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The Self-Forgetful Praying Christian

Callie Williams


Callie Williams

Software developer and writer in Nairobi, Kenya



  • May 5, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Good morning happy sad is what it is a joy to be with you all this morning I mean my name is Cali Williams whenever I introduce myself I say my name is Cali like California it's not Cali or Chailly it's Cali but this is my 1st time to California so I can no longer follow up with I've never been to California. But it is a blessing to be here I've heard so many beautiful and I mean encouraging things about Avatar so thank you for inviting me here with you this morning before we begin I'd like. 1 more of the prayer with. Father in heaven we may see you for another day of life and when you hear Sabbath day or we have confirmation from we I'm encouraged that the families but Lord whatever we call. You all are in desperate need of this morning or you have not a year a year from a person from Virginia we're not. There we need words from her. And so I'm afraid you're only You're 1 tailor make this to each and every heart leave the place not 1 for me but 1. That is towards this and even now we present you with me. Please open your Bibles with me and go to you 1st Corinthians Chapter 4. First Corinthians Chapter 4 the title of my message this morning is the self forgetful praying Christian for those of you can type if you're going to call. All pray Christians 1st Corinthians Chapter 4 verse is good for when you're very please say that. It's heavy all. First really is for 3 to 4. The New King James says this. But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you or by human court in fact I do not even judge myself for I know of nothing against myself yet I am not justified by this but huge I just mean it is who the Lord but He who judges me is a whore. Now Paul wrote the book of 1st Corinthians in the book of 2nd printing is for the record and Paul is right into these churches in Corinth now in chapter 3 starts talking about sectarianism being bad because people were saying well I'm a holocaust Well I'm appalled and PAS like that. And so he goes on to say about how we're stewards of God how God has entrusted things to us but the increase the blessings the goodness that comes from that doesn't come from us it comes from God So some people have a really good opinion of Paul Paul is literally like the step below Jesus he is so amazing he's the best teacher he knew everything like the back of his hand other people were like Paul a lot of people are probably 1 of the people also you really can see it in all the time as a whole and this idea with but with me is a very small thing that as we. Are by human courts. Basically. What you think about a little brazen right when all the kind of the church you know are trying to talk to you right now but it's not just Paul being abrasive or Paul being in his face and I don't care what you think but there's a reason behind that why does it not matter what people think. When I was in high school I went to Shenandoah Valley had any 1 of my illness it was me today and I would always call home to tell my parents how doing so I was really fast I don't know that triumph around such a natural thing but I do my students suffer all kinds of vanish after day but sometimes I call them my dad when you'll understand what I'm saying you will know by the color of my voice was going well enough down the Abbey pretty good. I'm praying for you sweetheart. But 1 day I called my dad and it was a bad day 1 of my foes friends had as I was a very unkind about me behind my back I don't know where was and Rosalie really upset so tell my dad about this house sold her house how can this friend betray the you know I trusted him and didn't have it all to my face is a high like that and going on and on my head cut me this sentence and said Now what I suspect Cally you have resisted. No I've also your route. I'm emotionally distraught right now and you have the know that I don't have dreams and yes sweetheart we do have dreams again. I don't the only cool right now but is not working my goal I don't agree since my Dad's home shames Cali I'm his father I have known every single day of your life and I was how do you as you have preceded it. Arm or. Hand on skin. Yes you're right. As may be true. The. So you don't have I don't. Know i should a story it's funny it's Swedes it's you know a tender moment to my father and I He'll still tell anyone why I love the Street greed again how they do that. But who the coined the something that we see when someone says something we are quick to believe that. Somebody broke my heart really nice in on Facebook or someone hasn't behind your back or someone doesn't your face our 1st thing the nation is your right and I have to have an offense against that so you can say I thought it through because native right although many things are true but on the other side a few years ago I was really not in school that I am now I was working with particular students who was an adult in the room was 1 where they all were sick pray for me. And I was very especially with a student I'm pretty sure was a Friday afternoon I had my limit I was done as child and were sitting next to each other and I was trying to instruct him because being disrespectful also them and so I stood up and looked down at him and I said everything in my mind a thing with mass. And the student was sound that's the class spirit I was having and everything when I was a little. A few years later though I started that I shouldn't. So I want to talk might. Go on and I said these things and it was all the bass player I heard it don't worry about it it was on there and life is not at all and all you know actually be basic right. Well you know what we did now you are not. Wrong right so just because someone says something negative or just because 1 of the main positive presence that will make a true 1 last example I used to run mission trips in the parks the world and wonderful human animal I want missions for and I were in the smart leadership 1 namely of thinking and who answered her Calli you're really bad writer. You communicate terribly no 1 actually lives you. You're our own sheeple and also I see no evidence of God working in your life. Oh. Really later another leader I worked was talking inside the same cow you know how. I see so much of Jesus in you. I just praise God. You communicate with everyone everyone loves work but I just I just felt a need to tell you that. Which 1 was right and I laid off right I mean both wrong is there some make sure that I'm missing here but when someone spoke bad about me in high school I and I thought what life. When my colleagues and I were going to great are blasting students like this 1 of her end of the mission director US I personally I am very much Christ like. And so I was I was a people I can you know myself my view of myself my own life. Basing our opinions on our use of ourselves on what people say or don't say or even how they say it. Now I think it is fair to say that it is impossible to please everyone. If you have a private eye or a little work time it is impossible to please anyone because I was different slanders and legal 1 well a very well you clique person a Doesn't 1 person B. so it isn't hospitable the when we try to convince ourselves that we can but Paul was onto something he said but to me it is they re Small think that actually just by you I don't think I'm personally because any human court I don't care because people have different opinions and we can be even criticized for the very thing we're striving to be right is very easy look as you say you hang out with sinners as common points. That's what he was right for you hey I will task letters and prostitutes they like spending time with you kind of the reason I came here glad you noticed but that was what he was criticized for so we has even bases on that and also the other times we often change ourselves to meet our once approval I was doing home again as minister in my community college a few years ago and it was 1 of the man whose wife and I love it when we had others. For its own it was nor my tax my phone calls. And we've had our results of usual fraud as I hate what is ours and not how many more. People in the well you know like your Bible study is like there is too much of the Bible. And points so what are you going to do oh yes 1 of the lights Hoch and. OK so I was over in my mind I'm saying well I'm this person in the bible studies I'm going to take the Bible that I was only 1 of the world know so all even that I do those things and it's only foolish but when we're trying to put it out ourselves especially through when we're really very significant other adapting ourselves to try to meet someone else's standards and I have these kinds of common interests that you don't I really like doing this and you know once I would like this kind of food you need that kind of foods out be honest with yourself be honest was around you but we're trying to point out ourselves because we can't people say there are evil things and we have a reality and just like my father saying you have green skin and I see people and. Someone saying how you are the worst mission director in the world doesn't make it true someone saying Hell you're the best in her world and the. Largest page 330 says Jesus was neither elated by its laws nor the generated by censure or disappointment. Jesus will either elated by employing her jet and by a century or a disappointment that means when the fares he said to Jesus we know who our father is in Planet Jesus was illegitimate child Jesus didn't think home an illegitimate child when Jesus was riding the gate hold their love in the name of your company and lore it was any minute. You knew he was a little high and well not based on the cycles of the crowd affairs you think it was based on who and how. You what God has. Disciples Farah's use crowd who haven't even his closest friends could leave him but Jesus is the 1 of the cross because he was just a stable as he was with crowds or was no 1 because was based on 1 personal if it makes sense why we should not base our opinions on what others think the same. But Paul does not stop there so going back to 1st principles for were 3 and 4 of and again 3 says of me very small thing or if you go in with or in fact what. I do know as my cell. I do not even judge myself Now oftentimes human kind of for the sake it doesn't matter what the people think be your own person it's true but often we go over a mass to matters what you think. So the late ninety's and then this self-esteem movement of you have the need inside you when we. See the lovely Are you find it's resounds on a special it's all the ideas that none of you knew it all inside of you to look down see as amazing impervious you are and you'll be fine after all God made you right so you perfect the way you are flaws and all there are no improvements that need to be made or those trying to neatly have been written as we go for a person we are pretty low on that true isn't. The problem facing our head in the what others think and what we think can't have the same issue our standards are either too high too low or too inconsistent our That is our standards can be too low I have ever got me he gave them or. For our main having my help God understand you know the value of man or another thing either I know you mean this way or God knows that I don't really have a gift for like understanding the Bible so I don't have to share with anyone that I don't have to actually machines myself because I don't and I really have to get. A sense of who love but then also nothing to do why I have devotions this morning. That means I can't pray the rest of the battle of tomorrow. I fell into that sin that I knew I knew this is going to happen and I pray for the 1000th time or not and forgive me and I fell into it again but a lot of them are outside of the earlier month of the most sins that I do use of they love me all in the less i work of. Our standards are still too high. Well the problem is we're still basing our identity and our words on what our performance is. That is the very definition of legalism by the years we are basing our worth and our humor the relation with God based on our performance that I have devotion ASA I'm like super right. I don't need a Bible study I think I can pass something a little graphic today I am godly. Well today I sleep then also I have like I'm traveling and I forgot to pray for my meal so I'm that today so are they going like that based on performances and we do not have the peace of God to pass and understand we have emotional roller coaster. That is not the bottom line that you promise to us. Is not 1st John 320 says even in our heart and then that. God is really in our hearts and knows all things even if even within our heart and is a lot of room in our heart and know that all things are of God OK 146 says feelings listen closely feelings are no evidence of God's displeasure. 091 percent maybe this is no feelings indicate only that you have feelings regulations or human beings feelings are no evidence of God in flesh your life is precious I got so in the devil come to us and you are awful You're just engines to go elsewhere and that's where we're talking to. First Christians for 3 or 4 but with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you or by human cord in fact I do not even judge myself for I know of nothing against myself yet I'm not justified by this but He who judges me is who. The Lord goes to be to Romans Chapter 5 Romans. Chapter 5. Going to Chapter 5 verses 6 through 8 and it says for when we were still without strength in due time Christ died for the ungodly for scarcely for a righteous man 1 daya perhaps for a good man some won't even dare to die But God demonstrates His own love toward us in that while we were still centers Christ our. Paul and what he will think politician when you sell things Paul is interested in what I know it's. ROMANS time for 5 years A says that God saw us in our state of the lake about where you were the worst as they already have the height of years and has gone and looked at you at that moment and said Yes I want to die in this 1 but is is there who has struggled and is in the No 1 has ever known about for the 1000th time God looks at her and says for this are 100 percent the life of my son for this 1 for the son who looks perfect on the outside what is struggling all he has I got loads of that silence as for that 1100 percent the life of my. No God's kingdom. It does not matter what other people think it does not matter what we need because God's honest sounds we are all we are worth a lot of Jesus we don't sin that also lead we say that praying God Crazy God and the other who were in the life and you pray to God God sees it that way and pray to God godliness and get on a savage and wear a nice clothes and we have our our beautiful Bible studies in the you know the world then know in the darkness of the darkest day that you will ever live God has asked in my son and my daughter 100 percent of the time it does not matter what others think it does not matter what we think because our thoughts not shape reality reality was created by God it is staying by God and is only done so by got God of the only want to actually create things like work strive to do that will not work for. Nothing like Buddhism only gotten that those are words you have mana that's true but it still comes down to only God can change things with truth and with reality 1 last thing on this when we pray what do we say right or we say. In Jesus' name we don't for any of our problems I follow they from the stand they want to vote. As laughing right Father in heaven thank you so much and then the bottles and the nation. About how you feel and all and how you feel I want to come to God but not Satan or I need to do something so you can bear and that is human envy but do you ask the person by him and yes we need to grow yes we need to get bible study yes me to do that but we do not pray in the name of that because it is worth nothing our compliments merit nothing not 5 percent not a point 0008 percent nothing. All of our righteousness is as filthy rags as he says. Our Righteousness is only the Russian belongs to Jesus Christ so the question is when we pray in Jesus' name amen. I'm truly. What we pray normally or you are a lawful and. Or how make up of Iraq that last point. When he does and that is go right and the most powerful list is we are still the same Jesus Christ that exactly same. So last point on has a self forgetfulness is not even just something in the sense that a right step B. is a crisis of mindfulness because we think he has enough and he will think he has an awful we think a little keep coming back while here well I asked things when I am running well my friend takes care my parents they are my parents that only has it now we put ourselves up the only way the only way to destroy the idolatry of people pleasing is to worship Jesus. The only way to destroy the idolatry of people whose aim is to worship Jesus as the great right do that questions have. Me About 26267 if you guys can recite this from a memory I have 26 verse 3. Valuable he had the perfect peace is mine to sit on the as wide. As you for. Your email her if this is minus you know you because you trust. Trust and he says belief you believe something so we trust someone we believe that they will do something good for us relieved that they are honest or we believe that they said to us for some reason why we are relieving some kind of belief towards them that's something teachers like to give the nuance of words. So we're trusting because we know something else probably requires a relationship of some sort through for us if you want I'm going to trust in what must know that now the foundational relation with God are in the Bible study and we have. Prayer so forgetful praying Christian now many times oh you have just been so allow me to you know many times we can read the Word of God and He can read and understand the great got involved our lives but we have no connection with Jesus so we're really not after as we are after them. But we move our lives because we've been living this life for me is that any part we will have to get to work on time because we really actually in Boston you're in it anyways we really need to address the child screaming in the room because we love our children we have something to do rightfully so but many times we leave God on fulfill and lacking spiritual energy because we didn't actually need Jesus we did read them a lot while. We didn't actually present him with presents and. We had meditate upon his works we had noticed his working throughout our lives but unless we actually have something to say to him about our actual lives we're not communing with him prayer it is the opening of the hearts of God as through a friend prayer does not bring God down to us but brings us up to him. Prayer is the only god. You know the feeling after a hard day org and they usually want to talk to someone I good friend or significant other or the someone you don't I can't tell the story I can't wait to ask for advice about that I can't wait something that kind of feeling God I'm going to have that with Him God wants us to be like mantra can we try you might have room I can kneel and talk to do that I'm so excited about this right now God wants us to be able to have the kind of reaction to our life that I cannot wait until the father and 1 was used in a sort of this once I don't know but I'm excited that I'm about it I wasn't home facing the palm of our own making ourselves feel certain way leaving the grave that a liar or how we need to enjoy in communion with you Lauren to help me to enjoy I pray how do you enjoy the distraction live communion with you in the family we pull ourselves artist out of the I'm going with a prayer now that luck. It isn't so new that the feet of Gene the same and I don't enjoy this but I want to so please help me to enjoy this prayer and can even start with Father I'm having family worship with my family on the super busy and I know how to do that and I know what I know that after hours and they will know home. Where I believe they have a proper names I've asked them you know that enough that you I don't feel like I'm worthy to ask for your help but I see those leaders how do you help when I've been in this relationship for a while now and I'm kind of connected they don't have the year but I'm going to be enough on the G.O.P. to do so I need courage and wisdom and our love and go father my parents don't understand what I'm trying to do and they're having me go this way but I want to go that way and I don't know how to speak to them about in this respectful but I don't know what he wants my life so what should I do. Father this random person the original. Of the prey and I don't know you talk about right now but I'm here so please let me in on. The matter how you start when we go talk to our friends we're not we're not rehearsing that has I'm even if you want to come with my friends how do you want talk your friends haven that was the thing they want to do right now I'm coming over my words I believe without them oh holy Olive you're talking you go I'm going with you and that's what God wants us to have now I'm going to get to see them outwards and there's a place for those but if you don't think that way you are rethinking the way we come to God and God desires us yet to be respectful yet another is God the skiing of the number of years in that we are friends and he desires for us to know him and to be known by him 1 more verse Flippy and for filling in for me in the 6 and 7. From his former his faith and. Being just for how much. The ancient for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with things good things let him request me know my God And he's got what your mouth and all understanding will guard your hearts and mind to Christ Jesus. This verse got me through every single year of college. For nothing but in everything I've heard of again 1 thing. Is. That we in the crimson verse there is never a reason to worry there is only a reason to pray. There is never a reason to worry there's only a reason to pray we have good reasons to pray don't misunderstand we have many big things that we need to bring to the Lord but it's not. As I figured out no as Lord this is my just all out on my knees. Please help me know what to do I don't want to I know you make promises I know that there are things I can do but I don't know what they are so please help me to know. Going to read a string of verses really quick listen Matthew 14232636 Mark 135646143516612 I want to do a lot of the remainder of that to get the point is all of them while I'm going out and use praise. I really thought about that we don't have time to go through all. The files the same kind of sums it all up and it says revising so he himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed often Jesus had scores of people following him please feel this person please pass a list human and use response at the end of busy days I'm going to withdraw. I'm going to the new place but everyone wants me to stay here our sponsor that our 1 I'm going to go to is and pray my disciples just came back from their 1st missionary never met and they have some things to learn our fathers I'm going to do her place and pretty. About who laid out my life for us and a world that has completely reject. I'm going to spend. I don't even want to do this and I'm going to go to God and say it is possible take this call from. Jesus is talking to God is to friend you the so I'm saying or I'm not I'm so excited laid out a lot of these people. It is possible if you know the anything as police know right now but not that well as you go JESUS on perfect example decided to often withdraw to pray how much more do we need to pray and if you're tempted like I have to say I'm too busy I mean the savior of the world and if he can carve out time in his busy schedule I would venture to say that we can't. If we were not people not being known or please you my dear possessed daughter please you this person please come here and play this person from him then I don't think that's our normal daily occurrence so then we can also card time out in our lives to land in the same order these are the things on my mind these are the things that I desire for you to do with my life and the things I just want to know and we please speak to me when he got me he was and I don't have a cell that he had from the. Jesus thing to pray that much and surely we do to all while Chambers had a very well reasoned prayer does not equal bust for the greater works Prayer is the greater work prayer does not equipped us for the greater works Prayer is the greater work. Oftentimes ministry is our biggest hindrance to call the hand of God. We don't have time to talk to God and receive these are not what I love to tell you right now but I'm a servant of reason 30 minutes of me quick or I love talking and we miss out on the seminar and I waiting a few minutes that I really go right now but we have to wait or. Many times we wonder why our ministry is our personal mission or greater Ministry don't have power because how can we share Jesus if we left him at home. How can we share him when we're not even sure we know him or herself. That comes about by spending meaningful time. Of when you've got something his you're just going your you know I can always talk to us about that or I will pray through that I know exactly what I'm going to do because I want to leave the city to. You and I cannot change ourselves. We can't change others I'll try that but you know the work either. The guys and or in the side is who we are not always that was our worth our value and we are worth the last do you. Know the man was moving but not. When I was with the and others know what God knows we should spend them equal time prayer. And bringing all Arbor so way so forgetful brain Christian in 1000 higher worldview is so. Self we're going to pray for soon is consumed with the image of Jesus Christ pleased by or have me. Father in heaven. I trust you folks and each and every 1 of us the message perhaps the love the some new mowers we had were people saying. Or we can or we ourselves say. Fall into the praise on time we don't like to pray we're on your house praying or wherever we fish in this prayer I ask that you would see each and every heart and my eyes and. Or you want to see you here I was asking you how to. Help us to worship Jesus then with a lot of the idolatry of others and our hearts and minds give us a love for you and love her prayer and how lovely Margaret is at feel Jesus and not take him back up again. Lord only you know the logistics of our lives only you know what we face each and every day and so we pray in a way that we understand that you would make a way for us to trust you to love you and to prioritize human knowledge. Or maybe it's not your voluntary decision I may have heard a centerpiece of our lives are you. We pray all these things are really trusting all in the name of Jesus Christ. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave it to W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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