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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • October 8, 2009
    7:00 PM
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so tonight the title by message is one more one more bite it has with me as free mighty God everlasting father we are gathered about two feet in your house to hear your words and not the words of a man falling Novak 's humanity as you told Adam dost thou art into docile shalt return and so Lord you know that I put Dawson your site but we know what God can do with dust we know what God can do with a contrite heart and soul it is our prayer Lord that this young man serving you may make in your mouthpiece regularly speak through me that she would give me courage not to diminish one word that the Holy Spirit lays upon and that he would go from heart to heart and from mind to mind impressing truth upon the soul that he may have a sanctifying power over our lives this is our prayer and we ask that you focus to be our experience for we ask in Jesus name amen turn would lead to the gospel of Luke chapter twelve Luke chapter twelve save if you're not there say have mercy okay Luke chapter twelve amen anyone else only mercy okay there's mercy there is mercy all right chapter twelve beginning in verse fifty four you guys have your Bibles yes I will will work for anyway no let me digress deciding wittingly the Lord knows Luke chapter twelve hours fifty four the Bible says this and he said also to the people when you see a cloud rise out of the west stringer you say that comment a shower and so is and when you see the south window he say there will be huge in common to pass these hypocrites you can discern the face of the sky and on the earth but how do you think that you do not discern this time EA and why even of yourselves judging on what is wrong when dollars with thine adversary to the magistrate as now all the way to give diligence always been delivered from the best he will need to the jobs and that John eliminated the officer and the officer cast me into prison I shall be now sound not depart thence that means prison till thou hast paid the very last line it has become increasingly noticeable as a very local the itinerant preacher amongst our congregations that as young people we are becoming ignorant or indifferent all prophetically we don't know how to explain the twenty three hundred days nor do we understand the significance of many world events that passed on the television CNN and it seems that Jesus as you can discern when it's going to rain can you not many of you know right to step outside your doorman you just got centered on you so you know gone away don't you check your Apple widgets and annual demand weather widget I think I was failed to see any problem and it seems as if anybody looking off I didn't even know the weather channel can be wrong amen Department of Labor five if that's not a low annual bids that range wrong and you feel like and who means outside BR running to cover your hair but anyway we can desire we also have a single picking up on sauce and so sometimes you know where it went perhaps we see a friend in a relationship and persons not talking to want to really simulacrum starting to see some signs it seems as if the clouds are gathering around the relationship it seems as if the clouds are gathering around their life in Jesus as oftentimes we are better at discerning these kinds of signs window signs that the sense of what kind of times we are living it seems to me Angela R that the clouds are gathering and that this was coming upon this earth in case you're not so about that you may want to go in incident where a genuine children kidnapped a two -year-old child in the United Kingdom talk to him and stabbed to death and you don't think the clouds are gathering or maybe perhaps you are aware always in Africa Botswana sitting down and begin reading a newspaper in the lady next to me was doing research on the relationship between ancient and malaria as you know the preacher there at the University of Colorado and she said they are printing them I find this interesting and there is a cover-up the newspaper Jesus has come back a twelve -year-old boy named Jesus against what his parents names are married and don't for what he has had twelve disciples together and their names are Sebastian Mueller no Matthew Mark Luke and John and I'm looking at the club in the newspaper and you will in these as people will come back and it was a technology is there an easier but Jesus is not and here I am looking at a newspaper a twelve -year-old boy healing people of all ages in the village claiming to be Jesus I haven't written a paper back to America and I sat on my desk every day to remind myself we are disconnecting sometimes and we are not deciding that the clouds are gathering Jesus said that would be pessimists and it seems as if it is become common that you are sick it has become common tomatoes I think an off-the-shelf subway stop serving that is always Uganda's avian bird flu mad cow disease what's next and swine flu two meetings one anyway immediately know that we look in the fact this three days drug dealing filing drawings increasing in spite of the suburbs there are places in the world were more people have seen these men do not University that I attended one in four people had a TV that was enjoyable and wanted me to have more than one sexual partner on-campus and wielding the closet gathering you talk about the ecumenical language and how Protestants are starting to become we are seeing the Reformation in reverse people going back to the ancient religion back in the mother search so to speak born in witness before the elections the financial crisis and because of this financial crisis I certainly do a little bit last night and saw a multiple individuals jumping to do that because the portfolios had gone down to zero opening the Wall Street Journal to find out that Ford's stock price is ninety it doesn't make sense and on top of all this comes out with a statement calling a world government to manage his financial crisis on the clouds gathering are not the hypocrites you can discern when it's going to rain which you can discern the times in which women and so Jesus goes on to another illustration to make his point again and he says when you go horses being with thine adversary to the magistrate as well all in the way now an adversary at those times when the Bible and Sakamoto presided accusation there was a debt to be paid anything you all again and you have not paid is the president going into your imaginings it is only walking in the way that the person is walking in the way and all of a sudden the person turns anything for money they only made me that this experience before you on campus coming from the calf also modest the money you saw her running after you and you decided to go the other way Jesus says to the other way and he says what can happen is that person while they're on their way to the job how they handled that in those times partly in the chapter on Man Henry's is hand-in-hand into the speeches and will can you tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me and Jesus and not letting me a job in a divider over you so you understand the first that settling this famous settled accusations into the VP worldwide forgiving to the right individuals and here we find he says I am going with your adversary index of someone make sure you pay because when you're in the way don't like to get the jobs and friends it seems right now we are on our way and immensely wanted to know what he well this morning it was an alarm clock it was into iPhone it was a new laptop it wasn't really starting to get on her chemistry homework it was the Lord one in Jesus will heal off this morning and this is the thing I love about God not so humble that he wakes you up in such a way you could forget that in the beginning on the following page and you can wake up and seen as divine form standing over your bad morning and just vanishes he will not doddle what do you know that not certainly touches your mind awakens your faculties in a Compton consciousness is there and you get a mistake it was my alarm clock I woke myself up this morning not realizing that your daughter to go by creation and private sustaining of your life so when you wake up the question of Jesus and how do you agree with your adversary in the way or do you want like Jesus on campus not knowing that you owe him your life has been settled and were in the way on our way to attach there is any foregoing do you discern Clouse are gathering at seven investment going even more than this maybe it will even miss a personal songs that God is given us in our lives there are many temptations we saw coming ahead of time somebody say that there are many families are coming I had a time we saw the sign and we cannot ignore but we noticed another person falling into sin and web discussion about that after Sunday school and when Clinton discussed Sabbath afternoon after Pablo there's a trouble that says there is in trouble you with fugitives on the school you know that crazy theology the starting design was about in your own personal line and often times I don't know anyone else stronger than a seventy advances young person that always asking for some brothers and I don't know about my life I was wondering is this a sign I been thinking about maybe this is the relationship between business so I was not so sure but here again the signs can be designed outside of ourselves in a non- spiritual advisor means we don't we doesn't assign public funds in the personal life we don't discern the signs and as Jesus was teaching this principle gathering discerning what times we are living in doing you understand everything on the table by virtue of your breathing your heart doesn't not a Palm Springs in Dublin one on oxygen it once on the sustaining spirit will no enhance maybe you'll note the same God the Bible says he'll pulled off by the word of his maybe you don't know the Jesus I know that the Bible says by him all things consist altogether in the Greek you want to know why your life is falling apart as he is not a good plan how you need to schedule what you got it you plan your answer will not want your life falling apart falling apart because Jesus is late is dancing on the table have been present and so Jesus says that with some people and jump in thirteen in verse one that were present at that season sometime told him public Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices and Jesus answering said and then suppose he got these Galileans were sinners above all the Galileans because they suffered so much I tell you in what exactly what kind you shall all likewise perish but that all eighteen of one meter taller inside a long and slowly been thinking that they were sinners above all men that want to Jerusalem I tell you Nay but exactly what type you shall all likewise perish it was some season so after listening to the Lord talk about these people can discern the signs of the time after listening to Jesus talk about people settling their debts they come in a faith in Jesus just like those Galileans Pilate mingled their blood sacrifice just like their thesis and we look to the signs of the times initially gangs and violence we look it up on Harlequin 's world governing we look in avian bird when the financial crisis I was out all the world because this is for them and so Jesus desires and he asked as a you a question dual use of these people actually are outside those children whose mother drowned in her hold that thought do you support that they were sinners above all people asking why they suffered such things I'm coming the answer is no you shall likewise exempt Hewlett-Packard's message is for you when you see the clouds gathering in Seahawk of the world program only it's for us to wake up and repent of our sins and we like to know when the three degrees and then I was Sally was here to give this was while he was here to hear this I wish my chemistry professor was getting it is an reliable message that means resigning and for somebody else that's not only will relent in the financial crisis then I don't know how Lincoln as well without Jesus doesn't say you don't telling the truth I don't know how people making Windows we say that all the time and the signs of the times were not discerning and what I heard that Jesus is alive except that means that sometimes you have to be paid in your own life we don't say forgive us our sins in the Lords prayer music forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors so on top of this essay will forgive me the same way again the person digging the hole in our group project forgive me the same way Lord I mean a cellular acronym are probably not being around when I was young beginning the second day my mother for not being supportive of the major eye since again leave the same way will and God says guess what sometimes God gives off the same way we forgive other people dance on the table and Jesus says do you think this message is for them if there's anything 9/11 should avenge loss as American Adventists it should have been a wake up call wake up call are you fulfilling your purpose but we understand me that when it came to Sodom and the moral even though it is a type of the things that God will do to the cities that are set goals of saving homosexuality becoming pervasive and was starting to embrace that in our church alternative lifestyle knowledge is an alternative way to help somebody say that in this sense France in this sense we love you these things it was a one oh one I want to New York that way he will not automatically lock was outside the way touches because Abraham said Shauna Johnson of the art of not righteously shouting at the weekend that one since that meeting we are righteous and so on that judgment from God as a warning in this tool his to his people what happens when the Japanese start showing up in Collegeville we get the message then what happens when the crime rates are going up on Kathy's we get the message then access out to the weakness in the cities and with a bit method is my fear with these Adventist universities is that we have lost all connection with the world we are not in touch with reality what people are really going will it assumes real sins and you'll come to visit I have been abusing my life and I didn't even get me today is that evolution isn't like this is what you are not power on to salvation and in this as anyone to know what to say and because I says sometimes with some congregated together with some kind to each other we don't understand what the world is dealing with annual chocolates often a secular environment and these are becoming like them and she was finally zero zero Southern fishing without there is cocaine as one author to California when she went out there to Chicago lost her direction now he's not sure God exists all dissolved into his job not to produce an educated infusion but an educated missionary that this institution exists for all what we wanted to create entertainment weekly 's and people go out dancing on chemistry yes you can do math the seventh Doctor the seller knows that will all and the social worker outside agitation is not included in the ensemble salvation is included as included this included the gospel of peace is included not education righteousness so we leave this a situation where something being when you'll be an infinite righteousness from God when Jesus ascended down in your community to use for his use I fear has become the condition of our institutions have been righteous here are friends this is not one drop of the songs so lastly Jesus says in case you didn't get a comparable number six and he says he spake also this parable while most don't a certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard and he came and sought out there on out how much is that as you follow through then said he unto the dresser that's about there at this venue below that is surprised he doesn't look as real these leaders I come seeking fruit on this entry and I know how and why hunger is the graph and he answering said unto him or it is a lowly PC also until I something about it and don't need anything there will well if not then after that cut it down it is a common theme throughout Scripture that God wants his people hasn't been used in Isaiah chapter five in person and the Bible says that the vineyard of the Lord upholds the nation of Israel and the men of Juliet 's Clinton plans in this Psalm ends on a David's as the Psalm of obtaining visas that are brought up on Egypt's and legal complaints of things to please you while I'm gone describes his people 's opinion and he constantly says a certain man hadn't figured you had a fig tree planted in his vineyard and he came he saw there on any found on hundreds of questions would give you completely free and does not produce fruit you think that would be all yes or no yes there actually exists to produce what face of innocence it is a big tree how can a century not have any fix it's not a constraint is not along authoring is not an orange tree or whatever other country it eventually and the man came looking for fruit any fines or the Bible says this went on for three years not want to think about this with notice that when you look in the Bible Nasional when a man is planting a vineyard do you think he considers the best soil yes or no yes to make sure this thing is planted in the silly number two when he was selecting instinctually begin thinking shows the rinky-dink making sure he or did he choose the best digital Leslie okay so now you have in this sense has man has put a lot into producing this entry he invested all resources and entities for three years he had not seen anything not good at all not even like revenues on her little girl zero as you find yourself a man who disappointed hopes disappointed hopes he was looking for fruit and time and time again and he said I'm looking for fruit industry now has some interesting facts about the entries when you plan of things three in our something trees that will produce fruit the same year you'd like to always get better something threes didn't even produce fruit multiple times a year two three four times a year it can produce fruit now it gets better thinks reasons and to produce fruit before leaves select okay and everything about this century introduced into multiple times a year in revenues for report leaves that's last year and he says I have this feature we and the Bible always labels want people as trees of righteousness planted a little and Jesus says he planted a big three in Berkeley on the end of questions that the owner asked what he says why does it come the local incumbent needs the one economies to burden the wrong ever heard of the work cumbersome this is a very cumbersome task is a burdensome it's not only that the tree is not producing fruit Anthony decided in France it's one thing not to be useless it's another thing to get in the way you what I mean by that you see if you can sleep to get another sleep that will actually reduce the Whitney so now I get to the questions now how long has been coming to you from exile not how long anything coming this looking for fruit and found an noticeable in the garden interesting he says that alone this year that means this isn't the first time we've had this discussion in the again and you have all the father coming anything Sebastian I'm not difficult no edges of Guinness as fatherless in the meantime let alone this year probably did about and commented on and having time to produce and in this sense Jesus has happened in the garden looks at authority not disagree with the owner is a right patient is a no-no you will instantly become down in a process that is as if it is in there this year regarding using friends in Austin this room will even happen to many of us who are in a spiritual environment many of us who are Bible stories with family worship with a mother and a father God gave us the best situation to be the most powerful Christians and he comes looking for so finding the animal Topamax the book of Isaiah says by Bill Hawaii press in the beginning know what the winepress the winepress disintegrates into the religious and he builds that before he ever went to three that means he was exactly who he was so confident that he will give folks the Army built on the winepress also know that people here in southern and righteous lives also confident that in the one hundred percent committed to the mission of the sudden administration I am so I provide a beautiful church I provide a wonderful campus I'm so confident that this environment there is no way they won't produce and so we come to this place were now again God has come to you time after time after time after time maybe for you it's not three years maybe it's twenty one maybe you would you see here it's for a godly looking for finding a new sense cutting down in Jesus steps and says Lord you're right it should be cut but here's the good news I want to lord to give it one more year many thirtysomething young people they don't like to talk about death as young people I thought about that all the time is a reality young people die and for many of us who think we have time in time but how do you know this year isn't it one more you know who you are your own watching this on the Internet or wherever how do you know this year is it again Jesus said one more one more shift and who are if they got there how many times is creeping actually only going to get a no Jesus Benson will scare her as she also friends we need to understand media policy on car accidents one hundred single one and talk about genocide and when all wives and family members died in the genocide and you did not go there like what purpose because he thought she could do more whole than what you've done in the past few times I do know what I'm still hopeful I'm no industry can produce I know this person can live a righteous life I know this person will be faithful to one or more but how do you know this year is in yours we don't know when Jesus looks at this trouble treating these as a father I will give it more attention are you hearing you haven't been producing foods many of us have never learned one soul to Christ why would Christians many of us been struggling with the same sins for a long time and got coming look for the fruit of righteousness looking for patients looking for love I will looking for maintenance and now you can be at two one one before close window you the story I was in college and as an underground before and Jesus I was really in love with recent peanut butter cups the Lord save me so anyway I survived he suspended but it got me succumb in the vending machines I think that is vending machine at my university put in my change see not to impress upon you to get stuff okay I got more team so you know will be significantly human rights noble supplements raised see not and they both get stuck I'm not kidding I'm sitting there are gaps in front of this thing how is it possible to them so it's an outright minute and that's angry college students about nineteen years old I'm looking at this machine gives my worst enemy and on my man shaking his machine there on the top in bold letters do not shake machine I wasn't interested so I will I look right I started taking the machine I want my revisiting a lot of costs are twenty one sixty five so I'm shaking as they should all are not grandma the Oregon and Eileen and my question tonight is how many people is going to say he right now I want my recently I want my righteousness I have put in Jesus I have put in the Holy Spirit I have missed that I have it on your behalf and then when I convert sinners nineteen to Nazis after message after message after message and how many of the diseases shaking off at will I bought one of these things happening genuine not just sorry that outcome this is going wrong on this is going bad outcome this and Donovan are you missing the food that are looking for on the strength of your selfishness God created Shri Jesus father give it one more there's someone here that may fail in certain aspects of their lives the goal two four there's someone here who's been battling with something that says that you get so tired of resisting the temptation to do so you know what I don't some of us here know God has been coming for a long time looking for righteousness looking for that page of this experience is looking for the selflessness and existed in Jesus answered and gone Los Angeles attrition you are not these foods that's why I'm so patient and ninety Los Angeles as you know I get closer to Arlington about two thousand and canceled this evening the call is an individual and institution the one that sure is beautiful Anthony's may have one more year this school this conference has beautiful activities he doesn't care how nice the leaves are you looking for from an attack on doctoral degrees he came looking for fruit we need to see the clouds are gathering this will not be for ever this world and looking in prophetic glance friends we are there because of a serious crisis in it we'll see that we are in trouble as it starts as an individual and this time when the father comes back there won't be alone issues can be cutting producers tonight have increased attention I want to get Jesus says tonight if you abide in me shall produce Jesus says tonight I'm going to big Bob Re: given permission there's nothing the figtree can do to produce nothing only the garden Jesus has given all this given all everyone is involved in the eyes every ad is involved in every eyes close perhaps there was a young soul here tonight this is I know that I was shrieking and golfing I know that I am upcoming tour of the grounds on taking the place of the person in this shirt would be producing more food than we I know I've been soaking up the resources that go into this church and I produced nothing in return I know but tonight but tonight I want to happen the gardener to draw near unto me I want to have any go to think about me to realize my life working with you weren't in my life with Christian friends show interesting things going into the word of God into the mission of this church or maybe your person who says I want to produce fruit that I've never produce of the batch your prayer is not what you sent me Lord I will come over on him I very specific appeal is for that person who thinks they gone too far for that person sitting years of Sebastian on beyond reach you are no more opportunities there is no more attention Jesus can give me to help me produce the fruit that he's looking for my life I want and I don't enforce that here tonight to come down and know that you are not still think about this is one law is not a leader that another three dozen of the month you know you want to come down I want it I'll point you feel as if you go too far I've been messing up too long Lord and say Lord I want to have been going special attention no there's one God blesses it takes courage to be honest with God God bless you know you think there's no way you want to meet you what you want Jesus to join me that is the beauty of his mercy he will essentially does not turn his head he doesn't say what some industry he says father I'm going to give it some more attention you think you are beyond reach I want you to come you're not beyond the reach Jesus just no reason on this campus you may think so now you are all Bible studies you listen to all things on audio bursts whatever the case may be yielding nothing but no Jesus is able to seem to be on the most note that come unto God by him if there are others please call me hesitant God bless you please call you think you've gone too far in your landlord I want you to reach me I'm getting Jesus comes debating about my life and his goodness bring some things from you if it means is that they don't want to harm anything or tonight I need you to do the bombing I will see this if you are closer to me and if you are coming forwarding us anymore I know I'm struggling to know that I'm not reducing the special blessing of heaven is Jesus himself is coming he doesn't send e-mail to Google Jesus is coming closer to you I don't care how far the best or how closely the form come forward if you know this is your search come for no music just you and the spirit of God is there another before Craig closes please if you're not coming three the first part of that person 's God bless you think you are being on reach you know you know you should have died and gone his spiritual life come forward there was an accident initiative Jesus Angela Lord I need to give my life fully to you come you had an accident you should have thought situations you should have been gone on maybe your mother struggling with breast cancer we cover you should and I called dedication to God 's will use their well I knew you weren't in my life come and receive you one more receiving one reasonableness for thirty more seconds than three so please if you shortly become razor head will send someone to get you brother Sebastian forbears on the professor on the leader am a pastoral theology major on campus I don't care your life until there is a calm breeze ahead some I'll send someone to get you it is so important that young people come to this appeal as we've been inundated with the message and would like it doesn't even affect me anymore and Jesus can do more in three heavenly father we thank you so much behind relieving in our lives we thank you father for this message and busy lots of the power to Holy Spirit we pray now for those that have come forward and we ask more than those who thought we were there was something else you can do but they come because they want Jesus as a heavenly garner to join me on to that Jesus is going to do for them that they can accomplish with big open hearts and open minds and we are an excellent we harnessed that you would show the miracle of God on this campus that Jesus still reaches people on Nixon advertisement shown yourself all for those of us who has stood in the safe father we know that this opportunity may not always be the transform us as a student body transform us as a staff Transformers as an institution that we may be the eventually producing things that you called us to be thank you father for these blessings in these case crushes me on people moment changes to its operating system and this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. .com universe .org


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