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Prodigal Child

Karol Prado


Listens as Karol Prado shares how she learned where her true identity is found. She walked away from homosexuality and found love and redemption, forgiveness and grace.




  • April 21, 2018
    3:00 PM
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Heavenly Father we thank you so much for the wonderful lessons are you given to us throughout today Lord and I pray Father that as I begin to share my testimony with this group this wonderful group of people father pray that your Holy Spirit may be with me that the words that come out of my mouth may be yours and mine and most importantly Lord that we may leave this room today with a new understanding of what it is to be. A Christian or and what it is to give ourselves to you holy thank you so much for all the do for us in Jesus' name amen. So before we begin I just want to go if you guys have your Bibles to the book of Luke and the reason why is because I like to kind of enter wine my testimony with the story of the prodigal child and so it's a very common story but I like to go over it afresh on a testimony only because sometimes we forget important pieces of that story so we can just go to the book of Luke. And we're going to go to Chapter 15. OK And then I began reading the story and it says and he said a certain man who had 2 sons and the younger 1 and the younger 1 of them said to his father Father give me the portions of goods the father to me and he divided on to them his living and not many days after the younger son gathered all together and took his journey into a far country and there wasted his substance with with riotous living or another versions as prodigal living and when he had spent all their rose a great famine in the end he began to be in want and he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country and he sent him into his fields to feed swine and he would fain have filled this belly with the husks that the swine did eat and no man gave on to him and when he came to himself he said how many higher servants of my father's have bread enough and to spare and I perish with hunger I will arise and go to my father and will say unto him Father I have sent against heaven and before the I am no longer worthy to be called by son make me as 1 of the higher servants and he arose and came to his father but when he was yet a great way off his father saw him and had compassion and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him and the sunset on to him Father I have sent against heaven and in thy sides and I'm no more worthy to be called by son but the father said to his servant bring forth the best rolled and put it on him and put a ring on his hand and shoes on his feet and bring Heather the fatted calf and kill it and let us eat and be merry for this my son was dead and is alive again he was lost and is found and they began to be merry Now we've heard the story multiple times and many times we say Yeah I can relate to it I understand but from my personal experience I can honestly say that when I read the story I can read it over and over and over again and I can still see my personal testimony being the same exact testimony of the prodigal son who left his father's home looking for a better life in the world and so. In the book of Jeremiah Chapter 1 Verse 5 A says before for me in the belly I knew the and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctify ID and the reality is that many times Satan will have us believe that what's the point anymore especially when he terms us and for whatever reason we just fall into history Taishan he makes us feel like you know worthless and what's the point of even going on but the reality is that here we have a promise from God It says that before he formed us in the belly he knew us the Bible says that God knows it and from the beginning and so he knows that you're going to make mistakes but the spine of your mistakes he's still there for you he's still willing to pick you up and that's the beautiful parts of of God It says Before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you so each 1 of you sitting here today are sanctified to do a special work in this world and it's up to you to allow God to show you what it is that he desires for you to do. So I was born. In Colombia to a mother to a woman who was actually a prodigal child herself you know my mother grew up without a mother her mother passed away when she was she was very young she was only 11 years old when she passed away and my father grew up not having a father in his life and not really knowing who God was and so my father grew up as a nonbeliever and my mother grew up in the Adventist face but when her mother passed away she kind of walked away from the faith and you know she began to live or own life and she began she became a prodigal child herself and so I was born to a prodigal child and so because I was born into this homework that there was no foundation no holy foundation I grew up not really knowing who God was up until the age of 7 I lived in Colombia with both of my parents but unfortunately 1 day my parents decided that you know it was time to be able to provide more than what they were able to provide in Colombia for their children and so they came to a decision that they were going to both apply for visas to come to the United States and whoever got approved with the girls being my sister and I was going to be the parent to come and provide a better life for for us they were not married and so there was really no legal bond Our that was holding them together and so the embassy was an obligated to give him and her and these I was really whoever got lucky and got a 1st right and so my mother my sister and I got to prove that my father wasn't and so I remember this day back in 1009 when we embarked on a journey that literally changed our lives forever and so many different ways and so as I moved here from Colombia I 1st you know it was traumatizing for me because obviously being in being with my father I mean most girls are that is girls right so I was at that is girl I literally did everything with my dad he was my best friend and so having to be ripped away from that it was very. Traumatizing for me and I didn't know exactly what it is what it is that work spirit what I was experiencing because as a child it's very hard for you to vocalize your feelings it's very hard for you to express exactly what it is you're feeling so I wasn't sure what I was feeling but I knew that I would feel empty now right there was something missing in my life and I wasn't quite sure how to get it back and so we moved here and we began a new life but Germany 2911 says I know the thoughts that I think toward you say if the Lord thought of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end and you see many times we don't understand the plans that God has for many times we say Why God why but he says because I know the end from the beginning I know what path I'm leading you through don't worry about anything and that's exactly what he was telling me even though I couldn't understand his voice yet but it was a tough journey it was very tough because now my mother was a single mother she was now raising a 3 year old and a 7 year old on her own what was she going to do what is what does any single mother do when they realize that they are now the providers for the home the sole provider for the home they work right they have to work they have to make sure that they have enough money to feed their family and so at the age of 7 I experienced my 1st heartbreak but i only that I lost that bond with my mother that I was I would have desire to have been built upon as I got older because now my mother was a single mother and because of that she had to work up to 3 jobs just to be able to provide for us so not only was I missing the father figure in my life my best friend my 1st husband as as something as some people say but now I was also missing that connection with my mother because now she was also absent from the home because she had to work so much. But that's by the age of 9 years old my grandfather came to visit us from Colombia and he had always been an adventure and so the 1st in that he wanted to do when he came to visit was find a Spanish church to go to read a Hispanic church so we went to church with him and why that introduce a Pathfinder's in our introduced to the church choir I started doing all of these different things and the church and I began to get involved and began making new friends and for a moment there I thought my life OK My life is getting a little better so by the age of 10 I decided that I wanted to get baptized. Which you know everybody says amen usually but the reality is that by the age of 10 I was going through things that I couldn't tell anybody and so my reason for baptism was really to cover up something that I was going through inside you see because my mother had to work so much and really when I say she had to work so much I really mean it there were times where I barely saw her there were times where I would see her only when she would talk me into bed at night and that was very tough for me as a little girl growing up without a father and so the Bible says the 5th cometh not but for the steal to kill and to destroy but then Jesus says I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly you see by the age of 8 years old because my mother had to work so much and she had to find all these different baby sitters in the midst of all of that the devil came into my life and he introduced model station to me so by the age of 10 years old I got baptized but the reality was that I was trying to hide the fact that I thought discussed it with myself because I was being sexually abused by 3 different men who were very close to the family men who I looked at as father figures because hey I didn't have a father next to me and so I'm looking to these men for for guidance for counseling and here they are abusing the trust of my mother had interest around them so I was very confused I was very angry and I felt. Kind of robbed right I felt kind of raw because my father wasn't here to protect me my mother wasn't here to guide me in God where are you you know you're supposed to be the 1 that protects me you're supposed to be the 1 that that is here for me that loves me you are supposed to be my Heavenly Father and yet you're acting as absent as my real father is so I began to grow this resentment towards God I began to grow this resentment towards my parents and before you know it's the devil started planting these little seeds in my mind that told me that maybe I was just a mistake that maybe I should have been born a boy and I started to water. The seeds with my mind I started to water the seas with my imagination and I began to tell myself you know what maybe I should have been born a boy maybe a fellow if I would have been born a boy I would be able to protect myself and because our been able to protect myself I wouldn't be in during the sexual abuse that I'm going through right now and so I began to struggle with transgenderism before I even knew what that was before I even knew that word existed I began to struggle with it and as I got older these feelings just kept growing more and more and I couldn't fight them I couldn't I couldn't help myself and so by the time I got older I started little by little sneak in the boys' clothes without my mother looking at me and little by little I began to adapt and the personality that I truly believe represented who I am mind Kirton personality says that it is a law both of the intellectual and the spiritual nature that by the whole thing we become changed the mind gradually at the absence of to the subjects upon which it is allowed to dwell it becomes assimilated to that which it is a custom to love and to reverence you see my mind was be holding this idea of me being transgender and by beholding I was becoming changed into this person that I really believe that I was with all of my heart I really believe that I was a boy trapped in a girl's body I hated the way that I looked I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror because I felt that I was a mistake the devil had planted the seed in my mind and by my own this trust in the Word of God I was watering the seed until it blossom into a big tree that I didn't know how to cut anymore. When I got to high school my parents really started to change it began to change and then high school I met a young boy who became my best friend and I 1st I wasn't so sure why I was able to connect with him so much we just clicked it was so instant that we became best friends and little by little I began to see that he was a little different than everybody else and 1 day he approaches me he says I have I have a secret to tell you and then he proceeds to tell me that he's bisexual now if I don't know what transgender was I don't know what being gay was this was all you know I'm a church girl I don't know any of these terms right but I knew that there was something intriguing about that and when I have 1 I wanted to inquire about what this was exactly and he began to tell me that he was attracted to the same sex my mind just like it just clicked and the devil was just like not only are you transgender but you're also gay. I don't know that I was struggling with same sex attraction until it was brought to my face and so he introduced me to a group of us friends and 1 of his friends was a young girl who became instantly drawn to me I'm not sure why because to be quite honest with you I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror but here this girl is looking at me and she's drawn to me she's attracted to me and before you know at the age of 14 I experienced my 1st girl and girl relationship now this relationship only lasted about 3 or 4 days the most but I was literally everything that the devil needed to confirm something in me that I didn't even know existed you see if this friend would have never approached me about his sexual attraction maybe I would have never realized that while maybe I'm struggling with the same thing but because of his this position to tell me his personal feelings I was exposed to this whole new world that I was instantly drawn to I was instantly drawn to the fact that they're different and I wanted to fit in because you see I felt like the black sheep of my house I couldn't fit in with them because there were so many things that I was hiding from my parents that I felt like a home I couldn't fit in I knew that I wasn't the same as my church friends and so here I am trying to battle in my mind where is it that I belong I want to be a boy so desperately So where is it that I belong And so when he opened up this new door for me it was almost like I found my place I found my home and I found I felt in my heart that I had found where I belonged. There is a quote that's fun Education Page $21.00 that says the youth have an end borne love of liberty they desire freedom and they need to understand that these an Eskimo blessings are to be enjoyed only in obedience to the law of God This law is the preserver of true freedom and liberty it points out in prohibited those things that the grade and slave and thus to the obedience it affords protection from the power of evil you see I'm pretty sure you guys are all aware when somebody gets an inheritance from their parents as Usually when their parents pass away or so this prodigal son here he was asking his father for his inheritance his father was very much alive but as I read the story I realized that this son was in no way telling his father that he wished his father was that. He was telling his father that I'm done with you. You're dead to me whether you're alive or not you're dead to me and so give me my things and I'll be on my way and that's exactly how I felt because when I finally got the courage to come out so my mother I was expecting a different reaction because when somebody loves you you expect them to accept you and to love you despite of what it is you're going through but instead what I got from my mother it wasn't really rejection it was more confusion and I was angry at that confusion because I couldn't understand why she didn't understand what I was going through right but the reality was that she didn't know what I was going through because I had never expressed to her any of my feelings and so she was taken aback at this because I mean just think about it a parent's for the 1st time finding out that their child is struggling with homosexuality. And you know for a for a child they're struggling with it they just expect their parents to automatically say yeah I'm so happy for you but when that's not the reaction that they get it turns into Ngar it turns into resentment and so in my mind I thought my mother isn't love me anymore she doesn't recognize who I am anymore and so the little bit over the ocean ship that we did have a kind of ended the day that I told her that I was gay and so little by little I began to push her away even more to the point where I was just like you know what I don't want to do I don't want to deal with you anymore and I want to go my own way I wanted freedom and many times we want we want our freedom from the law of God We don't want to know that we're doing anything wrong we don't want to even think about the fact that we're living in sin but the reality is that the law of God is what sets us free from sin so just think about it this young man this prodigal son he wanted freedom from the bondage that he thought that he was living in and home but the reality was that that so-called bondage was a thing that was keeping him from the destruction that he was going to receive on the outside so in essence by me telling God that I wanted freedom from his law what I was pretty much tell him was that I wanted to be a slave to sin and that's exactly what I became I became a slave to sin. When I turned 17 I completely left the church as a church wasn't for me anymore because when they saw a picture of me and my ex-girlfriend circling around social media instead of taking me in and asking me if I needed prayer for I was OK The 1st thing that they did was that they shun me and they close the door in my face and say well my family received was bullying we were no longer a loved family in the church we were now the black sheep of the church and instead of them taken my mother and asked her if she needed prayer they started making fun of her daughter her daughter that was struggling with transgenderism and so I walked into this culture that opened that welcomed me with open arms and I said this is home this is where I belong and it was so quick for me to be drawn into this call that a black hole it was so easy for me to be drawn into this black hole because it showed me everything that I thought that I was missing to me this was freedom to me this was Liberty but the reality was that my heart was only leading me to destruction the Bible says in Romans $122.00 that professing themselves to be wise they became fools and I was 1 of the biggest fools you would have ever met I began to live my life the way that I wanted to live I began to live on the outside the way that I felt on the inside this is how I felt I felt that I was a boy and so I began to dress according to my desire so many that I was but the reality is that German a 79 says the heart is the sea for above all things and desperately wicked who can know it do you know it. We don't even know how wicked in the sea for Hearts are but God knows and so does the devil and because the devil knows how the sinful wicked Our hearts are he knows that if he continues to push that button 1 day you could possibly crack and that's exactly what happened to me he kept pushing the button he can push in that button until 1 day I just finally cracked and I said Here I am this is this is me you either accept me or you get out of my life and that was my attitude towards everybody I began to grow resentment not only towards my family but also and especially toward God I felt that god hated me for who I was and so I hated him in return how can a God who loves His creation call me an abomination How can a God who loves the people that he created tell me that I'm wrong maybe he was the 1 that was wrong and so I started to really believe this and I began to hate Christians because me Christians were just the Christians that you see in the gay parade who are waving around the sign that says God created AIDS because of gays that was my picture of God That was my reality of who my redeemer was the sad reality that most BT Q. people are living right now they believe this image of God this false image of God that only the devil could have been the want to create it. But I praise God that he doesn't give up on his children because in my life there was a turning point there was a turning point back in 2014. Michael share with you this little story in the morning but I got to the point in my life where I realized that my life wasn't providing enough happiness for me the reality was that I was depressed and as much as I would go clubbing as much as I would smoke weed as much as I would drink alcohol and as much as I would have pretty girls around me it wasn't enough to satisfy my real desire you see I had a hole in my heart this emptiness that nothing could fill nothing at all could fill no matter how much music I listen to no matter how much alcohol or drugs no matter how much weed I smoked it didn't matter the hole was forever going to be empty if I didn't have Jesus Christ in it and so 1 day I decided that it was time I said I don't know what it is that I'm supposed to do I just know that God doesn't want me to be gay and so let me just give it a shot and I remember 1 time being and I could hear was my mother with my family and at this time I was dating somebody and I was actually living with this person and we get to work here and something was just in my heart. That is time Carol Carol's time you have to let it go you know because I grew up in the church and so I knew all the scriptures are says that being gay is wrong but I didn't want to believe it I couldn't picture in my mind how I thought that I was born this way and yet God is calling me a mistake right or so I believed and when I can tell my mother Mom I think I want to go back to church I think I want to go back to church but I know that I have to stop dating girls and I think for my mom it was kind of she was taken back to hear that and I didn't know that this whole time before I even told her any of this my mother had been praying for me she had been praying for me for a long time you see my mother when I turned 19 I was at my lowest point in my life. I was I was homeless I didn't really have anybody because I had chosen to live my life the way that I desired to the vit and so my mother had been going through a divorce and through that divorce she had to move in with her friend because of financial difficulties and because I was also going to financial difficulties I decided that I was going to move in with my mother it's not that I wanted to live with her it was that really I had no choice and isn't it wonderful to know that even a mother who sees how much her child pushes her away is still willing to open up her doors and take her and isn't how God is with us because we push got away so much and yet when we say OK God I'm ready he says are you come on and right and so my mother opened up the doors of her friend's home to me and. I didn't know how to act right so harm her friend only had 1 room and her rule was that whoever is going to sleep in this house and I has to be in by 10 o'clock and that was her only role and by 10 o'clock I don't know of any big guys have ever lived the party level by 10 o'clock or just getting ready to go out to the club so 10 o'clock really wasn't kind of for me so. After time after time I would still something to be able to leave the house either before or try to sneak out after 10 o'clock and 1 day her friend was just like you know I'm sorry I love you but she can't stay here anymore I can't keep allowing her to break the rules of my home there's a reason why these rules are him put and if she can't keep them that she just can't stay here. And as I think about it more and more I realize a god is the same way God allows us to come back to him and he gives us chance after chance to follow his law and finally when we finally rejected him as much as he can possibly allow us to he said I'm sorry but I can't do it anymore I've tried time and time again and I love you so much but because I love you so much I won't have you be miserable next to me and so he has to just let us go so her my mom's friend had to let me go and after she got me go I really had no where to go and so I was roaming from house to house trying to find my new home but the reality is that when everything went dark for me none of my friends were there to support me none of the friends that I would go clubbing with or spend money on were there to give me a hand none of them were there to open the doors of their home to me and so 1 day in the middle of the winter here I am walking home and it's pitch dark because it's about 4 o'clock in the morning and I'm like halfway drunk and I'm walking down the street in the middle of the winter and I'm just walking and you know to me it's normal because I used to do this whole time but this 1 particular day my mother was on her way to work you see my mother is a very hard worker and so she gets up at 4 in the morning to go to work and this 1 day she just so happened to be walking driving down the same bridge that I was walking down. And she told me never to tell her story I get really emotional some gather she's not here and now. She's walking she's driving under the bridge and she says she sees somebody that was walking like her daughter and she sees me walking down this bridge with my hoodie on in the middle of the winter and she knew that that was me she couldn't see my face but she knew that that was me and she says she pulls her car over and she couldn't drive anymore she just sat there and her car and she began to sob and she cried because she couldn't believe that her daughter was choosing to be out in the world she didn't have to be out in the world she chose to be out in the world and that's exactly how we are with God You see God tells us you don't have to do that you don't have to go out there and suffer all the issues that you may have for your problems are right here with me and he watches us as we're walking down that lonely road and he cries for us he cries and he cries bitter tears because he says I die for them I died for you and yet you're choosing to walk away from me that was the point that I was at and after that he didn't give up on me he didn't give up on me and 1 day my friend my friend Tammy she she bought me a bus ticket to come down to go down to Virginia and at this point I was so ready to just leave everything behind because I had finally left the club so I had finally stopped drinking and I had finally stopped smoking weed but there was just 1 more thing that I couldn't let go of you see I was addicted to pornography I was addicted to masturbation I couldn't stop dating women I just I couldn't stop I couldn't stop my attraction to women I couldn't stop feeling that I was transgender I couldn't stop having this is are my heart that I wanted to be a boy desperately and so I decided to take her up on her offer but even on the very same day that I was going to get on the bus down to Virginia the devil was a girl what do you do and don't go down there. Just call up your friends and you guys can go all you guys can you know have a beer or just don't go and I was ready to tell her I'm not going and she sends me a tax and says if you take everything in your money you're not coming you have to come because a bus ticket is nonrefundable and I said oh I guess I'm go and so I get on the bus and we get down to Virginia and we're driving to Heartland and we had 2 deer you see there wasn't given up Boeing got has a plan for you there's nothing I can get in the way of that right so we're driving out the region and we finally get down to Harlan and I didn't know was going on I just knew that she was taking me to some church of and and I really didn't want to be you see I was hesitant because I don't have a good relationship with Christians where I didn't like Christians but you know you guys are all Christians here so if you guys have any friends or still are in the world I encourage you to keep praying for them because it was because of friends like Tammy because of friends I'm a girl that I'm here today so I praise God for 4 godly friends right and so we get down to her and then we're sitting in the gymnasium and the program is getting ready to begin and Michael comes out and I really didn't want to hear him I don't want to hear this man talk so I grab all I grab my phone and I just want to go on Facebook or Instagram or whatever and there's no internet in the gymnasium so I was stuck listening to this testimony but I praise God that I that I was struggling into it because he's speaking as he share his powerful testimony God is just talking to me and he doesn't yell at me he doesn't say what do you do when I told you that you were wrong instead he comes to me in a calm still voice and he says Carol if I can do that for Michael what makes you think that I can do that for you. So the next day we go and we have lunch at the Riker's home. And we go have lunch there and come in our ministries was there again it's like I couldn't get away from them right so we said to have lunch and at that time I had dreadlocks I saw I had dreadlocks and the 1st in the Michael says to me to break the ice was touch your hair and I kind of look at him like oh no you push her and so he begins to talk to me and he just asked me what's on his i story and I'm talking to him and I will always remember this he grabs my hand and we were both crying at this point he grabbed my hand and he asked me if you can pray for me and as he's praying for me he says this prayer that I will never forget he says when Jesus comes to take us home I pray that I see you there and I will never forget that because I feel like that was the Jumpstart to my journey back home and so something happened something happen who remembers this. Was this. Same sex marriage. Same sex marriage was or was approved and in the Supreme Court for the whole for the whole country and so I went to Harlem in $2014.00 and just months not even a year later this happens and I remember when this happened I was actually making plans to go down to Colombia to visit my father because you see in my mind I felt that in order for me to really be right with God I had to be right with my family right and so my father and I didn't have a good relationship because of everything that had the had happened in the course of my life I had pushed him away to the point that I really didn't want anything to do with him but God was showing me that there was things that I needed to hear that I wasn't giving him the opportunity to share with me and so I decided that you know even though I don't have a good relationship with my father he deserves more than to see his son has his daughter dressed up like a boy even though my inside of my heart I thought that I was a boy I thought that my dad deserved more than that and so I decided to come here to try my hair off and I decided that I was going to change my wardrobe now that was 1 of the toughest part for me because to go from something that I dress in normally you know it's down to my underwear was men's clothing and I don't even know how to even begin to shop for women's clothing so I remember telling my sister Here's my debit card to go to the store and buy me something so she comes back from the mall and she has you know I think rather she knows me because she bought me just you know sweatpants I were supplants but she just bought me sweatpants from the women's section the shirt I were teachers but she wore my teachers from the women's section so it was it began with a little changes like that and I remember put it on the 1st outfit that I owned that was you know womanly and it was really. Just some you know what Piers I were a little tighter and a teacher that was a little tighter and I remember looking in the mirror and I just looked at myself and I couldn't stop looking at myself and for the 1st time ever I saw myself as a daughter of God not as a son not as a transgender but finally saw myself as as a girl as a woman and I'll never forget that moment but then a few a couple months later as I'm planning to go down to Colombia this comes on the news and for me this was a very defining moment in my in my walk you see I don't even know that this was happening because I don't I don't watch the news but I just remember getting a text message from my best friend and her message said congratulations and I couldn't figure out why she was how many congratulations because my birth is a temper but what I asked her what's going on and she says Well haven't you heard you know gay marriage was approved in the country and I couldn't even respond to her message because I didn't know what to say I didn't know what to think and my mind instantly fell into the pression you can say you know I was I was kind of taken back and I said why why now you know I'm finally trying to give my heart to you and you allow this to happen why now this was probably the biggest a funny moment in my in my Christian walk because I could either stay where I was and say you know what I can finally have everything that I've ever wanted I can finally have a wife I can finally have you know a family or. Me or I can walk away from it and I can allow you to the find me to the find who I am thank you you know there's a movement going on right now where people are calling themselves Gay Christians and in my mind I thought well maybe I can be that right. I want I want to love God I want to go to church and do all these things but why do I have to leave behind my identity. And so this is there I decided you know what I can't I can't have both you see and in my heart I always knew that this wasn't OK and I did it anyway just because I wanted to do it because my heart was telling me that I was that I was and so I wanted to act according to my own desires but the reality was that I knew deep down that God had a different plan this wasn't God's original plan and so in this moment I could either stay where I was and continue to live in a lie knowing that I'm rejecting the Word of God or I can allow him to define who I am in his eyes I can allow him to show me who it was that he created me to be and so I decided to walk away from all of this and walk into the arms of God. So the question is right now before I continue is there such thing as a gay Christian and I want to hear your feedback on this. Is there such a thing as a gay Christian yes. Why. So there are many reasons why this term as a gay Christian it's to me it it's I don't even know I don't really have the words to express like how I feel about the term. I feel that is kind of this respectful right and the word Christian itself we have the word Christ so to me being a Christian means that you're trying to be like Christ you're trying to be Christ like and so being gay is the opposite of being Christ like and you know I think I think the L.G.B. take you community has a bad rep of who God is because of the bad Christians that are out there trying to preach the everlasting gospel without knowing what the everlasting Gospel is right and so I remember going to the Pride parade and I walked into the I walked in the parade and I remember walking by the so-called Christians who had their signs up and were specifically labeling Oliver because Chapter 18 and verse 22 right were says that the at the act of homosexuality is an abomination and so they are calling the homosexuals abominations Well the reality is that the gay person is not an abomination the act of being gay is an abomination right the action is but the person isn't and so I actually want to go there for a 2nd if you can just go into a bible some of it is 822. And the reason I'm going to this verse is because of that because people misuse this verse way too often and they don't really understand why it is that it's an abomination to God So we go to the Vatican chapter 18 and verse wanted to. It says that that shall not lie with mankind as with womankind it is an abomination and so people take that verse and they just kind of slap people in the face with it right and says you're gay you're going to hell. But if we go to the last sentence and verse $23.00 it says it is confusion so right now in 2018 I believe that we are living in a generation that is the most confused that ever has existed right we have so much knowledge we have so much potential because of everything that God has given us and yet we are the most confused generation we have no idea why God created us we have no idea the purpose that we have in this life and so we are coming up with these terms to cover up our sin and make them seem OK but the reality is that can there be such thing as. Murdering Christian can there be such thing as a lying Christian or an adultery Christian right no there can be no such thing as that So why is it OK for us to label something as homosexuality as Christian it's the same exact thing but the problem is that as a society we have put as a church we have put homosexuality above any other sin that there can ever exist and that's false because if we go to 1st Corinthians Chapter 6. Now we go to 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 and we're going to star in verse 9. And we're going to read off a list of things that are evil and God's eyes and things that will not allow us to get into heaven that says no you not that the unrighteous Sharna And here in the kingdom of God be not the sea neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor homosexuals or feminine it nor abusers of themselves with mankind Ne's nor covetous nor drunkards nor no revelers nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God. There is a list of things that is mention here that will not inherit the kingdom of God but I don't see any of these labelled as X. Christian right I don't ever see somebody being labeled as what is 1 of the things I says here as a fornication fornicating Christian they exist in the church don't they they exist in a church and yet if you were to put those 2 terms together they would be called ridiculous but yet as a church we are accepting the fact that people are calling themselves Gay Christians and we're not doing anything about it now I'm not saying that we have to go to somebody and Basham in the head with the Bible and say that you're wrong because there is a loving way to talk to somebody to show them the fact that God has an original plan God created us with a purpose he created us with our divine image he created us in the image of Him and His Son Jesus Christ and so as a society we have diverted from that image and we have come up with our own image and we have presented it to God and said Here this is who I am accept it or else write accepted or I'm leaving you accept it or you're not real accept it or you don't love me but the reality is that God is saying I don't accept it because I love you I don't accept it because it's not good for you I don't accept it because it drives me away from me or a drive you away from me I don't accept it because it's not my original plan for you but we have a hard time accepting a God actually has a plan for us Germany 15 I know I'm sorry Germany 2911 I know the plans that I have for you see if the LORD plans of good and not evil to give you a future and an expected and God has a plan for each and every 1 of us. This is not God's original plan nor is a God's backup plan. God only has 1 plan when it comes to marriage when it comes to union to a union between 2 people and he instituted that in the Garden of Eden we have no right and changing God's law we have no right and seeing what is right and what is wrong because our hearts are to see full above all things and we don't even realize how the sinful they are. Do not listen to the enemy suggestion to stay away from Christ until you have made yourself better until you are good enough to come to God If you wait until then you will never come once a 10 points to your filthy garments repeat the promise of the Savior ham that comes to me I WILL THE no way cast out tell the enemy of that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from how much then from all sin the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse us from all sin so I went to Columbia and I finally saw my dad again after many years. When I left Colombia I was 7 years old I didn't see him again until I was 16 years old and Iran see I didn't see him again until I was 23 or 242015. And like I told you guys before my dad and I didn't have a good relationship I had pushed him away for most of my life and so when I got to Colombia I realized that there were some things that I kind of misunderstood in my life I have just noticed the fact that he was absent from my life but I had never taken into consideration the fact that it was not his choice to be missing from my life you see as I told you in front of beginning my dad grew up without a father so he didn't really have a real family until my sister and I were born and I'll be opportunity that he had to be the father that he never had was ripped away from him I had never thought about his suffering I had never thought about his pain i don't we thought about myself and I was being selfish in my sense and so because of that I had kind of the story of the relationship that could have been with my father and I was only able to spend 2 weeks with him but during those 2 weeks girl showed me that because of his separation from us my dad my dad had now given his heart to the Lord my dad who was now an elder who travels around Columbia to preaching and so because of that unfortunate event that transpired in his life he found something greater which was the love of Jesus Christ and I believe that if we would have still been living in Columbia none of us would probably be in the church right now so I'm very thankful for that and my mother here after that day that she saw me walking down the lonely road she began to. See my name in prayer to God every single day she would get up in the morning every single day at 3 o'clock in the morning to pray for me for a whole hour let me tell you that prayer works if it wasn't for those prayers of my mother wasn't for the prayers of my father of my golly friends I wouldn't be where I am today. And so on September 2015 I decided to give my heart to the Lord it's hard to get rebaptized but this time I was doing it for a different reason you see when I 1st did it and when I was 10 I was doing it's a cover up something in myself that I couldn't hide but when I got back hasn't 1015 is because I was given everything that I thought belonged to me to God and saying here this isn't belong to me this was falsely. Given to me by the devil he falsely accused me of being this person and I believe the for all these years when I am giving you this fake identity back to you and hope that you give me my real identity so 2nd currently as fast as they are for if any man be in Christ he is a new creature all things are passed away behold all things are become new I am a new creature in Christ. So the question is what is your identity and many people today whether they believe it or not are struggling with an identity crisis they don't know who they are and many people believe that the answer to homosexuality is just being straight but the reality is that many heterosexuals are struggling and sexual sin too so it's not just a homosexual issue or a heterosexual issue it's a sin issue and the only way to fix the sin issue is through Jesus Christ he is the only 1 that has a remedy to send he has given us a remedy in his word but because we neglect the study of His Word we neglect the tools that were given to us to overcome send so I tell you today right now that your identity is only found the Jesus Christ it's not found and what the world says you are it doesn't rely on the fact on what your heart tells you that you are because your heart is to see for 1 person who is in the sea for the Jesus Christ so if he tells you that you're a daughter of the most high it's because you are a daughter of the most high if you told you that you are a son of the King of Kings is because you are a son of the King of Kings and so we have to take the face that we. We have him believe the words that he tells us because he is the redeemer of all men he is the 1 that came to give us salvation the salvation that we all need in order to make it to heaven and our job is to just allow him to transform our lives I cannot do it you cannot do it only he can do it and he already gave us that victory when he died on the cross for us that day that day that we should always remember because that is the day that counts today that is the only day that will ever count because that day was the day that he said Give me your burdens give me your burdens and I'll give you a brain your life and so I hope that you guys were blessed my testimony and so morrow I don't know how many of you guys are struggling with anything or if you have somebody that you might need help getting getting through to or you know praying for how to communicate with them tomorrow I'm having I'm having some counselling sessions so if you guys are interested here is a sign up sheet and us can sign up. You know I know that my sister practices that her son is struggling with homosexuality so if you want to come and talk to me tomorrow you're more than welcome to if any of you guys have know of anybody who is struggling and you want to be help to them then you can come and talk to me tomorrow you can also talk to Michael tomorrow also be doing cousin sessions so we're here for you guys and I want to have a quick word of prayer before we and things off is OK. Heavenly Father we thank you so much for this blessing opportunity to be able to be here with my brothers and sisters sharing this powerful testimony or your testimony in my life is not even my testimony and I just thank you Father for all the things that you have done for me for the blessings that you have the sort upon me even though I'm not worthy of any of them Lord but I thank you because of your infinite love and grace I am here today standing firm saying that Lord you are the 1 that has all the all the answers your word is as are our sword in our shield or you are the only 1 that can give us any hope any faith anything that we may ever need in life it is in you where we find our answers so we think of Lord for all that you do for us for your love for your patience Lord for your loving kindness and I just ask Father that as we continue on with our afternoon as we continue to travel to different sessions or you bless us with your Holy Spirit give us the was an understanding to really grasp what is going on in the world today thank you Father you do in Jesus name in. 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