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The Secret

Theressa Wood




  • December 1, 2017
    6:30 AM


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Good morning team it was I have them up there are all boys and when I wake up in the morning and I say good morning I want to go to money let's try that again good morning. Wow that was much better that's exactly that what happens in L.. Ike I will welcome welcome. I love that song we just found. This it's probably 1 of my favorite favorite hymns I just love it every morning we get to see the faithfulness of God We there's a business in styles that says. Well in the land and on his faithfulness it's not something we get to do every morning every morning when we wake up and we spend time with God We get the. Same if I saw a mental 1 not a man to be to put a busy visible picture of that big swathe in a small sort of a way. We've got boys that I'm. 1 of my boys particularly Louds going out into the garden and at the moment we've got a strawberry patch with strawberries in it and an apple tray that have just started the apples and just frightening and if you're lacking get a ride and the other day I was on I ran down and I was watching 1 about sums down you know he was running around with an apple in his and he was munching away on it and just enjoying it he said Mommy it's always so obvious to wait and I got so much joy out of watching him the even face and then he went down to the strawberry patch and he ripped up the mating and he says his hands of bees are you picking So he's got an apple in the sand and a handful of strawberries in the sand and he was just baiting he was baiting and he was. And you know as I sat there and I watched and I got so much joy out of just watching him you know feeding and I thought that's have got you know that's a god feels when he sees us in chilling and feeding on his faithfulness. OK Before we start I'm going to I'm going to me to pray. Please bear with me loving have any. You know my limitations and weaknesses and. This money I pray that you will speak with 3 me and it will not be me but. It will not be my words but your words and it will not be my business but your message. And that we will be blessed abundantly because of your goodness and your faithfulness in Jesus name and then OK I have titled the small things presentation this secret so you'll have to stick around to find out what this think really. I think blessed rightly McConnell's ministry and I'm going to quite something that he said once or twice in his presentations years he says God put Adam and Eve in the garden and he wants us to be in the garden. Why because every spiritual truth that we need to know you can find in the garden he's got good. It is God's Book of man and that's I guess I would reason this morning to spend the bit of time with God thinking about how we can learn from the Book of Nature God is everywhere everywhere in nature but to status soft because I know it's buried in the morning I thought we should. Stop it's OK and I just know you're up to the challenge all you've got to is copy me Are you ready OK It's simple I want you to brain. And out. In team. With me and out. OK if you would like to you may keep telling me as the presentation goes on. That was simple but you know as we do that life infuses for our bodies does it not and when we breathe like Often we are breathing unconscious but sometimes we don't consciously It doesn't matter how we prayed as long as we are braving very slight yeah now I. Now I would like you to look up your Bibles if you have found Genesis chapter to invest 7. So Genesis chapter 2. And for us to have been the law of God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and men became a living being now I just want us to pause for a minute and look at what actually happened in this short of a festival God forms meme out of dust Secondly God breathed into him the breath of life that it lay and mediately that dust comes to light where that agriculture conference and you know I thought we can't just sit around talking about it we can't just talk about about growing and that we need to get out hands dirty you know honestly I for the love I love all around some while it's 1 of those things I'm particularly passionate about and I love running my hands through soil and so I have brought in my little box of goodies he I've actually brought 2 examples for him a little bit of a little bit of dust for me to enjoy running my thing is for. My 1st example here and I don't get. The flow of it he has literally just I don't know if you can see that as it comes out it's just you know our tops it's dry and it's the lifeless. And you know honestly in that in the state that it's in I doubt it's got much microbial activity actually happening in there and it's just something that I wouldn't really want to grow in not in that state I wouldn't want to chime grow would want to try and put his feet into bat and grow it not in the state that it's seen now it's it's just to adapt and there's not much life into a dust so why because it's got no breath and. And when you have no breath you have no luck does that make sense to you is that biblical and say what we just raise here in the Bible that when God pre life breathes breath papering life I've got another example of I don't call the stuff that I call it soil this is useful beautiful stuff I hope you can kind of get a feeling of what that is you know as it runs through my thing to say that is beautiful beautiful so and then. It's got a can it's it's it's got a lot of light in it it's taming with microbes this that is in fact if I could take my teaspoon here and scoop up just 1 simple little teeny tiny teaspoon of so-L. they tell me there is 1000000000 bacteria in that 1 teeth and in the eyes bacteria are our allies just like you know in our lab the breathing just like you and I are breathing and this life this life in the soil you imagine putting something into that you know maybe a c Maybe a seedling and expecting it to grow is it going to grow on absolutely it's going to grow why because this life why is there life because it's breath does that make sense to you is it scriptural to what we read back he had that breath brings to life. You know it's very interesting to me that back here in Genesis when God made man from dust he's very very next step was to put bread into him I would like to suggest to you that spiritually speaking. Too often this is what we just. Not a pretty picture isn't sorry if we just dry in lifeless dust how can we be transformed. I'm sure you know these quiet just as well as I do prayer is the prayer that the self it is their secret spiritual path. Now you know what the secret is. You know just as God breathed life into Adam. Just the same he wants that breath to continue through us today in prayer is to be that breath you know right from the word guard God has designed us to commune with him to speak with him to talk with him a life with no prayer is. It's like just we've been our life a life with my prayer is like a dry and dusty garden plants that are kind of struggling. But if we take the privilege of prayer then it can be to ask the breath the breath of the sow why because prayer is the breath and it's the. You know you probably know the verse impressive line eons that talks about praying without ceasing Yeah praying continually that's a challenge is it not. But I call this us this concept of continual prey I call it the not Trojan principle and you're going to find out shortly why I call that bad. But just imagine for a minute that if we continually pray would that not continue in life spiritual life you know right at the beginning of my presentation I ask you to join me in a little bit of exercise didn't I bringing him waving at hands up hope you are still doing the exercise some of your. Wonderful wonderful you know I I'm glad that you're still braving. But what about still praying praying continually and I guess I'm not talking right now about getting down on me continually praying on and these I'm talking about what my mom used to call praying on the hope you know when you're on the guy. You know I guess I will even be symbolic is to say I sometimes wouldn't even call it pray I know it is prayer but really just chatting to God is that by because he's your friend when you're out in the garden when the P.C. with the children when you're just on the guy guy guy we all living busy lives but can't we talk to God in everything that we doing continually never saying I mean so if you don't say and then you can have a continual conversation with God you know right from the beginning to the end just like a good friend picking up where you left off just talking to God about that the things that you're saying in the things that you're doing that's continual and that's continued life back to up quite on. I can't guys on this time quite says no other means of grace can be substituted and the health of our cell be preserved when I started to really compute on what that actually meant. Or case. More time studying the Bible actually isn't a substitute for continual prayer that was a surprise to me What about spending more time serving our community is that a substitute for prayer life. What about preaching sermons or giving advice in a like a is that a substitute for prayer knowing it's not nothing nothing can substitute for the life that prayer will bring. Guys understanding. McGlenn the exercise of prayer or engage in prayer spasmodically now and then as seems convenient and you will lose your hold on God's the spiritual faculties Louie's thereby Tallahassee the religious experience lacks health and lacks Spica then an interesting word in this when he spends moderately What does it mean or maybe what's the opposite of is it not be opposite of continually what we were just speaking about and the outcome of spasmodically event good let's see what happens when we stand smugly pray when he lose our by Tallaght. Our help how big we're talking spiritually and ultimately lose our hold on gone that's the outcome of Scott's modern prayer I can't wear them agricultural conference let me just check yes I care it's time to think like a family what's that. Oh well Janet is nitrogen and I tells me that would come back to the student the nitrogen principle and is nitrogen important see it is absolutely vital for Plant Health and plant growth because it's an integral part of the Synthesis to begin with which is the main thing that a plant does all day and also pricing development and other things that it's important to you in fact it's conceded a leading limiting factor of plant growth in health impacts yield if a plant doesn't get enough of it unfortunately our conventional farmers apply not change and often in a spasmodic approach when they throw on the better life that. And they know when to put it on and they get the yield at the end of the day they do they know what they're doing and they know how to get the yield but they put it on often in a spasmodic sort of a a fashion and it fires up the grass when they need it but in the process they lose health of the plant they lose vitality they lose the vigor of the plant in the soil it decreases the microbial activity in the site it's decreasing the breath of the soil and in the meantime it also increases pest pressure. Decreases the flavor that we get to enjoy so at the end of the day to the farm and get the you know when he applies it spasmodically Yes he does but at the loss of what at the loss of the Hell but vitality the biggest What a shame would it not be better don't you think if the plant could be receiving not tradition continually There is another option. The only way you can do you see is if your science healthy and by healthy I mean having the physical and the chemical structure in your saw that right that's right for life so that then you can have the microbial life happening and the soil can be breathing in. The microbes will cycle the nitrogen in the soil to your plants in a continual beautiful man and just the way to signed it. You know I'm sure you know that 70 percent of our atmosphere is nitrogen is it not and I say that I have a 5000 tons of nitrogen hangs I bet every 1 day of land a puta for resource that we as you know farmers and gardeners can be tapping into we don't have to pay for not true and we don't have to pay to put him in necessarily as long as our soils I hope he and lie their way to sign them to be. If we can have NOT going in continually in the healthy way though I don't designed it. What do you get what's the outcome. Well you get a decrease in the pressure the pissed pressure that sounds good yes. And not only bad business beautiful the microbes a healthy and then population flourishes that's the breath of the soil also evidently supplying what is right required for. Tallahassee health and. Not God's ways the best. So there you have it that's the secret that's a secret for the family and plan needs and the way to tap into frame that tradition but it's the secret for us to apply in our lives you know us to last continual Pray continue to pray to God as our friends continual help Viggo Teletubbies strengthening our. Own God I want to revisit as we wrap up this quote that we've been looking at and I just want to rephrase to see the bottom paragraph that we looked at the end when you look at that it's been phrased I guess in the negative and I wonder if you'll give me a little bit of poetic license here for my which I'm going to rephrase that last paragraph in the positive or you let me do that cultivates. I got that word in. Cultivate pray. Pray engage in pray continually the not rich in principle and you hold on God will strengthen. Your spiritual faculties will gain by Tallahassee your religious experience will become abundantly healthy and vigorous Is that what he wants. You know I find it fascinating that what we read about in the 5 phone is a carrot in what Ellen White said and then we see it in the book of nature. And then God wants us to take all of that and put it in there so we've got 2 choices here. We've got past. All we've got so I know. We've got no breath now a lot of got a bad rep and a. Spasmodic pray or continue. We've got the loss of bastard child vitality and and health or else we can have a band and spiritual by Tallahassee health and. Enjoy your enemy parity God talks about choices does he not he says I've said before you take choice of life and. Blessing. And then he finishes I think. I pray that before you eat. Let's pray loving heavenly Father you're always up at best. You know why is it just beautiful and we stand in awe when we see you in the garden when we see it's even in the dust in the soul of our feet and we wanted for our lives to know so I pray for everyone who received the challenge to make this a part of their life and I thank you for your love and you for being. Honest about. The matter was remembering him and. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave it with a W W W audio verse or.


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