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A Redemption Story

Antionette Duck Dianne Wagner


A message of redemption, restoration, and hope. A call to live in the abundant grace the cross provides, and out of that abundance, to be a instrument who helps set others free. 


  • April 1, 2018
    3:45 PM
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The picture you see up there is actually the invented Life magazine that and to net mother saw in the waiting room if you'll remember she went and wanted to ask them if they would help her with an abortion and she said they said no we won't help you with an abortion but please come back and their willingness to help Internet's mother made all the difference and that young lady's life and she has been a blessing to me. Leonard Nilsson was the photographer his work is still making an impact today and it's actually cause the advocates of abortion to worry you see. If I can move that in 1909 the conference of the National Abortion Rights League lead there a gentleman by the name of Harrison Hickman had this to say probably nothing has been as damaging to our cause as the advances in technology which have allowed pictures of the developing fetus because now people talk about that fetus in much different terms than they did 15 years ago they talk about it as a human being which is not something I have an easy answer to cure or to hear or fascinating. So before I start tonight and finish my story I want to share with you some of these remarkable pictures of human being development in the womb as we know conception occurs when the sperm in a guy are can bind. The nucleus of each express closely together. And the wall between them breaks down and when this mall breaks down the 23 chromosomes from the mother and the 23 chromosomes from the father combined and this creates the very 1st sale of a new human being. It's called a zygote zygote a Greek word meaning yote are joined together but of course I couldn't help but think of the text so they're no longer 2 but 1 flesh that would certainly apply here what Therefore God has joined together let no man separate the Greek word for joined together is also divine defined as Yotam together. Now this is I go contains 46 unique chromosomes with an entire new genetic blueprint a new individual we may not know it yet but it's been determined blue eyes brown eyes red hair black hair it has its own personhood and God knows this person just as well as he knows you and me. Now when said joining together occurs there's an explosion of activity that begins chromosomes contain tightly packed tightly coaled molecules called D.N.A.. 208000 nucleotides the building blocks of this D.N.A. are being produced every 2nd it's an explosion of activity the Lord is a work. The D.N.A. contains all the instructions needed nothing added. For this single cell in Breo to develop into an adult human beings. We can't even wrap our minds around that I want to share with you some other pictures as internet told you earlier I've collected some pretty awesome pictures and Bible text to go with them. As you do not know the path of the wind or how the body is formed in a mother's womb so you cannot understand the work of God the maker of all things. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart I appointed you as a prophet to the nations for you formed me in my inward parts you needed me to gather in my mother's womb I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made wonderful are your works my soul knows it very well listen to me oh Coast lands and give attention you people from afar the Lord called me from the womb from the body of my mother he named me by name did not he who made me in the womb make them did not the same 1 form us both within our mothers he who had set me apart before I was born and who called me by His grace you clothed me I was sick again and flesh and knit me together with bones and sinews you have granted me life and steadfast love and your care has preserved my spirit do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells within you. Asef the Lord who made you who formed you from the womb and will help you fear not told Jake up my servant but even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Thus Seth the Lord your Redeemer who formed you from the womb I am the Lord who made all things who are alone stretched out the heavens who spread out the earth by myself behold children are a heritage from the Lord the fruit of the womb a reward I know that the Lord He is God It is He who made us and we are His We are his people and the sheep of his pasture Isn't that beautiful 1 of those text. Well. I want you to know tonight. That the Lord He is God and that I am His I've experienced the larger redemptive grace and power in my life and I know what God means now when he tells us that he can make all things that which we are victim to are that which we suffer because of our own foolish decisions he can make it all work together for good but it took me a long time to experience this 30 years and that's very sad to me and I don't want anyone else waiting that long and that's why I'm up here he took a mess like me he showed me his redemptive love and power and then he gave me a message. Now I've come to the conclusion from my own personal experience that the real problem why more people have not experienced the glory of God who we deem to Grace is simply a weak personal experience now we can answer questions about God until we're blue in the face we can even make an A on that test but until we understand and experience and learn how to apply the Lord's love for us personally we are really missing out on who God is the very God who created us had that plan of salvation in place long before we needed it sees those secret sins we try to hide or excuse watched as his son's beard was being plucked out his face spit at his body stripped naked that same God. Loves you and me. That same God has the power to heal in Re Store the broken post abortive woman and man a woman who has taken the most innocent of the life of the most innocent of a saw her own baby but until she experiences this great love for herself it will only be an answer in a workbook not a life changing heartbreaking personal miraculous moment of realizing once and for all that it was for her sin that Jesus hung on that cross now I don't think it's humanly possible to grasp this kind of love it's foreign to us. But when we spend time with him and we cover his acts of love throughout the Bible and we get to know a little bit more about him and who he is our hearts will start to break with gratitude. And like Mary we're going to fall at his feet and we will want to wash them with our tears of gratitude Now remember it's your own personal relationship with Jesus that you are pursuing That's how trusts developed yea I have loved the with an everlasting love therefore with a loving kindness have I draw on the. As you study you realize that it's actually you being pursued and it's going to melt your heart. I will return her vineyards to her and transfer her value and transform her valley of trouble into a gateway of hope she will give herself to me there is she did long ago when she was young when I freed her from her captivity in Egypt I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 15 years old and I wanted nothing more than to live for Him I remember it very well I said for slake Academy now I had already been baptized but this is the day that I halted difficult. And I realize now that Jesus was jealous for me I belong to him and he wanted me to allow him to provide for all my needs throughout my life he never left me never 1st took me he was always completely committed to me and though I sought wisdom from the world to take care of my problems and then suffered the alienation that comes from Sen He remained at the gateway of hope waiting and to supporting my return. I love to imagine him standing there waiting for me he never ever gave up on me. Now as I've said I met Internet at the G Y U C 2011 in Houston Texas it was the 1st time I had ever seen anything about abortion within the 7th Day Adventist Church David and I checked her out and she was a breath of fresh air. She stood there and told us her story of how her mother had been in a crisis pregnancy and had planned to have an abortion but because of Christian intervention. And help she changed her mind she chose to trust God and have her baby and of course we know that baby was internet as I stood there listening to this beautiful young lady tell her story I realized that if I had not had my 1st abortion my child would have been close to her age Sinan amazing how the Lord seems to work things together like that. While in the year that followed we invited Internet come up and share her story she was here 1 Vespers As a matter of fact this response was amazing everywhere we went 7th Day Adventist women opened up about a post of an abortion in the past and it became very evident to me that I was not the only 1 suffering from a secret sorrow. Now I have never wanted anything as desperately as I did this redemptive hope and healing that Internet talked about now I knew in my heart the Lord had forgiven me but there was something missing there was still an aching that needed to be dealt with. I had experienced his healing power when he took the bully me away but now I wanted everything I wanted to experience his full redemption and I started doing research I found a post abortive healing weekend retreat named Rachel's been you're dead and I made arrangements to attend I called in the cord Nader was so nice so much nicer than that 1800 number I had called your number from last night. And I told her I'm not Catholic and she laughed she goes I'm not either you can attend the Protestant or the non-denominational weekend and we got it scheduled. Now we'll tell you the week before I went to the retreat I became terrified. I started experiencing the same terror that I experienced before my 1st abortion I couldn't stop shaking I was horrified now and tonight had given me courage and by this time I shared with some friends what I was going to do and I knew they were praying and my dear husband. I knew if I looked at him. The music he was so good to me. I know now it was the devil showing to keep me from attending this retreat the devil wants to keep us tangled in our web of shame and I web of regret but I went and it was a wonderful weekend I have never been so ministered to in all my life and made me jealous for my 7th Day Adventist ladies and I want you to pray for me because and I business off the books I'm putting together a post-abortion retreat weekend. From my sisters here in the church because it's become very evident to me now that I've been traveling with the internet a few years that we need this is another way we can break the silence. It was a wonderful weekend and we'll eventually have him here in our church is my prayer. And I don't think we can remain silent about this tragedy and believe decisions about abortion should be made in the context of a fallen world in doing that we are digging wells that will hold no water for my people have committed to evils they have 1st stake in me the fountain of living waters and have huge out cisterns broken cisterns that can hold no water there are so many of us who insist on digging our own wells in search of a solution to our own problems we lean on our own wisdom and set of benefitting from that spring of life. And the cisterns we dig only become the pits that we fall into and there are so many pits now when a baby dies because of an abortion the mother often times feels too ashamed to grieve it would seem hypocritical to grieve the death that you had control over to grieve requires the acknowledgment that that baby was a part of your family. Those emotions are usually denied. And with that denial comes all kinds of other problems often times she is simply afraid of falling apart losing her mind if she were to ever go there let herself go there and cry and hurt. It's it's heartbreaking and I've been there. Before a woman can have the courage to face what's been swept under the carpet for so many years she needs the full assurance of how much the Lord loves her what better way of doing finding that out thing going to the scripture the illustrations of God's love in Scripture and for us to be representatives of that love she must have the confidence that the Lord Jesus can forgive even her and where can we find better stories of forgiveness than in Scripture and are we showing forgiveness there's no place for condemnation when we sin we die inside and what better place than the Bible can we find stories of people Jesus bringing people back to life physically and spiritually. Jesus restores the years of locusts have eaten Jesus is our Redeemer. God is good to forgive but often those sins come with pain and grief are consequences that need to be dealt with so often the issue is tucked away expression of it's a subject that nobody knows how to talk about. But if left ignored that burn resolved issue will continue to surface in other areas of our life unfortunately this pain causes many to doubt or question their forgiveness because they feel so miserable it wasn't until I attended a retreat for the post abortive that I understood the incredible need to have the trauma validated deal with my denial acknowledge my loss and grieve. I had to confront that forbidden grief before I could ever forgive me now at the retreat we shared our stories and we wept together we prayed together and we confessed together then we were given that wonderful opportunity to dedicate our babies to the Lord and it was then for me that I really started feeling the healing I had never even thought of dedicated in my babies the babies that I had lost but it was powerful by doing this I was Ignalina Jean that my baby was indeed a part of me and was choosing I was choosing to trust the Lord with him now the grief finally came we had shed tears of regret and now came those beautiful cleansing tears of grief grief without condemnation we were encouraged to write letters to our unborn children now I know I could have never written a letter if I hadn't gone through the prior steps for me I had snatched this baby out from the sea of statistics like I said earlier and given that baby a name and gave him a home he was no longer a statistic he's a child of mine that I will see again and then. So the dire denial was gone and I was talking to my baby I was saying to my baby what I would like to say if I could talk to my baby I name my 1st child your RIAA after the brave and honorable your RIAA the Hittite in the Bible. And I have this letter for you I'm going to read My dear your Raia you would have been our 1st born your via an honored in Plast position but your dad and I prevented that from happening we didn't trust God's Son. We leaned on our own understanding of things we trusted man's wisdom over the wisdom from above. The doctors told us we should abort every 1 of them I'd like to think that that was the only reason I did it and thus playing them I can't I was afraid son even though I was in Gage to your dad I felt shame and fear I think that if I had had a spiritual mentor at the time I might have changed my mind maybe I didn't have a church family to be embarrassed around I was afraid of what the radiation might have done to your body but I can't blame it on just that. I named you your Raia because he was a righteous man and his life was taken away he was in the way through him David shame would have been revealed so he had him killed if I had not had the abortion I would have been chained shamed So son I had to aborted I had your precious little body destroyed and removed from the security of my womb Now I know what real shame is. He would have been 31 years old by now son he would have been big and beautiful and strong but I took it away. I'm so sorry son I am so sorry I look forward to the day when we're you reunited I want to hold you close to my heart and thank Jesus for forgiving me and giving you back to me I love you you're right Mommy. Powerful even to this day I can't wait to introduce you all to you're right some day there won't be just your riot though it will be your right and Raymone Bain and I and Joseph I have had 2 miscarriages and in my heart I felt that those miscarriages were due to my abortions and I was very thankful at the retreat that they encouraged us to include our miscarriages increase. There was a memorial service where we each were given the chance to read our letters the entire weekend was structured around healing and restoring and I left there a changed person yes I have been redeemed and I'm being restored how careful is the Lord Jesus to give no OK Zhen for a soul to despair if through manifold temptations we are surprised or deceived into sin he does not turn from us and leave us to perish no no that is not our Savior the Lamb slain is our only hope our faith looks up to him grasp him as the 1 who can save to the uttermost and the fragrance of the all sufficient offering is accepted of the father. If you make failures and are betrayed in dissin do not feel that you cannot pray but see the Lord more earnestly the blood of Jesus is pleading with power in efficacy for those who are backslidden for those who are rebellious for those who sin against great light and love Satan stands on our right hand to accuse us and our advocate standing God's right hand to plead for us he has never lost a case that has been committed to him I always have to read that again listen he has never lost a case that has been committed to him if you're holding something right now committed to the Lord Jesus he has never lost a case that has been committed to him we may trust in our advocate for he pleads his own merits in our behalf he is making intercession for the most lowly. The most ill pressed and suffering for the most tried and tempted ones with upraised hands he pleads I have grave in the on the palms of my hand. Isn't that just beautiful thing. Everyone needs to read that often it heals me and that's why I wanted to share it with you because it's part of my experience. And I can't stand the thought of men and women going through their life and never experiencing this full power of redemption in their lives because of the pain of an abortion. Satan wants to keep these men and women tangled in a web of shame and it may be completely invisible to those around them but believe me. There are many of us out there and tangled in a web of sorrow regret fear anger and unhappiness but oh for their eyes to be opened to the fact that there is indeed as Corrie 10 Boom so often said no pit so deep that he is not deeper still even the pits we dig ourselves God wants to tell us God wants to tell all who are suffering to look up because he is there to forgive heal and protect naan are so low and so vile that they can't find full redemption in the matchless love of Jesus God wants to set you free his hand of mercy and immeasurable love reaches out right now saying I am the great healer loving and full of compassion I have promised to give redemption Come now let us reason together we must understand that God is on our side he is on your side he continues to give the invitation Come unto me you who are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest Cloris rest and what about the church this is my prayer for my church. While helping the disheartened break free from their bondage and equipping those in need our light shines like the morning sun and restoration quickly appears. Righteousness goes before us and the Clore of the Lord is our rear guard we cry out for relief and the Lord answers and says Here in my and the old ways places will be rebuilt if we've made compromises they will be confronted and dealt with the foundations will be raised up the very foundations our church was built on the truths the breach will be repaired and the past to dwell in we stored my prayer is that has crushed Christians 7th Day Adventists Christians we will step up to the plate and help men and women men and women break free from their bondage and find ways to equip those who are afraid and pregnant and then watch god school Henri shine like the sun the morning sun down on us this is what's gonna make the nations around us jealous jealous for our God Let's give God any chance to do for us so the nations can see that they can never become jealous if they don't see it and it's going to take over from here and I thank you very much God bless each 1 of you. Folks Wow Diane Wagner is a wow she's a wow walking miracle and I hope you can see with profound amazing open vision the miraculous work that has taken place in the life of this woman a walking miracle I prayed when I 1st began mafia the ministry that the Lord would bring along someone who was post abortive but who had experienced the redemption of the Lord and here comes Diane and it's been a journey but like all of us are on a journey to really believe the grace of the Lord does extend to us to believe it day by day by day Wow Diane Wagner Wow. I love when she shares I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I love it because this is what the Lord wants to do in life after life after life after life this right here and the question is will we be the hands and feet and mouth of the Lord that helps to set the captive free will we do it doesn't matter how gifted you think you might be young old man woman pastor lay person it doesn't matter this is your calling this right here or it's your calling as a believer or to be a conduit to help set the captive free. As I've shared earlier I'm not post abortive I was rescued from abortion because my mother intended to have an abortion but I have struggled with guilt have struggled with condemnation and the thing about condemnation is it's utterly immobilizing it's crippling because you can't really move forward in life you can't move forward in your relationship with the Lord you are crushed under a weight that you are not able to bear up under and the enemy has come back again and again and again with condemnation throughout the course of my life and it's a battle to say no I've been forgiven. Well I was listening to 1 of my favorite pastors Pawel Boy A I don't know if you're familiar with him but he is phenomenal to his teachings on prayer just absolutely incredible and he was speaking during 1 of his presentations about individuals who have a hard time forgiving and for giving others and I had just gone through an experience with someone who is very very dear to me and I realized that I have been holding a grudge against this person and I had hurt them very deeply and as I was listening I had actually heard this particular sermon before but as I listen with fresh ears this particular time. I said Lord hit what he said in the in the sermon is that people who struggle to believe they are forgiven have a hard time forgiving others and I said lord is this part of what I'm struggling with that I have a hard time I'm bearing have this hard time with carrying this cried because I struggle to believe that I myself have been forgiven and he said. You praise the Lord in faith as a quote and says you praise the Lord in faith but you praise the Lord and he said and you jump up and down and you shall scream when you're so happy you praise the Lord in faith and so I was in my car actually at the time and I was in a parking garage in my car and I turned off the session that I was listening to and I said OK Lord so I started confessing things like fear and pride and self-sufficiency and confessed these different mindsets and attitudes and then I started to praise the Lord. Praise you. That and then I didn't. I'm in my car you know all by myself but there's this timidity that comes over us when we think of praising the Lord why why have we allowed the evil 1 to steal from us what is our God given right as believers there you will not may never be any drum in heaven but there will be a choir that praises him like nothing you have ever imagined and they fall at his feet and they say worthy worthy worthy is the lamb all day long that is what we have been given as believers that gift to praise him why because he set us free because we're not bound by the condemnation that the evil 1 attacks us with all the time because we're not bound by the world standard any longer we've been set free. It's time to take it back I don't know if you've ever done that I don't know if you've ever praised divel Lord like you're called to like you're able to but do it go off to some remote place go ahead get in your car go in your parking garage but I challenge you praise the Lord like you would praise again think of the way that people shout and cheer and holler at a game that's a game it means nothing you have the fulfillment of your soul the fulfillment of our souls who says I pardon I cleanse I forgive come. And he literally fills us up to overflowing and as I sat there and I prayed I cried and I clapped my hands it was literally an involuntary response and the joy just welled up within me and I laughed and I clapped and I cried and I laughed and I clapped and I cried and his joy was so full in me that is your privilege your God given right to walk in that kind of joy that kind of freedom every single day the question is will we grab hold of it and as it applies to this issue will we embrace that truth so much that we help others to grab hold of it to declare the same to be the value of human life is to declare the gospel message when you point people back to their value as people made in the image of the Lord you are pointing them back to the cross you are pointing them back to creation you are pointing them as we talked earlier today back to the Sabbath day. The image of the Lord being made in His image your value and the gospel message are inextricably linked because we have no value 0 without the Lord none we have no value at all without creation and the cross it is definitive It defines our very existence choo choo speak this message to preach this message to plead that others would embrace it as true is to point them back to the Lord This isn't about politics and it's not about this is right and that's wrong this is about reawakening people's minds to what is true about their very existence literally fundamental and we're just operating moving around rolling through and we have no anger for the soul because we don't really believe were made in the image of the Lord there's an entire world that is desperate to believe there are significant I know you've interacted with them I have and talked to colleagues and there's no sense whatsoever of why they're really valuable so they're grasping just like we do sometimes grasping at this and grasping at that and desperate to believe that their lives are significant and what is it yield devastation and wreckage and the Lord is saying come to me and will you be somebody who helps point them to me because I created them I died for them I define their value that's what the Lord says it's been about. 40 years since Roe v Wade was legalized in America 73 a little over 40 when the children of Israel were walking in the desert they walked for about 40 years and what happened to the 1st generation they died they didn't go into the promised land it was the 2nd generation who came after them that went into the Promised Land The Lord is asking us to pick up the mantle like that 2nd generation and walk into the Promised Land to point people into the Promised Land The Time Is Now it's not tomorrow it's not in a week it's not in a month it's not in a year a tell you this pastor who got up and spoke earlier today pastor Hyman is that correct the pastor being willing to get out and share that sort of message with the congregation is literally and I am not exaggerating miraculous You can ask Diane you can ask me about the kind of response that this issue conjures up to have a pastor who's willing to speak the word abortion much less talk about it flesh it out get in there and wrestle around with it that is a miraculous thing literally and the Lord is raising up voice after voice after voice willing to speak to this message The tagline is lift up your voice and that's what people are starting to do men women young old starting to tell their stories of redemption and speaking. I can't tell you the number of lives that have been touched through 1 woman's testimony the number of lives that have been touched through my voice and testimony and that's not a look at ME GUYS I'M GREAT No no no because we stand on the shoulders of giants my life was preserved when I was running from the Lord and didn't want to run his race by the prayers of my mother who refused to give up on my life and would get on her face before the Lord and cry out on my behalf her life was preserved in part by others who would come before her who were willing to wrap their arms around this woman in a crisis pregnancy who weren't willing to just ignore her and Castor outside we stand on the shoulders of giants all of us and the Lord is saying will you pick up this mantle will you do it 1 of the most we've spoken as the pastor mentioned earlier that I see at conventions and in seminars across across the U.S. 1 of the most tragic responses we've received. Has been you know what this is an important issue but just not right now it's just too soon it's too soon it's too soon to deal with it it's too soon my 1 of my responses mentally not verbal it was would your response have been the same if we were talking about born children instead of unborn ones if we're talking about doing to people with skin on who you can see who you connect with emotionally if we were talking about them would your response have been the same. It's not too soon folks. There's a verse I can't think of the reference but Paula speaking and he says The night is far spent the day is at hand the night is farce spent the day is at hand especially on this issue the night is far spent there's not another person in any single 1 of our churches who should have to live another day not believing the grace of the Lord really does extend to them not a single 1 there's not any other person in crisis who shouldn't have someone pleading with them please come talk to me there is another way the night is far spent and he is calling us he has put a calling on our lives you individually your lives to help set the captives free it doesn't matter how educated you are it doesn't matter how old it doesn't matter how young doesn't matter what brought you here it doesn't matter about your life experience or what preceded that he's given you a calling right now where you are to be a voice that will help set the captive free the question is will you do it we're praying that the Lord will bring people into your life to start this conversation with and he answers our prayers our prayer our desire is that you will say yes a resoundingly surrendered humbled Yes where you lead I'm going where you pray with me please. Lord I praise you for this day I praise you father for the way it's been such an incredible manifestation of your faithfulness a crazy year for the people who are here I praise you for the pastors who are on staff here thank you for the people who have just been so supportive and helping throughout this day Lord this is your truth it's not our truth this is your message it's not our message and Lord will be our believing Diana will be going on doing whatever. This is something that we have to come individually to believe and embrace and that's all we're asking that you would do that individually we would become so convinced so convected that like Jeremiah it would burn in our bones and we would not be able to hold back thank you Lord for the truth of our value thank you that it's true no matter whether we believe it or not but praise you that there are such incredible miraculous things that you can do through a life that will believe and stand on this church. We praise you for this experience and the glorify your name go with us as we go into this new way in your name Jesus in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service. W.W.W. audio verse or.


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