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God's First Book, Our First Classroom II: Part 2

Angela Boothby




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Still I think you so much for this day I think you for the rain I think you for the bus scene that is just to be alive and I asked the Lord that you inspire us for the seminar and that it is your seminar and that we learn how to learn from you. All right so here we go with I. Am a teacher and I survive on other people's ideas. And I find that and other people's ideas is where I get inspired. To then waterfall off their ideas. So 1 of the things that. My teacher talked about from my Masters was the importance of a sense of wonder and that he relates even with the walk of God If we lose our sense of wonder then we watched a lot so it's important that we remember how to wonder and we were how to be a me about what God has done around us so I like this little quote because I think that. Really that is what another thing are missing in our society is just spending time with each other and that you know 1 thing that phones do is often it takes up that time of just literally spend time with 1 another I long for the days where we sit on our porch and talk the neighbor I think that would be so cool to live in that age but I think sometimes you have an idea of the past that's not reality but you just want to make it a reality in your mind so if a child is to keep alive as in 1 sense of wonder he or she needs the companionship of at least 1 adult who can share rediscovering the joy excitement and mystery of the world we live in now kids can do a great job exploring on their own that is true but there is something much more magical and they share it with you because how many times when they find something was the 1st thing they view they want to show you as their parent they want your approval they want your confirmation that it was a great idea and the great find. And it's just something in them and I don't know why you have a dog but sometimes I need that contribution to go yeah I was really good looking. You know I for some reason unfortunately we crave those words of affirmation and so I think it's the same thing with God though when we find something amazing that he has done for us we want to share and we want to spread that Joy So here's a couple ideas. Well your classroom or personal library with nature books my class you have these really old ancient ugly like I was you can get around encyclopedia books that animals and my little ones would pour through those books every free moment they had I mean they would pick those up 9 times out of 10 compared to all the fun flashy ones because they love the pictures of you know it's really weird to me the pictures inside the books weren't even that nice and they still preferred and for story time they've asked me to read 1 of those that I don't have a hard time he like or how do I make this exciting for them or can assume that's not reading I know they're going to be bored like how do I make it but they would want that more than they would want froggy goes to the doctor like they would actually prefer the Elmo books so still you feel your personal live in nature books and I challenge you to take out your cartoon animal books just take them out think the my view house take them out of your classroom pack them up and you have to get rid of them forever but just do a little experiment and see what happens then just tell the your library for your personal library so your school library with the books that you want to sell your kids' minds with even though those other books are fine in the stories are fine it's amazing to me that they they want something more the kids really honestly want. Another thing that you can do is just be intentional you know we have to be intentional time with God right we have to say I'm going to set apart 30 minutes to spend time with him I'm going to make it a priority to spend our time well you need to do the same thing with an increase in time outside you see to make it a priority and say I'm going to spend an hour outside so ideas that I found that was really cool was just 30 minutes assume your child gets home from school they're outside and they're just outside for 30 minutes as soon as they get home from school they just know they're outside so whenever I don't know any different schedules I but if you have kids if you don't have kids make a schedule time for yourself where you're just 30 minutes outside doing everything you can to just enjoy being outside if you're a teacher make a structured reach at recess and call the green recess kids love when things have a knee and they love it when things have like an insult so much more exciting when it has a title like this is now backwards day oh cool just go have the title everything is cool and so College Green recess and they can't use the playground it's just unstructured imagine this play and see what they come up with you know all of a sudden a stick is a great I don't know conquers thing and then you know everything becomes really fine in core and make it maybe you know 3 times a week Monday Wednesday Friday or I where I taught I structured my classes so I had 3 recesses and so 1 out of my 3 reassesses would just be free play and they were allowed to use the playground and they could just play everywhere else in the woods in the round but. Yes so I know that there's difficulties with techs and everything in. This you just have to combat that 1 thing I did as a teacher I think I only have 1 teacher. 1 school study 1 thing I did on my supply list I put. It was just on my supply list you know how like you send home supply lists for your kids 1 thing that was just on the requirement was was rain boots and I think it was probably the most random thing anyone had ever seen on their Her supply list. So how do you know I talked to her youngest son Canada and. 3 years ago. And yes I am kind of guy and 1 thing that happens the pilot was removed and now looking back I probably would also throw in a rain jacket. And maybe other things like that too just to get them outside and comfortable because I wanted a pro that you never had bad weather you just have that clothes. It's all about preparation if you are prepared they mean when and Michigan like how do you handle it it's so cold I'm like you know I just put a jacket on how to always always Brother problems clothes and I'm like no it's really not you know like ready to go face it so I think that's exciting All right 1 of the biggest things that they taught us and our and our master's program was the importance of site development so you need to go out and you need to look around where you live in needs take time to do site development See E.G. decide what you need and I had a paper there you go. And you take an environmental inventory and go around and see what you have and see you know become familiar with it and see what you need to do it add to it to make it more of a natural preserve so I thought this story was really cool a lot of my ideas came out of the newest Richard Lugar book which is called by him and he actually did a seminar in Grand Rapids I think a couple years ago and my best friend went we want you to teach at Holland. And she went to the seminar and she got me this book which is really cool. Not that I'm really into people. Signing things but I do think it's pretty cool that she got me this book and it's full of ideas about what to do you sign and what to build and things are a couple ideas and here come from there. So I think the story is really caught because I have a passion for teenagers so I don't know how I'm going to do this back at school but I'm going to figure out so there was a lady who Belle took us her $600.00 square backyard and turned it into a nature sanctuary so she made sure that there was native plants. She even have like rabbits back there and ducks in a beehive an organic vegetables all these things and the neighborhood teens are started coming and it became this place for them to hang out and I think that's really cool that it became like a place so I don't know how we can take that idea practically you know I don't know it's not like you while lot of teenagers hang around your church or you know so I think your church more and my are different now when you say hey I think it would be great idea to have you know teens get together they can cause problems too but anybody can cause problems but you know I don't know there's a creative way that somehow we could we could create a place where people just want to come to. US is that the. 970. 2 sometimes. I have. Behavior Problems do go down when it's more natural play instead of the sharing of the monkey bars and the swing it's you. Another idea that I just had. This last you know you're fine you're fired. Come back come back OK So 1 thing that I did when I got it when I worked at Holland. Halas school as a place in an alternate location really the school. Has some fields behind it but it has woods and so I saw this perfect opportunity has a creek too so I thought perfect opportunity to put a trail and I guess years before there had been a trail the compass the grounds of the church and so. I proposed it to a couple people and it was incredible I had 8 fathers or 9 or 10 fathers come up on 1 Sunday to help me build the trail and they all just help me they were so excited and the church people are so excited about it too and the people kind of come out and help to send me e-mails that say I support you this is really exciting and then the next time they took another and they do and I had like 6 fathers show up it was just incredible they wanted to support me they wanted to help me so I think if you encourage your church to get onboard with this you'll be amazed how much they do want to get on board and unfortunately the trail never finish because I know that moving away but I've heard rumors that they're going to start something there's I'm pretty excited about that but something that you also need to know a great resource is people who cut down trees they don't know what to do with all the extra We're chips and I contacted my local tree cutter and Holland and I actually how is driving on a field trip to. A nursing home for my kids their little program and they were these people countries like guys pray that they'll still be there when we come back because I need out of a question so my little ones are in the back seat praying we stop we did our program and we came back and they were still there how do you see the look how did if I parked the car and I ran up and I said hey this is what I want to do I want to build a tree I want you to treat ships they said oh no problem and also our company volunteers $33.00 hours a year to help programs like this so we'll come and do the work for you or cut down the trees and unfortunately because that was at the end the school year intimate moving and never actually of that happening but that's an incredible. That you probably would know that might be on your fingertips so if you want to build a trail at your church go ask the tree cutters that have to cut down the trees for the electrical wires they're the ones I'm talking about little ones who cut down the trees and they don't want to do all the trees and so they share the chips and I was to do the chips but you could have a huge resource of chips right there available to you to make some really cool trails and I want to make you NOT can't they have these like prayer path trails because I think it could be used for multiple multiple reasons and so I want to make prayer path and set up like little plaques of little activities to do along the trail like for church members to come because that where I try to situate I bet a couple people could drive by on their way home from work and even stop and enjoy the trail or something that sat with afternoon you know you have a little picnic lunch with your family you go into the trail right there at the church like it could be and they are available resource to your to your own church community in a lot of ways so what the outdoor education does it requires you to think about things around you and walk into these are there for you it takes you actually being intentional to take that extra step you know go home and be like OK what's your available to me to use I'm surrounded by this what can I use it for to help others. And so another you can do to you is we have Michigan I think is really excellent about having state parks and about having little nature centers and things for families to go to and so go in talking about what you want to do and a lot of them a very open to helping you and they'll send experts to your area where they can say these are the native plants that grow there and that these are the things that you need because we have these things called invasive species. So I am not by brother loves to give me a hard time because I think he's just jealous of my masters but here he loves the me a hard time when ever words like anywhere walk will be driving through Utah and he's like what's that clean always I was in Florida was that clean and that course I don't know because my my master's in it make me a botanist and it didn't make me an expert in plant and implication and so I don't have 1 of the outer masters do for you anyways but I could always say those things because I can identify plants but so I'm not a plant expert that's not we never even did a class and like how to identify plants because it's so huge How would you do it you know we're all teachers from all over and we're in Tennessee doing this matters but I can learn all about Tennessee ecological environment but that might not apply to Michigan certainly not Arizona and you know the list goes on and on and so I'm definitely not a resident expert but there are experts out there that want to help you and so I just I would. Love if you guys went to your local I even went to 1 of my local people and they were so excited to help me that they were so excited I mean they wanted to come and make sure that I had you know not invasive species and that I had needed there on my little natural life preserve they want to help and the other thing that's really cool is that you can become a national wildlife federation certified wildlife habitat which would be really crew are and to be quite impressive to other to your community that you are a certified Federation wildlife habitat so I think that's pretty cool Welcome welcome welcome. So like the day the the most important thing when you go home is to start is to look for how you can create a a national site whatever that looks like whatever that means but try to figure out how you can create a site that would be a great place for learning and I think you can do is transform your home you're into a butterfly rest stop so there's an idea there about what you could plant so you create a place where butterflies would love to come and with that be awesome come in your kids want to of watching butterflies come while the thing that I did my costume was you can buy I'm sure you know this but you can buy caterpillars for fairly inexpensive. I want to say it was like $15.00 for the butterfly saying in like $5.00 it wasn't very much it was very inexpensive and I have this whole little butterfly home and my costume and the kids watch the caterpillars eat and then they watch them turn to that everything and it was so magical because then the next day they come to class and those butterflies fine around the hole it was just really super fine and I would suggest you do even your own homes because butterflies are 1 of my favorite as a kid when I went to go with Junior Cademy our teacher took us out and Firstly I don't know they're just not that popular but we raise monarch butterflies and we look on milk we plants for the monarch caterpillars and we do sort collect them ourselves and she using the query I'm just you know on craigslist you guys if you want to start outdoor things is a great place to look there's random free things that people are begging to get rid of and aquarium seems to be a sort of person who hopes and they get rid of Krikorian is really cheap and so we would just make about if I had an aquarium and then they would you know we would watch the whole process of a butterfly and there's tons of activity that you can do you spiritually and scientifically watch in the process of about a 5 so I'm here I'm not going to go through everything but I have lots of the information of different places you can go to get information how to do it correctly and just how to do it like build the butterflies gardens or start your own nature preserve. Some. On the next page now and that thing that you could do is create a Sun This 1 I love risky because of bees and everything in these days with our kids being super allergic to bees but 1 thing that they suggested was making like a sunflower house and you plant sunflowers and then you put white clover down at the bed and you just create the full sort of sunflowers which I would love to try if I was a parent because you know I know my kid and to be the knowledge to be the teacher i probably be a little bit more scared to build a giant be a tractor. But as a man I would think of the so-called I like my mommy we have some flower fort like fun with that I think I'm used to imagine going you know the sunflowers go like they do look awesome and I think it would be like my fair for as a kid because I was always looking anything that looked like it could be a 4 was a fort my brother got that for and I got that for it and we had all sorts of adventures together I think I don't know if you're aware but there's a huge problem with our bats as anybody aware of the bat issue I know you guys know about it. Yes So it's called the white nose syndrome right and basically what happens is the bass the hibernating and the bat is so tiny it only has enough food for what it needs to survive during hibernation doesn't have enough if he wakes up and goes away he doesn't have enough to survive on to heat living he only has enough to see if that makes sense and so this the Senate I'm just makes them wake up because it's like their noses and it's like it's like a little allergy for them right so they wake up and they fly out they think I'm awake I hope we find out but then they have enough energy to get them back and continue on to hydrate what they need for the winter and back some of you realize but that's just like bees are absolutely essential to our whole ecological balance so if our bats are in trouble guess what folks you and I tell because our farmers are Intel because that's. I read somewhere like up to 50000000000 on a threat of 1 of a 10000000000 variety of numbers anyways a lot of money that farmers use insect away from their crops that take care for them because that's millions of insects I've heard on 1 account that of. About use a $1000000.00 a night I don't know if that's really cute but they as a dying or most amount is the point in so far back in trouble we're in trouble so something that I think we should all do even at our churches it is build that houses they do it that campus obl we have them in a couple of our cabins but Bill bath houses around your church I know you have that droppings so fine build it away Bill put on a tree top to put it right under your church you know but build that houses because you're actually helping our world and you're helping the United States of America and yourself in the future by building that houses so if I 1 thing on this amount everybody goes left that house OK. Said that. Yeah it's really literally that simple and yet that's the scary thing is I heard now that we have found a cure but I was just reading up on it this morning and it was the article that they were $3700.00 and it said that the had spread they found about with white fungus in Rhode Island in Washington so it's now in like 30 states and I think Canada so it's a it's a huge it's a huge fear that we're not talking about but it is a big problem that we can provide housing for about the health and if you just Google like Save the bats you can actually be part of a database that's like other kids are joining in kind of thing and you can be part of huge U.S.I. nationwide movement of like say the best kind of could you could track it and you can do different science experiment as a whole educational resource with like Save the bats so that's something that's really cool Another thing that you can do is build birdhouses for so fun in fact. I live in Tennessee and I have a wonderful little house that makes me feel so happy not mine but it's really fun to have a house and then have a child of a bomb and I just like I want to home to rest and from the payload bay. Keep going and I mean we've had a little port and they when they when I moved into the house was not really ready for me but they surprised me and so my students and even my principal like mode my lawns and a little like a little bit of landscaping for me and did my front garden and they gave me hanging basket and the beginning was end of the school year Allison and I realize they were the nest and 1 of the hanging baskets and I got to watch the whole process of the egg being cracked open and the birds coming out and I would just pick up the hanging basket and look at my little baby you know I have a reason that you and so son and I have that are still about it like think about how much more like your you would have like your students would have your kids would have out of it and I don't know this is 1 thing that I keep I mean what I mean I'm like this seminar is not just for like kids because all of us need more time in nature because it's all about that sense of wonder like then I do think we get bored. And I walk with God and it's anything but boring and I think nature honesty is the key to make it not win again because you're you're quickly reminded in nature that you're the created not a creator and that it takes nature to remind you that you're the created not the creator to live you know your pretty well your kingdom of your own house and you're you're accomplishing a lot with your family or your job so there's nothing in that family or job to remind you that you are the created this is a God is real quick like to remember that you're not really anything special when you got in here like OK once only you have come out make become something. Of a bald eagle here yeah all the life can you talking about yeah you can go on line you remind me of the resource for that 1 I'll think about that 1 about us look up life camp. Yes just lie to me. So this try googling live cam bald eagle and. I think is the several lies can maybe try looking up like him natural wildlife and C. diff what animals you can watch out there. By now very cool so here's a random idea what if we turn that on while we while we ate our meals as a family but you can look at the screen so you still were like interacting as a family but you're almost like interacting outside on a picnic. Though because you know I don't I like technology to like always be looking at it but a quick look Tran is head the face the screen away so you can still be interacting as a family but you're all setting you're not this at a table you're at your outside and I don't know what your kids come up with a story you're in Africa or on the Africa lot of Cam you know also you're in Africa any now you know and you've used food from the garden to create food from that place and you're in Asia watching pandas I don't know you know just turn on this thousands and let let the Lord take you could I really honestly tell my doctor how I got more senses and have and I don't know if I don't have any reason for this I think music is going to be other things because I don't know about you but sometimes I love to to drive with soundtracks playing in the background and also I'm not just driving down a road I'm like driving through this magical place in heaven and I don't know music as wonderful sent to my life I just love music I just feel like maybe the flowers are going to see in heaven like they're going to buy low I call look at the Florida king open I don't know but I love music and so I just love down I'm very excited about sounds and so I'm sure our kids are really excited about that and with you how you can incorporate sounds and your into your house or into your class in time I think is really that you know. All right just repeat for the recording again. So there's an opportunity that's not very expensive to buy a microphone for outside in fact I kept a Savile we had 1 of those I'm sure you if you can't bear that big I win 1st that window when you 1st come into the nature center and right outside the window there's a little microphone in so you know I was watching the squirrels your Syrian the squirrels and for some reason when we're out in nature I don't know why but we don't hear the squirrels That's why I have Leon I think it's so fun but I'll show it in a minute but the there there's all the sound when that microphone there that howling that you just don't even notice and it's super easy for us just when we got a nature just to use our eyes but that's the cool thing about nature is you get use all your 5 senses compared to when you're reading a book it's really hard to use all your 5 senses and nature is just natural what we have to learn because honestly we're only used her eyes and we trust her eyes which is so dangerous when you think about that with so many different cool Spears applications you could take that you know there's just that living to my I can't wait to show you there's so many it's just natural to go to God and nature is just almost impossible not to seek easily make a parallel about how dangerous it is to just people you know only just use your eyes how dangerous is that we need to listen to what they're saying is where we just look with either the side and that's the call they are nature makes you listen and makes you smile and wants for you to touch when we talk about physical touch and how are we need physical touch and so nature just creates all these opportunities to do this. So oh yeah so the microphones outside humming to us with it and then we can also buy a live cam so watch things right outside our windows and I think you could do is make a mini pond this is super easy you know I want my you can get those. People who are fairly inexpensive and there's an idea here about how to make a little Many pond using the kiddie pool and I you can watch you know M.T.B.F. and aquatic animals right there in your own with our own little palm which would be super super fun. OK So after you've made your opportunities because I don't know some of you maybe live in areas that you don't feel like you have a lot of resources so make some of your own mini ones you know make your own little mini pond if you live in a neighborhood you can still make a little mini pond in your little money career Halfacre you know I don't know what's available to you but it's super important that you that you look around and see if your child actually has opportunities to interact a rental my friend she lives in a suburb and I said I want you to take part of your lawn take out the grass and use a hose and make it really muddy as I simply by having your kids play in the mud that's a great opportunity for them so she literally has a tiny backyard fence probably the size of this room that's like all her backyard is right and I said just take a part of it and make it muddy in that little area they can play with worms they can you can measure worms you know that even if you just see a little mud hole and I know it's just 2 little boys are like I know that sounded heavy but make a little mud hole and you what we got because 1 of her of little boys is extremely hyperactive she's like I don't know why they're excellent parent but this kid is the most hyper active kid you ever met in your life he's awesome and. I don't have to go and I think you've anyways about I said make them my area and you'll find that the help calm down you'll find that if you don't know what to do you put them in some clothes or not and disco let them play in the model and you know so it's just super important that when you go home you say OK honestly what is my kid have for opportunities to interact with nature and then you yourself. How about you where is your spot interact with INTERACT WITH think you know where is your sense that we're going talk about that more tomorrow but it's just super important just like you know we talk about devotions having a regular place inside your house you know like the war room that movie with her prayer closet you know how awesome if we have our prayer cars or worms outside in the sunflower house that we built you know think about how more connected you can if you were the Creator when you're in His creation instead of our creation which is our right. OK so here's some other fun ideas make your own paint kids would love this I know as a kid I used to try to make my own her funeral that was a fail but there was a great idea to try to make her fume but there's really cool ways that you can make your own pain out of nature there's a site there to go look at you you can also create art with the sun I'll let you look at that idea making a flower press art there is there's so many cool things to do with with pressing different things Another idea is when you line nature walk. Simply just put a piece of tape around your wrist even you yourself or if you take a group of teenagers that were kids out put a piece of tape out and just have them stick things that has a tape now they're not just gonna walk and you're acting you know and as as you know I don't know maybe your kids are perfect but when my parents were going to go for a walk and you know I don't want to go for a walk I walk so boring I hated walking now my current into my mother let's go for a walk or what's wrong with me but. My mother helping you want to do it by the time of the kid I thought walking really boring so if you want to go for a walk with your kid put a piece of tape around their wrists I bet they'll love the walk now so they can put the little things on their piece of tape another thing that you can buy is this sticky clear stuff that sticky on both sides it's like. It's like the stuff you put on things to Limon a thing I don't really know what it's like contact paper but they can both sides and I would cut it out and I put it on their bellies and I would I would pave it to their bellies and then when they walk outside they could put as much as they want on their bellies Oh they love to and then when we came back I would take the sticky stuff and I would put it on like this card hard cardboard and so then we have art because whatever the way they made it turned out really cute like the things that they put on that was actually really precious and the stuff like like the kid like well how do you make those other week work for a walk like it was really fun and so any a time you can do you some is the next level that's all you have to think to as an outer educator is like you kind of have to precinct a little bit and be like What can I do with what I'm where I'm going out and I know that's 1 natural I think as a teacher than maybe as a parent but I think you'll find that if you pray before you leave the board just as you like I know that sounds really maybe not too simple but honestly I pray a lot and I feel like the Lord is the 1 who does the work because it is he is going to commune with your child you know that's not that's the point not so much that they learn great things like nature but that they learn to commune with the Creator so if you want to talk to them Don't you think he's going to come up with the ideas to talk to them if you long to talk to your child or long to talk to you he's going to help you come up with creative ways to talk to him. Yeah that would be a great idea so take the art that they do and then take 1 THING OFF OUR and come up with spiritual point it's so easy to come up with a serious object lesson out of things in nature and why I want to show you how do that my theory feel like my favorite thing to talk about. And I think you can do to it's like with leave presses you know I'm sure you've done that you've gathered leaves and you know the spot flowers and you take Korea cardboard and you can have a whole whole display and you can make plastic folders and all these different things out of your collections and then you can make the identification guys and all of the fun things. All right so English is 1 of things I enjoy doing and so here is some ideas about how to do English outside when I taught the little ones I use this and I love this. And so what it is is half the paper is blank and half the paper is writing for their level and what we would do you know. We would go outside and they would draw about what they saw and then we come back and we would write about it and I'd help them write because they were Katie so it was super hard to help them right outside if they were all there then I would have been drawn right but obviously you know running around a stick you know having them spell K 2 is a little bit difficult so I'd have them drawl and then they'd be much more inspired to write you know compared to if I read them a book they'd like I don't know what to write about they didn't really have problems writing when I took them outside they were much more inspired because back that 1st point we made on Monday the fact that nature just makes you be creative it just naturally makes you be more creative So here's some fun thing that you can do. You have kids write about something that they think of ugly and all of us and it's not so ugly when you look more closely at it and maybe that's another spiritual point you know things appear 1 way but when we look closer people are actually really poor 1st our 1st impression of a personally not only impression of the person. Create a rock or a pebble poetry kids can write words on the rocks and then they can rearrange you know how the magnets I don't know if you parents have those magnets on your fridge of words I did as a kid and you can like different things with the words but why not do it with rocks you know so if you want to quiet activity while you're cooking lunch or cooking dinner or whatever you know get a whole big collection of rocks and write words on them and have your kids then come up with stories using those words and they can pull out words on the rocks and come up with a whole story just based on that OK you pick out 3 words and now tell me a story or you know there's lots of really cool things you can do we use manipulate a lot in real life and as teachers probably more than you realize but turn those manipulators into nature optics you know bring in rocks inside your house. It's super fun right and I think to you is to go outside and just write outside when you have all the kids I mean that's a really great thing to view haikus as a form of Japanese poetry and it's super easy to do though is outside. You read more about those. Next 1 all this is 1 of my favorites so what you can do is sometimes it's hard you know we have writers writer's block you can take your kids outside and you have them use all natural material to come up with a scene so it can be it could be you know a whole series a scene where they they plot out their entire story using natural materials or can just be 1 scene like I I had to want to do my math as I had to make up a childhood memory so I made my farm and I made the Rosa fences and I use all these trees and pine cones to equal different things on my farm and then I had to write a story as if I was back in my little mini world and so what you're doing is you're creating the scene for the picture in your mind and then write a story because you've created exactly the picture that you want and so it's super fun to do that with. With natural materials I did this actually I was just a little thing for tomorrow but I did this with my backpackers what we did offer a South African activities they had to go and they had to make something from a Bible story or something of guy's character using natural materials and then we walked around each of them we had to guess what it was so it was super awesome someone made it was incredible they made the whole little house and then cut out the top part for slowing down of the man with the 4 friends like it was incredible some of that as a whole and I had just like like little sticks and I had the story of Jonathan in the fellas his armor bare worries that I'm going to come up and attack and so I have like I have the stamp and so does not actually made this cliff or whatever and I had all these little sticks up of have to be turned into the shoulders and to affix on the bottom and no 1 having the hand you want to what it was because I'm testing for going with the art world but I thought it was cool but I was honestly it was a little thing like this and they look like people to me but we're like What is that Alec we have to get really down close to the magnifying glass to see man but it was fun. All right and I think that you can do is create your own handmade books. Just found from the natural world contact paper creates a world of possibilities because you can make things on your paper and then use put contact paper and you can make a really cool book and then just put 3 of this punch a hole in it and then you've 1 of those big green eggs and then just make it like a foot that you can go through you know really cool to do that. Thing that's really just kind of random that's all mine we just have them go and. Get a collection of sticks and so on the pavement somewhere and just paint the sticks I have there go they probably be very detained for a long time painting sticks outside and then it's not making enough in your house and there's all cool things that they can do than what they're painted sticks. I like ideas so take what you want I like to take an idea and then make it my own or it's funny how 1 idea kind of inspires another idea when it's fun all right before I keep going there's anybody have any ideas that they've been inspired that they would like to share and I would be better about walking around because I know I have a couple of you in here I'm so sorry that were here last year so maybe you've. Because when I lived in Michigan our garden was bigger than I could handle and our boys were not super excited about gardening and so I was given the portion of the garden and they would never grow anything in it but they would dig deep of holes as they could and then they would dig other shallow holes in rivers and rock ways and then they would collect things that sound like turtles. We had and so they would put them all in their lake and then they would have cars and turtles and and frogs. They would expand past their garden area. And we just had a water wave village and they would It was fun they'd even put cars like on their turtles that would float through there. They're pretty easy going turtles obviously turtles. Yes. But it was just the way that I got them to be more happily involved in the garden time and it made it easier I didn't need to have them take breaks we. Have many ideas that. This is not really an idea to say but just some experiences we had always live in a subdivision of big pond a couple ponds in the voice of explanation see the animals they go fishing instantly. But then we moved on to love in a cruise and for the 1st couple years I was home schooled and I'm still doing that today and they would be out there but they wouldn't we wouldn't really notice things you know we're just you know we're in the house a lot and we go out once a while my husband was in charge of the garden and then we started the sunlight education. We started getting out and being more involved with the nature and so everything became a life can I mean there was a. Little Marshall Plan over there with the goose laying eggs told. And told that we've all been brushed over that we saw babies when it was. Just and then just we had a couple. Grackles build enough of the big pine you know 1 of the babies full. It was weighed by the do it on 1 morning when we can't let it die and the kids are asleep. My husband says just let's just leave it there like no you can't let it die so we can advance we were incubating eggs to use. In the kids were just they just love the little baby in a so we have to put a bet on us that. And every day 1 baby would fall out of the nest so we kept putting it that it was like why do you forget me we can't keep it we can't take you. And the thing is all in the parents who are feeding him still so that reject them and the poor love there was still snug in there 1 of them had jumped on them to get those ready but the point is when trying to say. That they started appreciating nature and loving the actual So here it can't be my youngest son wanted Sparrow he was crying and I went back with him as a let's put it on the tree and he was cited Psalm 23 and I just said I told him you you have the heart of Jesus. You're so much for this little intimate and this is how we progress in our love for God in His creation you think yeah by caring for his creation we definitely learn to care more for others creation as much as very independent if amazing how much of a whore and pack we have to play and how much we can hurt it really makes you realize how much you can be a hurtful person as you can you know all the time we are conscious I know I have little wind this and I can step on the grass may kill everything you know like you just are thinking about things differently as you interact with nature and it helps you to have a more caring heart of the heart is us writing us having other ideas that they wanted to share. We take some nature walks last year in the fall and we would catch bugs and then we would bring them home and use Microsoft we buy home in from the backyard you know sometimes and we would we need to with the bugs like and we got magnifying glasses so we could look really up close and then like even closer and even closer and Dragon things really are cool I know you mentioned dragon flies but there are there are we in the pictures but I wish I could show you some of the pictures that my you know 6 year old or maybe was even 5 then Drew because it was amazing how interested he was in the details of that dragonfly and again it did speak of our creator because you know he designed even just that teensy little bug so. I'm a search area about dragonflies tomorrow but dragon flies have an interesting lifespan so when you when you realize how how long some dragon fire is live it makes you really get excited when you actually see 1 so about. Any other way home you know the idea is to show. That. I'm not looking at anybody particularly right so let's keep moving on. And I think with language arts a couple other ones. That you can do is just simply do step back so take a take a yarn and because kids often need to be directed to to learn to look deeper and look closer so you can take a piece of yarn and I did this and I did it totally wrong but when I was teaching my little ones I did a huge yard area I let them go out and I let them pick where we wanted they wanted me to tie their yarn and so they have like I don't know a big square probably maybe let's say a 4 foot by like 4 foot you know and all they would do is play and they weren't observing any Think of those 4 feet by 4 feet and that was a fort you know and and it wasn't really an observational spot but if you just roped off like simply let's say 1 foot by 2 foot or maybe 2 feet by 2 feet just a little area and have them right next to it and then bring out a man to find class and look closely what else is going on in that little area. And then have them draw pictures have them write about it you know there's many opportunities when you can teach them to direct their attention because we live in a world that grab grab grab our attention and so life can seem really boring and less we learn he somehow to have that directed attention and 1 stay learn to have that direct attention I think you'll find that they can sit there for hours when they learn to look with different eyes but it's a matter of teaching them how to put on different eyes and I think that you can have them do if you have older kids is simply give them a coat and Ellen White coat or a Bible verse right on the top of their journal have them take it outside and have them sit and think about that poem and write your response because when you put them in 4 walls all of a sudden it's like something goes out of their brain and they have to stop thinking and but you take them outside off and they can think about that quote and what's really cause it's really hard for them not to relate something to themself and member if you can relate something to yourself you're more apt to remember right and it's really easy when they're out and all of a sudden it turns and a simple response writing activity and. An experience will educational experience where they're actually experiencing the quote that makes it all right so as much as you can that's what they have to do is channel out their mind whatever you're doing say Can I take this outdoors is there a way that I can take this activity that I'm doing and can I do outdoors that's what we want to learn how to do. I talked about oh I think 1 more thing to do to this is also I mean I hate horror we can't believe I didn't do with my students but I teach at the academy that has a 1000000 and 1 thing grant all time but 1 thing that I really want to do is I want to take them I can't say this but to me wanker has not pulling up close too much I don't know but it says that I'll say in Tennessee of the civil war I want to take them there and then I want them to have a right short story or a story as if they're experiencing the battle there themselves but if they were there at the location I think they'd be more apt to be all. Right an awesome story compared if I just told them hey you know we're in our little or our past and I want you to write a short story as if you were a soldier the Civil War and I take him to about a fight and I have them write a story as if they were there at that battle thinking about home much more often the stories are going to be so there's lots of historical landmarks and you don't have to do this with just all the ones you can do a little ones as well you know study something about Native Americans and then take them to a place you know their Native American history and she can with a lot of history in Michigan Avenue history in Michigan to you know talk about it and then have them go to it and sit and write and I'm sure the avenues of start belittle not mine if you take a child with the journals is that there and right in the yard as if they are Willie earth they are 1 of the kids you know. Take them to 1 of the light houses and have them write a story about what it would be like to have been 1 of the great explorers because Lake Michigan looks like an ocean those much we don't have the privilege or notion how to write the story but they're seen at Lake Michigan as if they were 1 of those words crossing the ocean imagine how hard it would be to like are we ever going to see the end of it are you ever going to see Lee and because they're looking across Lake Michigan. My helping you understand how to do is just a matter of what am I doing with this story work outside can I take it outside. All right some they did the fire we talked about yesterday if you're stuck in traffic entertain yourself and your kids by keeping an eye out for plants animals or other natural curiosities on the side of the rote don't forget to look at what cars and birds if you see something really intriguing poll over and take a look that's 1 thing I love about nature it really makes you look like a different pace you can not be fact I remember I was trying to accomplish a goal with my kids and I was like I want to finish the whole path and I think I'm missing everything I just trying to finish the path that I had a lot of path at the school and so I was just wired to get them around the path and you know I only have 15 or 20 minutes for work for recess and my goal was to get around the pack Well we really missed everything and not just taking time so you have to understand that nature does make you kind of forget they have a clock we didn't that's a bad thing you know forget that you have a clock and so yeah I'm sure that as a mother when you're tired I despise grocery shopping and single person as a way to have kids a hug 5 like 10 times more. But you know when you're when you're doing your ears and you're driving back on the highway and you can see something really cool Why not pull her into look at it safely safely take your car off the road I always but you know it takes time to show your kids that there's something more important than just accomplishing the task that often we just were very goal oriented and it's about getting that task finished but there's more to life than just checking the boxes and somehow we need to teach that to our kids and maybe to ourselves and. And they said it has a great way of forcing you to slow down because you really can't do it fast and 1 of the biggest lessons that I learned about this recently with I take a group because backpacking so my teenagers at the school and we didn't really have a plan I was super stress and I had a lot of things up on my plate that I really wanted to give them 1 more opportunity to go backpacking for the end of the school year and I had a group of kids who had been able to go on any of my other chips because of music chips and they were seniors in different things so I had a group of like 1213 kids 6 of them were seniors that were going on this backpacking trip and I had 2 other people to help me out like you guys plan it and I'll go have a new class in the background and so we go but we didn't really know I was heavily planned anything is on the way there we're driving and it's Friday and I as late as raining like oh God please have it up to me on this again and so we're jibing and hours like talking to my seatmate and I said OK what can be our spiritual theme of the weekend because I think it's a very intentional about you know setting your kids you learn better in a feeling like I guarantee you when you come back back in this Candy you're going to be like wow I wonder what I learned this week because you're all over right you were to my seminar you learned something awesome you went to that means you know something awesome and you're all because you learned all these great things but it's not all connected and the thing is that about can mean time seems very difficult for your child as well when things are over as much as you can the men you know pick up pick a weekly scene that home even if you're not like homeschooling your kids take a weekly thing for what your family worships are going to be about and just try to feed them to Matthias on a go forward. I've been to the cinema ties your life this demonize your we you know try to take a theme and follow that theme and connecting and it was really cool I don't know about you but my personal walk with the board when I when I pick a theme it's really easy for everything to relate back to that and it's really easy for Laura to be like oh I mean crazy you do this let me encourage you to do this because I started with something in my devotional Monday morning and everything kind of pointed back to that so ima ties as much as you can and and pick a team and then see how catches the 2 natures and remember how I got off on the track and the whole place the good ones all back thank you OK So. Now that was the 1st time I was having a mutiny on my hands because my kids were mad because it was raining that was a whole nother story and of itself we will go to that 1 but we'll go and see this 1 so I can have this 1 and so OK so we get there I didn't. Look so. It's probably. OK. As a micromanager Lord help me OK so we get there Friday night and we set up camp we had planned to set up camp there not really backpack very much and then the next day we would pick our backpacking route I don't even know where we're going so we arrived we woke up in exploring and the other guy was like OK these are 3 big options we can either hike 1 mile and do this little thing and just camp and kind of figure out we'll like date a few we can take or 3 or we can do 19 and us big loop where there's a cabin that we can go see and come back and so some of the Catholic Idol carries on of his oh I want to the 1000 mile and me in my beginning stages of life was like Yeah you know 11 miles like 1 day and 8 miles in the day that doesn't sound that hard I mean you can the average person behind your faces I don't know what I was thinking but you know you rock I was thinking OK I was a mile a 15 minutes a mile so 50 miles a mile 192 or 3 hours will get 8 miles done like not a victim and I'm so I'm the way a member I told you that my my partner and I had been talking about what could be our spiritual theme for the weekend and I was like oh we have a lot of seniors and a lot of seniors that are really struggling with what to do with their lies where to go for college so why don't we make it a reflection in direction is are we can because I really have been recently convicted that you really honestly can't get direction from God and left you 1st have reflection and often on the best advice I ever got was when you're feeling confusing don't work I don't want you to go take go back the last time in your life that it was super clear to you when it was lack of a clear and often if you start from there then Guy shows you where to go now and so by going back that often tells you where to go now and so I was like Let's do a flexion and direction. OK to keep in the back of your mind right so the kids both 19 mile hike you think they had any time for reflection. Oh because the House of Saturday we got up we had breakfast we did a worship eyesight to introduce my great esteem but I thought it was so awesome reflection in direction here we go and then we go and hike 10 miles. Do we have any driver of Lexan because it was just about accomplishing that goal so even in nature we can totally missed the boat like we hiked 10 miles we met I can't fight my kids are absolutely exhausted bless their heart and then we saw this we wanted to go swimming this was a following and lot of times we did we played for like 30 minutes in the waterfall and we kept going but we like we'll look for wired to swim there we look at the map and I call there's like a river here and so we got Try campsite and we like like we're going to find that river and so we're not even on the trail anymore we're just like going down a very steep mountain like that's a cliff or how we're going to get down to the river we can see is that we're trying to get down just like the kids program and like the kids like half of them are like forget that I'm retired I can get back out of this are you want 10 miles we have 9 miles to go tomorrow so they went back but a couple of us made it down to the river and had an awesome time and I said that was the point was just to enjoy what we're doing now for 30 minutes before sunset that only half the kids enjoyed that I was so do you know I want to accomplish it awake with. You know you know this other night and Sunday we hike out we did it honestly it was just get out of here get out of here hike we ALL the type we we kind of cars but it was like 9 miles goes go because you're exhausted from our 10 miles and and the van when you're writing back I told the kids are like I can't have 5 minutes of your time other you know this is this is a huge fall on my part and I would just like to say I'm sorry for each scene of an incredible experience but I hope that you take 1 thing from it and that is the fact that life and of itself is crazy in busy and wonderful and you want to accomplish great things but you're going to miss on a whole lot if you don't like it. You're just going to miss the whole lot and as much as it was an ascent for us to go do 9000 miles that wasn't wrong and is often not wrong things that kill our life is just what fills your life and we don't take hours like I did you this week and you didn't you didn't leave with any direction work I want to go next year and I'm sorry because I didn't create any opportunities for you to look for any direction in your life and so you know when you get frustrated as not showing you where to go with your life that's maybe just because you're not taking the time to honestly look because you're trying to accomplish all the things that are good and so they listen and they smiled and there was we don't really find it like I think they're missing the point the Lord but but they were there like you know we're you know we did it was great and but they listened and I don't know what these are planted but I hoping that will be a they go over everything in their minds that 1000 mile wasn't maybe worth it but I think 90 miles is like I just didn't get my hopes you know and so it's it's very natural for us to think that way. All right continuing on to make an outdoor coupon book I think this is really causing your kids would love this and so they can make a little coupon book and whenever they use they can make it so let's say whenever they give you this coupon it means mom you and I going to go play in the dirt for 20 minutes or whatever and whatever you're doing just stop and go and play with them and do that and they can give you these coupons whenever or maybe you make it for your child like when I give you the scoop on that we're going to go do something together you know or maybe with a friend is just there to throw tree climbing which would be awesome stargazing you know 11 night your house and come to you like mama That's next and I could not open up to my you know so I don't know how possible this is you might have to you can make you know framing things like Oh by the way you can't use it on this in the coming days you know because it may be that that's kind of necessary but I think the outdoor coupon book would be super fun because I'm sure you've seen the like Mother's Day coupon book. But why not make it after a coupon book and the sky's the limit for what you and your lifestyle what could be put on the coupons and maybe just a for of those of us who don't have families maybe for for friends you know like how to just go do something with a friend you know cash that you that group on the mail so let's go let's go do that hike that we want to go do together we haven't done. Just don't go 1000 not 90 miles and 2 days people are coming what I. Would be a right nature trail guy so this is a really cool thing to do wherever you are whatever your territory is that you're going to use for your environmental outdoor learning laboratory think of other ways to make it so it's really your child and so there's lots of cool things that they can do where they go out and they do the research of the history of that specific area of land what else happened on that land they might think is super cool identify different plants and like you can make this whole guide that other people can enjoy if it's at your church you know a trail guide they pick up a little shell guy before they do the trail if it's in your backyard that you know maybe somebody who comes over a friend who comes over can go to the trail guy you can make. Me look like treasure hunt in your trail Value know go find certain things along the trail identify trees along the trail you can even if you have all their kids I don't want you to feel like this is just for little kids with so many possibilities with older kids as well that are really cool and so have them really do some research about what kind of rock types they're in rock from Nations and I know we don't have a lot of like noticeable rocks in Michigan but we do have a lot of rock the machines so don't be afraid that we can find some really cool geological things to study here in Michigan. Yes Google is an incredible resource if you just need an idea for something you're doing just type in outdoor activity for modification outdoor activity for. Writing you just name it you know to type in Africa for this and it's amazing. With the help of that I think I might try to set up a pen just board I've actually. So I'm going to try to try 1 time and I was like super overwhelming Actually I did the 1st year as a teacher and so we're now I feel like I feel as a teacher not just again because I'd also like amazing classes with all the decorations and everything with the magic and I just goes my classroom is that OK with me now oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa it kind of just pensions just made me feel like Wow now there's like a 1000000 really cool things out there let me never take part of my classroom. So I got off and just forgot about a person. You know but may also like you know when we go to the Bible we should feel the same way to you horrible and I'm so off the off the chart but I didn't get me to stop reading the Bible right because awesome things for me to grow from from eventually be afraid of finding that I'm not as perfect. As that who just does to me. But. Yeah so I'm just I'm pensions we can have share boards and I guess we can look at each other's boards and things and so I'm going to try to set up like Penshurst boards and then like lots of different folders so here's the board for mass and here's the board for inclusion here is the board for primary level here is the board for high school you know and that way then we can all share and pictures give you quick ideas and lots of poor things and that's 1 thing that's really nice about pensions right well being this is a fun game I love games I really love games and I love to teach a lot of awesome spiritual applications to games and this 1 is find it's called wellbeing and basically what you do is you have your kids or adults form a circle. And then me as a leader I have the ball of string and I asked them to name a plant that grows in this area so 1 thing has really caught games or they can be a great way to review what you've just learned outside so you know you ask them OK What's something that grows in this area great in the new show the ball and then you say if you know what I mean that keeps that plant and she says all right that and then that's I mean that if that plant and then what something maybe that effect you just you make the food chain you know you make things that enjoy our need that you know not just we all the plants right because all these oxygen from so you can almost name of anything that benefit from whatever was the last thing mentioned right so soon you going to have this this massive web of streams and then you start doing cool things like saying OK what happens if there's a drought and you pull on like OK this plant now suffers because the drought and you will wait my turn just wait my turn to school you know it's amazing how everything in the environment and affected by something else and how easy is it now the pool goes up it's not that little activity rate you know in a church where a church family and if my brother or sister training I should be here if I'm not carrying understudying then I'm something's not right when when we are a circle and just like in that ecological environment when something else is hurt that things are in my church when someone else or I'm hurting I'm not judging but I heard too because we're all we all knew each other we're a family that's so dependent upon each other I know that for me as a single person I am so different for that support right and just as a family show you just as dependent your children are dependent on their on their friends you know your children a stream we interrelate with other people and so it's so important that you realize that you have an effect on other people so weddings a great game another game that super fun is I might play this with my out there as a student but you know the game Rock Paper Scissors you can do this with the food chain as well the think of you think of 3 things that all are affected and you just want to help me remember what were the 3 things that we chose. Froggie because you are. So great cook depending on your speed. But then what and on and fungus we always have these fungus OK so we did frog this I don't think it's what we did but we'll do it I know we did Beaver coyote and fungus like we did but there's lots of things you can do right so coyote eats the beaver and fungus it's the beaver and then the caddies fungus because he's the best thing right so does that make sense like you make it so it's a 3 way China where you see this is this was this is this this like you know rock B. says there's scissors be paper paper beats rock right so you need to create a triangle with something in environment but then you come up with actions right the carroty is like raw and beavers like Pearl Bigelow tail you know and fun guy whatever you want to make it and then so you've now are standing up and you're playing that game in a single 123 and you go back to back being a 123 and then you turn and you look at the person you do the action and then whoever loses then go form to change but there are your hands on the shoulders and you go and play with somebody else that's worth more for lots of people but it's like a rock paper scissors but using the environment that makes sense in the game well but yeah so that's super fun to do I really like to do to do games because I really think that games help you remember things to help you to experience things and that's really the point of outer education is to have experience of education to be experiencing and not just hearing it as that of a creature not scary and I love this idea this idea basically is you you want to the woods or the fuel and listen for sounds you cannot hear. OK I think this is the course the Make a list list of this so for example can you hear the fact that the staff rising to the trees over that something that's happening right now can you hear or see that's Germany No but that's something that's happening can you hear my toast is can you hear feathers can you hear what petrified a spider weaving its web a leaf changing color No but this is all the really cool things that are going on in nature that make a list of all the things that you can not hear and think ideas the fun because I think your kids will come up with way better ideas that even this had all right. Next idea is the kind of fine you can make a bee watering bowl you sugar water and Yooper marbles in it and then the bees come and they won't go in but they're on the marbles so just be uber fun you know so just put sugar water put put marbles on your front porch and watch the bees come to your marble kid would love that like little boys would love the fact that things are coming to their Marvel. Now. No matter what the ages I write I start a family nature club you know really that's 1 thing really awesome average history should we have pathfinders and adventures which is such an amazing opportunity for witnesses if you're not involved the local Pathfinder club or local adventure club I encourage you to start 1 or to be involved because Pathfinder is is an incredible resource if you just want some really great things to do outdoors and you don't know even you yourself are going to Pathfinder because there's a really cool thing to learn in fact I'm sorry now the education program next year heritage and I'm using Pathfinder honors to create my curriculum because it's just overwhelming and I don't want to like rewrite the wheel reinvent the wheel and so I'm just using Pathfinder honors and we're doing the camping skills once and for we're doing the canoeing honor and I'm not telling them that it honors because honor not really cool or whatever but eventually they might find out when they get the Pashman that is pretty cool but you know I just going to use the curriculum already written. And he says the really cool things if you want to fund things that you do Paphitis do adventures include those older people involved and I think everybody can have fun doing path and on an adventure wars. Half hour and half minus on line or yeah I just googled Pathfinder and I was and I and I was able to get it and my friends and I we had this out there and brainstorming club and we would just go through and we did we copy and pasted every single Pathfinder out of that could possibly work in the area we have this plethora of resources that someday we came after we just took out the was 12 this year but we just made all of half I was a big giant list of all the Pathfinder as we could use in the area that we are. Yeah Wikipedia Exactly and I said to her with computers where I went for all my guesses for the questions that's very true I talked about this on Tuesday of a scene garden but I did a little bit more looking into it and that website is the coolest thing I have ever seen for seeing Gardens there's all these different ideas to doing so maybe for you know a few boys who are interested if they have an idea for their little plot like it's a theme and you say you know out of that we're going to have a legion night you know once once a week when the gardens has growing you know and or we're going to have African I don't have Native American whites you know if you look at that website as a whole list of different ideas to do for them that it gardening which is really fun. There is all but any yes there's always bonding with the yes things are grown under the corn to help protect that there as there is not many people think I can even fit them all and. The skim through the rest of these basically grows that garden this is so fun I love in a few for all old socks on your kids and they just walk around and who knows what they're going to pick up on that will suck but it's super fine and they love it because they're interacting with nature in a whole new way so if you want to go for a walk with your kids decorate you don't have to wish you have to wear your shoes we're going to fold socks of your shoes or going to pour olfactory or other stuff and you get to really experience nature on our hike today. Which would be really fun I don't know of any that have ever done the wildlife track we use plaster of Paris and put those but there's a sections there has do it if that's something that's new to you a tree North nursery source I think this idea so cool because trees are really expensive to buy. And so if you can grow your own trees I think that would be super fine so there's a great idea about how to grow your own trees on the last idea on the back is really fun learning how plants breed you just go on a sunny day and put as if black bag over a leafy part of a plant and zip as far close as possible wait 20 minutes and go back to see how much respiration moisture is in the bag and it's really cause then to have a very visual proof that plants are producing action that we need survive 2 other ideas are that I thought if you can I know you have older kids now is the rate the creek flows and if you've ever done that experience the that website is complicated by that website but if the dance super easy. To figure out how the rate of a creek flows and that that website there is like a high school level but I have a lot of fun with that website about all the things you can do with a quick study and the next was the measure the height of a tree Honestly I've never learned how to measure the height of a tree but that website shows you how to do the height of a tree and then I gave you a couple more websites down there at the bottom of other cool things to do using the outdoors but seriously Google is a great resource for that in closing I put out my books which I think I pretty much all these yesterday project what is huge vast curriculum all everything to do is water and different ideas to do as water. Project Wild as there are things to do with animals and different things like that it's all these very very organized lesson plans. Need to have children is 1 of my favorites has great ideas to do you I would say it's more directed to the younger ones but I think you can figure out how to get the older ones as well I Love Dare is just I don't know I thought it looks fun but then going through some of these ideas just seems to me is to me but it's a King book so take a look at nature's playground is a cool book The Nature connection is pretty awesome very awesome for younger ones simple nature experience experiment this is really cool and 1 of the websites I would definitely give your boys to have a really really explosive experiments that I'm sure there are many were supervised outside if you know and you don't care if things are exploding when they're outside and. Change your children this is the 2nd 1 but I like the 1st 1 rather like the 2nd 1. Is guide is basically like like a how to take your kids outside it's more like if you got to want to be like. I don't know more like probably. It's very intentional in the way you want to teach I guess if you want my how to be a better teacher than this is the book for you more than like just a bunch of ideas there is ideas in here but it's a very big me but I was something that I would definitely read and I have read as like it out there educating that me but may not be like the read for everybody. All right I think that's it and I have time is up if you have any questions before we close all right let's pray but I thank you so all my friend H. and I think you so much for the research that's truly right at our fingertips a free resource and I know in a world that's amazing grabs at our money great to know that right outside our door is capabilities or to raise our children and even point ourselves closer to you so I ask you to be with everyone that in this hour an army they feel inspired me they feel like there's possibilities may feel like it just takes a couple activities or to engage our children and make them interested and not feel overwhelmed where we give you we give you our churches we give you our school we give you our children and we give us no help but you would see the opportunity that you have you in. This media was brought to you by audiobooks a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio person dot org.


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