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The Sacred Circle: A Higher Calling

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • February 25, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Father this morning we're thankful to be a part of a church family we have many families that make up the largest church family in Lord we want to have strong families we want to have families that are true disciples we will have families that are loving and kind to each other we want to have families that have a missionary spirit in the home would have families that are tight knit close together who have marriages that are strong and so Father we pray that today and every day your spirit we pour out upon us we want to pray Father that you would move upon us you would draw us close to you close to each other and we pray today father that as the world has sought to creep into our homes I pray today that as mothers and his fathers and as young people we would take back our homes who would take charge of our homes and we would allow them to be sacred circles of sweet godly influence and their presence would be there so bless us now as we open your words we ask your spirits a guide and lead and we come in Jesus' name amen last week we looked at 5 areas of the covenant marriage I want to quickly review those with You Can we do that just in case anyone missed those and those areas were number was 1 was. Commitments and we looked up those verses their mountain of them up again you can get the CD by the way the CD will be available and we will I will have notes for you that actually won't be today but it will be soon and out we're going to post those on the website as well but I have a hard copy for you also number 2 is was radical what honesty and communication we want to be honest in our homes completely honest even if the wife says Does this look good on me today Honey we want to be what we want to be honest they may not like it my wife doesn't always like when to say honey that doesn't look the best but we're going to be honest yes and honest in all things in our private life is there such a thing as a private life in the home yes or no no there's not we are 1 unit number 3 we talked about trust and respect right being able to trust each other's word and respect each other and we talked about that in depth number 4 is why quality time and number 5 was it intimacy spiritual emotional and fit physical intimacy we talked about those 5 aspects of a covenant marriage now what's the alternative to a covenant marriage a contract marriage and a contract marriage says is the basis upon you meeting who's needs my needs right what can you do for me a covenant marriage is based upon what can I do for you How can I serve you amen So which kind of marriage do we want to have church. We want to have a covenant marriage now today I want to talk a little bit about families the family unit involving the children in this and we're going to take a look at 5 different areas of a happy home OK and that doesn't mean these are the only 5 areas I wish that I could of could could talk about this a lot more than I am but there's enough for probably 20 or 30 sermons and I'm trying to compact it all into 1 so I try to take the broad strokes and put it into a message all right I want to start with the statement from the book the Avonex home page 21 it says while there are weighty responsibilities devolving upon the parents to guard carefully the future happiness and interests of their children it is also their duty to make home as attractive as once as possible this is a far greater consequence than to acquire as states and money never thought about that for your children to have a happy home a nice place and when I say happy when I say nice I don't mean of big fancy home but to have good memories to have pleasant experiences they have joyful moments in the home that is more importance to your children than what kind of house you live in or you with me here and how much money is in the bank and how many they cations you take what kind of car you drive how many boats or motorcycles you have it's more important for your children to have a happy simple pleasant home than it is to acquire money or a States yes or no. It says home must not lack sunshine the whole feeling should be kept alive in the hearts of the children that they may look back upon the whole of their childhood as a place of peace and happiness then to heaven now maybe some of you did not have that growing up I had it sometimes I didn't always have it some of you may have not had it all some of you may have had a very bitter experience a very negative experience but that doesn't mean that we can't turn that around for our own children Amen and if you've you've have children grow them for your grandchildren yes I can remember my home was kind of back and forth but while I always knew I went to grandma's house that was a great time Amen that was a blessing My grandma always had something cooked for me with her was pinto beans and corn bread or or homemade apple pie or something and you could always count on the blessing of grandma's house and so whatever you are if you're single by yourself you have the opportunity to minister to some young person and when they come to your home to make it pleasant for them and then know what it says make them pleasant and happy what it doesn't mean is to indulge our you with me it doesn't mean to indulge it doesn't mean to spoil that's not what it means and we're going to talk about that here as we go so here is a verse I want us to understand that makes every home a happier home are you ready we're going to say it together Matthew chapter 6 and verse 33 you're ready say I want to 3 But seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you too many people today and I'm and I know I'm kind of coming up the gate a little bit strong but that's my nature sometimes too much so but you'll pray for me. But all these things shall be added unto you is to Ostend what people today are chasing after for happy homes is it true yes or no M Have you found that to be true in many cases today though raise your hands but for how many of you here today has of been your case and your situation but if you notice the foundation for the happiest homes is not to be seeking after these things not in states or money as we saw in that quote. To acquire States and money but to seek what 1st the kingdom of gone up I'm going to say some things that might rattle a few feathers that day but I love you you love me and I'll try to say them kindly OK can we do that we agree on that it gets your attention that wakes you up if I just come out and preach but if I say man I'm going to rot then everybody's I hope what's going to say so you stop sleepy right all right another quote here from the book add been a song fathers and mothers who make God what 1st and let me just say something here making got 1st doesn't just mean that you go to church every Sat making God 1st doesn't just mean that you come to Sabbath school every week making got 1st doesn't simply mean that you return you're a faithful tithe an offering making got 1st doesn't mean that you hold an office in the church making got 1st means that the thread of the character and the righteousness of Christ weaves through every decision you make in the home whether it's how you speak to your children to where you go and what you do for vacation. How you act on vacation high you act when you think no one's around how you act when your children you think are watching or listening Hi you act towards your spouse how you act towards your coworkers everything we say and do is relative or is if impacted by making God 1st or you with me yes or no I had a guy tell me 1 time he asked me a question he says he says but he says but I read I return my tithes I return my offer he says doesn't that mean that I get to spend the rest of my money however I want to because it's mine I give God his but it's mine but no friends every decision we make with the rest of that money also makes a difference doesn't it it tells who we are yes or no the you see I'm saying here so so making got 1st it is much more than just what I do in church on Sabbath it's every aspect of my life. All my choices whatsoever you do do how much all to the glory of God are you with me all right those who make God 1st in their households who teach their children that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom glorify God before angels and before men by presenting to the world a well ordered well disciplined family a family that love and obey instead of God instead of rebelling against and we can say Amen I'm a you want to family that doesn't just obey God but also loves. How we want a family doesn't just proclaim a love for God but also a base in and that we want that both so here's 5 aspects to a happy home want to talk about these this morning Number 1 we want to be Messiah minded Now why do you say why he call it that well you'll see here in a minute number 1 we want to be Messiah minded Number 2 we want to be message minded number 3 we want to be Ministry minded Number 4 we want to be mission minded and number 5 we want to be Monday minded Now what do I mean by that we'll talk about that just a minute so why did I scoll the number 1 Messiah minded because I needed to EMS right and I sat for about 10 minutes thinking of 2 m's to put for this all right OK Number 1 let's talk about Messiah minded let's go in our Bibles to the book of the fee Jand Chapter $6.00 he fees and Chapter $6.00 and this is a text you're probably very familiar with if he says Chapter 6 and verse for the fusion 6 in verse 4 notice what Scripture says 1 verse he's in 6 verse 4 it says and you fathers do not provoke your children to Watts to wrath but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord what does it mean to provoke your children to wrath What are some ways that parents not just fathers but parents can provoke their children to Rob let me hear you say again treating them harshly how else the very good. Accusing them falsely accusing you know what's a simple way what have you done now with or you even know what's done right what else. He's eating them irritating them my son doesn't like to be right. And even else ah the wrong example there you go someone said some over here double standards beautiful there's lots of ways that provoke our children and the the results of that per provocation may not have immediate results but just like with you those things tend to build and build and build and we think well they're fine because they're not responding but then 1 day we realize that it has taken its toll and they completely turn off are you with me yes or no so the Bible says don't provoke your children now now what's the best way let me ask you to not provoke your children or anything I say love them but say it's a gather to love them love covers a multitude of sins and love is the answer for most everything a man who loved them so how do we love them will talk about that in just a minute let's go over to collage and chapters 3 you flip over that way collages chapter 3 and verse 21 collages 3 and verse 21 notice this this text hit me very hard collages 3 verse 21 it says fathers do not provoke your children unless they become what discouraged provoking your children can actually bring discouragement to them because they get frustrated they feel short calm they feel they feel provoked How do you like people to provoke you I'll tell you a little secret I don't know if my wife's not here today she's up it with the pastor's wives a campus obl but sometimes when I get overly tired I like to tease and pick up my wife. And so oftentimes just before bed I'll try to tickle her or something if she doesn't like it gets mad and I'm provoking her and wrongfully so and go up tell you that the Lord rebuked me of this and he said don't do that because she's the Lord's once property in that and people have a right to set boundaries with us and then and to not cross those boundaries and it's very easy to provoke people whether you're teasing them at their expense whether it's telling a joke or accusing them or or any of the things that were mentioned in more but I think we all know that understanding of provoking now at the same time when we when we want to be Messiah minded we want to be like Christ Christ like minded Is there a need for discipline in the home what do you think there's very much a need of discipline in the home is there a need for correction What do you think Yes Is there a need for instruction in education what do you think there's very much a need for this but look with me and the book of Libyans Chapter 2 Philippians chapter 2 and verse 5 I'm sorry actually backing up here we're going to be in verse. 3 collage means 2 Verse 3 it says but nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit but in lowliness of mind when each esteem others better than himself let each of you look out not only for his own interest but for also the interest of others Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God not consider it robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation taken the form of a bondservant and coming in the likeness of men and being found in appearance as a man he humble themself and became obedient to the point of death even the death of the cross and so Jesus came to humble himself for service yes or no and as parents in the home as leaders of our families God calls us to also be what servants can you be in us can you be a servant and still be an authority yes or no or do you think many parents today think that that loving their children means letting them do whatever they once letting them run all over them letting them make the decision I remember I was at a grocery store about 2 years ago in a sweat when I was still in Traverse City a little over 2 years ago and I was in the store and I was picking up a few items and this mother was speaking to her son of the son was probably 7 or 8 years old and she kept asking the boy repeatedly what do you want for supper and the boy says I don't know and she would ask me what do you want what do you want us to eat for supper tonight as if she was speaking to her husband and the boy says I don't know and he kept getting more and more frustrated and the mother was also getting frustrated because the child could not decide what the family would have for dinner. And I thought to myself Why is a child making a major decision for the family when that's the role of the parents and the reason is that this day and age is that we have children raising children we have people who have grown up who have never been Parenthood trying to now also raise children and they're looking to their children to make the decisions but they've never learned how to do and so our as a parent we are called to be servants but we're also called to be the authority are you with me that doesn't mean don't misunderstand me I'm not talking about ruling with an iron fist but we ought to not be laying burdens of decision making in the home these days friends' children are making our ruling the households in many places in many cases have you know that that's true you've seen it happen children are ruling the households and it is not their responsibility we're doing children disservice when we do that type of that that you understand now I'm not talking about we should invite the children it's uncertain decisions to get to bring in put to make them a part of a whole new understand but same time the parents need to step up me the authority but with love now my son will often ask me and I'm not picking on him here I'm just using an example he will ask me to in every children every child will do this they'll want to do certain things correct I want to do this can I do this or can I do that and often times the answer I see parents giving their children is no I mean and they're yelling at them they're impatient with them my wife was telling me this story the other day about a woman she saw in a rest a subway or something and her daughter was in there as she was just getting on her daughter just about nothing just yelling at her impatient with her nasty with her and I thought about that and you know. When we discipline our children when we tell our children no there needs to be something that is replaced with that you know the natural question when you are that a child will ask when you tell them no is was why right or when you ask them to do something the natural question is why in our home we do not answer that question until the obedience is fulfilled and here's why I've seen this happen a 1000000 times when a parent says I need you to do this and the child says why and the parent then goes into an explanation of why they need to do it and it's a noble thing to think of because we think well I want them to know all the reasons why that it's a good thing what happens is this is as you explained that the child is deciding for themselves whether or not they're going to do it if your reasons for doing it are good enough are you with me and so when you start to answer that question why who then slips right into the role of authority is the child I say so I'll say to my son some Anita to do this why I'll tell you why right after you do it when you do it you come to me in the not explain why and off he goes and he does it because we have built a relationship of it's for us and that's the whole goal that's the whole thing you need to do as a parents is to earn the trust of our children and then we do not earn trust by indulgence we do not earn trust by spoiling we earn trust through low self sacrificing love are you with me and so was everything is going to tell you when they say when you tell them do something say why you tell them if you tell them why they become the authority of some important to say enough or God it will come back to me What's that. Oh yes substituting when when I when I say no to my son and he says why my answer is usually this it's because it's not what's best for you if we will commits in our homes to giving our children only what is best they will be very happy they will be very happy and when I say best what I'm not talking about is the most expensive tennis shoes the most expensive clothing those kind of things I'm talking about character wise if my son asked me can I do this and I say and I say no and he'll often say why I'll say when you tell me why you think that's not a good idea I want to hear what you have to say and you know what somewhere between 90 and 95 percent of the time he tells me exactly the right thing because many times children will sometimes ask the question can I do this knowing the answer will be no and when you add and when you asked they asked why and you have them explained to you why the reason they asked in the 1st place is not because they thought it would be OK to do it but because they wanted to see if you if you love them enough to set a boundary for them he talked to children today and 1 of the things they say in a broken abuse of homes were parents don't care they say what my parents or love me and I want them to discipline me I want them to give me structure I want them to give me boundaries and children today the scientific studies are through the roof that children need discipline. Loving disciplined but disciplined nonetheless Now you go to the story of 1st saying no chapter 2 I'm not going to look this up but you can write this down look it up but there was a priest named Eli and he had 2 sons and he had not discipline his sons properly when they were growing up and when they grew up they began to they were priest also and they began abusing the people they were they were they were they were. Houses appropriately they were trying to be too kind to the women they came to the temple they were abusing the sacrifices they were extorting the people and all kinds of things you can fill in the blank the passage talks about it and in fact I do want to go there I do want to go there 1st Samuel chapter 2 and verse $22.00 and on the 1st chapter is for sandwich after 2 I want you to notice this and start in verse. 22 eat I was very old then he heard everything is sons did to all Israel how they lay with the women was symbol of the door of the tabernacle of meeting you can understand what that means so he said to them Why do you do such things for I fear I hear of your evil dealings from all the people know I sons for it is not a good report that I hear you make the Lord's people transgress Now if you drop on down to verse 27 if you read the book pay charts and prophets you find that even why did not discipline his sons he did not restrain them from evil when they were growing up. And friends I'm going to tell you this we have to be determined we have to be determined more than the will of the child who wants to do that thing that is wrong to not allow them to do it and I'm not talking about breaking the will of the trial child I'm talking about refocusing it and reach framing it's are you with me helping it grow in the righteous of God But if we do not restrain our children from evil they will grow up and they will transgress they will leave the church they will rebel against authority it's a proven fact over and over and over again from generation after generation OK So God speaks him and he says dust says the Lord 27 did I not clearly reveal myself to the house of your father when they were in Egypt did I not choose him out of all the tribes of Israel to be my priest to burn incense and where an effort and didn't give to the house of your father all the offerings of the children look at verse 29 why do you kick my sacrifice and my offering which I have commanded in my dwelling place and honor your sons more than me to make yourselves fat with the best of all the offerings of the Israel my people what was the problem with you why is that he valued the approval of his children more than the approval of God and because of that he indulged his children and allowed them he allowed them to commit transgressions acts when he did not correct them when they were children and when he as he did not correct them as children they grew up to to continue to just go more and more and deeper and deeper Are you with me yes or no friends today there are there are parents and bust their hearts some of them are doing the best they can I'm not picking on anybody here I'm not even talking necessarily about the church I'm talking I am talking about the church but also the world but there are parents who will not correct their children because they say oh I don't want to hurt their feelings. I don't want them to not like me I don't want them to to to to to not be my friends' children are not your friends they're your children and that doesn't mean you can't be from friends with them you understand but the parenting role takes precedent over the friend role if you're a true friend you'll be a parent and in that and so friends we cannot love our children's affection in their indulgence more than cheating them away of a war but you have that US Home Page 18 remember that children need not only reproof and correction but encouragement and what's. Commendation the pleasant sunshine of kind words how you think that's a beautiful thing and he's to be brought into every home encouragement and commendation not encourage men and the wrong thing but encourage men in the right thing the statement here it's beautiful every Christian home should have rules and parents should in their words and deportment towards each other give to the children a precious living example of what they desire them to be surety and speech and true Christian courtesy should be constantly practiced and so every home has to have structure yes or no and 1 of the most beautiful things to do is to allow the children to protect in the making of the rules we have we have a few home rules at home I think it's about 5 or 10 and they are be some of them are being respectful to others being honest you know being responsible in these types of things and when the children participate in the room you'll be amazed at how earnest and moral children can be when you pray for them and let God speak through them amen and so you help let them help set the rules what kind of rules do you think would be good for our home and we'll tell you some things we should be honest then when you when the those things are violated you come back to the children and say hey. What's rule was violated they'll tell you the rule and then the more readily accept the discipline that makes sense but notice this teach the children and youth to respect themselves to be true to God to true to principle teach them to respect and obey the law of God these principles will control their lies and will be carried out in their associations with others so not only will they be godly but they will be influencing others to also be godly Does that sound like a familiar story to you maybe Dana chapter 1. I always say to my son son we always want to be loving true and kind. Always I repeat that to his ears all the time children who receive this kind of instruction will be prepared to fill places of responsibility and by precept and example will constantly be aiding others to do right such souls are strongly fortified against temptation they are surrounded by a wall not easily broken down if we want our children to be strong if we want our children to stay in the church we don't need to feed them rock music we don't need to feed them coffee shop Christianity we just need to teach them the fundamental principles of truth and Biblical love and how do you think that will do the trick you see we're trying to we're spending all this money trying to figure out why kids leave the church it's very simple it's very simple it's written for us before hand for thousands of years I want to encourage you to read the book Adam is home chapters 1 to 5 they cover this for sex act can't talk about everything here today but so we have to move on but read these chapters friends read these books is very powerful 1 more statement for we go on never forget the charts and make the home bright and happy for yourselves and for your children by cherishing the Saviour's attributes if you bring Christ into the home you will know good from evil you will be able to help your children to be the trees of righteousness varying fruits of the Spirit and then number 2 mission I'm sorry message minded go with me to 2nd Timothy real quickly 2nd Timothy and Chapter 1 second Timothy Chapter 1 second Timothy Chapter 1 and verse 1 in 2 he says here. You there for my son be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus and the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also how he talks about men there but it would also. Proposed to you that children and I want you to flip over to chapter 3 there same book 2nd Timothy and he says here in. Verse 14 he says but you must continue in the church things which you have learned and been assured of knowing from whom you've learned them and that from childhood you have known the holy scriptures which are able to make you wise and to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ so the 2nd thing that I want to mention is that our children need to be message minded Well what do I mean by that they need to know the Bible that's what I mean by that they need to know our administration least they need to know the 28 fundamental beliefs they need to understand the prophecies of Daniel revelation they need to understand our admin is heresy in history I cannot tell you how many academies I've been to how many universities I've been to and young people even in university level do not know our fundamental beliefs Garrett sent me a video class at 1 of our universities down in Texas with a class on basic fundamental biblical theology and it took the students 20 minutes to understand what a beast meant in Bible prophecy 20 minutes they had no idea no idea they could they did not understand Daniel chapter 2 it ought to be there is no excuse and then our children need to know our message they need to know about Christ. And what he's done for them they need to understand repentance they need to understand that Christ is our only righteousness he is our only hope they need to understand their need for a savior they need to understand our beautiful prophet message Amen we think this morning they need to understand notice this evidence home page 107 fathers and mothers are responsible for the health Constitution the development of the character of their children no 1 else should be left to see to this work and becoming the parents of children it devolves upon you to cooperate with the Lord and educating them and some principles how sad it is that many parents have cast off their God given responsibility to their children and are willing that strangers should bear it for them they are willing to others should labor for their children and relieve them of all burden in the matter let me tell you friends it's not up to the church school it's not up to the pastor it's not up to the Sabbath school departments we are to train our children in the ways of the Lord yes or no please I've met parents I have met them who say oh I don't want to share a prophecy with my children because I don't want to scare them let me tell you almost every Adventists young person who gets excited about the Lord who was raised in the church they do so because they study out the prophecies of dinner revelation the end or stand where we are world's history then or stand that our church the 7th Heaven A search is not just simply another denomination but it is God's remnant church of prophecy raised up through prophecy to proclaim a message of prophecy and hope and love to the world and to warn them that Jesus is coming soon parents please train your children in these things help them understand that they have a duty they have a mission that God has called them to to bricklaying this message through their lives whatever they do in whatever profession. Are you with me can we agree not be too harsh on you OK good relations chapter 6 and verse 2 the 3rd 1 is meant ministry minded glaciers chapter 6 and verse 2 go with me their relation 6 in verse 2 have 1 text for you here elations chapter 6 and verse 2 says bear 1 another's burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ's do what friends their NG 1 another's burdens in our home we teach our children that everyone lives here so everyone helps everyone is a part of taking care of this home every day my child I just this morning my little daughter. I said Honey breakfast is over it's time to take your little plate to the count to the sea and she gets down and she grabs her plate off she goes with that little plate 1 and a half years old already learning to lift the burdens of her mother and her parents and learning to take responsibility for herself and I'm not saying Please don't misunderstand do not misunderstand I'm not saying this boastfully OK I'm not saying it must because you can assure you you come to my home depending on the time of the day and you'll hear your fair share of fits and crying in those things OK and you'll see the faults of me as a parent and I have a lot of faults as a parent but the point 0 only examples I have is in my own home so I'm sharing this with you but everyone is part of relieving each other's burdens if you live in this house you are responsible to help take care of yes or no. We want to train our children to be helpful you know there's another pastor family in this conference and their names are the Hubbards Tom and Amy Hubbard I mean you know them and Tom is a very very good friend of mine and their children are some of the most helpful children I've ever met in my life and they they look for people who they can go to help and I was down there staying with them for a few days at 1 time and I told the son I said I'll give you $10.00 if you'll wash my car and he and most kids would say. Of do it for 20. I'm not 10 bucks he says why would you pay me he says I'll do it for free I just want to be a blessing to you and I was like and he's like 13 years old. We want to train our children to be helpful to people what he thinks to not complain and we do that by leading by personal example yes by personal example relieving each other's burdens and taking the time to train them you know how many of you and I'm going to raise my hand you don't have to raise your hand if you're not comfortable it's OK but how many times have you ever been doing something and the child comes to help and they say can I help and you say sure and after about a minute you're like all just never mom's going to do it because it's quicker and easier to do it your self right now there's a statement I'm not I don't I don't have it here but there's a statement that says it is better for you to stop and take the time to train that child and let them help you than it is to get that thing done because when you pull that child longside you you're training them you're disciple ing them and then you're teaching them the way of being profitable fruitful helpful in the world yes you're training them so take the time don't be so so many times I'm tempted to say Move son I'm going to do it this go the way right. But when we take that time you see the glow in those eyes because they see that they've accomplished something and you've helped them there's nothing more beautiful than them all the world and that is a beautiful thing they should have age appropriate work I mean my daughter's already taken her plate to the sink my son has chores in the summertime he was working in the garden this year we're getting some chickens so the kids can take care of them and learn responsibility we're not going to eat them but we're going to just keep them as pets right and so ministry minded being ministry minded notice the statement from 2 page 287 the Avonex home it says in the home training of the youth and the home training of the youth the principle of cooperation is invaluable The older 1 should be their parents assistance entering into their plans and sharing their responsibilities and burdens that fathers and mothers take time to teach their children let them show that they value their help desire their confidence and enjoy their companionship Isn't that beautiful and the children will not be slow to respond you know sometimes kids when they get older they just they don't want to do anything right could it be possible not always not across the world could it be possible that it's because we've been impatient with them we've pushed them aside we've told them what to do without helping them could it be possible that that's part of the reason at least we think we're not trying to make us feel bad but I'm trying to help us to see these things not only with the parents burden be lightened but the children receive practical training of an estimable were but there will be a strengthening of the home ties and a deepening of the very foundations of character I mean I think that's powerful. We need this experience where you think today we need a 4th 1 is being mission minded Here's another statement I want to read to you it says God wants every child of tender age to be his child to be adopted into his family young though they may be the youth may be members of the household of faith and have a most precious experience and their early years children may be useful in God's word he will give them his grace and His Holy Spirit that they may overcome and patience fretfulness and all sin Jesus loves the children he has blessings for them and he loves to see them obedient to their parents he desires them to be his little missionaries denying their own inclinations and desires for selfish pleasure to do service for him and this service is just as acceptable to God as is the service of grown up children and the same then by precept and example parents are to teach their children to labor for the unconverted the children should be so educated that they will sympathize with the aged and afflicted and will seek to alleviate the sufferings of the or in distress they should be taught to be diligent in missionary work and from their earliest years self-denial and sacrifice for the good of others and the advancement of Christ's cause should be enough to late and they may be laborers together with God question this morning have we as parents and I'm talking to myself laid upon our children the importance of laboring for souls from the very you from the very early ages have we done this have you done its I don't know but friends this is 1 of the most important gifts we can give our children. More than a Christmas toy more than a birthday gift with the precious gift of a burning passion to see Lost Souls see in the chemo got what he think this morning now I want to just say something here that there seems to be this trend going on across the board in the church today and I'm not talking about this church I'm talking about the church at large that we have replaced family time with just simply fun time now what I mean by this is that there's nothing wrong with having fun but what's happened is we've replaced the family time with God with family fun time I remember hearing a story about a man who who said that you know he never took his children to the midweek service because he said all well that's our family 9 and when his children grew up they just gradually drifted out of the church because they didn't see the importance of it now. I'm trying to word this the best way can there's nothing wrong with having fun but but keep in mind this me just say it this way family time has become only fun time and we have little time for God's time we have so much drifted as a people to where fun takes precedence over everything what do you think the 1st question that often comes out of young people's mouths today is it going to be fun or my going to be bored because well it's actually a pretty good thing for your kids to be bored sometimes. But family time doesn't mean detaching ourselves from the principles of God to take pleasure in indulgence does it make sense it's Or no you can have family time by getting together in the kitchen and baking loaves of bread to take to your neighbors the most simple and that's fun I mean have a little flower fight or something right but family time doesn't have to replace family mission times it makes sense we need to detach from those worldly activities and find ways to have family time that are productive fun but Godly and and fruitful I can't I don't know how else to say it here's another thing that troubles me is that there's there was a movement in past years that says family has to come 1st some of you if you believe that I believe that because we're told the spirit of prophecy that that family is the 1st ministry yes however however many people misunderstand that Mr interpret that to mean that we lay that we lay down important other responsibilities to make the family 1st rather than rallying the family around those responsibilities and performing them as a family that makes sense God has not called us to lay down spiritual responsibilities to to then go out and just spend time with our families in meaningless fruitless unproductive ways but he's called us to bring our families in we can still house fun we can still have a good time we can still honor and glorify God Amen Amen I'm leaving a lot out but it's the last 1 is to be Monday in minded we'll do this Proverbs 2615 the lazy man buries his hand in the bowl it wearies him to bring it back through his mouth what do I mean by this. With me quickly to Romans Chapter 12 and verse 3 are almost through here Romans Chapter 12 and verse 3 Romans 12 and verse 3 Paul says this for I say through the grace given to me to everyone who is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think soberly as God has dealt to each 1 in measure of face there is a common idea today in culture that everything has to be exciting and stimulating and and there's also this idea in the culture that there's a hierarchy that sometimes I'm too good or people develop the mentality that I'm too good or I'm above certain tasks in life are you with me does that ring a bell with anybody you know what I'm talking about here raise your hand if you're with me I know it's 1230 but just bear with me another minute OK there's this concept that it i'm above those things and let me just say it this way a princess mind sets a princess mindset surely we are the sons and daughters of God Surely we are the princes and princesses of God But the idea of a godly princess and a worldly Princess are radically far miles apart in a stand no 1 is too good to scrub toilets no 1 is too good to do the humble work our children need to labor they need to understand what it means to work today in the society they're just focused on academics and they need to know what it actually means to work and with their hands and to do a were that is common. You understand they need to understand that not everything in life is going to be fun and exciting and as parents we need not indulge them to try to make everything fun and exciting Some things just have to be done because they have to be done and children need to learn that that is OK Sometimes you just gotta get er done to make sense the Monday in ordinary life is good for children it's good for them to be bored we have a rule if you say you're bored in our house we find some for you to do I learned that from my dad my uncle if I said I'm bored I was out shopping brush and moving rocks and we you move this Polly rocks over here and when you get done with it then you move it back over here and then we're done with that you go dig a hole and when you're done I want the whole X. amount of feet deep so many feet wide when you're Don guess what you fill it in we didn't talk about being bored we found things to do amen the Monday mind minded life is OK and that doesn't mean we don't teach our children to excel in academics doesn't mean we don't teach them to excel in everything but let them do the common work and teach them friends to be cheerful in it it's good for them work is good for all of us yes or no don't give them the most favorable jobs of the time give them sometimes the least favorable when a new pastor comes to be an my assistant here he goes through all the classes in the Sabbath school he starts in Cradle Roll he's down there down there putting the felts on he goes through there's nothing wrong with those things and then. If we do this we teach we don't do it rather we teach our children to be lazy and they will become unproductive Sloss whole and ultimately not have the character that Christ wants them to have now I certainly didn't cover everything in this in this aspect there's lots of books we have lots of qualified people Sonos from and very qualified to teach on these things but these are 5 things that I felt burden to share with our church family this morning I hope that they have been a blessing to you but I want to make an appeal this morning it's time to by the grace of God and the love of God and for the love of God and for the love of our children claim our children back to the Lord what he think this morning claim our grandchildren's time to regain our families his time to regain our church and it's time to put these things in the proper place in our homes what he think this morning and I'm pleading with us today men become the priests of your home become the priest of your home be the spiritual leader of your homes if you don't have a husband ladies step up and be the spiritual leader guide our children love them educate them discipline them be loving and kind but firm and train them in the ways of the Lord and then I'm appealing to you today hum if you would accept that charge this morning the say the Lord I want to be the fearful leader of our home I won our homes we got the examples of heaven on earth we want to make some changes how do you think this all these 4 sermons are going to require changes in your life today changes in your home whole each other accountable young people hold your parents accountable Conlin respectfully. Spouses hole each other accountable kindly respectively let's not let the world or Satan have a foothold in our hope so. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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