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The Earth Filled with His Glory

Darren Greenfield


Darren Greenfield

Weimar Farm Manager




  • December 2, 2017
    6:30 AM


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The holy peer Adam and Eve were not only children under the Father the care of God but students receiving instruction from the all wise Creator the laws and operations of nature which have engaged means study for 6000 years will open to the minds by the infinite frame A and upholder of all so they had the privilege of seeing the antagonistic glory of God revealed in all the earth or in the earth that they saw or they were very involved with the glory of God and I love the statements that we find in the spur prophecy they give us a glimpse into the experience they head with it. They how to converse what is converse conversation talking they had converse with leaf of a talk to a leaf. With leaf and flower and Tree Gathering from each the secrets of its life with every living creature from the mighty leviathan that Plath among the waters to the insect mote that floats in the sunbeam Can you imagine that the Tiny BASIC of God's creation that is a life form that they actually studied in effect Adam was familiar he had even he had given to each its name in was acquainted with the nature and habits of all absolutely incredible mazing the smallest life forms on every leaf of the forest or stone of the mountains in every shining star in earth and air and sky God's name was written the order and harmony of creation spoke to them of infinite wisdom and power they were ever discovering some attraction that filled their hearts with a deeper love and called forth fresh expressions of gratitude amazing. Adam and Eve could trace the skill and glory of God in every spire of color grass and in every shrub in flower the natural loveliness which surrounds the surround of them reflected like a mirror the wisdom excellence and love of the Heavenly Father and they songs of affection and praise Rose sweetly and river anciently to heaven how many eyes in with the songs of the exalted angels and with the happy birds who were Carolyn for the music without a care every quite a while wouldn't the music from man and angels and birds harmonizing together I think 1 day will get that experience of singing along with him and praising God in the redeemed world now beyond the perfect creation after the fall now sin has mad God's perfect work yet that handwriting remains even now all created things declare the glory of his excellence there is nothing save the selfish heart of Maine that lives unto itself no good that cleave to the air animal that moves upon the ground but ministers to some other life there is no leaf of the forest or lowly blade of grass but has its ministry all of God's creation bones movements and a bondservant is not you know we think of a bondservant as a slave somebody that's kind of a servant of someone who just right. But a bunch of and if you go back into the. Old Testament they remember the law where if a servant decided that he wanted to give himself to his master for the rest of his life and so he was to have as a pianist with an all and that was a sign that he had given him self to serve and he gave himself willingly enjoy fully to serve because he loved his master and so the servant when we think about bond servants there is a joyful service there's a service of willingness and an enjoyment from serving. So every tree and shrubs and leaf poles force that element of life without which need the main no animal could live in man an animal in tune minister to the life of tree and shrub and leaf that's how we're going to go out and we minister into the life forms that then in turn minister to us and to those who we provide the food to and that's 1 thing I always emphasize to my work is when we are working in and cultivating and harvesting the work that we are doing here we are serving the people that eat the food we minister into them we part of the cycle that God has created to provide food and nourishment for people is part of the glory of God to work in the gotten and to grow food and to make it available and it's part of the glory of God too that we grow nutritious food you know that man we read about just hear about these nothing save the selfish heart of man that lives unto itself you know a lot of agriculture is done through the selfish heart of man put to look the least amount in to get a most dollar out and so the nutrition of food is going down down down down down. And these actually dotter out the area that. Has analyzed food for you know way back decades ago in current food and nutrition value is so much lower than it used to be in fact in some some cases I think it's less than high off of what it used to be and so I believe that us as God's servants is bond servants serving people he he he wants to bless people with the best that is algae to give to to make sure we put the right nutrients in the soil to to not cut back on the expenses because sometimes you know well if I put this on all that it's going to cost more money and you know but when we give the biggest. We are being servants of God to give the best to our families to our customers to those who we are seeking to reveal the glory of God to so let's carry on with his quote. The flowers breathes fragrance in him fall the beauty in blessing to the world the sun shades its light to gladden a 1000 will be the ocean itself the source of all else springs in fountains receive the streams from every lane but tight to give the Mrs Fanning from its bosom fallen shall is to water the earth that it may bring forth and. It's really incredible when you think about the the amazing cycle of water Think about the glory of God revealed through water water gets polluted and contaminated pretty quickly doesn't it and you know we use so much water in our daily household use flushing the toilet and washing dishes and and showering and all of these things in the water goes down and God has this amazing system the water eventually flows out through the ground through the streams to the ocean it evaporates up and goes in the clouds flight over and then it drops on to the hills in the mountains and in where we live in California we're very dependent on the snow and the ice that has accumulated through the winter because we have 5 months of NY rain and injuring the some of that the snow and ice that stored there is melting and in running through streams and canals that man has made and supplying us with water to be had to grow our food through the dry summer God made an incredible system to supply us with our need for water and every form of life every cycle reveals his glory. I don't have time to get into the intricacies nor do I understand the intricacies but when you look at the nitrogen in the atmosphere and how Rain pulls it down into the ground and and increases it in how these bacteria are in the soil that that fixes nitrogen to supply the plants and then there's the decomposition of organic matter that nitrogen is involved in in the whole cycle it's incredible that reveals the glory of God and then there is the carbon psycho again I don't understand it very well but I understand it's very necessary but look at the plant how they take the carbon dioxide and then they put out oxygen for us to breathe it's just incredible how God purifies what what gets. What we need you know it's just he cleans up the year we have polluting it more than getting rid of the forms of life that are actually meant to clean it up and so is getting more and more polluted. But God original creation the way he designed it everything was purely everything was clean and we're getting further and further away from the glory of God and man thinks he's wiser than God but creates so many problems I don't know if you have problems with smog over here but I've being I've seen it in America but I've been to China and I tell you I felt like I was dying I felt like I'd been smoking continuously cigarettes in my mind my lungs felt so bad I couldn't wait to get out of the air and. When man builds his cities and in crowds people into the city thinking that he's got a more efficient way of dealing with life than the needs of man and in getting the families off the land and getting the family that that thousands and thousands of acres with G.E. my crops that they can grow so much volume of food so they can feed man and everything that God creates is breaking down the health of man is breaking down and it's really. Evident that man's wisdom is a very foolish God thing to click over God employs many agencies many agencies a lot of toys to make the seed apparently thrown away a living plant and he supplies and you proportion all that is required to perfect the harvest you know wished I wish I could see like Adam saw you know to see you know the little tiny specks of life and study them and we use microscopes and we use things to try to amplify and see but this is a whole world that is not visible to our eye that our servants bondservant of God that He created filled with His glory that have continually to provide. The food that we need and because the plants to grow it's incredible when we think about these forms of life in everything that tains to the sustenance of man is seen the concurrence of divine and human if it they can be no reaping unless the human hand exits pot in the sowing of the seed but without the agencies which God provides in giving sunshine it shall it Jude and cloud they would be no increase. So all these agencies of God working together with us to call them plants and to grow and prove provide fruit vegetables and nourishment for us many agencies and it's being it's my desire to learn more and more about the agencies that God uses and then to work in harmony and cooperation with these agencies so that his design can be revealed because I believe that when we do that we are not only seeing the glory of God at work but we are revealing the glory of God and as we understand that we have the opportunity to share the glory of God with others so that they can see what an awesome God we have a plan to take a course this year from Dr. He lying in him who supposed to be the leading foil biologists I don't know if it's true but and there are some questions about whether the approach that she has a lot has long term sustainability but I believe that is going to be enough truth in what she she teaches about the soil biology that as we see the forms of life that God has created and work with them and sustain them and and nurse them that God will bless and as we combine knowledge of if you mean and what Miles class learning about the chemistry of the soil improve you know getting that balance in the air and get that right balance where these forms of life can flourish it provides an atmosphere where you where they thrive I believe that we can blame the knowledge together to have exceptional results. I have to watch the time I could say a lot more but anyway it's just exciting to work with God It's exciting to see those glory and I have found I'm going to share tomorrow with you some experiences I've had just sharing the the small amount of knowledge the little bit that I've been now to learn of the glory of God sharing that with others and what a powerful impact it has on opening their hearts to the Lord is so powerful you know I think we have been gospel hot and everybody you know it's been 2000 years since the cross the Reformation 500 years and people have heard and sometimes they so hard and hearing about it that they not really you can't directly just go and talk about. The Lord without putting up a wall but we can talk about the creation the glory of God in a very interested and open to that and then when they see what it all some good God then it's like all of a sudden they start being open to what else he has for them and a while share that with you tomorrow but God employs many agencies and we need to learn about these agencies you know the job job and they'll Testament he was a farmer. And he was amazing man he was an advantage to you know that he was a 7th Day Adventist if you read through the Book of Job and you study all that his lifestyle and the things that he did and the way he serve God and then as I be Ensign everything you'll find the admin a stalker and all the way through the Book of Job in the way his life in the life that he laid. Is revealed and he lived to the glory of God Everything he did was revealing the glory of God and see how God blessed him you know sometimes we think that serving God. Means that we're going to live a life of poverty he was a rich main God could trust them with the resources why because he used his resources to reveal the glory of God in taking care of the needs of those who are less fortunate because it was his mission to reveal the glory of God to to the main around him he was constantly he even searched out looking for people who were in need and. You had to it's fascinating to see but the main really is an example to us of the life I believe that God wants us to live now what does that have to do with agriculture and and so on I found a fascinating verse in the Book of Job You know Job had friends and they were miserable Frayn's right and they were saying are come on just you know face up and you know. You know you've sinned you know you've done something miserable God's punishing you for it and he was most of what he said was in his defense look I've been serving God I've been doing this and I haven't been doing you know what you're saying and so in his his defense he talks about his life that he lived by right at the very end of his defames there's a little passage that reveals his firing practices that you know that if you've seen it it's really fascinating and I'll share it with you he says in Job 31 versus 38 through 40 he says If my land and that would land if you look it up in the original language means literally means soil my land my soil if my land cries out against me do you think that these little forms of life communicate that Adam and Eve communicate with leaf and we're familiar with all these little forms even the little speck that most that that tiniest form of life do you think they communicate do you think God actually communicates to these little forms of life I think so I think they are his bond servants I think they serve Him in order to provide for the means of the needs of man I think that they are actually God revealing his glory throughout the whole earth if my land my soil cries out against me and it's far I was weep together if I have eaten its fruit without money in other words. If I have just harvested and taken and taken and taken and not put back and not supplied then me and ministered to them and being a bond servant to them as well if I've eaten its fruit without money without supplying or cause its own as the owners the inhabitants of the soil the people not the people the lifeforms that live there is to lose their lives you know in modern agriculture today is killing the life in the soil all these gallons and gallons and leaders and leaders of herbicides and. That are just being sprayed on the air that just and even the chemical fertilisers killing the life in the soil he says or caused it owners to lose their lives and he's basically giving an argument you know if if if I've done this then yes there is something against me there is an accusation against me I have been unfaithful and therefore I will deserve to be under God's punishment or judgement. But he says if I have if this is the case then later this will grow in state of wheat and we need in state of biology so got a job was a faithful family he paid for the life forms that God created he worked in harmony with them because it was the glory of God and God blessed him and he was a wealthy man and he was his his his I don't know what his family was like in his crops were like but I would think that they produced abundantly and that was why 1 of the reasons why he was wealthy because God blessed him because he worked in harmony and I believe that the plan of salvation is not just to save us from our sins it's to restore the image of God in us which is glory which means we become bond servants and as bond servants we work in harmony with the whole network of creation that reveals the glory of God and includes the. Soil I guess my time is running out so I must wind up but in the soil of these all these different forms of life incredible life and I encourage you to study in and become familiar with these forms of life but they bond servants of the Lord Jesus they are the glory of God revealed in all the earth in some 119 verses 90 and 91 say's your fight bonus and you is to all generations us stablished the earth and it abides they continue this day according to your ordinances for all are your servants. Somes 14515 and 16 the eyes of all look at expectantly to you and you give them the food in due season the eyes of all does that include these forms of life these little specks of life that God created as his bond servants you give them their food into season you open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing lastly in Revelation 14 the 3 angels messages that we've been given we have the privilege of sharing these messages from God to the world the 1st angels Masons and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to him Give glory to him the whole earth is filled with His glory God has been serving you through his agency throughout your life he's been blessing you look how he has done it opened the eyes of people to the glory of God That's part of the 1st angels message you know we emphasize the Sabbath you go to worship in a creator but revealing the glory of God can open the same Wow Thank you Lord yes I want to worship you on Sabbath that short day that commemorates that you created all of the things that a blessing me in my life the hour of his judgment is come and I believe that the Arab his judgment has to do is do we recognize him as the 1 who loves us and blesses us gave his life for us and saved us and our we then United back as bond servants of the Lord Jesus our we back in harmony with the the Nyquist network of creation. Worship him he might have been in the the sea and springs of water may God help us to see His glory and just rejoice in it and be part of revealing that to the whole world let's pray loving Father in heaven thank you so much we've just scratched the very small surface of your glory and in and been meditating on it this morning thank you lord you're amazing and we pray that. During the Sabbath day as we worship you as our Creator will be just lift lifted up with. Praise and adoration and even though I know I don't sing very well and but my Al voices we do praise you and worship and and sing and talk may our voices also blamed with the angels and the birds that sing to you and and love you. Manually pleased with the. Gratefulness about. A place in. 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