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The Writing on the Wall

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written




  • June 21, 2017
    7:00 PM


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A father in heaven we come to you in the name of Jesus your son the words of the old hymn in and now hands no price we bring simply to the cross we clean Lord you speak from this platform routinely So we are not asking you to do something that you're not accustomed to doing we are praying that you'll do it again with thankful for the way you bless us at this camp me and we pray that you'll do it again Lord be merciful to me a sinner don't allow the limitations of fallen humanity to prevent your spirit from working in a great way tonight we are here bodily we want to be here. In in spirit and mind so Lord be our focus take us and unite ourselves with you that we would heal what you want us to. Let you would have a transform ational effect on us tonight we pray sincerely in Jesus name police say Amen my friend Adam Rand and shared this story and it is written partnership event and I'm glad he did I read somewhere that they're making a movie about this it happened during World War 2 the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill declared what was unfolding he called it a colossal military disaster Churchill spoke words of confidence but in this instance there was no confidence to be had 941 year into World War 2. British troops in France found themselves in a desperate situation though being pushed back by German troops thousands of actually not only British but Belgian and French troops found themselves hemmed in on 3 sides and the hind them was the English Channel they had nowhere to go it was as though Hitler's noose was around the nick and all he really needed to do was tighten it and it was all over it's something remarkable happened for reasons that to this day remain unclear hit took his foot off the collective allied throat nobody really understands why. He called back the divisions of tanks soldiers were told to just. Take it easy somebody said perhaps Hitler decide he was going to finish him off with a look that would be it but it none of this really made any sense suddenly they found themselves with some breathing space and so and S. O. S. went out. Back to Britain the situation was explained and it was discovered that maybe they could evacuate these men now haven't told you how many there were. There were many 390000. 390000 sitting ducks all Hitler had to do is press and they'd be 390000 caucus is the hope was May be they could say 50000 of them leave an awful lot of dead man or imprisoned man but maybe 50000 that would be good and so the call for help went back to Britain. There was a call that was made issued all all around Great Britain anybody please that has a sailing vessel a seaworthy vessel of any kind we don't care what it is a large or small sail it across the Channel you'll be able to find done cook because by day you can see the smoke rising and at night you can see the flames the English Channel is not especially wide you understand and so the people responded this was something that united the British they in much more so than our British was such a Britain was such a a clos conscious society but then you had yet bankers and lawyers and merchants and and taxi drivers and fishermen and men and boys people from every strata in British society taking whatever they could find heading across the channel some of these vessels were large some of very small very small some too big to be able to go ashore and so the very small ones would ferry the military personnel from the shallow water out into the deep from the shallow to the D. with the beach at Dunkirk under attack from German artillery. And fighter planes this is ragtag Collective this impromptu rescue force managed to evacuate against overwhelming odds 300. And 40000 British Belgians and French nothing quite like that ever being seen and without insinuating yourself into that circumstance it may be how God for you to imagine just how how desperate it absolutely was for 9 days the rescue took place for 9 days again no 1 to this day really of course there are theories and 1 historian will speak with great confidence as Will another but no 1 really understands what it was motivation wall. But they were given an opportunity at life 390000 May and then the rescue us came then the rescue was came ladies and gentlemen when the chance to be rescued from certain death. Comes your way in analysis is best left for another Tang when a life line is thrown your way you grab a hold of it with both hands. That's the right thing to do I want you to turn with me in your Bible to Daniel Chapter 5 and as you turn to Daniel Chapter 5 of a passage with which you up rightly familiar you recognize we go 100 different directions with Daniel Chapter 5 we could but we shall not we shall go 1 only will read through some of this chapter but I freely confessing to you I'm using Daniel Chapter 5 really to make a point and I think the point is a very important point I should tell you why we are living this close to a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation can you say man that's what we believe. We believe we are living in a time when God is calling people to Himself people who by virtue of their surrender to Jesus based on his great sacrifice for them will receive not the mock of the beast but the seal of the Living God we are involved in something that is not a game and that is far more important then merely life and did Jesus is coming back soon Satan is playing for keeps let me share this with you this might be a D. to it this may have nothing to do with anything let's find out but I want to share it with you all the same just very recently I was with a couple of colleagues in Europe and we were filming we were filming 6 spots of a 9 Thought series that's going to be broadcast on consecutive night. On 3 a B. in another networks. October ish and this is as you know the time where we might be 500th anniversary of the Reformation you see October 31 1517 modern Luther nailed the 95 pc's to the door of the castle church in Wittenburg Germany and changed the course of history and so we would there in various places we filmed in Ireland the story of Patrick certainly he was around a little before the Reformation he was a trailblazer in England and Belgium talking about talking about. William Tyndale the Bible translator We went to Spain and Rome and to the Vatican City which. Similar but different you understand. And in Spain we went to a little place that was. The place where Ignatius of Loyola was born you can't really talk about the Reformation without talking about the counter-Reformation. And the Society of Jesus the Jesuits were brought into existence for the purpose of rolling back the Reformation Now my point in Wittenberg Germany in the city church not the council church but the city church where Luther and others preached very frequently there is a painting on the back wall the painting is by the Protestant Reformation artist Lucas chrono and in the painting he depicts a vineyard over here the vineyard is being destroyed and over here and some of you have seen this I would expect another here the vignette is being restored there are other details as well and at the bottom chrono paints what the painting means he talks about what the medieval church what the papacy was doing to destroy the church and then what the reformers were doing to rebuild or to reform the church crowd not pain sit underneath the picture but if you go to the city church in Wittenburg Germany you'll see the painting you'll see Kronk's interpretation and then you will see another explanation written by the Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Church says will be no longer agree with the Lucas Kronk's interpretation of what the painting meant don't know how you can disagree with the brother who painted the picture but today's prop Protestant look at least use that word carefully today's Protestant church looks at what crime not did and how crime like interpreted it and said we don't look at it that way anymore in fact what we think the painting means now is it identifies those churches who will not come together and participate in the ecumenical movement. I'm building to a little point here and so when we were in Rome we went to a church called the church Jason and some of you have been there undoubtedly the Church of the J's you gave to the Church of Jesus. And this is the head church the headquarters church for the Society of Jesus or the Jesuits remember what the Society of Jesus was formed for to counter the Reformation in that church as a matter of fact I might have come a different way I was there on a Sunday and I found myself attending mass as a former Catholic. It kind of felt we had to be attending Mass again I didn't go there to attend Mass I went there on a Sunday morning to take some photographs while I was in the most beautiful organ music start of the play was magnificent and I turned around and noticed a couple of people were taking their seats but you know nobody told me and then I thought what in the world is a pretty saying in the name of the Father and of the son saying it in a tele and mine and so what could I do I'm up the front with my camera masses starving all I can really do is. Take a seat and and hope none of you are in there with a camera. I think we got the place where I was singing to him and I said whoa whoa whoa that's enough out of there there was something I was getting a photograph of there's a magnificent statue in there. You could use other adjectives like as magnificent is a statue of Mary in the 1 hand she's holding let me get it straight believe it's a key that would be the key of heaven and the other hand she's holding a lightning bolt and before her 2 men are falling backwards she is casting down Martin Luther and John Haas books visible but they are obscure there's a cherub a little angel tearing pages out of a book. 1 might think it is a bible but a fellow I met who was there with the better a lens than I had and better that's why I was back took a photograph on the spine and says Singley you look on this but Martin Luther this 1 John Calvin there are writings of being cast down out in front of the church out in front of the church on the front wall Ignatius Loyola with his foot on a on a Protestant who is splayed out before him inside St Peter's in the Vatican City which is a magnificent building up on 1 side a gigantic statue of what did I say Ignatius of Loyola treading on trotting treading stamping down on top of a Protestant holding in his of not the Bible but the Constitution of the Society of Jesus listen here's my point while Protestants are doubling of a backwards apologizing for the reformation we don't think this anymore not even the artist was right when he interpreted his own picture Rose isn't changing the hood tune there ladies and gentlemen if you believe this is a time to tread water as a believer if you believe 2017 is a time to play he should let me tell you something fun nothing we are caught in the midst of a great controversy great controversy there is a battle raging for you. God wants you to be saved Satan more than anything in the world wants you to be lost the battle is raging and it's getting the hot sun with every passing day and so we get to Daniel Chapter 5 verse 1. Well she has. Made a great feast to a 1000 of his logs and drank wine before the 1000 and you understand what he did here he said he said My grandfather never could Neza sack the Temple in Jerusalem and stole a whole lot of sacred worship vessels bring him out we're going to use them to praise our Gods Holy worship vessels to be used in the worship of the true God and the scoundrel says let's fill them with liquor and defile them with the slime of our throat and drink in praise of the devil himself and while they did serve God figures of a man's hand came forth and rode over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the king's palace the king saw the part of the hand that wrote his countenance was changed the Stuart's trouble him you understand. Panic stricken that is knees clattering together. Someone said when God makes men feel they cannot hide the intensity of that Tara this brother was terrorists stricken What do you do now words written on the wall how they get their way dead hand come wrong friend of God There is a time that God says enough is enough cannot let you go any further and that there is a time when when probation closes when if you are living in sin if you are living in opposition to God that God says all right that's the choice you may. This is a solemn call and a sober call here I hope to balance this up I don't want anybody to leave under a cloud to 9 but my goodness we must not be confused about the sinfulness about the deadly nature of sin we must not confuse selves by thinking that somehow it's safe to be an opposition to God somehow it's safe to go through the motions somehow it's safe to play church and not be serious about the great controversy in which we live and so we read on what happened bring somebody get the wise men can the wise men help the wise men came out and said no we can't on the Queen Mother said there's somebody and then there's somebody there was a brother named Daniel when your grandfather had a similar conundrum Daniel came Daniel saved the day or was it a night Daniel Daniel saved the whole situation that's your man Daniel was called. Daniel was called up Daniel I'll make you a rich man just tell me what the stuff means Daniel said you can keep your gifts but I'll tell you anyway your Majesty the words many many TECO you far seen what do they mean number 1 you wait in the balance is and found wanting Number 2 your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and the Persians. Nope that's wrong I jumped forward 1 I shouldn't have confessed it maybe you would have noticed it but I try to be honest men in God has numbered your kingdom and finished it take kill that's number 2 you are waiting the balances and found wanting and then your kingdom is divided and given to the meads in the Persians we could talk about that. You understand that this is not only a story it's a prophecy This parallels what's taking place down at the close of time we read in Revelation Chapter 14 and then Revelation Chapter 18 that Babylon is fallen and here Babylon falls. Except you might think you are out of Babylon but it might be that Babylon is not entirely out of you and we can sit here at the safety of CAN'T meeting and without even mean you perhaps look down on noses at folks who don't have an alright maybe there's a danger that we can congratulate ourselves but a god would a send a watcher and a holy 1 here tonight what would the writing on the wall say about you they didn't gentleman would want to say we are in the same situation. As. He was a last man but 1 day soon probation will close. Where will we be then you can read the Bible it says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God might that be you. This year there is great news and we as we look at the world of. Tragically didn't know the news well well now that's not true I've got to back up from that statement that's not true because Daniel even said to Bell Shasta you knew all this you knew what happen you had experienced alone for all of them and you've chosen not to learn from it and so here we are we have sinned and come short of the glory of God and you can tell me that the wages of sin is what. Great right we could make a mistake tonight. If we look outward not in would if we spent the rest of this week together talking about theological correctness only nothing wrong with that I believe in that but we didn't take time to confront the writing on the wall if we didn't take time to confront what we see in the mirror if we didn't take time to confront what's going on in our hearts we would be doing ourselves a disservice and so we read in Revelation Chapter 14 in verse 6 that John saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Yeah and now you could say What's that about what's stead about a good question well it's worked backwards it's about it's about the mark of the beast good and you talked about that so it must be about the identity of the beast sure that's important frankly between you and me I don't think we hear enough of that these days I really don't I think there's a danger that we. That we may even be over about you got to get that balance right I think there's a danger we may be over balancing maybe maybe overcompensating for. I don't know what we perceive as being a lack of balance in days gone by for apps I don't think we hear enough about them never the lips working backwards. 2nd Angel talked about Babylon Babylon this fall and its fall in that great city 1st angel talked about a judgment that's important we are living brother sister in the time of Heaven's final judgment would you say man we believe in that we surely do the bible isn't going to change we still believe in that you could say in there what else what else fear God give glory to Him judgement time has come worship the 1 who has made the heavens and the earth the sea in a founder 1 that would really mean remember the. Sabbath day and do what with it all right and so we could talk about these idiosyncrasies or that's almost a negative sounding word though I don't mean it to be we could talk about the particulars of the 3 messages and we we couldn't really go wrong except if we didn't start at the beginning we might be doing ourselves a disservice John said I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting. You know the Gospel is the good news the good tidings The gospel is the story of what God has done to reconcile to himself a rebel world might King bells Shaz I have been say mighty yes or no Could he have been had he made other decisions we might see him along with his granddaddy in heaven cause we have every reason to believe never could measure the former he then died died to save May Belshazzar might have as well good news. The good side is Jesus came to seek and to save that which was that's why Jesus came in the world and so Jesus preached the gospel it says that in the Bible numerous times he said in Matthew 24 verse 14 this gospel of the kingdom. 1 and verse 15 repent and believe the Gospel 16 verse 15 go and preach the gospel to every creature Jesus was insistent about this the Gospel was important to hear Greek would believe on derive from the word I'm Glos means a messenger where we get the word evangelist and evangelist literally is a bringing of good news a bringer of good news that's something instructive for us evangelists you don't want to be just wanted to bring a of the news about the beast the bring the good news Amen amen somebody said that the 3 angels message or maybe the 3rd and his message is simply the message of justification by faith in their it here it sounds a lot to me like it's the message of the gospel which does not mean we should back up from the peculiar and the particulars of the 3 angels messages but when we are done proclaiming it when we are done internalizing that it should lead us to come face to face with the reality of the Good News of the gospel. Shouldn't make a simply all of the new neighbor shouldn't make you a Pharisee in any way shape or form the Gospel message is trends for mation old in classical Greek. This individual was 1 who brought a message of a victory or other political all personal news that caused joy. And evangelist if you like in the Literary to be the logical oratorical sense of the word evangelist back then when the word was 1st used was somebody who brought a message of Joy Come on now gospel like you on. With joy in the lot Jesus has saved you from something certain day it is good news we have friends you understand you contacted us please pray our son 15 years old he has been diagnosed with cancer how new Would it have been 15 years old healthy as a whole fun young come with us on it is written mission trips preached he preached I mean this man is young man got a life ahead of him he's got an intellect about the size of Texas he is a spiritual boy who loves Jesus he's already. In various places around the world in mission work oh God This cannot be but the doctors confirmed that cancer well prayer was made you understand an. Appointment was set and so the family took the boy and now it was going to be all about treatment options and what do we do next but the doctor took 1 more exam and had a look at some more records and checked some results and he looked perplexed. And he said to them you know I was here to discuss treatment options with you but we can no longer detect any cancer in this boy's body Hallelujah he's cancer free now I know what you're thinking I know what you're thinking you're thinking you never had cancer in the 1st place praise a lot anyway I don't care thank you Jesus no cancer there is that good news yes or no gospel is better news it's much better news much much much better news there are treatment options for virtually I say virtually probably all but virtually every illness that you can dream of there are no treatment options for sin is a terminal illness no doctor can save you there are no natural remedies for sin there is nothing you can concoct nothing you can dream up nothing at all so the gospel becomes exceedingly good news because the Gospel is the story of how we read the writing on the wall we blow we blush we recall but yet there is hope there is hope for everybody tonight be CAUSE ALL WHO Jesus all right turn with me quickly 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 we want to read a classic definition of the Gospel classic I'm going to read this tonight and talk about this and you're going to think that I done left the church and became a better. First Corinthians Chapter 15 verse 1 by the way by the way we challenge you a little bit what I had been a snow in for Sabbath vegetarianism. On property seminars. And tater tots So as you said. You said that I mean that's a good thing I like that. When I was a haystack you know what. You know what I would like I would like it when somebody says 7 they're going to somebody else it and folks who are always talking about the Gospel or not be something that be something Edwin and Grace you get out folks these days in that they're naming the new churches and it's the careful out of me to step on anybody's toes but the new church is called the X Y Z added Community Church because we want people to know that we care about the community or the X. Y. Z. Grace Church because we want folks to know that we about Grace we shouldn't need to put it in the name of the church I mean it's OK it's not knocking that call it whatever the Lord leads you to call the thing but but somehow I believe we live this thing right we can come to the play. Where somebody is 7th Day Adventists and their responses those those are the people who love Jesus I'd like that 1st Corinthians chapter that I say 15 I did verse 1 moreover brother and I declare unto you the Gospel here we go Paul is declaring it I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you which also you have received and where in East. What is it brother pole those 2 by which also you say if you keep in memory what I preach to you unless you have believed in vain All right so this is vital we are saved by this that means the stakes are super high right now for I delivered unto you 1st of all that which I also received how that Christ died for our sins according to the Gospel to the Scriptures that he was buried that he rose again the 3rd day according to the Scriptures and that he was seen of C. 1st then of the 12 and a 500 and some a did and some are alive and in James the Apostles and so on and in me I'm the least. Not sure. 10 by the grace of God I am what I am and His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain but I labored more abundantly than they all yet not I but the grace of God that was in me poll 6 simply describes the gospel you know what I don't even know how we got to this place but of the pasta preaches about the Sabbath yet the preaches about the end of Christ yeah he preaches about the gospel it's like. He's gone soft and now we don't need to hear that we need the real meat I hear that maybe he even said that ladies and gentlemen let's get it straight the real meat is the gospel is what Jesus has done what he's doing what he's going to continue to do the saving work of God to reconcile us lost people to ourselves I don't know maybe it's because we have the truth that we don't realize how lost lost people really are Maybe it's because we have so many advantages maybe because I say this factor with because we know so much about the Bible and Bible prophecy and maybe we think somehow that equates to holiness. Have sinned and come short of the glory of God All we are in desperate need of a savior desperate need that's just the truth what happened what happened Jesus died for our sins he was placed in the tomb and been holy lujah He rose again that's good news and why did that happen because at the creation God said to Adam and Eve here have this have it all just don't have that but everything else and that wasn't hard for them because they were created in such a way that they wanted to obey and obedience came naturally to them Can you imagine obedience came naturally to them and then 1 day Eva's wondering about she gets into a conversation with a snake you lot of thought you to say there's something weird about this. But she didn't. And by the time she was done she'd even the fruit shared with the husband that both eating the fruit now they were naked and far worse now. They were lost and so what would you do if you were God you know Thomas Edison took on like I haven't how many tries before I got the light bulb figured out did you say 10000. 2000 was a lot right I mean I think I know but I don't want to if I'm wrong on the be wrong by about 5000 a lot to be wrong by it isn't City didn't fail he just figured out thousands of ways that the light bulb did not. There all steps to make it a bit a light bulb. You done that right I don't know does anybody use wallpaper anymore you hang a sheet of. Take it down and do something different you've got a little project at home a home improvement project that didn't work there well it's scrap that and try again he was God who built a planet and that didn't work too well you would have excused God if you decided just to try again Well this is the defective here but understanding the great controversy as we do we recognize that was not an option not an option and God had a better plan rather than starting again he would demonstrate love and and grace and mercy and his profoundly De La of instead of saying let's consign them to the dumpster of the universe God said. We can fix this it's going to cost me a massive amount but we can fix this if we call loads of Divine Love into this situation lost people and God decided to save them even though it would cost the life of Jesus and even that would cause God immense anguish and frankly we cannot really know what the plan of salvation has cost God it's impossible to know maybe eternity will start to reveal some of this to. Why did he do that because God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life could God love anyone anything a world a lost rights that much yes he could and yes he did this way the law would be satisfied Jesus would succeed where humanity failed God could give him an itty his righteousness and still they could enter into everlasting life we see so much sin matters ladies and gentlemen in matters there was Belshazzar the king food linger around with sin and 1 day God said that's it is oh my goodness it's too late for me it was too late for him sin is not to be trifled with Listen man if there's something in your life that you know should not be there get rid of it Jesus said it's better if you go to heaven with 1 hand or 1 I then have both hands in both eyes and go to hell whatever it's going to cost you to get right with God get right with God and you know that Jesus and talk about mutilation he's talking about surrender which in some instances is less comfortable that having a hand amputated. Renda let it be right in order to get to heaven we need right shit this all have sinned and come short of the glory of God He we separated from God I say a 59 in verse 2 now soon separates between us and God How in the world Jacob dreamed about a lad Ah Moses told him to bring out a land. Came out of a rock this represented Jesus the water of life as well he would be the light of the world look into the sanctuary there were 7 branches of a candle stick all burning the bread of life Jesus is represented to us in so many ways he is the way of escape Jesus is died for you and I don't know if you died for anybody lately but I cannot imagine what goes through a person's mind as they way they're sitting up and say Yeah I'll die let alone I'll die for someone who hates me I'll die for someone who hates me not knowing what the Hell even respond I'll do this by faith I will die and give so much up and then think that the 1 done is the creator of the universe and he's dying for us. To know I can't do this justice. I just cannot even John couldn't do it justice that's why he said Behold the manner of God Sorry behold the manner of Love The Father had bestowed upon us that we should be called the Sons of God The gospel what Jesus has done what Christ has accomplished what we may accept the spotless Holy Land the son of Almighty God dying so that we might live this is income every 10 simple. However we are to be sure that we're not rowing with only 1 oar in the water you know what happened to be rowing a boat you need to was if you rowing like this if you let go of 1 row with the other what happens to the boat man we've got a lot of people going around in circles Let's see if we can balance this up just a little bit can we 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 22 1st Peter chapter 2 and those 22 Peter 222 I'll give you a 2nd or 2 in there because I'd like you to see it 1st Peeta Chapter 2 those 22 speaking let's back up just ever so slightly after all that will start in those 21 to this you were cold because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow in his steps that's important he left us an example to follow those 22 who committed no sin neither was deceit. Found in his mouth. He was holy This 1 was perfect and undefiled 20 through 3 who when he was reviled reviled not again when he suffered he threatened not but committed himself to him who judges righteously this 1 lived an entirely perfect life the life Adam and Eve should have lived but chose not to live Ben verse 24 who himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree that we hear we go that we listen all of this build up by Peter here Peter who ought to understand something about the power of the Gospel Peter writes this build up about who Jesus was and what he did and say when you're sitting and listening and and you're just like this is beautiful he grabs young drags you right and he says he. So that we Jesus did in Jesus did in Jesus was in Jesus accomplished so that we notice what he says so that we having died to sin this might live for righteousness by who stripes you were healed follow it now he bore our sins on the cross we are healed by His stripes he's quoting Isaiah Chapter $53.00 good news but follow the good news the good news the good news and it's all part of the good news is not the good news end this is pot of the good news is you can't separate the sound of the gospel I don't know why anybody would want to he says he so that we may must die to sin and live for righteousness How about that the Gospel Jesus died don't lead. Put a comma or something or Dash not a period Jesus died so that we can die not die because of sin but die to sin death to sin and living for righteousness back to Isaiah 53 at least at allusion to what it was 25 for you are like sheep going astray but now you return to the shepherd and of a C.E.O. of your souls see what the Gospel encompasses here what Jesus did so that he might get things done in our lives the gospel isn't a spectator sport man the gospel is about participation the gospel is about being an involved about being in the pack did sin is without a shot at life because of what Jesus did know we have the opportunity to die to sin and live for a righteous. That we might be healed by His stripes Jesus committed himself to the father to bear the sins of the world so that we might experience trends formation and a lot here's the question How's that working out for you now ladies and gentlemen I want to caution you against something if you spend your time looking at what you're not and then what you ought to be and that's how you do. Man on a rich and I know I ought to be this you can be miserable just miserable you'll never be successful and. I hate to say this the that probably never going to be say Now once you look at the sin take a good long look at it even when you're not looking at it you'll see it because that kind of house and is. And then instead of saying yourself oh man I got up I've got to be like that instead of doing that you recognise your sinfulness and then you look to Jesus you will never experience transformation by looking at yourself or imagining what you ought to be but beholding we become changed you don't become change into anything but a misery if you behold yourself but behold Christ and you must be impacted your must be changed I haven't read the writing on the wall as concerns me it isn't pretty but I've read John 3 in verse 16 which says Whoever believes this might not perish but have everlasting life I've read 1st John 4 in verse 4 it's a message to me it says Greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world there is Victory in Jesus you are a man was Puff a thick. And talk about good news and you listen to this like the person in the chair saying hey did you say no. OK. Maybe I just Scandinavian I don't know it could be that the genetic roots could be anything. Who knows you shall call his name Jesus Well he was saved his people from this any man be in Christ if any woman be in Christ he she is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things become new so you got what Jesus did now you become new everything about you becomes a new Listen what Jesus wants to do for you is higher than the highest human thought can I that this goodness this power this love this transformation of Jesus is is beyond really our ability to. To get it to really we can it we can believe it by faith and rejoice in it celebrate in it the gospel is really good news God will save you He will change you he will take you the sinner and transform you into you the seat you prepare you for heaven in heaven right now there's a I don't know is it is it Jesus he is he is he contracting some of this work out imagine is somebody carving a name plate 4 door of a mansion with your name on it come on now life is a battle in a March sometimes a battle a battle and a man should be in Michigan a while a battle and a match but there is hope because of what Jesus did and what Jesus will do in you you must believe tonight that Jesus can work in you in in powerful ways to do what you never could we can die to self tonight so that Jesus can live in us so that when temptation comes it don't have to knock us down there isn't a temptation in the world before which you must fall there isn't 1 for if you call on the name of Jesus he will send every angel in heaven to your help to give you strength when most you need the Bible says we can come bowed Lee to the throne of what pray what do we get there must say and grace to help in time of need. Your to rejoice to be a believer to night and if you are a 7th Day Adventists and you've got this book and you understand it like you ought to you ought to be the happiest person in the land we serve a wonderful God we serve a fantastic savior Paul said when writing to the Thessalonians very clearly that the gospel is to be obeyed. OK so I'm thinking about the Gospel again don't limit it simply do what Jesus did that's good it's met it's it's amazing and I don't think we take away from that when we talk about now the Gospel speaks to what Jesus wants to do in you the transformation he wants to see to produce to carry out in your line we need not set our sights. But we can afford to say to Jesus whatever you want it done whatever you want done do it do it in my life you remember don't you believe it was 987 of course you remember 1907 was I was just yesterday really funny thing I remember. My dad my dad would say things like. Maybe he'd be reading the newspaper and they'd be an article that talks about my dad which I know I know that fella do you dad you know yeah yeah I haven't seen him in 40 years and I would think how is that possible. So 987 you remember it because it was yesterday in Midland Texas in 1907 a little girl 18 months old was playing in the yard with I think her cousins and she disappeared she disappeared down a well it was 8 inches wide and she went down 22 feet and that well went down through rock that the authorities said was as hot as granite the eyes of the world were on Baby Jessica Well they weren't actually they were in a a hole nobody's eyes were on Baby Jessica she was 22 feet down a. Little well pipe show. C.N.N. 1 yet 10 years old this was really the 1st this was the coming out around the clock news coverage really someone described it as a media circus. I'm sure it was but it was also a reflection of the concern of the world. She was referred to often as everyone's baby then President Ronald Reagan said everybody in America became godmothers and godfathers of Jesica while this was going on and people pitched in they sent toys they sent money the local people baked cakes and made tea and brought juice and all of that for the. Rescue workers will go down a well basically why would you even care. Listen babies die all the time you don't you don't hear I'm not saying you don't care but you don't know you're oblivious to the fact that these die young children die it happens all around the world got to be thousands every day that you're not losing any sleep why would we care about this 1 why would we kid Well this was different was a 20 pound girl stuck on a pipe she wasn't dead she was alive we had to do so just had to and look desperate it seemed like well maybe she was never going to get out of the area but thank God she did she spent what 5052 hours or something down it well when they got her out they amputated a toe 1 want to be a little to. Think if you spend 2 plus days down a well you get out of it with everything but a little toe I think OK good easy for me to say I got on my toes and you did OK You know Baby Jessica is now no longer a baby just as she's just. She's married and she lives about a mile and a half from that well. Go she doesn't remember anything except for the fact she's missing it's. That she has a scar on her forehead. Where she was. I don't know if she thinks about it my guess is she probably doesn't do much but every time she looks in the mirror she comes face to face with the reality that she was lost and she couldn't save ourselves and help came from above and she was saved say begins the odd save after right. If it saves. Great expense was in could. Save a people people often all kinds of things hang on a baby's my little boy's ankles and lower him down there and they try they thought to try to. Make a bad situation with. The young woman in Texas while we sit here has got a scar on her for he had the sky tells the story of a rescue if rescue if it she had nothing to do with a rescue effort she did not ask for a rescue if it saved Hood transformed her life you think she's grateful today and she's grateful today I think she might think back to that she probably has newspaper clippings maybe scrapbooks I'm guessing about that I expect she has that pictures framed photographs. Probably has a D.V.D. of news reports that if you watch is that with the children today who children would be amazed and impressed that you go back and watch the coverage now but you go back and read the reports about you go back and look at the pictures and review what was done for you that Friday afternoon when you were hopelessly lost and have been spared no expense and kept digging and digging and working and working striving and straining until you became say or at least came to the place where salvation was. Within your reach salvation was something you could say yes to Whose idea was that God did we deserve it no we did not is it good news it's good news the gospel what Jesus has done for us and what Jesus is doing in. Don't miss both the writing on the wall for you say as you have been weighed in the balances you found wanting but Jesus has lived and died so that you might live forever it's good news can you say. We are to pray right now Father and. Never let us forget how good is this good news let us be unmindful or in response you died to save us so have us take our hogs make them yours for ever. We pray and thank you in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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