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Education: Knowledge

Ariel Roldan
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What is the foundational difference between public education vs an Adventist education?  We begin by looking at what is information vs. knowledge.



  • August 1, 2015
    11:30 AM
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We're going to be starting a the 1st part of a series of sermons throughout the whole month of August school starting for some of us in just a few weeks for a Christian school and for some of us School starts in September it's coming so it would be well worthwhile to spend some time looking at this topic from the scriptures and we want to be taking a journey starting today with exploring knowledge what is knowledge according to the Bible when you look at education in his relationship to character to the person the character of the person and on the 15th is going to be a very special sabbath we're going to be dedicating our teachers and our staff we want to be praying for them and that's that Sabbath that we're going to be exploring from the word of got what it is to be a teacher according to the Bible when you look at the Bible in its relationship to education and education and its relationship to eternity so it is going to be a pretty comprehensive month looking at this topic and you're saying to yourself Well obviously gone through high school have already gone to college I'm done with education these series will help you expand and broaden your definition of what education is so I want to get started right away and we want to start with a little lesson in Spanish allowed to Jacob us if you have any problems throughout the sermon with understanding Spanish she can translate for you she will be able to readily take my Spanish and convert it into English she is sharp. In the screen you see a word on the left call me that lower the you know the rim or what that is. Called me that what is it for me that food you. Will have to be reviewing. Call me that is food and you came this morning wanting just a sermon but I'm a pastor that feels that when we have God for this much blessing he gives us this much so you can excuse the Spanish as well today so you are stuck in a place where they only speak Spanish at least you'll be able to have food I want you to repeat after me what is food in Spanish call me that and it's important the ending Ah because the next 1 is says Call me though all that is food that has been eaten in a little bit will be at Sandy Weaver's house and there may be some pies there and if people don't hurry up through the desert line and people will say Where is they call me the worst apologize Elliott will say call me though they have been eaten too slow we talked about that this morning Ellie is hopefully going to be patient with the dessert line. Is food. Call me though it has been eaten in English is hard to you know is food and we don't really have a way of say that food that has been eaten except for that long sentence there was a play of words I saw in a restaurant in Pennsylvania the restaurant was called Good Eats and or if it's in Pennsylvania only but sometimes people would say like that is that of saying food they would say eat. I love to Pennsylvania Dutch what it is but I haven't heard elsewhere but the restaurant was called Good Eats But really what it was want to see is good food so you go from eats to eaten call me that Camille call me that is what it's when it's on the plate call me though it's when it's inside your belly this is going to start to series on education. Because what I want to do is have a comparison this illustration kind of like a parable information is like food that is on the table and it doesn't become knowledge until it goes inside your mind just like the food is call me on the table the moment you eat it it becomes what word wow we in the words that's Oakwood church in Spanish call me that is when it's on the plate. Is when it's in the stomach it's only information when it is out there in a book or a D.V.D. or in the mind of a teacher but it becomes knowledge when he has entered our mind and not just that information has entered it has been process and there stood and applied just like when we eat the food we don't just masticated swallow there's a digestive process that had that happens and whatever we eat becomes so small it actually becomes what we are we were literally are what we eat in the same vein information becomes knowledge when we go inside our mind that whatever information we put in dear determines what what effect it has upon us for the quality of knowledge they information we become exposed to or intentionally take in becomes what we know the transition from information to knowledge told me that. Call me that information is on the outside it becomes call me though it becomes inside when I understand it and apply it to life that's a different difference between information and knowledge what we know affects what we believe what and why we believe and what we believe affects who we are and what we do. And as Christians it takes time for us to mature because we typically do Christianity backwards we focus on the doing on the behavior and don't spend too much time analyzing this process of that's why many Christians I don't learn things but don't live them it hasn't become knowledge to them it's been still information is still an external thing it hasn't gone inside information becomes knowledge when it goes inside our minds and is understood and applied in the life what we know affects what we believe and what we believe affects who we are and what we do not all that is called Food is nourishing food and in North America this this is a reality right we are the ones that have come up with the term fast food that's something that has become a phenomenon here in North America and it's gone elsewhere and for the most part even though McDonald's is trying to change its menu we know that junk food is it good food for you there's a documentary called Supersize Me If You Get seen that 1 and that's all this individual eats and he ends up getting really really really really really really sick so just because something receives the label food it doesn't mean it's food in order for something to qualify as being food it has to provide nutrients that nourish and heal us our bodies going to constant damage U.V. rays going to ourselves pollution the atmosphere we're going through constant damage to our bodies constantly healing itself. Whether we know it or not it happens our heart needs repair ourselves by our skin is constantly shining itself I think I told you all those Does bunnies in your house is that that skin of everybody in your house makes vacuuming a little different doesn't it just because someone calls it food doesn't mean it is. And just because someone slaps a label of information does not mean it is Song information that becomes knowledge just like food has to meet certain criteria through information that leads to true knowledge not all that is called information leads to true knowledge and I already talk to you about some of the chains so you can find some things there that you know will not you know make your cholesterol skyrocket or May your triglycerides go through the roof but just as there are chains of food or food that is continually being prepared waiting to be eaten information is continually being presented is continually flowing on our earth and like I said not all of it is information that we should be eating information that we should be taking into ourselves and when I ask a question what are some of the most effective and influential information chains using the parable of the open air bread Olive Garden example Bell etc. There are food chains What are some of the chains that the same innate information and not just any kind of chain effective and influential chains in our society can you think of any a constant source of information where information is continually being poured forth advertising television the 1st 1 that I thought of was the Internet. But as I was chewing on this and processing it and meditating on this I realized it's not advertisements not the internet it's not even television the most effective and influential chains the mediums through which information is the simulated are the homes and the schools the schools and the homes Trump advertisement Internet and television number 1 because child you spend a lot of time with your parents and we as parents are continually giving information to our children not just through verbal instructions but through our lives our literate children learn how to be humans from us they are absorbing everything we do sometimes for good and sometimes for the parents' repentance sometimes where the church while my little girl does makes me think oh man i gotta change that they home in the school are the chain through which information is most effectively and with the greatest influence being given now since these are the sources we're all humanity not everybody in the world has televisions not everybody in the world has internet but everybody in the world has parents and hopefully school. And with schools there's a transition Gen now is 4 by the age of $56.00 she'll be placed in a school and she'll spend about $7.00 to $8.00 hours in a school for the next however many years she goes all the way up to high school and possibly college or maybe graduate school so by the age of 5 or 6 to the age of $232425.00 she's going to be in school for about $8.00 to $10.00 hours a day schools have a good rate influence upon what we know. They provide the greatest I think amount of information that unless we do our homework at home as far as providing information that we want our children to acquire that produces knowledge that. Follows the values and the principles we have education oftentimes will out undo what has been done in the home certain kinds of schools not just every school just like every chain has food that is called food and that every school gives true information in true information that yields to true knowledge what do you mean by that Pastor true knowledge true information is information that matters math matters science matters History Matters language matters and all the other topics in. Things that we learn in school all of those matter but schools a school that provides true information has 1 overarching element a school you have just like Pinero bread in Olive Garden you have some bread some salad as a drink they have commandant denominators and schools across the board for the most part have common denominators that are listed here but I would like to argue this Christian schools like Christian homes provide are or have the potential to provide true information that leads to true knowledge and we haven't defined what that means yet I'm just stating this case Christian homes as well as Christian schools provide true information that lead to true knowledge. This morning want to spend some time in these 3 passages Proverbs Chapter 9 verse 10 Proverbs Chapter 1 Verse 7 and Psalms 111 verse 10 this is the New King James version you can look them up or you can write them for further study and you can look at the context as well but I color coded visual so I began to read through these passages and some things began to stand out to me that led me to come out of those statements as true information and true knowledge what the home and the school should provide Proverbs 910 says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy 1 is understanding Proverbs $17.00 says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction and Psalms $111.00 verse 10 says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom a good understand they have all those who do His commandments well spend time with that 1st 1 right away we may feel a bit uncomfortable with that expression the fear of the Lord in just a brief brief brief parentheses. The Book of Proverbs is written in Hebrew poetry and he reports to help us understand what certain words mean mean because the expression repeats itself you have the 1st stanza that says something and if you're not quite sure what it means read the 2nd stanza and it will help you understand and that for that verse is divided into 2 the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom that's the 1st stanza and you'll see that 1 part correlates of corresponds to the other the 2nd have says and the knowledge of the Holy 1 is understanding and if we were to put them like they are 1 above the other you see that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom the fear of the Lord the 2nd part doesn't see the fear of the Lord it says what. Knowledge of the Lord so through from this proverb we can have a working definition of what it means to have the fear of the Lord in this problem is simply the knowledge of the Holy 1 the knowledge of God is the fear of God To know God to to fear God means to know him and fear in this context is just the reverence aspect of it being in all of who the Lord is so expression that we don't use anymore but the Bible was not written in English certainly not American 20th 2015 English and so for us it it helps us to spend time with these passages to begin to ask ourselves what is true knowledge what is true education what is true information and proverbs consistently puts God at the center of all that calls itself information information becomes knowledge when he goes inside and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge this fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Everything that the home should give information everything that a school should provide as as information should have God at the beginning should have God as the foundation and you know when I went to school I went to a public school in South America went to an average school to a Christian school here in North America went to a public school and I thought hey it's math this math english or English is not Spanish but it's a language right you still got grammar rules and history is history and biology is biology but there's a difference when we study history without God at the beginning of it there's a difference when we look at science without God is the beginning of knowledge there's a difference when we look at math without God at the beginning of knowledge there's a difference when information is given and it filters out God the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy 1 is understanding these are all synonyms and the Bible interchanges them the fear of the Lord is a beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction and this last 1 the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom a good understanding how all those who do His commandments this is what makes the difference between information that is devoid of God information that does not have God as its beginning and its foundation that kind of information has provide no sense of what's moral or ethical that knowledge provides no compacts for what is right or what is wrong but those that receive information with the fear of the Lord is the beginning of that knowledge they have a good understanding and they understand what is moral. And the highest standard of morality that we have in this planet the highest list that summarize what is moral and ethical are the 10 Commandments of God True knowledge true understanding should lead me in my profession as a biochemist as an architect as a teacher asked a chef as a mathematician as whatever career through information has become knowledge whatever career that knowledge has produced it should have God is the beginning of it because it will produce knowledge that gives me a moral come pass in this world I was really Christianity today and there's there's this big. Group 2 things that are gripping and you know it's over social media a gentleman that shot a lion Have you heard about that situation and then the situation where Planned Parenthood is being investigated for selling fetus organs baby body parts the person that shot the lion is a dentist dentist have a lot of information a lot of knowledge but see information that has been given filtered having filtered got out of it is false information it leads to falls knowledge knowledge according to the Bible should produce an me in are more ality and in her capacity to say this is evil and this is good it is not just the capacity to discern between the 2 but the power of the supernatural power to choose what is right no matter the consequences. That true knowledge the home and the school have been designed by God to give information but not just any kind of information information that is not simply sprinkled with a little god in it. Information that it is imbued with the principles and the commandments and the wisdom and the knowledge of God as the beginning as the foundation for it I remember going to E.S.L. English as a 2nd language the beginning of learning English was learning a he I owe you and in Spanish easy is I had a hard time with it and I was so glad we started there good better better rest no no there's an exception for that 1 area of English beer beard it's not Beard No that's the kind that flies what it was you that are foreigners are still going around talking about we are accustomed to having just information information that does not present a responsibility in having received this information that becomes knowledge now I am responsible for the knowledge that I have received to use that knowledge in a way that is moral and ethical and for the benefit of other human beings and what God has created does that make sense a dentist that helps people not have cavities should know better than to go and destroy other life especially if it's going to be endangered humans that have studied anatomy and physiology and have learned to have reciting the Hippocratic Oath do no harm she learned should apply to not do harm even to fetuses the more I spend time with these verses especially this next 1 the more I saw the difference between individuals and it helped me understand how could individuals which saw much intellectual and tane ment could do so much harm with that information. Individuals I have learned going through school through so many years and afterwards so many not so much knowledge because that knowledge did not have God as the beginning of it the end of it produced and immoral individual and individual I cannot discern right or wrong we read here in progress 17 that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction and I used to grow up with a majority of fools those are the people that don't get it they just don't get it but in the Bible fools is someone totally different this is how the Bible defines it for Psalms 53133 says The fall has sad in his heart there is no what no God And I think all that means atheist know this is not necessarily speaking about atheists This is someone that in his heart maybe he's speaking Jesus Jesus but in his heart he is saying there is no God that has tremendous moral implications in our world are going through our college and reading and learning about this gentleman named Karl Marx and it's a quote that is very well known that religion is the opiate of the people I used to wonder what in the world are you talking about opiates then I went to pharmacology school and there where they too are the number you according to Marx the top elite of society would use religion as a way to calm the common populace so that they would revolt with the idea of religion and this idea that oh don't worry if you suffer now we will get to heaven so don't revolt be good Let me your pressure and exploit you and that's how Karl Marx saw religion but see this is the difference when you only. There's a quote in this book called education that says we should guard our self from becoming mere reflectors of other people's thoughts and once we begin to experience what true knowledge is it gives us a capacity to discern what seems to be so air tight and Karl Marx arguments seem earth tight from history but the more I looked at Karl Marx and the work I look at history and society I disagree with Karl Marx statement that religion is the opiate of the people I think this statement is the opiate of those that have power and control and authority because it is them that exploit and and abuse the poor and defenseless that when the powerful when the President's when the dictators in their heart says there is no God they're not accountable to anyone and they can do as they please Atheism is the opiate of the powerful not religion is the opiate of the people actually it has been religion has been at the genesis of all the moral all revolutions that have taken place in this world actually is the true knowledge of God has produced Why do we have streets named after Martin Luther King Jr right God use someone to take a look at society and through the knowledge again to understand what's immoral and to do something. And the fool says in his heart there is no God and with this filtering out God of information this Leaving got out from the the producing that they be giving off of information producing a knowledge that is devoid of God It generates and inability to discern was right and wrong and look at the outcome for the fool has said in his heart there is no God they are corrupt and have done abominable iniquity there is none who does the good God looks down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there are any who understand who seek God or seek after God seek to know God every 1 of them has turned aside they have together become corrupt there is none who does good no not 1 and I highlight it with a special color that expression there is no God there is none who does good there is none who does good in the Hebrew it stands out very clear the emphasis individuals that live in moral lives in their hearts are to exclude are proclaiming there is no God in the information that I've received in the knowledge that I've acquired in the way that I see the world in what I believe God is not there God is not there that's what we're talking about this morning in Sabbath school about Daniel it wasn't that he had a high I.Q. that he got good grades in Babylon is that he chose to me the fear of God the beginning of his understanding the beginning of his knowledge and it produced in him not just information that allowed him to do the bookkeeping correctly or understand the policies correctly but Daniel had was a moral compact. I will not defile myself I will not violate my conscience. The information and the knowledge that I have acquired from my home and from a school my school have given me a clear understanding of what is good and what is evil and the supernatural power that comes from God empowers me to choose an act what is holy what is righteous and what is good that's true knowledge in that's true education when there is no divine worldview in the information given at the education there is no absolute nor for morality for defining something as being good or evil what is good for you may not be good for me and what is evil to you might be good for me but not so when we have God as the source of information God becomes the absolute moral big those that do His commandments the law of God becomes the standard by which we define something as being good or evil more so beyond just not knowing beyond having an understanding of what is good and evil when God is left out of the world view there is no incentive to apply a divine moral world view why bother I think I mentioned it many months ago Billy Joel had that song Only the Good Die Young much rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the Saints why why bother why bother be moral why bother be pure Why bother be honest why live as a moral human being true information yields true knowledge and this only comes when God is at the beginning and the foundation of it. We may think that because a certain economic field does not have a theological elements in its information and it is information only neutral but all I could then make science's all economic pursuits the information that filters out God his fear his knowledge his moral standard of it's a worldview all academic sciences that filter out God out of its moral and its worldview it's harmful and offers false instant information it may be factually correct but all information carries a moral influence and without God at the center its results lead to a false view of how to apply into real life the knowledge gained in other words we simply learn to live a life that is false all the exploits that take place all the corruption that it takes place in the political realm in the financial RAM you name it all that corruption that takes place finds itself in that individuals have said there is no got and then for mission that I've acquired tells me convinces me there is no God but when information is provided from a young age teenage years youth young adult adult life when information is presented with God as the beginning of knowledge and understanding it goes beyond just filling the mind with facts he gives us in knowledge on how to apply what I have again what I have learned to do good to be a blessing the academic pursuits are no law longer governed by selfish ambition I was reading in this magazine called the Lake Union Herald by a physician him and his wife went through a lot of financial sacrifices to go through school and when they were finally establishing their self with a successful medical practice said go go to a place where you will not have the luxuries and the commodities that you have here. The knowledge that you have acquired I want you to do good with you and you went and what God has done to individuals who have acquired true knowledge and have chosen to use that in a moral ethical way to do good to others have outdone what human beings can do in 1 lifetime desire makes sense to you there are individuals that because they have lived a moral life of self-sacrifice for others have done more in their lifetime that many individuals that only live for themselves knowledge is power and true but knowledge without divinely defined morals is dangerous power it becomes a demoralizing self destructive power information without gods fear knowledge becomes knowledge as a tool to walk wire might Tiriel wealth without developing gratitude and generosity does it make sense to you there are people that come into this country we like the freedom to make money that's where we come here that's why we cross the border it's not because all America has this the world no and then we can quickly discover that there's a lot of poor people in America too why do we have poor people in America because they're lazy because they're educated Why do we have poor people in this country because very bright individuals have acquired tremendous amount of knowledge and exploit and slice and dice any way possible legislator's a loss to benefit their pocket Detroit knows that very well doesn't it it is not uninformed and educated in the visuals that have brought this great city down with all its financial fortitude it once had individuals with a lot of knowledge have taken that knowledge and made a dangerous and self destructive you drive around Detroit and you will see what false information. Information that leaves God out of the picture information without God To your knowledge becomes knowledge as a method to obtain power and influence without developing humility and self-sacrifice we will spend more time on this next Sabbath when we explore education and character but certainly the more I learn the more knowledge I acquire at a good litmus test that I am at acquiring true education is the more not of this knowledge I have the more humble I see myself or I become the more humility is exhibited in my life all true knowledge is gain when information comes in view with God's moral morals with his values an ethical perspective true knowledge leads to true believing in believing true believing leads to true living I never realized how important information was I thought math was just math 2 oranges plus 2 oranges equals how many oranges but man with God in it teaches you to oranges plus 2 oranges equals 4 oranges and if you see someone hungry share with them a man see math without God just tells you there's 4 inches What do you want to do offer me all 4 for me math history all academic pursuits need to have God as the beginning and foundation without God we are incapable of living a moral life and knowledge instead of becoming a blessing becomes a curse John 73 says and this is eternal life through life that they may know You fear of the Lord is the knowledge of the Holy 1 that they may know You the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent what kind of information dominates the landscape of my home. Is it God centered is it imbued with God's values and worldviews what kind of information is being presented to myself my spouse and my children in my home is a God centered what kind of knowledge is my family receiving from the information we regularly expose ourselves to I guess in this context the school becomes an important part of our lives but our homes where all this primary information is being disseminated continually It makes sense why some of the mediums that you guys mentioned earlier we try to squeeze into our family so that they become the source of information and not the parents not God what kind of school should I place my child in quality of information should my child receive history from human perspective or history from God's perspective science with God as the moral compass or science with the broken human heart to discern what's right or wrong what quality of information should my child we see will it have God as the beginning and foundation of all the information presented what kind of knowledge will my children eventually graduate into real life with we finally see them throw off the hat and get the diploma that will go in some wall what kind of knowledge will that be 1 that says. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge fear of the Lord is understanding what kind of school should we put all our efforts into having what is our alternate goal and mission for having a Christian school these are questions that us as a church that us as Christians need to grapple with. Some of us may need to make decisions some of us may need to make changes. But whatever change is should be done so that we do not allow ourselves to allow our children to become as fools when we look at life there is no God Rather we should choose that which will lead to eternal life to allow as much as it is possible to be exposed to true information that will yield true knowledge of God as He has revealed Himself through Jesus Christ whatever we become whatever our children become above any degree above any A Demick accomplishment may it be soul may it be a men that our children will choose to have God as their guy as their counsel as to how they should apply that knowledge in their lives a man Church May the Lord bless our children with information true information that will yield to true knowledge it true knowledge based on the true God who knowing him is eternal life Father in heaven thank you for expanding broadening our very narrow view of education here in North America lower we are feeling the pressure from other countries. Other countries who students and children are excel at the sciences excelling at other disciplines. Though there is nothing wrong father with aiming for excellence and putting effort to master the sciences as the other disciplines it is in the end a vain pursuit to do so while excluding you. So I 1st of all Lord pray this morning and your blessing upon myself and all my brothers and sisters who have family. Father in heaven give us wisdom that the information in our home will lead our children to believe that there is a God who is Love that there is a God that watches and see. And desires to produce in us a heart that does his command that acts morally and ethically father I want to pray for our children in a earnest way I plead for their minds through your Holy Spirit through your word through our homes through our schools protect the minds of our children from the constant bombardment of information that wants to convince them that there is no God we don't want our children to grow up foolish immoral incapable of making the right decisions bless our children with wisdom Blass our children with true knowledge bless our children with an understanding of who you are. As a pastor as a brother in the journey I ask these blessings on all of us. Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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