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Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • October 10, 2009
    5:30 PM
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I want to let you know that as we come to our final message after this certainly there will be no more for this I want to know that I actually leave here very very encouraged and very very revised I've been extremely excited by the decisions that many of you have made by the courage that is gone in to you making some seriously difficult decisions and also I've been very encouraged to rub shoulders with many of you and to find out just that quiet revival that seems to be happening here is not a lot of big law we don't have any big festival fireworks surrounding these events and perhaps it is a need to be one of the most amazing events endorses three happened in a manger when God became a big and there was only three shepherds there so in the same sense I can imagine that cutting me that one of the most amazing events to happen in this art history could be just the same this weekend I want to challenge and to embrace that mindset and as a result of that the title of my message tonight is ever more evermore and the reason why I wanted to give this message is because I want to encourage you is that okay I feel like I've been beating up on you all we have mercy side member asking Israel last night when I got home I simply been always two horse make sure people know that I love it when I preached to them why recently that I preach I don't want people thinking for one second that I don't believe what I'm preaching outing that when he met so I want to encourage you tonight you hasn't heard that the shortest verse in the Bible is what Jesus went right this very it actually ties for first place in first Thessalonians chapter five in verse sixteen he says rejoice evermore we do not so not as initial as an ersatz tool words Jesus wept well it ties for first place the author sort is immersed in the Bible 's first Thessalonians chapter five in verse sixteen and he says rejoice more vigilant on the Bible never says praying evermore along the practices in the Christian experience it doesn't say concerning our Bibles that were more he never says that the apostle does not write the pattern that will more praise God run the Bible doesn't say again all ad valorem it says rejoice evermore that means that will not work on the time a new experience if you are certainly the Lord Jesus Christ were rejoicing more recently there is no glass ceiling to enjoy going through out the ceaseless ages of eternity a finite mind cannot conceive of the console the apostle writing and another of his letter said I have not seen in or is not her and neither has entered into the hearts of men the things that God is dead for now you love him what do you prepare for someone that loves you the Bible says now imagine this you know you see those pictures on Facebook why would somebody gets engaged in a single step by step process I'm saying this is what he prepared for the ones I love you this is what she prepared for the one that will turn you imagine that someone is gone and created who invented haunting and beautiful music that we listen to this is an incident of man-made out of strings Jesus took sound and divided it into the hunting now imagine what he is prepared for those that love him and so he says rejoice ever more more more rejoice sold this evening as we are the very precipice of the Sabbath I want to give you five reasons why you should enjoy in your life the reason why this is so significant is also a very compelling tool for evangelism permit me to give you some statistics suicide increase over sixty percent over the last fifty years more young people are killing themselves that ever even out my own institution Eastern Michigan University I was I have been awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. award scholarship and I was religiously we the faculty and the community as a result of receiving that will not award and as I was walking out of that session I was approached by one of the professors who admitted my recommendation would be awarded she says that I said something terrible is happening such a terrible thing that would darken such abuses one of the students at Eastern Michigan University who was in a fraternity very up-and-coming young man doing well in the studies have decided to take his life he hung himself in his to his death it seems as if it is spreading everywhere it would interest you to know even further that one million people successfully commit suicide every year to put that in perspective that's one person every forty seconds commit suicide somewhere in the world but it goes even further that is because all the people who were successful the actual statistical attempts as a presence on the tape now once every four seconds a person dies every three months or every seven seconds and a person is born of the three can you imagine people are attempting to take their lives as often as people are bringing life into this with and there seems to be as research has been conducted what compels people to jump off me as what compels people to realize that I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning I don't want to live like and I found these reasons all hold inability to face the future I remember as a child I was very very close the back time see that and I remember those days when I knew I was going to get my share of meetings and understanding of my room waiting inability to face in the future and emphasized the big man I wish I could just die right now is unethical in this one is wanting the child and to take any measures and another one time I was continually on placement in my home and get punishment like Courtney says five years in Jerome 's flagman on all of this only thing I needed was some weights to work while I want to put this inability to face the future and inability to rise amidst the ashes of life that sometimes catastrophe comes our way as Christians does it not sometimes this appointment comes creeping around him corner and the difference found interesting is that we have enjoy even beyond it's not based on circumstances is not based on whether the fields all are not because it is one huge or four person surrendered to Jesus one guaranteed destination you got on board the airline already flying it doesn't matter if your class in the back of the plane the destination is the same and in this sense it is certainly one of the strongest waste into all to bring gravity to our ministry after church is the joy of the Lord also is watching we have to watch and we are doing to think that the book of Philippians it would interesting to note that the book of Philippians is all about showing it's all about doing the theme and a Philippians chapter one as false starts this letter to the church and solidify he is in jail enroll in prison and it was always fascinating to me that a man while he's in prison decided to write about Joanne to his church Philippians chapter one beginning in verse three this would be the first reason why was eventually he says this I thank my God upon every remembrance of you always in every prayer of mine for you all making requests with joy for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now verse six being confident about this very thing that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ these two friends the reason Paul writes that we should actually is that Jesus will finish his work in us using nothing I want to enjoy my same nothing takes away the joy this is why in that picture perfect example of repentance in Psalm fifty one David ninja fast to create a new clean heart and has asked Emmanuel right spirit he says Ms. underneath the joy of salvation and uphold me with your free Spirit that I will teach transgressors your ways and sinners shall be converted unto them but all in salvation and set has been converted and want to restore into Christianity Winston has been dispelled one of the most enjoyable experiences in the Christian life is repentance original that but we don't want to repent is that we got the practice is all about being on the wrong road and on letting you know you can make a U-turn it's not too late Jesus McGonagle worked a new annual performance using friend is not so much about how we start the Christian life it's how we finish there's always this fascination with their testimony how did you become a Christian if not how did you stay the fact that your testimony was so powerful only makes it more painful when belief that's why Lucifer 's fall with how art thou fallen Olson the morning sometimes many of us we don't think what an amazing and the Christian life fighting the good fight of faith fighting against sin against selfishness reminds me when the summer and are canvassing retreat they had a on Monday last year actually I was not the confusing to the suit a lot throughout this guy was initially then they have is rockclimbing wall in our final block this admitted role of rock climbing hobby grow up with rock climbing I grew up with building climbing injuries don't ask me why was climbing buildings so I went on the easy law and I'm terrified of heights it is I want my ultimate fears I can imagine what the Bible says we will meet the Lord in the air I will have honesty overcome that fear so I climbed the easy law and out of a monumental ground I was afraid of mice as all as I walk around my same as iLife somatic music and the medium wall sound like all right sure so they bought me off I get my little world by climbing this blog when I get halfway up the wall and I remember looking at the middle part we had to pull up your entire body weight with one horn and I would like there is no way and I'm religious hanging on the wall and everyone you know you do I believe in Allah 's way on the wall just something involving and I was thinking in my mind I'm not going to keep on not going to make you to an area where my home fantasy students yelling on Denise and I said I can do all things through Christ and I kept pumping I'm not been amazing and I wonder how many of us climbing apparatus of holiness on hanging on the side of the mountain saying not going to meetings but the Bible says Jesus will finish his work you will make it in the top of the mountain you will one day stand on the repeat in Summit righteousness these I saw a Lamb standing on Mount Zion one hundred and forty four thousand in their father 's name on top of the monster and one a phrase we will be in a place where having about meetings were in a meeting we will be standing there on the top of the mountain and will be able to see that unlike Moses says before only saw the promised land we will be that Johnson was to cross the Jordan into the mountain to see when you the walking of God is what ways before you run seasonal finishes walk no need to be discouraged in themselves a phrase that God has a resume on Halladay has a job a portfolio of finishing his work we read in Genesis until this is not the hundreds in the art within and on and is more you read on the cross when it came to be done soon Jesus there and some of his last words on our days is finished now let me ask you a question creation to finish redemption he finished do you think even amazing God has never failed entities is failed to you be the first person they open up our scarf selling this experience he says what you would actually put on quality along the Christian journey with all we know make mistakes and shortcomings and the prophet of the Lord Jesus foresaw that all existing and finishing to unforeseen the darkness that would probably sold that is falling under the powers of darkness we shall often find ourselves weeping at the feet of Jesus for our mistakes and shortcomings but we are not to be discouraged no as we are not to be discouraged what we need to understand he says is that character is not the occasional blending knobby unseasonal dependency on the life on the world to have a parking spot in the last and yet wanting on the road he said and done amazing things happening suddenly aside every weight of financial influence on the sin and the recession and that when one arise with patient don't get hung up on all those evil one moment it seems to give up when you do want to let appliance and there's no way going to give up when you purchase such a costly he's not going to go and it reminds me of one of my favorite forms by Maia Angelou still I rise thinking about Texan proverbs twenty four North sixty North is a righteous man fall how many times seven times but the wicked shall fall into Mister so the question is why the righteous right because a righteous man rises more than he falls and so the phone in the last stanza goes like this this is out of the hearts of his diminishing ironic optimal path that lead in pain I rise black sheep leaving NY wetting and swelling I buried the time leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise into a daybreak that's wondrously clear Chiron 's bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave in and between obviously I rise I rise I rise is this someone who needs to get off this are low on the download speed you down this week anomaly region and what I was wanting a commission basis and goofball friends just say so I rise nothing more defiant in the powers of darkness that do get out dust yourself off anything Jesus will not be done good work in the mornings and is not I will want to what I cannot do for myself and are common to get out and finish his work don't say I don't think it's garbage don't say we don't know we can while we just did a thinking walking and that's clearly ceiling Philippians chapter one verse twelve in meeting the second reason why we should actually Philippians chapter one and verse twelve the Bible says but I would patient understand brethren that the things which happen underneath all in all rather than the parliaments of the gospel so that my bond in Christ are manifested in all the palace and in all other places and many of the brother in the Lord 's incompetent by my bottles are much more bold to speak a word without fear you see friends at second reason is what happens to the child of God called out under the binaries on the gospel until you an illustration of this in my own life right after I given my life to the Lord I recall coming training campus ministries in Michigan and during that entire year of my time I was thinking about my past the things that I had done that were legal and illegal but they were all immoral besides I finish my missionary training program I could not shake my conscience you must confront this so I called on some people have wrong years ago when I said no the fact that I become a Christian is no excuse then I called a detective and I said I need to talk to you about some crimes that are committed he said okay hello now processing that I want to does obviously thought that they were going to have a flashback to when I was a lifelong order not think this is crazy he says police agent name I told him my name he says please go to and I just started confessing wanting he says you can go back to Michigan will let you know if any prosecution long story short July six two thousand four happens unbeknownst to me there was a warrant for my arrest and I was picking up UTC president Lord have mercy he was merciful that following February it was one of my closest friends Israel's birthday and I driven all the way to various reasons it is to see is over as birthday had a good time we were driving home and I left before he is allowed to go back to Ann Arbor and as I was driving all mouth again I need to get back home so I'm staining on hold thirty one near Berrien Springs and bypass the car headlights flash in the darkness is simple Lord know so I went over and I was tempted to pull off an exit I said okay Sebastian you are missionary not try to run from the police sought to the side of the road the compounds obvious as you know license registration and information concerning regarding comes back to the second time he says have you lived anywhere else besides losing I said on yeah California Illinois Georgia with a lot of he said okay just checking I think there's a mixup but I just want to make sure runs back to his car and he comes back at the Franciscan religious Social Security number not passing on to you yes so we use that time the Holy Spirit says about you about the domestic for although I like what lower you so I prepared my heart and the Bible says Gordo Galindo so I straightened up I said okay he became active in the ablation monopolies and is the maximum amount that you step on and be able to have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in the portable began to read me my rights handcuffed me and put me in the back of the car car and took me to Berrien County call the police to pick up the car which was not my son sitting there in the back of the car I remember having a discussion on my spiritual mother is as if the only those in the church anymore mentors and Shiites all-natural I said hello who wanted to go to jail I don't want to happen she said what ever you will always remember this you are a servant of God and whatever God allowed him to be wanted to serve in their so there I was in the back how this area County Sheriff 's car sitting in the back and I said are you a Christian him and feel at the meetings that I used to be so what if I wanted to stop these welders and people who is in funny things with the money in the judge so I decided to leave and I said we don't go to church when people become the choice for Christ to understand your issue when you go to worship God in any new people and answers they need a faithful person in there for them to encourage them single research he got quite and I saw his eyes look up in the rearview there is a crime committed when these before you are the workers him to I said before it were not for Christ I will be doing the same thing he got quiet again we got there because my crime was committed in a far distant place I was considered maximum-security fugitive so there is certain silicon zinc was all of you are not Bible tracts in my pocket and him and happy to face meetings in the little iron will what aptitudes are doing a lot of things to give fingerprints whatever he says I appreciate the conversation I'll consider going back to church then I sat down in a room full of concrete it was about four feet by five feet I sat in there with ten other men they don't give you a fork they don't give you a knife just spoons and as we sat and had a holism every three days I was sleeping on my seems and I remember each night it would be and you are now asking to have a Bible anyone of anything I can give you want on my wine autopsy on yourself might I said okay could you explain and I said well your maximum-security or fugitive there's a war going on rising far beyond what you should be as old something went mainly in the month they got a paper cut themselves the net Austin really okay so I can happen while he said no new openings and were viewing therefore you don't see much agreement I say why don't talk about it what it was before and the Lord is Emily I can definitely tell you not the average person into civil praise God him finally releasing the population not security no bars iron doors cameras in every room and the guards never come it is with supposedly been dangerously serial rapists serial machine gun traffickers people move millions of dollars of illegal drugs and as I walked into all cabinets almost as if this is hazing ritual anyone is it okay with the new enemy so I want to initial it what a linear form I can't talk about the Christian and non-Christian okay what is guy winters Lindsay Nietzsche said okay and assuming she got caught with a million dollars worth of marijuana off the borders of Barry so they said he was behind on his life can you help him I said sure agreement in the middle of the circle and all of them are surrounding a sobbing into counseling in my memory this is why you need to memorize the Bible and I said John chapter seven or seventeen cents of any man will do his will he shall not so you will want to do God 's will is not just a desire to know and I want to delete no matter what it is so I'm going on and on and on us it builds on the point if you do those things that will make it will point to your life and I walked out the survival into my room that my roommate 's name of Alabama go figure and Oakwood is visiting with us but nevertheless I sat down on my bed and I remember sitting and thinking to myself I cannot believe on you and you and then immediately within two minutes of you sitting there I get a knock on my iron door gently please is using bothered to talk to you now friends having broken the church I seem to many movies and when matters are coming to your room I get nervous and online Lord you know I was trained in the Marine Corps Kristin I don't believe in violence but Lord cannot defend the Temple of God in him and sat down he started closing the door got even more nervous a similar please I just got here and he says well when I heard you talking on their authority talking on their end I was thinking maybe you can help me my girlfriend and I would be getting married in three months when I get out and we been thinking about how can we have a Christ centered marriage and divergent man this guy to help me could you teach me how to handle questions and relationship I said for sure when it will get me a Bible isn't all that talk to this guy so I left his room I went up and down his room got along that you like the godfather of the jail I guess him and so I want to say excuse me I'll be selecting in the Bible music all day so he was on his mattress is that what you need to James nude teens and him and the massive but apparently in the harbor the murder capital of the country twice in the room apparently in this field making by you are not allowed to how many books so he thinks it under his mattress meaning it is a lesson in second Peter is a young Bible lessons my guy thinks I'll take the new King James I got back to the room got to be my roommate joined us a short chapter that the colonization of only two thousand and nineteen on starting a Bible study two other guys step into the room before you know it by becoming a Bible study at a single person in that maximum-security was crammed into that room listening to the word of God and I think I remember you preach on how to make an appeal that will have you want to commit so they all raised their hands I bring with them and afterwards the God father guy stands up he says your profit up on a descent into lots to teach us the word of God you have to give us a Bible study as a magazine or something on the second campus I happen to come to Bible studies even adjectives you are doing nothing to do any daily so you have to give us want him to it again in Philippians chapter one but I would that you should understand brethren that the things which happened on to mean all in all rather onto the furtherance of the gospel so I started teaching Bible prophecy in the morning and I thought practical Christianity in the afternoon twice a day for three ways the one thing I presented about being in jail with the amount of time to bring on that series is at least three to five hours of and after that over time my nickname became the good brother that I got the good brother how are we a person in jail I said anyone who would come in his blood brother straight don't mess with his Adderall again hopefully I'll is praising the Lord for this people that I was afraid when farming and opening the very people that protect me on telling France so now I'm there one night I'm praying a lot down the doors the blog comes by after we lock the doors remains on anyone and make sure that we are in our room secured they were never coming there we are walking around redrawn then he knocks on the door frame to the Lord will bring the Lord says Sebastian leaving the day after tomorrow is it okay so I wake up the next morning both of the prophecy Bible study and understand for you my heart can address and listen to me don't make this jailhouse religion don't just change because you got caught and go back out to the streets doing the same thing and I said because maybe tomorrow this will not continue forever busybody know I said I know you know what I was thinking I know afternoon while setting same thing as overnight morning we wake up and I think that is enough so I wake up God is doing let's eat breakfast first he knows it would be a long ride wake up and as soon as I was pulling for my Bible to start the Bible prophecy Bible study and document said Braxton leaving everyone in the prison films and all you heard was I told you he was a prophet him and him and wanted that happen I believe that the Lord did that confronted them that God was using agencies individuals he wanted to sign Johnson all I was serving that I sent and I got the privilege of going back to visit what many of them who are still walking with the Lord so here again I would have you to understand rendering bad things what's happened underneath on and out rather than the limits of the gospel the second reason equation can have joy in jail and freedom because when I got down to the John's and Alice sitting looking at what he would answer that missionary what happening right optic lines that I was accused of a missionary is it will let me see if I can give you one you want to give you freedom so all of a sudden a detective walks out with a piece of paper lays it on the bench of the John's magistrates a seasonal Mister Braxton this is interesting that in December two thousand four a giant who had never met any number know my name signed a document that second since on this he can go home free he said every tomorrow this court is adjourned and I walked back thinking to myself from the cellular seven two thousand four Kerry was March two thousand five and all four five six weeks I had spent in jail I was really a Freeman and what I wanted to yell what if I went to jail no desire to serve God why did you listen me on signing you unduly award imagine what would not have been doing because you can have joy in every situation of life and this is what happened to you it will happen onto the parliament on the Gospel and seldom possible to forward as you and I can have joy in life no matter what I do only brings the year-long course only reason that whatever happens in a little a and R Barney is struggling to live my competencies that whistling another to that student is struggling in school just like me though the song in the heart because Jesus is filled in a finish his work whatever happened to meet the furtherance of the gospel that's why we can have joy no matter what the reason quickly Philippians chapter two one verse one the Bible says this is a be there for any consolation in Christ if any comfort of love if any fellowship of the Spirit if any bottles and mercies fulfill he marginally my having the same without being on one accord and of one mind that nothing be done through strife will bring glory what are the only medicine mind that agency other better than themselves the company on his own things but every man also on the things of others that his mind be in you you see that there is a phrase is that God tells us this is my Jewish can you imagine bringing a smile to want things can you imagine bringing joy to the heart and he says is when his children identify I appreciated Marquise 's comments this morning to let us and remind us one more time in case we forgot separate paths based on color but my commitment is certainly doesn't buy happiness is seen by acceptance a separate of the end of time and Satan Weinstein and black he says go and see how we will be separated we send to us righteous and unrighteous will it won't matter and onset embraces heart problems amassing also ensures in Virginia on Caucasians in the cyber school and after the Sabbath holy it is a brother that another church that's probably more suited for you down the road it's happened to a friend it's happened many of my files when you go to church and I visited one of our African-American searches and I saw one white lady in the insurance and I had to go say hello to her Denali knowing what you're doing how malignant and new sources of four years and really I might be like any Joseph is pretty good this is where I was baptized as the call discharge to my house as I was I got the meter on icy Hudson burdens upon her size coming into the thirty and I went in the open-source manifesto do you guys know this lady is able Julie obviously I don't know what you're talking about she's the only whitening in the charts all that are sensibly alas I am thinking to myself rendering it cannot be this way God says so below I didn't and friends we can be in using the on without being in unity because one came out this weekend anyways I went to be in the same place not on the same line somebody statement in this sense it is not being in the faith is a good place to I will well and we have the same heart and when I see a lot of the same thing out of the color is not the names of the matter is that she loves Jesus I love Jesus she wants to go home I want to go home and we confess that we are strangers and villains in the earth and God is not a thing to be called out on maneuvers shipping when you look at his children and his sister 's bold modern looks at his own son and he says not my brother because your skin is adopted in into the heart of God and let me tell you something this morning this evening when we talk about race relations in this church they say that I wish was a lie was and I want at the condyle sincerity and letdown and was as wild as a black church and there's a white thirst and I will say I don't understand what you mean because all my children and you are painfully and he and I can imagine how God the father he would chastise us what are you doing the closest church not the colored search not the people that look like you but the people download writing receiver is as close to my heart because my mother left the church before I was born disenfranchise she met my father and my father doing something they should not of been doing a lot with the child feelings about I was not the result of loving parents I was a result of teenagers misbehaving and right after they found out she was pregnant she got expelled from campus and my father stayed on campus my mother said that interesting I can get pregnant a second time when he dated another girl pregnant pussy let him stand not darling that the institution or its standards so my mother leaves insurance and I remember being six years old and my mother dressed and for some reason she got in a hard to try to take her children to church with inanimate difference in my life and my mother is definitely not report on drug clothes before I was super excited my man this is cool some inconsistent walking with my mother and I were walking into an insurance there was a black lady bringing people with a nice smile and then all of a sudden my mother at the cab driver dropped us off she looked across the street and saw a white Seventh-day Adventist church and all the black people David filed in the blog search all the white people came in and filed to the wife said my mom said walking back in the town will not go to a racist church and to this day my mom is not movable that's why it's personal for me because I could've blown up in a Christian home Mister got it right in the world we had a second aversive and embrace a black president was talking about black and white conference file constantly talking about how is in for some of us need to get this thing in our minds these value my Julie and I will sow discord among brethren I talked to pastors and as a brother Sebastian we'll just don't understand the issue we were so different than them there is no Wii and then brother that either angels and every nation kindred tongue and people will attend classes on the earth the only end unless we solve them they says and I'm trying talking young people are talking parents are trying older thinkable Adventists are tight and mean more generation to make a difference to fulfill God 's doing that would be like-minded from almost done Philippians chapter three and verse twelve for the reason why we can actually Paul says this is not as though I had already obtained either were already perfect but I follow after if not I may apprehend that for which all so I'm apprehended of Christ Jesus brethren I count not myself to have apprehended but this one thing how many things that's one thing I'm doing okay things went on behind meeting for the things which are before I even say I call CNN saying it will even say I stroll or slide is my ministry is in his flats towards Gomorrah on the lines of the high-quality using friends one of the reasons why the procedure shall like to think about that you get to know since it are behind its time possibly in the past and that was it well it's interesting to understand what the black and white conference escape I don't care about the rising towards the more I don't know what you came from I gave them a bad neighborhood I think of violence I can go days hiking around people gaining weight and school elementaries will you I follow what the Bible says that men were not local listings is not that we will not what do you mean I don't care what your father did write an young people physically and we don't want our parents David and generation will be another generation we better understand that we cannot go to see we now have the opportunity to do about what our parents could not to do that once the ancestors could not do the pioneers could not do we see Jesus in our generation but where it started again in the past a lot of struggle to let go of what has been the opera house by the past does somebody know what I'm talking about the Bible talks a lot about this remember Lot 's wife no man having put his hand to the plow looking where backwards is worthy of the kingdom of God you know it's interesting is not only the positive is not only the negative experience is that all assets to forget it's also the positive a lot of us not only some of us are stuck in our negative at other of us are stuck in a positive tax everyone out and I was in and I link to that testimony being in jail yes that's great when I got appears on two thousand eight what's the longest are people still don't know the name of Jesus thought and for this is as you the promised a lot what I've accomplished a lot we got up object address towards the market will raise the standard way I'm not yet apprehended and constant compels compulsion to keep going forward to press on forgetting those things that are behind on care if you send yesterday forget those things that are behind not since I will take your iniquities and put them in the bottom of the sea and I will remember your sins no more boxes I forgot how can you can forget for the reasons actually in the Christian life is forgetting those things that are behind my last points and quickly Philippians chapter four he says in verse four rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice that your moderation be known onto all men the Lord is at hand be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests we may know that the dog and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are reported to be a virtue that every a praise think on these things and he goes on to say those things which you have learned and received and heard and seen him leave and go on to do and the God of peace shall be with you but I rejoiced in the Lord greatly follow this he says this in verse eleven not that I speak in respect of want I have learned in whatsoever state I am with thanks I know both how to operate it to be a better and I know how to abound everywhere and in all things I'm instructed both to be full and to be hungry about and to suffer need I can know how many all so here's the thing I have friends Paul says that the main reason that I'm getting to about why I joy in the Lord while sitting in a whirlwind on June eighth learn how to be obeyed as I learn how about I would like to be contained in whatsoever state I am and I think we all thought you said get in front of copying the contents and he said why cannot be content and Ms. Merz not understanding the context why is it that I can be content in whatsoever state I am because what I want my state requires whenever my situation brings I can do all things do not understand we are not intended by our own mindsets we accomplish what we attempt we had see what we aspire to grab clinicals with the story one of my favorite illustrations if anything that reveals to us this whole concept of showing the ball a friend of mine who took his son to assume and I believe this is illustrated is so simple but it makes so much sense as he went up to visit with his son he was telling the story and he said while walking with my son we came to the elephants and I think of the authentication with extremely low and I think I was alone and on the offensive line it was a pink string wait a minute I saw the sign looks at his father he says that the outlet that doesn't bring every stranger just want again it was extremely well and the outlet that was completely dark all completely submitted and the bothersome welts on this is why when he was a baby elephants they put a chain on his leg and you would think you wouldn't think anyone against the same and not bring reaching and ninety seven got a little vendor is unable to bring insane in the woods and he would connect anyway check and he couldn't not pregnancy now he was a full blown out of things and in correspondence to anyone anywhere to anywhere in England not and so now run now my son you know when it's a big just put a strain on his leg because the swing is not on his way into one's mind in his mind he can break it and why now we are sending friend in the charts like landscaping strings we can finish the bottle in this generation because we changed and we can't communicate and we couldn't finish because it raises the bar on this long chain around their legs because our parents have the sponsoring around in the currently set to drop out of school already the world of bodybuilding missionaries somewhere in the comments do not need a doctor to be a doctor on a mission for the Lord knowledge conference on the brink of the strings and you can do all things what would you do not want to reinvent the wheel back and release for sale Colorado law was given unto you what would you do with Jesus as I already told you what you do you would believe therefore into allegations that time that's what you were doing because all power is given unto me all power is lost as I can be content because when I start dreaming when I thought pressing when I think that's all advantages weren't immediately bad circumstances come around I can remember I can do all things this is the culmination of Jolie when you send everything you were searching only pink strings on this elephant and how many churches are many denominations we combine the administrative and safe opened this elephant thinks everyone is like Baptist ministers coming to our church the teams must the help message Baptist minister waving money in the parking lot saying you happen to the Baptist ministers coming and confessing and saying yes you are right on the state of the dead you are right about the hype with the ministry method is saying you are right about the sanctuary message what's happening what's happening is being strings you rejoice evermore because Jesus will send break a pink string tonight that's my invitation got a naked body adjectives are playing the piano on automating audit had close arms this one I want you to look me in the face I want to look you in the eye you deny these two strains on online you are not willing to continue only heal limitless southern kingdom and the whole purpose of this we want to say you can do what more that's all it simply boils down to you can do more than you think you'll be doing much more than this and occasionally I can give you one more chance and he says what am I looking for more access to this week is about you can do all things what happened to dreaming in the church does anyone dream that's why anyone was ever created a that's why women's ministry exists because people have dreams and I believe the word of God it was enough I can do all things so how many of you tonight to understand with me to rejoice for Apple more than knowing that Jesus will finish his work and if you want to start with music ready the dream for the Lord the status out of forget those things that are behind on the first on the unknown day all about the rise and the Bible says they that wait upon the Lord shopping listening they shall mount up with wings like eagles and needles are swords amongst the highest heights of this world I so now friends as you have stood in a commitment that is being reported in the very books that have been as we speak are you willing to train or unwilling to do more on are you willing to do more than you've ever done before somebody was giving sacrificially to the church more money or sunlight has been doing Bible work more time some of us we been doing our devotions more communion as you can do all things just tell me what to do and God sit down against the blank check he says paying my child authority site just tell me what I want to want Lord alone all comment Lord I want all the Chattanooga it just reminded when I was at Eastern reasonably up at six o'clock in the morning we would pray right at the very steps in the cold winter me and five other people in the same order we want the entire canvas six a.m. every morning we want the campus we want revival and to this day professors Sebastian I want to know possible for my liking help a Dean's on the college of education coming out with a Sebastian Canyon CC about the help message students coming out there according to the comments was the antichrist thing when it is so it started because some young people believe because Martin Luther really and we already know that he will mindlessly change labor Law Pollard shook the world do the reclamation came from the secret place of prayer start asking God like he's really gone over once again I want to know I will think the ball all the way I once thought I do not mean that you are University I want Southern Adventist missionary college we don't produce doctors women's missionary doctors we don't reduce elementary education teachers are we going to radically converted more than excellent commitment to Jesus Parliamentary education that's what this institution produces more than the world they cannot produce it or not producing enough in all that wisdom and philosophy all that money they cannot produce a person who has all power can producing and that's why we go to Harvard and all the degrees recent apathy of a man with a bachelors degree to learn the tools of the oracles of God is assigned to salvation is getting willing to train women to dream signs I make this call my call was not for you to come forward is for you to meal in this applies to you and I don't want any Ananias is a virus commitment today tomorrow don't make a commitment it is not serious no intention of following through we do it to London and started having those standards as everyone else to say no sir and only now it's time for us to get real with God as he already knows some I called this to kneel with me this morning is able I am committing by the grace of God to actually for him I'm going to Neil and I think father I'm asking you what a crazy I think of them on my last day was something I thought I could never have I think it was something I thought I could have gotten a long time ago I felt now in the wilderness like Moses the stories on the backside of the death attending she went today company meal before I have been reading on you said Lord that when being evil know how to give good use how much more much more than that is your prayer is not in your design I wanted to new with me to start dreaming about don't kneel in a series only for the sincere unity or standing I respect you with all my heart and I'm usually doing when you're ready to doing but for those of us kneeling or synchrony between Lord commanded to three let's pray together almost gracious heavenly father he that is abundant in goodness and into the bottle says I own the cattle on thousand hills not just the hills themselves to God that David spoke about this as we give me what I know all that we have is thine own Lord I trust you we targeted I thought this morning who has promised to fulfill his work in us unto the day of Jesus Christ we turned the ball back and take whatever happened to us and cause it to fall out onto the limits of the gospel we call upon our father who was a joy to see his children to be one father offers a prayer together right now is that he would tear down the walls in his church father that you would somehow bring down this information and by race we are asking what does we believe it's possible as we can do all and we pray Lord that our very lives are very friendships when you demonstrate truly that God will meet all nations a Wonderland remembering that the first place we were called Christians was in Antioch we've had diverse lords that's our first career but beyond this we are kneeling and consecration disabling the one you to do more than you've ever done before and so we are kneeling to say what a dream for you and we asked Lord that it would enter into a heart as it entered into the heart of David to build a house for his God Lord please give us that heart that Joseph was a dream that even though his brothers and hatred and jealousy said that selling the dream and see what becomes of his dreams that we will continue to watch God work is miracle in our lives this would be a bastion and OPG and and a very laboratory will work with these young committed to his people start doing what the church never thought was possible we are asking that you would help us to break the Peachtree that we would see the shackles can come off this morning and we would just rise in Jesus 's enough father these young people we call because we want to be the generation we want to be the era that Hebrews eleven was talking about that they without us should not be made perfect God having provided something better for us help us to be that generation how postinjury and we pray the way that the next time there was a convocation of this it shall be in glory this is our prayer and we ask that you help us to be on his so that we can rejoice evermore in Jesus name for a and a a this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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