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Jesus is Coming Again

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed




  • June 20, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Father heaven we thank you for the awesome privilege of being at this camp meeting old father what a joy it has been to open your Holy Word and be comforted by the scriptures we have not followed cunningly devised fables our beliefs and our lives are based on the solid foundation of your word we ask that as we study about the 2nd coming of Jesus this evening that your Holy Spirit will be with us to guide our thoughts to open our hearts and to give us the ability to share what we learn we thank you Father for being with us for answering our prayer we ask in the process name of Jesus a man. About 6 months before the death of Jesus he had traveled to the northern border of Israel and it actually gone a little beyond the borders into Lebanon to a town called says Arya Philip I says Arya Philip I is at the foot of them I just pick Mount Hermon the tallest mountain in the Holy Land snowcapped where the river Jordan actually originates and there in says Urrea Philip by Jesus gathered his disciples together because he had to share with them. Truth that would shake them to the core turning your Bibles with me to Matthew Chapter 16 and we will be again reading at verse 13 Matthew 16 and verse 13 Jesus 1st asks his disciples gathered together what I might call an ice breaking question. A preliminary question if you please and that question is found in verse as 13 and the answer by the disciples is in verse 14 Jesus asked who do men say that I the Son of man am not is the name that Jesus gives himself who do men say that I the Son of Man am. And then comes the answer of the disciples so they said some say John the Baptist some Elijah and others Jeremiah or 1 of the prophets now that Jesus asked this preliminary question this general question he asks a more pointed and specific question and that question in verse 15 says but who do you say that I am and of course Peter who appeared to be the spokesman for the disciples who many times put his tongue in 4th gear before he put his brain in 1st gear had an answer it's found in verse 16 Simon Peter answered and said You are the Christ the Son of the Living God basically Peter was saying you are not only the Son of man you are what you are more than a son of man you are the son of the Living God You are the Christ you are the annoying to it you are the Messiah Now it's interesting to notice the answer that Jesus gave to Peter's confession. It's found in verse 17 you see Peter did not even understand what he was saying what came out of his mouth was revealed directly to his mind by the Holy Spirit he did not understand what he was saying. It's kind of like a ifas He says 1 man must die to save the nation well that was true but it's not the way that he intended it so sometimes the Holy Spirit inspires people to say things that they say that even they don't understand and so in verse 17 we find these words Jesus answered and said to Him Blessed are you Simon barge Oh no that means Simon son of Jonah for flesh and blood by the way that means human wisdom mere man flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but my father who is in heaven in other words Peter these words that you spoke Don't come from your mind these words that you spoke come up by a direct revelation of my Father in heaven he placed this thought in your brain and it came out of your. Peter did not understand what he said let's go to verse 21 Welcome back to some of these verses later on that we're skipping verse 21 now Jesus shares with the disciples a sad truth. In verse 21 it says From that time Jesus began to show his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed and be raised the 3rd day. In other words Jesus says I have to go to Jerusalem My my my my face is to Jerusalem in there I'm going to be mistreated I'm going to be crucified and I will resurrect the 3rd day and of course Peter when Jesus spoke those words because Peter was expecting an earthly kingdom he was expecting Jesus to destroy the hated Romans and place the Jewish nation once more at the apex of civilization immediately Peter rebuked Jesus imagine that verse 22 then Peter took him aside you can almost imagine Peter taken in by the sleeve took him aside and began to rebuke him saying Far be it from you Lord this shall not happen to you Peter was saying the Misaka doesn't die the Messiah doesn't suffer the Messiah said Son the Frodo he subjects all of his enemies and he places the Jewish nation at the very top of a whirl How is that that you say that you must go to Jerusalem and you must suffer and you must die any kind of didn't even notice that Jesus said Be raised the 3rd day notice what Jesus did verse $23.00 but he turned and said to Peter by the way he wasn't talking only to Peter Peter was the instrument in the hands of Satan it was safe then that was attempting to distract Jesus from going to the cross it says there in verse 23 but he turned and said to Peter Get Behind Me Satan. You are an often to me for you are not mindful of the things of God but of the things of men now do you notice the contrast in that verse Jesus I said to Peter the flesh and blood human beings that not reveal this to you but my father who is in heaven he revealed this great truth to you but now Jesus says to Peter listen you're a man what you have said shows that you're a man you're not of God So let me ask you did Peter understand his confession he did not understand his confession of Jesus as the Messiah going forward a little bit more Jesus made a very perplexing statement to the disciples it's found in verses 27 and 28 which was our scripture reading for this evening when I come back to the verses that are between a verse 23 and verse 27 a little bit later on but Jesus makes this perplexing statement they're still there and says a real fillip why he states for the Son of Man will come in the glory of his father with his angels and then he will reward each according to his works. And then comes this perplexing statement assuredly I say to you there are some standing here among the disciples There are some standing here who shall not taste death till they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom that all of those men die before the 2nd coming of Jesus yes. So what did Jesus mean when he said assuredly he said I'm coming in the glory of the Father with the angels to reward human beings and then he says and there are some standing here Sol you have the disciples who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom the answer is in the very next chapter you see after Jesus said that he had to go to Jerusalem to suffer and to die and resurrect the 3rd day Jesus and the disciples began the journey towards Jerusalem Ellen White describes but that track of Jesus with the disciples for 6 days Jesus walked ahead like was the custom of the rabbis but disciples walked behind with their heads down field with their anxiety depressed with dire forebodings because they were moving towards Jerusalem and Jesus had said I have to go to Jerusalem and I'm going to suffer I'm going to die it's like they never heard that Jesus says said the raise the 3rd day they heard only suffer and die and messiah doesn't die and so for 6 days they're walking behind Jesus on the way to Jerusalem depressed filled with anxiety and dark foreboding us because they did not understand what Jesus said How is it that Jesus says that he must go to Jerusalem and he must suffer any must die and yet he also said that there were some there that would not die in tell they saw Jesus coming in it's Kingdom How do you reconcile those 2 ideas was what the disciples thought let's go to Matthew Chapter 17 verse 1 this verse is very important. It is the only verse in the Gospels that tells you the amount of time that passed between 1 event and the next The only time in the Gospels where you have an event says so many days passed and then you have the next event which means that what happened in chapter 16 is connected with what happens in chapter 17 and saw in chapter 17 we find in verse 1 now after 6 days Jesus took Peter James and John some how many were there listening to Jesus 12 how many to Jesus take to the top of the Mount of Transfiguration 3 those are the some Jesus had said some of you will not taste death until you see Jesus coming in His Kingdom not all that is like those some of them best Some are Peter James and John and so it says now after 6 days Jesus took Peter James and John his brother led them up on a ha I am bound and by themselves it's believed that perhaps this is Mt table or a very tall mountain between Jerusalem and says a real fillip eye you see Jesus knew that his disciples were very heavy hearted he knew that they were perplexed at what Jesus had said about his suffering and its death and so he knew that the disciples needed encouragement he had seen that they were depressed he had seen that they were discouraged that they were confused they didn't understand what Jesus said said the there the view of the Messiah that Jesus if Jesus presented was not the view that they held and so Jesus said I need to encourage these men. And so the father leads G.'s us up to the top of this mountain now you might ask why 3 why would it be Peter James and John there's a special reason go with me to Matthew $26.00 Keep your place there in Matthew Chapter 16 Matthew 26 verses 37 and 38 This describes the agony of Jesus in the garden of get 70 when Jesus is sweating great drops of blood and he's begging his father to if it's possible to take the cup of the wrath of God from His hand because he was going to drink the cup of God's wrath because he was burying the sins of the whole world who were the ones that were closest to Jesus and could hear and see the agonizing of Jesus these 3 these 3 needed special encouragement when they saw Jesus agonizing in the garden but he needed to be encouraged they needed to see the Transfiguration and to know that after the suffering would come the glory it says there Matthew $2637.38 and he took with him Peter and the 2 sons of Zebedee. This is in the garden and he began to be sorrowful and keep the distressed let me said to them bet is to the same 3 My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to the death stay here and watch with me. Jesus knew that these 3 disciples were going to be closest to him they would hear is agonizing they would see him sweating props of blood and that they needed to remember that after Jesus spoke about suffering and death that Jesus had said that some bear would not die in tell they saw the Son of Man coming in the glory of his father they needed to be encouraged and so Jesus took some the 3 who would see his most profound sufferings to the top of the mount which is known as the Mount of Transfiguration and verse 2 tells us what happened at the top of the mount it says and he was transfigured let me ask you what voice is that we're in English buffs here past leave voice. He did not transfigure himself he was transfigured who trying to figure him his father everything Jesus did on earth was in harmony with his father so it's that he was transfigured before them that word transfigured is very interesting in the Greek it's the word Metta more or for. What word do we get in English from it the more for metamorphosis Jesus went through in a metamorphosis what is a metamorphosis you know for years I collected butterflies when I was a kid I became quite proficient in professional It not only to not only catching them but mounting them and classifying them you know I became a full fledged entomologist and I was able to watch the development of a butterfly from beginning to end you know 1st the butterfly you know 1st of all the mother butterfly lays eggs. Then those eggs break a little little worm little caterpillar comes out eats from the leaves of the tree where the eggs were laid grows into a big caterpillar and then the caterpillar attaches itself to the wall or some other place and we see a chrysalis or a cocoon around it and then after a short while the cocoon starts shaking violently and the cocoon breaks open and lo and behold not a worm comes out but a beautiful butterfly. There's been a radical transformation. That's the word that is used here Jesus went through a metamorphosis if you please and notice the description that is given here it says there in verse 2 his face shone like the sun. And his clothes became white as the light your read Revelation Chapter 1 Jesus is the scribe in those terms the glorify Jesus who is in the heavenly sanctuary after His resurrection So in other words the disciples saw Jesus as He will be seen when he comes in power in glory with all of his angels the some Sarge eases as he will come in His Kingdom with all of His holy angels but the story doesn't end there well the disciples they're watching this they're saying. He said he was going to suffer and die and now he's transformed like he's going to look when he comes with the whole of His holy angels like he said that's 1 encouragement that after the suffering after the crust there was going to be the glory but there's more Norse in verse 3 that the Father sent to individuals to speak with. Verse 3 says and behold Moses and Elijah appeared to them talking with him so most US and he lied to are sent from heaven to talk with Jesus what was most is doing there go with me to draw on me 34 I mentioned this yesterday I didn't read the verses but let's read them no Deuteronomy 34 verses 5 and 6 good or rather me 34 verses 5 and 6 speaking about the death of Moses it says solo this the servant of the Lord died player in the land of Moab according to the word of the Lord and now notice when it says and he buried him who buried him God buried him that's the antecedent it says he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab opposite Beth Peor but no 1 knows his grave to this day and lo and behold 1400 plus years later he is on the Mount of Transfiguration what happened oh we read it last night Jude 9 says Yep Michael the archangel in contending with the devil when he disputed about the body of Moses dared not bring against him a reviling accusation but said the LORD rebuke you Michael the Archangel the resurrected Angel has power to resurrect came to resurrect Moses from the dead that's why he came to talk with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration Ellen White and patriarchs and prophets page 478 describes the battle there at the grave of Moses I read for the 1st time Christ was about to give life to the dead as the prince of life. And the shining ones approached the grave Satan was alarmed for his supremacy with his evil angels he stood to dispute an invasion of the territory that he claimed as his own he boasted that the servant of God had become his prisoner he declared that even Moses was not able to keep a law of God that he had taken to himself the glory due to Jehovah the very sin that had cause Satan's banishment from heaven and by transgression had come under the dominion of Satan the arch traitor reiterated the original charges that he had made against the divine government and repeated his complaint complaints of God's injustice toward him so he disputes the right of Michael to resurrect most things but Michael resurrected most of us and took him to have it because the Bible says that of the Mount of Transfiguration he came down from glory. So the 1st person that comes to speak with Jesus is 1 who died resurrected and ascended to heaven but there was a 2nd individual that came to speak with Jesus Eli. Eli just and in this world was different go with me the 2nd Kings Chapter 2 verses 11 and 12 2nd Kings Chapter 2 verses 11 and 12 here we find what happened with Ike why would he lie Jack come from heaven from glory to talk with Jesus Well if he comes from heaven from glory he must of gone there. When he goes there notice 2nd Kings to $11.12 then it happened as they that is Elijah and Elijah as they continued on and taught. That suddenly a chariot of fire appeared with horses of fire and separated the 2 of them and he lied Joe went up by a whirlwind where into heaven and he lice I saw him saw it and he cried my father my father but chariot of Israel and that's horsemen So he saw him no more he lied Joe was translated to heaven with out seeing dead and all you have these 2 individuals Moses who died resurrected in a sense to heaven and you have Elijah who did not even go through physical death and he's translated to heaven without seen death no Both of these translations happened in the Old Testament and. The G.-D. does have a legal right to take them at that moment was he lied us into or was most as a sinner what is the only thing that could save them from sin the blood of the lamb but the bowl of the Lamb had not yet been shed legally the promise yes when God makes a promise you can take it to the bank but the devil argued hey there were sinners there my untel you pay so Jesus took them to heaven actually before he made a payment for sin legally Now here's the big question what were most is and Elijah talking about with Jesus Matthew doesn't tell us but nuke does go with me to Luke Chapter 9 versus 30 and 31 looks Chapter 9 versus 30 and 31 tells us what the topic of conversation was. You say Jesus know that he had to go to Jerusalem he knew that he had to suffer he knew that he had to bear the sins of the world he knew that he had to die he knew that he was going to resurrect he knew it was going to be an agonizing experience he would show what drops of blood he would have to drink the cup of God's wrath Jesus knew all of that it was going to be a severe terrible trial notice what they talked about look 9 verse 30 and 31 and behold 2 men talked with him who were Moses and Elijah who appeared in glory and spoke of his D.C.C.. Which he was about to accomplish at Jerusalem know that word D.C.S. what what had Jesus said he was going to Jerusalem to do he was going to die suffer and die right now that word decease could be better translated in the Greek language the word deceased is the word X. so. What word do we get from X those Exodus let me ask you what marked the deliverance of Israel at the time of the exodus from their literal taskmasters but had them and slay. The sacrifice of the Passover lamb and so Molson Elijah talking to Jesus and then there saying you know you have to go and you have to die like the Passover lamb to deliver us not from a literal past must masters but to deliver us from the curse of Sam. And they're saying go for it you were transfigured your father's happy with you go for it and I don't know if they said this but they probably would have said if you don't go we have to get a round trip ticket. We're going to have to come. Just think of all of the we didn't but also and are going to resurrect I'm going to have a ball so will be alive and remain when Jesus comes just think of the result of your arc go forward. These 2 individuals who have had tremendous battles in life and by the way Elijah represents the end time generation I wish I had time to get into. You know how many enemies Elijah had an adulterous woman a wimpy King and false prophets who did the bidding of just a bit the way others see same thing trio when it comes to the New Testament Elijah who is the New Testament Elijah John the Baptist is the New Testament Elijah if you ever read about the death of John the Baptist the New Testament Elijah is not a legend person becomes the spirit and power of Elijah did he have 3 similar image was there when picking Harry was an adulterous woman who was committing adultery with the king Herodian us they did this adulterous woman have a daughter who did her bidding Absolutely and at the end of time I'm just synthesizing at the end of time there will be a 3 for power the dragon which represents Satan working through the political powers of the world the beast which is the same as the heart of Revelation 17 and the false prophet which are the daughters of the heart they will be the enemies of God's people at the end of time so it's significant that God had a light to come because he represents the end of time generation who will be alive in the most trying period of human history so they were talking about. What Jesus was going to do in Jerusalem to die is the Passover lamb he is excell dos if you please. In early writings page $162.00 Ellen White explains God chose to give the followers of Jesus strong proof that he was the promised Messiah that in their bitter sorrow and disappointment as it is crucifixion they would not entirely cast away their confidence because they would always be remembering how Jesus said there are some here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom and how we saw him transfigured on the Mount of Transfiguration there must be something beyond the suffering of it let's hang in there as you continue saying God chose to give the followers of Jesus strong proof that he was the promised Messiah that in their bitter sorrow and disappointment at his crucifixion they were not entirely cast away their confidence as at the transfiguration the Lord sent most as an Elijah to talk with Jesus concerning his sufferings and then see there you have it instead of choosing angels to converse with his son God chose those who had themselves experienced the trials of the earth Peter still didn't get it because now in verse 4 Peter makes a suggestion just it's not good to go to Jerusalem let's hear. Notice verse far then Peter answered and said to Jesus Lord it is good for us to be here. If you wish let us make here 3 tabernacles 1 for you 1 for most US and 1 for Elijah let's stay here let's not go to Jerusalem he wanted the glory without the cross. But that's not the only way in which the faith of the disciples was these 3 disciples were strengthened and the faith of Jesus was strengthened to go forward let's read verse by while he was still speaking behold a bright cloud overshadowed them and suddenly of voice came out of a cloud saying this is my be on it Son in whom I am well pleased hear him basically what was happening there is that besides Jesus been transfigured Besides most as in the light of being sent to encourage Jesus and the disciples Now the disciples hear the voice that the father is pleased with Jesus and they should listen to him so they say even though we're somewhat confused about how the Kingdom of Grace and the kingdom of glory relate to each other we have enough evidence to hang in there so how was the faith of Jesus and the disciples trying to number 1. First because Peter confessed Jesus that was a strength in experience to Jesus 2nd that he was transfigured by his father 3rd Moses and Elijah were sent confirming that Jesus was doing the will of the father and finally because the Potters own voice said that he was pleased with Jesus now there are 4 lessons that I want to share with you from this story for lessons related to the 2nd coming of Jesus the 1st lesson is that the transfiguration is a promise and assurance of the 2nd coming of Jesus in His Kingdom Let's go to 1st as alone yes chapter 4 and verse as 13 through 17 now this is a passage that we read last night. It's a passage that describes 2 groups at the 2nd coming of Jesus 1 of those 2 groups of the 2nd coming of Jesus 2 groups of say people the also what who die in Christ and those who are alive and remain let's read the passage verse 13 but I do not want you to be ignorant brethren concerning those who have fallen asleep lest you sorrow as others who have no hope were if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so that it means in the same way God will bring with him we're come back to this adversity in the next point will God will bring with him those who sleep in Jesus for this we say to you by the word of the Lord that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede the olds who are asleep for the Lord himself will be sent from heaven with a shout with the voice of an archangel we dealt with that last night and with a trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise 1st then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and thus we shall always be with the Lord how many categories of say people to those who die in Christ and are resurrected and those who are alive and remain Do you know what we have on the Mount of Transfiguration we have a miniature Kingdom we have Jesus was going to come and the dead who will resurrect represented by Moses and those who will be alive and remain represented by the light allow me to read you a statement that we find of the Spirit of Prophecy desire of ages page 421. In Illinois it wrote most US upon the mount of transfiguration was a witness of to Christ victory over sin and death. Here represented those who shall come forth from the grave at the resurrection of the just so what does Moses represent those who will come forth from the grave at the resurrection of the just when she speaks about Elijah in light of her who had been translated to heaven without seen death represented those who will be living upon the earth at Christ's 2nd Coming and who will be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump when this mortal shall have put on my immortality and this corruptible must put on incorruption Jesus was clothed with the light of heaven as Skee will appear when he shall come the 2nd time without sit until salvation for he will come in the glory of his father with the holy angels the Savior is promised to the disciples was now fulfilled upon the mount the future kingdom of glory was represented in miniature Christ the King mas as a representative of the Risen saves and the light of the translated 1. And in the book Heaven page $102.00 Ellen White referred to Moses and Elijah in Jesus as a miniature representation of the Kingdom of the reedy So the 1st lesson that we gather from the transfiguration is that at the end there will be a resurrection of all of God's people. And all of the living saints who are faithful will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet Jesus in the air to be taken to have a like we're Moses and Elijah the mouth of Transfiguration not the words promised us but Jesus will come again and he will take all of his people home represented by Moses and by light the 2nd lesson that I want us to learn from this passage is that people will not go to heaven when they die or at a so called Rapture no where does the rapture theory come from there are several pics that Christians use to teach a rapture but before we go into that let me just mention that most Christians if not all Christians believe that when a person dies they go to happen if they were in Christ if they were outside of Christ then they go where they go to hell they go to burn and so the big question is if the righteous go to heaven when they die what is Jesus coming from you know their argument is well you know he actually when he he takes the spirits of the Redeemed to heaven and then he comes body back and he joins the spirit to the body at the 2nd coming the main text that is you to defend the Rapture is 1st US alone against chapter 4 and versus 13 and 14 which we already read Let's read it in a looks plain how this is used and how we can explain it to people it's not that complicated it says their 1st thoughts alone against chapter 4 and verse 13 but I do not want you to be ignorant brethren concerning those who are falling asleep lest you sorrow as others who have no hope for if we believe that Jesus died. And rose again what where did Jesus go after He rose again even though this passage doesn't say where did he go he went to heaven right so in other words for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so what is even so mean in the same way in other words what happened with Jesus is going to happen with whom with his followers so it says Even so God who is God who is the person that is called God Here God the Father very important God will bring. With him who is Him Jesus God will bring will Jeeves last. Those who would those who sleep in Jesus they will bring with him those who sleep in jeans Now here's the thing people after they say well you know God cannot bring with him at the 2nd coming if he didn't take them to heaven before are you with me but where they get it wrong is that even so but even so says as Jesus died and resurrected him by the way we know the Bible says that he was caught up to God and to his throne right that's in Revelation chapter for 12 years 5 says he was caught up to God to his fellow so Jesus died he resurrected he was caught up to God and to his throne even so God's people who die in Christ that I they will what they will resurrect and God who is in heaven will bring with Jesus those who slept in Jesus. He's not bringing them to the earth he's bringing them for the earth or heaven. You know there's this tradition among When is that when Jesus comes the father is coming with him. The father will remain in heaven when Jesus comes Acts Chapter 3 says he shall send forth Jesus and here's a statement from Illinois see this helps us understand these verses are you understanding how this these verses are used and what they really mean listen to this statement review and Herald September 21886 Ellen White explains We are saved because God loves the purchase of the blood of Christ and not only will he pardoned the return Penton sinner not only will he permit him to enter heaven but he the father of mercies will wait at the very gates of heaven to welcome us are you with me or not to welcome us to give us an abundant entrance to the mansions of the Blessed and there's a beautiful parable illustrates this and we usually forget the last part of the bear the parable blushing you know we use that to say we need to go after the people who go astray from the church yes it has that application but it's not the it's not the big picture the big picture is the $99.00 sheep that are safe in the fold represent the world that never sinned no there's not $99.00 worlds the parables use round numbers it's like a bed not only going to be 5 people save and pipe 5 people lost 5 wise virgins and 5 foolish virgins the numbers just rounded off so you have the world that never sinned the 99 that are safe in the hope you have 1 sheep that want to stray that's this planet Planet Earth and the shepherd leaves the US The ones in heaven safe and it comes down to a dangerous world to seach seek and save this world which was lost. Now listen carefully this is the part of many times we forget. Since then he takes the sheep and he puts an initial And he brings the sheep home where is home heaven and he calls all of them a verse any calls all of the friends and he says Come folks let's write the shit that was lost has been found. That's the celebration in heaven when the father welcomes God's people the entire universe will be present there to give a welcome to God's people what an explosion of prayers that will be folks don't miss Earth there's nothing in this world that's worth hanging on to there's nothing here that's better than what we're going to have up there and in the earth made new people say yeah but I have a good house pastor and I ask is it made of gold Well Pastor you know I've got a very nice Mercedes I've got a very nice B.M.W. does it I can to take you to foreign places in the universe. You know there's nothing in this world folks that has a prayer that even is faintly in comparison with what God has prepared for those who love him so let's not get attached to the things here. And so are you understanding this for the parallel Jesus died resurrected caught up to the throne even so those who died in Christ they died they're going to resurrect and God will bring with Jesus them to the Father's house that's the way we need to understand this text because a comparison is being made between Jesus and His people that's the 2nd lesson the 3rd lesson. The Word of God is more trustworthy then our senses many years after this episode the apostle Peter reminisced about it what he said is found in 2nd Peter chapter 1 verse the $16.00 to $21.00 second Peter chapter 1 verse a 16 through 21 and by the way I'm reading from the end we will see who how how dare you read from that Apostate version I've had people say that let me just make apparent that a statement about Bible versions I love the King James version I believe it's an excellent translation I believe that the Textus Receptus is an excellent group of manuscripts However I don't believe that the King James translation of the manuscripts is always the best translation In other words the King James translation is not inspired it's the manuscripts that were inspired it's all sometimes we have passages that are expressed more clearly in more modern versions that don't contradict by the way what the King James Version says by the way even the King James Version translation has mistakes for example in Daniel it says that the little hard took away the daily sacrifice the word sacrifice isn't there and there are times when the King James is better than modern translations for example Revelation 10 all modern translations translate that there would no longer be any delay the King James is the only 1 that has it right that time would be no longer prophetic time so we need to be we need to be practical. When it comes to using Bible version so anyway I'm reading from the N.I.V. there is this chapter 1 of 2nd Peter beginning with Verse 16 reminiscing about what happened on the Mount we did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power in coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but we were a witness as of his majesty we sought for he received honor and glory from the father when the voice came from him brought to him from the majestic glory saying this is my son whom I love with whom I am well pleased we ourself heard this voice that came from heaven when we were with him on the sacred mountain what Peter is saying is we saw it and we heard it but that is going to say this is not the most trustworthy with this because he continues say in verse 19 and we have the word of the profits made more certain more certain than what then what your eyes and your ears tell you what is more Quest worthy the testimony of your eyes and ears or the testimony of scripture with testimony of scripture so he says and we have have the word of the prophets made Mar certain and you will do well to pay attention to it as to a light shining in a dark place until the day dawns in the morning star rises in your hearts you see folks in the end time we're not going to be able to trust our eyes and ears because Satan is going to counterfeit the 2nd coming of Jesus he's going to look just like Jesus and he's going to speak some things that Jesus spoke Matthew 242-3227 tells us then if anyone says to you Look here is the Christ. Or there do not believe it for false Christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive if possible even the elect see I have told you before hand therefore if they say to you Look he is in the desert do not go out or look he is in the enter rooms do not believe it for as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west so also will the coming of the Son of Man be Ellen White describes and great going to receive $624.25 this counterfeit 2nd coming she calls it the almost overwhelming or overmastering delusion those who follow their eyes and ears will be deceived in fact she uses expressions such as the glory that surrounds Satan is unsurpassed by anything that mortal eyes had yet beheld she refers to him as having gasoline brightness. She describes his voice as as soft and subdued yet full of melody she even says that he will heal the diseases of the people and then she says this will be the almost over mastering. The fall of the testimony of their eyes and their ears how is it that God's people will not be deceived by what their eyes and their ears say because the Word of God has to do tells which contradict what your eyes and your ears are saying in those pages of great controversy Ellen White States the people of God will not be misled the teachings of this false Christ are not in accordance with the Scriptures. As they read and then she says besides that the teachings that this false Christ is giving are not in harmony with the Scriptures because he's going to teach that Sundays that they have rest and they go out as offended because people don't keep Sunday. She gets a 2nd rain reason Satan is not permitted to counterfeit the matter of Christ I mean the Bible tells us how he's going to come up the Savior has warned us people against deception upon this point and is clearly foretold the manner of his 2nd coming this coming there is no possibility of counterfeiting it will be universally known witnessed by the whole world the testimony of the Word of God is more trustworthy than your eyes and your ears and your feelings and your emotions we live in a world where people go by their emotions it can't be wrong if it feels so right for your feelings aside and do what God says in His word you always come out on the right side 4th and last lesson in the very middle of this passage we skipped some verses now we're not going to talk about Peter in the rock if you want if you want to whole presentation on Peter in the rock in this series that I did several years ago called Mary the Mother of Jesus I have an entire 1 hour study on Jesus say you are Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church but I want to go to vs $24.00 to $27.00 then Jesus this is after he is tall talk about going to Jerusalem and dying and suffering then Jesus said to His disciples If anyone desires to come after me let him be not I himself and take up his cross and follow me for whoever desire to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it for what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul or what will a man give in exchange for his soul the last lesson is that there is no glory without carrying the cross 1st. There is no kingdom of glory there is no heaven until we trace the steps footsteps of Jesus in suffering and lets we have fellowship in his sufferings. Not a 2nd time of the chapter 2 and verse 12 the Apostle Paul stated if we suffer we shall also reign with Him If we carry our cross we shall reign with them is what Jesus is saying in this passage if we suffer we shall also reign with them if we deny Him He will also deny us in the final verses in 2nd Corinthians chapter 1 and verse 7 and our hope for you is steadfast is what the apostle Paul has to say because we know that as you are part of a curse of the sufferings so also you will partake of the consolation so be thankful to the Lord when you suffer the same pastor bore Are you a masochist now see when we suffer we are sharing in the sufferings of G.'s where sharing in the experience of Jesus suffering is not meant to break us it is meant to make us because in suffering we develop dependence upon Jesus we experience what he experience to a much lesser degree of course. And so Jesus was teaching us disciples Listen I've got to go suffer and I'm going to die but after suffering and dying comes the glory. And so you must bury our car after me and then if you bury a cross and you suffer and you are faithful then you will enjoy the kingdom with me so folks this passage is giving us the assurance. Of the soon coming of Jesus. What a day that will be are you looking forward to that day brave the Lord I can hardly wait then we won't have to deal with extreme cold in extreme heat no more lake effect snow and. It will be perfect weather in a perfect world with a perfect Lord. Other Neven we wait for that glorious day the coming of Jesus I ask Father that you will help us not to become attached to this world the things that are vanishing away the things that all timidly will be consumed by the brightness of your coming I asked Lord that you will be with each soul gathered here carry us through our trials and our sufferings help us to remain firm in our faith to grow in the midst of crisis and Lord prepare us for that glorious day when Jesus will come in the clouds that we might be able to say lol this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us thank you Father for having been with us for answering our prayer. Given the precious name that is above every name game of Jesus Amen. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio overs or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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