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The Foundational Principle

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • April 20, 2018
    8:00 PM


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A loving father we have very grateful. We thank you so much for the privilege to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ. That we may press together in such a mighty way that your spirit will speak to our hearts and that you would open our eyes and help us behold wondrous things out of your word I know every single 1 of us have come here with deep heart needs needs that only you can truly satisfy and so I am praying that you would perform a miracle tonight and that you would take the spiritually dead and put within us your wonderful words of everlasting life I pray that you will help us to see that there is hope and there is victory even in Jesus Christ and Lord May we leave here at the end of this message different and courage strength and more built up then when we came in for this truly is our prayer that we do humbly ask in Jesus name Amen you know. 1 of the things that I. Enjoy studying and I enjoy studying many things but 1 of the things that I really enjoy studying is the subject of family my 3 favorite subjects of Bible study is prophecy health and the family and I believe we can hit all of those this weekend because believe it or not it's all intertwined 1 would be another Believe it or not. And so it is that when we study the Word of God God wants us to understand a very important principle and I want to turn our Bibles to the Book of Ecclesiastes I've often shared this verse when I would begin certain messages and to me this verse never gets tired because the more that I see what's happening even in the landscape of Bible prophecy I can see that this verse of Scripture never ever gets tired it's found in the book of Ecclesiastes we're going to Ecclesiastes these We're going to consider chapter 1 and I want you to watch what the Bible says as we look at Ecclesiastes these chapter 1 and when you get there just let me know by saying amen and I want you to consider what it says in verse 9. The Bible says an ecclesiastical 1 and verse 9 and it says The thing that hath been it is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there is how many things there is no new thing under the sun the Bible lets us know that history has a tendency to repeat itself when you study the Bible it is a tremendous amount of sacred history that God wants us to understand that the stories that we read about are things that are going to in another manner take place in our very time the Apostle Paul put it another way in 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 let's go there in 1st Corinthians 1 from the old ones from the new the Apostle Paul also says something that we would do well to consider the Bible says in the book of 1st Corinthians we're now looking at what chapter. Very good we're going to chapter 10 and I want you to see what the Bible says in 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 now as we prepare to look at this I just want to give you a quick backdrop of the story the Apostle Paul noticed that there were many many challenges in the church of current almost every day basis in that your mind can imagine was taking place amongst the people of God in the church of Corinth there were individuals who were practicing viol practices self-abuse individuals who were even sleeping with their own parents. Individuals who were fighting in fussing and threatening to go to civil powers to settle their differences and forgetting the power of prayer and communing 1 with another and trying to settle themselves amongst the family lots and lots of issues in the church of current of the Apostle Paul gets to a point that in 1st Corinthians 10 he begins to remind them of their history their heritage and as he walks them through the history of their heritage he starts talking about those incredible days when God did incredible things like parting the Red Sea. And from verses $1.00 to $4.00 Paul starts talking about how God part of the Red Sea brought the children of Israel through with a mighty hand started to take them on their journey to Canaan land and gave them their beautiful water that they would drink from that rock and that rock was none other than a representation of our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ but in the midst of God providing so much unto his people versus 6 through 10 shows how the people were responding they would complain and they would murmur and they would get caught up in fornication in various sins they were literally showing God how unthinkable they were for his mighty deliverance and as they're walking through and Paul is just rehearsing history he's walking them through history. Paul gets to that wonderful verse in verse 11 and when right there in verse 11 that's the 1 I want you to read with me in verse 11 the apostle Paul says now all of these things as they gone through the history he says now all these things happen unto them for what and samples the word and samples in the Greek means types and every time you have a type you have to have and anti-type when ever you think of type think of shadow and symbol whenever you think of anti-type think reality he says all of these things happen unto them for shadows for symbols but then he goes on in the verse he says all these things happen to them for types he says but they are written for our admonition and then he qualifies the hour is not just many believers but he says and they are written for our admonition upon the end of the world shall come that's dealing with the believers of the last days that deals with you and me so again Paul says when you look at history there is a repetition types there are things that happen in the past that we're going to see manifested in 820181000 onward version but they're all built off of the same principles and this is why whenever you study the Bible you must understand that even when you're reading the Old Testament even when you're reading the past you're actually studying present truth. You're studying truths from the Word of God that applied to you and to me in these very last moments of Earth's history I don't know if we're really paying attention to the landscape of what's going on in our world right now 1 thing that God is reminding me through the consistent scenes of events that are taking place is that this world has a guaranteed death sentence. This world cannot continue in the way that it exists right now and what makes it even worse is that the Bible actually shows that the things that are happening in this world are not just merely happenstance is but they are things that are going to get worse and worse the Bible spells it out very powerfully in the book of 2nd Timothy I want you to go to 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 in 2nd Timothy the 3rd chapter Paul begins to tell us about last day events that's how you start of the chapter on actually. But I want you to see what Paul says in verse 13 of 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 just so we can understand that in the last days Paul made it very clear how things were going to get because sometimes we see things that are happening in our world and we wonder what's next what's going to happen next is it going to get better at well the Bible already answer that question it's interesting in the book of 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 right there in verse 13 notice what the Bible says it says but what kind of men it says but evil men and seduces shall wax how worse and worse deceiving and being deceived the Bible is very clear that things are going to get worse no matter how much people try to prophesied peace and safety we are told that this world has a guaranteed death sentence it's going to get worse and I think God for it because every time I see the realities of what's happening in our world I am learning that my affections for this world are truly being detached I don't know if you realize it but some of us still have too much affection for this world we are still very much attached they are still places and things and all sorts of stuff that we want to do and accomplish and we forget that God has a whole existence waiting for us that is so beautiful so powerful so Holy Sanctified and actually watch this word pleasing that God says no matter how good you can imagine it it's better than that. And if only our minds could be broken from the things of this world you see God did it for me I'm going to be honest with you God did it for me I have lost my passion and my affections for the things of this world in a very marked manner but I'm going to tell you you know what it took for me it took my chest being split open it took an open heart surgery experience I live tonight it's like 1 of the best think it's strange what I'm about to say but the best thing that's ever happened to me in recent times was open heart surgery that sounds weird doesn't it it's almost like I would want to recommend it to. Me But I know many of you would say No I think I'll pass it. Now God wants to do an open heart surgery see the word heart in the Bible means mine and God must open your mind God wants you that he wants to show you wonderous things out of his word he wants to ignite our minds with so much heavenly bliss that we no longer sing it but we actually believe it that the things of this world will go strangely did. And we will literally begin to long for him how many of you right now sit down and talk about what you're going to do when you get to heaven I want you to think about that praise God I remember when we my family and I when we were living in Georgia and we had our little country property and I remember we were there my children were young and we had a sabbath day when we were together worshipping the Lord and then we came back home and we just enjoyed some time on our land and when we were on our land I remember I told my children I said OK I said let's go into the world of imagination what are you going to do in the new heaven and the new earth and I remember how 1 by 1 my children would start talking about Oh Daddy I'm going to ride an elephant my son Joran who is in love with all these animals these beasts of the field died was like I'm going to write a lion. There you go he's a Democrat a lion. And then others were saying about I can't wait to fly to other galaxies and it was an amazing time we spent at least an hour and we were all just sitting down and talking about what we're going to do when we get over on the other side the apostle Paul says said your sections on things above. Not on things of the earth for you are supposed to be dead and our lives are supposed to be hid in Christ in God and the reality is is that as much as God's counsel is so clear many of us are still planning a lot of things many of us wake up go throughout our day and all we do is we work and we imagine for the temporal while we forget the eternal and this is 1 of the reasons why God keeps letting crazy stuff break loose is because God tries to snap us out of these dreams so we can prepare our minds for the dream and so Lord consistently gives us the reality from the prophet akin to help you and I to sober up and to realize that this world is not the place that you want to set a lot of long term plans I'm going to be honest with you 1 of the thing 1 of the verses of Scripture that blows my mind every time I read it and especially now a passage of Scripture that I mean it just it just hits me I want you to turn to 2nd Peter chapter 3 I want you to look at this I believe a 2nd Peter 3 I hope I'm right let's see here you go and see if I can pull that up real quick 2nd Peter. And I want you to watch this now. See that there it is. 2nd Peter 3 yes praise the Lord 2nd Peter 3 now I want you to watch this in 2nd Peter 3 I want you to look carefully as we look at verse is a leaven and 12 this the this really grabs my mind because I realize that I think our great struggle is we don't believe this I mean just be honest with you we're going to have real talk today it's like I mean I really want to talk to you from my heart and I want you to hear what your brother seems your right the Bible says in a book of 2nd Peter chapter 3 we're going to consider verse 11 it says Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved on this earth seeing that all these things shall be dissolved what manner of persons ought to be in all holy conversation and godliness now watch verse 12 it says looking for and then what else looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God Where in the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved and the other Michelle melt with fervent heat I don't know if you realize what that verse just said it says understanding that this world has a death sentence understanding that this world's going down is going to dissolve he says what manner of people ought we to be and then it says we are to be holy in all conversation that's our lifestyle that's not just how we talk the conversation in the Greek means more your lifestyle wholly and all of our conversation and everything that we do right then it says looking forward having high expectation but then the next part is with the part that gets me it says and hasting another way of saying hastening is hurrying up making something happen faster something that is definitely going to happen that we actually have been given the power that we can make it happen faster What is the thing that we're facing the coming of the Lord in other words. You to a very strange degree. Have been given the privilege and the power by Heaven to be reunited with your deceased loved ones those people that you cry all the time about because they're gone that you love and can't wait to see when we sing when we all get to heaven God says the more that I can get my people to believe and to cooperate with me he says you can actually make this thing moving faster pace and the Lord can come and the more that I contemplate that verse is the more that I said Father I got it our issue is we don't believe the gospel. Because there's no way that we can believe what we just read and some of us function the way we function with day to day living the understand is it all right to come face to face with ourselves like for real the great crisis that God is having with his Israel today is the same crisis that God had with his Israel of old I told you history repeats itself what was the big issue with Israel back in those days unbelief that's why they didn't enter into the rest unbelief going to church see in the miracles study in the word spending time in prayer we don't really believe because our lifestyle testifies to it will make it a long term plans to pitch a tent here and that's why God keeps allowing disruptions to happen in our lives and even in our plans so he can steal away those affections my brothers and sisters I don't know what you'll have to go through for God to get you to a place that he can finally get you and I to wake up to the point that we no longer sing it but we actually live I surrender old. But this is what the Lord is waiting for and so until then he's going to keep letting things happen evil men and seducers are going to get worse and worse and there was a time we used to watch this stuff on T.V. but I don't know if you noticed but these things are getting closer and closer to our own homes there was a time we used to see everybody else's home was messed up but now we start to realize wait a minute my homes messed up there was a time we used to say everybody else is getting sick and now all of a sudden we're getting sick there was a time we say oh that's their problem. And now we're coming closer and closer to realizing our problems and some of us actually have the nerve to curse God my brothers and my sisters God with love in abundance in his heart is simply trying to wake us up and he's trying to say don't pitch your tent here because whatever it is that you're trying to prepare for in this world God says magnify it times infinity and that's what I got in store for you if you could just simply cooperate with me as I said our world is kidding worse and worse and the Bible told us this go to Luke 17 notice what the Bible says you see the scriptures told us all these things but the reality is that somehow we fell back asleep some people live on stimulus. Some people have a modern day life support system you know a life support system is a very interesting thing there's nothing on the inside that's really keeping you alive so therefore there's a machine on the outside that has to keep you alive and as long as that machine is running. We still have life but if we were left even for a few moments to just rely on what's within many of us would die. My brothers and sisters many of us are spiritually living like that right now. Spiritually speaking many of us are living on a spiritual life support we are constantly relying on things outside to keep us awake to keep us attentive to keep us alert. But there's very few people that have life on the inside we wait until a crisis comes and then we get serious we wait until calamities happen and then we get serious we wait for events to take place and then we get serious and like a spiritual life support God says Listen why do you always need something to happen for you to have joy in Jesus for you to have faith for you to have trust we should learn how to be alive and awake whether something's happening or not this is why you've got a lot of people in 7 Day Adventists and specifically that are constantly looking for things to stimulate and stir up the people in their messages because the good old plain gospel is too boring. People want to hear something the latest and the greatest give me some new stimulus hit me up with a new drug. But if somebody just simply tells the story of the cross is somebody simply talks about the beauty of the sanctuary is somebody just simply talks about that wonderful man of whom I don't know how you can be hold him and not say Oh Lord help me to be change and be just like you nowadays it seems like people got to hear about dirt you know a lot of people right now are keeping their Adventism alive on dirt they go to certain websites and say tell me the latest Mr Preacher of all the evils they are doing you know what I'm talking about it's almost like our spirituality begins to die down until some external information comes our way and then we get fired up again our brothers and sisters God wants us to understand. A lot of these external things that are happening in our world should not be the means to keep us alert but it should be a means for us to say Praise the Lord Jesus is showing signs that he's coming soon let me be busy and go out and tell those who are asleep you're supposed to be awake but to tell those who are asleep that they need to awake real quick let me show you something about Jesus can I show you something about Jesus would prophesy real quick let me show you this go to the book of March after 1 keep your finger to 70 we'll come back to it but notice marks up the 1 because I want to make sure you understand what I'm saying notice what the Bible says in Mark chapter 1 the Bible says in the book of Martin we're going to watch after we're just going to chapter 1 and I want you to watch what it says in verses 14 and 15 watch the text care for the what did Jesus do when he saw a prophecy being fulfilled notice the Bible says Mark 114 and 15 it says now after that John was put in prison Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God and saying The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand repent he and believe the Gospel did Jesus see prophecy being fulfilled what did Jesus do for himself when he saw the prophecy being fulfilled. What do you do for himself nothing when he saw prophecy being fulfilled what did he do for others he went out and gave the Gospel you see this is the point Jesus was trying to bring across when we see prophecy being fulfilled it's not supposed to spiral us Jesus saw the prophecies being fulfilled but he was already a student of prophecy he was already living a life in harmony with the revelation of prophecy so when he saw prophecy being fulfilled he was already awake but how much the more he of bailed himself to help other people wake up that be nice if we would do more that. Why do you constantly need a whole bunch of stuff to happen in front of you for you to stay awake. Jesus was awake because he had on adulterated communion with his father Jesus was awake and so the more the prophecies being fulfilled he just simply said praise what All right let's go out ladies and gentlemen you've been studying the book of Daniel 9 in verse $26.00 you know what it says The time is fulfilled the kingdom of heaven is at hand we're 10 you now and believe the gospel he was using those current events and those evidences to show those people who were asleep to say wake up the prophecies are being fulfilled the kingdom of God is ready to enter your heart but it seems like some of us are so busy doing so busy listening doing far too little studying doing very very little praying and pleading that now we need somebody to keep us awake all the time and we always wait for the next new event doesn't have to be like that so when we see the things that I'm about to share with you right here it's not designed even though it may have to because some of us just not only are asleep but we love the sleep and we love the slumber and my hope and prayer is that if you were 1 of those people tonight that was sleeping and if you do wake up I pray that you learn how to commune with Jesus so you can stay awake and learn a higher stimulus to stay awake merely then just seeing all these things come to pass and you are getting awake but more so that we can go and touch the lives of others you're going back to look 17 the Bible makes it very clear that the world was going to get worse and worse and the reason we know it is because of 17 The Bible says and book in the book of Luke the 17th chapter and I want you to consider look 17 we're going to consider verses 28 to 30. And the Bible makes it very clear that yes our world is getting worse and worse no question about it and here is an example the Bible says In Luke the 17th chapter and when you get there please say amen Bible says In Luke 17 verses 28 to 30 it says a lot like wise also and it was in the days of who lot they did eat they drank they brought they sold they planted they built it but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all even thus be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed Christ made it clear that the same condition that Sodom and Gomorrah was in he said that so shall it be at the coming of the son of men now I want you to notice this because when we think of Sodom and Gomorrah tell me on your mind what you're thinking when you think of Sodom and Gomorrah What are you thinking when you think of as it was in the days of Lot and you thinking of Sodom and Gomorrah What's the thing that comes up in your mind when you're talking about. Sodomy OK what else homosexuality yes are these are things that naturally come up in our mind we'll go to the Book of Ezekiel 16 notice what the Bible says Now watch this because Jesus said When you see all of these things coming to pass know that my coming is near the end for if you're sleeping you should wake up but as you're awake you need to get to work you know how it is every morning when you wake up you go to work crisis all right if you're sleeping wake up but go to work Bible says in the book of Ezekiel we're looking at Chapter 16. And I want you to see what the Texas is equal 16 right there verses 49 and 50 it is equal 16 versus 49 and 50 look at what the Bible clearly spells out as it pertains to the days of Sodom the Bible says it is a Q 16 we're looking at verse $49.00 and it says the whole this was the iniquity of DI sister saga What was the things that was listed as iniquity number 1 pride what else fullness of bread or gluttony abundance of what do you know my brothers and sisters that when parents when we leave our children with nothing to do and they have an abundance of idleness we are repeating the iniquities of sob Can you imagine that do you see how easy it would be to say oh I look at those sodomites over there when we see 2 people right now I live in western Massachusetts and western Massachusetts Oh yeah there's a concentration in that area especially of those who are living of the lesbian lifestyle so there's a precious restaurant that open up there and often I will see sisters walking in hand in hand kissing and hugging and all of that the natural Christian mind is going to say oh how the Korbel how terrible how much of an abomination that is and these things are true biblically But nevertheless the key is. What about do we have that same disdain and discussed when we see an abundance of I don't this happening in our homes amongst our precious youth if we only understood Lord have mercy I'm inviting Saddam in my house. And so God wants to broaden our understanding to say Listen Saddam is definitely dealing with sodomy and is definitely dealing with these type of things that are definitely in Luden the bible is going to spell it out in verse 50 but the key is that don't neglect these other parts because there are many things that make up the manifestation of the days of Lot. So yes pride what else fullness of bread what else abundance of idleness was in her hand and in her daughters neither did she do what string in the hand of the poor and needy Do you know that when we neglect to strengthen the hand of the poor and needy God says that sodomy. The Understand Us That's what that old saying when you point 1 finger you got a several fingers point very true statement because we get our dear brothers and sisters this in some of the sweetest people I've ever met or in the L G B T community Emma tell you that I have been in many places where I've run into people who are living gay lifestyles and so on and I have found that they are some of the kindest nicest people very warm very carry her very helpful etc but yet our standard makes us say it. Wrong and we come down real hard now again I believe we should tell the truth in love. OK I believe we should tell the truth I believe that we owe to the L G B T community to definitely say Listen in the name of Jesus this is a form of lifestyle and these are patterns and passions of desire that were not originated from the heart of God God had a different plan. And we need to show them that plan and we need to show them the beauty of how when you get off the road to the power of Christ you can get back on that road we need to love those in the L.G.B. to community enough to make these precious statements and make it plain but when we unduly come down on individuals God says be careful because God says Do you have an abundance of out of this are you indulging pride are you a glutton the understand what God is don't do you strengthen the hands of the poor and the needy God isn't it that verse 50 gets even deeper in verse 50 it says and they were hot that means stuck up they were conceded it thought they were all that God says this is that iniquity of Sodom not only this is where they horny this is and they were hardy and committed abomination I have a whole study on every abomination written in Scripture if you were to see everything that God calls an abomination it is true yes again Leviticus 18 etc Mankind lying with mankind as a woman as an abomination I'm not I'm not taking anything away from that I agree 100 percent with that but my brothers and sisters you would be amazed at the other things God calls an abomination you need to study Proverbs Chapter 6 verses 16 to 19 the Bible makes it very clear 6 things that the Lord hate yea 7 are an abomination and God begins to go down that list my brothers and sisters we my if we carefully study that thing we will see ourselves in that picture and so what God is saying is that the world is getting worse and worse people are filled with an abundance of I don't this people are constantly selfish and self focused and it's all about me and mines and what I'm going to do to take care of me and I don't know about you people literally are practicing sodomy and we don't even realize it and God says it's going to get worse and worse. But you know what God raised up right God raised up the church you see when God knew all these problems was going to be in the world you know he did he raise the church God says I want my people to be a lighthouse and I want my people to go ahead and show all these folks practicing wickedness and darkness I want them to be like but then notice what God said about the church in 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 notice what the Bible says again we don't have to look far we can see that right now we are definitely living in times that are absolute fulfillments of what got us said Now again when we look at the world we see wickedness we see all those things laid out we just study them as if you're 16 we see that it's getting worse and worse but God raised up the lighthouse the church to go ahead and be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem but then God says all right I'm going to raise up the church but then notice what God said about the church when 2nd Timothy look at what it says in chapter 3 in 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 it says starting at verse 1 this know also that in the last days what kind of times perilous times shall come it says for men shall be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection truce breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traitors heady higher minded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God Now watch versified then is said this having a form of that's not the world God was not describing the World Cup was describing the church the church is a place that has a form of godliness the world as we get in there bold about it. You can clearly see that through the music that plays through the malls and through the streets you can clearly see that through the festivals that are celebrated you can clearly see that through the billboards that are put up on the streets we can clearly see the world is like look we're sinful we're we're good and we don't care but the church is where there's a form of godliness but according to verse 51 of the lacking. Power they're lacking power having a form of godliness but denying the power there of from such turn away and that's what a lot of people are doing with the church they're turning away from the hip hop industry. I'm from hip hop culture I used to tell people that I don't listen to hip hop on T.V. So you listen if I said I don't listen to hip hop is when I was in World I sound listen to hip hop they said no no no don't do this and I said No I don't listen to hip hop I would say I am hip hop you understand that hip hop was more than just music you listen to it was a whole entire lifestyle it was a culture it was the way you walked it was the way you talked it was the way you dressed it was the way you would reason hip hop was an incomplete way of living and so when God called me away from hip hop my mind could not grasp when I saw hip hop gospel. When I started seeing the church trying to get their jam on when I started seeing things happening in the churches where people were literally singing and swinging and celebrating and you had gospel rappers and all of these other things and I started looking at this I was like wait a minute hold up I left that I did not expect to come into this movement Well suppose I learned about holiness and now I'm learning Leviticus Chapter 10 and I'm seeing a mixture of the holy and the profane. When I was in hip hop I saw many skirts when I came to the church I was shocked to see many skirts when I left hip hop I left worldly thinking and cussing and swearing when I came into the church I saw all of the same things and so what I realized is that today instead of the church converting the world the world is literally converting to change and this is why you can almost see a complete mimic of what's happening in the churches today and is seeing it as a reflection of that which is happening in the world and God knew that that problem was going to going to exist and so when God saw that the church was going to go down this wicked creeping compromise you know God it God says I'm a raise up a remnant God says I'm going to raise up all written and church alas they church filled with my last day people that are going to understand the Ministry of the judgment and they are going to bring everybody in harmony with me and do you know when God was developing these people look at what God said about him go to Revelation Chapter 2 in Revelation Chapter 2 look at what God said God was reason of that church and God knew that church was going to be a tremendous blessing and I want to see forgive me Revelation 3 and I want you to watch what the Bible says in Revelation 3 as God was you 19 his people to come together prepared to produce a remnant that was going to carry forward his work in the last days look at what God had to say about him you see God went through 7 churches where the church 6 and all the other churches God would always have some pros and cons to say he would say here's what you did that was good and here's what you did that was bad when God got to this church this 6th church. God got to the church of Philadelphia right there in verse 7 look at what God said about this church God said in verse 7 and to the angel of the church in Philadelphia right these things say is he that is holy he that is true he that hath the key of David he that open it and no man shut it and shut it and no man open it I know that I works Behold I have set before the end open door and no man can shut it for the hour has a little strength and has done what you kept my word and has not denied it my name be whole I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and are not but do lie Behold I will make them to come and worship before that I feet and to know that I have loved the because thou hast kept the word of my patience I also will keep D. from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth behold I come quickly hold fast that which thou hast that no man take the crown for him that overcome it will I make a pillar in the temple of my God and He shall go no more out and I will write upon him the name of my God and the name of the city of My God which is New Jerusalem which comes down out of heaven from my God and I will write upon him my new name and he that hath an ear let him hear with the Spirit say into the church God says this is my word to those precious souls better would say those precious soldiers that was standing for his truth God says them get me to set up my remnant and it's going to be those who are coming out of this going to state but the problem. Is that once God began to endowed all of the final closing truths upon those people gave them the highest riches of heaven poor it out of con them a righteous understanding of God's words as God put it all out upon them you know those people did. They started to love the message so much that they started to do what a lot of people do you know sometimes when you get a lot of blessings you can get caught up it's kind of like sometimes when you're blessed with beautiful hair you want to flaunt it everywhere you go. You get a beautiful face you cast me in that mirror talking about how beautiful you are when you see others that don't look like you sometimes you might even compare yourself among yourselves what God says that is not wise the more that we have wisdom the knowledge and understanding we begin to look down on those that don't have the same wisdom knowledge and understanding that we had and as they went down with them precious gifts of God they got to a place where God realize you're missing the Mark Romanek God says yes it's true I gave you the highest of my gifts I gave you my choices blessings I gave it to you that you might give but what is a testimony of scripture even the remnant people of God. The Bible shows are getting worse and worse it's not just the world it wasn't just the churches but it's even those in the room in God so all. You have a problem we have a problem what is the problem is right there in verse 14 and on to the angel of the Church of the loudest scenes right these things say is the aim and the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know that works at that hour neither cold nor hot I would now are cold or hot and so then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew the out of my mouth. Because that I will say yes I am rich and increased with good and have need of nothing and no it's not that out rich miserable poor blind and they get let me tell you something I believe 1 of the hardest things for us to accept is that we are wretched miserable poor blind and naked and you want to know the acid test. The day that any of us believe that we are wretched miserable poor blind and naked we will never say things like this is my house and I will run it the way I choose to run it will never say this is my bank account I'll spend my money how I want it we would never say this is my life and I'm going to do what I want to do with it because why in the world would you trust somebody who's wretched miserable poor blind and naked if somebody came to you and said Hi I am deceitful above all things and I'm a desperately wicked person let me give you some counsel. Would you take counsel from that person if they said Let me show you how to manage your money. Let me show you how to run a marriage let me show you how to run a home we would never give an individual like that even our time of day but the problem is is that that individual is you that individual is me how many times do we make decisions for our lives and we have no word for it. Man should not live by bread alone but by every word how many of you how many of you chose your career and maybe God had nothing to do with it a lot of us literally it's almost like we write out a plan and we put it in God's face and say here bless it. And Gaza scuse me no no no it was supposed to work backwards I was supposed to write out the plan and bless it and you were supposed to follow up there are very few people that are living the full potential of why God raise them up which is functioning and we're doing a lot of stuff and some of us will end up if we're not careful and I'm like Samson. Sampson died Samson was saying but he did not fulfill in the plan that God set for his life the plan for his life that's what happens when you run your own thing and so what God is trying to show us is that this is the issue allowed to see if we are wretched miserable poor blind and naked but we don't believe it and as a result of that there are many things that are happening even amongst the remnant. We're literally getting worse and worse and it's happening on both sides you know I like this make this point because it's imperative Yes it is true there are some in the remnant that whole position of leadership. And many a times there is a function of arbitrary pharisaical authority over the people of God where we are seeking to be another man's conscience you must believe in you must work the way we say or else A.B.C. disciplines and penalties there are some who function like that and they testify that their minds are not being connected with Jesus I remember in March of the 91 day John saw some people that were working for the master and when they were working for Jesus John says Master Let's stop them less for Big them because they are preaching in your name but they're not with us Jesus the Master Teacher The master pattern man Jesus said leave them alone Jesus said if they are not against us they're for us they don't have to be under us but if they're not against us then they're for us leave them alone and so today we have some who are again arbitrary pharisaical individuals who try to lord over God's heritage and God says you are out of order leave him alone there are many not all. There are many that are not against us therefore us support them. But the same way that their individual can get caught up in themselves and begin to do all these things and disconnect themselves and got on the side of leadership there are many of those who work on the side of laity those who are the unbalanced overzealous unsanctified independent fanatics and there are many of those on that side that will also take the weapons of God's word and turn it against a challenge. Post videos about it and do all sorts of things to try to attack God's church and God's people even the ones who are doing the work. God says you are out of order God says I have not endorsed these type of ministries either the extremes on both sides. Arbitrary pharisaical leaders unsanctified overzealous unbalanced fanatical independents and God says neither 1 of them are the ones that I'm using. And so in the remnant things are getting crazy because we're seeing more of those 2 camps and the question is where those people that's not on the right and not on the left but where the people that's right in the center following exactly what Jesus said. And you know what's interesting about all these camps whether they be the world whether it be the churches or whether it be the issues in the remnant you know the 1 thing that they all have in common they all took their eyes off of Jesus at some point in their journey to hell to pay rise often start a consulting self and looking at our ways of doing things and our way of handling things and this is the great issue the greatest enemy that we have to fight with is self. And this is why when the world the churches and even the issues are in the remnant when these things are happening the question is What does the world need now and the answer is very simple the answer is right here the world means today what it needed 1200 years ago a revelation of Christ. They need to see a balance Revelation of Jesus now my brothers and sisters I mean I want you to think with me on this knowing what's going on in our world knowing what's happening amidst all the church's understanding was even happening in the midst of the remnant God says we need a solution that solution is found in Christ we must be hold him we must get to that place that we behold him so much that by beholding we become changed so you know this is the world needs today what it needed 100 years ago a revelation of Christ a great work of reform is demanded and it is only through the grace of Christ that the work of what restoration physical mental and spiritual can be accomplished notice that the great work of reform is demanded and in at all it is only through the grace of Christ that the work of restoration mental physical spiritual This is the only way that is going to be accomplished ministry healing 143 Paragraph 2 What is God trying to say to you when he's saying the only way that we're going to see things change in our world the only way things are going to be impacted in those churches the only way that things will even change right in the midst of the remnant body we've got to behold the Master we must begin to see and study him and seek to practice him and the question is Where do we begin this restoration work God has made it so clear that in truth we can't miss it. You see when you go to the Book of John chapter 1 notice what Jesus said we're going to bring out some very key points that I want you to notice in John the 1st chapter and I want you to catch this because God wants to make it crystal clear to our hearts we should this work begin the Bible says in John chapter 1 is a very simple point talking about Jesus when he came the word when he came when Jesus came the Bible says in John 1 right there in verse 11 it says he came unto his. Own. But his own received and not with Jesus begin his ministry he began his ministry among his own you see before he would impact the world before he would impact the churches before he would have an impact the remnant the 1st place he had impact was his home he had to impact his own family he had to come amongst his own he came into his own that's where he started his ministry was the lesson for us the lesson is very simple the restoration and uplifting of humanity begins in the home ministry getting 349 God says listen if we're going to see things change in the world if we're going to see the other churches impacted if we're going to see revival the reformation in the remnant. It all has to begin in the home 1st things 1st this is the priority some of us are losing fast and furious the people in our own home while we're trying to evangelize others outside of our home we are out of Gospel order God makes it clear this is not going to work it's not his blueprint it's not his plan. And so God wants us to understand that when we begin to work. When we begin to cover that with God Lord I don't want to be part of the problem I want to be part of your solution God says that solution begins in the sanctuary of your home you see I believe with all my heart that some of the great probably seen the lifestyle the things that we're seeing immorality sexual immorality the thing that we're seeing massive divorce and broken marriages where does it all come from it comes from a mismanagement of the Gospel being clearly taught and demonstrated in the home and as a result of a lack of Christ in the home the devil got his foot in there and boom now we've got divorces broken marriages strange marriages then all these strange myself young people I did a meeting I was doing a training in Philadelphia and a young person came out to me where the women this is right at the time when of course it was you know it's it's almost heightened fashionable now to to say I think you know for a boy to say I think I like guys and for a girl to say I think I go it's becoming like oh you know it's almost like because there are a lot of people ready to applaud you even the churches are doing that in terms of hey you know rainbows outside and they're not thinking anything about the days of Noah. Everybody's making it sound like it's OK It's OK young person comes up to me and says that I said Listen sit down. I said What makes you say that I don't know just seems like a lot of people are doing it now and I started thinking Yeah I think I do like certain people I said listen which of parents over there I said give me a 2nd and you talk with your parents talk with those parents my brothers and sisters when you saw how broken that homeless it became elementary to me I said to him Here we go this is why this happens you see like never before prosthetic Lee. Because we're about to close this out prosthetic Lee God is showing us the solution to the world the solution to impact the church is the solution to bring a revival of reformation amongst the remnant is going to start with those who cooperate with Jesus by bringing him back into their homes the more that Christ is in our homes is the easier it is but my brother said you've got to understand for Jesus to come in that means that you've got to go out. You've got to understand their family and that's why we're going to hit real hard tomorrow I'm telling you we're going to talk about it up if Christ is going to come in you and I got to go out there's no room on the throne of our heart for both of us and so it is that Jesus makes it clear he says this and this is what's happening you see in the home to Central Figures that husband and that wife the gift of marriage the blessid gift of marriage Jesus loves marriage so much that when you read it in a fetus 52232 and you just write it down Jesus says Look wives. I want you to reference your husbands husbands I want you to love your wives and then in verse 32 Jesus says I understand that this is a mystery but all this counsel that I'm giving to the husband and wife Jesus says I'm actually showing you how I relate to the church this is this is how I relate to the church if you want to study what marriage should be like study the Bible when you watch the interactions of God with His people that is how a husband is to deal with his precious bride when you watch when the church was obedient to God You are watching how the wife is to be to the husband it's beautiful practical lessons and the Old Testament brings it out far more magnified than the new. If you really watch it it's beautiful. And so what God was actually showing is that this was the lesson book of how he wanted us to see how this institution that has been broken down can be rebuilt again you see we're told in inspiration in the time of the end every divine institution is to be restored the 1st divine institution that God me was the Sabbath and the 2nd divine institution made before sin touched this planet with marriage and I find it very interesting that God is saying to his last day remnant people he says I want those divine institutions restored because the world has come together to get rid of God Sabbath and the world has come together to talk to a race God's plan of marriage and that's why I believe with all my heart we are living in the time of Nehemiah I also said I always encourage because that study Neal miles when you study Nehemiah I don't know how you can miss it watch this go to Nina Maya the 13th chapter if you look at Nehemiah 13 I want you to watch this I don't know if you have a clock that need the days of Niihau Maya are literally to be relived today 1 of the things I love about Nehemiah is that Nehemiah was a reformer you and I are reformers we should be instruments in God's hands that his plans are being reformulate backed into our day in our society now I want you to watch this when you look at the amount of 13 chapter was what the Bible says now very very powerful Nehemiah we're going to what chapter Amen Chapter 13 watches Nehemiah the 13th chapter now notice the institution the divine institution of God Sabbath and marriage. I found it very interesting that that's the very things that impressed upon the heart of me and I noticed this 13 starting at verse 15 in the am I a 13 in verse 15 what is the Bible say is in those days so I enjoyed it some treading wine presses on the Sabbath and bringing in she's a lady Acis as also wine grapes and figs and all manner of burdens which they brought into Jerusalem on the Sabbath day and I testified against them in the day where they sold victuals their development of Tire also there in which brought fish and all manner of wear and sold on the Sabbath unto the children of Judah and in Jerusalem then I contended with the nobles of Judah and said unto them what evil thing is this that she do and profane the Sabbath day verse 18 did not your father's the US and did not our God bring all this evil upon us and a pundit a city yet you bring more wrath upon Israel by profaning the Sabbath do you see how Nehemiah is the only bringing about a Sabbath or for these I was doing there he's showing them the saying look what are you guys doing here at the walls buying from these guys that are selling you know supposedly buying and selling on the Sabbath day. So Nehemiah is that we bring it back he says Don't you realize that our nation suffered calamities for profaning the Sabbath. I don't know if you understand you just read prophecy just now because we're told in the great controversy page 590 that that is going to be the very argument that they are going to use for all these calamities that are happening all these hurricanes and everything else the dropping of the economy this NG they're going to say it's all because of the violation of the Sunday 7 and we need to come back to it they're going to use this argument of Nehemiah they're just going to fix it on the A passed a day rather than God 7th day sabbath but nevertheless the key is neat how my it was bringing everybody to faithful Sabbath observance. But he didn't stop there duty notice what it says now going on to verse 19 it says and it came to pass that when the gates of Jerusalem began to be dark before the Sabbath I commanded that the Gates should be shut and charge that they should not be open till after the Sabbath and some of my servants said I at the gates that there should be no burden brought in on the Sabbath day and so their merchants and sellers of all kind of where lived without Jerusalem once or twice I want you to think about this they are literally hanging out at Jerusalem trying to wait for an opportunity to sell to the people of God So Niedermeyer got some boldness and notice what he says in verse $21.00 then I testified against them and said unto them why Moggi about the wall if you do so again I will do what Nehemiah said I lay hands on you and God was actually with them me and I said I will lay hands on you and from that time forth Cain they no more on the Sabbath Day Now watch this verse 23. In those days also so not only was the Sabbath being profane and they wanted to bring them back to the Sabbath now and look at verse $23.00 it says in those days also saw I Jews that had married wives of who and of Amazon and of Moab and their children speak have in this speech of Ashdod and could not speak in the Jews' language but according to the language of these people and I contended with them and cursed them and smote certain of them and put off their hair and made them swear by God saying You shall not give your daughters unto their sons nor take their daughters unto your sons or for yourselves did not Solomon king of Israel sin by these things yet among many nations was there no king like him who was beloved of his God and God made him king over all Israel Nevertheless even him did outlandish women cause to sin shall we then hearken unto you to do all this great evil to transgress against our God in marrying strange wives 1 of the sons of divided the son of Eli Ashley the liason the high priest was son in law to send but the horror Knight therefore I chase him from being remember them oh my God because they have defiled the priesthood and the covenant of the priesthood and of the Levites thus cleanse I them from all strangers and appointed the wards of the priest in the Levites everyone in his business and for the wood offering at times appointed and for the 1st fruits remember me oh my god for good meat was not only used by God to bring back the institution of the Sabbath but need how Maya was also being used by God to bring back the righteous institution of marriage. We are called to do the work of Nehemiah you see you can go outside and you can tell gay marriage all you want that that's a bad thing but then when the folks in gay marriage say Well I'll tell you this much you're divorcing just as much as us you divorcing more than us with your power. Don't just tell me about a God who said that you can get married to the opposite sex show me the blessing and the benefit of doing it if our marriages are broken and busted then what's the argument we have no argument. God wants us to understand that we were supposed to be a model we were supposed to show through our marriage is a picture of Jesus that's what God wanted this is why I'm telling you family this is what it says right here we need need to Maya's in this age of the world who shall rouse the people to see how far from God they are because of transgression of his law Nehemiah was a reformer and it says a godly man raised up for an important time as he came in contact with evil and every comma opposition stress courage and zeal was a rout his energy and determination inspired the people of Jerusalem and strength and courage took the place of the ball and feebleness and discouragement his holy purpose his high hopes his cheerful consecration to the work work contagious the people caught the enthusiasm of their leader and in his fear each man became a Nehemiah and helped to make stronger hand and heart of his neighbor here is a lesson for ministers of the present day Bible Commentary book 31137 paragraph 2 God wants us to understand that he wants us to be in the Maya's in these last days God wants us to understand our world is in trouble the churches are in trouble even the remnant is in trouble. God wants a restoration work to be done but every restoration work must begin in our home and as that work is done faithfully in our home through the power and presence of Jesus. My brothers and sisters how much easier it shall be to go out of our home now and to touch the lives of all of those around us in the remnant when we go to visit those churches that are called Babylon that we can say come out of her they want to come out because they see something better. In your life and in my. And when we go throughout this world finally we can light up the world with the glory of God For real for real and God wants us to understand that this is available to us if we cooperate but as I told you for Jesus to come in it means we've got to go out and he's going to understand that word surrender on a whole deeper and different level my brothers and sisters the what kind of evidence is anything better than greatest the greatest evidence of the power of Christianity that can be presented to the world is a well ordered well disciplined family this will recommend the truth as nothing else can for it is a living witness of its practical power remember a gospel that is not practical is a worthless gospel. Its practical power upon the heart Adventists home page 32 Paragraph 2 God says it very clear God says listen if we can't let Jesus in our now parents I'm going to make you know let you in on something husbands and wives I'm going to let you in on something the day that you decide to do this and I want you to hear me clear because we were at the dealer at the end of our study. When we're in our home and it's still my home my way and there's a way we can twist even the word of God and make it seem like God's in agreement with me rather than us being in agreement with God then there and done that when we really surrender and we understand what what that means practically in the study that tomorrow when this really starts to take place and you covenant with God for real and say Lord we're going to plug up every hole in our home every hole right now we've got holes in our home we know we do there's a little area cheating the little areas of disobedience those little areas where we know to do right but we're still not doing it. And we have the nerve to talk about victory over sin and Latter Rain and all these other thing and we got all these areas in our lives where we know we are in violation God says I will never put my seal on such a soul God would do it the people who get the feel of God Of those who are settled both intellectually and spiritually I will not be moved by the grace of God The Do everything is a revelation put it very clear to me just the Revelator said they follow the lamb with us so every What ever Jesus says they do it I'm going to show you what that looks like very practical tomorrow when we make a decision to live that way end to govern our home that way I have a warning for you all hell is going to break loose and the devil is going to show you who he is on a whole different level because even the devil will leave you and I alone when we're living half stepping walk with God because He already says I already got you but when you truly try to say Take your hands off my son take your hands off my daughter. When you begin to live a life and say that is it no more anger bitterness and resentment towards my husband no more anger bitterness and resentment towards my wife I choose to trust God I choose to let God be the solution to my problems I choose to handle things in the manner of Christ when we get that way my brothers and sisters and devils are going to show his head in a way he's never shown it to us before and the reason I say I say this with complete authority because. We're the day my wife and I made that covenant I've never seen like that I'm being honest I've seen the devil many a times I have observed his actions and his ways I've seen the devil work through people I've been in other countries where people literally were behaving they would be demon possessed I've seen a lot of stuff but when my wife and I made my wife I was sit down with talk about it and tell her Honey have you ever seen it get this hot Have you ever seen the fight get this fierce. And his like God has been shown to stop about ourselves there was a lot of areas that I was thinking I was all right and God was like you are all wrong and it hurts so bad but at the same time it's the most glorious experience we need it's the most glorious experience I remember 1 time I said to that father figure of mine Thomas Jack said under the pressure of all of the trials that was going on in my life and in my heart in my home and I remember I looked him in the eyes and I said dad. I said it feels like I'm being ground to powder and those are the exact words that I use I said it feels like I'm being ground to powder and he looked at me and that giant way that he looks at you and I saw his cheeks go up in a smile and I got tears in my eyes and he smiling. And I said What are you smiling about you know as respectfully as I could I really respect him like a father in my life but I was like What are you smiling about and he said this is good and I said what you mean this is good. This is terrible he said doing what is justification by faith and it came right back to Mama Justification by Faith is the work of God in laying the brewery of man in the dust and doing for man that which it is impossible for him to do for himself he said doing what you just said his prosthetics on you said he's grinding you to dust that means he's getting ready to do for you what you could never do for yourself and that's the 1st time it hit me I mean I read that quote I preach that quote I taught that quote to people testimonies of Ministers are God's work is for 560 you want a real deep special testimonies book special testimonies be Book way pay 67 paragraph 2 I mean that's how clearly I was quoting the people here it is I'm going through the experience and it was like I never read it before and I needed him to remind me he said you're going through the experience of what you've been telling everybody my brothers and sisters God needs to grind us down to powder is the only way you're going to get the victory it's like victories are literally waiting in his hands he's just waiting when will you surrender when will you stop taking charge of your life when will you stop being so comfortable confessing how we can mess up you are and when are you going to finally let me do something about it. Seriously this is these are things got to say because some of us are good at Confession I was good at it yeah I know I'm messed up yeah i know i could be a pretty you know bull headed guy when I want to listen sometimes there's even pride in your confessions doing stop acknowledging what's wrong with you and let me fix you God wants to do a rapid work you understand that and so me and my beloved son my oldest guy my 1st born was sitting in a room and we're talking with each other and I'm talking about this moment this eureka moment I had I said Jared I said I get it I said I really get what dad has been trying to do and I said John I got a lot I can't lie to you I said I finally let go and I said that to my son I said I finally let go I said that's it Jerry no hold him back I said what ever God wants to do with me into me so it let it be done and I said and I'm amazed at how much of a burden it's off my chest and you know and I'm testifying to him and as I testifies to him he in turn comes back to me says you know Dad I've been holding back and next you know he made his decision full reign letting God have control of his life I said Praise God. With tears cried together hugged each other kneel prayed. Several days go by and he says dead still keep in the cupboard I never thought I'd see the day that my firstborn encourages me in Christ and it is so beautiful to have your own son to encourage you to say Dad stay on track let's keep the covenant together my brothers and my sisters I'm just trying to show you this world has a death sentence it's a revokable. It's going down and it needs to people are sick they are dying. And a lot of people are hurting and God needs us to wake up but then he wants to use us to help other people wake up and the more that we cooperate with him according to his plan he's going to show us wondrous things out of his law I've read it I've read it I've got all the promises lined up and I noticed 1 very key thread with God When you surrender all then I'll do the miracle some of us are demanding God where are you lord where are you Lord you promise you say and we're saying all sorts of stuff to God and we're questioning him and God is like when you surrender all God said I will do what I promised and so we are to hold up like I told you 1 of the most amazing scriptures hasting the coming of the Lord we are to hold on because we're still submitting to him our plan and commanding him to bless it and he loves us anough to not do it praises me and so my question to you tonight is if you really want to see these things here addressed in such a way there's nobody in here that's going to leave with victory unless we understand their problem everywhere and there's no solution except in him and I realize that we did not get down right and dirty practical with it and we're going to do that more so tomorrow and my question to you is how many of you understood the study tonight how did you did you really get what God is saying to you and my brother this is as you understand what God is saying to you what he's saying is that I want control I want you to take that I'd want you to take your hands off the wheel of your life I want a blank sheet submitted to me and I don't want to see any of your writings on it God says I am going to write out your plan. And I want you to learn to trust me that I will not hurt you that the devil is not your friend but Jesus says but I'm a friend that sticks closer than even a brother and when I write out the plan for your life you will be happy because God is too wise to err if you are at a place in your walking i please don't get up if you don't believe this family don't do it God doesn't want you to lie don't just do stuff for the show of all of our friends in front of us and family if you get up it's because you made a decision if you are truly willing to give God a seat spiritually speaking in other words Lord write out my plan meaning whatever you tell me to say I will do some of you God is going to say the career you're in right now I didn't call you that you called yourself or that you are fulfilling your parents dreams or your own dreams. But God says but if you let me write out your plan I'll show you wondrous things out of my law I'll satisfy you more than you've ever known the definition of that word satisfaction you have nothing to fear for the future except as we forget the way the Lord has led us and its teachings in our past history if you are really willing to let God write out the plan for your life. Then the rest of this weekend will indeed be a blessing to you and if you are counted amongst that number so signify by standing to your feet so signify by standing to your feet lot write out the plan for my life you're in charge. You're in charge it's a hard decision when you have not cultivated the habit of trusting but it's the most beautiful decision God has a lot of ways of getting our attention he allowed a man to grovel on the ground for 7 years to get his attention and God can do that with us. Doesn't want to but he can get and so my brothers and my sisters I just want to encourage you that as you take your stand for Jesus I want you to know that he stands with you he loves you with an everlasting love he's getting ready to wrap this thing up here on this earth he wants to make sure we go home with him in peace let us go to our knees together in prayer if you can kneel and if not just value head reverently and less seal the decisions that we have made. In a word of. Loving Father. We thank you Lord that in such a time as this you want to give a clear picture of what love really looks like and it was through your own divine appointment that 1 of the clearest ways to do it was by that which exists in the home especially between husband and wife there are many of us who are single and we're grateful that you can be a husband to those who are single and they indeed are your wife and Lord we just pray that whatever our condition may be single marry even if we're living in some types of lifestyles that's truly not according to your will I pray as I asked you earlier to do a miracle make us free loose us from the bondage of the devil show forth your power show your hand to be mighty on behalf of your people we come to your god broken in desperate need of your grace and we pray that you'll please help us to speak from experience those wonderful words that says whom the sun sets free is free indeed we now commit our lives into your hands. Take our lives and let it be consecrated Lord to the. Use us in a mighty way and speak to our hearts and may you transform us and help us to follow you as you write out the plan for our life I pray this fall of those who stood up and I pray that you will break down those who did not until we finally get to that place that if necessary like Nebuchadnezzar we will truly realize how great is our God. Keep us faithful throughout the remainder of this night we pray. Thank you for hearing our prayer. For we ask it all in Jesus name. Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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