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  • April 7, 2018
    7:30 PM
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Heavenly Father God It is such a privilege to be here with you it is such a privilege that you come and condescend to be here with us and Father I pray that you will. Give us a clear mind and give us a clear heart and give us a ability to hear your voice and not just to hear it but to respond to it and to act on it father all these good things come from you and we pray that we will let you come in and do these good things in our life this evening we pray and we thank you in Jesus' name amen. There is no magic formula to surrendering I gave you the one minute quick guide this after this morning but there is no magic formula the details for everyone is not going be the same my testimony is not going to your testimony and so why do I even share my testimony I share it because I hope that it can be instructive I share because I hope that it can be inspiring I hope that in some way that the Holy Spirit can use my story to influence your story to bless you in your story and as we share together I believe that that's what God's plan for us but before I share my parable I mean my my. Now before I share my parable. My testimony that's the way I want him before I share it I would like to share a parable of my testimony because I think this parable can help you understand a little bit better what my problem was and where I was coming from this parable is call rich the poor man and Rich was a very poor man he was so poor that he had a difficult time feeding his family he struggled to feed his family he was always looking for odd jobs or you could make a little bit of money just to put food on the table and it was a constant struggle he had lost his business in the flood few years back and he was constantly trying just to keep afloat. But riches life was not all work and drudgery he had a hobby and his hobby was to collect rocks. Because what else do you do with a limited income right. He collected rocks you would walk around long and he would see this nice looking rock maybe. Different color or different shape or something he would collect it and he used to spend hours with his rocks he would polish them and he would just admire them and enjoy them and then he took the cream of the cream of his rock collection and he put it into a bucket and he carried that bucket with him wherever he went wherever Rich went you would find a bucket with him whether was to work whether it was at the market whether it even if you said church you would see Rich and his bucket together this was the cream of the cream of his rock collection he would not let it out of his sight Well one day which was at the nearby town and he was looking for work and as he was standing there this rich wealthy looking gentleman came up to him and he said Tell me your story and so Rich told him about how he had lost his business and how he was struggling to feed his family and the guy felt so sorry for him he said that's really bad luck let me help you out in fact come to my house and I will give you some gold coins. Well Rich said I've never seen a gold coin before but I'm sure I'd like to have one of those so sure so I went over to the guy's house and the guy went running into his house and came out with two big heaping handfuls of gold coins and he put them into Rich's bucket. And you can imagine how rich felt right he thanked the big and profusely he went running all the way home he burst into the kitchen he yelled out we're rich we're rich We've got gold coins and of course you can imagine what his family thought about that they all came running. But when they got there and looked into the bucket there was only three little gold coins sitting at the top the bucket was so full that all the gold coins had spilled out to the floor and rich and even noticed it so his wife said well that's not really making us wealthy but you know it's better than nothing so they went out and they bought a whole bunch of food meant fact they had so much food that they were sharing with their neighbors for a while but after some time went by and the food just ran the money just ran out and here they were they were starving again. And Rich was think. You know he said wow wow we're starving again we're hungry I can't be my family this is really bad and you know this guy this wealthy gentleman was willing to give me a whole two handfuls of not only got three coins I wonder if I went back to him if he would kind of give me a little bit or you know he felt kind of bad blood in the guy because I had been so generous and but after a while I just got so hungry his family is so hungry he says I'm going to do this so he he went up he gathered discourage me knocked on the guy's door and the wealthy gentleman flung open the door he's a low rich you're back I'm so glad when you left there was this pile of coins on the on those payment and I was hoping you would come back and so he ran in he got a two handfuls he been falls of gold coins he poured them into rich bucket and Rich was so thankful he thanked him profusely and he went running all the way home and he burst into the kitchen is we're rich we're rich we have gold coins. And his family came running and found two gold coins in the top of the bucket. This happened for several months and one day as he was talking to the wealthy gentleman that was his friend the guy said you know rich. I don't want to be pushy or anything but you know if you came with an empty bucket I would fill it to the brim with gold coins. And you know what Rich said. He said You know I appreciate that that is so generous but I can't I mean these are too precious for me these are my worthless precious rocks. I have to have them I cannot I cannot live without my worthless precious rocks you know it's very generous but I'm sorry it's just not going to work. And so rich went back to just a couple coins this kept on happening for a while and you know Rich was thinking about this wow really he would fill this bucket to overflowing with gold coins if I would just empty it and the more he thought about this the more he began to resent those rocks because. They were keeping him from getting this wealth he said I could be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams if only I was willing to give up my precious worthless rocks. And so one day. The event of surrender he went to this is OK I'm going to do this so he went out into the woods to a place he never been away deep in the woods he poured out his rocks in the woods he turned his back on them and he walked out and he never went back. And now if you go to that city where rich lives you will find him knocking on doors and when people answered you know what he says he says Hi I'm rich would you like some gold. Hi I'm rich would you like some gold. My friends for most of my Christian experience I was rich holding on to my precious worthless frocks. And because of not being willing to let go of them God was not willing I would not able he was willing he was ready but he was not able to bless me to the fullest as he would have liked I am a fourth generation seventh to have in us and for that I am very thankful it is a blessing and a curse in some ways I have led a very sheltered existence I have lived in a very good Christian home I have gone to very good Christian schools all my life had very good church families. My mother valued personal devotion so much that she and she did she taught herself to read but she read the Arthur S. Maxwell series the ten volume set Bible Story series she read the whole thing to us eleven times before my brother and I went off to calving. This was and she had to teach yourself to read it was really a struggle for but she did because she believed in this morning devotional experience. And I was a missionary overseas I was an elder in my church I was all. Always the good kid you know this is me and this is the halo here right I was president of evidence used for better living at Academy I never did drugs or alcohol or premarital sex in fact a couple months before my wedding my bride came up to mean she says Mike I think we need to practice kissing. If we don't we're going to get up there in front of all those people at the wedding ceremony were to make fools of ourselves. Fortunately I was a quick study it wasn't a problem. But this is the way I was I was real always the good kid in fact in academy I was the voice of the girls dorm maintenance man I had a shop in the in the bottom of the girls' dorm I had the keys you know I was trusted and I never betrayed that trust I was always a good kid. But that was the outside on the inside I was a mess I was polluted by sin by addictions by bad habits my character flaws I was a slave on sin and I could not get the victory. The inside was so much different than the outside and you know the tragedy of my life was not that I had all these sinful tendencies and all these these these addictions and bad habits that was the tragedy the tragedy is that in my Christian experience I was not experiencing. Power I was not experiencing victory over these things I remember time and time again sincerely with all my heart pleading with God to give me victory over these sins and it just wasn't working you know there's this wonderful promise in the book of James I don't know if you know if you know this verse or not this is a great one right resist the devil he will flee from you now in that incredible promise didn't work doesn't work didn't I remember very. Many times in my Christian experiencing Lord Lord I want to resist I need to resist please help me to resist and you know what happened the devil would laugh in my face and he would keep on pounding away at me until he got through and I'm a member thinking many times why do i even try. But I want you to notice something about this verse on the screen see those three ellipses at the beginning those are not inspired. Those indicate that there's something missing at the beginning of this verse so remember that we're going to come back to that in a couple minutes. I was baptized at the age of eleven or twelve and I misunderstood fundamentally surrender you know we talked this morning about how surrender is all or nothing at all at once I did not understand that I thought that surrender meant that I would give God My one or two worst bad habits and then he would give me victory over the. And then he would work on my next one or two bad habits I keep on giving him bad habits until he got rid of them all that's what I thought up well after three decades of Sincerely following an almighty god I found out that not only had he not given me victory over my old the setting sins but I had picked up some new ones along the way in fact I was worse off after three decades of following an almighty God than when I started and that's when I begin to realize that there's probably something wrong with my experience I went through a desert experience for a few months where I became essentially agnostic I said to myself Mike you've been sincerely following an all powerful God for all these years and you're just not you're worse than when you started in some ways and. I said to God I said God if you exist I'm having a hard time believing you because I don't know how I haven't don't have a lot of evidence in my life to actually see that power that I'm hearing all about I have no proof and I said to God is that if you are a god and if you are there and if there is a heaven I won't be there unless you prove yourself to me. In a very tangible powerful way I'm done with this wishy washy. Type of religion that I had been before and so anyway I went very quickly from being what I thought to be a better than average Christian to being a skeptic a faithful skeptic and I just decided to give up I didn't know what to do I didn't know what else I could do I tried for all those years and so I did my own thing and pretty much just made my choice of the way I want to make them without considering what God wanted me. The good news is that God didn't give up on me he kept on pursuing me and he got me. And he kept me from that downward spiral that I had started on by giving up on him I was in this downward spiral that spiral that was going to end in the. Depths of despair but he caught me on the way down and the key happened can't meeting Wisconsin I was with my mom visiting and went with the evening to the evening meeting with her not because I wanted to but because I was a good kid and I want to please my mom and I don't remember to this day one word of that sermon but I do remember the topic it was on surrender and I do remember distinctly as I was sitting there I remember thinking. Is this perhaps the key. To my three decades of powerlessness is it possible that I have never actually succeeded. In giving God all my life. Is it possible that I have misunderstood surrendered and I have not actually surrendered my life to God Well that was an interesting thought I didn't I didn't jump in with all fours right away I decided this is something I need to find out and so I. Made a plan where I was going to read the New Testament for the good zillionth time and as I read it I was going to ask myself what does this passage tell me about surrender what does this passage tell me about what it is how it works how I can becomes rendered how I can statement or how I know if I am all the different questions I have about surrender what is it and you know what I found I was amazed at what I found I found was something that Ellen White already knew and that is that self surrender is the substance of the teachings of Christ you go through the New Testament as the old and to same in the Old Testament as well you go through and you will find surrender is the substance of the Scriptures directly or indirectly almost every passage is talking about this concept of giving up and giving yourself to God not just eighty percent not just ninety percent not just ninety five percent not just ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent it's got to be all or nothing if God isn't Lord of all he's not Lord at all and that was true in my life my friends if so surrender is the substance of the teachings of Christ then how is it possible that I missed out on it. All those years of living a sincere Christian life if cell surrender is the substance of the teachings of Christ then why didn't my pastors teach me about surrender why did my parents teach me about surrender why did my peers say Hey Mike this is how it works if self-surrender is the substance of the teachings of God How could I miss out and I'll tell you how I could miss out because if there's one thing the devil does not want to understand it's surrender. And he will do everything in his power to keep us from understanding it and I believe that the lukewarm latest in condition that we're in is because we don't understand this fundamental foundational principle of the Christian life. Many look for a special change take place in your feelings that's what happened to me this they turn conversion over this error thousands of stumble to ruin not understanding the expression You must be born again as I went through the Scriptures trying to understand surrender better there was one theme that kept on coming back over and over again it was counting the costs counting the costs and so I began to count the costs in my life counting the cost means looking at your choices your daily choices and saying what would my life look like if I gave God that choice and what would my life look like if I gave God that choice and what would it look like if I gave that choice do that for all your choices as much as you can and you say oh wow. That's interesting I did that and I found there were many choices several choices that I was not willing to give God I was holding on to these worthless precious rocks. And I was not letting God have my life so he could fill it with his gold one of those precious rocks was movies I have always loved watching movies I remember distinctly when my greatest pleasures in life after working a hard day at work would be to come home and to just sit down in front of a T.V. and watch a movie or three. And and yet all my life I recognized that movies were not really up holding the standard of flipping for great Right find the brother whatever is true whatever is honorable whatever is right whatever is pure whatever is lovely what is or good repute if there's anything excellent and praiseworthy dwell on these things and so I knew all my life from the time that I was a kid if this was not meeting God's expectations I knew that this was a choice that was not God's choice. And many many times I had tried to give up movies I would have a spiritual high and Sabbath morning and I would say OK God all done no more movies for me. And by Sabbath evening when the sun went down my resolutions would be like ropes of sand as other White puts it. I could not get the victory over this the setting sin and you know. I knew that it was a problem and I knew a lot of things about movies that were bad for me I knew that when I watched movies I would often get these emotions that were not healthy I would feel revengeful sometimes when I watch movies I would feel unhealthily romantic at times when I watched movies in other words the emotions of the movies would come in and infect me and did I really want Hollywood affecting my emotions I knew that when I watched movies it was unhealthy for me physically as well because the only thing better than watching a movie is doing it with a bag of potato chips. And there's something really funny about this bag of potato chips that only had one chip in it. No matter how big the bag was only had one chip in it I would start the movie I would eat the first chip and that's all I would eat and while when the movie was done the bag would be empty I have no idea how that happens. You know it's just I knew that I was eating unhealthily and that I was it was not good for me I also knew that these movies were taking up large chunks of time which could be better spent I also knew at least to some extent that when I watched these movies it was making it more difficult for me to enjoy the subtle flavors of the scripture. And I knew that watching movies was allowing these worldly ideas and values to come and I knew all these things my friends knowledge is not necessarily the key there. Just because you know it doesn't mean you're going to get a victory no matter how much you know doesn't mean you can give victory you can try resisting the devil all you want but that knowledge is not going to do anything. One of the reasons why movies was so difficult for me especially at that time in my life was that I was working as an engineer in an industry and a lot of times I would be going around the world fixing people's problems as a problem solver for the company and so I would be going off and doing something and and I used to enjoy traveling I really did because I could sit there in this seat without any wife or kids around and I could watch movies continuously for eight hours it was heaven on earth right and. Just about the time when I was looking at the surrender thing and I was beginning to understand it better and I was counting the cost just about this time I had some. Trips schedule in fact and I don't think this is Quince didn't I had three trips to Europe planned in the space of three weeks. I went to London the first week while acting England was reading in London and then I went to Ireland the first the second week and then I went to France the third week three weeks six truck to six trips across the Atlantic and my friends. I could not fathom the concept of sitting in that tiny little seat in that airplane for eight or nine hours without watching movies I could not it just defied the the realm of possibility for me in fact that was a horror movie for me a playing that my mind sitting in the seat not watching movies right. But God was convicting me about these things and. So I decided that I was going to surrender everything even movies soon as I got back from these trips. Yeah I know oh ye of little faith anyway the first trip was to England and I remember distinctly the movie I watched it was a psychological thriller and when I was done I said Mike why do you watch this guy. Why do you do this to yourself and I was so disgusted with myself that I went to sleep on the way back from England. I don't remember what I watched I think I watched several movies on the way back but after that experience I got a bad taste in my mouth as you know Mike you got at least do something to try to reduce the amount of movies that you're watching on these trips so I decided that I was going to get all the material with me that I could to try to reduce the number of movies I thought that my M P three player with good music and with good stories and with good sermons I brought my favorite magazines and books I just was that OK I'm going to least cut down a little bit if I can well this was a trip to Ireland and it was a very very late night early morning trip and I was exhausted so I fell asleep before we took off and I didn't wake up until I landed I don't think I was just exhausted so I slept the whole way there know what during that entire time that I slept I didn't watch one movie. Hey praise the Lord for small miracles whatever takes you know. In the middle of that it's that trip to Ireland something unexpected happened I woke up one morning and I distinctly remember vividly the room that I woke up and I remember the bedspread in the desk I remember that room very difficult. But I woke up one morning. And I felt like I needed to surrender my life one hundred percent to God right then. Talking out of the blue I hadn't been thinking about this I had been planning this I had put it off until the end of the trip and here was God waking me up in the middle of this travel experience saying now is the time. And you know what. I was ready and willing to do it. To me that was an incredible miracle I don't know how he got me there I don't know how long it took him to do it but he eventually did get me to the point where I was willing and able to give myself wholly to him every. Back to my life all my choices and I knelt down right there in my bed and this was a very traumatic experience from S.-Y. remember so well remember the room so well very traumatic experience for me and I remember thinking Mike this is such a bad idea you still have three. Transatlantic flights What are you going to do. But I did it anyway by faith and. And God bless. Absolutely incredibly beyond my wildest imaginations I came home from Ireland and I was sitting in a brand new airplane on an airline that I had something very rarely traveled on before and I guess it was a brand new airplane and when I sat down in my seat you would not believe I'm I don't kid you you would not believe what I found in the seat in front of me it was widescreen it was the latest and greatest entertainment system I had ever seen in my life before the time I was used to these little tiny screens you know and they would they would stream the movies six of them out of six channels you had to very carefully plan your schedule this was incredible it was widescreen you could pick from a whole list of movies you guys are all spoiled this is what you have right now but in this with time I mean I'm dating myself a little bit anyway it was amazing this is the first time I had ever seen this do you think it was acquitted and so this was the first time I was ever seeing this right I did after I had surrendered movies to gun you think that's a coincidence no it wasn't well there was one button on that wonderful entertainment system that attracted my attention I said Well movies are going to work but this button is said map it's all right I'm going to watch something you know. And a lot of times I do like watching maps I like to see you know where we are look up the window sill look there's Greenland I think so I press the map button and you computer science majors will appreciate just you know what I've said. This function not yet implemented please make another choice. But there were no other choices for me and you know what's really amazing to me I survived that flight. I was alive and well at the end of that flight can you believe that. It boggles the imagination and not only that that's not even the incredible part incredible part was I did not miss movies on that flight I enjoyed the flight I enjoyed the time I relished it and actually I actually started writing this series of sixteen presentation of the lighting on the almighty really started right around then. And I was absolutely amazed that was one of the first times in my life that I actually experienced the power of God give me victory over sin. It just blew me away. And member that verse James four seven we were looking at there were those three lips that lips These are the three dots What was that that we were leaving out what the missing part of this verse in James four seven resists the devil he will flee from you and may no. Submit therefore to God my friend there is a very important order in this verse. You cannot start in the middle I can tell you by experience I can tell you by three decades of experience you can start in the middle. You cannot say I will resist the devil without the submission the submitting has to come first was a very important order here first you submit then by God's grace you resist and then the devil flees it only works that way and has coming home from France on the third week and as I sat in my seat my arms just muscle memory started reaching out for the entertainment guy because the first thing I would do when I got an airplane was to plan my my movie schedule and as my arm was reaching out for the entertainment guide my mind said Mike what are you doing and I thought oh well that's true I did surrender movies but you know that's OK I'll just look at the menu I won't actually watch anything and then my mind said to the Holy Spirit talking no that's not a good idea because you know how many times in the past if you wanted to not watch movies but when you see this delectable menu you know your resolutions are like ropes of sand so I said OK lower you when I'm not I'm going to look and I was so I was so pleased I was so. Encouraged by the victory that God had given me I was just praising God and you know what happened. You won't believe this I had flown with this airline for almost a half a million miles on a mission ever remember this happened before the purser got on. Intercom and she listed all six movies that were shown on that flight and what they were and what channels there's a never happened before do you think that the devil was worried you think she was concerned do you think this was this was coincidence that this person was getting on and telling us what these movies what were you think it was coincidence that one of those movies with a was a gene rated family comedy that I've been wanting to watch really really ban that the just come out you think it's any coincidence. And so my mind started to go into rationalization mode it's G. rated how bad can it be and by the way do you think those people who make the ratings for movies are inspired. It's a comedy and laughter is the best medicine I mean it's a medicine right now. It's a family movie it was a it was an animated movie how bad can it be you know rationalization mode but then I said hey wait Mike this isn't your choice to make you gave this choice to God It's not going to happen and so I said OK And guess what the devil said OK and he was gone. And for the rest of the flight I enjoyed the flight without any temptation to watch movies. With my mind. My friend something happened to me when I was converted I believe that was the first time I was truly converted. Something happened to me that just. I wouldn't believe if you told me if you told me what I'm telling you tonight I wouldn't believe you for most of my life. God gave me victory overnight victory over every chosen sin in my life. All of those chosen addictions all those chosen bad happen not talking about the unchosen sins and they're not talking about the the unintentional sins in the end the Unknowns I'm talking about those choices the power of choice God gave me back my power of choice so that I can say OK Lord you get to choose and he gave me consistent victory that night over every known chosen sin in my life and not only that but he gave me an immediate overnight love for prayer. I remember. Right away just saying wow I get to spend an hour with God. And the time just flew by the power of conversion was new to me I've never experienced it before it blew me away these are some of the greatest miracles I've ever experienced in my life. I'd like to share with you. One of my favorite statements by Alan White that talks about the victory that comes to those who give themselves fully to God here it is when the soul surrenders of self the Christ a new power takes possession of the new heart a change is rot which man can never accomplish for himself it is a supernatural work bringing a supernatural element into human what nature and incredible the Soul that is yielded to Christ becomes his own fortress which he holds in revolt of the world and he intends that no authority shall be known in it but his own is so all those kept in possession by the heavenly agencies is in creditable to the assault a statement. But she warns unless we do yield ourselves to the control of Christ we shall be dominated by the wicked one and i friends I can tell you by thirty years of experience that the statement is true unless we do you'll ourselves of the control of Christ we shall be dominated by the wicked one now don't get me wrong please I don't want anybody going away to night saying Hey Mike got up on the stage and I says he's perfect. Fit and then he sins anymore that's not true at all I am a sinner I am standing in the need of grace I still make terrible mistakes I still have terrible shortcomings I have character flaws I am a sinner standing in the need of grace the difference is is that God does give me victory in my choices and that's the first victory he gives us because that's where our power is the power of choice and then through the sanctification process he gives us victory over those unintentional sins those character flaws those shortcomings that kind of thing that's part of the scientific ation process but consistent victory over the chosen sins was one of the greatest miracles that I've experienced in my life. For several weeks after I surrendered I had spiritual panic attacks. I would have these these episodes of extreme fear what have I done had I really given God all my choices was this going to be my life now forever. And then we're having these these these incredible panic attacks about would I be able to do this or was just going to fail just like all my other temps all my life you know I had tried and failed tried feels this could be no there were those failures. And for several weeks the devil hounded me with these thoughts but you know God gave me face to keep on stepping one step at a time even though I just could not see the future I just could not see how this would be possible I just knew that I was going to fall again God gave me strength to keep moving step by step and you know after a while the panic attacks went away and it was replaced by a faith in the power of God. Because he gave me victory for the first time I LIKE HE GAVE ME victory and I was able to see it. Now I know that I have shared with you tonight one of my personal struggles just one of many and I know that not everybody here has that same struggle and in fact some of you may not even be able to relate to this at all you may see movies fights they're not a problem I can get rid of those easy you know but I can guarantee one thing I can guarantee that each one of us here tonight has at least one area where the devil gets us where the devil tries really hard where he sets it up and makes that perfect trap where the devil has this beast set in sin in our lives everyone has this area that we struggle in but doesn't make any difference because our our God is an all powerful god Greater is He who is in us. If we let him and he who is in the world I was on a plane coming back from Germany and as I sat there I was watching the people come in and members distinctly seeing this young woman and her son walk by and I was wondering where they were going kind of you know daydreaming and saying well I'm hope that they're off to meet the husband and father you know and we're going to meet kind of stuff and they sat behind me somewhere in coach class and I didn't really hear what was going on back there but after a little while there was a little bit of a commotion back there and sure enough a couple minutes later this another lady came. Stocking forward with her boarding pass in her hand and she was you know just. Go like this and I knew exactly what had happened as it happened to me several times before Also two people on the plane had the same seat they both had boarding passes to prove it I knew exactly what was going on and sure enough a little while later a stewardess came back with a lady and they went back there and there was some more commotion I couldn't hear of I knew there was something going on Anyway the upshot of this whole story is that. That original young lady and her son were kicked off the airplane and she was crying. And it's also bad for how do they make these kind of decisions you know to get two people off instead of one kind of felt really bad form and I remember hoping that she would find another flight that she would Mr connections and all that kind of thing but she didn't find in the flight just before the doors closed on that huge airplane she came back on board and she wasn't crying anymore she was smiling and she didn't sit in coach class she set business class. And I remember thinking you know. I wonder if she misses her seat in coach class what do you think you think on that eight hour nine hour trip from Germany to United States she would say wow I wonder what I'm missing in coach class oh if only I could be so they can coach class you know she's enjoying these warm not see now and this recliner and she's saying Oh I don't want my missing in coach class my friends I was that same when most of my Christian life I was clutching a coach class ticket a cloak Coast coach class Christian experience and God was trying to get that. Coach class experience out of my hands and give me this first class Christian experience and I was fighting him and I was fighting him but God finally got me to the place where I was willing to open my gratitude OK Lord it's yours but wherever you want me. I never want to go back. I want to enjoy I want to live that first class Christian experience the rest of my life I want that Joy I want that peace I want that love I want that motivation and yes I want that self-denial and self-sacrifice and that trial and tribulation I want to go because I know it's good and everything from God is exquisitely good excruciating to lead good. And we can praise him for that. My friends I'm not one for emotional appeals but I would like to have a special consecration prayer this evening before we go. I would like to. Pray for anyone who would like to commit themselves consecrate themselves to God in a way that they have never done before. I'm going to have a special consecration prayer for anybody who'd like to join me up here at the front and I'm vitally to come if you've never made that commitment before and you want to surrender holy to Jesus you want to say Lord I'm willing to be made willing and you want to come in to be consecrated tonight I invite you to come and join me in my prayer if you've already committed yourself to Christ. But you've let it slip and you felt that that lukewarm experience come back into your life and you want to come forward you want to recommit consecrate I invite you to come forward as well or maybe you view our holy surrendered and you want to just say Lord give me a deeper experience. I'm going have a consecration prayer and join you to come up and join me if you would like to. Have Me Father God and you see us tonight on our knees because we have a desire to be consecrated more fully to you than we have ever been before we are asking for an impossible miracle in our lies father a miracle that you are ready and able to give us and I pray that you will look at each heart that is kneeling before you tonight and I pray that you will do whatever it takes in that heart. To give them the ability to be willing and able to wholly surrender themselves to you to be consecrated to you like they have never been consecrated before. Father that you might be an almighty god in each one of our hearts. That you. Have your way and do everything that you want to do for us and in us and through us and that you might like this campus on fire through those who are here tonight. And like this community on fire through those who are here tonight. Father we plead with you to do whatever it takes in our life to get through to us whatever it takes so we may be set aside wholly consecrated. All or nothing all at once. Father grant that we may drown in your will that we may let you drown us and we gladly do it that we made joyfully jump into your arms. Thank you for the privilege of being able to pray for surrender. Thank you for the privilege of being able to come to you and beg this most wonderful gift. Thank you Father for what you have done in our hearts tonight and what you will do we praise you we love you in Jesus being a man this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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