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5. A Pile of Rocks

Garhett Morgan


  • March 3, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Father Lord we thank you for your Sabbath and we thank you that we have the privilege of meeting here in 3 them Lord there have been thanks happening in our country the past few weeks that have very been very traumatic and Lord we just ask that you would heal our land as we come to you and pray and let me know the only way that you can really heal this earth that we are on this if you come and make it new and father looking forward to that time very soon so father maybe Brett may we be ready for when you return and Lord as we read your words today and his words were spoken help not to be my words because I'm just a man but I'm me behind your cross and many people see you and not me this we pray in your precious name Amen. You know normally when someone speaks the last words they tend to mean something important don't they as someone is standing sitting there on their on their dead the death band as they're laying there and they just have a few more words to speak. Generally they tend to pack a punch don't they are they should often people remembered by their last words and if you had last words to speak and if you could think about what your last words on earth were going to be to your children and grandchildren and to anybody that thought of you what would those words be. Just think about that for a minute not trying to be morbid here this morning. But there's a few statements and a few people who have said some things right before they died that are baffling and some of them quite deep and emotional and others we don't know I have an idea what they're saying My grandfather lived to the ripe old age of 98 and he knew he was about ready to die and so for the last day of his life he talked to each and every 1 of us and kind of gave us our own blessing it was a beautiful thing and I'm 1 of the last words that he said just moments before he closed his eyes for the last time his last words were This had a ball. And then he done you see my grandfather lived a Christian life and not just some Christian life but he loved to live life he lived through the Depression he lived through World War 2 He lived through so many things but he always had an optimistic attitude you know have you ever walked into an Adventist Church or maybe a Christian church for that matter and you walk into an Adventist Church that you're visiting I hope it's not here but as you walk into that administers you think these are it's Adventists they're sad Ventas. Ever seen people are just sad but they're supposed to be Christians brothers and sisters we should be happy with the message that we have they meant some of the administration to be some of the happiest people around because we have joy in what the Lord has offered to us we have joy that is coming soon we have joy in our health messages we have joy for our children are walking with the Lord we should be happy people. I know if you know who Bing Crosby is being crossed Lee was 1 of the best crooners of his times and he sings those you don't know any things white Christmas I don't think anybody should sing white Christmas but being Crosby and being cross being I don't know if you knew this but as he was just about ready to finish his game of golf he had his last his last 1 off the tee and as he was walking back to the club he had a massive heart attack and died. And he had that heart attack there on the 18th hole as he was laying there on the grass it's the story goes that he looked up at his partners and smiled and said that was a slow game of golf and then he died. That's what he was known as Steve Jobs the C.E.O. of Apple and the 1 that is behind probably the worst the vice that plagues our nation today the i Phone said this when he was just about ready to pass away wow wow wow that he doesn't vary on. Winston Churchill and his sassy English accent which I'm not going to try and duplicate today although you probably want me to he said this right before he passed away I'm bored with it all then he done it that's profound isn't it there's nothing left for him I'm bored of it all let me down but the last 1 I want to talk about today well the 2nd to the last 1 was a man with him a president can only President McKinley was 1 of the presidents of the United States that was actually assassinated and as President McKinley was there and he was giving a speech a young man and probably just really a boy if you think about it I gunmen came in he shot President McKinley And as President McKinley fell down he was rushed to the hospital and you know what his his words were. Do not harm the boy do not harm the boy and as he was there in the hospital as they were trying to save President McKinley's life he asked someone to come in and sing a hymn to him and that someone in case Ayman saying to him to him right as that hymn ended he looked at his wife and he said bye kingdom come thy will be done. And he breathed his last and that really reminds me of what our Savior said as he was there on the cross you know when Jesus was there and as he was being upon the cross he had the opportunity to say a lot of things didn't he. He had the entire world looking at him he had an audience that was just ready to soak up anything that he had to say the crowd was there they were finished mocking him they were a little bit scared because of what was going on with the weather about them right and as Jesus was there and he could have said so many things he chose a few words to say that might seem a little bit baffling 1st of all he did say to the Roman guards Father forgive them for they know not what they do what a savior Amen you know when I look at the last words of Christ and as a look at the words of Christ overall For example if I look at all of those words it just I probably said it before but it just baffles me and it just overwhelms me with every word that Christ spoke and add a lot of weight to it that every single word that Jesus spoke there was never a word that was spoken carelessly there was never a word that was spoken just out of order out of hand but every word that Jesus spoke meant something and he put a lot of thought behind those words didn't he. And when it came to his last words there right before he breathed up it's finished he says something that we don't think very often go with me and look at this in John Chapter 19 John Chapter 19. And he does something that is just powerful. John 19 moments before he gives up the ghost look at what he says John 19 and verse 26 Imagine if you would mothers in the in the in the congregation today mothers can you imagine the child who you are raised from birth into adulthood and that adult growing into a young man who was righteous and steadfast and handsome standing there in front of his cross as he is bleeding for the something that he never did. Can you imagine that and that's exactly what Mary was going through as Mary was there she saw her son up there on that cross and look what it says here John 926 when Jesus therefore saw his mother and the disciple standing by who he loved who is that that's John he said unto his mother woman behold by son. Then say it he to the disciple being John behold the mother and from that hour that disciple took her on to his own home this is fascinating only I think it's only 3 verses later Jesus says it is finished and yet right before he died right before he was going to go and rest for those 3 days and be resurrected again right afterwards he made sure that his earthly mother was taken care of is not powerful Jesus on his death bed or death cross as it were made sure that his mother was all honored once he was gone from this earth honor your father and your mother you know Paul tells us that honoring your father and mother that's the 1st commandment with promise isn't it let's look at that go to X. this chapter 20 if you would Exodus Chapter 20 and we're going to look at this promise. Exodus 20. Exodus 20 and verse 12 as we've been finding these commandments are simply rules for keeping us from bondage and having us have a closer relationship and walk with Christ X. this chapter 20 verse 12 this is the word that sat on or by father and my mother that I days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God hath given me were to be looking at a couple things today and we're going to be looking at 2 different sections. Number 1 we're going to be looking at honoring our earthly father and mother and secondly we're going to be looking at honoring our Father in heaven amen because we've been blessed with both sets of parents as it were but there's 1 interesting thing about this an extra chapter 20 it says that their days may be a lot of upon the land which God has given you but if you go to Deuteronomy Chapter 5 once you turn there you don't make Chapter 5 it adds a little bit of a different twist to it in Deuteronomy Chapter 5 and verse 16. Deuteronomy 516 is the 2nd place that we find the list of the 10 Commandments Deuteronomy 516 says this sounds the same honor of my father and my mother as the Lord thy God hath commanded the that the days may be prolonged and that it may go well with the in the land which billboard by God had given me so not only is this commandment promising that we'll live a long life but it's also promising that in that long life it will be a good 1 Amen Now I don't know about you but I don't know if I want to live a long life but if it's not a good life I'd rather die young if it's a bad life but this commandment promises that if we honor our father and mother we will not only live a long live but will live a life that does this well amen if we all honor our Father in heaven we're going to be making some lifestyle changes army. If we honor our Father in heaven and we abide by the book we are going to be living healthier lives aren't we and if we're living healthier lives our lives are automatically going to longer and they're going to be better at that for instance let's say that we go to the book at the bottom we go to the Bible and the Bible never says specifically that shalt not smoke right I wish it did. But it says something in there it says that the body is a temple of God right and if you decide that you want to follow God in everything that he says and you're going to kick that smoking habit do you think that you're adding some years on to your life. And not only are you adding years on 0 why but are those years going to be better than they were as if you if you were smoking at the same time absolutely right God want to do what you just live a long life but he wants you to live a life that is happy and that is well that's the kind of God we serve Amen let me ask you this question I'm a very simple type of a guy and when I come to words I want the words to make sense to me what does the word honor even mean. What's a synonym for honor and all the 1 that's going to come to everybody's mind respect exactly what's another word for on a that's not respect you think of any others what this honor mean. Revere that's a good 1 obey obedience Yep that's 1 too you know when I think of honor I kind of think along the same lines obedience reverence respect right and all of those are true but I looked into sort of the store S. and the dictionary and I found a word that was added that I never thought about when it came to the word on are you ready for affection. Affection. Not only should we be honoring our Father in heaven and our parents are on Earth we're going to talk about in a minute not only should we be obeying them but we should have affection for them as well. Do you think that God wants us to have affection for him. Absolutely right God desires affection for us do you think yes he wants us to have affection for him absolutely Now let me ask you this question if Dawn asked us to honor him do you think and I asked this question few weeks ago do you think that God deserves that honor you think the God deserves honor at all what do you think but I believe that right if anybody deserves honor it would be gone let me look at this let me let me show you a verse for this go to Proverbs Chapter 30 Proverbs Chapter 30. I was chapter 30 more look at verse by is gone on Arrival is the question or answering Proverbs Chapter 30 and verse 5 and this is something that cannot be said about me or probably anybody that I know. Probably 30 verse by every word how many words. Every word of God is what appear he is a shield on to them that put their trust in him Adam not into his words which he repeats rip you and you be found a liar this is powerful the reason that we should honor God is because when Gonski speaks everything that he speaks comes true amen and not only are all of his words true but he protects us as well as any Nothing comes to us unless God allows it to gone it is a God that deserves respect and her me once I know who God is and what God is all about it's very easy for me to respect God because he automatically deserves it because it's just so great but the problem comes in the elephant in the room for all of us is this it gets really difficult to respect and honor humanity doesn't it. Now I had some pretty great parents growing up my dad is a is a man of God My mother is a woman of Israel she's a woman of gone great solid people but you know what even though they were some of the best parents I can imagine they're still imperfect aren't they. And there are many of us in this room many of us who know people who have parents who father and mother Ward honorable people. Maybe that's you I don't know. And the question may be how can God expect me to honor a father. Who wasn't honorable at all. How can God expect me to honor a mother that wasn't even there. Those are some serious questions aren't they. But I want to take you to something 1st and then we'll answer that question and it's a powerful answer but go to the 1st John Chapter 2 because everything that God. Is intelligent the systems that God has set up. Are perfect and they should be no surprise 1st John Chapter 2 verse 13. Now I'm writing I'm reading this to you with the understanding that you know that you have a lot of young pastor All right look at what it says here 1st John Chapter 2 and verse 13 notice what it says I write on to use father's. Or the word can be said old people or older people I write to you fathers because you have known him that is from the beginning are rights unto you young men because you have overcome the wicked 1 I run into you little children because you have known the Father I have written so you fathers because you have known him that is from the beginning I have written unto you young men because you are strong and the Word of God about it then you and you have overcome the wicked 1 I love this because what God is telling us here is that young men and older men and women should work together Amen I have a friend who is actually many friends but this 1 in particular is going to theology school in 1 of our Avonex colleges and he was in a class and the professor said something that didn't sit well with him and this is what the professor told him he's in his senior year of theology school and this is what was said the professor said Now I want you to understand class that once you leave as a theology manger and you go into your church as a pastor for the 1st time you will know more than anybody in their room guaranteed when you go into that room you will know more about the biblical languages you will know more about the Sabbath you will know more about all these things because you have studied it and I have taught you and I didn't sit well with my friend very well and so he raised his head and the professor called on him which he probably should enough because my friends a little bit of a hot head. And my friend looked at the professor and said Are you telling me that because I have spent 2 or 3 years in a theology school that I'm going to know more about Christianity than the 80 year old lady sitting in the back of my church that has lived it every single day of her life. And I think you raise a good point which is that no if you think Christianity the Bible religion cannot be tots in a classroom to its full extent you can learn about the biblical languages and that's well and good and important you can learn about all of these things in the classroom but true Christianity is learned every single day 1 day at a time and 1 trial a time would you agree and the beauty about silver hair the beauty about the Christian that has been in the church and been walking with Dawn for decades is that he has seen God come through time and time again. Us younger people can have an ad that that experience of being able to see God come through every step of the way in every single situation imaginable but 1 thing that young men and women have. Is a lot of gumption. Lot of energy a lot of get up and go right and often all that energy and get up and go is used for all the wrong things isn't it. If you take a spiritual man or woman of God and you pair them with a young man or woman you can get a lot done can't you. Because that young man or woman is going and doing the work the older person with that knowledge can steer them into the right path they meant and that is what a true Gospel scene would be. But when God says something he does it completely accurately and I love what it says here in 1st John to that young men are strong and older men and women know good from evil Now let me ask you this many of you have been around for some time. But if you want somebody who truly knows the end from the beginning look to your heavenly Father. If you truly want somebody to talk to that knows that the devil is beaten. The top of the 1 that was there. We have access to any spear who has ben in existence before the creation of time as we know and he was there when this earth was created he was there when you were thought of he was there when the sin problem came into the world he thought up the whole salvation plan don't you think he knows a little bit more than I do and maybe you do it should be pretty obvious shouldn't it and yet so often when we look at this line and we have so many questions we don't come and spend time on our knees asking him for an answer. If we truly want to honor our Father in heaven we will communicate with him amen because that is what our father is truly longing for but you're asking you haven't answered my question yet how can God ask me to honor a parents that was never there. And maybe your parent wants their Maybe you're asking the question how can God expect me to honor a father who abused me. How can God expect me to honor a mother who abused me. That's a very difficult question and I think that the Bible has an answer for that are you ready. We're going to look in a place that you probably wouldn't imagine for this answer but we're going to go to the old book. Of 1st Samuel. First Samuel chapter 2. First Samuel chapter 2 and verse 30. And as we're turning there if you are a parent in this room. If God calls your children to honor you we should be honorable people. If God wants your children to honor you than give them something to honor Amen and the best way to be an honorable person is to serve an honorable God. Second Samuel of them start 1st Samuel to verse 30 this is what it says wherefore the Lord God of Israel has said I said indeed that thy house and the house of your father should walk before me forever but now the Lord say it here it is be it far from me further them that on are me. I will honor. And then they despised me shall be lightly a scheme just think about. Think about all of the things that you have done in your past that God has forgiven you for. When I look at my past without Christ I have lived a dishonorable life in the you can agree with you with with your life as well I'm not sure but all that I know is that I am a sinner and yet gone still says that he honors mean. It was part of that before you know that God loves you amen you know that God chastens you because God is our parent is that you think he chases us sometimes absolutely right but not only does God love you but gun owners you ever thought of that before. It got the perfect being of this universe can find it within himself to honor me. Then do you think that I could author my parents that wasn't there for me what do you think. But why would God want me to honor somebody that does not deserve being honored. I think this is the case I think this is the reason why. If you honor somebody. That doesn't deserve honored. They're going to know something's wrong. You know I've counseled and talked to several parents fathers and mothers. Who haven't been there for their children. And several of them have come on to me weeping because they know that what they did to their children were wrong. And just think about this. But normally when a father for example beats his child in a drunken rage. And wakes up the next day he knows what he did was wrong. So many parents have come to me with so many different regrets. And they know that the way that they have treated their children was wrong. And yet their pain the at their children still loved and honored them. If we love and honor our parents even when they do not deserve it. Even if they deserve anything but honor and praise and we still honor them and that is a proof and a testament that God is living in you. And if God is living in you enough for you to honor your parent that doesn't deserve it then it's going to lead that parent to questions does God want the abusive father in heaven some day what do you think. This god want that young man yesterday who went and shot his parents at and Central Michigan University and have it. It's hard to say of a god was that person have a God honors the person he doesn't honor the deeds Amen you can be upfront and honest with your parents whoever it may be and say you know all the things that you have done to me are dishonorable and they have hurt me and they have scarred me for my entire adult life but because God has given you as my father or my mother I respect you and I love you. We can still love somebody and draw a line can't we. Let's go to a story here go to 2nd stimulus 14. Second Samuel 14. And verse 23. When we talking about a young man whose name is Absalom. Second Samuel 14 and verse 23. It says this So Joab arose and went to get a share and brought Absalom to Jerusalem and the king said Let him turn to his own house and let him not see my face so Absalom returned to his own house and saw knots the king's face but in all Israel there was none to be so praised as Absalom for his beauty from the soul of this put even to the crown of his head there was no blemish in him and then it's off about the weight of his hair so apparently his hair was pretty great right not only was Absalom the son of David which gave him automatic fame and popularity and riches and status and all of the things that people are looking for today then in actuality mean nothing but not only did he have all of that but he was gorgeous as well right he was a man of stature he had a fantastic well built face and defined features and his hair was long and it was flowing might even have years be I don't know. But as Absalom was there all of that stature and wealth and everything that he had filled him up to where he didn't like his father any more in fact all that he wanted from his father was his father's throne and for 2 years Absalom lived in the same town as his father but did he ever go and see his dad. Not once and so finally he comes into David and take a look why. Verse 32 and Absalom answer Joab behold I sense of the saying I'm a sense of the king wherefore am I come from guess or have been good for me to have been there still now therefore let me see the king's face if there be any iniquity in him let him kill me so Joab came to the king and told him and when he had called for Absalom he came to the king and bowed himself on the face of the ground before out before the king and the kink is Absalom and then Absalom done something right after he goes and makes amends with his dad but he goes and he gathers itself chariots and men. And then that next chapter over the next few verses David has to flee his own town because the hearts of Israel were not with David anymore but they were with Absalom. And as Absalom continued to disrespect his father and disrespect his father a day came where Absalom was riding away on a donkey from battle after he had been beaten and that awesome hair that he had caught himself in that victory right you all know the story and as Absalom was hanging there in history 1 of David's soldiers came up and finished off Absalom and when it was told David that Absalom was dead David would have rather die than Absalom that's a father's love isn't. A few years ago quite some time ago actually there were some archaeologists in Israel. And they were walking along 1 day and they found a stone or concrete pinnacle and from about the floor to about right here just a couple feet tall was this pinnacle that was just there and all around this pinnacle were stones about 8 big alright stones that you could throw this big or a little smaller and they thought that's very odd and so archaeologists they like to dig right and so they started taking these stones and picking them off until they found that this pinnacle wasn't just a pinnacle but it was attached to a dig building. So they started removing the Stones until finally they found a tomb there and the tomb was quite large it was about as tall as this church big building and as they did research they found that this tomb was none other than Absalom. Absalom was buried there or so said that he was buried there. And tradition had it that when the local Israelite young children did something wrong because children are never not a right. But as young boys and girls did something wrong a part of their punishment it was to go with the father or the mother and go to Absalom to. End their the mother or the father would tell that young rebellious child what had happened to Absalom and how rebellion and disrespect to his father cost him death and that young person was to take a rock and guess what it was but he was supposed to do throw it at the Tomb. That tomb had had so many rocks thrown at it that it covered up all the way to that pinnacle slot or rocks isn't it. All of those rocks represented the rebelliousness and the disrespect of parents of children to their parents in Israel. I don't know about you. But if my parents on earth deserve the respect thing or not I'm going to respect their own. Because my father has seen it fit to respect me for some reason. And if my god can honor a poor sinner like me. Then I have to share that with somebody. And not only this God promise that if I honor him I'm going to have a long life on this earth but he promises something else far greater than that sort of me to our last verse today Psalms 37. Psalms Chapter 37 verse 28. Psalms 372829. This is what it says. For the Lord love the judgment and does not for sake his things they are preserved forever but the seed of the wicked shall be what cut off the righteous shall inherit the lands and dwell there in forever not only does the Lord want you to live a long and happy life on this earth but he wants to give you a new earth amen and not only is he want to give you a new earth but he wants to give you an ever lasting life on that new earth amen. You know in Matthew chapter 5 in the Sermon on the Mount the Beatitudes it says Blessed are the meat for they shall inherit the what's the earth whenever I read that as a kid I thought me and the meek get jets because everybody else gets said well they're that they're the children of God are the sons of God And over here they will be filled and they are righteous and all these different things in the meek inherit the earth it would be a terrible deal if they inherited the earth as it is right now but the meek are going to inherit an earth that is unimaginable and the best thing about this earth is that Jesus is going to walk the streets with us Jesus is going to walk in nature with us and by the way not only is he going to be making this new earth course but right now he is making a mansion for you and as we think about Christ making a mansion for us a place for us to have an answer on this new Earth it would be a shame if the father who honored you on that judgement day which is coming very soon came to the Lamb's book of life and your name wasn't there talk about a heartbreak the worst heartbreak I believe on this earth is when a man or a woman or father and a mother whose child goes and deserts them and deserts gone and listen rebellion that's the worst kind of her. Think about what Jesus did for us. Jesus did so much so that on that day of judgment he can stand your place and say father he has a ticket to heaven I paid for it and he's got a house right there that I built him let him in. Can you imagine when he is there prepared to take your place in that judgement seat on that judgement day when he looks in the Lamb's Book of Life with your acceptance letter isn't there. I don't know about you but I don't want my mansion demolished. I don't want my name raised all that God asks for. Is to be cherished. All they got asks is to be loved and honored and as we've looked at these commandments 1 by 1 we found a plea from a heartbroken God because so easily we as humanity look at this dream called Heaven and we turn back to the nightmare of this earth don't choose this over eternity. Don't choose the scars that this earth has given you that may be your father mother has given you because in heaven the name father or mother whatever it may be but the name father has been marred so much on this earth today. That father son time or that mother daughter time that you craved growing up and that you never got. And when you did there was a pleasant. That time that you craved you're going to have eternity to spend with your Father in heaven. Don't disappoint him let's pray Father Lord we thank you. That you're not only are gone but you're our father. And Lord we know that our earthly fathers and mothers are all imperfect so more than others what we know that you have told us to respect them and to honor them. And Father if you can honor a sinner like me a sinner like we are then we can because we serve an honorable gone but what helps to honoring you so that when you come also very soon you will say well done. Good in faithful service. Thank you for. 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