literally killed my ministry with the young people as soon as I got here to a large degree my ability to be a positive influence to change and to be able to disciple and had these kids trust was greatly hampered because I did things wrong. And it took some time for me to realize what I had done but once I realized what I did I had already learned from my dad how you handle things like this I stood up in a chapel and I owned it for all the kids I took responsibility for messing up and I took responsibility about the catch thing in front of the kids publicly because I messed up publicly I owned it publicly and God began a process of redeeming my ministry here where the children eventually did young people did come to trust me and it was very difficult for me to leave life gets better when you build a pattern of taking responsibility you don't have that shame that regret that tension is not there anymore you can lay your head on your pillow at night and have peace because you're right with your fellow man and you're right with God Life gets better when Saul was confronted with the sins he refused to take responsibility he made excuses he justified himself and when he would repent many times it was just to get out of trouble that's not taking responsibility at all he lost sight of his nothingness in his need of the Savior in the spirit and it cost him the kingdom remember the faith I live I want to leaven what is justification by faith it's the work of God willing the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself and when men see their nothingness then they are prepared to be close to the righteousness of Christ and this is why if we confess he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and the Clintons from all unrighteousness this is the great news you messed up there is a God in heaven who is willing to receive you but own it you can confess it safe and you can have peace with God tonight right now you can begin the process of restoring peace with your fellow man right now you can do it by the grace of God Jesus took responsibility for things that he didn't do the least you can do is take responsibility for what you have done amen and by the power of Christ in his strength he can give you the ability to do so so I'd like to make an appeal at the close of this week and first why has this made since. I'd like to make an appeal the closer this weekend because we've been looking through three different aspects of what I believe are kind of the nuts and bolts of the Laodicean message that we're not who we think we are what is it that motivates you to religious experience you just look in a stand of trouble you just want the good stuff writers are actually love for Jesus in your heart this morning don't forget where you came from do you find yourself criticizing how other people give everything for Jesus because it's ugly it's it's not pretty it's not the way that you would do it do you find yourself just not really feeling like you need to give God Anything you find yourself idle in your Christian experience it could very well be that you've forgotten where you came from and the good news is you can come back and this evening we've got to take responsibility we are we are the people of God the people the book and we're living in the misty investigative judgment what better time to take responsibility than now why not right that we are to reflect the character of God to the world what better way to do so then by being right with God right with our fellow man and owning it Amen so if you realize that I've I. I'm naked I'm miserable and I'm blind that I have not fully realize where my heart is in certain areas and that I need Jesus that I freely confess that I have nothing to offer God but me I can't just do stuff to get him off my back it doesn't work that way obedience is better than sacrifice doing religious deeds just to get God to come to be happy while doing your own thing that's never what he wanted what God wants is you that's always asking you and you never believe it when God has you you start to do the stuff that he asks and then it makes sense to lose our will most talking about Friday night if you realize that that's you that I just need to tune up I need to earnestly reflect upon my own heart and I want to be right with God I want to have the right motivations I don't want to forget where I came from anymore if that's you that's one of you to stand this evening Lord Jesus we want nothing between us and you and I just pray Lord if there's tension with family members. With spouses with their children their classmates with their students what I pray that you would give us Christ spirit of courage today to own it to make things right to reconcile our differences and to be at peace with God and with Man I ask that you would forgive our sins today lord of pride of obduracy of stubbornness we were told this evening that stubbornness is the pride of witchcraft God I pray that you would set us free from that they would break that stronghold in our experience and then we would find ourselves right with you right with our fellow man and ready to give the gospel Commission this is our play the seeding and we asked this now in Christ Jesus name. Him in this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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