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Session 2: Forever Ruined For The Ordinary

Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist




  • October 10, 2009
    3:00 PM
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I really need right now is pray for your Holy Spirit to take my word to make them meaningful to this group does pray father we give you permission to speak to each one what they mean in their lives right now may not be the nice say that God does speak to their hearts as minister to their cells and I think you father think you will you do in Jesus name amen I had something horrible happened to me seventeen years ago I turned forty in the report that was seventeen years ago and fifty seven but my friends I call my ask for and get one of these black people as black crêpe paper parties to stop just as you die I will find the terrible gag this is the only thing would I do to deserve this island across the country when I turned fifty new friends the canal over again that I seemed attracted but the next morning I could hear Hans car horns honking if it went down around no women in England in the country where people honking and I go out and live there is a big sign in the yard I can't see it if I'm on the backside sunglasses gathered if it can't give organically to die I want to take it now that my son is twenty four times right up for then he he young men for women anyway I can add nonadversarial I went to nursing school using a Catholic he am being told and don't like to month up at sundown you keep that sign that he was determined when the body doesn't know money in identifying them as I gave someone back in the house fortunately started raining existing in the wind is blowing a little bit to find came to the in the housing of money we coming to the fact that I know I know when I can help you keep the garage trying to cameras first contact the sign of many can't get about he was a determined little guy he still lives in the big got a story out there for a long time holding that sign told finally all the cars they know they're all headed to work and on whether more behold I find so thankful that job you probably aren't going to identify with the statement but for those of us who are older when you're young you think the money if it ever is going social but all of a sudden it takes up fast-paced and enter into my thirties I finally well my fairly picking up speed air is going fast and it's been a busy day and it was like your honesty and insolent bastard aftermath of everything all went to trust and I started thinking about your dollars good things I need to be doing all the stuff on me all and I started thinking about you what really matters it's been so fast in my thirties pretty soon the boarding penalty sixty and eighty while Francisco and about what really matters as I thought about it a lot came to my mind that person John seventeen three that says this is eternal life that you may know family only true God Jesus Christ whom you sent me all that really matters is if I know Jesus Christ and sometimes it's hard to realize when you now all the world common about viewing in your head that good-looking guys on the Mary or wherever the only thing it really is you know Jesus Christ aliens and immigration marriages if you know Jesus Christ and here I was in my thirties and yet when I was a senior in Academy I have a Bible teacher tell us how important was that we spent time with God everyday when I was a teenager Bakley had square stone wheels are cars don't spend time with God is the good being the church in all this is maybe and finally they are really known this Bible teachers County and innocent time time is money and I said why why what you know why I needed it is what you don't spend time with God you're not alone and you not even knowing if you don't know him you want him you will end up walking away from him evenly you may not think you well and I spoke truth to the years I've watched people over and over again and falling into that situation and awaiting God can what's happening is they thought they were safe without it I'm a doctor of you for a little while and they end up on a way that your time in my thirties realizing in our benchmarking command IIS advantage with just how I do this is a regular yeah I wanted to write and any similar is no set amount of time that Nephi thirty minutes and you will find the seasonal price on retrial so I got my alarm clock I wanted to be sure hits against settlement now if I had to kneel down and kneeling praying praying praying and I look at actually maddening Sprite I look at the clock it was time I have left only finest is gone by I really do the rest this time I know how to spend that timely that you have found out about God he wants so much to spend time with each one of us and we will keep pursuing an experiment and he will show each one of us how to spend it with him it is not to look the same there is not one set way to do what but he will show you how he is so desperate as to spend that time with you and I got busy and I got into college and was actually here and its southern missionary college then taking nursing and vehemently negative energy whereas everything going on but she got outside line and I was about spending time with God until a week and it was in the young and young naked blade like I promise I will start reading your wording and now you must I spent time in your everyday diamond and into exams and I would try to spend it for a while but presented it is a lot fallen that again until the next exam wings and it will guide you into their exams go through the same thing confess something to write I felt so guilty about it I've never come to Southern since I graduated from your because I promised my they had nursing instructor she says all are related to nursing they just they don't forgive years and then they quit and this is the only way center times and I promise I will never quit I will always work as a nurse I promise you this morning and of course to do at like five years I live nursing allotment with me got canned I was there anyway I did not confess that until so much better I never said anything of more and I'm sure she's dead that determining what I think you were looking for my guild onion anyway I am inherent I'm going to school like that will guide you need to understand I will spend time with you and will respond but once you graduate he was in college gradually eight ten or twelve hour shift nurses deal with the new government you have time to get to know God and I graduate start working that job it certainly outlined in the you know what time it just gives the then married him to have as little baby and two weeks before it was to be born I got to quit my job and I thought what I would have so much time start read my Bible you know that my mother failed to tell me let me tell you young one if the twenty five year chart onto a parent that if you're not working a full-time job everybody's got this volunteer project for you to do so and it was all-time you know we help me I will happen to make the financial story we lies but with encoding schooling and confidential availability got been the one candidate over the life and mission studies we cannot see housing under my car dwelling on this I know I was contributing a loin and the time meetings are an enhanced view yesterday in error or a day before not even sure when I last did you work before I know it in my thirty I know for women it's like when the next house I moved to start out by you your decorated conciseness on the dog it never happens until a crisis in and during the crisis you might overwhelming out again so here in my thirties realized that if I will start doing now it's never been happen for details consult start husband time with God NYTimes about the last hour was started off with praise and adoration thanksgiving and it makes is so precious is it helps you realize how much God loves you how much he cares about you how does the handouts if you want one table and end but then I dramatically to time a confession and I would think and try to confess everything I thought I should confess you really want anyone this is thought to come into your mind is that you need to confess to make right on a late North outline the geniality we had learned suddenly in any spots and is in a language video when and so instead of him you don't want to do when it finds the radio the faster is all of this is really good summary real remailed to be a whole lot of diverging upon landlord shall not affect any I've heard others say they turn up the price of music really loud clicking here not the end to an widowed Oregon Libby stated to me how I feel when this problem is wanted I think I'm precise and will begin a melancholy I have an open guilty conscience I know this is not an issue but everywhere I go for my worsening times to be a prayer conference is not when he's speaking to me to deal with it and finally I told I said okay I know it's then I know it's wrong but I can't deal with it only Jesus could if he were here on the issues to just leave this election may like to work on not eating between Elizabeth and something of an I realize for many years later my unwillingness to deal that sent in my life when it gets me spiritually I started just drawing it is like God 's word became some try and boring and lifeless to me and my friend and when repairs were going higher than the ceiling dynamic these vicious cycles of depression and in charge you passed as a sake you need to be asked during the help enjoy the power you have in Jesus Christ when senior neighbors I'd like to think what help what joy I got nothing was there I don't know my name is what was then I saw you want I realized I was hopeless and I gave up eventually many about it because I was a pastor 's wife you tell the office that's on the broadcast and I just can't go into the motions and eliminated that he was a pastor 's wife and with my tenth night was hopeless I be totally given up felt I was totally lost about it if the time this was really happening the worst we had moved to another conference and my husband when it is like a pastor the pastors and he went around visiting the pastoral families and found it was a real need among the past is wise to have a spiritual retreat for the wise and so he worked that out for that to happen that he could relate alone it was such a blessing he said it is a blessing for the wise winning out of all the women we need to have a women's retreat what last to leave them we get anybody to plan experts of a lot of work but one day he came home from a trip for he handed me a brochure of a women's retreat and another starting to forget that Jerry Seinfeld Jerry eulogizes knowledge and this is what we need to think we need this for the women in our conference I said I know I've never been the women's retreat any civil don't you think they need spiritual revival and all yeah they need conversion that needs spiritual and aliyah is using an annual planet Jerry I can't do that then you know I can't do that is in the morning and I can't as you want to at least pray about it and see if God wants you to do it about a guilt trip so I find out a little bit and I came back and I said okay Jerry I'll pray about it because I knew I could come back in a few days and secured the Lord is that I shouldn't do this or do you know you make me want to do that is not known how bad off I was within very good now nobody else knew the new and forgot to pray about it because I was not training at that time in my life and scenery when this happened he'd now become the conference present and Jerry comes home and tells me that it's been voted by whoever holds the Commons office I wanted to get out yet the time to do this through three were going to meet them is I never told you this is not really sure that when you prayed about it God would tell you to do it I fell on my my name 's on the line some unknown group of people voted for me to identify bad thing and so I started trying to plan I knew enough to get a speaker but I noticed you women's retreat within one thing I know that I needed was a new guy and I started to spend time with God every day I started crying out that I forgot I don't know you in my life as helpless I know never to be saved and I need your help I want to be embarrassed look bad to think of failure Honolulu Hamid and pneumonia when you help me allow you to see that you love me I can't recognize every day persisting that asking and three that is a prayer God always answers if we won't cannot and will keep seeking him all never forget the day that he became so meaningful to me I was on I just can cant utilities held seminars and I'm not walking and how healthy it beneficial what was for you I decided I needed the ongoing sluggish and whatever the started walking this really fast walking not really does make you feel that you those endorphins find mine I am also happy and described your trading I flew from Florida down now from Pennsylvania down to Florida to pick up a car my dad was given an insight into the work that day well the next day was Saturday and that morning I got out be not been asking God now to wake me up again to spend that time with them I think you know quite when you walk me out and I finally got up and toss them in time with him but I think and willing to get ready for church some schools and training on why and if I don't economically sluggish and had a headache and whatever and I love close at my Bible to give and go out walking and planned my tennis shoes I became overwhelmed just with this impression of what you stay here with me and I thought that you know how do you know how falsely can search any argument once starred in a meeting in the and if I tied my shoes I went with my hand on the doorknob to open that door to the room became overwhelmed with Jesus on that car hello my site I shut the door and I got married now with my Bible I said okay God I may have a headache and they fall asleep bounce than this time review you know it was then when I really made him a priority causes him him me through his word talking to me I believe that when he sees were really sincere about it it will start happening with each one countless commitment varies to realize that God would speak to me always wondered how dramatically it was incredible how he'll start doing that net experience within the console why and so I'm still your retirement plan is women's retreat how and what to do nobody sign up to come I felt complaining to the jury of course I start training I got again the comment they did start registering and now shine fill and outline minor Dylan is committing mass advantage is Jerry you your limits causes and if failures can make you want during the big failure he said Janet Jusco do it so do it sigh I want to whose time was typing I want I don't just go do it thought came into my mind I forgot to send another woman to pray with once a week for this retreat on you to do that I started praying for that but I forgot one minor little detail a pastor sometimes and now it's the right open threes and fours and pray together whenever they did that on another bathroom capitulating and crying to something that is as easy as it has a nice all are my words and you might be our guides are crying and present me wonder why I bother trying to get around to you everybody's praying anything I can think of what I learned what I learned outside it it's okay if I cry it's okay if I pray about the same things others have the Holy Spirit comes in appraiser to our personalities and explained to agree together it's good is it to agree together pray for what's many of the just price for mopping my the beginning that I was scared to play with somebody else when Nina Paley during that time I read this about three weeks or so goes by I'm in the kitchen one night no meals is home yet the proper swing in my hands I'm in a heartbeat food for a couple of days I was beside myself everything committed how can I and the phone rings and it was a woman I didn't know what she's introduced himself and she said again this may sound strange but I feel that's impressive need ask if you want to get together once a week to pray for your retreat and shoes who knows maybe after that keep me at the time that it described the piece that flooded through me if I then knew that God really wanted this richer eleven dozen dairy portion and we started meeting to pray together and seek out other women enjoy us and we made the printed circuit board help these women they need revival they need conversion God pray you can work at this retreat last time I played this I'm telling you it's just like not to shut in my mind when the boys did just that last thought was if you need help these women let's work on your life and what will will I was so embarrassed I opened my eyes so sure they could hear nobody acted like in a long time going in my mind later died later in the new in it I'm going to later interview still after me about this one sent problem I refused any years today and I said later I'm a procrastinator I still wouldn't deal with it and a while after that we were in a prayer conference on the West Coast and at that prayer conference it was beautiful people putting together and in group prayer just doing the conversations in this kind of prayers and people so they start a song over years many pray Scripture but I was enjoying and will want within his control while between us I know why you wouldn't talk about anyone on one morning and waking up so early and he was waking up earlier and Gary to spend this time with you why I used to argue with God about this essay got if I had enough sleep and be irritable and had a headache and it's been again when I for now but in the more time spent on heating Wikimedia ring I said okay I'm up against in this timely but I'm a headache miracle on toner nature is to be synthesized doing now I don't think he will tell you she doesn't do all she did and he is incredible one word albeit one what a difference it makes it so spends time in a motel room finally Jerry a piece of flipping toggle in the bathroom course on their kneeling beside the toilet and controlling the truth of God become so prices the whale speaking to his word and perhaps even Islamic and where there was the Pentagon we aren't you have sent you here made the next this toilet here is not limited by that that is not all there's just as they ate five pounds I want you to go call this person now my particular sin problem with me and them got several but the one e-mailing and after me about that I refuse to deal with was a bit is a resentment toward someone just could not the biggest one in glass every single one is always bad things to me I get it in the comments my forgiveness then maybe I can be nice or something coming in all the demand it will have to begin us don't ever think anything wrong anyway I can get no response from God he disputed that in ages when he wasn't there I can tell you that experience would nearly become so real and so special and not were given a normal criminal loses always happy for so many years people tell me to leave a Roman settlement in Jesus Christ died for you and I think I'm too big a center there's no way he'll save me they just know why I've been doing things and I can do you think the Gmail after spending many weeks ago I learned to show me some you have a lot of them and how much he loves me know the scriptures that talk about the righteous is discouraged I'm not righteous but my fear is the tax about the righteous are about me because I am righteous because of Jesus Christ his blood shed for me when the father looks at me he looks at Jesus what a difference it has made I remembered even years before that trust and travel about in getting up and that once they use this is boring I just don't want to say and I don't know you love you here in Modesto but they can become so precious that truly am that I will lose that was happy plus I wanted to bless that retreat was afraid he was anointed and I got out and went to a payphone to call this person can cite idea he was too embarrassed to do it in a room I want jury here in NY new drink now is on my side to this person a treaty so bad for the years signed on the phone and only then going on I hate this person I know how many distance and I need the Holy Spirit individually positions no way I can know what an item on the phone hoping they won't be home that is sorely the morning I wake him and make a little small time finally I jump into it and start asking forgiveness and I'll never forget what happened today because it's a straight answer forgiveness God started flooding me with one thing after another then I needed gas forgiveness for each saying I would say would you forgive me for this and that I was in shock knowing these things I had because I was very angry at them I was blind to how I treated them I guess each one that would come to mind I kept asking forgiveness for that and you know what happened to make the site myself asking your forgiveness knowing full well they probably never asked my which they didn't go team in and watch the bitterness and hatred out of me and I know we would love and compassion for them I so wanted to knew I think Hyundai it was incredible for anyway morning while we were department is doing today that night we came seeking our realm or going back to the meeting in January after sitting on tiny and I stay in the room I set all K I'm struggling I want to go to the meeting the FTC's one dollars and I thought any to stay with him I finally said I would stay here with you as soon as I made that decision got starts flooding the things I needed to tell dairy and to tell him what happened that morning sites are telling Jerry what happened that morning the injuries can be made January in organizing that is as emotional wall between us all some good since it was melted just going down he had been telling on the day before unbeknownst to me saying why am I here got so much work into my conference new name become this prayer comments and I think you just a lot of price are common what I need to be here and Janet he so spiritual get up so early in the morning spent finally how can she has trouble with so-and-so I never knew that Jerry said that I felt that way and he wouldn't do that to me I got chills as I realize it is really a bonding morning when God has done but then got started moving on me with Jerry Donovan after me for some time that I needed to ask Jerry 's forgiveness for number thanks I just refused to do that I do value there are promises all the government but you know the Scriptures in Philippians it is not look for Jean eleven it says whoever exalts himself will be humbled nephew twenty three twelve again whoever exalted level be humble view handles himself will be exalted and it's just throughout the Bible is if you have a problem in that area find it hard to get away from dying with the camera and I be anybody's doormat this is as crazy but those scriptures or so throw that night because in the miracle it happening to me the courage to start asking Jerry 's forgiveness for a number thing and you and that he did what God 's word sad I was exalted all it did was draw during I closer together we do not belong in obeying God 's word and you know there's someone in your life that you thereafter resemble at the short ignoring you just don't want out you need to get over it in the ass pride in whatever type they got help me get over this because you will start acting like them you will start acting like an end you don't want to let it happen and happen to me the way this person it's really so bad I started treating my husband and the kids that way and there was such a change that happened in me to all of this is my son I was a boy he was then I young teenager came to me suddenly changed even when you teach me to know Jesus the way you know it and my little guy beginning mommy mommy you you hear so happy now mutates me technologies is the way you know all what I did and in on top of that because you start spending time in God 's word every day you now have some awareness about your neighbors to your friends I started seeing neighbors at one to the Lord and many other people just around testimony for sharing what God wants a do you know the reason I feel that whole thing happened with me God was after me yes but when Kerry became the conference president it was a case meantime and a group of people were attending the seminars on the Holy Spirit help when it is that we pray for the baptism the Holy Spirit every day in our lives our children's life in our leaders lied he happened to commit to pray for Jerry and I every day for the baptism the Holy Spirit in our lives people started commenting and indicating saying that and I look at him down thank you because I'm a big and they don't know the mess I don't know whether this prayer do you know no big deal but for the next to you as we may have different charge almost every Sabbath because the jury 's job somebody become out to be somewhere they were praying for you and Jerry are praying that were praying for you and your finances and the Holy Spirit in your life two years later is when this whole thing happened were gone literally turned my life upside down in a star-studded time with them every day and to deal with this matter yes I don't ever want to go back to the way it was before is so incredible making golfers spend that time with it in lots of his people think and starting that they got to go through this big list this prayer list and that they automate even wondered if this boy genius George Miller and George Mueller was a minister in fact having a thinking hundreds and he would go around and ask his parishioners has a time of the Lord that they one time I had to spend fourteen hours a day working to put food on the table for my family and enjoys some discouragement that they people and spend time with God is the paid ministry and asking God to give him somehow something that will show people that we put God first and God will provide God laid on his heart starting orphanage and by now there was a real need for then orphanages but he just started praying for that God provided the building and then God brought the orphans he had this building said well aware managing organs Asia's transport got to bring about a study of the time it's incredible he never ran his book fair good but his spiritual diaries really good but he young so we start this ordinance he starts press predicting only for the fourth installment he needs a first-person brawler these names for God to meet them and his experience with God to stride out because this is bringing this one a listing spirit these means before God and when he turned around and started doing was instead which is taking his Bible each day sometimes and a lot more ideal stay away down the fresh air can sometimes sitting in falsely we do start walking immediate spinal until he got happy with God I know he tried but I did whenever since I read that just to read my Bible and how unhappy with God when God leads you to every verse of Scripture your reading for each one protean and Uruguay is for the Holy Spirit to to speak to you through it just indicated when he may stop you while you sing a song to him anyway install new place Thanksgiving unit when you stop and confess I don't know when you might want to do but it's incredible the joy journey that you can go on with God as you do that with him and learned things I found two eight mentioned because it was the other hour was journaling to write down those here here is what God will write down your ear requests and then come back and write down the answers you will happen you'll start seeing blessings of surprises in your life you just amazed that you need to write those down to one time Jerry came to Jesus gently guide share at such and such a place ear pieces regarding a network behind it I said well Jerry what we do share what happened last year the industry seeing Doctor Janet Howell Howard Isamu collegiate journal Jerry and so he and he comes back a while later uses and well so many things happen in this last year you've written about we predict what was Israel's biggest problem is to they forgot they are not different the body does never got was not itself a window if they forgotten we can do to have that journal to write down it becomes oppression you when I started spending time with God every day there nervously speak this is really enjoying all the funding dried up a quick I think I know why I was speaking to review word I have since went where it was when I took a three days asking for finally came you don't care about what I show you present here again I sure my family my name is a I got to know you forget about it if you carried right now it is really important to God that we write down the things he's saying to it if you haven't been experiencing disabling the drive got not been speaking to me golden I think that the last time God did speak to you are you doing what he told you are you remembering what he sent to you another thing I found helpful is some just to be still before and to drink lots of water if you spend the time the more you know it how many do it but didn't want the water to help keep your way people take a cold shower to be that guy if I keep drinking water it makes a difference in insane way but to take the conflict series desire of ages know those books that they desire data entry meet those conflicts errors along with the Bible to be sure you're reading the Bible the most the first Jesus burial life is in his word and it comes into you as you read it you will not get that from any other book and when one is close to that point is a spear prophecy but that his needs as a healing power that comes recently he recanted and heard about a new book that was all about Jesus and how the Scriptures and an person who I like to read it I want to read it all but it all at one time don't be a little bit and I started reading it for my devotions as much as I know I need to stay in the word of the bullets below Scriptures injudicious so easy to set no wonder for you what God 's word that's for you in it longing for the customize page seventy one this is one sense of Scripture is of more value than ten thousand men's ideas or arguments another one this is what got me to start telling asking to speak to me through his word back is whole thing started was in volume six of the testimonies three ninety two three ninety three by the way you made your experiencing this is your spending that time with God every day it's amazing how he will just lead you to do things to read in his word but also other books to open up to just the pains you need the quote you need think that you will easily get you the right version of incredible you need at the moment literally might my younger boy ENT 's visit nineteen eighty nine four he's a pastor now that he wants a rough time for while visiting and I had just heard in a found out about something done it was as devastating and that morning in my worship I went and got them on my knees his crime is a overtly villainous boy than tiny agony of Scripture to claim that instead and I go to open my Bible I have this urge to pick up the seven five I tend to have a lot of different versions but I know I meant that one through one year and it was at management tried again I pulled one out I open it it opens to a page where I have marked this verse and magnified it back with the date it was two years before they gone given the decline friend I totally forgot I did tell you my husband here here could tell you story after story after story like that we got stuck with it think horrible how events just think that the relationship with him is so real and so personally live in it it's not bad in your life right now start praying for it to be I remember my older boy was a young teenager company single mom I try to show sometimes I think I do not really boring we know more into this morning and so I started planning my trip are to start reminding God make it exciting Dylan began harassing his nowhere plans and make it exciting to the end now it is probably three weeks or so later he comes into the kitchen consultants afterwards really exciting I thought I was doing and take a look at his exact words treatment plan for its pursuit on these things but then he proceeded to show me that promises as favorable to start out with the things I needed to learn from power would you write about I did mainly descriptive this quote volume six of the testimonies by the way someday you have kids they are meant to point out to you your faults in your defects except it humbly I have learned more from my kids ignore the garbage responses together wait when you become defensive and get outside it's is not good it needs it it's so then turned to did they like the Bible is God 's voice speaking to us in just as shortly as well we could hear with our tears easily realize this with what Allah would we open God 's word with my earnestness with researchers presets the reading and contemplation of the Scriptures would be regarded as an audience with the infinite one can not just reading another book a existing in a cargo what he wants to do through Scriptures but to pray them I take it like I got milder boys decided to the gods and compelling him for years he's finally surrendered to it to take why he didn't even know why they graduate from PC this is major his wife network that we learn for several years because I just feel compelled to take longer and land on my heart he needed to tell that I couldn't really sleep in Moscow besides you've got families working full time that I want to take on and so started and is not easily smart and not brilliant as I started crying him into his life someday when I'm tired and I think Daniel how I got the Daniel proposes heart the final himself started praying that the Tyson fight now that I had brought Daniel into favor and goodwill with the chief of the UNIX started praying mantis like you bring him into favor with the professors as teachers it is drawn down that you get him understanding as you can Daniel do you know even though he works full-time even the content of this class is on the Dean's list it's it's incredible in and in the last e-mail I got from any awareness of how fast and pray how all these exams and exiting exams done terrible and you scroll down this is why got an a in this one irony I scroll down a name that's when I got a hand and that's what invasive and civil procedures which was the one he used to reply and it makes me scroll way down to find the answer you get your parents and A+ and it was one he just could not understand he couldn't understand but then he goes on to write he said mom we thank all of those enterprising form he said there's been this is not that none of this is happened because of me I know this is totally God there has been a sense of God there is undertaking the task showing me to answer this tour involves multiple to whatever in the right way he said he's been right there showed me how to answer each one if you think how double that journey with God and there's this other quotes I'll be his biggest amount of blessings page one fifty this power is very life dwells in his word has received the more debate it will give you power to obey I don't care if you're reading the Leviticus God 's healing power comes in key through all of that I am literally live my life to be less than that because the Council process I will eat right so that I'll live a long time I believe rights I want to cancer I wanted it right so that all worn out have the energy to spend time with God I would eat right and exercise so that filled nodules endorphins of life but how do you spend more time and I will require as much sleep I have more time again and tell you why in this is hard as a college student committee can do it right now but if you keep trying even given five minutes a day reading the word five minutes pride vitamins do some somebody else service a lot if you keep doing that everyday it's an eyebrow is coming it's is going well and well but eventually you can't commit to getting on our day in my life is extremely busy and I tell God you know it's got a begin at six or seven whatever date may be in the morning I say whatever time before that you have to wake me out and heal he will give me up to spend my time with him when he thinks it's good that I'm on a Sunday morning when the upper limb going to wait a minute does the act of sleep all day guy and DML he knew that I did not have the whole day he knew there was in a crisis is and I'm just kicking myself because I didn't get up in a way 's that I learned finally to do it when you wake me up even though it may not be that the right time to me but one time and I'm in that worship time just enjoying and asking God lightning Keyser anymore patient loving and all you know Jesus I'm just enjoying the watch and timely financing and finds to manage is so beautiful and I come out of my bedroom window to my statement rep Howard that I come out and I mean all a Lenny Khalili the fact that St. Louis to get in there make us hear each other on the main not that all the way it was sad but then there trying to figure all one word something wrong and I was really upset got still working on need to die to self and I went in the kitchen started fixing breakfast now the little lake as I know Willow run worship time and I go in the kitchen I started breakfast ready my kids come in behind them to school sometimes indeed and this little guy he goes in terms of cereal on the floor so that the floor clean up this mess relate to get to school we go jump in the car to take and at school and a car won't start so in my mind I think I spent time with he'll look at what's happening in my life you can shall we get the car to start beginning and end if I had to confess and apologize to God for talking like that but it starts the movie is that the present what was the print when you worship this morning I need to be Christlike well because I did nations this time the teacher I don't know if anybody really do that but I spent time you wanted to begin with Charles will happen but if you do like the first act not for them making it comparable to those problems in turnaround in your life if you will let him instead of fighting against them and can help you meet those cults and the hand that is it will entice him that but went one time we got quickest way on I became too thanks but might my husband made my first husband and I had gone to college in three years he wanted so desperately to get out and get into the ministry Jesus coming soon I was going to work and he graduates were written are first in an intern in three hundred and the pastor was pastor literally did not require more than four hours sleep a night police defined that he looked like anymore now that I think my husband live on that to me he would want Mike from seven oh one o'clock at night and it was terrible in and it wasn't just the home ministry he had in fixing his car and Mike was very mechanical the continuance that money was a happy happy guy I never ever had seen him depressed and down that suddenly signs getting very depressed is that this is not an administrator video was studied and ended to know that Larry and Gilliard Bible studies and said you was just as what worked to schedule every day I guess I would and he determined that he was to spend time with God where we possibly could his life was just too busy and he started reading his Bible even if mealtimes now that's putting out a good thing to do with your family but I put up with new he needed and he would read his Bible you carry a little Bible with an unwary wise if there was a minute or whatever he open it up start reading and praying talking frame descriptions and you and one night he wakes it's like two o'clock in the morning he said twenty one I think really what I want to sleep you what we usually call my name called in they might go to sleep the next night he likes the pieces twenty one to what you wonder why why I'm trying to figure out when I said my guide and call your name is Amelia Sandel I do it the next night it happened again this time I wake that he doesn't ask me anything this time I wake up to find in getting out of bed I see them pick up his Bible off the dresser often another night after night after night that started happening and I watched Batman 's experience does explode in the Lord is incredible Pro mask behind to show you how to make that time for him losing about it the more is new for me it's in the morning of the winter will be for you that will still dark sometime this call actually not room it reminds me of Christmas reminding Mike my younger boys you come home from school he made just for me at school and then they have had to come home with a strange look and package a consumer identity I mean for you and I will try a good talking out within an agency will present my telling how long have to go put out a living they put out a living room a priest and he wanted back out again he built Money Money can you guess I may give a Christmas and I would try to gather the line till Christmas he just could not wait for me to open it up so I could see how much he loved me I make in this little gift teammate for me as well find his work on when I go to spend the time when it is like the rulers of the light within he so excited I'm actually benefits they'll let him love me and letting along these figure out is the creator of the universe that wants to spend time with each one of us how can we not make time for him and again if it's boring try do you ask on to make it exciting ask them to make it meaningful try different versions of the Bible that better easier easier to read I tend to have several have a dictionary they are needed to look up words with importance you can look up things with getting so beautiful what he wants to do in our lives it's time to quit his previous is what taken to a time of silent prayer and just give you a chance to ask God if there's anything in your life that he one nineteen fasting privately right now if you winded I just just joining that father just pray for each one in this room right now Lord was home thankfully are a God of love that is just incredible the God of the universe cares about each one of fun I pray for each one in his ruling Florida they're willing to just help and ask you privately quietly if there is anything in your life is walking away than having a deeper experience with you we can to speak to my just asking if you would if God revealed something to you just to confess his sin privately and just accept his forgiveness claim first John one nine that says if we confess our sins he is faithful to forgive and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness be sure and thank him for forgiveness and then asking for a deeper repentance is that is also a free gift from God it's not something we can make a you may not feel a deeper repentance it is thank you for being the only nice within say got a similar law of Laura know it's destroying me that I don't want to give it in saving God like me you willing to allow you to come in and give me a hatred for that said just thank you for doing if God is led you to confess something coming in fast forgiveness and acceptance forgiveness you bastard people repentance to have an empty places ask him to fill that empty place in with something he'd want to give you right maybe some spiritual insights and spiritual death to show you some just be sure and thank them for what we does thank you for the blood of Jesus Christ thank you for his death on the cross for us but I pray for each one in this room that I know a lot of them are having an exciting experience with you but father or not major words why help them to be illicit still before you intimately know you Mister God Savior like shell them how we learn you are how personal you want to be a father is anything that's blocking the way between you and then just keep revealing and make him miserable and they allow you thank you and keep his name in a this media was brought as a audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sentence audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio tours .org


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