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Summoned to Court

K'dee Elsen


K'dee Elsen

Graduate of Clinical Psychology.



  • April 14, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Good morning. It's quite strange being up here then 1st thing I'm doing announcements which are going to be glee glaze over people's heads and now I have the look at him but it is an awesome awesome privilege. For any any fact about me I'm a huge interests huge and her and especially when I was little that passes in so my mom would always have a cold front and it was so bad that 1 time she asked she tried to give me an dollars. Dollar to run the dollar for a kid a lot specially about then there's not only how bright to eat here up here this morning I'll show you that it's just a testimony already of why God has changed me and how he has worked in my life and so again it is privilege for those of you who don't know me my name is sent I'm 8 this year psychology Ph D. student yes 5 years it's a long program but with that it's also been a blessing to be here I would hope for the past 5 years growing with making sets beautiful godly friendships and a part of me always knew that I would be up here this morning partly because Arden had asked me I think my prayers your attendance here I think you with yes there it is I think is trying to scare me but when I said yes he was quite surprised but more so because God has been impressing on me to share for quite some time now in so in Egypt in keel over in the Bible team asked me to speak I said Of course it's course nothing about my into her but more so saying yes I know that I want to share through me but the question is Well what do I share about so I was started to think about different sermons and I have this long list of sermons which you might say like why does she have a lot of sermon ideas and that's again because I'm a pastor. Kid and I'm extremely close with my father that I have this weird habit when I do my own devotionals or I listen to sermons that I think about sermon ideas and I write them down so I got a couple's long list I thought of the whole morning devotionals rates of a lot of the struggle of our morning devotions I don't mean just the morning as and morning time but I thought about morning as and we you know the difference between morning and morning and the are there you write and sound like oh God we can talk about that I thought about binge eating in the church because I'm a psychology major and we fast all week right and sometimes we come to church expecting a few days but got answered to say Well to me what about your personal testimony in writing and I was like no no wait it's not that interesting are you know you did a little injury seeing I'm not a lot of people can relate you know a lot of those excuses start coming which I'm sure a lot of you can relate to and I said you know needs to person all and I was like No I'm not which you can probably guess where this is going God So they're urging me and urging me before I begin to share I want to just have God's blessing upon this secret hour together valuer heads with pray. Dear gracious having there we just thank you for the privilege it is to be able to commune with you on this Sabbath day or and I don't think we think about it often but we are able to spend a full $24.00 hours with the courier of the universe and more and pray for your presence here not just in this room or for your spirit to be near and dear to our hearts of smarm for you have a very special message not just for these people or even for myself so we pray that you me who are the message to each of us as individuals or that we may hear the message and not just be here is over we're doers of God and we leave here transformed by your word and Lord I pray for myself I pray that your words may be in my mouth I quote your word that says Do not worry what you'll say or high you'll say it for the given to the hour that it's that you speak for it is not you who speaks the spirit of Paul speaks in you so warmly your spirit Spirit speaks through me this morning this is my sincere prayer pray and use me in them. So I got started urging and often were very stubborn with God in the start fighting back but God gradually and can release all sneaky started kind of convincing me and he convinced me by 3 main ways the 1st way was 1 is a testimony and so we're going to look at in the Bible also in the Bible we're going to be trying to John John Chapter 3 but just some context of the word for testimony in the Greek originals moderate and I'm not no Greek scholar but many of you might say hey that looks like a martyr right you may have all Greek stars in yo but it's basically strand late in English as testimony testify witness to their records and you'll notice this connection between testimony testified witness and these. Verses So John chapter 3 verse 32 and actually you can see this throughout the Bible we're just going to highlight a couple of verses. And this is basically the foundation from a message this morning of got started to urge me by telling you what is a testimonies and John 3 Verse 32 and it reads and what he talking of Jesus has seen and heard that he testifies and no 1 receives his testimony and we're going to turn a couple of pages to Chapter 19 verse 35. Still in John 1000 verse 35. And it reads and he who has seen it has testify and it testimony is true and he knows that he is telling the truth so that you made the lead so here I like to when I'm reading my own Bible I like the highlight or circle kind of reoccurring themes and you see here in these verses that scene testify testimony seeing her testify telling the truth you search catching this idea that a testimony is essential ie what we see what we hear and we also see this in in actually 22 when solace talking about the conversion this conversion story to becoming Paul where it says the God of our fathers and I speaking to Saul at the time the God of our fathers has chosen you that you should know his will see the just 1 and hear the voice of his mouth for you will be his witness to all men of what you have seen and heard then Jesus speaking to him later in verse 18 says Make haste and get out of Jerusalem quickly for they will not receive your testimony concerning who concerning Jesus so we see this link tore in testimony with seeing hearing and experiencing Jesus so when I was like God I do not want to share my personal testimony got started saying T.V. It's not even yours it's mine so testimony seeing hearing witnessing testifying that you have no Jews that's a crime then he started educating me well what's the testimony of Jesus Christ. In Revelation we see that even in the very 1st verses of the Revelation of Jesus Christ was given to John his servant who bore witness to the Word of God In testimony of Jesus Christ and many of us can kind of quote from memory Revelation 1217 or 1412 which talks about the scenes in the last days it says who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ or the visit of Jesus and the. Testimony of Jesus Christ is the face of Jesus I'm losing anyone yet don't worry it will all come together at the end but basically these are to educate me that the testament of Jesus is also the faith of Jesus turn with me to Hebrews 11 this is often known as the chapter on faith right some of us called the hollow faith because it talks a lot about these individuals who have gone before us and their faith in their experience and a little bit of background So this is a plug for Wednesday night care group you have a mentor to thing Amen to that is out. We've been standing in the book of Hebrews and it's been such a blessing and through this study God has been kind of teaching me as well and so when we before he was 11 he was basically the book often us we think oh that's about faith no the whole book is just about Jesus so it starts off in the 1st chapters as Jesus is better than in jal uses better than the prophets he's better than the priests He's our High Priest right but then also we get to Hebrews 11 and we forget about Jesus and we start focusing on these people right almost Is he a great the Ybor am rehearsal all these individuals and we forget about Jesus but actually the notice as you reach after 11 is talking about the testimony or the faith of Jesus so just to show you a couple verses verse 2 says for by it's by faith the elders obtained a good. Testimony so by I think the Obtain they're receiving a good testimony and then he goes on in verse 4 to talk about Abel and how he obtained witness that he was right just God testifying of his gifts verse 5 and talking about not and how enough before he was taking he had this testimony that he please God you see that the have this testimony the speed of Jesus and to end at the end of chapter 11 in the scroll down in your bones or turn of the region your your Bibles verse 39 so it's kind of summarizing says and all these all these people having obtained a good testimony through faith did not receive the comments so they obtained a good testimony wasn't that we have our own testimony God was telling me that it's 1 Jesus's testimony not mine but it's used to space not mine so today basically what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be providing evidence of how Jesus how I have seen Jesus in my life how I have seen him I've heard him I've experienced him in my life that all may here today know him understand him and see him today. And I asked May God convince me Hugh just started reminding me of all the good things he's done in my life and I say God how could i not i love songs 2222 says I will praise you to all my brother and to all my brethren here today I'll stand up before you before the congregation and testify of the wonderful things you have done or God and 6616 and Sam says Come and listen this is for you all come and listen all you who fear God and I will tell you what he's done for me so today my sermon is entitled summoned to court and I'll be providing you this is testimony jesus faith in me and just you might say if I were to give my testimony you might say that's not my experience. But by sharing Jesus testimony in need is something that is a political will to us all the faith of Jesus in my life if I share successes it is not my success it is Christ of us in me it's his way in me and Iraqi Arky tax is in Matthew 101-8220. And you will be brought before governors in Keane's for my safety the says as a testimony to them and to the Gentiles need to the whole world but when they deliver you up do not worry about how what you should speak for and be given to you in that hour that you should speak for it is not you who speak but the spirit of your Father who speaks in you. So where to begin most testimonies they have this breakdown right of my life before I met Christ my life you know when I met Christ or how I met price of the my life after cracks but you see for me it's quite different I don't know I'm almost always known Christ that might sound strange but you see I was I was raised by 2 godly parents God fearing parents and they. So they have their own testimonies my father grew up in Brazil of Ms Norton rejected by his mother by his aunts by several orphanages out on the street at a very young age then he for himself until it was Catholic 1 of the priests 1 day and somebody had him Bible said this will change you and it converted at age 16 and can you hear the United States pursue what God was calling for him to do that was to become a pastor my mom she met here in the states where she's from today and she has a very simple but profound faith and so these 2 individuals raised me knowing a God of love for me was an when I met Christ I kind of just always knew him and I kind of fell in love with him at a very young age which again might sound strange but God was so and so loving so wonderful that how could I not love him and so with that also. I I also had a very close family so I have 2 older siblings and some of you may know Krystle she comes here she's right here in the. That route and raised very close family and naturally also as a pastor Stanley some of you may have experienced this or heard of this but passage family attacked a lot and I could just do a sermon about that but not in a good order to see it but you've already gotten the fact that by playing through these trials my family became extremely close sadness we would spend 7 in the morning to 12 at midnight all together and just all day every day together it was very close so instead of talking about you know my life post-crisis you know I've always known him got a crest on to share a kind of a turning point in my walk with him so I always loved him but when I left that security of my family to go to college statements like this is. Really tempting and to kind of let you guys know for me you know being raised by a 2 column parents drugs Sat's all those different kind of temptations were not my temptations we all have different temptations and I'll share with you a little bit later on what were my temptations but the essence of a temptation is just to be away from God. And so he started to tempt me in ways that I thought was not possible that OK I have a good upbringing I'm OK. But before I get into that a critical point in my life was going to college but in specific the summer of my junior year at this time since I was away from my family I was wrong with my sister but since we are all of you graphically scattered concern attacking my family and at this point it seemed like he was wait so to give you a little background at this time my brother was pretty distant from the family my sister is and he shares with you all that she was in a relationship at that time not with her her husband with and with another guy who is 75 and has been not living a very Christ like life and he started to kind of have her go all the good kind of morals and values of her life you know all to drink a little bit that's not that bad and these sickly he sort of drawn her away from the family so it got so bad many of you know how close I am with my sister it got so bad that every time I was with my sister we were fighting and I don't mean bickering I mean screaming at the top of our lungs which you probably can't even imagine and that was because it was yes it was really bad and I felt extremely extremely distant from my sister is the hardest 1 to call either 1 of the hardest points in my life when we come from a family that is so close to all the sudden not even be able to stand to be in the same room as your sibling and so Satan at this time it seemed like he was winning my family was really destroying it which again considering my family that was just an unheard of but. During the summer my sister and I decided to get jobs to be a little productive during the summer and she decided to become a camp counselor unfortunately where also the boyfriend would be like God like why right I decided to go back home San Diego to find a job and I had friends at that time who were insane to go he's you're not going to find a job we've been applying you're not going to Long story short I got an interview I went I even told him about the Sabbath and I got hired on the spot and I'm like Praise the Lord right I did all this come about pray the Lord in the moments and so that's kind of a little bit context and so while I'm at work I had some time in the past I'm at work and I was good good work or that I didn't check my phone until at the end of the shifts when I had my phone there were several missed calls and a voicemail and I think you know it wasn't a voicemail and it's for my cousin and it says you know I'm in the hospital I'm with your sister or your sister had an accident and. We think she might be paralyzed. And. Use that happened. Praise God it was at the end of my shift because if I had heard this during work I would not have been able to work but my mom would have picked me up and she like you don't worry I know you probably heard the news because Saul's fine praise God she's fine it was she didn't have feelings in her life but God like he conquered. So that was the 1st trial and I was like Lord but I pray to God because that meant she could go home away from the boyfriend and she started going closer into our family and started to view that human process so again with Satan want to for men for bad God turned around for a guy. But the attacks continued and this time we didn't know what awaited us specially priced off I didn't know that the next attack would be an attack on me personally he would attack my family through attacking me so I'm at work again and I get another phone call by this time you're like over those phone calls right this time it was on the landline of the store I was working at and they said you know. We're going to have somebody cover your area I wasn't working in the home appliances and is a new woman has 1 cover for you and we're going to have you as Corey down to each our own line and that's OK They're part of want to talk about my beliefs and then arm attack and so somebody comes in cover me eyes I walk now as we're going down the escalator as like what is this about and we can't tell you super serious OK and they take me down to the basement and they take me to this little tiny room where. Extremely hot chili time eat tiny little round table 2 chairs ladies and sounds from a neat lady behind me walks behind me locks the door and sits behind me and the lady from me starts lecturing me about loss prevention like OK she goes do you know where this is going. Do you want to confess to anything though. She goes we know what you did it. Stop lying to me. She goes we know that you stole a significant amount of money from us. I was like what course I went and I know I'm so grateful for this job like my morals my values like I would never steal and she's like if you don't come back as you're going for going to jail for a year. I didn't do anything she said she said getting pretty frustrated like I'm going to step out for 5 minutes so you can think about what you've done and when I come back I want to a confession and she comes back around probably like 15 minutes later and she's like OK you ready to confess and like I would anything she like you know I'm pretty tired I want to go hole a little I'm very tired I want to go. And she's like just I can't believe you're still sticking to your story and this kept on going and she got so frustrated. She wants out and around to 2 other people come in a male and female they sit down and they start saying. You know we we already know what you did we're just doing you the favor of talking to you so that you can give us the confession and I was like anything and then I have this plan just pray and my God what is happening like I don't even know what's happening and they begin to interrogating me and this is where I got really bad they started attacking me personally everything that I hold near and dear to my heart they started talking to go we know that your pastors. We know that you pretend like you're high in my week and they go on with all we know that you go to last year university that you're on honors roll and you just pretend that you're the perfect student and they went on to attack attack my family and everything and they're like you know this is what got me like what would your father say. And at that point I sort of think my father was like oh my gosh you know catastrophizing going to walk out of here and Hancock's what he's going to be. Again at this time I'm actually 19 years old and very young very innocent and I was just like God what is going on and this went on for 4 hours yeah I mean my right at the time I didn't think I could just get up and I was like Of course like I didn't do this I'm just going to stay here and keep something I didn't do it I'm innocent and then they call the police and then the police comes around through honestly I don't know how I got round past but round 3 please comes the police and attack me in the way like he just said I'll just come fast like everyone does that it's like I get this all the time. Somebody like group they stall for a whole like last week like just come past and do it. And that goes on for a while as well and then signed the ticket says I have to go to court this day and then he walks me out and by this time it was nighttime I walk out and my father was waiting there for me and. Just the peace my poverty with it's hard to describe it was full of compassion. For those you know my father my father it's not really. So that's all I think about the have we pother when he talks about his wrath it's not his all and kill someone it's more like this compassion what have you done to my daughter and I saw that and it's a crime I don't know how I held up for the 4 plus hours at that moment in my father's case I started bawling again in the car he had some words with the police which I've never seen my father so angry before he gets back in the car and he drives home the 1st thing that we do we get home is that we got in the circle we Milt and we prayed. So then the waiving give happens right so I have this court date and I just have to wait prick I say God like all these people think I did it like she said I'm going to jail does that mean I'm going to jail and what does this mean I've never been in trouble my life I have a pretty good kid like what does this mean and I praise God for my God the family because my father beginning this verse and I clung to an icon to out of all in all trials it's 1st Corinthians 1013 if you have your Bibles are in there with me 1st Corinthians 1013 and if anyone is going through a child today or half of the past or Wilts of a includes all of you 1st Corinthians 1013 will be your saving grace it was for me 1st Corinthians 1013 depending on your version some some versions the word for temptation can also be translated as Trouble is my father share this with me no trouble has overtaken you accept such as common to man meaning we all go through trials but God is faithful we can just stop there right God to speak will who will not allow you to be touched troubled beyond what you are able we need he knows your limits and will be so he says you know you can handle and if you can't with the trouble will also make the weight of the scale that you may be able to bear and I read this and I say God you think of way showing her that I am because I cannot handle this but for some reason you think I can and I know that I come to a point where I can't you're going to deliver. I also read job at this time that I can relate with Joe so much his friends coming they come fast contest these all these people saying come 1st come best I'm like I'm innocent just like I'm in a set and I found so much peace in also the songs. Literally I just read psalms all day every day because of summer break and I was without a job so Psalms every day all day 1st $117.00 it says here just cause a lord attend to my cry Give your to my prayer which is not from D.C. people let you know I haven't done anything got let my indication come from your presence but your eyes look on the things that are up right you have tested my heart you have visited me in the night you have tried me and have found nothing and innocent God and I have purpose that my mouth shall not transgress Chapter 7 verses 1 to 5 in verse 8 says Oh Lord my God if I have done this and even goes on to say Lord if I've done anything it would be my past that I'm deserving punishment now for it says be my judge Judge me a Lord according to my righteousness and according to my integrity within the 4 of you know I have done nothing during this waiting period I thought Lord Oh man I'm going to go to court like how how it's going to eat and I saw Seaton accusing me before the war as he did to Joe as he did to Joshua. And I just took them screaming I'm innocent I don't know of any of you have had those dreams where you're running and not going anywhere or yelling and no 1 can hear you I thought I just don't know I'm innocent and no 1 was hearing me but I had faith that God would eventually someway somehow. So I go to court long search I go to court and they say they didn't press charges like Praise the Lord so I then go back to college and I went back to college my junior year so I want to finish college early so my junior year was actually my senior year and so I was taking about $22.00 units a quarter I was taking 2 online classes to. Transfer and I was trying to cop Spanish as a lot of things basically and during this of starting my quarter I got a phone call from my father saying Katie decided to press charges. Like we can do that like a big just didn't it was just so I'll go home they can they have certain time that they can and I was like why God right I can't do this I can barely I'm barely surviving in my my studies how can I I because then I had to search traveling between San Diego and last year in order to find a lawyer meet with a lawyer which my lawyer didn't believe in the beginning was ridiculous but so I'm traveling and also when I couldn't go back to say you know when I was at school I would get constant calls for my boy are OK So this is the update this is the date and throughout this process what was most difficult was again you can tell because of my father is looking at my father my son my father being an orphan he's gone through a lot of adversity and so he's able to kind of deal with things very well but at this time I've never seen my father so concern and worry and stress every day and that tore me up like God like Zach you need but this is hurting my whole family and again I turn to the SOLs I said I'm weary of my growing God I'm tired of crying all night i love us all night my I make my bed swim with my tears I'm drenched my couch and my tears my eyes we still wait because of grief it grows old because all my enemies. But I said I will love you aboard my strait The Lord is my rock my fortress my deliverer my God my strength in whom I will trust even when I have no reason my shield on the horn of my salvation my stronghold I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised so so this is how I will be safe in my and knees by praising Him Philip is for us as you know being just for nothing but in everything the parents of the occasion when things give me we are to Praise God even before we see the solution. It's like the 3 humor boys who said you know God will save us and doesn't I will still praise him I was so glorified him in my distress I called upon the Lord and cried out to God he heard my voice from his temple and my cry came before him even to his very own years so I am getting calls my lawyer and then he calls and he says you know the witness a witness rather than anything they've done a witness saying that she saw you take the money. Mine blow right I haven't done anything so the district attorney takes down her statement and then my lawyer of course wants to meet with her so this is I to meet he gets there to the meeting place and she doesn't show up and then they find out she actually Fleet's So this witness now there's a statement from her but no witness so my park prosecutor basically the evidence just kept on piling against me and even at this point I knew my way or was against me I was like I have no 1 God no 1 but you in my family. Like Lord how they have increased to trouble me many are they who rise up against me many are they who say of me there's no help for her in God but I love the songs because it always has a break and it's as but you all are are shills for me I glory in the 1 who lifts up my head. So then you know things are not looking good for meat and my lawyer starts calling and starts with offers and it starts off with you know just a misdemeanor on your record no big deal. All this is going to affect me as a future psychologist like my not going to get a job and all these other you know thoughts like no and then comes come like the double right comes with more and more tempting deals Oh well you know it's just like you just say you did it it's like community service it's nothing no next 1 was trying to think oh oh it's just like you know paying a ticket and then it's like going to traffic school very minimal or no then this final call he said you know no charges it won't be on your record you just have to admit that you did it. Which OK think about it objectively no charges no 1 will ever know i could be quiet about it now that I thought this actually my response was and I'm on the phone I said I would rather And I'm surprised what comes out of my now is that I would rather be in jail in prison standing up for the truth knowing that I am innocent than to be free. Because I like I said to him I said lying is the same as stealing. I said no and stop calling me because if the answer is No I will not say that I did something that I didn't. And at that moment when I was like wow that was pretty bold and nobody was like OK. At that moment I realized that when I stood up for my faith it wasn't that I was on trial like just hit me I wasn't on trial God was singing with Joe Joe it was afflicted not because of Joe. It was because Seaton was attacking the guy and I was simply God's faithful witness I was testifying in God's behalf like job in all of the great controversy this fight against good and evil your like your testimony is not your this is not about you it's how God is on trial and it was just my job to stand up for the truth and for. Well the way continues. I couldn't stand that is a vision any more right the way continues and again I turn to Psalms So I just to pin you a little picture I'm in school this is a mostly exhausting everything is going against me I know I have faith in God but I knew that scene where as the Hebrew boys it's not about an earthly delivery we think a deliberate We don't think that we think that oh God deliver me from this but sometimes God allows you to go through it because he knows that the delivery of that is coming is a spiritual joy over and it's it is the salvation of your walk with Christ it's all or I just I cried out to God again I said how long the Lord of this is solved 13 will you forget me forever I was raw and real with guys how long will you hide your piece from me how long shall I think counsel of my soul having sorrow in my heart daily how long will my enemy be exalted over me out of these people think they're Winnie consider and hear me all or my god and liked in my eyes lest I sleep the sleep of death bless me and we say I have prevailed against her lest those who trouble me rejoice when I moved but again with the break says but but I have trusted in your mercy my heart shall rejoice in your salvation I will SEEM to the Lord because he has dealt bountifully with. So the we had 1 meeting before the final court date so we were about to go to court and for those of you who know court is a very long process it's like God I don't know like I'm trying to finish college I'm trying to finish 2 years and 1 and I can't do this and even if I wasn't just emotionally too much for me to handle so we got together that meeting and miraculously this is all. The decision attorney not even my own lawyer believe me and drop charges just. Right before going to court and you know then you start saying oh my God I could have gone to court for you I could have I could have died. And gotten right in your 1st 1013 saying you know I'll give you a way of scape he knew I couldn't bear something 18 says from those who he delivered me from my song and me for those from those who he didn't eat for they were too Sean for me God knew I couldn't handle it and that's when he he delivered me. So some blessings of the trial of course naturally for all of us when we're in a trial we have a lot of why God moments a lot of concerns fears anxieties but afterwards we can look back and we have a lot of a ha moments right a lot of praises so for me the 1st 1 I had a horrible lawyer praise got that I had a horrible neuer because I knew that I couldn't say all is my lawyer had a great lawyer and he really he saved me no I had to I knew completely that it was got God not circumstance to leverage me when I asked you know my family was being attacked left and right why God and through the trial so 1st through the scare my sister almost being paralyzed she came home with a boyfriend again and then by then being attacked and was attacked in the baby of the family the whole family came together and she is straight in the US like it never did before. And then attacked personally as a God why He personally and I was in the moment when I stood up for God the faith of the Jews came out of me that I didn't realize God was revealing to me that they and through out the process cultivating that faith in me then I ask God well why this trial why in this way it couldn't have been a little smaller and you know but God was showing me he taught me that it was an evil bitch to stand before all of heaven to be summoned to court for him to testify because I thought it was about me why am I going to be persecuted but God through this trial even through that literal court taught me about the heavenly court and the Heavenly the great controversy that's going on. Why at this point in my life I was like Oh so you didn't really wanted me like a detour so that I wouldn't get to Loma Linda because that was right before I graduated and then this process went on for about a I think a year so that's extremely long time and it was right before I moved to graduate and applied to Melinda before I got to that so lessons learned there's our partners God's part we're not going focus on God because God is faithful he's with you during the trial I love the song that he talks about through her boys and this the young little man he asked his mom you know there's 3 of them there's the 4th man Jesus 3 came out where the 4th meant go and she says she response her son she says that 4th man is still no flames so that when you're in the flames he'll be there with you. And so God is there he faithful and He will also provide a way of you need it that's got easy peasy right are part what is our part 1 of the 1st lessons I've learned that no matter what the trial clean to God. He feels far I think a lot of people can resonate with that he feels part but it's actually because we draw away so with my psychology background I see a lot of patients who suffer from depression and they have this odd kind of thing where when they start feeling depressed they start withdrawing they start withdrawing the things these are isolating from the people they love this job doing the things that they they love and it's interesting that they do that because those are the very things that are saving them from falling into deeper depression we also do this with a hat when it comes to trials so we have a temptation of isolation we stopped going to church as much we stopped going to Bible study as much we stopped reading our Bible as much and we started filling it with other sources but that my friends you know you feel tempted to do that Clinton got just quit like he got out even know how to cling to you but help me I don't even have my own words to pray because I was so exhausted so mostly exhaust I said God and I turned to the Psalms and those were prayers because I couldn't pray myself and said When you're facing a trial claim to God through His people coming to church going to Bible study or even through prayer through song when you don't feel like it that's when you do it the most desirable teams as but many feel they lack and therefore they remain from quote remain away from Christ not Christ away from us we remain away look not to self but to Christ the 2nd lesson I learned was that trials are exhausting and a constant battle the struggle does not mean a lack of faith my friends I hope you guys know that if to Strobel does not mean a lack of faith. Wrestle struggle with God you real you Rob with him when I was like God like you know my scouts My bet is drowning with tears like be open and honest I can handle way you can handle it we're often too polite with got as Jacob he wrestled with God rights I'm a going to let you go into you blessed me or the persistent widow that even an unjust judge could be merciful how much more of God in heaven and we don't have the energy use others words use the songs use the Bible do there we just page 1221 says whatever you're inside these and trials spread out your case before the Lord the weaker and more helpless you know yourself to be the stronger will you become in his strength the heavier burdens the more bless the rest in casting then upon your burden bear we often act as if our trials are too big for God don't let fear gobble your faith and the last lesson that I learned while there's a lot of lessons but this 1 particularly the perspective of a lot of the child depends on our perspective so when the bubble talks about how do we are joined or ponied all join you fall into various trials or rejoice always you know when you're going through a trial like I cannot rejoice right now you know how do I beat How do I you know count it all joy Well it's because it's not all about you and hope I'm not personally bubbles this morning it's not about you when the when you go through a trial it's not about you how do you come it all joy it's when you recognize that you are standing up for the God of the universe. You are able no other planets I hope you guys get this point no other planets have the privilege that we do yes it's horrible that we have to go through a simple world but we also have the only we're the only ones who have the privilege to stand up to vindicate God's character you were taught about your life in that way you were able to stand up for the God of the universe like no 1 else can then you start recognizing the trials and honor privilege in that you know when I just was bold in that moment on that phone call it brought me so much joy I wasn't thinking even about what would happen I like that I can go to court I can do anything for you because we are filled with honor and privilege it is to stand for the got of the universe Matthew $51112.00 says bless it are you when they were value in persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward and have been for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you all the prophets all the people who have been persecuted it is not because of anything special in that because Satan is attacking God. And he talks those most who reflect God's character and just love us this is home out hustlin general when they were going in their final days as when he had been fastened so this is hoss when he had been fastened to the stake and all was ready for the fire to be lighted and the martyr was once more exhorted to save himself by renouncing his errors I was like that's when they tell me you don't just accept the deal I said What error said hustle shall I renounce I know myself guilty of none I hold got to witness that all I have written and preach have been with the view of rescuing souls from sin of perdition and therefore most joyfully will I confirm with my blood that truth which I have written and preached when the flames kindled about him he began to see. Jesus the Son of David have mercy on me and so continue till his voice was silence for ever even his enemies were struck with his heroic Barry is almost people describing the martyrdom of husk and drawn who died soon after said both bore themselves with constant mind with their last hour approached they prepared for the fire as if they were going to a marriage feast they uttered no cry of pain when the flames rose they began to sing hymns and scarce could there be him and see of the fire there singing. So. Travel and and praise God I was able to graduate early as he had planned and I came to Loma Linda and I thought that you know I'll see to put that as a detour so I don't come to Linux I'm going to come here to be an admin to psychologists and that's what God is calling for me and even you know that out I didn't pass my G.R. is a standardized examination and is just by the 1 point I'm like why God and then God miraculously extended the deadline and then I apply I did it again and I passed 1 point of crazy god like they didn't try to stop me going along the Linda. The guy we show you like no matter what they think of if I want you there you'll be there sounds like God you want to be here it will Melinda and even my mom and told me she was cutie and never shared this with you when you were in the womb the doctors had told me that you had hydrocephalus and for those of you who don't know that's at 7 of brain fluid that can often lead to mental retardation or even death and she said but then right before you're born all the sudden was gone the food was gone and I was actually born here in the in the children's hospital and we were from Melinda so I was like God you see me then to prove back here I like to see think doesn't want me here and I thought it was to become an Adventist psychologists but I was very wrong God started pressing upon me to start Bible studies in my psychology department which many of the human psychology departments there's like 1 or 2 I mean this and all the 5 cohorts and it was difficult atheists agnostics and I was like God Our manager I don't want to talk to you know large groups of people but he really blessed and I started my clinical work and I sort of crane with the shins I started to go door to door which again for introvert is a very very exhausting but I found so much joy in it to minister to our brothers and sisters in San Bernardino then he started calling me to do individual level studies because the people we met at the door now wanted Bible studies. Group I was so nice and long as it continues and then started in reach here which is a whole nother. You know how difficult they are and enter but. You're really blasting you might say that's you Katie and those exercises and all those Bible studies not to praise me against the faith of Jesus who's might say that's you Katie but I want to share with you that wasn't always Kate what I mean by that is I ask my sister Chris all my forgiving in my personal testimony that there is a Katie view remember I used to be kind of like the Casper last restauration serious and never forget where you came from so my sister used to be the goody 2 shoes in the family she was the angel she was the 1 always involved in church always up front she was the 1 giving Bible studies in college she's the 1 who she wanted to marry pastor like very very involved in the church and I was like oh well if you're in there but I'm not like I love God but not I can't do that I'm an introvert and so you might say well what happened right. If you want to know the real kit Well not the real Katie but the king before so when I mention that Satan was tempting me when I went to college. Just to give you some examples of what my life looked like before again temptations for me were not sat so was not drugs it was the it was kind of the Loving the world a little bit too much sort of loving God and fully committed to him these were some things in my life I loved music and since I was an introvert I love connecting with people you know you can connect connect with people through music and I say you know rationalize all it's the clean versions I took out all the bad words but the content was not Godly. I also was like you know God I want to find you know a sim day Ventus net so that we can have a good family but I didn't as long as he had the label. I would watch movies things that did not have you were not according to God's word sports were huge for me and I absolutely love sports as you say it's another religion right. I hope none of you recognize the picture of the Jersey Shore it's a it's a show about advocating for sex drugs etc I would watch it in kind of talk about it with my friends. So never forget where you came from but never be compelled to go back. My or even my dress I started wearing more makeup so it's very subtle changes right so it's I still love God but I give a little bit more to the world so everyone here you all have your individual temptations but again the temptation is just to be apart from God That's a temptation these are things I think out of my way to be fully committed to God So when I talk about giving Bibles and he's giving you know doing love so he's my department that was God who changed me God revealed to me that he didn't bring me here to get a doctorate in psychology. When God revealed this to me it was to witness the souls here. The detour about going to court and all that was not to detour me from coming to the Melinda university it was to be here this morning to to be able to share to testify on God's behalf he called me to experience the feet of Jesus to develop my testimony to testify for him. My testimony is not over God has plenty in meat for the sake of time and that can go only into this but basically I was I've been interviewing to start my it's kind of our form of residency and while the interview was like all just stay here in the end but I was on my on the plane to on my way back from my Boston interview and I started to read your charts and prophets and sort of dissuades as the message got kids even have get the out of my country and like are you speaking to me God and they continue and from my kindred and from your father's house until the land that I will show be in like I just came back from Boston I try to say something to me and it talks about Abraham must be separated from associations of his early life the influence of kindred and friends who would interfere with the training which the Lord purpose to give his servants he must do well among strangers or I don't know anyone in Boston by I think Abraham when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receiving as an inheritance and he went out not knowing where he went relying upon a divine promise without the least outward assurance of it so Phil meant for he knew not whither to follow or gotcha leave was no light task that was thus brought upon you have no small sacrifice the stream close of my family looks through me close with my app and hope they only. There were no there were strong ties to bind him to his country his kindred and his home but he did not hesitate to obey the call God has spoken and his servant must obey because the happiest place on earth for him for meat was a place where God would have need to be. And this goes on basically says you know that God is still calling people and he says by you there he calls them by the teaching of His Word and the Venice of his providence and at this time when I came back the sermon here I would hope was about leaving your home like you really speaking to me and then the next Sabbath the closing him was I'll go where you want me to go to a large ally or I hear it I hear it loud and clear Lord. And so yes I'm going to Boston of all else I know but my testimony is not over John 212425 says this is disciple who testifies of these things and spoke these things meet and we know that her testimonies true and there are also many other things that Jesus did which if they were written or spoken 1 by 1 I suppose that even the world itself cannot contain the books that could be written this is my testimony the testimony of Jesus Christ in my life what's yours the hollow faith the still being rented my friends well you're in my you there by Faith Hill and Blaine by a very. Christie by. Will you have this side about him a he or she has this testimony that you please god will you be able to say in the end that we overcame him by the blood of the Lamb by the word of our testimony and they were not they loved not their lives and to the death you might say about how do I do this. He was tall for someone to to want to turn there quickly with. A kind of closing out the holiday T.V. Shapter 12 which is 1 in 2. How do we live a life. That is worthy to testify because he was 121 into so therefore we also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight. And the sin which so easily ensnares us and let us run with and Durrance the race that is that before us how looking up to do this having the faith of Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endure the cross despising the shape and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. What is your weight what is your sense mine was music sports etc What is your weight what is your said Jesus asked in Luke Chapter 18 when the Son of Man comes will he really find. When he comes will he find people that are able to testify on God's be. When the final session the court is in order will you be able to stand upon stand as a feeble witness will you be ready to give your testimony. Let's have a word of particles dear gracious Heavenly Father. For I want to ask a special prayer for each and every individual here today for and I pray that for those who maybe are still clinging to this world the human given very very that they may have the strength through you to lay aside every weight and resume that's so easily more ensnares us. For me we surrender all to you today or if there's anything I pray that you may help us Lord made me be able to be in the hall of faith. That by your faith in us or me testify on your behalf or we know that the end is coming very very soon. Or they pray that you you say no will you find faith when you come I pray that everyone here may be able to say I've been faithful in all that I've done. I have fought the good fight I finished and ready. For me this is the experience or experience me this year. And the name not in our only all all power of God through your power. 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