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  • April 7, 2018
    9:30 AM
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My name is Pastor Eric flick and Joy I'm serving currently as the associate speaker of the it is written and we're of course located right here in Chattanooga. Michel hostle I teach here at Southern Methodist University in the School of Religion I teach archaeology in Old Testament and Hebrew and delighted to be here again for you I see this year good morning good morning my name is Justin came I work in the General Conference I'm the assistant editor assistant director and one of the editors for the young adult. School quarterly. Good morning I'm Esther Lopez and I am a nursing student here first semester in the B.S.N. program and I'm from California. Hello my name is Kyle Griffith and I'm a biology major here I've been here now three years and I'm also from California so. I'm Michel Duke of earth and I teach business here at Southern advocacy University overseeing our an active program for soon entrepreneurship and the Institute for Ethical Leadership and I got to be your panel moderator today which is really fun because I get to ask the questions and they have to answer them but these are not my questions these are your question these are the questions that have been sent in throughout the week and we're excited to go over them together and what you don't know maybe is that all these people in these pack on this panel have a wide variety of backgrounds of mission experience and also just a personal experience with the Lord and so keep it all in prayer as we discuss these things together and try to go into some of the questions that you all have sent and discuss that together so I'm going to start with one here. And dress this to Pastor Eric flick injured down there in the end I'm glad I'm glad he's willing to start us off right so some of the past him a Mike this is the question someone asked I am struggling with opening the Bible reading and studying it how do I over this past year I think this is a challenge that most if not all of us face at some point along the way how do you how do you get there to open and study it one of the things that's helped me over the years and I'm sure it's helped you as well is to take Jesus is our example how did he approach life and in Mark one verse thirty five it says than in the morning rising up a great while before day he went out and did. Parted into a solitary place and there prayed it was Mark one thirty five so one of the things that Jesus did was he got an early start on things I don't know if your life reflects mine at all but I tend to be kind of busy any of you busy I think that's like all of us and a life kind of it creeps up on us and the tasks for the day kind of pile up getting an early start on things is immensely helpful but how do you get an early start because many of us probably struggle with getting up in the morning and getting to the things that we need to do one of the things that I found has helped me is to get to bed early and I know getting to bed early is a challenge especially when you're studying I remember back when I was a student at the university I had a lot of assignments that were do I had a lot of other responsibilities and I felt like if I didn't get them done before I went to sleep they weren't going to get done before the next day but what I also found was as I was working at eleven o'clock twelve o'clock one two three in the morning I was rereading the same thing five times trying to understand what I just read the fourth time the brain doesn't work real well at night and so getting to bed early allows you to get the rest you wake up early and you can get a fresh start on things one of the thing that I found very helpful is to develop a routine it was JESUS routine to get up early and to pray if you've watched You Tube at all recently you've probably seen a video that has floated through on a regular basis about the first thing that you do when you get up in the morning is to make your bed if you do one thing as soon as you wake up that starts the routine and if you're time with God as part of that routine which it ought to be it just naturally flows from one thing to another so that's a good place to start anyway it's a listen tips about how to get started one more if any of you want to add maybe what you do when you study the Bible how to get something. That you know there's a book called The Power of Habit by by Duhigg. I'm like a nerd I like reading books and something powerful about a habit you mentioned routine and I think sometimes we may be a little bit afraid of habits we don't want to become habitual we don't want to create the just make it routine but there's something efficient about habits that we don't have to do is not a lot of neurological energy expended upon brushing your teeth I mean you mindlessly open the I mean whatever whatever to place to place use but you put it on your thingy and you put in your thing and your mouth and you're brushing and you know but how many of you are consciously thinking about it and my God this is such a have this is just a chore and at your age if you're still thinking there's something wrong with your teeth but you're just a person who brought it up and then I think. As as disciples of Jesus we need to have the habit of opening the Bible and reading it and I think we shouldn't feel guilty if we don't have that habit that's instantaneous habits they say an average of sixty six days to be to be developed on average some maybe a hundred twenty seven some after three days but there's for me I got a minute there are some days where I just don't feel like opening the Bible like just. When I want to just watch You Tube like the whole day twenty four hours and that's wrong so I know that their habits have helped me gone through the low parts of my life and that's when after the habit is a fish and and you get to the habit of opening it then you go into the into the neural exercise of of understanding and reading and perfectly getting through it so I there's a there's a there's a renaissance of habits that are coming in this day and age and the crazy thing is this the crazy thing is this that there are things you can do to prime your mind to create habits more. Or easily or easily easily easily or. Clearly English is not my forte as an editor and then this is what the crazy thing is one is exercise exercise is the one prime habit that if you start exercising it affects almost every other happen in your life right unlike your exercise to drink a lot of water stop drinking caffeine something soda sugary drinks and I'm like water it primes the brains out of vitamin D. get sunshine and and this is something we'll year to anyone and I'm thinking this is this is new start this is what I've avin this should have the best brains out there I mean. It's really for the dead. In some sunshine some water and some exercise so we have been giving this given this message almost one hundred years ago but right now the research is just coming up to par and helping out with our lifestyle so a long winded way of saying we should we should read our Bibles. One more quickly is it related to maybe how we do this perfect Yeah so I've also struggled with opening the buy will sometimes but I'll tell you that the eggs meant to open the Bible has increased when I knew what to do when I opened the Bible when I knew like what I was going in for like for example let's say I am dealing with. Love like I don't feel loved you know I don't feel like God loves me so I learned how to study the Bible when I went to Bible College and I've had friends who have taught me as well and I've just had people in my life who have influenced me and taught me so those things made me excited to go in and I know how to find the answers another words you don't know how to finance or in the Bible you're going to feel like I don't want to open it because I'm going to be kind of lost does that make sense right so two things that I would say that could help you with that is connect with somebody who are already knows how to study the Bible. And to who. If you don't want to connect with someone read a book or do like a semester of salts or something like that because it will force you to learn how to how to read it and then connect with God on a personal level and then also share with somebody else thank you thank you all so it's a habit at the time but also we can learn more how to study for ourselves how to get more out of Scripture and that's awesome. All right we're going to go back to Pastor Justin Kim for this next one it's a very simple question I'm sure you all know the answer already but how do I know God's will for my life. But. I think that's like a very important question and specially in the quarter life position of our of our years. So really short I mean can have a whole segment on this we don't have time for it but there are two and sometimes this is based really on your personality it shouldn't be but it sometimes it is but it's based on two philosophies are two different sides one is the transcendent for you that God sees everything God is above and from a bird's eye view he has calculated your life the specific line and you got to be here and you got to be so in tune with God you've got to be on this G.P.S. map at all times and if you deviate and be recalculating We Can you got to get back on that line and then you got to end or he's the second philosophy or second thought is the imminence of God where God is here with you and he's right he's right next to your ear he's like you know those cartoons and we would always correct any it is a little little you know Angel here and he's like yeah make a left turn right now when you make a left turn or light and it's a divine appointment they say you want to be a seventh they have it as a right now and so they get baptized me right now I'm like now put on some Red Sox and you put on Red Sox I'm like why Lauren and and later in the and then there's like a Red Sox society that wants become like Lord and and there's these disease it's crazy I know but you have these shoot different. Thoughts and usually based on your personality or your temperament you kind of deviate one to another and the reality is they are both correct and but they both come to a contact point in Scripture. Scripture is the means by which you know and you're like well that I know that well so for example go to First Thessalonians chapter for the first Thessalonians chapter four first the saloons Chapter four is after chapter three. Which is after chapter to chapter. Thirty four verse one and I'll just read here. And this kind of ties into bible study of what Pastor Eric was saying a little bit what verse one finally brother then brothers we ask in urging the Lord Jesus that as you receive from us how you ought to walk in to please God just as you are doing that you do more so and more for you know what instructions we gave you Lord Jesus for this is the will of God your sanctification they abstain from sexual more more immorality that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and on are not in the past passion of lust like the gentiles who do not know God and that no one transgress and wrong his brother in this matter because the Lord is an Avenger and in all these things as we told you before him and psalm we warned you for look on has not called us for in purity but in holiness so instead in reading Scripture we find in its It requires not a isolated understanding of one text but what that principle is involved in that text and from that principle drawn out we apply that to our lives and we know that to be the will of God Now that sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo So some people believe that God is so imminent that and maybe some of you know I've done this guiltily not recently but back before but I'm going to do a random finity did you did you did you did. And then god you pray are you fast and like Lord what is your will for me and your like King assure us imposed a tax on the land and on the coasts lands of the sea. Lord do you want me pay my taxes Ah yes April fifteenth is coming up I need to pay my taxes and I need to go to the coast lands of the sea. So you get a plane ticket and you go to the ocean and you do the same thing when you get to the ocean is that a lot and I know I know I'm exaggerating obvious answer is No that's not a proper understanding of God's will that bible verse was there to show the narrative of Esther the. Bible verse was not there to after thousands of years later to to implore us to pay our taxes Amen now you know the classic story someone did the same thing in it and this is like the how Judas killed himself in the Lord really and he doesn't does it again like what they do is to us quickly in areas like Lord what's going on rather we need to find the principle in first lesson one chapter four verse for the passage we find that it is God is not pleased with sexual immorality a man this is the will of God a saint if occasion so then you look at the decisions we need to make in our daily lives and if if if I have an opportunity and an opportunity a temptation of sexual immorality I don't necessarily have to pray and ask what the Lord's will in this I already know what God's will is because the principle is already delineated scripture like I don't need a voice saying no just don't go to that website. I already know from this Bible verse that this is God's will as I make sense so in general the you look at all the options that you have for life and you study a Bible verse and you realize this part is Biblical and this is not so you take these out this is not in God's will you don't need a voice to hear that when you study another bible verse this is Biblical this is not searing these parts and another by which this is God's Will this is not your youth and this gets shorter and shorter and short and short and the you realize that there are these these hand full of choices left that you know that is God's will and then you pray sometimes you do have impressions but those suppression impressions are still subject to the Bible those impressions are still subject to the wisdom of counsellors but sometimes you may not hear of voice or an impression and some time in the free will that God has given us. You have an option and I know that sounds pretty scary some of us. By. Sometimes you know when you when you pray in the oven you get up in the morning Lord what is your will should I wear my blue socks or should I wear my black socks we don't ask God these questions he gives us a free choice and that's I'm a micro very insignificant seemingly And so should be in significant decision but sometimes in our and sister says this that we get so paralyzed in making a decision that we end up making the decision at all and I know extremists in the eminent category that they won't get off their knees until they feel impressed on what color the Lord has given them the socks thing and sometimes the Lord is quiet silent because he's given this intelligence rational and for you will now there's bigger decisions like marriage rights you have a non avin this then another NIST very clear you don't need an impression you don't need to what was and you have scriptures very clear do not be on equally yoked So you know this girl this may be the best Baptist girl in the whole world the fact that she's not something I am this is not God's will that doesn't mean you necessarily go Locker out I mean there's other things you've got to read other scriptures and and it's a workable situation and there's other situations you may have an unconverted Seventh Day Adventist and you can it's very clear in this situation and so very long when I don't mean to but I mean I guess I think Pastor Kim needs to do a seminar on this next but hopefully we can take some principles out just not measuring it with God's word. Choices thinking through these choices so thank you so much for that we're going to have to move on to the next question I'm really sorry but. Only due to question there are three. But I'm going to give this one to Kyle I think he's had some experience with this in some past work that he's dead is it bad if I never know I have led someone to Christ is it bad if I never see a baptism is. The direct result of my giving a Bible study with the absence of such things indicate my lack or that I'm not all in or not being intentional enough if I never yield this type of fruit in my life does it mean I have failed or not done my duty to Christ so this is a good question I've thought this before I've worked in different mission fields both in this country and in other countries and sometimes you may be going for months and months and months and not really see what you think is much of anything. But this kind of just reminds me of there's actually this old Arabic story that comes from the old writings of the Middle East and there's a rich guy he's riding past and he sees this old man really really old man and he's planting date palms and then the rich guy that's riding past he says why are you planting the date palms you're not going to eat from this they're little they grow for like ten years before you can do it you can eat it and then he says they planted so we can eat so now we plant so they can eat. And that's kind of the concept that we see here sometimes there's two things I'd like to refer to in the Bible about this one of course is the story in the seed. It's in Matthew chapter thirteen we won't like go there and read the whole thing because I'm sure most of you are pretty familiar with the story but we see this concept of the story he sent to go and put the seed everywhere he is not to be discriminating I'm going to put it here and not here he's just throwing it everywhere but then there's some places where there's rocks there's some places where the soil is hard there's some places where the birds come and eat and there's also some good soil. But should he feel bad that he's not getting the results he may want from the rocky soil when he's saying I'm throwing seeds here why is nothing happening what God has told us to do is to plant seeds everywhere we're not supposed to say oh well yeah these people look like they might accept my truth or whatever so I'm going to talk to them and all these guys they would never accept it I'm not even going to talk to them I'm not even going to bother what we need to do is be putting the seeds putting the seeds and watering the seeds and taking care of the seeds the best that we. We know how and some will sprout and others won't but that being said let's also go to John chapter four verse thirty seven. And we see another aspect of this same. The same issue. We see here in John chapter four verse thirty seven it says and here in is that saying true one sows and another reaps So it could be that you go somewhere maybe you're on a short term mission trip and you come back after having been there for a week and you say what did I even do like I didn't see any you know miraculous stories I didn't see any big baptisms I didn't see anything like this I mean we went and we gave medicine to people or we did a public health fair or something like this but what did I actually accomplish Well maybe you're the one that's sowing and maybe you'll find out that six months down the road a year down the road ten years down the road that there was somebody that later came and reaped that field and you're not going to know about all of that until you get to heaven and you see the results of all of this I think of one person that I once met. He works in the Sinai Peninsula he was going amongst the Bedouins and he was trying to reach them with the truth and he spent ten years there before a single person would even be interested in what he had to say so he lived amongst them he learned the language you learn the culture he went from place to place and got welcome into their communities and little by little by little he talked to them more and more and just tried to find some way that he could maybe reach them and after ten years one person. One person. Was that a waste of time. What would have happened if he stopped after nine years he says Uh this is useless What am I doing here I'm not getting any results I'm also reminded of the story. Of Noah. He preached for one hundred twenty years and he only saved his own family not a single person from outside of his family and his like married in family got on the boat. So. In my mind our biggest goal that we need to do is to throw the seed and to water the seed take care of the seed if we see a field that needs harvesting we need to harvest it but the speed at which all of this takes place is between God and the individual it's not up to us to decide oh we're going to baptize you now because I said so and I need numbers and I need results doesn't work that way it really doesn't so you're saying it's kind of up to God to write yes a conversion is between the individual and gosh. That's a really good answer. I have another question here. Says I wear jewelry and have tattoos but I love Jesus Christ and I'm in love with the S.D.A. message why is it not OK for me to be a leader at my church or get all kinds of looks from other Adventists I ask this question from a standpoint of love and with the spirit of the learner Wow. I think Dr hostle might be a good one for this question. Right thank you Michel. You know it's a great question and it's an important question particularly the society that we live in today. You see more and more tattoos you see more and more things that I think years ago we didn't see as much as becoming a very popular thing especially among young people and I always like to go to the Scriptures to find out what Scripture says about some of these issues even contemporary issues sometimes we wonder are these contemporary issues even relevant and can I find answers in scripture so let's go to a couple of verses really quick and then I'll share a short story try to share a short story here we like best. Yes So here first Corinthians Chapter six verses one thousand nine hundred twenty. Paul is writing to the Corinthians he's been spending time in Corinth he spent three years in Corinth and built up one of the great churches in Corinth Corinth as a place of of a great deal of. Very. Very loose living if you will in a place of experience in a place where sailors are coming from all over the Mediterranean world and it's known for its temples particularly to Aphrodite all kinds of things are going on there and Paul writes this and there are a number of implications we can take from this but he says Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have received from God You are not your own you were bought at a price they are for honor God with your bodies now Paul here is talking I think more about sexual impurity and what we do with our bodies sexually but I think there's also an implication here a broader implication that our bodies are not our own and they are something that God has given us to serve him with and you know years and years ago maybe some of you won't remember this maybe met some of you do but there was a a trend in Christianity that started coming around what would Jesus do right W W J D People were little you know. Bracelet things with with with this on them to remind themselves and so forth and and I just have to ask that question sometimes what would Jesus do in some of these situations how do we see him in these situations now there is a deeper question here and that is you know I have tattoos who what what what do I do can I serve the church to is that OK Absolutely when I first came here is a young professor I was twenty nine years old and my first reader was older than I was that's the guy that grades the papers that I give out in class and he was cut. Heard in tattoos and I was a little afraid of him he was three inches taller than I was and I'm six foot two so it was kind of you know a little intimidating. He was older he was bigger he was he looked a little scary sometimes you know and but then I found out more about him and he was the sweetest most humble most caring person he had a true conversion complete conversion experience some years earlier that the tattoos were part of his story and he told me once as we were traveling through Texas bringing back artifacts from Mars and from the University of Arizona which are now here on display on campus and I took them along kind of as a as a body guard kind of you know kind of guy to help me with with that transition of all those priceless artifacts I figured nobody would mess with us going through Texas so anyway he told me he said he says you see this tattoo over here I used to be in gangs in this tattoo I got specifically to it so that when I saw it if I ever had a gun in my hand it was probably on this hand here but when I if I had ever had it I would not kill someone. I didn't want to ever kill anyone. Now he had a tremendous story to tell today he's a wonderful fantastic pastor he's an evangelist for the Lord and but if you were to ask him today. If he would have. If he could do it all over again. I don't think he would say and no he wouldn't say because he told me he would not have any of those tattoos on his body because he wants to serve the Lord and He knows that in some cases even though he can use this for God's glory now in some cases he has had the opposite experience and people have been turned away because of them so I think I think we need to be really careful with our in our image how we present ourselves and remember that everything that we do is for God's glory and how we how we look at our bodies. They are also they're not our own they're gods and we fully surrender ourselves to God there he is and what would he do what would he have us do in these situations by the way there's a very specific passage I should mention in Leviticus that actually prohibits tattoos and we need to keep those things in mind as well in the culture of the ancient near East as the Israelites were coming out of Egypt it's in Leviticus actually let's see here it's in Leviticus nineteen verse twenty eight do not cut your bodies for the dead are put Ted two marks on yourself people did tattoos in those days particularly the Egyptians and the Libyans that live to the west of them we still see the images on temple walls and these were also often for cultic reasons we find serpents on people's legs and arms and so forth and and also for fertility reasons as well so this comes out of a context of the ancient near East that may be different today and then maybe there were some similarities as well so that's a kind of a long question long answer. There. One is asking how do I find my worth happiness and security in God Is it really a matter of truly internalizing and being confident with his opinion of me above all and any opinions Well it's a huge question. How do we find that. So I don't know that I have all the answers because there are so many reasons why you may not be feeling sick here in your relationship with God and I can think of a few so I'm only going to share like a couple things right now I recently I was on a phone call with a really good friend of mine and like she's been doing ministry for a long time too and but she told me that she was struggling with understanding or feeling like God loves her and she said I don't even know if like it's like I don't even believe when you tell me that you love me as my friend and I was like why I don't understand why she's struggling so much with this you know also you know I always pray when I talk with my friends and a question came to my mind to ask her which was. So do you believe that anybody loves you like a lot you know do you believe anybody truly loves you and she said I don't even I even doubt that my parents really love me and Alice like wow that's pretty it's pretty deep to not even be sure that your parents love you so I'm saying this to say that if you don't really think that anybody loves you perhaps there's something going on with your relationships with your family or your friends like at a deeper level that needs to heal so for example with her. I encouraged her to talk with her her dad because she needed to kind of clear some things up so that she could feel loved by him so she could see that he really. I care. So I'm just saying that as like a like a possibility for you if you don't feel like God loves you maybe there's also something deeper I'm not a counselor just a thought. But on the other hand if you do know that somebody loves you like your family and you're secure in that love and now you're just like I'm not sure about this god relationship open your BIOS to song chapter eight and verse four and I'm just going to say something about security in our relationship that came to my mind. As you're going there so it says security in our relationship columns and we're going to a song Chapter eight verse four Psalms Chapter eight verse four. So this is just a thought and I wrote it down securing a relationship calms when you know that the person gets you supports you is loyal to you adores you wants the best for you and that you can trust that person with being the real you write your save with that person you're secure with that person don't you guys know somebody in your life that you feel that way you feel secure with that person yet you know somebody who you feel secure with right so you want that with God So let's read the verse. It says verse three I'll start with Verse three it says When I consider that I haven't the work of my fingers the moon in the stars which thou has ordained what is man that Thou art mindful of him and the Son of man that Thou visit is to him. So in this verse David is telling us something that he has learned about God in his experience in his relationship with God which is one God thinks about him and to God visits him spends time with him how do you feel when you know that somebody thinks about you even way. They're busy and I have a ton of other things to do but they're thinking about you how do you feel. Those nice doesn't it when your friends are like I'm super busy but I just thought about you and I sent you a tax write called you well God thinks about you anythings about you a lot God adores you but sometimes we don't realize how much God loves us and that God wants to spend time with us because we forget so let's go to our last rites here we're going to go to First Corinthians Chapter fifteen First Corinthians Chapter fifteen and we're going to read verse one and two God adores you God loves you and perhaps you've heard it said so many times but or maybe you haven't maybe you haven't heard it enough so this verse really helped me to understand something about my relationship with God and verse fifteen one into Paul is like repeating to people that he's preached to the same thing over and over again he's saying here first Corinthians fifteen verse wanted to Moreover brother and I declare to you the gospel which I preached and to you which also you have received and where in the stand so are these people people who have never heard the Gospel. They already heard it right so he's about to repeat to them the same things that they've already heard but why read a verse to you by which also you are saved if you what. Keep in memory what I preach why. Unless you have. Believed in vain so if you forget the things that God has told you if you forget how much he loves you if you forget the beautiful things that he's done for you in the past then it's kind of going to be in vain you're always going to feel insecure if you forget so you need to remember what he's done last thing is if you haven't spent enough time with Jesus start spending more time with him how can you feel comfortable cam a female How can I or feel comfortable with a man unless I spent time with him and got into know him and realize that I can trust him with my real day to day life issues right Same thing with God but on a bigger level you have to spend time with him if it means that you spend time with him three times a day or five times a day like you literally make it a priority you know the theme for this do you AC is give God another chance like really give God a fair chance don't try to like put him at the and of all of this of your priorities like put him at the top like give him a fair chance spend time with him and read all the verses that talk about his love. You so much. That's a huge area and I know I experience a little same things there was a time when I knew that God loved me because the Bible says so in God has to do with God does does got really like us wasn't sure about that and it really took me on a journey to to. Just really find out who God was I knew a lot about God It's possible the know a lot of belt God I don't really know God. And I experience also that that has a huge effect. And self-worth and security in those areas yeah I think there's been times where I've asked God like OK I kind of want to know. That you know my little like I want to see that you that you really love mean that you know me personally and God has done little things that have shown me like I know what you like. Very like yeah OK you understand I don't say were you you see they like you have to ask God is God is this it's a relationship you can talk to me you can say hey guy like I'm not fully getting like this love experience can you guide me and you'll start showing you hoping people into your life will give you experience is who do little things just keep your eyes open got wished. We have a lot more questions that I'm fortunately we did not get to get to and so I really apologize to those of you who asked questions that we did not get to but I would encourage you the speakers on this panel are here as you can hear all of them have prepared not just little answers but like little Bible studies on these questions so you do not get your question answered or if it sparked another question feel free to speak to anyone up here about those as well and I'm going to ask you at this time pastor would be willing to say a closing levels in remark in closing prayer for us you know it's been encouraging to get the questions to receive the questions these are questions that are deep they are thoughtful they are relevant they're powerful and so I'm very encouraged to see the types of questions that have been generated here around the Southeast and by the grace of God This this get together is going to help to answer some of those questions let's pray Father thank You for the time that you have given us this morning to. To search for to seek for and by your grace to find your will in these matters we ask that you will continue to guide us back to your word help us to have a new experience as we open your word as we want to know more about you as we dive into your will when we find it give us a submissive spirit not our will but your will be done in our lives to help us to find good counselors that can help to guide us and people who have who have walked the road before us and help us always and only to turn to you to find what your will is we ask that you will give us a grace give us courage give us strength this morning as we continue through our time with you Jesus name we pray and then this media was brought to you by audio for a website dedicated to spreading. God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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