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2. The Long and Winding Road

Jed Genson Jodi Genson




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Our father it's such a joy to have you in our lives you know or we've lived on the other side of this Christian experience some of us and it's so much more fun on this side walking with us and you being led by you mean blessed by you. The Lord as we share today this this thing we call a long line road it's a process a daily process now Dan dying to our old ways our old life and becoming new creatures every day police Blass a slower today and Jesus name I ask even. OK as by way of a review. I am glad you made it back. On in. As wonderful great. By way of a little bit of a review I won't do too much here but. I read a statement about the problem that we have within the church as many people have. Been baptized but they never died to the selves they were never born again and so that's why we have fighting in board meetings and that's why it takes us 8 or 10 years to make a decision what kind of education or what kind of carpet to put in the church. As a tour I've been there I was a builder I built churches and gymnasium and school and and we started out as brothers and sisters and then we saw us in of his enemies and that's not right it's not it's not God's will for us and so I started with that I talked about my own experience of being baptized in the sin of the honest church at 14 years old before that I was raised on the streets my mom and dad were barflies basically. And as all kid I slept out in the car from a tavern waiting for them to come out and my mom became a Christian she gave her life to Jesus Christ her whole life changed and so I got baptized with her at 14 years old with everybody all the other 14 year olds because everyone else did it didn't know Jesus Christ as my personal savior but I knew the 2300 days I was taught in 7th grade about 666 and all that stuff I knew that thing but I didn't know Jesus and I didn't know how to walk you know how to give in my will and so at 17 or 18 I left the church was a lot of fun it was boring a lot of rules and you probably heard these stories before and so. You want to just do a little review from yesterday. And so. At the age of 19 I got drafted into military and then it came down a lottery and I saw I got postponed until 1970 when I went into the military was not converted in knowledge Christ as my Savior got a letter from my old pastor saying you know you should probably. Get rebaptized So if you get killed in Vietnam you can go to heaven. Honestly to God This is what he said now is that true folks is that baptism going to change me know and so I said well that's probably not a bad idea I mean I don't want to go to hell. And so when I came home from on break on leave he caught up with me and said Hey you said you're going to get baptized while I came down on orders and I ended up in in Washington work in an Army hospital military hospital so I didn't have to go I thought well I'm not going to now so I don't need to get baptized I'm not going to kill. Them except for a tom. But he came in he started hounding me and said You promise you do that and I think you're just trying to get numbers. And so I went to the 27 fundamental doctrines for the 2nd time didn't change my life knew nothing about dying to self and putting your will on the on a will of Jesus Christ and allowing him to live in you and and think through you I didn't know any of those things but I got rebaptized and so for about 3 months I I fought the good fight of faith in my own strength and it's very it just wears you out steps a crisis dry formality you know without the love of Jesus and so I did that for about 3 months you know the devil knows where we are all the time he's got traps for us so an old old academy friend came by when I'm in the Army and he was in the Army and he wanted to go out and cruise around 1 night and so we went out there driving around Tacoma he had 1970 Camaro with duel everything on it was all jacked up in his beautiful car but 1st thing he asked me if you want to cigarette now I quit smoking 3 months before because I got baptized but I never gave that over to Jesus and so I said yeah and so I start smoking again and course after that after you clean the temple and several more game of command if you don't put Jesus in there right and that's what happened so I just went back smoking dope drinkin and acting wild and crazy until I was 27 years old at the end of the road don't want to live a more of done everything in life there is to do that's a lie that's it so you can try to impress upon my mind and so I went little boys came to my mind and said you know you need to go home see your mother. And so I did that she got me on a vegetarian diet. Plenty of water now exercise fresh air all of the laws and health and then my health restored my mind team back and I started seeking God on my own not because the pastor told me to or my mom or grandma or whatever but I some I need for Jesus Christ and so I saw him with my whole heart Jeremiah 293-1313 says you'll seek me and you'll find me when you do what search me for you're with your whole heart I've never done that before and so then things started happening when I surrendered my life and my will to Jesus Christ now he starts working in me I use the word yesterday to find a term of big term that we use we throw around all the time what was that word it's a justification OK a justification is very simple it's not a difficult concept it's basically when Jesus comes into your life you give me your your life to him in an instant you are justified by faith in his life because of his life that's in step to Christ page 62 OK So when the father looks at you he sees Jesus perfect obedience in your behalf you get that OK that's not hard to understand except in a daily matter you gotta remind yourself because of Jesus righteousness and his love for being I made righteous just as if I had never sinned steps of Christ as a 62 there just is yes yeah no matter what you have done if you swear your life to alleviate this crisis in fact is a statement I have it's out at Revere and Harold says the very moment you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior you have his rights instance. Now for some of us that's really hard to believe but it's the truth this is the best news ever OK that now today now we have to get up and walk yesterday you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior and you were clothed This is righteous ness and now you got up and you started walking today we're going to talk about the walk OK now I call it the long and winding road. Mrs White talks about it's a daily dying to self and daily conforming our will to the will of God OK Desta definition for sanctification daily dying to ourselves and conforming our will to the will of God source saying yes to God all the time I wasn't fighting him any more so when he had couldn't pick me of something and I'll get into some of these convictions instead of arguing with constant Well I don't think it matters now I started I start saying yes Lord OK And then what started happening he started changing my life and the more time we spend with God and in His Word those things are going to happen and we're going to become White him and that's God's desire for us Christ Object Lesson 69 and some people don't like this but when Christ character is perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come. So we're whole new math and I'm tired of X. I'm tired of the rapes and killings and murderers and wars and cutting people's heads up and so I want him to come. And I think that's pretty much that covers it doesn't my system Jodi we taken over here to Tamara Yeah you love her stories she's just comes from a different background but very pertinent to our SO vision 2 So let's get started then Larry Craig that was the that was the review. So now we're going to go backwards what would happen is click the wrong thing. OK this day with God sanctification is nothing less than a daily dying to self and daily conforming to the will of God And once I got to this point at 27 years old where I realized I was sick and tired where I was living and I said guide you you have all of me you've got everything I now hold on to anything and I think yesterday I I mean a statement about when you when you become weary of sin then God except you as his own and I was weary and so my of my lifestyle was totally out of compliance with God's Will right and I shared with you all you don't have to go where I was to see your need. If your gripe and complain in you're just a negative person you need Jesus Christ OK you're backbiting and gossiping talking behind people back getting mad at the pastor because he said you need Jesus Christ OK that's the problem that's the bottom line we need our need for Jesus OK so daily dying so you can pour me your will to the will of God I'm not it's easy to say this stuff OK and sometimes it's hard to apply it but that's a soprano line. Funnyman So I think it's few there so that's that's the old me part of me Oh the old me so God accepted them when they become weary of sin and they lost their desire for worldly pleasure resolve to seek God earnestly and this is what I'm doing by a series of people I just flat out tell him Are you sick and tired a way you're living. Are you weary of sin if they'll say yes and I know they're ready they're a to find and no God If you're still going to play games with God and say you've been a part of me but I'm not giving you the whole thing you're not going to find the peace of God offers you so Jeremiah 202913 this is a text that God gave me in the very beginning when I start seeking Him I never saw it with my whole heart and because I had never sought with my whole heart I never found him and that's the bottom line so you will seek Me and find me when you seek search me with your whole heart now your whole heart I'm These are things are out of compliance with God would God's will is what I consider whole heart now you know I was smoke and drink in those thing I was destroying my body but also I was destroying my mind with the things I was reading listening to and watching Ok so I gave in those things I gave permission to take care of those things too I go into fast guys oh and me OK John 154 we're going to start our walk now and most of us are probably doing a lot of this but I want to review this is this is the walk this is how we start so in John 154 Jews had to abide in me and I and you as a branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in me without Jesus Christ we can do absolutely nothing. I think yes he would talk about glaciers 5 in the US fruits of the Spirit but we talked about the work of the flash and of work the flesh will not inherit eternal life we cannot be doing Galatians 5 and inherit eternal life OK And we talked about you guys help me out with what the works of the flesh were remember what were some of them lust envy strife pride anger. Well I had a right to be angry no you don't. Jews have a right to be angry at any. And sometimes see. For for the gods for the Gods glory. He did chase people out the temple because they were keeping people from knowing his father and so right for us to be that way too but it's not all right to be mad at the pastor because he told me I need to change my life and he did that because he loved me I hope OK. So. The Christ consecrate yourself to God in the morning make this your very 1st work now some folks have a problem with this because it's hard to get up in the morning. My thing is I don't care when you do it you have to spend time a Jesus Christ in God to get to know a guy now I didn't know guy and so it's hard to get to know somebody you don't spend time with the the God that I grew up with was a swear word. And it and he was the cause of all the problems in the world OK. You know where I'm. All right so I had to get beyond that concept of God and the way I did I was getting to know him. So consecrate yourself to God the morning how many do this cave just doesn't have to be a legal estate thing you just spent a few minutes with God and my prayer when i 1st thing I hope I've got to give you my life right now before I'm going to bed I submit and I commit my life to you. It's not that hard and then he get up and spin a quiet hour each day when Jesus comes right OK good great and I threw this in here to remind us what just to be justified means this is a poem never sin I think I had something else. All right I said OK. You know the very moment we accept Christ we receive His righteousness that means all those rotten terrible things that you did yesterday are gone OK you're a new creature today Jeremiah 1st printings 2nd transience 1017. And anyway. It's on here someplace but you're a new creature this is what you need to tell us so. When us all thought to come in the old swear words the old dirty stories and honest I would reject those thoughts and say learned thank you for making me a new creature I'm not like that anymore Praise God you know I grew up my mom and dad both swore all the time their friends swore I grew up swearing 1st grade public school I was sent home for swearing and I thought it was normal you know that's where I was so he changes those those things in a US as we spent time with him so the work of saved occasion is not the work of a moment or an hour a day but of a lifetime every single day we have the opportunity to submit our wills to Jesus to have our characters change in his likeness and how fast as it takes us to be justified. To sit. In a moment instantly. Sharing this another group in a church and there was a doctor there a theologian and I asked him he says like this that's it and some people struggle with that they want to be guilty and wander around for a few years before they accept the peace and joy that Jesus offers them and that's he wants us to be happy and joyous and free and him and we can be free in him if we're going to wall around in our guilt and hit our beat ourselves up every day for things that we used to do now Martin Luther did that but then he found this good news that he was justified by faith in Christ and. He was the dynamite. Gospels the dynamite and blows and the changes are lies Migs is more like him so exciting to exciting walk so it's it's a work of a lifetime 1 day at a time 1 day at a time when now and 1 minute sometimes with me it was. OK so we're going to build a spiritual house so we need a foundation ice to build and build for several years and you have to have a firm foundation if you don't have a firm foundation or a land saddles and then your house tips and you get sued and the kinds of stuff so you got to you have to have a proper foundation. You also as being stones are being built up a spiritual house a holy priesthood each 1 of us that's in 1st Peter 25 things being they're recording this I think so we're just guys building this up in a spiritual houses so if people come in contact with us because it's been spending time in Jesus now in your faces all lit up and glowing and people are saying Who are you. Who do you know we're Where are you Ben and out as if we were good Bible stayed there for several years and people where do you go to church. We're simply sharing Jesus with the SO your face will light up and you'll become a spiritual house so get to know God why isn't port to get to know God because Satan has taken such a long time pinning an ugly picture of God that He is the cause of all the problems in the world every time there's a hurricane tornado a terrible storm it's God's God doing it to say act of God The insurance company calls it OK lie God's not like that he's not revengeful he's not looking for ways to keep you out of heaven OK God's on your side he would have gone through all the trouble. Giving his most precious gift to us each 1 of us individually just to figure out a way to keep us out I haven't he wants us to spend eternity with. You. And so that's why it's important to get to know God Now you know we've taught Bible in high school and seminars for years and so many of our people admins people that have a hard time with God you know they just don't understand his character we spend a lot of time now. Teaching about God's character and what he's really like we found out through studying the scriptures that this wrath of God These breathing fire out of his nostrils in his ears is really several times they use the word where he's just he's just breathing like you guys you're not getting it you guys why did you go out and make a calf you know that's not me it's yes it really a grief about it and I think Jesus also did that a lot of times Reeses How long are you guys going to be this way you know so what he's just trying to do is to teach is so much in and so many examples of the parables how much he loves us what the Kingdom of God is like so to know God we need to spend time knowing guy getting know God how do we do that well course we have spent time in the word right so we do that and now how do I do that when I'm just coming in and remain the Bible's boring you know doesn't make sense to me well read other devotional books something that's going to give you a concept of what I was like my mom gave me a little book called steps to Christ. I couldn't read them it was just too hard but yet I knew that God wanted me to read it and so I'd start out in the 1st paragraph and be reading in my mind I'm in 4th grade playing baseball out there and so I had a brain mind my mind and say God I know you want to teach me and I know you want me to become like you now so help me I need I need help understanding this stuff and when I I prayed that and it started coming together the more I read that beautiful book I said God this is the answer the 1st chapter is knowing God you know and then the 2nd chapter is why do we need Jesus we can't see God without knowing Jesus you know and then he goes into true repentance sure sorry for sin and turning away from a Don't going back and doing the same dumb thing all the time you just get tired of that and so you want to harden new mind so that's why it's important to get to know God you can do it that way we can you can listen to sermons in all kinds of ways we have now to get to know who God really is. This is life eternal that they might know that in this is that when the text I found when I was seeking after him I started reading a bible called The Living Bible OK now you know back in the olden days few years ago people were saying you got to have King James King James King James and so I believe King James is a nice Bible that I found Jesus Christ of the Living Bible I found a person that was real and cared about me understood me you know and it was just a paraphrase but that's what got me on the road. And so some of your kids and stuff they're having a hard time a God gives us give him some time to get into the words of the Get to Know God and see his character OK So look this is what God gave me this is like this is the bottom line I love bottom line stuff I don't like to file through a whole bunch information I want to know well God what's the bottom line the bottom line is eternal life is knowing God and Jesus Christ and OK then by will stay and we join in I have done Bible stays together for 39 years now. And it's a joy it's a lot of fun to study with people when the lights go on you know and they're set free I love the sceptical free are all struggling with traditions or man's ideas and stuff and you show what the Word of God says and boom their lights go on and are so so happy it was go and then we have to take time to pray prayer and meditation and we've got some unbelievable answers prayer not talk about some of these later on but to know how to communicate with God and it's just open your heart as and to a friend you can talk to him but anything. Things I can't tell anybody but I can tell God about it and he understands me because he was here he led my line and he didn't do the same dumb things I did but he knows the pull of the flesh and we talked about that yesterday right no he didn't come in a I thought that's OK That's what I had to put on the backburner for prayer meditation just be quiet just read something be still another I'm God If it said so just be quiet read a few thoughts might my daughter which we taught high school you know for 20 some years and it my school it was a requirement that the kids had their own devotions. It's a requirement they actually sign a paper what they had studied you know and it became a real legal thing and so my daughter was crying of Louis that I just can't get my 15 minutes in so baby don't do that don't worry about that just spend some time to get to know Jesus Christ don't get your 15 minutes and just to go along with the regulation. And she survives she's she works the General Conference down she is writing for the. World he seems to so she survive it she has a personal relationship with God and she spends time with God So so don't make it a legal thing OK Just prayer and meditation so I was 51 Lord in the morning no morning for me is the best time not for everybody but in the morning in fact I remember this when I 1st gave my life to try to Christ when I was trying to have morning devotions I was doing construction in Seattle and no matter what time I got up I would get a call never getting up like a 6 I'm going to my devotions I get a call and so I was thinking you know what my trying to experiment I'm a see the devil's MINUSTAH So I said God I'm going to get up tomorrow morning and I'm not going to say when I'm getting up and I go about 430 just to see what would happen I start my devotions and I got a phone call at 430 to go to Everett to go get some stuff for the job I couldn't move so you know so it would just take some time in the morning see God If you can't do in the morning do it in the afternoon to do it when you get a minute to spend time a gun OK Do you object my prayers to you lift up my that my eyes that when is Jameson nuking changed thank you you can change your heaven there. OK. Oh very good maybe that's what I did. OK. OK stuff I won OK did you do that or did I did. It as a matter of who did it. But we get the idea right that's important part we got the idea. Steps of Christ 95 prayers a key a hand a faith that unlocks heaven storehouse prayers the opening of the heart to God as to a friend we did Bible work in Washington for 5 years and the 1st year I didn't realize they weren't taking any money out of my check for it so security or for income tax so we got a surprise we owed $600.00 some bucks didn't have $600.00 some bucks so what do we do we prayed to the God of heaven that unlocks heaven storehouse we had a need I submitted to guy said Lord I'm sorry I didn't realize I messed up here can you help us out that Sabbath the church elder came up to me with an envelope in his hands to some 1 me to give this to you I go wow really stuck in the coat but after church guy in the car it's a joy somebody gave us a gift I open it up there's a 1000 bucks in there 1000 bucks I'm not gonna say that happens every time. But I have been that type and we needed it so God you know he reveals Himself to us in those types of ways too he's very good. Yeah OK and locks him in storehouse so learn to trust God. This is an ongoing process to. I think this is really the goal for good for God for each 1 of us to really learn to trust him. As well as a freak still freak and I. Was out of an interest I forget which was a sin and. Her mom gave me a perm just before we got married so. This prayer was this this is. OK this is OK Great OK so I give my life to Jesus Christ and then the next day it happens is really cool in the sanctification process. First of all member yesterday I think I closest this thing about. Where I was when I met God and it was my mind was gone in and my car was blew up the engine blew up I lost my job you know whole thing I was just down to the bare bottom and so God started doing this thing in my life during this sanctification process of the gift of repentance giving me the gift of repentance and so that's a gift from God We talked about that yesterday too but. This is a story that. Is not really happy about my Mattel and you can it's important I I held resentment and hatred and stuff towards this girl I thought I was getting married I was living with and then my friend because they were sleeping. And really I'm so happy about that because it's star on me on the road to seek after God so it turned out to be a good thing and it didn't feel good at the time and so God told me at this point in my experience in order for you to move on in your experience with me you have got to forgive those people and I don't want to. And the Holy Spirit impressed me that you need to pray for them and then he gave me this pitcher of the great controversy in my mind and he pulled me back out of my grief in my hatred anger for this person and showed me if those people did not get to know me Jesus Christ they will not be in the kingdom you want out to happen at that point in my experience I didn't want that to happen I want everybody to know Christ and so then I just I submit I salute all art OK. I'll pray for start pray for the guy's name is Rick 5 years after this time the Holy Spirit came in sick OK call Rick I go What where did that come from. I want you to call Rick I don't know recluse well call the operator cause some way he didn't know you find him so I did that and so I called him and told him I was a Christian and so he started making fun of me and calling me names on stuff and so. I said wow that was really a lot of fun. Why is it do that and so I went on with life 15 years later if teen years thought in my mind get a cult get a hold of Rick where's this come from Laura why why do I want to get get a hold the rick Now this is really far out because I couldn't I had no absolutely no idea where he was but it impressed me to do this do that I got a hold of Rick the very day I call and he goes You won't believe this I was just thinking I want to talk to anyone to get a hold of you and I said well God has been pressing me to call you and says listen I'm a believer. I go what do you mean you're a believer Yes No I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior I'm a Christian now I go You're kidding me and so we rejoiced and we were really excited happy a bit and I got to share some things with in that he didn't understand because he just started on his walk and we actually eventually met again we were hugging each other and his it was 1 of my best friends he came to church with this and this is an awesome experience so with that you know God what He taught me through that he still teach me through that look at the bigger picture in people's lives you know don't get caught up in our own remorse or or what my ex-husband did to me or where he's a whole soul to OK So pray for him and God's after souls that says he's in the saving business just crisis in the saving business so that's what that was all about so then now always spares tell me to go home to my friends and tell them what great things I've done for you you've never the demoniacs the demoniacs want to stay with Jesus I don't blame I want to stay there too but then he told a demoniacs to go home and this is what each 1 of us can do and this is what God wants each 1 of us to do to go home and tell each person each friend love and what Jesus Christ has personally done for you OK this is really the last message of my Bible let me share this with you this is off script I'm sorry I don't have a. Pitcher about it and pitcher for Check this out those who are waiting for the bridegroom is coming are to say to the people hey are you waiting for the bridegroom to come. On I'll Louis and tell her. This is what we're to say Behold your god the last rays of merciful light the last message of mercy to be given to the world is what. The 3rd angels message the mark of the beast OK this is what we're supposed to say to the people it's a revelation of his character and seen as people. His show and of God are to manifest His glory His character in their own lies in character and they are to reveal what the grace of God S. done for them now you know we have all these classes and I've taught classes amazing facsimile and different into different teachers and Torres and all these different people but the last message is God wants to have his character revealed in this so we can share with other people you know of God's done in your life he's done things in your life yes I'm done in my life and you can share that with somebody you know and we have opportunities all the time to share what God has done in your life it's the power of God into salvation it's a dynamite it's a cost more so. Lord done for them and have. Compassion on the God as God has been so compassionate to me it's someone to just start crying just thinking about where he brought me from it's America it's America for each 1 of us in this room you know the same would like to wipe us off the face of the earth that you're here then and this happened in my life no sir just 1 comes. To Cry speech 78 no serious 1 come to Christ there is born in his heart a desire to make known to others what a precious friends he has found in Jesus Christ now. I've done a lot of training and a lot of different classes in churches. And unless we have this 1st experience then we don't want to do Bible studies we don't want to go out and meet people we don't want to have in gathering we don't do that anymore we don't want to do anything want to sit and watch the television spirit comfortable but no sir no sir as 1 come to Christ there is born in his heart God puts it in our heart to share with other people this is what he did for me and he took a totally self-centered person dead in trespasses and sins and put a desire in my heart to share with somebody else so the saving and sanctified truth cannot be shut up in his heart it just bubbles out you cannot be quiet if you try to be quiet you try to hold it in your eyes will pop out you can't you can't do that I mean I I flew down to mazing facts and I tossed some classes there 1 time and on the way back I was hoarse I talk 77 classes I was hoarse and I said Lord just help me to sit by myself I don't want to talk to anybody and horse so I sit next to Julie and so we're quiet for quite a while she's going to Idaho and so she asked me a question so do you live in Sacramento No I was just teaching some classes Oh really what about. I said I'd love to tell you about a horse now from teaching his classes I and then I thought well I've been teaching some class on how to walk with Jesus oh really that sounds interesting so there you know for the next hour and a half we're talking about Christ and I say I told him about I told her about hearing that still small voice in my mind it's telling me that Jesus loves me and he was real and I said you know you probably won't understand this promise can say it anyway I told her that I heard that. I said Oh right and praise the Lord Anyway long story short I gave her a final events and she was going to share it with her boyfriend she was living with it so anyway I mean you can keep it you can keep it to yourself is what I'm saying and we have experience all the time we were in close 1 time and this is not in the script until. We were alone as 1 time and I went to check out and you know how you can you can do this Myers replays a lot of fun they have this this plastic saying the same Hi How are you I How are you I How are you you say I'm fine I'm fine for well this 1 day I was in LOS and a sleigh did that hi how are you I said I'm fine the stock in my mind ask her if she's really fine. Why well are you all are you really fine now car off guard because no one's ever you know stop and well. No not really what's wrong my mom's in the hospital dying. And I don't know what to do. And so no there was no line up here always back to say Would you mind if I pray with you right now. No I'd like it Jody come on so Jody came over and we just kind of got around her and prayed with it right there at the cash register for her mom and for peace and and let Jesus Christ deal with and so she was OK with it she liked it a lot so I'll always be open to the spirit I will talk and love to tell you about things that happen just listening that still small voice telling us to do things and we've done and things to happen it's very exciting and walking away OK way. You say the saving sanctifying truth cannot be shut up in this heart if we are close at the righteous of Christ and you have been because you did that yesterday and you did this morning you're justified by faith in Christ alone you have his garment of righteousness on so if you close the his righteousness in are filled with the joy of His indwelling Spirit we shall not be able to hold our peace are there things in this world to steal our peace away yes but we can't let that happen we can't let scene take that away from us is a whole chapter in the end of the steps the crisis is rejoicing in a large and that's God's will for us so even even through the bad times we can still rejoice and I think you're going to tell you about the bad times the atomic prisons and these talks anyway we've got some sad times our allies who lost loved ones and lost babies and all kinds of stuff OK but God God was with this through those experiences and because of that it built our trust in our faith in him. So if we can look at some of the bad things as these are stepping stones that God is using to to grow us into His likeness it's good it's a good thing if we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good we shall have something to tell and that's out of songs to taste and see that the Lord is could. And so next thing I know I'm not sharing it with all kinds of folks or what I can see because I can't keep it to myself and so I was working in a car dealership people come in there well instead of taking care of the crowd want to talk them out Jesus Christ and what each done to me done for me and changed me so I'm doing this and I started. Gave BIO Ses to a lady and then by myself which I learned from that experience you don't do it by yourself OK You always have a partner and so then she got a different idea about my motives and what I was doing there and so we you know I realized OK I need to cut this off that happened twice in a row and so at the 2nd time I said Lord this is not working out exactly the way you planned it and so if it would fit into your plan. Really appreciate it if you can buy me a helpmeet. So. Oh I forgot to tell you but the lady this is a before and this is. This is not. So so I'm going to this is process with my mom with eating right and drinking water right and getting exercise and living in a little town a couple 1000 people not walk around this 1 block every day to get my fresh air and exercise and every day I'd walk around past this house with this lady sitting in a hospital bed in the window and so this thought would come into my mind is the Holy Spirit again go talk to her Go talk to her. That's crazy and that's weird and so I ignore it and I just walk around next day come back go talk to The Lady No I'm not going to 3rd time go talk to Lady Finally I stop walking around the block so I didn't want to hear the low voice telling me to go talk to her and so the final day when when I actually what talk to her I'm like this honestly if there was a video camera go talk to her no not go talk to no 1 OK OK OK I'll go I'll go talk to her right then why can't I don't know what to say to her and it was like this back and forth for several minutes finally I got upset I said OK I'll go talk to her so I go OK not going to door weak voice Come on in open that are. You don't know me but I walk by you every day and I keep thinking I should come and talk to you and so I said what's up in me you're in the valley here all the time and I just I have rheumatoid arthritis and it's so bad that even the most you're in my eyes are drying up I can't read I can't watch T.V. or anything and when her eyelids would close it was like she said it felt like sandpaper is just a terrible thing and so OK I've never given a viable state for I don't even know what to do but I thought well you can share with her what you've been reading I said well ma'am. If you don't mind I could share with you what I've been reading lately oh that would be great what is it it's a little book called steps of crimes teaches teaches us how to walk with Jesus oh I would love that could you do that so for several days and weeks and go over that I had read or some just paragraph or so a time and talk about it and she found peace and joy OK And then she died she just died. But I believe she's giving the kingdom I believe because she found that peace and joy only Jesus can offer her OK so now we can then that's what you know this is now is this is like I have it is what I'm into sharing step with people so it just only increased so after this problem with these ladies I'm praying to God Now Lord I need to help meet if it would fit into your plan I don't want to do my own thing and I don't even deserve a Christian wife because the way I live I understand that so if you don't want me to have 1 that's fine I'll just be like Paul. That's what I I submitted my will to him and so just in a few days a couple days after praying that this thought came into my mind to go to Yakima Washington which was 70 miles away and just go to church I thought well that's where I don't even know anybody Akamai I don't know if they have a church in Yakima but it came into my mind to do that so I obeyed and my friend Tim This guy was living in the same town and said to me on a go to the ACMA with me go to church. Yeah right so we're just young guys you know I had a van I just bought a brand new vanishes in the seventy's and so I was opening it up kind of weird like and went to Yakima got to Yakima I go now what do we do look in the phone book I know where the church is is that there are 3 churches so we went to this 1 church big church there were 7800 people that actually came to church just big and they were professionals they were doctors lawyers and they had 3 piece suits and I still had my hair down to here and look like a freak and so I walk into the church and in the Laney that was pages wasn't P. but she was the reader always I always use that to sarcastic. To to greet people because no 1 no 1 even said hi to Tim and I you know but she did and so she directed us to this huge place we walked back into the chapel and here's all these preppy guys OK And I just came up the street you guys not that long ago and we are not fitting in there and you know they're blah blah talking but this girl is up in front singing a song by take 3 where does God live. And I thought that was Prime was kind of cool I didn't think I was a lot older her say in thinking thing about it so after church you know I'm still over over her but she is catching up. But I so we left we were getting ready to leave and then Jodi and her friend Debbie came up and introduced themselves and said so glad you came to church today thank you blah blah blah didn't think too much of it got out in the van and we drove away and then the still small voice I've been listening to said you need to go back and ask those girls to go up in the mountains with you we're going up to Mt Rainier and that's I get what. Go ask the girls and he 10 why don't we go back and ask those girls to go up the mountains with us OK I'll be fine. Her around went back out to the parking lot I get in the parking lot and Tim says why would they want to go with us this is crazy they don't even know us we're strangers Yeah there's a super I'm sorry I drove away got a half block or so down there on the road still small voice go out the girls go out. OK I'm going back there I'm going to go out all right what's wrong with you I don't know I was out of the house go OK So pulled in there by this time everybody's gone except Joanie and Debbie and the pastor because she got in trouble for being rebellious from Pastor So she had to she had to talk to the pastor pulled in there no lady it welcomed us she was still there hey why you kids come out of my house and have lunch it was perfect because we got to know each other a little bit and so we had lunch and then we went up to Mt Rainier and awesome time she played a guitar Tim and his flute were just sitting alone in a little creek there praying reading scriptures and now Marcus is really nice is totally different than anything I've ever experienced before and so the next Sabbath that night or 77 evening. I invited them to come down we go to the ocean together. And so we did that we went to the ocean and on the way down there we picked up a hitchhiker you know and we picked up a hitchhiker and we were drove down the gorgeous is this is actually Washington on this side this is Oregon and this is the Columbia Gorge you might have heard about it's a beautiful place cuts cuts through the Cascades goes that you've been out there folks anybody. Great so we pick up a hitchhiker on the road here he's going to San Francisco this in the seventies and to go on ahead Ashbury when he had his dog and his backpack and all this stuff and so we picked him up we get him into the van and then we just hammered on we talked about Jesus and how really is he loves and we got into Daniel 2 in the invasion and we drove 80 miles out of the way and he's like going wow what is it where you just fill him up you know and so we let him out of Van This is a so funny is that because you're Joe Yeah same here remember the Lone Ranger. Do you remember at the end of the program what people would say about him yeah I remember that when I was out I will say that you should remember who I was that now this man well let this guy out in Tillamook Oregon he's got we gave a bag of groceries his guy's dog backpack and it's like Who are you people anyway. Does a whole areas you know just cracked. And then he took off but anyway so we we were married after that experience right there we were married 6 months later and that was 39 years ago we knew each other for 6 months on weekends. Because I had been praying for help me I knew this was to help me because that that morning when we got up on the beach I went out to the ocean and just sitting there meditating praying and thinking about how God created the world and here we got these clowns and sunlight coming down through it I think about creation and then she comes up and she goes I bet you don't know what I'm thinking about and I said Yeah I think I think you think about creation of God made us in His own image and she said Yeah so we start talking about our goals in life and what we want to do and I had already been in the world I didn't want any more I was sick and tired of that and I want to serve Jesus Christ and she had been praying for a decent person to come along to share her life with and she want to live for Christ OK So God brought us together that's obvious to me and we knew it and that's why why waste any time you know in so we were married I remember the the 3rd time I came to pick her. Third weekend and her mom says all right her mom says I need to talk to you I go OK when in her office and she says before my daughter goes traipsing around the country with some person she's going to be married do you understand what I'm saying. I kind of jumped back like well yeah I think I do and so we get in the van and we're going down to my folks this place so she can meet my folks and I needed to know where she stood on certain things I didn't have time to mess around OK so I made a few comments like Well it's early as Friday evening it's not sundown you know would you like to go dancing or maybe go drink a little bit of wine or something before we go down and she said this OK you can turn around go home no. Give my life to Jesus Christ. And I'm not into that stuff at all anymore hey man all right when you want to get married and your wife well yeah why don't you or 1 of my mom's save you. And so the very short. Engagement gateman or something what a courtship there thinks Yeah and so and I got are down in my house to meet my mom my mom is going to Mexico for lay a controlled treatments she had cancer but my dad was still there and he'd gone out hunting while I was gone had half of a deer sitting on the kitchen table all got it out and this is a 1st time she's meeting him and so she she's going to go bathroom. She went in the bath and the other half of the dearest soaking in the bath tub. And he stand there he's got a spittoon on the floor spinning tobacco he's missing the this bitumen is healing a floor this is what she's seeing I go and lard but she'll OK. Anyway so. Get back. Home I have 2 minutes we'll are OK Anyway so we gave our lives to each other and we started taking scriptures and we would pray them back to Jesus and we quote text and stuff this was our favorite 1 the day we got married we didn't know where we going to live we didn't have an apartment we couldn't find when we came back from our honeymoon which was 1 day or it was short and we stayed on the couch in my in my parents' house. And so I got up and went to work and we prayed about God finding a place for us so while while I'm at work Jodie goes down the street and or some guy nailing a little sign in his yard an apartment for rent she pulled in there. Talks to him the guy ran this 1 bedroom apartment was a garage it turned into apartment with furnished place everything paid for a box of money can you believe that anybody so much sort of praise God if into our budget it's about what I made. So so anyway so we this is our favorite text this it was this outliving Bible to don't worry about anything instead pray about everything tell God what you need and thank him for all that he has done Libyans for 6 and 7 then you will experience the peace that exceeds all understanding his peace will guard your heart and mind through as you live in Jesus Christ and we found this to be true in our life. There is peace and something those things memorized yesterday said commit your ways into the Lord and if you're committing your ways into the Lord then whatever comes your way God is behind that because you've committed it to him and so you can't I mean yeah there's been things that have destroyed tried to destroy my peace and I've been walking with him but as long as I believe this promise it's OK You know we always make it through it always happens we make it through it OK So so I'm going to close with this thought. OK I want to get to a story because I want to give you a hand out today do you have an way and I can even get there can I from here. Or taste and see that the Lord is good blessed is a man that trusts in you know some 34 a. So there's a lot of promises or a lot of times we were poor we didn't have a dime to our name and I was working construction he was either feast or famine and then God would always find some way to to take care of our needs we'd find $50.00 under the door on the back of the toilet things like that was crazy we got always we hear people knocking on the door footsteps knocking on the door were sleeping we wake up wow it was that and then we hear them running away to be a bag of groceries there so stuff like that guy God did to keep as close to him and take care of us and build our trust in him which was the whole purpose of that last lesson walking in the light as he is in the light steps to Christ 72 they saw him it's this simple this because a simple costal they sought him they found him and they follow him. Each 1 and in this room we can go through that same process this is what it says about the disciples. They saw Jesus they found him and then they followed him right your ways into the lord Soames 375 And please please do not for sake the sending ourselves together I was so in my church is that nobody comes are too busy doing other things you know it's crazy trying to run a church service nobody's even there. There's a ministry of what's like. Yeah there's a ministry of assembly just your presence coming a Sabbath school and church you can help other people by your presence OK please please do not for sake is simply ourselves together not now as we see the day approaching we need each other now more than ever before the devil is just how ning us and he's trying to separate us from Christ everywhere everywhere you look false teachings and theology or billboards or music or whatever it is this is the health message that God gave to me therefore whatever you eat or drink whatever you do do all to the glory of God and so that gets down to this point of not arguing with God when God convicted me of caffeine I could you know argue with and say Well how about if I just drink this no you buys a temple got I want to live in you case we took tobacco away he took pot away and and alcohol he also started taking pepperoni pizza away from me at at 2 o'clock in the morning. Said That's not good for you stop eating so late and I'm starving pepperoni pizza I didn't argue with him and say yeah but God I didn't do that so yes Lord we practice at me saying yes Lord yes I'm OK and reading materials be careful what you're reading what you're putting in the mind in this 1 this is a hard 1 for me what you're listening to and I'm totally blown away it how Satan has crept into our churches deceptively he never does anything right in your face he creeps in the back door he does it with the youth Now just listen to all kinds of men having a Male Announcer Acosta and then some of the same stuff I was listening to the same beats and things are coming in nerd Sorry been here for several years. So. Don't buy into that you guys just say Yes Lord my God I was driving around listen after I swear my life to Christ I'm covered with his righteousness I'm driving around I'm still listening to rock N roll OK but I gave him my will so anything you want to take out of my life I'm willing to give up the still small voice came in and said Jesus in this music can't be in the same place what are you going to do about it it wasn't a preacher It wasn't my mom was and grandma was a mom on saying don't listen Adele music it wasn't that it was a still small sweet conviction. Or juice and this music can't be in the same place and so I gave it up I stopped fighting with God and making excuses about it and so he took that desire away from me and learning I got to go I'm sorry guys. Oh. OK. Let's go back now. But you know whatever it is folks whatever your thing is maybe it's country music and my wife left me and the dog died and and so I'm going to get my 59 Ford and trade to drive to Texas or south me if that's that I know whatever it is and God will convict you you know and don't fight with him just say OK learn you got that part of me and you all in can be all in for gun OK because he was all in for us he didn't hold anything back when he came here and we want even realize that until we get home we get home we see what he gave up it's going to blow us away but at that point it won't even matter but still will blow us wow God you gave up this to come here become 1 of us forever it just doesn't comprehend learn to die. And Chris if I were to Christ every single day Chris of Christ therefore I no longer live yet not I but Christ lives in me that's collations to 20 questions to 20 dying to self self is the greatest ballot we have to fight in my way or no way that's on there twice. Oh and the life which I now live I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me now we get to the old man now the old man is are all nature they will all things we used to do knowing this that the old man is crucified with him that the body a sin might be destroyed and that henceforth we should not serve sin now I gets into the personal things remember I was after I gave my life to Christ and I was you know I had that happen to swearing I went fishing with my dad to do smelt fishing and there were smelt fish before all really cool yeah and so I had a net in there I pulled this big don't know how to smell up and I slipped and fell in the river instantaneously swear word but now my heart was broken because I felt like I let Jesus down and so I got up and I start apologizing to my dad which is really funny because it's what's wrong with you here just where your whole life I said No Dad this is different I give my life to Jesus now and this is not part of a Christian life whatever and so I got home that nice are prince of God What we can do with this now you know people ask me to get up and share things I can't get in church in church and swearing I mean that wouldn't be appropriate. And so the still little small ways commune to slow down in THINK before you speak before you speak and it's been working for 40 years now 40 years now want to almost no I didn't write almost at once I was really upset that he kept me from it so he can do that. And take out a wing change your mouth taking a put you off a car that you put off concerning the former conversations they can tell of dirty jokes that eyes the tell 40 years ago that creep into my mind every once in a while have to push him out a former conversations the old man which is corrupt according to the deceitful loss and be renewed in the spirit of your mind you need a new mind and Jesus and I'm gonna give you a new mine a new spirit you know he's equal I think I read it yesterday as a promise that God said he would do you can change those old habits and that you put off the the put on the new man which after cry God is created in righteousness and true holiness there for putting away lying I couldn't make big windy stories to impress this girl anymore either tell the truth it was really hard you know because guys are I try to impress people impress women but I to tell the truth. I was kind of interesting. There for putting off away live ng's lying speak every man truth with his neighbor for we are members 1 of another if you read the the different books of Paul where he went in the closet is glacial as efficient he's trying to teach in the same thing how to walk you tell him put off this the old stuff and put on a new put on Joy and Peace and Love OK I better go. I thank you for putting up with me. But I can't get to that part OK I want to get to the the moving van this is really a cool story but it's not there this didn't make it there may well start with a moving van tomorrow OK. Let's let's have prayer. For the is so good to us you're so good to us and you know the enemy has lied about you for years to get us so that we don't even know you we can recognize you anymore Father I pray for each person in this room thank you for the focus of time I pray for each 1 of them or that they will grow up in you men women Christ's righteousness please protect them please blast them I hope some of this stuff makes sense to start applying it to their lives now see things happening in their life and they'll share their share of the great things that you've done for them you really want to go home. And we don't want to. Hold you back from coming any more coal is a sin as your character reproduced you people who will come and we want you to do that in our lines so please give us the power to say no to the flesh and yes to the spirit. We thank you in Jesus name in. 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