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2. No Other Gods

Garhett Morgan


  • January 27, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Last week if you remember we talked about the 10 Commandments and the 10 Commandments we believe according to the Word of God is still valid today would you agree with me we agreed last week that God has delivered us from bondage and because God has limited us from bond she wants to keep us out of bondage right that's what the 10 Commandments are all about so if we could sum up last week's message in 1 sentence and I said it last week this would be that sentence the love of God and the law of God are not antagonistic but they are synonymous right the law of God and love of God are the same it's very interesting to me but people have a very hard time with the idea that we need to come in alignment with the law of God They call that legalism but yet no 1 would struggle with saying that we need to become an ally with God right but in reality those 2 things are the same thing aren't they so the law of God will still be in effect as long as God is still saving people out of bondage to a great and I believe that today God A still in the business of saving people from slavery a man and also the law of God will still be in effect as long as God is keeping people out of bondage do you think that Heaven is going to be bondage What do you think do you think in heaven will be kept out of bondage absolutely so throughout eternity the law of God will still be in effect but today I want to be taking a look at the 1st and the 2nd commandments of this and we're going to be looking to see what this has to say for us today in 2018 if you want we're going to re read our scripture verse and we're going to break it down just a little beds Exodus Chapter 20 starting in verse 1. It says and gone spake all these words saying so in verse 2 here this is where the engraving of the 10 Commandments begins it doesn't start with that I shall not have no other gods before me but it starts with this right here I am the LORD your God which have brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage Amen and last week we talked about before God gave us these 10 ways to keep us out of bondage he let us know that he was the 1 that took them out of bondage Amen God loves you and because God loves you he gives us these rules to keep us loving him continue on in verse 3 then shall have no other gods how many no other dogs before me this is the 1 I want to focus on today you know as we get a deeper look into the commandments and we get a deeper look into what God has told us to do and what God is supposed to refrain from a lot of people would say that our God wants us to work our way to heaven would you agree with that statement. This gone want us to perform good works he does doesn't it but is there any way that we can make ourselves get to heaven without him there's not is there we can do everything that we can we can try and keep everything to the letter of the law but brothers and sisters without Christ it is impossible for us to work ourselves to heaven by all of these good deeds that we are supposed to for Jesus is the only way that we can truly keep the Law of God. But in reality many people may think that Christianity is a works based religion but I would actually believe the opposite I believe that Kercher true Christianity is a perfect balance of God and work and Romans talks about this but also I would also dare to say that any false religion in this world today is it works based religion if you think about Buddhism think about islam think about the new engine all these different major world religions that we have today all of them are based on 1 similar threat they're all based on works in order for you to be able to live a perfect life and live an afterlife you have to only keep this law and if you keep this law up then you will be saying but brother and sisters I believe that I should be following God and when I followed on he will make me say they meant. Even if I kept the Law of God to its entirety from today on and I didn't make a mistake for the rest of my life brothers and sisters without Christ I was still be lost and this is what we want to touch on today. For just an example of other religions being a work based religion I want you I want to read this to you right here this is from the Roman Catholic catechism Article 2010 this is what it says since the initiative belongs to God in the order of grace no 1 can marry at the initial grace of forgiveness and just became at the beginning of conversion moved by the Holy Spirit and by charity Now this is the part I want you to notice we can then merits for ourselves and for others the graces needed for our strengths became Would you agree with that statement is there any way that we can merits our own salvation. And as well as that is there any way we can marry somebody else's salvation that's more possible still right it's a new going on here for the encrease of grace and charity and for the attainment of eternal life even tempore goods like health friendship things like money things of that nature can be merited in accordance with God's Wisdom these graces and goods are the objects of Christian prayer brothers and sisters I believe that the Bible teaches the very opposite of that. 1 more quote I want you to see here from the Catechism as well this is Article 1459 it says absolution takes away sin I disagree with that statement as well what this is teaching is that if I just stay away from sin if I just rejects then all the time then eventually I'm going to become sinless but brothers and sisters just from keeping away from sin doesn't make you holy amen like just like we said if I kept away from all sin today I still have to struggle with my carnal nature who don't I and the only way that can be cleansed is through Jesus Christ absolution takes WAY sin but does not remedy all the disorders and has caused raised up from sin the sinner must still recover his full spiritual health by following Christ that's not what it says by doing something more to make amends for the said he must make satisfaction or expedite his says the satisfaction is also called penance I don't believe we serve a god that wants this debate penance Amen I believe in a god that wants to save us from our sins and help us every step of the way they met and as we look at the 1st and 2nd commandment now no other gods before me I believe that this is a plea for Gone to have a relationship with you and we're going to see that here right now if you would turn with me to Mark Chapter 11. Mark Chapter 11. Mar chapter 11 verse 17 here we find a rich young ruler March after 11 verse 17. This is what the Bible says and he took them up in his arms put his hands upon him blessed them number 17 and when he was gone forth into the way there came 1 running and kneel to him and asked him good master what shall I do to inherit eternal life I believe that all of us at 1 time or another have done the same thing would you agree I believe that what this you are saying is peace basically coming up to me saying Father what can I do to be saved how do I attain salvation would you agree with that statement this rich young ruler is pleading for salvation Jesus continues and says in verse 18 Mark Levin 18 and Jesus said unto him why call us to that now me good. Mark 10 excuse me not Mark 11. Mark 101718 Mark 1018 and Jesus said to him why call us that all me good there is none good but 1 and that is 2 that's gone now no it's the commandments what we're talking about today do not commit adultery do not kill do not steal do not bear false witness defraud not honor thy father and my mother so Jesus looks at this bright young Jewish man and he says you know the commandments right do not kill do it that adultery don't line things of that nature and noticed with this man says verse 20 and he answered and said unto him master all these have I observed from my youth but notice there's a few commandments that Jesus didn't mention here and 1 of the Commandments that Christ didn't mention was the 1st commandment thou shall have no other gods before me and he just goes on in verse 21 by saying then says beholding him loved him and said to him 1 thing the activists gold I want to say so whatever you have and give to the poor and you shall have treasure in heaven and come take up the cross. And follow me and he was sad at that saying and he went away grieved for he had great possessions there was 1 thing in this young man's life that was keeping him from salvation and it was the 1 thing that he was putting before God and His salvation and that was his riches. And next this chapter 20 it says that we should have no other gods which have never idols before us and I believe in today's time that is talking about other gods of other different religions but brothers and sisters this is a lot different than just that this is talking about anything that we put in place or in front of God in our lives Amen God here is pleading with us according to that 1st commandment that he wants to blossom without an idol in our life they meant notice here what it says an easy kill if you turn there with me he's the. Chapter 14. Easy kill chapter 14 starting in verse 1. And C.E.O. 14 in verse 1 this is what it says then came certain of the Elders of Israel on to me and sat before me and the word of the Lord came unto me saying Son of Man these men have set up their wives idols in their heart and put the stumbling block of their iniquity before their face should I be inquired of at all by them verse for this is what I want us to really look at therefore speak on to them and say to them Thus saith the Lord God Every man of the house of Israel that set up his idols in his heart and puts the stumbling block was iniquity before his face and cometh to the Prophet I the Lord will answer him that come with the court into the multitude of his idols. According to Zico chapter 14 verse 4 if we have an eye on this cherished in our heart if we have something that we are putting in the place or above God then when we pray to Him brothers and sisters he will answer us according to those items that's a rebuke isn't it what is it talking about it's really hard for God to answer your prayer for a good marriage when you have a pornography problem. It's really hard for God to answer your prayer to bless your finances when you have a gambling problem it's really hard for God to answer our prayers of living a good Christian life when we're not willing to let go of things of this world they meant God is willing to help us get rid of those cherished aisles in our hearts but if we are not willing to let them go all they can the answer our prayers he can't God is always willing to help a center let go of a cherished Idol Amen praise the Lord but God cannot bless us the way he wants us to be blessed if we are holding on to something of this world but brothers and sisters could it be that our adversary the devil is willing to give us blossoms as well I believe that he is the devil knows us better than he than we know ourselves and if the devil knows that you're struggling with finances or that you love to have money then he may bless you with money because with that love of money may be lost God will only blossom according to what he knows we can handle Amen. Now here is something I would like to bring to our attention today it says they're uneasy CULE that we should have no cherish sins and that we should have nothing in the place of God but could it be that we as Christians could it be that we a 7th Day Adventist crest Christians have sometimes put the law in place of God Could it be that sometimes in our hearts where the place that Jesus should be we have put the law of God I believe them in some cases we have you know I have had this to see in my life before I have thought to myself if I have I desperately need the Holy Spirit and if I just would get rid of this in this and this and the Holy Spirit can fill me but I have that thinking all backwards. If I want the Holy Spirit then brother and sisters I need to ask Jesus to come and take over my life and then and when Christ comes and takes over my life then I will be in accordance with the commandments in turn with me to Hebrews. Hebrews chapter. I've got a lot of verses in here. He was Chapter 10 he was Chapter 10 in verse 16. Hebrews 10 in verse 16 he says this. This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days see if the Lord I will put my laws into their wants into their hearts and in their minds will I write them I don't think it's any coincidence that God wants us to write the law of God in our hearts he wants to write the law of God in our hearts but he also wants to live in arts as well I meant I believe that if you invited us into your heart completely then you will have the mom God written in your heart Amen but if we only have the law of God in our heart and we know we shouldn't do but we don't want Christ help for then brothers and sisters we're going to be lost this is what Paul calls the curse of the law now how can the god is inherit the was inherently good isn't it how can this good thing have a curse 1 telling you this right now and I've experienced it in my own life in the Bible teaches this that if we only are according to the law but we don't have a relationship with Jesus then we're going to be lost and it's going to be a kind of loss that is worse than any other in this world because if we look at the law we know that we're condemned don't we we know our fate according to the law of God But if we don't have Jesus we know that there's nothing that we can do about it it's like trying to use soap without water isn't it just doesn't work. God wants us to have Jesus number 1 in our lives Amen above everything else and if we have Jesus 1st in our lives then I believe they will be keeping that 1st and that 2nd commandment when ever the Israelites in the Old Testament fell into apostasy whenever they found to idolatry there was always a pattern of things that would take place you know I think in the United States today and it's changing very quickly I believe but I believe in the Christian Church today I don't struggle with going to worship Buddha. I don't struggle with going to worship another graven image personally but I believe there are things in this world with the devil has put into our hearts that can be idols they can be almost worse than that though with me if you would we're going to look at a couple examples of this Genesis Chapter 35 Genesis Chapter 35. In verse 1 Genesis 35 and verse 1. Genesis 35 Verse 1 says this and go and sin and to Jacob arise school to death on the well there and make there an altar once a god that appeared on see you when you fled from the face of the saw my brother then Jacob said to his household it's all there with them put away the strange What's the strange gods that are among you and be clean and change your garment could God bless the house of Jacob if there were strange gods in his camp. And I believe the same is for us today God cannot fully bless us to the fulfillment of what he wants to do if there are idols or strange gods in our hearts and I believe that God cannot bless us if we have a strange God in our houses or our camps as the Bible says Could it be that we have strange dogs in our households watching through our T.V. screens. Could it be that we have strange gods in our household flowing through our radio stations strange gods can creep in every way these days and brothers and sisters we need to have gone for us in our house we have gone 1st in our camps in our hearts verse 3 Genesis 35 or 3 and let us to rise and go up to Bethel and I will make there an altar answer God who answered me in the day of my distress and was with me in the way which I went and they gave on to Jacob all the strange god which were in their hands and all their earaches which were in their ears and Jacob hid them out of the old which was by check them this is very interesting when ever the Israelites go into apostasy there were 2 things that changed the strange gods came back. And their parents also started to change didn't the earrings that were in their ears were a sign of slavery back in the days of the Israel and as they put in those earrings it was this was the word I'm looking for it was ironic they were they were not becoming friends of God but they're becoming slaves of this world it happens again here if you turn with me to Exodus Chapter 33. Exodus Chapter 33 here we find Israel again. Remember this is after Mount Sinai number after Mount Sinai when the 10 commandments were spoken the Israelites said something very interesting they said all that you say we will do I believe that's what we often say as well and right after they have said all that you say we will do look what happens next $33.00 worst 1 and the Lord said to Moses depart and go up penance now and the people which were brought up out of the land of Egypt and celebs I swore It's Abraham to Isaac to Jacob saying on his I see Will I get that and I will send an angel before you and I will drive out the Canaanite the M.R.I. at the head sign the parents sign the head by the lots of ice. You know just little science rack here I believe that God will send an angel of God before us in our lives as well the 1st 3 onto a land flowing with milk and honey for I will not go up in the midst of the FOR YOU are stiff necked people lest I consume you in the way when the people heard these evil tidings they mourn and no man did put on his ornaments every single time the Israelites fell into apostasy there were 2 things that happens the idols came back. And their outward appearance changed. I believe this is something that is happening today is time as well when we as Christians and you have to be a Christian but you can be a secular person as well when we want to give up something in our lives 1 of those cherished idols an addiction something of that nature when we are ready to give that up we take those things and we put them in the cupboard and then when the next temptation to have that thing comes around it's easily accessible to get it right back when you look there in Genesis that says that the people when they buried their idols. They should have buried them should they should have destroyed them and that when God convicts us to put something out of our lives we shouldn't just put them away for later but we should i really get rid of them they meant and not of our own self because brothers sisters if we're trying to get rid of something on our own might we're going to fail time and time again Amen but when God convicts this of something we need to destroy it and get rid of it so that we will not struggle with it anymore. I've been open and honest with you before but 1 thing in my life that has plagued me ever since I was about 16 years old has been my choices of music that I used to listen to do and it's been some time since I've listened to that music actually quite sometime but as I would turn on my phone and I would look for some Christian music to listen to brothers or sisters I had not deleted my old playlist I have not deleted my old old albums and I think the biggest excuse that I have for myself or that was because there was so much ungodly music there would take me hours to sift through it all and get rid of it. But it was still there on my divine Yes it was still there on my computer then brothers and sisters was to say I would not go back to that someday by the grace of God This past week I went to that music library and I finally went through the painstaking process of getting rid of all that a man God will help us when we are trying to get rid of these cherished idols in our hearts Amen when God says that he should we should have no other gods before Him what He is really pleading us for is this God wants to have a relationship with us amen and God cannot have the type of relationship he wants to have with you and he wants to have with me if we have something taking the place of him if we have something else living in our hearts if we have something else that is so cherished and living in the guest bedroom of our hearts then where Jesus going to go all. Fuses knocking at that door is an E. and if there is something else already filling up that part of our hearts were Jesus' supposed to be which I believe is the entire being of us Amen then brothers and sisters he can not have the relationship with us that he wants to have when it talks about these other gods and these graven images I believe it is talking about the thing that we normally talk about. We shouldn't be worshiping Mary we should not be worshiping Buddha or things of that nature of our brothers and sisters I think it goes a whole lot deeper than that the only thing that God wants graven into your minds the only thing that God wants graven into your hearts is not things that Hollywood wants to graven to your hearts it's not the things that Hollywood wants to put into your mind that you cannot forget but it is the Word of God Amen it is his law and it's his love which are the exact same thing the only graven thing that God wants for you to have this is law in your hearts and our minds and he's willing to do that for you amen and if you invite Him into your heart then brothers and sisters that work is about to begin actually this chapter 20 tells us that we should have nothing in the place of our Heavenly Father and His Son in our hearts I want to show you a picture here. This was kind of the of the shawl Adventist picture right after we were organized in 863 a man by the name of M.G. Kellogg the well 1 who was related to the Kellogg that we know of with Kellogg cereal right he was a Adventist guy and M.G. Kellogg designed and copyrighted a 19 by 24 picture depicting the plan of salvation it's quite a picture isn't it and has pretty much everything there we've got baptism that's not the picture I want to show you and it is OK It's got baptism it's got Jesus it's got this sanctuary message this is the law of God right here we have Jesus coming over there we have Adam need being thrown out of the Garden of Eden we have Cain and Abel all these different things but what do we have in the center of it. We have the law of God only and over to the right here we have Jesus predominantly in this picture we find the 10 Commandments and this was really really important to Adventists back in the day in the 870 S. because when ministers when lay people when evangelists when they would go preach the gospel an evangelistic series and Revelations series and presenting precious truths to others they would take this picture with them because they didn't have Power Point or things like that right and they would take this picture and they fold it up about 20000 of these were made and distributed and they would fold it up and in different churches in different courthouses barns households and probably a jail cell in a hospital bed time or 2 they would put these up on the wall as they would preach to people this is would be what people would see for us there are visual learners it's kind of nice to look at a picture now and then remind ourselves what's going on isn't it and as we look at this picture we find something very interesting when the 7th Day Adventists people 1st were getting organized they were coming out of many different denominations there were many Lutherans remarry Methodists and Baptists lot of people coming together and when they came to the I'VE BEEN says movement Adventism was preaching the 1 thing that many had forgot their preaching the Sabbath message and that was they were called preach and as they were preaching the Sabbath message they would preach the Law of God their priest the state of the state of the dad and and the end results of mankind with the sin on this earth today now as they would preach these things there was 1 thing that they very often left outs and what do you think that was it was the message of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins. They never said that that wasn't true they always promoted that Jesus was the only way that we could bring salvation but in their preaching they focus more on the law of God than Jesus or. God forbid that be us Amen I truly believe and I've said it multiple times today and last week but I believe that if we preach Jesus that the law of God will take care of itself if we preach Jesus correctly. I'm not saying that we should not we should priests Jesus and not doctrine but when we preach doctrine brothers and sisters Jesus needs to be the central theme of each and every 1. James whites who was again 1 of the founders of our church promoted this picture in the review and over this course of time James White was convicted that they were preaching the law but they were preaching Christ with the long. So a few years later let me get my facts 4 years later James White went to a man by the name of Thomas Morgan no relation to me and I promise you what the Thomas Morgan who was the best artist in the world or people Fox and they went and they got a lithograph main or a steel stamp really and this is the picture that took the place of this 1 that many people have used what do we find in the center we find Christ but the law of God The lottery is removed but over here on the rights not the left sorry over here on the left with stuff Mount Sinai which is where what was given the law of God Jesus Christ became the center of our religion and brothers and sisters I believe that's the way that it should be today. When we preach Christ and we preach Jesus is the 1 ruler of our lives than the law will be proclaims more and more today I believe the week. As human beings often find many things to fill our heart with we crave things that only we crave happiness we crave peace we crave enjoyment and many people try to cram as much in the hole in our hearts that they can without realizing that Jesus is the only 1 that can fill that void that each and every 1 of us have. When we put the law in our hearts without Christ the brothers and sisters we feel discouraged I don't know about you but how do you ever in your Christian walk before taking a look at the law taking a look at all of these things that God has told us and felt about that big felt extremely small felt like How might be going how am I going to become the person that God wants me to be how my supposed to do all of these things that I'm supposed to do how my going to check all these things off the list I've been there before and I'll tell you right now that that's the wrong attitude to take it with because with that mentality we're putting the law in our hearts and not Christ but when you put Jesus in your heart and you are willing to follow him wherever he goes he's going to lead you on his own pace he's going to lead you through all of the things that will keep you out of bondage and I believe that Christ. When we spend enough time with him when we surrender our all to Him we can become perfect by following him. That's why Revelation tells us that we should follow the lamb wherever he goes amen if you want to have victory over the idols in your life if we want to have victory over those chair or since. If we want our prayers not to be praying for an answer according to our idols but according to God's plan than brothers and sisters we need Jesus and Jesus is always willing to take control of our hearts Amen but Christ is never willing to take something out of our hearts that we are willing to let it go when we choose something in the place of Christ then he will not force that out of our lives he respects the choice that we've made you know sometimes I wish that. Christ would just Course me to do the things that I should do right never thought that before Man There's the things that I need to get rid of and I just I can't surrender them I just wish that Jesus would just bypass that part just take it all out make me who I should become your thought that I know that I have but brothers and sisters Christ wants us to go through that process with him amen and when we go through that process and overcoming said and temptation in those cherish things that we have in our hearts then I believe that will become a friend of gun these 1st 2 commandments are protecting the relationship that God wants to have with us just like Larry said at the start of this the 10 Commandments are a list of do's and don'ts but the 10 Commandments are 10 promises their 10 blessings a min. And if we have Christ in our hearts and we do not have any idols if we do not bow now to any graven image of any likeness of what people depicts God asked but if we look at God the way that the Bible proclaims him to be and we fall in love with who he is then we are going to lead a victorious life. And God wants us to live that victorious life. Praise the Lord that He is patient with us. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service please visit W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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