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The Marriage of the Lamb

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed




  • June 17, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Father in heaven this has been a glorious Sabbath Day Thank you Father for the privilege of taking 1 whole day to just unwind recharge our batteries remember you in a special way further as we draw this day to a close where sad we would like to prolong this day but we know that business at hand for this coming week needs to be taken care of we just ask that as we end the Sabbath day in open your word that your spilt will be with us to guide our minds and open our hearts we thank you Father for the privilege of prayer thank you for hearing us and for answering because we ask it in the presence name of Jesus the man the 7th Day Adventist Church has a unique way of studying bubble prophecy basically we use the method which is called historicism I prefer to call it but historical method basically it's a very disciplined approach to the study of Bible prophecy because we have a beginning point and we have an ending point and everything that is in between the beginning point and the ending point. This evening we are going to take a look at a prophecy that probably most if not all of us have studied before but there's a portion of this prophecy that we don't dwell on a lot when we have evangelistic meetings. And so we're going to look at the entire prophecy very briefly in the 1st part and we're going to 0 in on the portion that is not touched upon very in very much detail turn with me in your Bibles to Daniel Chapter 7 Daniel Chapter 7. And we're going to go through the sequence in this chapter very quickly. And then of Chapter 7 we have a lion. What kingdom does a lion represent Babylon 6 o 5 to 539 B.C. and then we have a bear the bear represents which kingdom the Medes and the Persian they ruled from 539 B.C. to 331 B.C. and then you have a 3rd base which is a leopard and the leopard beast represents 3 very well and Greece of course rules from 331 B.C. The 168 B.C. and then you have what is called a nondescript beast and actually all of these are kind of nondescript lions with winds leopards with 4 heads they don't exist in real life but anyway the 4th beast is actually a Dragon Beast it's not called a dragon and then you'll 7 but in Revelation 12 this empire is called The Dragon who wants to kill the child when the child is bomb so the 4th beast is a dragon beats and this 4th beast represents which kingdom it represents the kingdom of the Roman Empire but you'll notice that this 4th beast this Dragon Beast has more than 1 stage of dominion for awhile this 4th beast rules by itself with no horns on its hit but then after a while we're told that this beast this Dragon Beast sprouts 10 horns on its skin it after the Empire has ruled for a while by itself without hope. And of course we know that the 10 horns represent the divisions of the Roman Empire as a result of the Barbarian Invasions the barb barbarians came from the north of the Empire and carved up what had been the Roman Empire and according to historians the 10 kingdoms were complete in the year 476 when the last Roman Emperor of the West was deposed its name was Romulus Augustus and then you find that among the 10 horns rises a little horn actually in the air or make it says it rises from Little Miss in the other words at 1st this horn is little but then it becomes huge and basically what this horn does as it rises from the head of this Dragon Beast once the 10 horns are complete is that the little horn up the roots 3 of the 10 horse. And once the 3 horns are up rooted the little horn can reign supreme without any opposition and basically as we know as we've studied as administers the Little Horn the papacy. Using the power of the state actually up rooted 3 heretical kingdoms that were airy and they believe that Jesus was the 1st creature of God Jesus was a created being and so the papacy appealed to the Empire to uproot these 3 kingdoms the hair a lie in the year 5 for 93 but vandals in the year 534 and the Ostrogoths in the year 538 so in the year 538 the last opposing of the powers was up rooted by the papacy joining with the power of the Emperor of the state so basically we have moved in the chain of prophecy without any interruption we've moved from Babel in the middle Persia to Greece to the Roman Empire to the vision division of the Roman Empire the uprooting of 3 kingdoms 3 of the 10 takes us 24762538 and then we find the little horn rising to supreme power as we know it rules for 1260 years it speaks blasphemies against the most high it persecutes the saints of the most high things that can change times and laws and the Bible says that rules for time times and the dividing of time which we don't have time to go through but I know that you've been through this before represents 1260 days but days in prophecy represent you so this has taken us to which date. Eunice taken us all the way as a chain of events without any parentheses without any interruptions from the kingdom of Babylon in the year 605 B.C. $0.00 the way down to the year 79 yeah 8 when the papal power lost its Dominion because the state power of the state was severed from supporting the papacy this is historicism this is the historical method it's a beautiful matter because you know at every moment where you are in the flow of history you know where history starts and where prophetic history flows and ultimately these prophecies end with the setting up of Christ everlasting kingdom so you have a starting point in an ending point and you have everything in between now we don't have time this evening to go beyond 7098 to the beast that has 2 horns like a lamb see that's the next power in the property take it rises when the papacy receives its deadly wound what I want to especially focus on now is the event in Daniel 7 that takes place after the papacy receives its deadly in 1798 endeavor Chapter 7 we find 4 repetitive cycles. In other words the material of Daniel 7 is basically repeated it's 4 types and let me just review those 4 times because you can't just read Daniel 7 and say OK I want to know where the events start and where the end and so you begin verse 1 and Daniel 7 has the sequence of events till the end of time because Daniel 7 runs in cycles for cycles so let me just summarize what those cycles are verses 1 through 14 of Daniel 7 gives the total vision it gives the vision of The Lion The bear the leopard the Dragon Beast the 10 horns The little to horn and then a judgement takes place and then Jesus receives the kingdom it takes you 1st full circle verses 1 through Corkey the entire sweep of the vision. That's verses went through 14 in verses 15 through 18 we find Daniel asking the angel which I believe was Gabriel he says I want to know what this vision me I want to understand the interpretation of this vision and so the angel gives him a very brief explanation of the vision that Daniel has just seen basically he says the 4 beasts are 4 kings that will rise in the earth and after this the Saints will receive the King that's basically the explanation but of course Daniel wasn't quite satisfied with that broad sweep and so in verses 19 through 22 Daniel speaks to the angel and he says listen I want to know especially about the 4th beat. And the little horn. And the arrival of the A to the base and the taking over of the King that's versus 19 to 22 So once again you have the idea I want to know what this prophecy means especially the portions that have to do with the 4th beast the Little Horn the coming of the Ancient of Days for judgment and the taking over of the kingdom so in verses $25.00 to $27.00 we find the angel explaining to Daniel what the meaning of the 4th beast is the meaning of the 10 horns the meaning of the Little Horn the meaning of the arrival of the Ancient of Days and the setting up of the everlasting kingdom so Daniel 7 runs in 4 cycles in each of the cycles you find the beginning with the 1st beast and the ending with the setting up of the everlasting kingdom so what we want to do is we want to take a look at the event that takes place after the papacy receives its deadly wound in 1798 well before we do this I need to mention that the advent of of the judgment is unique it is this think. There is no church in the world that shares the admin it's you have the judge you see for almost all Christians but judgment is when you die because if you die and you were a good person linked to Jesus you are whisked off to heaven if you were bad you are sent to hell and if you are half bad you're sent to purgatory So in other words the judgment in Protestant theology Roman Catholic theology takes place at death. So the idea that a judgment begins in 1844 to start judging human beings beginning with Adam and ending with the living is absolutely absurd because the Christian world believes that people receive the award reward when they die are you with me the evidence church does not have that view the evidence church believes that the judgment is not an event the judgment is a process and then your 7 makes that very clear now in earthly judgments the judgments take place in 3 stages 3 steps 1st of all in earthly judgments you have an examination of the evidence is that correct you have an investigation of the case the district attorney presents the case against and the defense attorney presents the case in favor all of the evidence is brought before the court after the examination of the evidence then either the judge if the judge is doing the judging or the jury part Allen says the verdict or the sentence. And then the time comes when the sentence is executed is that the way our system of jurisprudence works absolutely an investigation of the case a verdict based on the examination of the evidence and of then the implementation of the verdict where the individual actually is rewarded according to the verdict that was given and the verdict was given according to the investigation of the information in the specific case. Now let's go in our Bibles that Daniel Chapter 7 and will examine 1st of all versus 8 through 10 and then we'll go to versus 13 and 14. Then you're Chapter 78 through 10 remember this is taking place after 1798 this judgment scene is after the papacy rules for 1260 years so obviously the judgment did not take place when Jesus died on the cross the judgment did not take place in Martin Luther's day but judgment does not take place we're going to notice even at the 2nd coming that's the execution of the judgment it takes place shortly after the papacy receives its deadly wound in the chain of events of Daniel Chapter 7 so let's go to verses 8 through 10 and then we'll take a look at verses 13 and 14 it says they are in verse 8 I watched till for owns were put in place and the Ancient of Days was seed it was the seed of there before of course not if he was say that he must of come from some other place to be seated are you with me or not so that says the Ancient of Days was seated now the question is Where is the Ancient of Days and who is he the Ancient of Days in this God the Father and where does God the Father live we are taught to pray Our Father which art everywhere now our Father which art where our Father which art in Heaven the Ancient of Days is in heaven so this is taking place where in heaven so it says The Ancient of Days was seated and then it describes him his garment was white as snow and the hair of his head was like pure will his throat for all and was a fiery flame in its wheels a burning fire of fiery stream issued and came forth from before him a 1000 thousands ministered to him 10000 times them Thousands stood before him who are these the Angels where do they live. In heaven they're surrounded God's throne in heaven and now notice why the father is seated. And the angels are surrounding the throne it says the cart was say that. And the books were open where is this event transpiring in heaven this is the investigative stage the books were opened the books in other words are going to be examined and they are going to be examined in a heavenly judgment where the Ancient of Days lives and so the father who and he see it by the way where was the father before he moved he must have been in the holy place I mean you don't have to have the wisdom of Solomon you don't have to be Albert Einstein to figure out that if the father goes into the most holy place for the judgment it must be that he was where before he must have been in the holy place of the sanctuary before so the father moves the sets the books are opened the investigation is going to begin the 1st stage of the judgment and then in verse 13 we find that someone else moves let's read beginning with Verse 13 here Daniel explains I was watching in the visions of the night and behold 1 like the son of man who is that Jesus he referred to himself as the Son of Man multiple times in the Gospels it's OJT says and behold 1 like the Son of Man was coming with the clouds of heaven to wear to the earth is the 2nd coming when when the Bible says no he comes with the clouds and every eye shall see him no. Because the passage continuous saying I was watching in the night visions and behold 1 like the son a man coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the Ancient of Days. Where was the Ancient of Days in heaven what apartment most holy place so where does the Son of Man move with the clouds not to the earth as the Miller writes were mistaken about but the Son of Man moved to where the Ancient of Days had moved in heaven and then it says and they brought him who is they they brought him they brought the Son of man who brought him the clouds the angels Yes it says they brought him near before him or is the him the father very well now why does Jesus go there what is the purpose of Jesus going into the presence of the Father in 844 the answer is found in verse 14 then to him with that be to whom to Jesus US was given who gave it to him. The father so not us why Jesus opposed them then to him was given Domini and glory and a kingdom so why does Jesus go before the father to receive what will receive the kingdom from his father his father is going to give him the kingdom that's why Jesus goes in there in a moment we're going to find with the king to be. So it says then to him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom that all peoples nations and languages should serve him his door minion is an everlasting domain and which will not pass away and his kingdom the 1 which shall not be destroyed. So the father moves the pother since the law books are open for the examination for the investigation then the sun moves to where the father is and the purpose of the son moving is solid the father can give a G.'s thus the kingdom in a few moments we're going to be fine what the Kingdom is that's the 1st cycle that we just look at Mel let's take a look at the 2nd cycle where Daniel wants to know a little bit more about the vision and he's given a brief explanation notice verse 16 it says I came near 1 of those who stood by and I asked him the truth of all this so he told me and made known to me the interpretation of these things and now comes the brief explanation those great beasts which are for our 4 kings which arise out of the earth but the saints of the most High shall receive the kingdom. And pose SAS the kingdom for ever even forever and ever so notice that covers the broad sweep of the vision again for being our Perkins' of marking domes and after this it says that the Saints will receive the kingdom and they will actually post SAS The king then we have the 3rd cycle then your 721 and 22 I was watching and the same horn was making war against the Saints and prevailing against them until the enchant of days came came to wear to the earth no this is reviewing what we saw in the vision until the Ancient of Days came to where the most holy place in heaven. And then notice what it says and a judgment that's the investigation by the way and the judge was more was made what in favor are of the saints of the most high where is that verdict a given in favor of the saints the most high that verdict is given in heaven you say how do we know that let's read carefully again it says in verse 22 until the Ancient of Days came which was already noticed this in heaven and a judgment was made in favor of the saints Thus I have to be an investigation in order to give a verdict in favor of the saints Absolutely and then it says and the time came for the Saints to process the Kingdom is that when the sentence is executed is that when the reward is given based on the verdict based on the investigation absolutely So you find these 3 stage now not us Daniel 725227 this is the last cycle this is the 4th cycle speaking about the little horn it says he shall speak pompous words against the most time I shall persecute the saints of the most high and tell intent to change times and law then the Saints will be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time but the cards shall be seated where where are you seeing that this is running in cycles the vision is the basic course that's where it tells you that the judgment takes place in heaven so it says the card shall be seated it and they shall take away his dominion that is the little horns Dominion where does where is the Dominion taken away it's taken away by verdict where in heaven to consume and destroy it for ever then the kingdom and don't mean the end and the greatness of the Kingdoms under the whole heaven shall be given to the people. The saints of the most high His Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all the minions shall serve and obey Him So we have 3 stages to the judgment clearly revealed in Daniel Chapter 7 we have 1st of all the investigation of the case then we have the verdict pronounced both of these stages take place where in heaven and then you have the time when the Saints actually possess the kingdom Jesus possesses the kingdom that is the moment when the reward is given or when the sentence is actually actually executed but of course the question is what is the kingdom that is given to Jesus he goes to the father to receive the kingdom What is the kingdom you know usually we think of the kingdom in geo graphical terms like for example the United Kingdom is there anyone here who is from the United Kingdom. We have a few people from the United Kingdom when I say the United Kingdom usually you're thinking about the territory right thinking about Wales and Scotland and Ireland and England you know that's the United Kingdom but in the Bible the kingdom is not so much the geographical realm the kingdom is composed of the subjects that belong to the kingdom the kingdom is the people that are members of the kingdom that is the kingdom. Let me read you a statement from the Spirit of Prophecy it's found in early writings page 280 Ellen why here is speaking about the moment when probation close all cases are decided this is a read. Every case has been decided for life or death while Jesus had been ministering in the sanctuary. But judgment had been going on for the right just then and then for the righteous living where does the judgment take place for the dead and probably even in heaven according to this now notice Christ had received his kingdom having made the atonement for his people and blotted out their sins that is when probation close as Jesus receives what Jesus receives the kingdom now what does that mean Ellen White continues explaining she says the subject's obvious Kingdom was made up what is this king of his kingdom are the subjects obvious Kingdom the subject of the kingdom were made up the marriage of the Lamb was consummated Where does the marriage of the Lamb take place in heaven where God's people when the marriage takes place on earth in other words the marriage is done in absentia so it says the Marys of the Lamb was consummated and the Kingdom and the greatness of the kingdoms of the whole heaven was given to Jesus and the heirs of salvation and Jesus was to reign as King of Kings and Lord of War So what is the kingdom the kingdom is composed of the people that belong to the kingdom it's the subject of the king now what is the purpose of the judgment the investigation the purpose of the investigation is to determine what who is the subject of the kingdom are you with me or not you say why would a judgement have to be made to determine who is the subject of the kingdom it's very simple folks because not everyone who professes to be a member of the Kingdom is a true member of the kingdom that's why there needs to be a judge let me ask you this Does the church have wheat and tares. There the tears claim to be genuine Christians yes so must of separation a work of separation be done when is the work of separation done the Bible says at the end of the age that's a judgment separation of the wheat and the tears is the judgment let me ask you in the church are there good and bad fish yes there are when you throw out the Gospel net the Gospel that gathers only real good fish. I know from personal experience when I was a kid my parents would go on vacation to an island in Venezuela called Mother got it done. 1 of the persons that skier went to college with me or name is Madiba just like the island and we used to go to this to this beach it 4 o'clock in the morning watch the fishermen come in they would bring in their nets and in the nets there was every kind of marina you can imagine and they would bring up all to the shore and they would have baskets and they were but the good in 1 basket and they were put that what was going to be discarded in the other basket let me ask you in the church are there wise and foolish virgins do the foolish ones claim to be members of the kingdom Oh sure they do of course they do let me ask you in the church are those who have the wedding garment and those who don't yes in the church I have there are those who cast out demons and perform miracles and give prophecies in the name of Jesus were Jesus is going to say I did never know you yes they claim to be Christians because they did it in the name of Jesus either in the church wolves than our clothes like sheep Yes. Are there ministers who disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness absolutely are there those who have the form of godliness but don't have the power of godliness in the church Yes So let me ask you Does a work of separation have to take place to determine who is a true subject of the kingdom Absolutely and that's the investigative stage of the judgment and by the way the only ones that are examined in this tree Advent investigated judgment are those who at some point claimed it Jesus as their Savior and Lord the rest will be examined during the millennium and after the moment but there's an urgency for Jesus to determine who is the subject of his kingdom before the 2nd coming because when it comes the 2nd time he's going to take them with him so he has to reveal who he has a right to take and that's done in the investigative judgment every person who has ever claimed the name of Jesus is investigated in the investigative judgment and now let me ask you this question can the forgiveness once it is given be revoked by God Yes. Really it's not once forgiven for ever forgive No you remember the story of the 2 debtors there was this individual that all $10000.00 tells a debt that could never be paid it probably embezzled this money from his Lord and so the Lord calls him to accounts and he says render an account of how good of a steward you were it was discovered the it had been the embezzled all this money and soul his Lord says pay me everything this individual could do was too large a sum so he cries out and he says please give me time and I'll pay you is lord's that come and be real if I gave you several lifetimes you would never be able to pray. As I cried out sick because he was going to be thrown into prison all of his goods were going to be confiscated and so he cries out again for compassion and his Lord says I'll tell you what because you cry out to me for mercy your debt is forgiven. So this really. I don't have to do anything no you did is forgiven you can go wow he says this is fantastic I got off the hook. And so now he goes out the door and he finds someone that owed him $100.00 on their i which was a considerable sum of the equivalent of $100.00 days of work as the daily wage was 1 dinner right 1 can areas and he finds us individually says pay me what you owe me and this individual does the same thing he cries out he says please give me time I'll pay you he says no way and the Bible says He actually took him by the neck and he was choking him. Well just so. That his master and his Lord actually the servants of the Master Lord which represents the angel recording angels by the way they came in they told they told the master do you know what that guy did that YOU FOR gave such a huge debt he went out and he found somebody that owed him a pittance and he was choking him to death at the Master's us all really bring that man here the judgment the judgment bring this man here so the man comes and his Lord says did not I forgive a huge debt that you could never pay because you crying up or Marci and probably with a smile on his face and said Oh yes thank you so much and know his Lord says if I forgave you such a huge debt. Should you not have shown your appreciation of that by forgiving a lesser debt of your fellow human being the Bible says that he revoked the forgiveness he withdrew his forgiveness intel he paid everything that he also do you know what kind of tears that guy had those were crocodile tears he was not really sorry that he hadn't Bizzle the money from his master from his Lord he was sorry he was going to get punished he was sorry he was going to prison and all of his goods were going to be confiscated and the fact that he was not truly repentant was shown by his works that's why we are saved by grace through faith but our works show if our faith is genuine or not and this man's works show that he was not truly repentant he was afraid of the punishment and he was not sorry that he and Bessel this money from his will so there has to be a lot of separation is it just possible that many individuals who have placed their sins in the sanctuary but have not truly repented of sin when their cases are examined in the judgment they will be found wanting that's what this story is teaching us you know what really is examined in the judgement is the genuine ness of repentance that's the purpose of the judgment to see where the repentance was genuine or not every pendants was genuine The Life will see it if we pendants is not genuine but life will also show that's why we are saved by grace through faith but the judgement will be done according to our works because our works show if our faith was genuine or not. And based on the examination and you and us of a repainted us and our sorrow for sin. God will this side our case in the heavenly court or you follow me now there are 2 items that I want to deal with before we bring this to a close this evening I watched I like to watch faces when I'm preaching because I can tell if if what I'm saying is registering or of people are struggling you know for example some people go. It's getting through but then some people will go kind of through this not Ruchir I don't get I saw some people some people's faces kind of like that when I said that the wedding takes place in heaven while God's people are on Earth in other words the wedding takes place in heaven Jesus Mary says Kingdom in heaven by the way Mary his bride and Mary His Kingdom is the same thing receiving the kingdom and marrying his kingdom are 2 ways of saying the same thing now let's go to look Chapter 12 look 123-5237 here we find very clearly that the wedding takes place in heaven the investigation is made when God's Kingdom or God's bride is complete because the judgment is shown who's a member of the bride of Christ was a member of the kingdom of Christ then at that point Jesus marries his kingdom the kingdom or the bride is the totality of his people while the end of vigils are the guests to the wedding are you everyone at the top Paluxy once the top talent the of Christ people have been determined and revealed in the judgement we use Kingdom is complete his bride so to speak is complete. And at that point Jesus of course can marry his kingdom or he can marry his bride because it's been revealed who is the subject of his kingdom who is a member of his bride However each individual within the kingdom is a guest to the wedding. But we are guests not because we are there physically we are guests there because our names are registered in heaven. Now let's go to looked after 1235 to 37 Here comes to clear Jesus is speaking to His disciples Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning what is it that the lamp Aosta makes that makes it burn oil and the lamp sets light right so in other words we must have a an abundance of the spirit that makes us shine before others and now notice and you yourselves be like men who wait for their master when he will. Return from the wedding did you catch that he same 2 of the cycles you need to be like individuals who wait for the master to return from the wedding saw are the disciples there for the wedding no because she is saying wait until I what return from the wedding the wedding takes place in a different place than where the disciples are. So it continuous sane and you yourselves be like men who wait for their master when he will return from the wedding then when he comes and knocks they may all come to him immediately Blessed are those servants whom the master when he comes this is the 2nd coming by the way will find watching assuredly I say to you that he will gird himself and have them sit down to eat and will come and serve them that is the wedding reception you see there is the wedding and then there's the reception the wedding takes place in heaven when Jesus marries this kingdom or his bride once I've been shown by the investigation who is a member of His Kingdom or of his bride but then Jesus will come to where his disciples are who are waiting for him and then he will take them to heaven where we will sit at the table for the wedding reception Ellen White describes that reception in early writings page 1020. Ellen White explains I saw a table of pure silver it was many miles in length yet our eyes could extend over it I saw the fruit of the Tree of Life The Man oh man speaks pomegranates grapes and many other kinds of fruit speaking about the products from the Napa Valley. That's where she retired I'm sure that you know she says other kinds of fruit there probably were mangles there and other kinds of fruit but maybe she didn't even know existed then she says I asked Jesus to let me eat of the fruit he said not now those who eat of the fruit of this land go back to earth no more but a little in a little while if they will you shall both eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life and drink of the water of the farm and he said you must go back to the earth. Again and relate to others what I have revealed to you when an angel bore me gently down to this dark world sometimes I think I can stay here no longer all things of earth look so dreary I feel very lonely here. Where I had seen a better land all that I had wings like above then when I fly away and be at rest so that be our desire to not live in this dark dreary world people say yeah better but I have I have a good house let me ask you is it made of gold. Oh I have the latest model of a Mercedes because does it fly. Nothing of this world compares to what we're going to have a player so let's not gets all focused on attached to the stuff here let's invest in God's kingdom it produces eternal dividends 1 other passage that I would want us to take a look at Matthew 2211 to 14 Matthew 2211 to 14 This clearly shows that the wedding takes place in heaven while all of those who profess Jesus are on Earth some who will be chosen and some will be rejected this is the story of the great banquet you remember that messages were sent out inviting people to the wedding inviting the Jews to the wedding they rejected the 1st invitation then after the death of the bulls which represents the death of Christ more messengers are sent out to the Jews and they reject the message again so the messengers are told go to the highways and byways that for the gentiles and invite everyone to come to the wedding. The wedding hasn't taken place yet invite everyone to come to the wedding and finally when everybody had accepted the invitation to the wedding the wedding chamber is full and now I want to know that's what happens in verse 11 but when the king came in to see the guests there's going to be an examination of the guests by the way there are several words in Greek or C. There's the word blip bow. In other words proceed but this is a special word it's the word they are all my Basically it means an intensive thorough lingering reflective comprehending observation it is an examination the king comes out to examine the guests. We continue reading it says he saw a man there who did not have a wedding garment Let's stop there just for a moment this guy must have sneaked into her SO is when is this taking place is this you know Jesus comes a date is people they haven't see and then 1 of God's people are in heaven the king comes out he says no let's see who has a right to be here no. I was going to sneak into heaven this is a pre-adult judgment to examine the garment to see if the individual truly repented of sin and the life revealed and so it says he saw a man there who did not have on a wedding garment so he said to him friend how did you come in here without a wedding garment Let's ask let me ask you how are we there we are there because we're written in the books in the book the names of all those who profess Jesus are written in the book we are there in written form while we are personally where on earth. In the judgment God goals and chronological order I'm glad he doesn't deal with alphabetical order because my last name starts with B. but in chronological order he examines every single person who has ever professed Jesus Christ as Savior and larked and based on whether they have the wedding garment or don't don't have the wedding garment their case is decided for life or death so it says so he said to him friend how did you come in here with on a windy garment How is that that your written in the book of life if you don't have on the wedding garment and he was speechless and now here comes the sentence so we already saw the investigation right he goes out to investigate and see who has the government now he says to the servants This is the verdict but find him hand and foot and take him away and cast him into outer darkness that would be the execution of the sentence right there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for many are called but few are chosen no monthly logins there's this debate as to whether the focus of Daniel 7 is a judgment against the little horn or in favor of the saints in fact it's a debate that shouldn't even exist because this investigative judgement has a double purpose. You see what happened on earth was that during the 12 hour and 60 years and by the way this does not refer only to the 1260 or so people say oh this judgment only deals with the little horn the period of Little Horn Well yes that's the focus of Daniel 7 doesn't mean that that's not a broader application it's just the segment that then your 7 is dealing with it's dealing with the period of the persecution of God's period of God's people during the period of little harm like the Sabbath. Remember this morning I said God said the Sabbath the sign between me and the Jews there's a broader explanation scripture is for all humanity and so this judgment in Daniel 7 deals with the period of the little horn but other texts from scripture show that it's much broader includes all of those who have ever professed Jesus or you follow me or not so what is this here what happens if the little horn professes to be a Christian power doesn't there's a little arm profess to be a Christian power it does so is the Little Horn also going to come up for evaluation absolutely Now what did the Little Horn do in earthly courts during the 1260 years did they do an inquisition you know what Inquisition means to inquire they did an examination was it a fair examination. It was like the examination they did of Jesus totally biased than 11 sided they already had condemned Jesus before they did the investigation let me ask you Did they pronounce a verdict against the Saints of them OSA in the earthly courts yes did they execute the sentence Yes Was that a travesty and justice it was a total travesty was a sham earthly cards examined the evidence against the against the martyrs they were found guilty when they were not guilty the sentence was pronounced against them and they were executed the purpose of the heavenly judgment is to reverse the wrong decisions of the earthly court let's take for example John Hans who was burned at the stake you not been there and Constance in southern southern Germany where he was burned at the stake you know they took him to the cathedral and they did an inquiry they did an investigation was a sham they found him guilty they pronounced the sentence of the verdict of death. And then they took him and they put him in a stake they put chains around him would around him and they burned him alive. Was there any justice in that absolutely not so what happens with the name of John Huston's out the judgment the heavily jury. Will look at the evidence they say now wait a minute the earthly court got it wrong the evidence reveals that John Huston was a faithful follower of Jesus and so this card is going to reverse his death sentence and at the time comes when Huss will be resurrected from the dead and he will be in Christ's kingdom for all eternity so to say all this all this is only a judgment against the little horn No it's a judgment against the little hard and in favor of the saints who were persecuted during the 1260 years but that doesn't mean that it doesn't doesn't include Saints from other times of human history there's a broader perspective in Leviticus 16 and other passages that deal with the investigative judge let me give you 1 final example go with me to Revelation 20 verse 4 we need to do this quickly because we run you know time Revelation 21st for this is speaking about the martyrs that will suffer death during the little kind of trouble ever heard of a little time of problem right at the end the Sunday long when Sunday's been enforced but that the cream will be given this is before probation closed. In they're going to be slain but notice what they're going to do during a 1000 years it says and I saw thrones and they sat on them and judgment was committed to them and others are going to perform a work of judgment. To Who then I saw the souls of those who have been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the Word of God who would not worship the beast or his image and not receive his mark on their foreheads or on their hands let me ask is that the last time generation was Martin Luther test that was done hust us that over the beast and its mark and the image of the beast those things didn't exist so this is talking about the end time generation and what are they going to do it says that they are going to perform a worker but i work of judgment are they the only ones that are going to perform the work of judgement you read Revelation 20 verse 4 that's the impression you get Yeah it says those who die during the final little time of trouble they're going to be the ones that are going to judge but the Bible has a broader explanation so historical critical scholars love to make you stay just in 1 passage now so you can't take other passages from Scripture to explain this 1 well the Holy Spirit superintended the composition of scripture and he placed in all of Scripture everything we need to understand scripture that's the 7th day adventists perspective and I hope you and the seminar bring my quit will link on hermeneutics that's the big battle in the Athens church. Women's ordination it's about how you interpret the Bible that's deep the deeper. And if you have a read 1st Corinthians 61 through 3 This gives us a broader explanation the apostle Paul says Derry any of you having a matter against another Go to love before the UN before the unrighteous and not before the Saints do you not know that the Saints will judge the world. Who are the saints there it says and if the world will be judged by you the Corinthians so are the Corinthians going to also participate in that judgment they're NOT 1000 years yes it says. And if the world will be judged by you are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters do you not know that we including Paul shall judge hopes so as that only those who lived during the last period of tribulation the ones that are going to judge now all of God speed people are going to judge us when you look at the broader perspective were you able to follow it was late the night unique to the 7th Day Adventist Church Ellen White said we are not in the great Judge soon and no 1 knows. He will pass to the cases of the living in another place as well and what gives the Impressed wrong impression that the judgment of the living is related to the Sunday law when everyone who was alive will have to decide whether to receive the seal. Or the market. And the decisions that are we are making now folks whether we're walking closely with Jesus now will determine the decisions that we will make then because he has space folk in the middle will be faithful in much and he hit that space full unfaithful in the middle will be unfaithful in March May God bless us and help us to be faithful Let us pray Father in heaven we thank you for the view of the judgment that you have given to us we know that we don't have to fear the judgment if we are in Jesus because He is our advocate he is our intercessor in our media and that's more that you will burst each person gathered you perceive I asked Lord that you will help us walk whole sleep with Jesus and you can by his hair as we walk towards the kingdom of. Thank you Lord for having been with us grants ring up are. You asking the president's name of Jesus he met. 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