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The Two Witnesses of the Two Witnesses

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • January 14, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven this morning as we open your scripture as we consider counsel from the Spirit of Prophecy I just prayed Lord that you would come upon us that you would draw us close and then you would help us to see the blessing that we can receive from these things which will discuss this morning I pray your Holy Spirit would cause us to be stirred our hearts to be stirred we would see the importance of things that we will discuss and Lord that your spirit would convict us to make the right decisions and to make the right adjustments in our life to be able to honor you in everything that we do so we praise your name Lord we love you we claim your right just as by faith and we know Lord the you have such a deep love for us to love deeper and we can never even imagine so we ask your blessing now we come in Jesus' name but all God's people say amen Now if you go to the Book of Revelation Chapter 11 which we're not going to do right now but if you go there you can write it down and read it later you read about 2 witnesses that the Bible talks about being killed and laid in the streets and then they are eventually resurrected right and so the Bible talks about them they because of the word of their testimony they were killed and then they were laying in the streets for 3 nav days and we've studied this before in our seminars on prophecy and then they are raised to life and they are called back up to heaven right I'm if you remember even in the spring we studied this in the Revelation unlock revelation series and ever many people always ask Who are the 2 witnesses and who are they I mean you know tell me if you know who are the it's the old the New Testament right the Bible talks about them and in the book of Zechariah chapter 4 you can read the whole chapter we're not going to read it this morning you can write that down and go home and read it this afternoon but in Zachariah chapter 4 it speaks about these 2 witnesses and it. That stand before to all of them are they are to all of trees a stand before the throne of God and the Bible says that they are the Word of gone and of course there's 2 testaments to the Word of God The Old and New Right and so they are the 2 witnesses the old and the New Testaments basic understanding we understand that right but the question we want to ask this morning is who are the 2 witnesses of the 2 witnesses Well yeah that's true you and me that's a good answer not the 1 I have through today but I can preach another 7 on that Amen so I have to ask you a question that will help us identify that what are the 2 greatest corporate and sacred assemblies. Outside of divine worship that open God's word and provide opportunities to study it and understand it better through prayer tell me what those 2 things are if anybody can guess Sabbath school I heard it and I heard a lot of stuff what prayer meeting you got the 2 witnesses of the 2 witnesses Sabbath school and what friends prayer meeting now this is a new year so you would expect a sermon like this from your pastor in then. I mean you would expect that from me you know me you would expect that Sabbath school and prayer meeting now I can't find a bible verses for the actually I can a kind of a principle wise and look at some of that but Sabbath school in prayer meeting are the 2 witnesses of the 2 witnesses they are the 2 services that testify that we have as an organized movement of Christians of believers that testify of the Word of God We come to save a school to study the Word of God We come to prayer meeting to study the Word of God and to pray at both meetings that we may understand the Word of God more thoroughly in they would divine worship service we are not able to fully break down things as we are in Sabbath school Amen so both are essential So we're going to talk about both of those this morning for just a little bit we're going to see the importance of them we're going to answer a number of questions somebody My asked what is Sabbath school well if you're visiting with us from a Sunday church it's very similar to was Sunday School right it's where you come together in a classroom type setting to study the Word of God and to do it on a personal level so Sabbath school is an opportunity for members and guests to come together for the sole purpose of studying the Bible on a personal level right now you're hearing the Word of God proclaimed on a public level but Sabbath school offers us the opportunity to do it personally interactively Yes and it typically priest seeds the divine worship power so it's right before it now Sabbath school has 5 main purposes where the 5 main purposes of Sabbath school number 1 spiritual growth nurture and discipleship of old and new members which which kind of members old and ones new that means how many that means all members right number 2 interactive personal and deep bible study that disciples members so in Sabbath school and in in the worship hour it's very important I worship is very important but you don't get that personal interaction don't get that personal connection that personal study right so you get that in Sabbath school and it's also interactive. Number 3 small group fellowship that nurtures personal relationships I often find people that say well you know I come to church and I don't really I talk to people but I don't really know them have you ever heard somebody say that I will not ask you to raise your hand behind me if you have said that I just don't feel like I know anybody I get the opera and so Sabbath school does is it gives you the opportunity in a small classroom setting to be able to interact with other believers Amen so some people say well we we have such a big church you know it's not it's impersonal I don't get to know people all Sabbath school is 1 of many opportunities you have to do that amen number for opportunity for local outreach and soul winning and you know this year each departments every month is going to be leading and outreach and so a Sabbath school was actually originally intended for new believers and people that were of our faith to come in and be able to learn about our truth and to be able to understand what we believe so they can give their lives to Christ and follow him amen so Sabbath school fosters a local outreach and number 5 and get my thing work here gives you an opportunity to participate and support in the world mission how many believe that will mission is important supporting our missionaries we take up offerings and Sabbath school for missionaries we have sometimes mission spotlight We have mission projects through Sabbath school how have you think that you want to grow spiritually This morning I mean you think that you want to be nurtured in your faith I mean I think you need discipleship. I think you need interactive personal Bible study I think you need group fellowship and personal relationships with others I mean do you think you want to do that we need to have local community outreach Amen and we need to support world missions if you believe in those things that are core truths of Scripture then you ought to know that Sabbath school is the place for you amen 7 school teachers. Amen so if Let me just I'm going to say some cutting things in the sermon was college and head of time so if you don't attend Sabbath school it could indicate that you think those things are what I'm Puerto it could I let the Holy Spirit decide for you if it does. And I'm going to judge you notice this I found this little gem and it is so powerful a little statement from the elders handbook on page $100.00 it says the Sabbath school program is the discipleship heart of the local church imagine that it is a game is to win and train people of all ages as a cypress of Jesus Christ the Sabbath school class and which members are taught agonists beliefs and bible beliefs is the church's primary program to nurture members it reinforces new believers in the church and strengthen spellers ship in a stablish members think about this friends if you're coming to church week after week and you're feeling yourself under Ciar if you say I don't feel like average lation shifts with people then you probably ought to go where to 7 school Amen I have watched our Sabbath school teachers they do wonderful job of nurturing and caring for our members when they're sick in the hospital I've seen them visit them they have fellowship meals together that wonderful personal interactions Amen Sabbath school as the place to be now what is the biblical support for Sabbath school Deuteronomy Chapter 4 I read that for our our baby dedication strong not going to read it to you but the emphasis there was that God told the children of Israel to teach the commandments of the Lord to their children and to the other people yes so teaching is involved and if you go there to Acts chapter 2 which would do we do teaching in Sabbath school yes or no and the divine service we do proclamation of the word in Sabbath school we do teaching and studying of the word go with me to the Book of Acts chapter 2 and I'm going to take a look at a verse here Acts chapter 2 and verse 41 and 42 it says are you if you there say amen. And says and then those who gladly received the word his word were baptized and that day about $3000.00 souls were added to them and notice what it says here and they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and in fellowship and the breaking of bread and in prayers and so some people say well doctrine doesn't really matter it's not really that important but apparently Jesus thought it was important the apostles thought it was important to early church thought it was important and because the Bible talks about it over and over Amen so the Bible says that they continued and they studied they broke bread and in prayers and so that sounds a lot like guess what Sabbath school what do you think sounds a. Second Timothy Chapter 2 verse 1 of 4 you can you can write that down and read it later but Paul says that we should the truth which we have received we should commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also so there's that word again teaching you guys awake this morning teaching which is sad I didn't put this 1 up there but in a fusions chapter 5 It talks about men receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit to be equipped for ministry and 1 of those gifts is teaching so Sabbath school has a very biblical base so some people ask well why should I personally attend Sabbath school. Why should I personally attend what blessing will I get more than extra sleep some people say why don't go to Sabbath school because I like to sleep a little bit later on Sabbath morning. How does it help me and how does it help others and the church so you're reading a 2nd this will see what it says what influence what divine influence will Sabbath school have on my life personally is a great book called counsels on Sabbath school work and this comes from the page 10 of that book it says the Sabbath school is an important branch of the missionary work not only because it gives to young and old a knowledge of God's word but because it awakens in them a love for its sacred truths and a desire to study them for themselves above all it teaches them to regulate their lives by its holy teachings big about that so will does a lot of things for us doesn't it it makes us missionaries it's gives us a love arms are a knowledge of God's Word it gives us a love for the sacred truths of Scripture and it gives us a desire to study them teaches us how by grace through faith strength of God our own strength righteous my faith him and how to align our lives with the truths and the principles of the Word of God the Holy Scriptures Amen So I mean by this statement that Sabbath school seems like it would be pretty important to us what you think this morning I mean think that today let's ask another question how does my individual personal attendance to Sabbath school strengthen the church does your personal attendance matter and Sabbath school Let's see there are sacred and trusted to Sabbath school workers and the Sabbath schools should be the place where 3 live in connection with God men and women youth and children may be so fitted up that they should be a strength and a blessing to the church. I'm you can say men you're not sleeping right all right so to help the church are upward and onward as far as it lies in their ability going from strength to greater What greater strength so does your presence at Sabbath school make a difference to the church yes or no it does because Christ uses your presence whose strength in the church the talents that you have this is the abilities that God has given you when you surrender those to use them for the Lord's service he strengthens you to strengthen the church I mean you could say in that prison or Darragh Oh my goodness. Lord help us you all are doing some or you're doing what some of you do during 7 school time. All right let's wake up here how should parents value taking their children to Sabbath school or do you think the Sabbath school affords precious opportunities and privileges for the young parents should highly prized these advantages and show their children that they appreciate them if they manifest no decided interest in the school themselves they cannot expect their children to do so and the Sabbath school parents may be learned as well as the children both parents and children should seek to have a knowledge of the Scriptures other books should be what secondary to the Word of God secondary. Here's another statement even greater care should be taken by the parents to see that their children have their Sabbath school lessons that is taken to see that their days school lessons are prepared their sabse will lessen should be learned more perfectly than the lessons in the common cools their thought about that that means that that that is math and Portland is science important is English important it's important but what's most important. What's going to fit them for eternity now English math and all these things we need to do them I'm not saying don't do them you miss Don't misunderstand what I'm saying but months more important to prepare them to be successful in this life or to build their characters for the next life both are important but we're told that 1 is more important to men understand so don't misunderstand that I'm not saying that the other is not important but this is most important if parents and children see Gnosis Cecille no necessity it for this interest in the children might better remain a home for the Sabbath school will fail to prove a blessing to them parents and children should work in harmony superintendents and teachers thus giving evidence that they appreciate the labor put forth for them parents should take special and the religious education their children then they have a more thorough knowledge of the Scriptures parents as sad as cool important for your kids it is very important over in Europe they told me that they did not they do not call it Sabbath school they call it divine service and part 2 so the Sabbath school is actually like part of the divine services I make sense it's just part 1 and Part 2 now I have someone who's going to come up and give just a real quick testimony and about what Sabbath school means to her so karma if you would just come on up and hope it might hear and what a blessing Sabbath school is to her Good morning to rich family the Sabbath school is part of church I can't imagine church which I would Sabbath school because it's just part of that it would be just not complete I grew up it happened Adventist and I always meant to Sabbath school it started incredible And amid all the way to use and then back to the adults out of school I'd love to have a school I give you a couple reasons why. You get to know your brothers and sisters much more just stepping into Pew You can hear different opinions you study a subject all week long and you maybe haven't understood it and maybe somebody else was in lightened by the Holy Spirit to explain it to you and it really lifts became lift each other up through this sometimes I just sit in several school class and listen because I'm just amazed what other people have gotten out of a same but bible text I've gotten nothing out of it there is times we laugh together guess times we cry together in the beginning we collect prayer requests and praise us to lift each other up and we carry as individuals be carried to others through the week through prayer service Sabbath school for me is like a family I think Sabbath school kept me in church and I just tell you if you don't come to Sabbath school you are missing out. I mean. Obviously praise the Lord so what reasons people give for not attending service or you tell me. I are going to go off OK What else are 2 tired you are they say man is my Sabbath if I want to. But it doesn't say anywhere in the Bible that the Sabbath is our savvy other my 7 says it's who Sabbath the Sabbath the Lord of the day now and for worship service and given myself to him. And so do you understand are you starting to see here now bless your hearts I love church family and this is why I give you these things are you starting to understand the importance of attending Sabbath school rather than sleeping in what do you think because every week you sleep in Satan robs you he arrives you you. It's like going to bed and like leaving your door unlocked and saying free stuff in my house just come in and take it while I sleep that's what you're doing Satan wants to rob the blessings that God wants to get you not now and I want to make something clear today very clear I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty I'm trying to put pressure on you to do something you don't want to do but I am trying to help you see the blessings that you lose and the blessings that you miss when you allow Satan to rob you of the precious joys and blessings of the Sabbath school divine service part 1 Amen zits of everybody clear on their All right look at this what counts was given for all my reasons not to attend Sabbath school watch this. Same book consonance Sabbath school work page 19 and says parents plead trifling excuses for not interesting themselves in the lessons with their children and they fail to become conversant with the Scriptures fathers as well as mothers excuse themselves from disciplining their own minds they do not seek 1st the Kingdom of God and its righteousness but exult the temple above the spiritual any terminal this forgetfulness of God and the collector of His Word is the example they give their children. What example do you want your kids to have which example which molds their minds after the worldly standard and not add to the exulted standard erected by Christ engaged in searching the scriptures that they may be thoroughly furnished to all good works. When and where can this be better obtains and at the Sabbath school the blessings of the opposite impact so what impact does it have on me and my family to not attend Sabbath school let's see what it says I'm just giving you the straight straight counsel here it says it is a sad failing are always behind on behind time on Sabbath morning they are very particular about their own time but they cannot afford to lose an hour of that but the Lord's time the day only day out of the 7 that the Lord claims is his and requires us to devote to him quite a portion of this is squandered away by sleeping late somebody actually knew this would be a problem in our day and age didn't thing they wrote about it 100 years ago in this they are robbing God it is causes them to be behind in everything it makes confusion in the family now parents I'm trying to be gentle and loving here but if you do not bring your kids to Sapps I'm not trying to rebuke you're a judge but when you don't bring your kids to Sabbath school it creates confusion in your family confusion that leads to greater confused spiritual confusion and finally results in the tardiness of the entire family at Sav a school and perhaps a meeting the statement continues and what is the solution for the reasons not to attend Sabbath school here is that it continues its is now now why I Can we not rise early with the birds and offer praise and thanksgiving to God Is that legal is sick when you. No not at all try it brothers and sisters have your preparations all made the day before and come promptly to the Sabbath school and meeting and talking about divine worship and you will thereby not only benefit others but you will reap rich blessings for yourself time if you want which blessing how you want to be a blessing to some what out's it's so much greater to be a blessing to someone else even that it is to receive the blessings of God yourself Amen but if we can be a blast sing to others say Amen so again benefits of attending Sabbath school strengthens my love for God and His Word I mean if I have that experience yeah it disciples' me in the truth and builds my character had me think that's a blessing Yeah it quits me to be a missionary It gives me opportunity to be part of a global mission work it provides me with small group fellowship and study it strengthens the local church and it has eternal value. I mean you think those are great reasons to come to service school do you think it enough to make the cost to come to readjust your life in 2017 to be at Sabbath school do you think it valuable enough I don't know that's up to you I can make that decision for you but you have to ask yourself that question what should we do Jesus said where your treasure is there also your heart also. We need to choose today who we're going to serve and we need to choose to invest what do you think this morning I mean to think that's valuable counsel today or what about the prayer meeting this one's not quite as long what about the prayer meeting this morning the other witness can have 1 without too right. Notice this what exactly is prayer meeting prayer meeting as an opportunity for members and guests These are my own words to come together for a mid-week fellowship midweek prayer time and Bible study to give us a spiritual boost of encouragement and strength between sabots how many of you have temptations all week long how many of you find trials in your life throughout the week yes that mid week prayer meeting is designed to allow you to come together and to have a season of prayer a season a Bible study a season of testimonies enough to live to strengthen us against the enemies attack of on us and our children through the week Yes Now let me just say this before I move on I want to make this disclaimer I understand that that that there's no reason for anybody to the Sabbath school but I understand that there are circumstances some to people to miss per meeting we have young children my wife can attend my kids got to go to bed in her stand she has a preemie with them at home some people work in the evenings you know some people are sick or whatever our community service center folks spread bust their hearts they work so hard over there I go over there and I have a prayer meeting with them in a time so they don't come to the evening 1 but for those of us who don't have any other obligations and were just deciding to stay at home this may speak to you I'm going to give you you can write these down and not do all these but I am going to go through 2 of them you'll go with me to Mark Chapter 14 Mark Chapter 14 and notice what Jesus says here Mark Chapter 14 and verse 38 mark 14 and verse 38 Jesus says. Watch and want pray and he's talking to to sleep in a sideways watch and pray let you enter into temptation the spirit is indeed willing but the flesh is weak I am of you and I say this lovingly and humorous way how many of you have thought to yourself on a Wednesday evening man I really should go to prayer meeting but you ended up not going because the flash of the spear is willing or the flesh is what will you ever have that experience or for that man I really should go and go but the flesh is weak right God identifies with us and that's the exact reason that we should go to make sense as the exact reason we should go because we are weak because we are in the flesh and we need that strength we need that channel of the Holy Spirit the common touch our hearts that we may love him more fully and it may be a blessing to us Amen. Goes me to Luke Chapter 18 verse 1 Luke Chapter 18 in verse 1 and verse 1 it says then he spoke a parable to them that men always ought to pray and not do want and not lose heart and Isaiah 56 God says My house shall be called the House of Prayer for all nations now let me just say this some of your very faithful attending prayer meeting and I appreciate that some of you just flat out can't come to preventing because you're working or you've got some special circumstance and I understand that you can put home but for those of us who can attend. Do you think of Jesus gives us this counsel he think it's a benefit to us to go what do you think yes or no you think that we ought to go we ought to go notice this statement here from the book steps a crisis a beautiful passage it says make every effort to keep between Jesus and your soul seek every opportunity to go where prayer is want or able to be made those who are really seeking for communion with God will be seen where at the per meeting faithful to do their duty in earnest and anxious to reap all the benefits they can gain of their benefits from prayer meeting or anything there are benefits they will improve every opportunity by placing themselves where they can receive the rays of light from heaven so how important should I personally view prayer meeting for my own benefit How important do you think they're important you guys sleeping in I'll just keep asking that and when I don't hear anything by 3 o'clock we'll discuss on just getting We were not too much not too far off what does the prayer meeting and it Kate about the church and my own life the condition of this from a selection of testimony or meeting will always tell the true interest of the church members in spiritual and eternal things. The prayer meeting is the pulse to as as the polls to the body it didn't notice the true spiritual condition of the church a lifeless backslidden church has no relish for the prayer meetings. Because when we pray together we come convicted of sin in our lives and we are faced with the savior but the good news is that when sin when God reveals sin to us in the prayer meeting personally speaks to our hearts he's compassionate and loving and if we confess our sins he's was faithful and just to forgive us Amen that's a blessing I've had I've been in churches where I've I've had the peer meeting and says to Little A lady showed up 2 little old ladies is it or. And the question that the visitors asked me was what where are your people I've been asked that question too many times and it's quite difficult for me to answer it I don't like answering it and for the love of God church family you shouldn't put me in a position where I should have to answer it as your pastor a man told you would be a little painful this morning but love me and I love you and then Lord is with the as there are cost to paid experience in the spiritual blessings the prayer meeting let's ask a question the conflict in which you have to take an active part is found in you everyday life will you not in times of trial lay your desires by the spider of the written word and an earnest prayer see Jesus for counsel So what has to happen for us to make a commitment to the prayer meeting we have to do what friends lay aside are what our desires many declare that it is certainly no harm to go to a concert or fill in the blank with that that's just what is written here in the 80 hundreds and neglect the pyramid after game football game T television program whatever or absent themselves from meetings where God's servants are to declare a message from heaven it is safe for you to be just where Christ has said he would be and where is Christ in the prayer meeting. At the moment or you think this morning reason whatever reasons people give not to attend tired I'm tired too what oats busy it's raining and snowing I'm glad you brought that up because I have a slide here but now I read in this book right here it's a great book passion purpose and power it's stories of the avenues fly in ears and you know all that they would work all day on the farm and then they would travel like 5 to 7 miles sometimes by foot to go to the prayer meetings very interesting Now sometimes people say well I don't get much out of prayer meeting I just don't I just depends on who's teaching Adun and Pastor when you teach I get but if someone else I don't get anything out of it but here's the thing here's the thing let me let me ask you this if you're not getting anything out of peer meeting with whatever you are really you are replacing that hour with at your home is that giving you a greater blessing than you would receive at the player prayer meeting the understand what I'm saying here whatever you're doing instead of prayer meeting is that giving you a career or spiritual renewal because if it is you come talk to me and we'll come to your house and have prayer meeting and then I'll be glad to do that but think about that friends. I just mentioned that if I have taken the time here's the thing if I want to get a blessing out of this get a blessing out of Sabbath school if I want to get a blessing out of divine service it does not depend on who's leading it doesn't make sense does not depend upon who's teaching it doesn't matter who's preaching that Sabbath morning it doesn't matter how do I receive the greatest blessing it is when I have spent the week though and allowing God to speak to my heart to my own personal devotion so you with me that's how it happens what if I've taken that time to prepare what spiritual blessing can I expect God to give me what I notice what it says I resolved to give myself unreservedly to the Lord I commence there to seek the Lord with all my heart my mind was in great distress but at a prayer meeting I found what really oh how sweet was the peace of mind everything seemed to change so everything permanent can be a blessing to you I'm losing your way the parish on the. The way the way the Diligente men don't don't repeat Peter James and John all honestly right have another quick testimony from him you already who's going to comment talk about her meeting I preach it to him because Tim is faithful to prayer meeting every week I can count on him that's why I asked him to share the will not every week most every week most of the week well if there's a problem in 2012 God gave me a wake up call and I have to tell you since then he has given me so many blessings like a King County. And I wasn't going to permeate and then I start. Later in the summer of 2012 and those blessings multiplied exponentially and you talk about sleep the weeks that I don't go to pair meeting I don't sleep as well after that I sleep better when I actually go to prayer meeting and it's important to me because 1st we don't have a lot of time left and I think all of you here know that and the pastor gave us a bunch of references here the Bible tells us pray without ceasing and I don't do that so I need to continue to learn to do that and a couple of weeks ago I gave from 1st selected messages page 122 who remembers what it was pretty more talk less so I don't have anything any better place to go like that the blessings of Pastor said if I can find something better to get a better spiritual blessing then beyond That's right would be because I want to be were Jesus is. And I find Jesus at the prayer meetings and them. And certainly Jesus can be everywhere if you can't be of the prayer meeting he's with you at home but don't neglect How did you find that you just wrestle with temptation all week yeah I mean you have it why not take advantage of every opportunity you can to overcome that temptation Amen that's the point I'm trying to make this morning so how can I get the greatest blessing out of both Sabbath school and period meeting were drawing to a close here notice this how can I get the blessing out of both B. or leaving home go to God in secret prayer plead with him for his blessing and he who is see it in secret will shout reward the opening openly with your heart softened by the love of Jesus go to the meeting sab school prayer meeting feeling that you are personally responsible for its success think about that say think to yourself Man I find not there it's it's going to break the meeting that's the mindset that God will give us when we go to Him in prayer and then if but if you attend you should feel under what kind of responsibility double responsibility if there's a there you think yourself Matt if I'm not there that's 1 less god wants me to be there you are in the service of God who you and should do what you can and with your talent tact and skill to make his worship interesting so it's not up to the pastor to make it interesting it's not up to the person even leading the prayer me to make it interesting it's up to all of us because all of us are like a little piece of the puzzle and then and we need to be there what do you think so friends I have a question for you as we close what were your priorities and 2016 were they where they were they where they should have been. Examine your own hearts this morning no one's judging you no one's condemning you I'm not making you feel dead I'm just bringing it to your mind and the Holy Spirit can deal with you as he desires but what were your priorities and 2016 some of you were in Pathfinders that's your onwards and that's your prayer meeting in a stand but if you were sitting at home doing nothing when you could have been there where were your priorities if so if your priorities were where they should be when you deepen them this year some of you would deepen them if your priorities were not where they should be $2016.00 of Sabbath school prayer be just 2 of many things will you make the decision today by the grace of God to correct and 2017 will you make the decision today how many you will make that decision today that when you can when you're able by the grace of God you will feel a personal responsibility to be there for the sake of your soul and others and those who don't know be there because Sabbath school in permitting can be a missionary offer opportunity we have the 10 days of prayer that's going on right now. For the rest of this week and next week through Friday night at 7 to 8 o'clock I want to encourage you to come you was you will receive a blessing I'm of you who have gone have been and it's been a blow to the young and then following that on January 25th Wednesday night we're going to believe begin a new 10 part series during prayer meeting on the parables of Jesus we're going to talk about end times want to talk about personal character we're going to talk about practical Christianity and I want to encourage you can if you can I'm not trying to lay it on you if you can I understand people have circumstances but if you can commit to it what should we do today friends what should we do. If the Lord is God do what serve Him serve Him with all of our hearts with all over ions and with all of our strength how we want to make that decision this morning would you make the decision today to choose to invest your family and yourselves and the Kingdom of God and 2017 How do you want to make that decision this morning a man and. By the grace of God can make it happen in our lives and by doing so it will transform the same man he's calling us let us respond and be face. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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