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Education: Eternal

Ariel Roldan
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What is the scope of true education?  How does receving such a view of education impact my career choices and performance?



  • August 29, 2015
    11:30 AM
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We were going through this whole list of Bible topics and knowledge character Bible teacher and this morning we're going to see how education is not just something that will happen while you're in college something that will happen just in this life but how would you cation is an experience that will transcend into eternity as well and some of us are like going or what we would have school buses in heaven often no. No not not that kind of education we've been going through this exercise of comparing. 2 things that sound alike yellow on the outside why don't the inside and very sweet and try to use this is a metaphor to compare education versus true education did Twinkie is supposed to symbolize I guess they did not transfer correctly Power Point if you have utilized and we have to do my glasses to tell you what that's. Those are not dots they're actually words and I will make sure that this never happens again all these little dots over here says God OK god god god god there you go that's the touchscreen for you and then you have math English history and science twinky is any subject in which God has been filtered out we can't filter God out of education he is active in human history prophecies shows us that he is the 1 that plays the laws into into the elements through which chemistry informs us scheme history is understanding the elements and the laws God has placed there same thing with biology same thing with psychology that the mind any subject that filters God out filters out the author and originator of what we're studying That's like trying to study Charles Dickens and ignoring Charles Dickens. It's just like trying to study Abraham Lincoln and leaving Abraham Lincoln out of the textbook could the design make sense and so education secular education does that and we should not be surprised that we should not try to enforce. Public education to be Christian education education that our children should receive especially throughout the 1st development years from from 0 to 78910 when their minds are most impressionable everything that they learn should have at the center which is the banana The banana is yellow on the outside white on the inside and sweet but he has nutrition something that sweet he does not have despite my arguments with my parents it does not give you the same nourishment as a banana will and my brothers my dear sisters I have to tell you in fatty clean a public education will inform your children with information but will leave out the capacity to be moral and ethical with that information that is how we are able to have judges that sell themselves to politicians and politicians that sell themselves to corporations I stay in touch with my friends from nursing school and they're telling me the pressure that the hospital exerts on them when a patient falls through right now no they slipped because that would be it was a bad rating and the lower our ratings the less reimbursement we can collect from the insurance companies so nurses are forced to lie in their charting and these are informed educated individuals individuals who have excelled in the sciences and the biology and the chemistry but it has done nothing for their ability to be have integrity and ethics in how they use that information does not make sense to leave God out of education does our children this service it actually put information into their or power into their capacities without the ability to use it in a righteous holy way Christian education places got at the center and it offers our children the opportunity to do so Furthermore. The Eraser I mean the song what would be a pencil without a race or you couldn't learn we need to learn by trial and error and God knows we get things wrong have you done things wrong in your life have you made decisions that you wish would have been different. Do you wish there was an eraser for your life God has 1 call his grace is forgiveness when we provide education for our children without God we leave that 1 element that makes occasion useful practical applicable Romas fact when he tells us that we're sin abounded grace much more abound which means that you cannot out sin the grace of God There is no 1 that has been evil enough that God cannot forgive that can not find grace in God Now we look at the ladder of humility how everything I know compared to what got no there is an infinite Chazan between us and I ask you the question and I'll see that you get the answer can you and I know what God knows can you and I know what God knows can we know the information that is contained in his mind our brains would explode right there's not enough neurons to capture everything inside the mind of God That is precisely the temptation of the garden to North something God knows Satan tempted us to try to be like God to know what what he knows though I cannot know what God knows in the in Genesis Chapter 3 we see humanity trying to with their Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But there we cannot know what got no the whole message of the Bible centers on that though we cannot know that information that infinitely beyond this information we can know who God is that is the heart of the Gospel you can come to know this God because he had me has made himself small enough understandable enough God became flesh and God interacted with human beings and inspired human beings to write 66 books so that you and I could have the awesome privilege of knowing who God is now as my little girl Janet she called me this morning I thought it was my wife she doesn't have a cell phone yet she's 4 years old praise the Lord I was I was my wife so I answered Hi honey and I heard from the other n b they have. To. I love you I miss you happy sad. Now you asked my little girl who's your daddy will smile or a big and she'll say I hear and if you ask her Do you know your daddy she will say yes I do my little girl knows me those my little girl know what I know does my little girl know me why because I made myself understandable to her God is making himself understandable to you that is the foundation of true education your greatest accomplishment will not be getting higher education higher education and promotions and certifications ad nauseum your highest achievement will be for you to say what my little girl says about me I know God That is not a boastful statement I know him. PAUL SAID IT job said it Joe said it in the middle of a storm I know that my redeemer lives and though this flesh will rot away I know that I'll see him resurrected in the future I know him so much that even if he's lays me I will trust in Him That's how much I know God is an Important to know who guided us it is imperative salvation your salvation hinges upon you knowing God Read John 17 verse 3 Jesus said plainly this is eternal life that they may know you that they may know you that you are the true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent this is in capsulated throughout the Scriptures and efficient 319 we are called we are invited to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge that doesn't mean that we will never be able to say I know it my little girl knows me she's 4 when she's 10 she will tell you I know my dad now what she knows that for how will that compare to what she knows at 10 will there be a difference yes right now she knows daddy loves pizza and snores he loves to tickle her but at 10 years old she will know that Daddy's intelligent that he's very handsome that he's all these things right. And that Daddy filters all boys from my phone calls there has to be an app for that. No boys that come my little girl will know me it in different ways that 4 and when she's 30 if Jesus not come yet she will know me differently when she has her own children will she not has not that been your experience. Your knowledge of your parents is present you know them but also developing you know them now differently than what you did before correct and once you have children we go through that cycle right man mama there was so right man I wish I could do things over with them the same with God we can know that love that passes knowledge which means that as a Christian you will never get bored you will always have more to learn about God and that knowledge will come through the study of his word his revelation education true education begins with God If you consume it in again and scrolling down this very interactive sermon this morning I like it if education begins with God God science god history God in English God and it ends with God God at the beginning God throughout the process and God at the end that is true education and our children will not receive that in a public school they will get awesome teachers that will teach them awesome things about chemistry awesome things about math awesome things about English awesome things about history yes they will get that they will get dedicated teachers that are passionate about teaching but are forbidden to talk and teach your children about God. And that makes that education a Twinkie in the end to leave God out of knowledge is to provide something that is useless in practical life God gives you that moral direction it is His Word and His Holy Spirit that tells you this is how you should apply this knowledge this is how I mean this whole issue of pair planned parenthood and trying to figure out the laws so that they could take aborted children's bodies and sell them and mask it as research very bright individuals and lawyers have been involved in the process. So that unborn children can be exploited What a way to come into this world that is an education without God What we see today the suffering and the pain is the fruit of education devoid of God in it specially in the formative years and as we get older I mean people will say well didn't God send Daniel into BABYLON Yeah but not as a 5 year old then God send Moses into Egypt Yeah but he learned a lot of stuff in his mom's he was homeschooled too right so let us not make decisions that will affect our children's for eternity plus this life down here without having 1st powered our niece and said Lord what would you have us do in our home do you want our children in a public school or do you want our children in a Christian school if you as a parent have done that already and God has providentially and spoken to you directly and that it said it is safe for you to go to a public school where they will leave me out of education then you are free to do so but if you have as a parent have yet not prayed about this my friend my brother my sister I advise you this morning to do so we transition last week into teachers God calls teachers in the same way he calls pastors It is not a career and even though they are 5 days out of the week in our school teaching math chemistry etc. A teacher a Christian teacher has not chosen that as a career it is a calling and it shows we talked about how God called Abraham to be a teacher and we know that because in order to be a teacher you have to be taught 1st and if you want to be including God in math science history all other stuff you have to be taught not by a human being but by god himself as a pastor I don't go on Thursday nights or Wednesday nights to give me a sermon dot com. There are websites the way they do that but you will be able to tell a sermon that I downloaded that someone else has preached and not 1 that God has placed in my heart to give to you Do you know the difference you'd be able to tell right throws in T.V. dinner business versus mom's home cooked meal that's the difference what God when I spend time with God and God places stuff in my heart I mean I am 1 human being with only 1 life as a reference work for experience and I have to speak to look around you look at the ethnicities look at the differences of education and backgrounds in and your own journey and I'm supposed supposed to speak to each of you somehow impossible unless God is the 1 that gives the message so a teacher is a same way it Christian teacher cannot just simply say well I got A's in math A's in English ate all the stuff but is 0 in her bank account or her his bank account of God We can not teach about God unless we have learned from God and God in my. Last Sabbath we explore this new insight fresh insight for me Mariah means the Lord is my teacher that is what that mountain means the Lord is going to teach me and what God taught Moses Abraham My apologies Abraham and MT The Lord is my teacher is that the Lord will provide Jehovah Gyra what shall wash away my sins nothing but the Lord will provide the Lord will provide for what will destroy me were it not for Grey's where would I be traveling down a pointless road with my sins and my salvation left up to me how successful have you been in trying to solve the entanglements sin has caused in your life we are as successful indeed tending ourselves as a kitten is when they get all tangled up in yarn it gets worse the more which were fix it. We're enough for Grace we're not for the guy that knows what our need is and provides for it that is the guy that is being present it through Christian education and through the Word of God The Lord is my teacher to learn provided I can teach because God has taught me personally I want to close with what we talked about how education is going to go not just here for the temporary time that we are here on Earth but throughout eternity in Jeremiah 92324 this dish this I'm going to plaster somewhere in a plaque and send it with my little girl when she goes to college or universities or wherever she was to get her education I want her to memorize this as his ghost goes through grade school and high school but especially as she goes for the higher education whatever profession she is he decides to pick Jeremiah 923 and 24 says Thus says the Lord let not the wise man glory in his wisdom let not the mighty man glory in his mind nor let the rich man glory in his riches but let him who glories if anyone is going to boast let them boast in this 1 thing what is that 1 thing that a human being can boast that he or she understands me and that they know me what good is it to have been part of a law firm worth financial for because of the education that you have but you don't know God or even to boast about your wisdom your is seen that humility latter What do you know how much do you know can you boast when you look at that latter cannot can I boast I mean what do I know in comparison to all that could be known so I cannot boast in my wisdom my intelligence what about my might. What about my riches but to know God To know God is something that I can will or even something that I can boast about not in here I know God and you don't it's not the kind of boasting that is speaking to the kind of boasting that you see with your children I've seen it already with my little girl we are playing soccer and my little girl is kicking it she will put it down she's so cute she does what I do with the tongue he does that little sticking out thing that Michael Jordan tongue thing she'll see the soccer ball and she will run run run run run and stuck right in front of it. Kick it as hard as she can and he will go away 5 feet 10 feet and they should say Daddy is your turn let me do some warm ups daughter get out of the way stand back and then I'll do the able man I want to kick. And my little girl will boast as my daddy right there that's my dad he's the strongest man in the whole universe and no 1 can kick the ball as far as my daddy that's the boasting about God we see suffering we see tragedy. We experience it ourselves but we boast about who God is. Illnesses come our family struggle with something that shatters our confidence our finances whatever the tragedies that all of us are explained or prone to experience and we do experience our marriage just fall apart I never thought that I would be a divorcée I never thought I would be the person that someone had an affair on I mean I hear this is a pastor Pastor he's never thought in my life would turn out this way I thought my life was when to be different well this passage breaks it down and says you know so where is your college degree now where are all the accolades that the world has provided for you what are they doing for your marriage what are they doing for you but if you know God. In the midst of the store you're boasting about in the midst of the tiers you were worshipping What job did job at SEC sackcloth had dust on his head he was weeping there was heartache there was heaviness he was not immune and he did not pretend to be stoic about it he experienced the emotional weight that tragedy is doing to bring to us in our experience but through the midst of that experience the Bible says that and he worshiped his God Worshipping to a great degree involves this boasting off him I know God though the our circumstances stated will try to convince me that I've been abandoned that I've been rejected for 10 years Alexa says that she lived at a distance from God but for 10 years God was intimately involved in her life guiding her protecting her making sure that 1 day she will come and hear his voice once again the we may walk away from God God never walks away from us that's the God that the Bible reveals very different than the 1 that we concoct ourselves we try to figure out sometimes God from our own personal experiences and this is important because we have the church right you've been baptized into the church we are church members and. Just like education we oftentimes narrow down what and what it means to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ a member of the of the Body of Christ what does that mean and efficiency after 3 verses 8 to 11 this is the N I V To simplify some of what Paul is saying says this this grace has been given to me to preach to the Gentiles the boundless riches of Christ and to make plain to everyone the administration of this mystery what mystery while this mystery which for ages past was kept hidden in God who created all things his intent was that now through. Through the church and who is the church the building the carpet you through you through you. The men for wisdom of God should be May known to the Puerto Ricans the Germans to read it to the rulers and authorities in who is that who does not know yet things about God but they will know things about God through you and I Who are them. Who are those authorities their rulers in heavenly places anyone angels the Bible speaks about different tears different levels we don't understand we will do when we get there so it's best to keep silent about it or not say too much but they are authorities in heaven there are rulers in heavenly places and these authorities are rulers who are in the very presence of God because of this insinuations of Satan because a citizen rebellion having There's something about God that now needs to be known and God shows broken wounded imperfect human beings like you and I not just to preach the gospel to people I haven't heard people about Jesus in Detroit but through your life. Through how God acts and does things in your life and how you respond to God that becomes a lesson book to the universe about who God is you are a textbook to the universe true education makes you a text book for the angels to read and study and say I did not know God was like this I knew he was love but just 1 little girl there looking at her as a 4 year old and 3 was they can look at God as a 10 year old. When they see how God treats how God really to people that are stubborn pride and rebellious towards him towards people that though they hear loving tender appeals to his spirit to sermons through providence that was you that you see was in it thanks see you later and we live like that for years nor in his voice. Rejecting his love and yet he remained faithful to us and the day that you and I finally surrender all all of those years are recorded and all of those years to the heavenly intelligence to the heavenly beings to the angels there are things that they can not fully understand about God but the way God see you helps them understand God better is that an amazing thought you become the textbook ideal or is there underline Serpa Volume 1 because I was a very stubborn person just about a 100 volumes of what if and I'm sure that some of you can also boast of multiple volumes but as they turn their pages. Their hearts are moved their hearts are moved by how God tirelessly works too soft on us to slow us down I heard 1 person say a chaplain 1 time say that sometimes don't need time we are able finally able to look up to God as when we are sick in bed sometimes God hasn't allowed for things in our lives to slow us down enough to give him a chance to talk to us for us to recognize we can't live life down here without knowing him we can't live life down here without knowing who is God This is our last verse for this morning. Look 1520 Look 15 is a very precious and many people love what is read in Luke 15 there's 3 parables this is the 3rd 1 this parable opens to us a great challenge for many of us a great challenge I've told you my story when I was in believe. How I ended up at a drug rehab center for boys ages $6.00 to $9.00 very young to be addicted already blew sniffers 100 percent of those boys 100 percent of them their father had abandoned their home years before or 50 percent of them didn't even know who their father was so when I would try to talk to them and they would hear me pray Father in heaven dating and want to talk to whoever it was up there called father and some guy in the entire Old Testament showed himself to the life of norm. Most notably Abraham Isaac and Jacob Joseph of and the children of Israel and throughout the Old Testament God is continually revealing himself reveal Himself in how he treats his people but then the New Testament begins with 1 of the most intimate act God could do he himself becomes 1 of ours and comes down here to reveal Himself to us and what He reveals Himself to of it was the worst that come out that the literal human words that come out of God's mouth God in the flesh Jesus Christ are words like this I have come to seek I haven't changed in Genesis chapter 3 I came and sought to seek Adam and Eve while they were hiding from me and humanity has changed these here I come to seek and see what was lost. And the 2 parables before this don't let this parable teach everything there is about the journey of Christianity they teach you little slices it is parable of the Prodigal Son we know it well that's why I only put this passage here the younger brother who goes off and spends all his inheritance and prostitutes and all these things where does he end up Bible students where does that that prodigal son eventually end up when his credit cards are maxed out and he's in bankruptcy or does he end up with feeding me now because the Bible doesn't have pictures and doesn't have scratch and sniff we don't get the impact of that story I told you when I was invited to broken bone of brassica A I think even Google would have a hard time finding Broken Bow So Tiny was invited to speak at that church and that broken boat town of 1 gas station and only a stop sign not even a traffic light stop sign was next to a huge city or here huge area where they had their raised pigs an hour right there Friday and I was greeted by the family that was in the host me and feed me and I was in 1 of the sleeping in their couch and the husband had that arrived at from work and the wife lovingly gently try to warming and she didn't she couldn't really get to the point until her husband got home and when she heard the husband open the door all she could say is Pastor I'm so sorry what happened when it hit me it was like those you see in those slow motion atomic bombs where the bomb explodes but then those rings begin to spread while the opening of the door was the atomic bomb and the ring was the are Roman and when the guy was come he's taken his clothes off at the door not all of them but he's taken most of his clothes off at the door and putting them in a bag to be washed immediately and he looks and he says Pastor I'm so sorry it's OK and I went to shake his hands and he said no don't touch me. I work at a pig farm you don't want to touch me this parable says that the sun was in the pit pen coated with pig feces and urine coated with saliva and all the other excrements that come out of Pigs he was wallowing in it his clothes were soaked with and even change and there was no deodorant or no nothing as he was he came home to be a servant to be a slave and God in the flesh telling us the story gives us the punchline as heroes and came to his father but when he that son with the stench of pigs still was a great way all of his father saw him had compassion on him ran to him fell on his neck and. I wouldn't even shake that guy's hand but God hugs kisses selves he's not put off by our sense he's not offended by our rebellion God doesn't walk away from us but we walk away from him with such a hard hard God comes passions year or so far he is 2nd 5th 10th 100th up or to 92 you know God like this this is a very important question church do you know God like this because Jesus had to give this parable to a people that had had the Bible for 4000 years and they still did not know God then you had been cahoots with Roma make money then you had to collect taxes they know how to build enormous temple so make them beautiful but they did not know the God they were worshipping to the temple. So it shouldn't surprise me should is a prize you that when the question comes do you know who God is that we don't have a clue and when we get small glimpses. When we read he had compassion and braced him and kissed him often times our need jerk reaction is. Maybe for them but not for me maybe for others but not for me you are here this morning because the providence of God has brought you here this morning and God This morning once you know. He loves you he loves you more than your father and your mother loves you more than your boyfriend or your girlfriend that's easy to beat sometimes loves you more than your spouse he loves you more than your children he loves you enough to run to you the moment we 1st take steps 1st begin to open our hearts 1st begin to entertain the thoughts were maybe it is for me maybe it is for me and then all of a sudden the Holy Spirit takes these clumsy words and you begin to realize he is speaking to me and that he is not the pastor that he is the Holy Spirit asking you will you come home will you come home and get to know your father will you come home and get to know God will you get to know God to a point where you can boast about him the trials and temptations and sufferings that we will experience down here do you want to know. God. I've already asked you in the back to the baptism and we've had a sister explain share with us that like a spell has been gone for many years but now she's come back we need to talk whatever Satan used many years ago to get you to leave he knows it succeeded he will try again we need a church we need someone that will study with us pray with us encourage us healed Sometimes it's enough to get us back out there again re Morse for what we've done but being around individuals that just like you struggle but just like you have found Jesus to be true we need that you need to be connected with the church you need to start Bible studies maybe with Frank don't let this conviction and is the situation fade out because it will but I want to close asking the question Who here this morning will like to respond and say I want to know God I've heard things about him but I'm starting to see that what I heard was wrong different someone here this morning that would like to say I don't even know where to start pastor I have good news for you we have people that have learned and are willing to share what we've learned about God with you I don't know everything I'm still learning Don't let don't let the tide deceive you I'm still a student of who God is but just like my little girl. Can Look at me and on Tuesday she'll wish she runs to me she'll knows that she knows I'm her daddy. I know what God is my father too and I know his heart towards me. Now want you to know that hard to. There's someone here this morning that would like to start studying the Bible to get to know God. I would like for you to stand. Like to invite to stand. There's someone here this morning that wants to start studying the Bible to get to know God better it doesn't have to be here in church can be in your house anywhere. Or someone here this morning. The Holy Spirit has spoken to you. And you. Know and want to get to know God better someone here this morning that will likely make that decision myself elder. Or someone here this morning that would like to start studying the Bible. To get to know. Who this guy that loves you. Or anyone here this morning that would like to make that stand. Praise the Lord. Anyone else. Anyone else that throughout this imperfect message you have heard God's perfect voice speaking to you calling you to come back calling you to accept calling you to start this journey of getting to know God better is there anyone else that would like to make that stand right now. You know there are those of us that. I've wondered. In our sister as to. If you have wondered. And wants a comeback. Don't let the sermon be forgotten. Before you leave talk to me. Talk to me. We need to stay in touch. Satan will be very busy between now and next week so much that chances are you may not come back again. You need to hear from God. You need to understand. Lastly. If he says to come to know. The love of God that passes knowledge. I want to know God better I want to know God. I want to invite you if that was is something you want to be your prayer this morning. Lord I want to know you more. Want to be neglectful with my prayer life I want to be careless with my devotional life. And I'm sorry if I have but I don't want to give me grace to be consistent. Grace to spend time with us in your words because I want to know you more I was invited to come forward as prayed together as a church family. If you want to know God more than what you know now. Like to invite you to come forward. And tell the Lord Father I've learned quite a bit. But I want to be more. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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