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The Seed Has Germinated, But What Will Be the Fruit?

John Dysinger


John Dysinger

Bountiful Blessings Farm




  • December 2, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Happy Sabbath. Is it still Sabbath. Actually I think for a few more minutes has it been a blessing 1. I trust so it's been wonderful to be here with you all and feel like kindred spirit. Even though. We speak a little bit differently. But I'm learning I figured out there's just a few little little twists of course there's the I instead of a good good I get I. Know. It's close get I might. And then of course you you'd totally leave off your bars at the end was. A. Caleb went to the Nature Center. Today. And. Tonight we're talking about agriculture. And then there's another 1 I figured out this morning we went for a walk with Xan Jub Jub it's not do kids juke. And it's Judy Judy full of beauty is the path of beauty. A little bit of a soft J. in the air Judy So give me a few more days and I'll have it figured out so before we start talking about agriculture we need to pray so I'm going to kneel and invite you to kneel if you'd like. I do have only father we're so thankful for the Sabbath. That we have enjoyed for the Sabbath blessing that you have given us for the rest for the reprieve from the cares of this world for the chance for fellowship and for learning a little and now as the Sabbath hours come to close we just ask for a special major of your strength for the week ahead and as we begin this meeting Lord I ask for a special measure of your strength you know I don't want to share my thoughts and ideas I want them to be your thoughts and so I pray that you will guide my mind and my lips pray that you will be with each 1 who's here to listen that your spirit will interpret my feeble words and. Bring them home to the heart I pray thank you for doing this in Jesus' name we pray Amen. OK on the program. There was 1 word left off in the title here at Agra the seed has germinated But what will be the fruit how many know what ad Agra stands for I'm looking for hands a few OK Quite a few. Adventist Agricultural Association and Rod asked me to share a little bit this evening about the history of this and I I don't know. Of what interest it will be to you but I hope that it will. Be a history showing God's leading in. The formation of this organization and it's hard to know where to start but I would start by saying you know when we started farming in 1988 in the fall of 1998 it really felt I felt a lot like Alija in 1st Kings 19 where I alone am left I was trying desperately to find other ads when it's farmers and having a very hard time doing that I knew by faith they were out there somewhere but I couldn't find them and. I used to think how nice it would be if there were others that could get together and share what we're learning share the sorrows and the joys the challenges in the victories but there was nobody that I knew of then my brother Edwin in his family moved to the farm in 2006 and I can remember talking with Edwin as we were holding in the garden cultivating saying wouldn't it be nice if there was some kind of networking some kind of organization where we can encourage each other on this journey. Well actually in 2009. A man by the name of Bob Jorgensen how many of you have I know Alan Fischer mentioned Bob Jorgensen's name the other night have any of you heard him as he I mean I know he came to us trailer I don't know how much tocking speaking he did over here Bob Jorgen to send was an amazing man. He could do anything he grew up on a farm he was an expert musician he could fix any piece of machinery he could drive a team of horses plow with horses. I don't I don't think I ever saw anything he didn't know how to do but more than that more than just being a very practical man he was a very spiritual man and he was a real student of the Bible in the spirit of prophecy and he had a special interest in true education and. Agriculture in particular and I know that he well Alan mentioned this he came to Avondale and did a lot of research at Avondale about Mrs White's time at Avondale He also went to Madison and did a lot of research at Madison in the archives there trying to study the original plan for Madison and he also went to a manual missionary college or Andrews University now and and did research there in his goal was to 1 day write a book but unfortunately I believe the devil took Bob Jorgensen out he died very suddenly and unexpectedly literally while he was sewing a field. At Harton universe Hartland college tragic loss. For Adventism But anyway in 2009 Bob Jorgensen's started what were called agriculture and true education conferences and we didn't hear about the 1st 1 I think the 1st 1 was in North Carolina where he was from but we didn't hear about the 2nd 1 and we went it was in West Virginia at Bob Gregory's Berea gardens. And had a wonderful time it was not a large group but it was like minded people which was so refreshing to be with those who had the same convictions and same views so that was a wonderful experience the next year so that was $2010.00 that we went the next year we actually took a sabbatical and were not around so we missed the $2011.00 conference which was also in. West Virginia then we came back in 2012 they had the conference in in. At U.T. Pines in Alabama. I'm hearing a little feedback from this mike or echo or something are you hearing. Well if you're not that's fine let me back up a little bit and say that. At the 1st conference we went to in West Virginia I started trying to to throw the idea out there wouldn't it be nice if we could have some kind of Agricultural Association and everybody was you know they thought that was a great idea but nobody was that was taking the initiative with it so in 2010 or it may have been 2011 I really tried to make something happen and I say I because I think I went ahead of the Lord and I found a location I invited all the people I knew that were really passionate and knowledgeable about agriculture and it was all arranged we had a day in a place and it was all going to happen and within the last few weeks of it actually happening it literally just fell apart you know 1 person called and said you know something's come up I'm not going to be able to come and somebody else was unable to come and finally we just had to cancel it and at that point I said Lord Clearly the timing is not right I'm letting go of this dream and you make it happen it's your time so back to U.T. pines the word was slowly getting out there I think it was at the 1st you cheap pine meeting that I met there and green fields where it had gotten all the way to California about this and he had come and I had also heard before I ever met him I heard through the grapevine there and Greenfield was also interested in starting some kind of association and then I heard about somebody else else somewhere. And Whitmarsh I don't think you were you out that 1st want you cheap pines OK Maher I had talked to on the phone years earlier I'd heard about him but had never actually met him and it was amazing how the Lord I don't remember the details but Whitmore I think just heard about it just a few days beforehand right. OK. So it was clear that the Lord was bringing people together and it was at that $2011.00 conference that. Wait a minute No 2 it's 2012 that there was a man by the name of Daniel the flair who came wanting to learn about agriculture and his life was literally turned upside down because what he heard was about so much more than agriculture it was about a whole different way of life a way of living and he said to Bob Jorgensen you know I am happy to help you organize the next conference and he did that and he started he contacted all the admin its schools and universities inviting them to come and he also said we need to have an organisation an Agricultural Organization and so at the 2013 conference on Sunday morning. All those who were interested were invited to get together and. Discuss forming an Agricultural Association and let me just say that you know BOB GREGORY I mean Bob Jorgensen's. Agriculture true education conferences were wonderful everybody appreciated them and love them but we were getting feedback from people that you know they were wanting to hear more about agriculture they were wanting to hear about you know they were wanting to get some practical hands on tips. So we realized that true education is so brides you know agriculture is a vital part of true education but sure education is much bigger and broader than agriculture and so we realized that there really was a place for an organization focus more specifically on agriculture including sure education as much as we possibly can but specifically focused on agriculture so that happened Sunday morning at. In the Pines a group came together and people were nominated to form an organizing committee and in January of 2014 that committee met on our farm there you were there right yeah Derren flew all the way back from from California to be there and it was at that time that we actually began to to formulate a structure and there was a lot of prayer I will say that because none of us. Wanted. To get ahead of the lorry We knew it was only going to succeed as the Lord was in it and so without taking too much more time I just want to share with you what AG result what at Agra is all about this is the mission statement that we came up with to and to encourage all i'm sorry i'm forgetting that I have to press 2 things here to encourage and support all seeking to understand and follow God's plan for agriculture through networking mentoring and information sharing we realized that was a. Bold mission because in agriculture you have this whole spectrum of everybody from seasoned farmers down to gardening wannabes who've never put a seed in the soil but we wanted to encourage and support all and notice the seeking to understand and follow God's plan for agriculture we wanted to make it clear that we're not claiming we understand it fully in fact we don't understand it fully but we're seeking to understand and follow not agriculture but God's plan for agriculture through networking mentoring and information sharing we came up with a little slogan returning to our roots and obviously that has agricultural implications but also we felt like you know Adventism XR routes were very agrarian rights William Miller was a farmer James and Ellen White were. Pretty much farmers. And then we came up with 5 objectives and I want to just go through these to promote a sorry to promote a biologically driven scientifically sound system of agriculture in harmony with principles found in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy so they had to to. Pass those criteria scientifically sound true science should fit with the Bible biologically driven that 1 you know may be a little bit. Vague but we wanted to focus on biology rather than. Chemicals in contrast to chemical agriculture. But all of it had to be in harmony with the principles found in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy secondly to stimulate prayerful study and discussion on the role of agriculture in preparing God and time people do you think agriculture has a role in God and time people with God's in time people now I want to point out something that I think is wonderful but I don't know if you've noticed that have you noticed that I haven't heard and I have missed a few things here this weekend but I haven't heard anybody talking about preparing for the time when we can't buy or sell Have you heard that here. OK been talking about it between meetings but I want you to notice that that has been an emphasis and I think there's a reason for that at least on my part there's a reason for it because that can be a very fear driven response we want to learn agriculture because we're afraid we're not going to be prepared for the last days is that a very valid reason I mean we are coming to a time when we're not going to be able to buy or sell and I don't know what people are thinking they're going to do. But that's not the primary reason why we want people to do agriculture there's a deeper reason and we'll talk about that more OK number 3 to educate families and individuals about the country living message and emboldened them as they transition to an agrarian lifestyle I don't know how it is here but there's a lot of people in this state that become convicted on country living but they know nothing about living in the country they're scared of the silence of the country they're scared of spiders and snakes and of course in the States we have ticks but bears. Or cougars. So there's a lot of education that needs to go on preparing and educating families to move to the country unfortunately we've seen too many people move to the country and after a few months move back to the city and that's tragic. Because I question whether they're going to move a 2nd time Number 4 to train and equip a new generation of administers farmers to fill the need in the schools institutions and communities this is a huge void in fact I'm probably a little bit biased here but I think this is 1 of the greatest needs an advantage is in today is educated farmers Mrs White did some lamenting about the need for educated farmers in her time but I'll tell you what they knew a whole lot more than we do. So we want to do whatever we can to train and equip admin is farmers to fill the needs in schools institutions and communities and number 5 to work with the 7th Day Adventist Church it's supporting ministries and individual families to elevate and inspire agricultural evangelism and education you know we'd like to make that term agricultural evangelism. As well used and well known as health of Angeles is agricultural evangelism is health of vans or it's at the root of the health of Angela's I'm. But again just to emphasize we are wanting to work with the 7th Day Adventist Church not against it not. Beside it although obviously we're not directly connected but I will just as a side note say that we had to jump through a number of hoops to call ourselves the Aves Agricultural Association and we did do that and so we have the sanction of the administration to use that name OK So that's kind of what ad Agra is all about and I will tell you that ad Agra at this point is run by a board of very busy farmers and so at Agra has not moved ahead like we wish it had because of the business of our lives but at the same time I think in another way it's a good thing because we realize that whatever progress is being made is because God is in it and not because we're making it happen so we have kind of focused on 3 main avenues of getting the word out there about ad aggregate number 1 is an annual conference number 2 is our website and the 3rd is a magazine. So we'll talk about each of those a little bit we decided to have our 1st conference that very 1st fall in 2014 we had it in November at Camp Garner Creek Oh I'm sorry forgive somebody remind me of. I'm way behind here. OK So we have the 1st 1 and believe me we we can empathize with what. Rod and Desley have done here because Pam and I were rotten Desley at that 1st conference and the Lord gave strength but it was. Something I'm not sure we could ever do again. We had over 350 people in attendance and that was with very minimal advertising you know we sent it out to Bob Jorgensen's mailing list we sent it out to Paul's deicing years born to grow mailing lists I had China think if we did anything else it was really just word of mouth and we actually had to close registration because our facility would only hold 350 people so the Lord blessed Amazingly the spirit that was there among the people it was just beautiful everyone knew that God was in it because of. The way it flowed you know in spite of being under staffed and in spite of not covering all our bases like we should have the Lord best blessed tremendously and everybody was so anxious to have this keep going. So in November 2015 we we decided we can't just stay in the southeast we've got to move this around the country some so we moved to Glen Rose Texas and that was a little bit of a faith leap for a number of reasons but. Mainly because all Bob Jorgensen's conferences and our only agriculture conference had been in the Southeast and this was going to a kind of a whole different area of the country so we weren't sure and we had to put up the money commit to the money for the conference center beforehand and it was it was a big step of faith but God rewarded and blessed and we had over 450 people in attendance at the 2nd conference and again the feedbag and these people of course the majority came from the general vicinity around. Around Central Texas this is not too far from the Dallas Fort Worth area but we had people flying from the West Coast people driving down from New England all over the country it was amazing and then we actually didn't have a conference in 2016 because we decided. That for farmers a January conference was better then the November conference too many farmers are still harvesting in dealing with crops in November. I. I don't know what. You all will decide here but I just I don't know how Rod is running a farm and doing this right now it's just beyond me so we had a conference in January 2017 in Florida and the Lord blessed again we had almost $700.00 in attendance the word was just getting out in the enthusiasm was building and it's just incredible and we say praise God because it's not because it's not because of us and now we're finishing final preparations for the January 2018 conference we're going back to River Bend I don't know. What the numbers are but last I knew they were well over 450 who had already registered for the conference were committed to go to the west coast the following year although we're we're struggling to find a place to hold this because we're also committed to a rural location we thought it would be hypocrisy to have an agriculture conference in a downtown convention center the website is nothing that I'm really too proud of but it's there you can go on administers AGD dot org and see what's there there's a lot of need for information to be put on there but. Nobody's had the time to do it that's the bottom line. The magazine is. Again not where we'd like it to be Daniel the player actually back in. 2 over 2 years ago produced the 1st magazine which never actually was in a hard copy but some of you I know saw it on the web and then just recently. We came out with our 2nd magazine and all of you should have gotten this in your packets I hope you'll get a chance to read it it even has a little bit of Australian contribution there. We are committed to trying to be more regular with this and we're excited because we've already had some people here who have volunteered to write articles I would encourage you that that's the challenge with I actually have taken on the roots magazine as my special area of interest and. That's always the biggest challenge I think for editors is finding good material so any of you who have a burden and a message to share I would encourage you to send it to Ruth's IT admin is AG dot org And we'll see what we can do to try to get it in a future magazine so that's that is the history of at Agra in a nut shell or actually probably a bit bigger than a nut shell probably more than you wanted to hear but I hope you can see that God has truly germinated the sea but we're left with the question what about the truth. I see the germinated. Is not much use until it grows big enough to bear fruit or leaves. Last year at the Agora crime for instance. On this Sabbath evening when the conference ended I gave a challenge to those who would assemble. A talk called I Have A Dream and actually it's reproduced in here so you can read it or hear it on audio verse just trying to give people a vision for what God had planned for AD Agra or what God had planned for his church but in that I'm not going to repeat it because you can read it or hear for yourself at the end I said it's really not my dream at all I just got all the ideas from Mrs White's councils on agriculture and it's it's really not Mrs White's councils on agriculture because we believe she was inspired by God So it's God's councils on agriculture God has a dream for agriculture God has a dream for adman is missionaries to bring hope to the helpless through agriculture and did you hear about that this morning. That dream is being fulfilled in places like Uganda in Tanzania God has a dream for admin is churches to have community gardens and that dream is being fulfilled in Brisbane and other places I heard somebody else talking. After after the Sabbath school saying we want to start 1 I don't know where it was but some other place God is fulfilling the dream madness churches are catching the vision praise God. God has a dream for admin as teachers and students spend time together in the garden every day. And that's happening did you hear it in Kempsey and heritage Academy I'm going to tell you a little bit about that in just a minute. God has a dream for the administration. To be a light to the world through agriculture. So we're going to come back to this last thought here but I want to just tell you a little bit about heritage Academy because this has a special place in my heart. Heritage academy I think you could say is a grand daughter of Madison. You know Madison had many daughter institutions if you've read the history a little creek academy was 1 of those daughter institutions and Edwin and I both graduated from Little Creek Cademy had a special place in our hearts and lives. But because the city of Knoxville Tennessee grew up around a little creek academy they eventually knew that they couldn't stay there any longer and they sold and with the money that they sold out for they were able to buy a large piece of property. It's probably an hour and a half from Knoxville and they started heritage Academy last year at Agra Well actually it still this year in January 2017 we had 4 staff from Heritage Academy come to the at Agra conference and at that conference. Through God's Spirit they were convicted and they got together and they said we've got to do something you know although I think you all know it's a very sad reality that there are very very few of our schools that have any kind of Agriculture program and they said something's got to change and so I heard that they wanted to do something and I contacted them and I said you know it's heritage Academy is about 2 and a half hours from where we live I said if you're committed to this I will commit myself to you to come here at least once a month and help you get an agriculture program going and so that's what we've done. We got the soil tested and sent it off to wit Martin Whitmarsh gave us recommendations and we amended the soil and we dug it up the amazing thing is they had 4 large hoop houses and 3 of them were not being utilized at all 1 had a little bit of stuff growing in it OK let's see. I hope I have here we go this was the end of September this year the beds were prepared through a lot of hard work I don't know do I have time when this meeting ends at 830 that right so maybe I do have time I'll just tell you a little bit about what they're doing because nobody's suggesting. They are doing all that they should be but the exciting thing is they're starting they're starting somewhere you know we 1st the 4 of these people they actually they came down to our farm and spent a weekend and we worked together there and talked about plans and then we formulated a plan and a budget and took it to the faculty at Heritage said this is what we want to do the faculty were all on board said this is wonderful We'd love to see this. And the goal was to have 1 student because the heritage does have a work program which is good students work proximately 3 and a half hours a day but 1 student from each class and I realize that you all maybe do a little different here but we have freshman sophomore junior senior high school 4 years of high school. 1 student from each class this would be their work assignment and they did a great job with this that at registration they had a sign up sheet for those who wanted to be considered for Master Gardener these were the master gardeners and so you know people thought oh that sounds cool and so they signed up and they had to be interviewed and they made it really official and important and so they chose for a couple of classes only 1 person signed up for it but for a couple of others they had to really pray over who they should take but this person is the master gardener they're there 3 and a half hours a day every day and then the classes the 4 classes come for 1 hour a week and work in the garden Now obviously that's not what we'd like it to be but hey that's a good start so we're excited about that so the students had dug up all these beds you can see those of you who are in my market gardening class These beds are actually Mart and ready to transplant so this was on September 28th of this year. I get confused the bill what button to push this is also on September 28th this isn't in the 2nd greenhouse they're there transplanting spin it so this was the 1st transplants in the ground on September 28 now you want to see what it looked like on October 29. 1 month later praise. That's the 1 green house full of Chinese cabbage scallions Swiss chard collards bok choy kale Here's the 2nd who pals full of all kinds of beautiful lettuce Oh no I forgot to put the other picture. You have to imagine in your mind I had a picture of a big bowl of freshly cut salad in the camp a tear and you ready for the students to consume you should see I and I'm this is not in the exaggeration some students have bowled this big of salad they're just consuming this salad by leaps and bounds it's really amazing so God is fulfilling his dream at Heritage Academy and I know there's other schools who are endeavoring to implement agriculture so now I want to if you'll remember I said that. God has a dream for the administrators to be a light to the world through agriculture. So I want to still look at this quote here I shared this with some of you already but to me this is just amazing. In the laws which God gave for the cultivation in the soil and if you read the context of this quote It's very clear to me that the lies she's talking about are the Sabbath rest every 7th year the rest for the land he was giving the people opportunity to overcome their selfishness and become heavenly minded Canaan would be to them as. If they obeyed the word of the Lord is that a promise Canaan would be to them as Eden do you think Australia could be coming as Eden Maybe you think it's already. But who was it with the soil they were picking at. Not quite Eden is a. Cain and would be to them as Eden if they obeyed the word of the Lord through them the Lord designed to teach all the nations of the world how to cultivate the soil so that it would yield healthy fruit free from disease this is God's dream for his people that through us we can teach the nations of the world how to cultivate the soil so that it will yield healthy fruit free from disease the earth is the Lord's vineyard and is to be treated according to His plan we better make sure we know what that is those who cultivated the soil were to realize that they were doing God's service they were as truly in their lot in place as were the men appointed to minister in the priesthood and in work connected with the tabernacle. Young man if somebody tells you Well why don't you do something profitable like be a preacher if you want to be a farmer show them this quote and help them to understand that the farmer is as truly doing God's work as the men appointed to minister in the priesthood let's just look at that Canon would be to them as even what was eaten like well it was the ideal environment for living God created man and put him in a garden to live this was the original country living message right live in the garden if you if you read you know that they trained plants as a course they didn't have rain so they didn't need. A metal roof or anything but they just trained the plants as their canopy and they slept in the garden it was also the ideal environment for a while it was also the ideal work for mental physical and spiritual growth what did God give what work did God give them to do to tend and keep the garden and most importantly it was the ideal place to walk and talk with God You know when God came to them in the cool of the evening I don't believe that was the end of course this was after the fall I don't believe that was the 1st time he'd done that I believe he probably did that every day in fact there's quotes that kind of. Make that pretty clear God came down and talked with them and walked with them in the garden do you think he wants to do that with us I'd like to suggest tonight that God's dream for agriculture is really not about gardens or farms about plants or animals God's real dream is to walk and talk with us as he did with Adam and Eve he longs for a closer relationship with us that's what it's all about it's walking and talking with God He just knows that the garden is the most conducive place to do that do you think if there was a more conducive place than the garden that he would have put Adam and Eve there yeah this was the best he knew to provide this was the best environment so work to live to grow in your relationship with God and this is why he wants us to be involved with agriculture I mean we're going to have eternity to learn how to grow plants right. So we don't have to learn it all here but what do we need to learn now we need to be learning how to walk and talk with God and you know I think it was 2 years ago at the Agra conference I did a devotional called Farmer Enoch and you can look that up on audio verse if you'd like but I tried to prove in that devotional that Enoch was a farmer and I think I did that lease Nobody argued with me about it. And I believe. That's how he walked with a guide because Mrs White says that he spent much time alone with God Now if you have another job other than agriculture it's very hard to spend much time alone with God. But 1 of the most amazing things about agriculture is that you can be working and earning an income for your family as you're alone communing with God It's incredible So in closing tonight I would like to suggest that the real fruit of Agra will be those who have learned to walk with God in the garden in other words a people prepared to meet their Lord that is when we will know that at Agra has succeeded in its goals how many of you here tonight would like to learn to walk with God in the garden would you be willing to stand let's just pray I dimly father I just thank you and praise you for each person who's here or gee you know their hearts you know their innermost desires we know that the devil has done a masterful job of of distracting us with the cares of this world we know that it's so easy to get focused on things other than our relationship with you but we know that your yearning for us your calling us. You're drawing us with your arms of love there's nothing you want more than to walk and talk with us personally each day and lord I think it's clear from your word from inspired writings that there's no better place to learn that than in the garden with you so I just pray for each person who's here I just pray that your spirits will come close but your spirit will convict of those things that are getting in the way of you walking in talking with them. And that there would be nothing so precious in our eyes that we wouldn't be willing to give it up for you I just pray that you would cleanse our hearts from all selfishness from all unrighteousness and that you would fill us with your sweet spirit. And that we would enjoy sweet communion with you each day or I just pray for each person who's here as they leave this conference tomorrow that the things they've learned here the inspiration they've gained will not die at the gate but that it will be shared that it will be applied and that you will raise up an organization here in Australia that would champion the cause of Agriculture and more than that champion the cause of learning to walk with you. This is our prayer thank you for hearing thank you for answering. In Jesus' name like. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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