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John Bradshaw

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  • June 24, 2017
    11:30 AM


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Now Father in heaven before we open your word we praise you again you are great and greatly to be praised marvelous are your works this our souls know right well and we pause Father pray that your spirit would stir us we know better than to ask you to be here this is your house I pray that we would be here a private rather than just being here bodily you to track down our minds. When our attention our affections our focus at this time Lord you have called us together not just out of habit not just because it's Can't meeting time not because this is what we do but you've called us together so you can do what you do and we pray that you would speak to us now in a voice that cannot be mistaken that your Holy Spirit would stir us bless Now please we pray in Jesus' name please say I mean where they came from exactly nobody knows best we can say is that they came from eastern Polynesia that's true but if you were to look at a map it's not narrowing it down a whole lot they had come some hundreds of years before and by now piece was the cornerstone of their culture and here's why in the 16th century a tribal leader whose name was known Nuku heard away in the distance sounds of disputing of fighting even like that he emerged from his cave Don't get me wrong they weren't cave dwellers but in a coup for some reason. Living or staying in a cave at that time he emerged from his dwelling and went out there to where the young men were carrying on and he remonstrated with then we can't carry on like this we live on a small island in the middle of nowhere we are stuck with each other we mustn't be like this in spite of the fact that war fare into tribal conflict was common Nuku said not for us and he instituted a certain code of conduct there would be no violence but knowing going boy is will sometimes be boys he said if you must fight. The only weapon you can use is a stick no thicker than a man's finger at the 1st sign of blood you must stop new coups law was adopted by the Mahdi already people. I recall who are known today as Chatham Island it's 500 miles east of the South Island of New Zealand it's about as close to the middle of nowhere as you can get at an 835 everything chain. For the peaceful Mortie already and that's because $900.00 Mallaby from being not moved and not Tama tribes tribes arrived aboard the Lord Rodney the Lord Rodney made 2 trips and they landed there at the island then known as I recall who or the Mahdi only recognizing that their. Visitors were tied many of them seasick many to just plain on well. These people needed help they said stay we will help you. Will help you regain your help here you're out of provisions enjoy food it is bountiful it's plentiful they said As a matter of fact why don't you just say there is room and food enough for all of us just stay but it soon became apparent that these were not visit is these were invaded is and they had malice on their mind they were cannibals they kept slaves what would the more you already do remember they don't fight they convened a council in a place called telepathically the young men said let's fight although we are not practiced warriors we can fight there are 2000 of us there are 900 of them let's fight them off which repel and let's send them back into the sea from which they game but the elders spake they said how can we do that that's not who we are. That's not what we believe that is not what we stand for we stand for we believe in peace we have maintained this peace for hundreds of years. Do we back up now simply because our survival is in jeopardy this was a time of soul searching you know it's 1 thing to imperil your existence to save a friend it's 1 thing to imperil your existence to stand up for human rights it's another thing to imperil your existence to throw off tyranny. But with the more you only really prepared to die for an ideal they die for that and not just die they would meet with a God only in. But they considered that this was more than an ideal this was who they were this was their identity and so they chose to be true to their principles true to their core values how could they be anything but true due to who they were. They decided. They were. Committed in less than 20 years they were gone every last 1 of them many were taken to slaves many were cannibalized Some were taken when the tide was out and tied between stakes at the low tide mock the captors just waited for the tide to roll another top of them it was see it if you understand the culture you can understand this if you don't you can on it was said that many just died of a broken hand many just lost the will to live and they died by eating 63 now there's a year by 863 they were gone gone that question who think about that for a moment that question what are we made of that question what do we stand for as a people that question on Syria it and it will define you to that question and you have found your Sino sure you have found your Polaris that question it's a significant question considering that there are myriad places in God's Word way we could turn but this morning I would like to go with you down a road less traveled and so to that end and but you to open your Bible to Jeremiah Chapter 35. Jeremiah Chapter 35 and the people who were OS and. The question Who are we what do we stand for as a people Jeremiah Chapter 35 we shall begin in this 1 which say is the word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord in the days of joy of him the son of Josiah king of Juda saying go to the house of the recombines speak to them and bring them into the house of the Lord into 1 of the chambers. And give them wine to drink this was God speaking through his prophet bring them into a room in the temple and set before them wine tell him to drink it so Jeremiah says this is verse 4 now so I brought them into the house of the Lord into the chamber of the sons of Hanan the son of a Goliah verse 5 then I set before the sons of the house of the RICO bites bulls full of wine and cups and I said to them drink wine now friend it is true he did not to say he did not say to them Thus saith the Lord the drink wine he did not but he said What do you see it was abundant he said what he said it is abundantly clear to us what he said Now let me just call a timeout to digress for a brief moment and consider it with you this we know well full well that there are voices loud voices and not only on the periphery who love to denigrate. The prophetic message given by God to our church many of them would never admit to doing so but they would they would damage the message with faint praise you don't have to read between the lines to hear what they are saying Ladies and gentlemen if we want to see Jesus on a good this is no time to be going soft on The Spirit of Prophecy notes on him Caverly and cynicism about what we believe as a people ought to be entertained like you entertain Ken sir I am not talking about being mean spirited but ladies and gentlemen the gift of prophecy was not my idea it was not your idea it was dreamed up by church administrators sitting around a conference table it was and still it is God's idea given to us for a purpose God wants us to have special insight into his guidance that we might safely navigate these troubled waters of the earth last days and stand 1 day soon victorious over on the other shore would you say amen this was God's idea not mine the truth is too precious for us to surrender now a man and so the recombined sons are in verse 6 we will drink no wine for Jonadab the son of Reeky about Father commanded us saying you shall drink no wine nor your sons for ever and there were other things he said about building houses of sowing season planting Binion's don't do that we were told and in those we read thus we have obeyed. The voice of Jonadab the son of a recap. In all that he judged us to drink no wine all our days Jeremiah We hear you we feel you we get here Jeremiah We understand you but we are not going to do what you say we might seem contrary we might come off as ornery you might think we are uncooperative but we've got a message for you Jeremiah what we ave is committed and we will not be moved the Reka bites wouldn't relent they were dedicated they were all in they were committed and you know what's fascinating I find the Reka bikes don't show up again in the rest of the Bible as a matter of fact look though you might you won't find them before Jeremiah Chapter 35 either the only time they pop up in the biblical narrative is right here in the 35th chapter of the book of Jeremiah only place. Brings them on to the biblical scene and it is them into the scriptural landscape for the purpose of helping us see 1 commitment looks lie they were a challenge to compromise their calling they were challenged to water down the world have gone for the greatest of reasons they could have said the Prophet told us that we ought to do that but for all of that they said we can't it's for this is who we are. And so I feel we must ask ourselves this morning who we are what do we really stand for Watts Well I think we can agree on certain things 1 is we stand for the Gospel would you say man particularly as it is expressed in the messages delivered by the 3 angels we stand for crying. And we stand for what Christ stands for we here on this earth for 1 reason that God might save us and then we might be busy used by God getting God's work done we stand for reflecting Christ we stand for a living Jesus have his way a smart alec came to Jesus 1 day and tried to trap him in his words but she just said to him You shall love the Lord your God with what with with all with all your with all your soul and with how much of you mine all that's what commitment looks like Jesus calls us not to be hot it but to be all in and the fact of the matter is when you are good that's when you have trouble when you are double minded that's when you are not sure which direction to turn but when you are all in you have 1 thing left to do and that is simply to follow Jesus and God's will for your lives simplifies the thing God has given us our mandate goes therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit God has delivered to his people a transform nation whole message of hope and wholeness there is a world to when all around us there are people going down a crisis great listen. That's the clock you can hear tick tick tick tick ticking time doesn't stand still just because we do Jesus is soon to return we cannot go on inventing ways to occupy our selves doing things other than prosecuting the mission God has given us if ever there was a time for a full court press my brother my sister that time is no it's no we are not aware of the challenges we are not we are not unaware that that unity is never simple unless of course everybody chooses to surrender to Jesus but it's not always simple even then we'll come at things with with different viewpoints and different way of looking at things it's not always easy but let's not act like it's like it's impossible if we unite around Jesus if we unite with him we unite with each other and when we united when we are united with Christ we will be united in mission and we can get on doing the things that we really ought to be doing it is not possible to be committed to God without being committed to what God loves and God loves the church and God loves the last Would you say I would submit to you today that God has encouraged us I think he had gone has shown us that this is the time God has demonstrated to us what he is capable of somebody came up with a bright idea let's go to Rwanda let's hold 2000 Avenger mystic series and by the time they were done there were 100000 people baptized in Rwanda 100000 well there's 1 question that ought to be honest and that question is when we doing it again. When if we bet guys 100000 last year my goodness we're about does another 100000 this year understand that the T.M.I. project is operating in various places around the world but I loved what I heard pasta how would say earlier you don't get busy sharing Christ this year and then take a year off if you have success this year you press ahead believing that God will give you success next year if you went on a mission trip and you saw people baptized and won and disciples may come on now you better do that again or somebody better your church held an outreach you had people come in had a blood pressure checked in the hot right Mona did they had some kind of a health work up and somebody offer them a Bible study Come on now do it again if it's that simple do it again then do it while we wait thing ha held an event in a series 10 years ago 4 people were baptized hallelujah if you held 1 every year since then you have another $36.00 baptized what are we waiting for God has shown us that we can have success when we get busy doing his work God has called us to evangelism in all of its forms let the critics come up and bicker but don't let anybody distract us from what God has called us to do you need him Maya said I am doing a great work. So that I cannot come down why should the work cease while I leave it and come down to you Jesus said 2000 years ago take a look at the fields they are why it really is for the we stand on the verge of the greatest in gathering of solves we talk about the latter rain we know that company after company gone flooding into the church why white men let's go find them compel them Christ said go out to the highways and the byways find people don't just wait for them to come to you you might say Oh my goodness look at Detroit we have that many members and there that many people you know what that is that's an opportunity we must look at the great cities of the world the cities like Tokyo where there are precious few Christians and you might say Oh my goodness what do we do what do we do we do what Jesus said He said go why the Bible says this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached for a witness to all the world through witnessed all nations What was that word it shall it will not might not won't it will it is going to happen if you want you can sit on the bleachers watching from a distance but you'd miss the blessing it's better to be down there on the frontlines in the heat of the battle working in the spirit of Jesus offering somebody salvation and Jesus knowing that there will be those who say yes and you will have them with you in heaven for all eternity let it rain is about to fall if you look at the cup half empty Well you would be a sad sack if you would look at the cup half full you would say God is doing great things in the great things going to get greater Now you remember the periodic table of elements you learned that while you were in school it starts with what. I wasn't expecting then. Hydrogen bless you and then and then and then helium and then. We have a science student done it let the. Laptop is up and you googled that already. Do you want that. Taking notes are you at what you say. Height I believe you of course hydrogen helium lithium then what. We got to 3. If the future of the world depends on 7th Day Adventists dealing with science I think we're doomed. Thank God we're just being called to deal with the signs of salvation thank God for that hydrogen helium lithium really important carbon nitrogen oxygen flowing neon but that's better than your. Way better drop down to number 55. I know what you think there's a 55 you thought there were 10 no there no there's more number 55 is something called cesium and cesium is a fascinating little thing you see cesium has 1 electron on its outer shell it's valence shell and when cesium gets near something that is lacking an electron that 1 cesium atom molecule electron will leap and join up to the 1 lacking an electron and when it does. It gets exciting so if you get near through arena if you get near Dean if you get near bro mine if you get near chlorine there is activity why because the cesium electron leaps 1 is a do that is it a stalker does it sit around waiting up. I'm looking for somebody happy damn about to ruin it No no no the cesium atom does what it does because it is what it is it cannot help itself. It's just wired that way it has that spear electron it sees 1 missing from some other thing I'll help. It's not a trouble maker doesn't mean a mess anything up but just can't help itself it does what it does because it is what it is you know what I believe I believe when God has us like he wants to have us we will do what we do not because somebody said it's evangelism time man that got me again not that we'll start out day praying for divine opportunities will stop it I know believing believing knowing this somebody you have to me today bring that person to me or take me to that person when God has us like he wants to have us the salvation of others will be our primary preoccupation we won't need to be taking evangelism offerings with poultry targets like $350000.00 Instead the brother to be saying what do we do a lot of this money the Saints just want to continue to contribute to this work of saving souls because they are so given over to Jesus and they are driven by the Holy Spirit of Almighty God when God has us like he wants to have us we will take the great commission seriously we will go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit now we don't have to go ladies and gentlemen no 1 going to force you if you don't go God's work is going to get done anyhow the rocks will cry out I learned long ago that I am not God's gift to evangelism I learned that a vengeful ism is God's gift to me it's God's gift to all of us E.-M. bounds wrote many years ago the church is looking for better methods God is looking for better men. When we're committed to God's Church Committee to the church committed to the mission committed to God's calling in our lives the work friend will get done and will be out of here and finally we will get to go home we have been told that through the church this is not a hope this is not a wish it is not a maybe through the church will eventually be made manifest the final and full display of the love of God commitment tell you what that looks like. That's the woman breaking the alabaster box full of all it meant she gave Jesus the best that she had it's the widow getting 2 mites she gave God all that she had the widow gave the prophet the las little bit of oil that she had Isaiah said Here am I Send me Chaiken wrestled with the angel and he said I will not let you go except that out bless me Samson put down a heathen temple David Ranta awards go live with a little boy I don't have much it's just 5 loaves into fish but if you can use them you are welcome to them Ruth told no mine your people will be my people and your God will be my God the disciples left then it's Joseph rebuffed the advances of wife Abraham chose to offer up I Psec know a built in Iraq it built an altar Moses built a sanctuary need him IOW built a wall they were committed to God and so they stood up they stepped up and they lit up history with an example of what commitment looks like so we can look and say Yes Lord use me to God wants to see what he can do in you when he has you by the praise the Lord years ago when just a few years ago I was in pop when you give me I went to a village and they told me something about the history of the village 50 years before and many of us are old enough to know that 50 is not really a very long time 50 years before a young missionary from New Zealand a man in limbo not travel to that very place he said I'm going to take the Gospel to the people down in those valleys they said no posse can do that they are cannibals they will eat you. He said You pray I'll go he took about a bag of Medicine in 1 hand a Bible in the other and a prayer in his heart and he went down and started ministering to those people who really were cannibals As a matter of fact. The night a man died down there and he had become friendly with these folks he had to sit up all night long with the body so that the locals wouldn't snatch the body away and eat the body 1 of the Teach them what Christians do with dead bodies it was a 50 years later walking to this place it's clean it's clean 50 years ago the people were living in fear it was filthy it was the it was it would disease ridden that enemies everywhere nobody could trust anybody I get to hear walk in the grass is cut you know that's a big deal because they have to cut it by hand beautiful flowers a growing every the place is neat and tidy no enemies no demons anywhere inside these Christians they live in peace with 1 another my friend wanted to show me the little church that we're building a church over here they've been building for a while evidently but he was the little church I walked in there was no door of course there was a doorway but no door there were window openings but no windows and I walked up to the front and I said What is this there was money in a basket up front on what appeared to be the communion table if you What's this he said offering but today's Sunday no that's yesterday's offering I said what's he doing here he said nobody's going to steal these are Christians no one's going to take that money now there are Christians where you go to church too but the offering is taken up the deacon staggered out they put it in a bag take it to the pastas office or the secretary's office of the Treasurer's office to be in how you roll and they lock it in the safe lock the office door lock the church and pray nobody pinches the money. And here's a group of people who were living in how many there as honest as the day is long they love God Why because somebody went he was committed a stots missionary named John Patten. Excuse me was determined to see a Jesus in a place called the New Hebrides now it's Vonnie what in the South Pacific a Mr Dixon said to a man Patton the cannibals you will be eaten by cannibals John Patten non-students in Mr Dickson you are advanced in years now and soon you will be laid in the grave and eaten by worms if I can but live and die serving and honoring the Lord Jesus it makes no difference to me whether I'm even by cannibals or by word. And in the great day my resurrection body will rise as fair as yours in the likeness of our risen. Committed ladies and gentleman committed Scottish Motta George Wishart was fully aware that Patrick Hamilton had been burned at the stake if you visit sin enters in Scotland you go by standers University right out front of chapel on the street in the paving is a Ph And that's because on that spot Patrick Hamilton was monitored by the church for his Protestant views George we shot travelled over the continent came back with his head full of Protestantism and started preaching this was just a few years after Hamilton to die he knew what happened to Patrick Hamilton and so today if you start at the PH and you walk about 450 meters you come to the ruins of the Alton Andrews Cathedral in front of that in the cobble stones on the road there's a G W Because right there. George we shot was strangled and then burned at the stake this brother knew what had happened to Patrick Hamilton he knew it but could anything stop him from sharing Jesus nothing not even the stake he had to do what he did because he was what he was life was on the line far as I can tell as I look around here lives on on the line not at all what's stopping us nothing much a friend of mine asked a friend of his a missionary to a dangerous place a really dangerous place and you were afraid of dying and this young missionary quoted an old famous missionary and he said we died before we got here ladies and gentlemen knowing about threats on his life knowing that the plane on which he had traveled to Memphis had had to be got it all night long because of threats on his life Dr Martin Luther King Jr stood on the platform of the Mason Temple in Memphis he was there in behalf of striking sanitation workers and he proclaimed I just want to do God's will he allowed me to go up to the mountain and I've looked over and I've seen the Promised Land and I'm not fearing any man my knowledge have seen the glory of the coming of the law and the next day outside room 306 of the rain motel the unthinkable happened what drives a person to make that kind of sacrifice wrong question when you are committed to God It's not a sacrifice the cesium atom doesn't make any sacrifice it jumps because it has to jump it jumps because of what it is and so when the Spirit of God prompts you and to share that tract share that bowl of soup you do what you do because you are what you are when the Spirit of God prompts you and says it's time for you to sacrifice the corporate life. And give yourself to a life of ministry you don't count the cost you say Alright God If you've called me you'll take care of me if the Lord calls you to serve in some distant country you go if you cause you to serve in your home in your back yard in your neighborhood here in this territory you say here I am Lord not that you believe you are able knowing you are unable you believe in God the 1 who is able why because we are committed to him now if I follow this to its illogical conclusion you could accuse me of having the cart before the horse I want to have been thinking about this if we take a moment to be honest and I hope we can do that we would admit that we are faulty people all of us all of us we are flawed we are inadequate we are broken you look at the disciples you say well there were 121 of them for 1 of them flamed out that left 11 the theology was bad not all of it but that but some key components of the theology was very very flawed God among themselves they wanted to be the greatest and Jesus gave the keys to the whole thing that this 11 and said go go and do this work we want to how that could it could even work out well we wonder and then let's be honest look at ourselves we can claim to be better than anybody how in the world is God going to get the work done that he wants to get done we know from bitter experience that our promises are like ropes upset and hell can we even be committed to go on I'll tell you that which makes it possible for us to be committed to God is the fact that God the wonderful fact the blessid fact that God is committed to you a man and that's the genius of the plan of salvation you are weak. God says My strength is made perfect in weakness you battle temptation and God says I will make a way of escape you don't know everything you wish you knew God says wisdom shall be given you you're facing a tough decision and you don't know which way to go the Bible says I God will direct your pa corrupt it was God who said a new heart also will I give you and a new spirit listen to the wording and a new spirit will I could with in you God friend will do that he will supply your need he will supply the need of this church he will supply our need in the face of what seems like an impossible mission be because God is committed to the work that Jesus started our scripture reading said in 1st excellence 5 in verse $24.00 faithful is he that call it you who also will do it God you will get the work done in your life because God is committed to you God had a plan for Jonah Jonah ran as hard as he could in the opposite direction God went right up to him and brought Jonah back prodigal son left home Spirit of God went with him spoke to his heart every step of that long journey to the far country spoke to his heart while he was living like a fool spoke to his heart while he was sitting in the field of a pigsty spoke to his heart the prodigal son heard him and went home to Dad then began to play out there on the plain of Dura. But there were 3 men standing out there that God still with Holy Spirit strength Daniel went into the lion's den but God sent his angel and shut the lion's mouth no predicament you get in is too great for God to get you out of even if it is of your own making God will bring you home this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world shall God is committed to the church stands at the head of the work and directs us in our mission there was a book that John A It was bitter in the stomach but God said it prophesied again God encouraged us it will be preached before kings and nations go therefore preach the everlasting Gospel to every nation kindred tongue and people there is nothing to hold us back to keep aspect from getting God's work done God will surprise us God will supply the means more often than not through us God will supply the wherewithal God will give the wisdom God will give everything we need and if you feel like you are inadequate all lacking God will fill you with His presence and do through you what you cannot do yourself a leper spoke to Jesus 1 day he said without Will the cancer make me clean which means of course if you are willing if you want to he said to Jesus if you want to you can make me clean and Jesus said I want to. And so between they said we are dying of thirst out here in the desert Jesus said I want to water came from Iraq they were hungry men we might as well go back to Egypt and eat what we had back then God said I want to and he copped it in the ground with manna we have nothing out here no hope but our eyes are on you Josh effect said and God said I want to and invading armies turned against each other my friend God still wants to he is committed to this church he is committed to you he is committed to your challenges either solving your challenges or solving you in the midst of your challenges God is committed to the mission that we are on our best days ahead there is no question look to Jesus on the cross What was he doing out there bearing your sins was so you would have a future bearing your sins so you could look forward you have a lot in life diving for the sins of the world so men and women and boys and girls all throughout Michigan all throughout the Lake Union across the North American division and around the world could have hope in spite of their brokenness hope in spite of their inadequacy hope in spite of their sin Christ has died we have everything we need everything for our own journey and everything we need to get the work done the resilience in this church is the god of this church we can't let ourselves be divided. We got to come together and mission come together and evangelism come together and so when I was told years ago by a church administrator pulling the horse does not kick that's true and where you find kicking you will find an absence of pulling God points us to our work he says get busy get it done get it done and when we work with Christ we see Christ doing remarkable remarkable things he's called you to mission a place where your back is to the wall and you don't know where your 3 support is coming from you can go because God has called you it is called you to do something in your family or in your backyard you can go knowing that God is with you a friend of God Jesus is soon to return Jesus is soon to return and God is calling us to do the only thing we can the only thing we can and that to do something about the last to bring them back to the safety of the arms of Jesus now the phenomenon came in the phenomenon is about when a phenomenon that was the movie hacksaw Ridge the story the story that we knew the story of a man named Desmond dogs who were out there on the battlefield when the troops pulled back he stayed he said I've got to do something about the dying and the wounded I've got to do something I've got to get them down from here and so we know the story about how Dawson use that that rope not and load people load load load lowered them down the hillside how many of you save out there how many do you know 75 you know why right he said I couldn't say more than 50 the soldiers who were there said he saved at least 100. And so Uncle Sam split the difference and said he saved $75.00 in all likelihood if the eye witnesses is to be believed he saved a whole bunch more than $75.00 This man was a hero no doubt about it you know an interesting thing was at a screening of the film before it was released a man who used to be Desmond Osas pastor raised his hand and asked the producer a question he said in the movie you show Desmond Doss dragging the man to safety whereas in reality he dragged the 1st to think that God was with him and then carried the next 487398 carried them If God is with me God is with me and if he's not then it doesn't really matter so he carried them why did you show him dragging them the producer said we know about that if we had showed it as it really was nobody would have believed us which means that God is greater than fiction and you know what Desmond just did he dragged 1 to safety dragged another to safety then he started carrying them to safety and he lowered them down that cliff. Friends comrades buddies took the fellow and got him some treatment and then DOS got down on his knees and he prayed and he said Lord let me get 1 more and he got up and he went out there and you've heard the stories you've heard about the Japanese soldiers who had a right there in their sights and the trigger Janet couldn't get a shot off you've heard about that there were bullets flying everywhere and DOS would take 1 to safety and get on his knees and pray Lord let me get 1 more out he would go bring 1 back lot let me get 1 more out he would go he'd bring him back a lot let me get 1 more we don't even know how many times he prayed that prayer dozens of times staus of times lot let me get 1 more friend watch out for a B. today we can go forward in the strength of Jesus why broken as we are we can go why in complete we can go why as inadequate as we might be we can go out and do something for God because God is committed to this church God is committed to you we can go today and pray Lord let me get 1 more Lord let me get this somebody out there a lot let me get 1 more free and how is it with you today no need to speak your heart for just a moment maybe you are the 1 more maybe you are the 1 more well this would be an opportunity for you to say yes to Jesus yes Lord save me if you are engaged in the work of sharing Jesus with others God bless you know there are probably hundreds of people here today who are there are hundreds of people here today who are non you're afraid what on earth you feel like you don't know enough sure you do you worry that people ask you questions you don't know the answer to tell them you don't know go find the answer. Well you have to do is tell God you are willing willing if you let God know that you are willing then God will use you in amazing ways for His glory it's too late it's 2017 it's too late in the history of the earth for us to be doing other stuff it's too late if I were to ask for a show of hands but I will not how many people in this place really really truly expected Jesus to be back before now most hands would go up those of us who believe since we were children that that's not me but those of us who have we thought Jesus would be back by now he's not back why's then he's waiting for us to take this Gospel to the world he's waiting for us to be ready we don't need to concern ourselves with God's timetable like we talked about last night for whatever reason Jesus hasn't returned he has waited he has waited for us to be ready he's waiting for us to share Jesus with others and let others be ready and as we share Christ we really need to meet Christ a common friend you know that we're going to close with prayer but I'm asking that you would ask God to save you far away and to put you to work sharing Jesus with somebody else would you pray with me and we bow heads right now a father in heaven we are thankful today for your commitment to us you have never forgotten us you said you'd never leave us office I guess you didn't bounce us when we made mistakes you didn't drop us when we strayed to the left or to the right you never became impatient with us yea verily the Bible says the long suffering of our God is salvation and today you look towards us with a hot deal with the. Lord there's a will to win we can face we cannot do it but we know that you can and we know that you wish to use us and there are people here today who need to be 1. Friend is that you the 1 who needs to be 1 you not walking with Christ when you reach out to him by faith now in vitamin D. or hide or don't give me that I've tried and failed that's the problem you've been trying instead of letting Jesus do his work in you don't tell me a Too bad you're not don't tell me it too far away you can never be too far away when you let Jesus in the hot now and let him save you for ever would you let him save you now and always so father look upon us. And make them yours. And when we put it in us to be so committed to you that we will be committed to those things to which you are committed there is a world waiting to hear the good news give us grace to share that good news with all of our strength with every fiber of our being when that great day comes when Jesus comes again let us beasts standing on the circle of the Earth saying Lo This is our God We waited for him and he will save us but not alone let our numbers swell let our number grow let there be many more who will come to faith in Jesus Christ for the work of your spirit working in us we offer you our high. And our lives. And we praise you and love you and thank you and we pray in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W.W.W. audio or.


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