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1. Buried Alive

Jed Genson Jodi Genson




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Our Lord Jesus Father you've given us so much for East each 1 of us individually in this room you love us individually you know where we've been where we've come from and we pray Dear guarded this morning as we share some thoughts that your Holy Spirit will bring it home to us not collectively as a class but individually thank you or you love in the Gospel the everlasting gospel. We asked this in Jesus name. OK it's been just my experience from a number of years last 20 years of sharing of people traveling around teaching in a cat I mean for 23 years. A lot of our folk struggle with some of the basic understanding of how to walk with Jesus. And because of that some of our kids are outside the church because we have mis represent Christ in them and then know some of the ones that stayed in the church or brain legalistic and they're trying to do everything exactly right so that God will like them. And that's that's not really the best way to look at it and so some of the things I share with you or not talk about the 1st part is the basic things about how to be born again and when we do evangelism and I've been involved in that since 1964 in 8th grade so I've been around evangelism for several years but we do have as you ism we give people a lot of information OK and it's all good information but the information does not necessarily convert us or you I see some head shaking you know on it OK and some a share a little bit about where I came from my background so I have some proud to ghost things that are not theology. Really out of my church because I've seen so many wild and crazy things happen within the church and we're supposed to represent Jesus Christ of the world as an Elders mean 1 or actually a church for me when I'm with 3 retired pastors and then the new pastor. And the retired pastors didn't preach it with the new pastor was teaching so they got up in the meaning they were actually going hit him and so is that Christ like character known so I he said he you guys will you do in here you know were Christians are only so they kind of backed up and I've seen a number of these types of things happening and more means per meaning and that right after we got through with a beautiful perming than a pastor and when the members get up to confrontation to deal with each other and my wife at the jump in between them. This is not what God is looking for he's looking for his character to be reproduced in our lives right have you heard that before. So this day we hear the new birth is a rare experience in this age of the world this is a reason why there are so many put plex of these in the church now how many to blow into a church like almost everyone every scene of a plex innit. Yeah if you're bent out of building committee or anything like that I'm building a structure for the church that now it's what I do or used to do and when it takes 4 or 5 years to build a 20 by 30 little addition on to the building but no 1 can agree on the siding on the right thing and are they going to take their funds and we don't do it my way I'm not going to support you. And in some cases that's why we're so slow at spreading the gospel because you gotta do it my way. God has a special way for us to do it he's given us a method for us to use it's found in the midst of healing and it's Christ method alone sure success my wife and I have tried Christ Christ method alone for 5 years and we had 77 Babs isms and profession of faith coming just by using Christ method in some time a Christ method is now. A min keep coming. He took care of their needs he won their confidence and after he won their confidence then he said follow me that's it it works which tried it we tried the other way for years we got some results but Christ method loan really works we just do that so it's a rare experience this new birth and I've seen that in real life and I went through it myself I went through that twice of doctors 3 different times never born again never died to myself never understood everything explained it to me that way so many so many who have assumed the name of Christ are unsanctified and unholy. They've been baptized but they were buried alive self did not die and therefore they did not raise tombs of life and that's the problem that we're having right now we have a lot of folks there we're just going baptisms get him in a tank get him in the tank but getting in the tank does not change a person's life it's Jesus Christ it seems like as we spend time with him we allow him to come in and live through us now we become happy holy. Full of joy peace all these types of things and then people are attracted to you know we've had it happen when Where do you guys going to church how come you're so happy no less and it's because of crisis not us were so you know we still struggle so Saturnus and tempers always goes up is because of Jesus Christ dwelling in us the same way with you and that's what God wants to do in your life. Let's start with with. John Chapter 3 if you brought your scripture something now we're all pretty familiar John Chapter 3 aren't way that's on it could be Miss. The reason I want to start with John Chapter 3 because in survey just this is why I said there is no other. Subsequent OK Zhen where Jesus was so clear on how the Gospel works and the A.B.C.'s so. Before I say that let me let me ask you a question can be can someone tell me about nicotine miss who has or what is education was anything like that is going talk you guys can talk it's Or it is not I was not around it answer very wealthy was a fair city he was a teacher of the law OK so right you all agree with that OK. So he comes to Jews by night because he wants to enter into a theological discussion to Christ about salvation. And so did Jesus tells him something and it could be missed didn't really appreciate Do you remember what that was. You must be born again maybe I'm a teacher of the law I'm the 1 that teaches people and you telling me I need to be born again and so they get into this discussion and then Jesus says listen you can be born of the water and that's the easy part me any making it dunked right but this other part is something that's outside of ourselves we can't change our hearts only God can do that this is something that happens outside of ourselves the Holy Spirit comes in and dwells in us Rabbi we know that you're a teacher sent from God for no man can do with science that you have that you do unless God is with him just answer and sent him most surely I say to you unless 1 is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God Now which we read earlier that there is superficial conversions and that many people have been baptized but they're very alive and that's the problem with the churches there's If 20 people are still alive and they want to do things their way instead of allowing God to work through them through them. That that which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born the Spirit Spirit is not marble and I say to you you must be born again Christ object lesson in the para law sheep Christ teaches that salvation does not come through our seeking after God but through God seeking after us is anybody like that 3 people OK well I really like that because. Because I was a lot of lamb you know I didn't know a God I you know I was half way race and church reporting but I left for several years but he got sought after me. He didn't leave me out there wandering around getting in all kinds of trouble he sought after me so our salvation has not come after me trying to find him and I know a lot of our church members of people who travel around I discuss things and talk to them they're still trying to find God they've been a church for 40 years and they don't have any security and yes you know they're out think that God actually died for them well this parable tells me that no God's on our side God seeking after us. What man of you have a 100 sheep if he loses 1 of them does not leave the 90 and 9 in the wilderness and go after the 1 which he which is lost until he finds it and so if you have children out there I don't know how many here are adults showing that were raised in a church and that they're out there now they're gone anybody in that category. My mom pray for me for years more she prayed the worse I got. 1 night 1 New Year's night her and my sister spent all night in prayer meeting in church and. I had these these thoughts and feelings that I needed to go home and see my mother after several years and I was living with the woman I was drinking smoking dope in all this kind of crazy stuff and then I thought you need to go see your mom and I needed to Ana's I was messed up and so that was the 1st but now I can't at that point I could say the Holy Spirit did that but now I know it was him prompting me to go home and so I did that I went home and she got me on a vegetarian diet drinking water getting sunlight. See where it went to restaurants and those laws exercise she had me doing all this stuff and guess what I was healed I gave my mind back so. Rejoiced when I came back. And when he found it here laid it on his shoulders rejoicing and went and when he comes home he calls together as friends and neighbors and says the 1 that was lost is now found so keep praying for your children you plant seeds in their hearts OK it's still there God doesn't leave you there's so many times that I be out there messed up I member sitting in a bar 1 time with a bunch of friends who are just acting wild and crazy and who into the stock came into my mind about pathfinders and remember all the fun you did in past finder says Can you believe that it started generating this is desire you know this desire to get back in the know God rejoice with me for I have found my sheep which was lost Likewise I say to you that which be be more joy in heaven over 1 sinner who repents and over 99 just persons you know are pens how many people work in Pathfinders those those seeds are are important what you're doing there and a lot of times we don't see the results until years later it's like anything we do for God you know really even in our Bible work which sort of mass going to see it's very sell and we see the results until years later the gods working on the seas working on those people on time in the week or so after I gave my life to Jesus Christ I'm still hanging out on the streets I ran into a Spanish guy we started hanging out together and I simply shared to him a little bit about Saturn a sabot OK it wasn't a bible study it was just I was going to church on Saturn and so 20 years later. 20 years later I'm I'm in a church Jodi hasn't fire program went to high school who worked at and after the choir program this guy comes up to me he was I know you and his and when I when I hung out with him we called him Routh but now his name is Raphael So I go what your name is Raphael and we had long hair and now he's short clean cut and run I don't know your mom because you know you do this it will give me some pointers and help me out here I did you know I used to him go into Washington and you told me about the 720 years before that in course I flipped out I'm going around the area you're kidding me no way around you kid. And this guy didn't win the Navy found a way forward in the Philippines came back home has and children worked for the government and he was serving God So keep so and see is what I'm saying so and see it's that's my 2nd fanatical thing I like to talk about. What why is a person need to be born again. That's probably a no brainer you would get there from here. We need Jesus just like people need to get on the boat noise day we need to have you need to get into Jesus Christ. Now I know that probably if you're church member you're thinking well I already know that you know I'm already in Christ well once find out what good will it do for a minute if it gains the whole world yet for you know for the soul soul what what can a man give in exchange for a soul now there's a number of folks that I know personally that are church members of the spend more time in their job and survival than they do in Jesus Christ OK so it's totally up to you if you want this world you can have it but if you want to other world you have to spend some time with the key things so it makes sense. You know what I got it I've got to survive here I know that but you still need to put that time in that guy that's the most important thing going home because he's preparing a place for us that's way beyond our imagination. And I don't want to lose that place for this year unless you are converted and become as a little child you know you will by no means enter the kingdom men so what's a little child like when you talk about childlike faith what's out like your children what explain to me humans and agita the stuff and. How like food looks like. OK they trust I like Ike The 1st thing is there. To remind me what line the 1st you know question anything now this is what a 1st steps that I learned is not to argue with God about stuff OK when he started taking things out of my life he started becoming a certain things instead of saying oh it's not that big a deal it really doesn't matter I'm sure that he doesn't care about this I started saying yes Lord. If you convict me and yes Lord you took pepperoni pizza out of my life like that because I said yes I'm more OK and mask wise as damage into that and tomorrow and talk about it's a long and winding road sanctification process what God does sometimes we get this idea OK I got to quit doing this I got to quit doing that but if you give it to God God will do it as he did with me to change my likes and my dislikes It's amazing it's America so we need to be converted as a little child yes debt to every say how is a person born again this a miraculous thing we don't really understand is comes from the Holy Spirit we recognize you have to recognize a need yes ma'am. Yes. Amen. You know when I grew up and within the church after 14 years old it wasn't that wasn't a stress so much it was you don't do this and don't eat that and don't watch this and don't go to those places it was everything you don't do but then when Jesus comes in your motives everything's changing about now you want to do because you realize that there is a God A real live God that loves you and cares about every detail of your lives OK So we need to recognize or need. This is my story I'm glad you can't argue with my story because my story is not the ology It's not about the Holy Spirit It's not about. What somebody else teaches or believes I grew up that up until the age of 14 my parents not known Christians and pretty rowdy they've been a lot of time in the bars around tavern and I at 5 or 67 years old would be sleeping out in the car waiting for mom and dad to come out and on Saturday nights I love Saturday nights because the theater of my baby center and they have a double feature in this little town so I could stay there to almost 2 in the morn. And so. After the show as I go home and no 1 would be there I climb 6 years now right now we call it child abuse but where I grew up down is like the norm you were a log logger family and we lived in remote areas and so it was just very tough OK so that's where my baby sit was and then I read I got baptized at 14 because everybody else did a 14 not born again not born again but I understood the 23 by some fundamental doctors I understand about the 2300 days and in 7th grade I learned who 666 was and and Daniel 2 and all those types of things not born again but I mean I was taught those things I had an intellectual knowledge. Of the advent of them. But then I got trapped in the Army at 19 went and fought for my country and then when I got out I went right back to hometown hanging out with my old friends I knew from grade school high school played baseball drinking cross it around and almost died and then God reaches down and says OK even enough of this I actually came to that conclusion on my own and so I really sought after God with my own heart my own my own desires and I was in the Army a pastor called and said you know what you should get revalued Titus because if you go to Nami get killed at least you'll go to heaven is that true that doesn't doesn't save anybody so I came home went to the 27 fundamentals again learn the same information and then went right back out because I didn't have any power didn't know how to say no the flesh didn't even know about them in flesh the valve between flesh and spirit and so I just went and played baseball. You know it's hard to believe I actually had hair 11 day. So but at the age of 27 May have confused ideas regarding confusion they have often heard the words repeated from a pope you must be born again you must have a new heart and sometimes people get an idea there's some kind of emotional thing that goes along with it that it's simply making a decision that I'm going to follow the creator and that's what I did I got to the point where I became wary of sin. I don't want to let you read this here's. A time some of these do receive acceptance with God and are led to identify themselves with his people but I have been shown this is this is really important I do Bible studies now I want to make sure that people are weary of their lifestyle what they're doing because if you're not weary of that you're not going to change so I ask you ARE YOU WEARING A We are living you you worry about you know living a double life here you know wherever it is it's drugs or whatever a lot of us and you know I'm tired of it but I can't get out of it. So I became weary but I've been shown that they were docked in the family of God before that time God accepted them when they became weary of sin and having lost their desires for worldly pleasures resolve to seek God earnestly and so 1 night I got down and I just got back from a party and I've been reading the Bible and I still stand my mom's house and so I got down on my knees and I said I can stop doing bad things I can stop drinking or smoking area stuff and so I got down on my knee and said Got I am sick and tired of my life I can't stop doing these things I need to know if you're real you know if you're real so a fair question and. Because I had been taught things and I'd seen things to pre-credit things and eyes down if there was even a guy in as I prayed that prayer for my whole heart. Not came into my mind and says I'm real and I love you now what is what's really the bottom line most people would like in this world where you think the most who said that yeah we want security want to know people love us they care about us and so when that fire came to my mind I recognize wait a minute where that come from and I excepted and believe that was God speaking to me that he was real and he actually loved me and then I'd start crying have God how could you still love me after everything I've done to you I realized at that point that I had not been doing it to other people or doing it yourself but I've actually been crucifying Christ with my life still things I've been doing it changed my whole attitude toward Scott then I realized the things that the church had been teaching me were things that God had taught to help me to be healthy happy that type of thing so now I accept a lot of things and he and he came to me and convicted me of as the voice of God speaking to me and he wanted me to be happy and healthy Zemanek says it was a different twist. So after that then things really start happening is kind of fun so all of us have Santa come short of the glory of God we realized. They were us and what is right how can I know if I'm saying or not OK The 10 Commandments let us know whether we're sin or not right it leads us to our savior right to point us to our savior is like a teacher the answer Paul said it's our teacher or schoolmaster but it can't save us. Alas I get caught up well if I do this thing God to like me more if I don't he won't like me no God Ari prove they like says he loves us more than we can imagine on the cross he was the Good Shepherd that sought out each 1 of us in this room wherever you're been whatever you've been doing to bring you into his all right now you may think well I don't I've never drank more smoke around treat chase women and I don't use drugs this is not about me it's not about what I was into each 1 of you have to examine yourself in my critical person and I Judge Milian I backbiting in my own complainer or am I full of joy and kindness and I'm just a sweet sweepers because God looking for people that reflect this cure in this world right that's what you need to ask yourself it's not about what I did it's what's going on your life whoever commits sin also transcripts the law for sin is the transcription. Hugh has us the Son has life and us not the son hasn't wife and I've met a number of my friends family members that don't have a life because they don't have Jesus Christ but they're still in the body still functioning surrender so how do we give up step in Christ on his terms and before I is to negotiate with God Well if you'll do this I'll do that you know that type of thing and well if you get me out a situation then I'll serve you those those types of things I was when I was younger so I accepted God on history when I that night when I got down I confess that I couldn't do is stuff I couldn't stop doing bad I couldn't stop smoking and I admitted it my weakness as I surrendered my will my rights we want to call. To him. And now he starts coming in and he starts teaching me and showing me things that he wants to change in my life I'll get to most of that tomorrow when we do sanctification because it took music in food no but he did it in a sweet gentle way it wasn't like the pastor San don't listen the devil's music or my mom or my grandma whatever it was God whispering to me. And saying Jesus and his music Campion's and limbs. Are eating it pepperoni pizza 2 o'clock in the morning is not healthy for you is it was a sweet spirit to talk to me that way and it made me want to stop doing it I wanted to please God I want to live for Him So accept him on his terms so I surrender and you you know this about when when we're about people hold up the white flag there's a definition here is a surrender is a battle term it implies giving us all the rights to the conquer when an opposing army surrenders they lay down their arms and the winner takes control from them up then on surrendering to God works the same way God has a plan for our lives and surrendering to him means we set aside our own plans and evenly seek Him as the good news is that God's plan for us is always the vast interests arse his best interest so after I swear my own my life to Christ then the Holy Spirit are in pressing me on ways to help other people I was a totally So sinner person. Bent on destroying myself and now God starts changing my mind and seeing needs and people how I can help. Rack us blow me away even I be doing something I am I doing this because of God changing the desires of my heart. Today whom you will serve but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord you pray that prayer morning and I do now every morning I get up I say glory I commit my way to you today to my way to you so that what that means is whatever happens during that day but I think I believe that God is in this thing because I command my way to some extent. So sometimes things that aren't so happy and pleasing happen instead a question God's name of God Why did you have let that happen why do you allow to happen I just ROUSE Well God you have a plan in this form and what I meant when I was praying in the very beginning is God whatever it takes to make me like you and allow it to happen and so by those trials and things that come in and we submit to him we're growing in faith in our characters are being perfected. Yet put in a position where your euro patience is tried if you are done as I've heard people say this why pray for patients and everything came down on me teach me I don't I don't look at that I don't I don't pray for patients and. I was loving the help and I work with high school kids for 23 years and they were and they led to my house lot of them and so they tried my patience and so the several years later people are saying how can you be so patient inside I don't feel patient something Mr rubbed off through those experiences that help me to to cope with life and to be more patient. Yeah I know now there are things right now that come to me that I want to do that I want to do and I realize OK who's on the throne this year plan or God's plan and then I have to let go and it's like. It's like pulling something apart asunder the Bible calls us under and that's a killer something's if it's you know it's something I really like to do that's where the problem comes in or something I really want to do and it's not right for stilts I saw temptations the way and then I. Just. Don't realize how much. I that's. Why you're living. So when you. Live by yeah there's this wrestling business. That surrender we just think it's normal life is normal activity. We've got benefits. So I never I never realised there was a pull Plesch and spear OK I was never taught that in high school or the. Yeah I can't but. With this this realisation really came in I'm going to tell a story Jodi has a story but it's a true story in and you can leave the minute. Well. We're going to get into right now it's time to a let me get quick for NASA got a while and maybe I kick can combine the 2 met No I don't I won't but there is a situation not going to detail that happened. And I can tell you that. It really is a put it's a major pull it was right after I served my life to Christ and I no 1 taught me about the pull of flash. And so went you know so when it hit me like I was unprepared but then in the situation I just desperately prayed out and Loughner myself out of my mind God help me I didn't want to do that thing anymore and I cigar to help me and boom there was a knock on the door and then I was delivered out of it because Jesus Christ promised he would do as he said I will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able to bear and with the temptation provide a way of escape when a son a man comes will he find faith on the earth that's what he asked the question and so we are walking by faith and we're taking his word and living by that word and so when I pray that and he delivered me and I When the bedroom and crying Oh God you did it you're here you're real and that was another eye opener you know I could trust him so in that was in the early days out right after I got baptized but sense and you know there's been all kinds of things mission trips and things have gone on not knowing what to do where to go we're lost or so we can't communicate with people and pray and God will provide a way to escape anxiety. So I even never experience experience as tomorrow OK we have to we have to give up OK we have to. It's easy to say that word but it's really hard in reality so I don't know you know what your struggles are. But you know I had sexual struggles I had alcohol struggles tobacco straws those habits the habits those type of struggles there also was that attitude I looked at people in church when I was young in criticized them and it gave me an excuse not to go to church and not to be a Christian and so I had to give up those bitter feelings as many as received Him to them he gave How are to be good children of God and to those that believe on Him by leet that believing on him is by taking his word and praying it back to him said Lord you said this and then be still and watch him or it's amazing it's exciting almost invite him now so I can see it work repentance is the next 1 repentance repentance is a gift from God It's not something that we do something that God does in US you Martin Luther he beat himself into repentance remember that then help him back out and situation but it's the goodness of God that leads us repentance how can we be led to reap repentance if we don't know that God is good right it's like your siblings and you get in a hard argument with them and you start fighting and your mom says Go tell Joe Blow you're sorry and you're not sorry and it's not it's not true pens right OK so to reap ins do you not know that the goodness of God leads us to repentance what broke my heart I came to Jesus Christ just the way I was OK I had to repent it but. He said I love you and I'm real and saw that broke my heart so I came to and I gave up my rights to all my habits. And so it it led me to repent as I start looking at God not as a tyrant that was looking over my shoulder to figure out some way to keep me how to heaven now I started looking at him as a loving father that cared for me more than I care for myself and that and that statement right there is miraculous when that happens and a lot of our kids are still look at God as a mean person that doesn't like them it doesn't want them to have any fun and so somehow we need to show that no god is love God cares about them and follow Him is the best way of life lived on both sides of the fence and the site as a whole much more joyful and peaceful so it includes sorrow for sin but then you also need to turn away from it that's the hard part some people say I'm sorry but yet turn away from in your heart you can have a change in your life unless you turn away from it in your heart we know change in your life that's part of the problem I believe with some of our churches and people in churches are they still want to hang on to the world and call themselves Christians in the bible points it out. Have mercy a play on me oh god this is David remember David story is a perfect beautiful example of true pants and you know a story about Nathan the prophet you know story folks. OK you may very fresh memory there is Nathan told David a story about a man who a friend and come into town and so he instead of taking him 1 of his hundreds of sheep that he had he went and took the neighbor's 1 little lamb that he had missed or now you know and so he told David that story and David got all upset and said the mean string him up his toenails and in the thin lips and says That man is you. Really blew David away. It's art so David and Saul's 51 if you read through there. You know see David's refinances beautiful as prayer we read that lately you prayed create me a clean Oregon in Reno right spirit within me we need to do this you know get to that point where lies not stop just 1 time it's not something I did 40 years ago something I do a morning every day I check myself at night or how do we do today you know they step out here will just be frank with you and he likes us to be honest with this land out there telling you what you what you didn't like and what you liked about that day created me a clean are a new writer spirit. Cast me not away from your presence and do not take your Holy Spirit from me. Along with repentance comes confession and acknowledge that you have scenes so there's things that we need to make right now it's a hard part too sometimes depending on situations and how deep you got into things it might be very difficult to make things right now when I was in the military and I worked in an operating room and a friend of mine not in the army was having a hard time his wife and I had a baby and she didn't have any diapers and into me money and so I took a bunch bunch of diapers from the. C.M.'s place they were in the sterilized diapers I took them home gave it to him and then years later I'm I'm going through my list of things I need to make right now I thought Can I mine I still got how do I make this thing right. The hospital now I'm billing hospital people or Dad how do you how do you do that and so I went back and forth for several months about then finally as thought Kenan in my mind just accept God's forgiveness. And rest the peace there are things that we can't make right. Are number of things I did make right and hurt to do it except hurt people had to go back and apologize and make things right and some things are just you know it's beyond our ability to do that so acknowledges you've done your sand and then do what you can to make things right and then go in peace forgive yourself there are things that I struggle with for years because I couldn't forgive myself and I would ask God please number at large place forgive me for that and after about the 20th time of asking him to forgive me for the same sin I committed 20 years before and. This document my mind Don't you believe me don't you believe me I've forgiven you. Yeah I believe you will and I forgave you were telling me to ask him unit for give you. And so then I found a a statement in his ego where it's this is normal procedure oriented think of as you go through this process and we lows that were there we lows the life that we lived apart from Christ and yet crisis forgiveness and governance. So if you can forgive yourself and I've dealt with a number of people that can't forgive themselves who have done to me terrible things. Paul said he was the chief of sinners the other people fact I just met a person last week that there were certain Paul there there in the chief of cheap sinners this is a name no one's gone to find a guy can not forget that got us talking about your heart as a holy spirit acknowledge it and now forgive yourself the high Happy be joyful in Christ this is some spit you want in for I acknowledge my transgressions my sanest ever before me again against you have I said and done this evil thing in your side David acknowledged it. He sinned his sin was against God. And acknowledged out myself in 1 of my situations I realized it wasn't the person I was seeing against actually was saying it's God because God made him he was part of his family so when we hurt somebody in the family we're hurting God Zanuck sent it yet in a church will hurt each other will hurt each other but the way I treat you is the way Actually God there's been a number of times when I've. I've attempt to say or do something and somebody and the Holy Spirit come in remember the way you treat that person's wagering your father and it stops me so caught I don't want to hurt you any more so are your knowledge of sin against you know my sin and then this evil you say there is therefore now a condom no condemnation to them or in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh. Is for them but according to the spirit OK. What's what's walking up to the flesh give me some of the fleshy things English and Chapter 5 last good OK let's just us that's flirting pride 2 things really 2 works of flesh OK that's great. Gossip OK good good. Anything else oh gluttony OK we don't want to talk about that when we're in polacre. What else was something that a number of people struggle with is on the top of the list that's the main 1 selfishness so obvious took the place of love when Adam and Eve fell selfishness took the place of love selfishness of the root of all evil. Things but what's what's in a word yes you said was it that yes Has anyone ever experienced a pull of flesh on the anger. To people great you guys are perfect. Well this is a great class no it's been in here. Yeah I've been tempted with anger your fill feel up full of flash where it starts welling up inside you and they're about Ray explode your eyes are popped out but you're containing it no I'm fine everything's fine OK that's so. We walk not according to the flesh. God sustains and so because of now what's the opposite of the clash is the spirit and that is. It is about spirit went. Through a spirit Lobjoit peace patience kindness and suffering. Gem Prince and being tempered will help us to not be angry too yeah no it's not OK So because we're in Christ Jesus we're not condemn and. We're walking after We're not walking after the flesh anymore right amen We're not walking after the flash we're not are we are also walking out. With a born again our new creatures. OK Anyway that's the idea that Paul came to the conclusion that repentance 1 time thing now is a sin to be tempted now OK we have talked about their love it later too just was tempted on the cross to come down but he didn't do it because he saw you individually sitting in these chairs in this room he would not come down because he wants to spend eternity with you amen does anyone 3 people like that I like that idea. That way I cannot wait. I'm tired of people getting shot getting their heads cut off drive by shootings and every early ugly thing unless an entire. I think he has to I think he's really getting me to convey that you're surely. Surely we got things happening around us now that we're prophesied you know 100 years ago and it's happening before our merry eyes a number of folks aren't paying attention because they're so busy occupying until he comes in for so busy occupying 2 he comes we're not going to be ready when he does come or you think only 8 people got on the arm. I heard it all before Same with this message I heard all before. It's. So and we've been going through 2nd Peter lately right here in Santa school and so now we have another situation where people are saying well it hasn't changed as the ancients you know some to claim years nothing changes the same will thing when you go on your read about God's foot that ball of fire or whatever he's going to use in a safe place for when it's time he's going it poured out OK but now is the day of salvation today today we can get on board and get inside the ark we can say in our hearts right now just I want to have a deeper experience with you you know I want I don't want to go through the same things I've been doing and struggling and and not having devotions because I have too many other things to do I don't have time to spend with you we're going to change then and we don't want to have experiencing right. And I'm not scaring people to get out the fire of it I'm sure that when North preached he was more intent on the last message and he was in the 1st 140 years before that and so we're getting a whole lot closer than we were 100 years ago right so now's the time we really need to get serious so I just may have false 7 times I believe that but I have a problem with it I'm not going to argue even Asher though. But it's See I believe that God gives us the Holy Spirit to keep us from sinning and if you've ever read that before it's in book desire of ages and so if God gives us the Holy Spirit to keep us from sinning then I have to go against the spirit to Kim sit him in a sense I make sense to commit a sin Yeah so we should be following 7 times but then Porton lesson about that is you do mess up you do follow the story patents and God will pick you up you know I'm not saying that but to God gives us the Holy Spirit to keep us or following and so we need to believe that by faith and there's also a contrary or not exactly another statement will similar to that says that saying doesn't want us to believe that God can keep us from sinning OK so if God says I'm going to give you the Holy Spirit keep you from saying and then say and saying. You don't you can't kick I can't keep saying oh then it's OK I'm just going way I am I'm going to heaven the way I am and that's a deception that's not going to happen we've got to allow him to changes. And see if I can find him there's 1 here this isn't as our of ages says the Grays deception of human mind in Christ day was that a mere assent to the 27 fundamental doctrines. Causes us righteousness. In all human experience if they allowed a logical knowledge of the truth has been proved to be insufficient for the saving the soul it does not bring forth the fruits of righteousness love joy peace patience and sins a jealous regard for what is termed theological truth often accompanies a teacher for genuine truth as many manifest in life manifest in my the darkest chapters of history are burned with the record of crimes committed by bigoted religionists The guys are killed Jesus Christ named the cross they were religious people but they were not bearing fruits so this and she says she goes on says the same danger exist today many take it for granted are Christians simply because it's a scribe to a certain Tenet to logical tenant but have not brought the truth into the practical life they have not believed and loved it and therefore they have not received the power they God wants to give to them in the grace that comes through sanctification in the true OK So as you're making a commitment to Christ and you are alkie him to come in and take control yourself and you tell him Lord I want to be born again I don't want to be nicotine means I want to have your Spirit dwelling in me and then he will do that as we spend time with him we have to spend time with him because we have to get to know him right the Carhartt doesn't want to know God it's empty towards God. So we need a heart of flesh heart spirit and God gives that to us it's his job so we fall 7 times but we get back up if you mess up don't stay down go back to where you 1st saw the light go back spend time in the word what happens when a person is born again transformation to explains that's we're going to talk about some are the things I once loved I hate. He thinks I hate it now I love. Until I was in it's own story. That's kind of this kind of funny we're amazing fact we taught amazing facts for a number of years and there's a slogan we didn't link and little town there was a mom and pop grocery store that stayed up late at night so we ran down there to get some stuff and I don't know what time it was a late there's a few people in there and there was a lady in the aisle walking down the soup stand there looking soups and this oldie but goodie stations on and this lady's dancing to the song while thing you make my heart saying You make my heart go pitter pat. And I look I told you I'm going down down to that lady. Should know you're not I want to do it just to be fun funny you know and I thought you know what a psycho sie funny but so I had to I had to give away to my all flesh and wind and I was going to do it just to be dancing I just want to you know become funny so I had to die to that thought in that old way of life and so OK i won't do that so God kissed me a lot of times because I was wild and crazy when I was a kid in high school he kissed me for being frivolous sometimes most most of the time. Silly or so. But. Yeah. And he'll do that to those who do other types of things that I have to do it now because after Remember I'm a pastor and the person I wear T. shirts is fallen Jesus on my back from summer camp and so I'm in a store and start thinking goofy stuff and I. You have followed Jesus and you're back and you're a pastor that I remind myself and guy's been doing a good job doing it so it would transfer rate transformation begins I will give you this is Jesus saying I'm going to give you a new heart I'm a take that also fish heart you were born with and I'm going to give you a new 1 and I give your heart to know me right or to put a new spirit within you God said I'm going to do that we can put the spirit in ourselves we have to give permission to God to do that OK and put spirit within you I will take that heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of. Other. Stories of God in the very beginning impressed me that to help people in the struggle I had to help people it wasn't natural for me to be that way now God change that if a man be a Christ he is a new creation the all things pass away we will all things become new in my 1st experience with this is that that's 2nd printing is that I had to say this thing 100 times doing because the old nature of the old man the old thoughts and memories for a number of years were in my face constantly I thought I was going crazy and I would quote this god you said I'm a new creature the old things are passed away I don't want those things and you've given me a new mind I did not accept those thoughts of Satan gave me as my own thoughts I believe that God gave me a new mind now and that's it's going to have a battle in mind. Because where we tempted. Right there right now as we turn away guns. Thank. You men. Now and that's cool because that's how we battled him in the book The minister of healing the chapter on mine cures in there that's 1 of the tools we have to use against him and so when she went when you're doing that it's very cool you can now you've entered into this this battle of flesh and spirit and you're always going to win because crisis on your side and he wants you to win and so I go through that a lot of those type things saying and scriptures quoting scriptures and so that means of enemy has lost his power and you know he's losing his power. Very cool like that yeah so you're a new creature to this morning and I'm just going to ask you right now you have a stand up and come forward. I just want in your mind I want you to ask yourself do you want to have a deep Do I need to have a different deeper experience and if you do then to remember this text here that starting today Monday June something on 19th starting a new experience with Christ and your new creature today the old things are passed away the old attitudes the old anger the old all the washing machine broke down is Flight of the floor now and I got to clean up and lose my temper Yeah just my wife in that experience are you going to tell us what story about the flood is it in your talk. But that happened to her and then instead of freaking out and getting upset and angry she started laughing because the whole kitchen was full of. Other. Humor. Yeah I was I meant. I was like. You know it's. My car. So I. Heard something in the Air Force. Yes me and I. It's all I ran ran. How. Is lying around. I mean how do you. I'm not you know. I mean Main. Got. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So my I thought I was a creep. So I think she saved me from. Myself myself up a good thought thank you so OK so no creatures today right yes Janice OK I just want to drive us home OK you're new creature that this and that you're a new creature. You believe that you mean a new creature right now today no matter what happened yesterday last week last year 10 years ago today you can start renewal becoming a new creature in Jesus Christ is no wonderful no Holy Spirit's going to be N.S.A. is going to control us and you will be tested and I was tested not tell you about the test tomorrow but God is always there to Deliverance like he promised he would. He's never let me down. For years now never let me down the longer conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing your mind so when you spend time in a word so that God can remove our minds and ice to be really into sports and that was a battle to I'm not I'm not Linda Tripp on you guys this isn't just my story. But it is about to give up football especially in the Seahawks won Super Bowl some from Seattle but in the next year when they lost on the 1 yard line it was very easy for me to give up. So but this is 1 thing I said that I was struggling you know. I got to check the score on Saturday night to see water Friday and or whatever not Friday went to Friday. Keep the Sabbath holy even though I was struggling with it so you know our minds Romans 122 we can renew our minds not only with the word but by what we read what we watch Stop stop watching things that are not getting into the kingdom they're listening to music that's not getting you to kingdom not building up your spiritual mine. So I keep talking Alex get into tomorrow's talks tomorrow it's all about the stuff OK And then there's this baptism after you have come to the point where you're weary of sin you're weary of the way you're living. And you see that guy has a whole lot bigger things for here then you submit to him. And then you're baptized you're clean you're made whole you're dead member in Romans 6 party talks about you're dead to the old man erased a new newness of life a lot of times we don't go through that thoroughly with people explain what you're doing your community are ways into the Lord and so they get up and they're the same a piece person and they don't know how to change how I will stop do what they're doing sort baptize or new creatures the old things are passed away then Peter sent to them Repent carry pens come from God I mean it's like I want to well. OK I had a situation at me for I was a Christian and. I lost my job I deserved to lose it. My car blew up my an M.G.B. a car blew up. My friend to sleep with my girlfriend I thought we were going to get married. So I had all these stressors and. I was broken and so I saw my whole heart and God was there God is willing to me and God found me and then God picked me. And restored me so no matter what's going on in your life and 1 what you realize is God is there if you're going through a divorce your husband left yours or some or crazy things going on your wife left him God mills out and he has ways of healing us that are beyond our comprehension. So they take heart you're not alone since I'll never leave you or for sake you believe that I'll never leave you never yes now. We. I don't get how to me. They met your earlier. You know. Save that for tomorrow on China lab rate on how to move because this is exactly when talking about how does this process were this daily why sanctification is a daily dying to self and daily conforming our will to the will of God. And so when God's dealing with stubborn people sometimes it's hard for him to get through to us so we have talked about it Tamara. Peter said to every 10 be baptized every 1 of you in the name is yours Christ there's remission of sins and He is show received the gift of the Holy Spirit and the Bible says asking you are saved and I notice that we have a lot of different ideas about the Holy Spirit now people wanting do away with him because he's the 1 that convicts his ascent and his WANT TO brings us to Jesus Christ. But when when he says you ask for me and he will receive that's what he means by living by the Word of God When God says that and I know from my own experience by asking I have received a recept help for all kinds of different reasons and things this is Fred. Got a call from a pastor a couple cities away from where I lived I was about work at that time 1 of my members is in the hospital fold fold it fell down and broke her hip can you go see her so I did I went in there it says I went in the room she looked at me says you're the 1 that's going to bring my son back to Jesus Christ. I don't even know this late I can what yes God told me you need to go see my son so who is it where's he gone to Anders a number of years ago got involved in drugs and got a girl pregnant married in all kinds of crazy stuff so I go Wow OK So I go over to his partment house or goes with me my pastor knock on the door his name is Fred mine's Jed and my pastor's name is Ted so it Jed Fred and. So Fred when he when we introduce ourselves he goes Well you came in some way Iraq and hope. So walk in there and. Sit down and this is where folks but like in 1 minute I'm giving him appeal to come to Jesus Christ I mean I said I just introduced him start talking of it and I said Fred listen you know the truth you've been taught the truth yes you want to weigh the God's calling you back right now God wants you he needs you in servants were living in the last days were out of time you want you to come back tonight now will you do that and he's looking to me to do didn't like you know 20 minutes was like a 2nd you know it seemed like a long time just staring at me and. Yes I wanted to. So we got in we prayed and now of course the Del didn't let go of me right now OK he isn't locked in the back and say go have a good time and Jesus doesn't work that way shootin with me so say a prayer so I'll see in church you never came you didn't come for like 6 months and got mixed up in meth after right after that he met a girl I know the story of see I've been there you met a girl got in Mexico a meth you went in jail and then he came back into church and supply what do you do what are you I've been trying to find and that's a long story but he serious life to Jesus Christ and it's a day he got bow ties and then he went out he was selling books and he has a great job he is fair to me and sell a big books and so now he's getting married got married last out a note on July OK anyways life has changed a new creature new person so yeah it's time sure OK So Joe. So Jesus puts his perfect robe of righteousness over us OK this is the favorite my fear part it's just as if we've never sinned this is Romans 51 we're justified through faith in Christ alone I don't justify myself you can't justify me but Jesus justifies us just as if we had never send. Those hard to believe for some folks that this is why faith Jesus Christ makes a new creature and he's the 1 to start a good work and S. and he will finish it and we're justified by faith in Christ alone so when the father looks at you no matter what happened yesterday and last week in last year he sees Christ perfect character in U.. No I mean I can't believe how low it what it is clear let you out me awake by now it's 2011 I understand that but just saying Christ perfect Rush is a perfect obedience covers you and it's just as if you've never seen 1 thank you ma'am she liked it and that's the point 6 actually sister what the deal with and that's why it wouldn't Jesus comes back to this earth will he find faith on the earth this is righteousness by faith and no matter where you been you repent give your life to Christ you are a new creature today you cover with his perfect righteousness you have the mind of crises and start thinking through you the Holy Spirit God say no no don't go there not say that word don't tell at various don't you know you're going to start talking to you and you're going to say YES LORD YES LORD YES LORD and that's how it. Sounds simple but I know it's going to be a struggle as you start out if you haven't done that yet so I invite you to go and take on the day now as I pray for your. Father who come to a lot of material here. On stories and lot of biotechs and students who are these are my people now this is my 1 flock my. I mean when they come peeps really call any 1. Of the people you gave me to do. Please bring back tomorrow I bless them bless them as they. Start on a new life with you just today thank you lord you're always with us you never leave us or forsake us and you're with us even unto the end of the world. Here we are you see us here and we need your spirit to keep us from falling. Glass you know as we leave and I thank you in Jesus' name for answers. In this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave the Visit W W W audio verse or.


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