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1 Peter 1:18-2:2 "Incorruptible Seed - Part 2"

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • October 3, 2009
    9:00 AM
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him while everyone is Jonathan just said is just so enough of this class shareware going through the back of first Peter we've been nearing different parts of the Bible and then one of the four classes here in Atlanta were doing the first Peter during this order and we've gotten through chapter one Serena continue on actually just cover a couple of things from blasts shatter the end of chapter one that I didn't have time to cover last week before we start let's have a word of prayer and will get started fundamentally thank you for the Sabbath day we thank you for the opportunity to study from your word we create as we study first Peter the human losses and guys this is my current uses naming our eyes so we have covered the first chapter in one of the things that we sigh in the theme of chapter one we see that we were that we are allies according to the foreknowledge of God through sanctification until EDN 's and Romans chapter eight the electric described as being justified under inspirational Bible writers the claim being alive are chosen of God being justified and sanctified the starting justification and sanctification together in the salvation process there are some other things that we talked about the trial of our faith and how in verses eleven and twelve talks about how the current problems wish that they can live in hardening of the things they wrote were especially for us and them and the West half of the chapter we covered a lot of the last thing I just want to get a couple of high winds one of the things that that Weise writing suite was the concept of being mantises verse twenty three words is being born I can not a corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the word of God which limit and abide for ever no we didn't we got about ten minutes to talk about the incorruptible seed and really should've been the majority of involvement turnaround times I want to spend a little bit more time talking about being worn again and Sharon will see and if you look at chapter one this comparison between corruptible and incorruptible the CNN's University she we talked about this a little bit wiser university chances for his much as you now that you were not redeemed with corruptible things a silver and gold from your van conversation received by tradition from your father so here's a corruptible silver and gold vein traditions from your fathers did speaking to the Gentiles who were cousins of the pagan traditions another time anything you know you're not a team through anything that is corruptible that is earthly that is of an human tradition so what are we redeemable verse nineteen tells us with the freshest wad of Christ is fully obvious comparison is like silver and gold in the traditions of men are corruptible the blood of Christ is incorruptible so here is where the comparison stars corruptible silver and gold in the traditions of incorruptible the blood of Christ shoe as a lamb without blemish and without spot for himself and then we get you see we believe in God who raised him up to have them organized see how that ties again here in a little bit and we see that we purify their souls in obeying the truth and then verse twenty three says being worn I can not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the word of God which limits and Abydos forever now what does the concept of being warnings can happen to you with incorruptible seed now what we verities seeing is corruptible seed would be that which is silver and gold or that which is human from the traditions of men incorruptible comes from the precious blood of Christ which is without spot and we are born again of incorruptible seed so what is it how to incorruptible seed size again with being born again is there any do you see any connection with the concept of the new birth and an incorruptible seed as well just to get your mind thinking along those lines if you get in the next version verse twenty fourth is for all flash is as grass and all the glory of man the flower of grass the grass whether it's in the flower thereof fall of the way based on what we've discussed so far what's one more and he would say to describe the grass or flash corruptible so incorruptible seed money for one again but human flash forward carafes where there is an fate of the way him so what does he plan I see the grass and I comes up out of the ground and I want to really get a reply flowery uses the concept of grass or flowers the plan the grass maybe at a golf course he seemed really tripping grass and a golf course or maybe plant flowers in your garden and it comes up and it looks really great what happens in the video water the grass or you don't water the flowers and here among one hundred and fifteen degrees like the Bible says the grass in the flower where there is an seen it away because it's coming from a seed that's corruptible it's not a seed that will sustain that he or the trials of life so to speak as interesting earlier in this chapter however Peter talks about the trial of your faith so what happens corruptible seed when it's tried it where there is an fadeaway corruptible seed but when it goes through the fiery trial it is able to pass through so it's interesting Peterson is all flash is as grass and all the glory of man is the flower dress up hemisphere are flash he understands spiritual things or we are all flash we are born when we are born on this earth we are born of the flash and what Peter is saying is we are all like grass or flowers when the when the trials and we fade away we weather naturally speaking so what needs to happen we need to be born again of incorruptible seed and because we have naturally been born of corruptible him when we are born again of incorruptible seed is through the precious blood of the lamb without spot and one which you once take this a little bit deeper and we can have time to develop this last week is there a place in the Bible that describes Jesus slanting eyes as incorruptible seed in particular John Chapter twelve for those of you have been through the Romans class some of this will be a little bit of review but hey repetition even depression John Chapter twelve verses twenty three and twenty four in verse twenty three and Jesus answered them saying the hours on that the Son of Man should be glorified so clearly we know that Jesus is talking about visitors and this is when Jesus offered himself as a lamb without spot or blondish businesses from across can ask what Peter Seiden of Jesus is incorruptible who offered himself as the precious lamb without blemish or spot in the notice what he says in verse twenty four Jesus is verily verily I say I need except a corn of wheat fall under the ground and die in abide of the long but if it died to bring us forth much now when Jesus is a form of wheat falls into the ground and dies he's talking about planting a seed you see another like Jesus dying on the cross she's in the illustration diseases is why my dad I was a seed that was planted in the ground was she corruptible is a cheater makes that very clear in first Peter one even if Peter didn't say that we know that Jesus was the lamb without blemish without spot he is an incorruptible seed the incorruptible seed planted into the ground when you plant a seed into the ground when it comes forth the corner we it brings forth fruit in the likeness of the seed that was planted so if you platform we innovate around your product with apples pretty straightforward to me we then chooses a say I am the seed so Jesus is the see what comes forth out of the ground is going to be like Jesus that makes sense is not any sort of like Jesus is going to be like Jesus there is no parts in there and then if you have a Romans chapter six this continues the concept of the incorruptible see Romans chapter six is now Roman chapter six is obviously powerful chapter as we get through them is in arena theaters this year starting in verse one of chapter six what shall we say then shall we continue in sin that grace may abound God permit culture we veterans are the sum of any longer therein now you have so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death so Jesus died and he was one of week that was planted in the ground if you're baptized into Jesus Christ here baptized the same kind of crazy was baptized and then continuing on verses four and five therefore we are buried with him by baptism in the him why does Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of why you selected a Christ is raising the dam of the glory of the father we should walk in newness of life in the notice first by four if we have been slanted together in the likeness of his death we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection on them verse five says if we have been slammed together in the likeness of his death what is that sound picture me I said that means that Jesus is taking here is a seed planting you into the ground as I was here planted together in the likeness of his death some cheeses with the corn of wheat and he fell on a steep dive he was planted in the grabbing comes forth and brings forth much fruit and what Paul is saying here in Romans as we've been planted together in the likeness of his death but we don't save money around says wait come for us and walk in newness of life mechanic verse six is nice is that our old man is crucified with him but the body of semi be destroyed that henceforth we should not serve sin that is dead is freed from sin so that is what Paul was saying and how can ask what peters peters say when we are warning you we are born of incorruptible seeing what the incorruptible seed well what we've seen already in first Peter is that Jesus is incorruptible because she was unwound without blemish and without spot and Jesus said I was the seed over the corn of wheat that was planted in the ground him she was one of her life so therefore this CD is perfect or incorruptible when Jesus died and I was like being planted in the ground and she comes forth out of the grave resurrected we if we are born again incorruptible seed All-Star slam together in the likeness of his death and Paul says that means that our old man is crucified with Christ the corruptible flash is crucified it's certain death so when the corruptible watch is certain death then we know where they're in and fade away under the fiery trials in first Peter one the fiery trials because we've been planted together in the likeness of Christ that with incorruptible seed we've been raised to walk in newness of life so that when the fiery trials can't be refined this further and further and more and more into the likeness of Christ and so Peter and Paul are sort of tag teaming here along with Jesus and explain what it means to be born again what it means to be born of incorruptible seed and earlier in chapter one and here in verse fourteen as obedient children not fashioning yourselves according to the former Larson your ignorance of the former Larson your ignorance will be walking after the flash and then he makes this amazing statement in verses fifteen and sixty Maurice's minutes he which hath called you is holy so be holy in all manner of conversation because it is written be holy for I am holy when you read that passage what in the world how can I be holy like God is not impossible for a human than you is born of the flash him sooner goes on to say in the rest of the chapter what if you're born of the flesh are not to be holy as he walked up to the flash if you are an corruptible seed you will not be fully however if you are wanting to have a incorruptible seed you will be holy as God is not because of what we do you know anything through our own power but because we have been crucified with Christ and we been raised to walk in newness of life and that's interesting in the very next verse seventeen talks about how God judges every man according to his work so that we can so therefore we pass our time here since your earnings in here I mentioned last week this is reminiscent of a verse fearing God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment contextually speaking of fearing God would be some live a holy life as God is holy in the time of judgment and Halloween see her daughter when the holy life in the time of judgment is to be born again what is that mean it needs to be crucified with Christ are to be planted together in the likeness of his death so that we will be raised to walk in newness of life for the life of Christ here on this Earth and Peter is describing this experience and what he's trying to tell us what in the judgment power with God 's people need to be born again what are the managers of the price what is amenable the wife of Christ and make the surrender life one hundred percent of Jesus Christ everything your relationships are or where you live how you do you marry one all of those all of those things are surrendered to Jesus I him first he lives out his wife is through you so that when the trials and we don't move there and fade away now it's interesting you may say will how the world can we as human beings want to flush and was the morning and not wither and fade away for the rest of first Peter is going to explain but I want to take universe which makes it very clear to give it some thought first Peter chapter four verse one this concept of all flesh is grass the nose for it first Peter four one says a forasmuch then as Christ suffered for us even where in the flash surprise within the flash so we can use that as an excuse to say I can even Christ suffered for us in the flesh arm yourselves likewise with the same mind for he that hath suffered in the flash that seems from son to see what Peter does your mother 's idea to chapter four four forty until later but it's interesting to make the connections now chapter warnings of all flesh is grass it's corruptible seed when the trials machine towns fades away but you know what Jesus lived in the flash and he didn't fade away because she was of the incorruptible seed and we are being called to see you even though we have flash and to be born again and incorruptible seed and first John Omega Omega this is my one of my last pointer about the flash and the incorruptible semen in first John chapter three to him first I is onset is a seed and being incorruptible and being born again first John chapter three verse nine whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin forces see the see that incorruptible I for his seed remains in techniques and not send because he is one of God so what I'm trying to surely hear from these passages of Scripture 's Jesus is the seed was planted in the ground as the incorruptible seed and when he comes up out of the ground she brings forth much fruit that fruit is in his life this is a reproduction of the seed that was planted that seed is in corruptible because Jesus lived a perfect life and all those two oh wow two oh hours of the slanted together in the likeness of his death will come forth and when the wife of Christ even though we have human flash price ceiling flash and yet he did not send his supper for us and it's interesting first p.m. procedure for reform is a arm yourselves likewise with the same mind and allows a armor sells likewise with the same flash what that's all this is that Jesus human nature was subject to the same temptations that we are a must especially in the mind it wasn't just a physical suffering it was a mental suffering so Peter understood the nature of Christ pretty clearly so that's sort of a reviewing a little bit chapter one well I had ten minutes to cover some of the points last week and as I went back and prepare for the what we really need is a little bit more time on some of those concepts and thank you for letting me view that home and the one last thing I guess I will send out chapter one as it says that all flesh is grass in verse twenty four members twenty five says the word of the Lord in dear is forever and this is the word which by the gospel was preached unto the now in a nutshell what Peter is saying here is Lord all flash and see the way the word of the Lord and nearest rivers one of the word of the Lord how is that the talent hard to watch while it's interesting John one fourteen the Word was made flash and dwelt among us again you can see note power of God 's word well among human flesh the same flash was made flesh the word of the Lord if he studied John chapter one is the word that created this world so the word of the Lord has creative power as the word of the Lord the house creative power to take our each sinful human flesh and Sharon had an shoe incorruptible seed and Abraham of course in Genesis chapter fifteen he's not believing that God can give my son got take out shows in the stars and says social your CV and Abraham believed he said oh yeah God is creator and when we remember that God was treated by his word we will we then God can create a new life and 's which is why an chapter one verse twenty one is as you might have you believe in God that raise him up from the dead in the him or even your faith in God so we believe in God who raised Jesus from the dead and who can raise us up to walk in newness of life because God 's word has creative power not like covers twenty five instances and this is the word which has creative power which can take your corruptible flash and make it incorruptible seed in the same way that Jesus is his use of the word which by the gospel was preached on me and the everlasting gospel is the power of God 's word the everlasting gospel is the gospel this is God 's word is so powerful that it will take years sinful life and make it into a new life that lives the life of Christ here on this Earth that's the power of the gospel the gospel is not Jesus died for your sins and seek cover you while you keep sending all the way to have the yesterday 's is diverse but he also has the power through his word to raise us up to walk in newness of life in this used the word which by the gospel was preached to you soon that's chapter one and three tied it off and I've has very powerful if you really study the concepts that Peter is talking about here and here is a first hand witness he was with Jesus for three and half years of tea witness the teachings of Christ personally assume it's a wonderful being able to study the word of God from an eyewitness who was with Jesus for three and half years so that we do a little bit of the chapter he will try to cover the first few verses here and that's fine we brought learn this well should Schubert one starts with the word wherefore so based on what Peter has described in Chapter one that all flesh is grass that we weather and fade away but we can be born-again of incorruptible seed now he's in a describe this is how you live a converted one again why and wherefore laying aside all malice and all guile and hypocrisies and in these and all evil speak like him out for God 's church would be like today if there was no malice dial up how I perceive in the or evil speaking that's walking after the flash that is the fruit of the flash that is corruptible seed for any incorruptible seed by the power of God we weigh aside all malice John I'll talk receipt in the evil speaking Catholics remember who said this is like worse witness against Christianity Christianity the things Christians have done in the name of Christ and yet Peter thank you for many born again of incorruptible seed we lay aside all malice trial hypocrisy can be an evil speaking that would only make sense that if Christianity is ahead we cannot over comes to us just the way we are then humanly speaking where you will have I can overcome his son a little bit analysis here and a little bit of hypocrisy here in a little bit of this Sarah here in Dallas is the way the human experience is that how much does Peter Tolstoy aside this is all nonsense under the expiration of always revelatory so called malice all guile hypocrisy then reason all evil speaking so there is no room for that in the Christian experience now it's interesting this concept of a weighing aside all dial later on in this very same chapter and that's what this can be very powerful when we study the life of Christ in this context context this week Rice is what he went through on his trial and crucifixion we see in verse twenty two speaking of Christ and did not send neither was guile found in his mouth Peter calling us to be like her who is calling us to be like Peter 's calling us to be like Christ Christ had no guile and is now in Peterson 's lay aside all dial what if Christ is the incorruptible seed that we are planted in his whiteness of it would only make sense of how guy was in his mouth no guy will be unarmed and of course the arty now this is very interesting revelation fourteen hundred and forty four thousand have no guile in their mouth they are without fault before the throne of God and here in first Peter one Peterson the holy as I am holy and in the judgment to fear God and in the judgment of hundred and forty four thousand are found without fault and they have no dial in her mouth so in first Peter is an instruction no you're how to be part of the hundred and forty four thousand seven weighing aside all malice and all guile and I received these are all evil sweet things out of her seen as newborn babes desire the sincere or sincere milk of the word that he may grow thereby yet people say well enough the faith 's down either I have a line drawing the computers and hey if you are a newborn babe you've been warned in an incorruptible seed in you whiny aside all malice styles upon receipt in the evil speaking and you grow from there it's not paying our line now I have all these sons among the still doing and wanted these days what the Bible says is when you surrender your life in one hundred percent and are crucified with Christ one of the incorruptible seed all of the sounds in your life that you know about those are laid aside there may be sent in a life that our life that we don't have the Lord will reveal this to us at some later for the ones we know about by the power of God God is telling us to weigh them aside as newborn babes because we've been wanting an interesting this is newborn babes desire the sincere milk of the word that ye may grow thereby now what happens when you give the baby know is that a good thing for a baby or a bad thing for the Navy to get to know what happens if you see them all revelation seventeen seventy seven someone died that's the meat of the word soliciting that might be the best ending in a newborn day however do you keep feeding a baby note for the rest of his life I hope all him hi him as a major problem with the growth of that baby is John Wilson the pediatrician is healthier baby forever now why is it that Christians are satisfied with no year after year after year I was out a launch not too long ago were someone with us that we would actually talk about Revelation seventeen which is the meaning of the word is no question amazing how we should talk about the widget is talk about the love of God the question is one of them why did God for that and his word obviously we need to know if you have only need in the newborn babes in the faith even though the word that the purpose of giving the newborn babes now this about the grow to be able to tolerate and enjoy the meaning of the word if we're training Chris Shu since they themselves on now and for the rest of their life as we are doing our jobs properly as Chris is absolutely we start with milk that we go to the meeting and achievers Chapter five drives home the point Paul was writing to the Hebrews camera Salina chapter five East says a family and many things to say and hard to be uttered seeing here the whole of hearing for one for the tiny out to be teachers he had neither one teach you again between the first principles of the oracles of God I become such as have need of milk and not of strong mean for everyone the use of the mount is unskillful on the word of righteousness for he is a strong need long to them that are of full age even those my reason for me so have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil now this is interesting Paul says if here's only drinking them Malcolm award your dull of hearing and hearing your spiritual peers are not enemies sharpens to discern the need of the world now what specifically does Hall described as the meaning of the word and he responded through its righteousness or righteousness by faith to know what Paul is saying if you're stuck on the note of the word you really won't understand righteousness by faith on the problem because righteousness by faith is the theology that helps us to understand how to be righteous in the side of God to be ready when he comes and if we don't really understand that we could be in danger of misunderstanding that in fourth message that will enable us to be ready when Jesus comes so Paul is encouraging us to get past the milk of the word you want to the mean at first Corinthians chapter three verse two this also shows us what happens when we space on no other word starting in chapter three verse one and I brethren could not speak and even as in the spiritual but as under carnal even as unabated in Christ I have said he would now cannot with me for hitherto ye were not able to bear it neither yet now are ye able for ye are yet carnal for where there is a mighty NBN and strife and divisions are ye not carnal and walk as men for wall one saith I am of Paul and another or Paulus are you not yet carnal hooliganism whom it is a policy that ministers and by him you believe even as the Lord gave to every man if you notice what's happening here policy the Christian church occurring in that corner of the current is anything you have your babes in Christ and in that time when they have that new birth experience for them they stayed stuck on the note of the word and they decided to just keep drinking now what happened divisions came in to the church sounds and while I like the theology of Paul others and I like the theology of Paul of thought and physiology is more sound and you guys can shoot this basically unconverted in a division and strife in Minnesota for his people things not another word and we are being exhorted us you corrode by drinking the amount of the work that we can never say no to me in the word so we've gotten through the first three verses of the check and see if the law is a very so we will continue chapter two next week and next week we are going to get the concept of how Christ lived in the flush of the housing is an example of how to live according to the incorruptible seed so we got its start in the hood the importance of being born again that we need to be of incorruptible seed Jesus is going to give us the example of how to live a boring young mice in the flash so helpful we will continue from this point of related stopping points to thank everyone while we now enter one of her father in heaven thank you for this day thank you the of the promise that we can be born again of incorruptible seed may we haven't experienced mainly follow you this is my prayer in Jesus


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